The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Monday, November 17, 1924
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER \7. im THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. SPORJT NEWS® AND^VIEWS BAND TO HEAD LONG PARADE Big Prcyauton from Convention Hall to Football Field Wettaeadey. The Hutchlnnon Municipal band will tarn out Wednesday to head • parade ot rootera to the high school football field at Fifteenth and Monroe streets where Sterling and McPherson colleges will bat- to in what promises to be one ot the beat Kansas conference games of-the year. Incidentally it will be Hutchinson's first at-home taste ot college football. Local fans have heretofore made pilgrimages •M other cities when they wanted Slg time football. Wednesday it will ba brought to their door. Sterling and McPherson will sand big delegations of rooters with their respective teams and a parade is formed at Convention hall at 2 o'clock. The game Is scheduled for 3:15, the late start being made for the benefit of school students. Transferring the game to Hutchinson has caused some criticism at Sterling but the college officials expect to serve a double porpose by bringing the game hero. They (eel grateful to Hutchinson for past support of games at Sterling and in the second place feel that the game hero will /receive much better financial support than at home where supporters are limited. Every home game hae entailed financial loss and the athietio fund needs replenishing. That it will be a good game there can be but little doubt.- Sterling nominally favored to win because ot its fine record) for the season, knows the McPherson Bull Dogs will be fighting. Coach Woody was impressed by McPherson's all- around play In last week's game, When a ball is kicked over the goal line from the plckoff, how Is It regarded and what la the proper way to resume play? Kicking the ball over the gaol Mae from the kickoft Is a touchback, it the side not kicking the hall off downs the ball back of the line. It is then put in play from scrimmage on the 20-yard line. If the ball is not declared dead, the side defending may ran it back or kick it exactly aa If the bell had not crossed the goal Una. Can the captain of a team ehlft his men aa be desire* en dafanaa. The captain baa that right. Ha can place hia men on defense aa he believes will afford the best possible opposition. What la the penalty for throwing a player to the ground after he has mad* a fair catch? A loss of 15 yards is the penalty for tackling a player who has made u fair catch. What la the difference between a touohback and a safety and how la .the ball put In play after the official has ao ruled tha play? A touchback counts nothing, a safety two points for the team otber than the one that made the play. After a touchback the ball i* put In play from scrimmage on the 20-yard line after a safety from the 30-yard line. Whan a punt goes out of bounds is the ball dead? It Is, provided It has not touched a player who is on-side. Such being ibe case the ball goes to the side nther than the team that kicked, at :ho point where the ball went out if bounds. It is taken out 16 yards >vnen put In play from scrimmage. Alcohol for your radiator, 188 liroof, Formula 5, at Hockaday's. 14-St Drake 7} Kansas Aggies 8. Notre Dame 84; Nebraska 8, Kansas 34; Oklahoma 0. MISCELLANEOUS. Syracuse 23; Niagara 6. Brown 7; Harvard 0. Pennsylvania 0; Penn Btate 0. Dartmouth 17; Cornell 14, Columbia 14; Army 14. Bucknell «, Navy 6. Mlcbiaan 18; Ohio State 8. Chicago 8; Northwestern 0< Iowa 81; Wisconsin 7. Minnesota 20; Illinois 1. i Marquette 28; North Dakota 0. Creighton 20; Oklahoma A. 4b M. 20. (Tied.) University ot Tennessee Medical 83; Dallas D. 0. Virginia 6; V. P. I., 0. Rose Poly 10; Hanover 7. State Normal 31; Evansvtlle 13. Center 17; Alabama 0. Union 82; Hamilton 0. Vanderbllt.3; Georgia Tech 0. Georgia 6; Auburn 0. Penn State Freshmen 83; California (Penn) Normal school 0, Virginia M. I. 10; Kentucky 8. Georgetown (Ky.) 13; Chattanooga 8. Western Kentucky Normal O; St. Zevler 20. Ohio Wesleyan 2!; Butler 0. Trinity 12; Wofferd 0. Wooster 32; Cincinnati 0, Mlddlebury 74; Trinity 7. Colgate 32; Springfield College 0. Tulane 26; Tennessee 7. Southwestern Louisiana 20; Louisiana Poly S. Mississippi A. and M. 7; Missla- •Slppl College 0. North Dakota Aggies 8; TJnt- varsity of South Dakota 13. Quantlco Marines 28; University ot Detroit 0. Huttgers «I.W. T.-TJ. t, Denlson 14; Ohio 7. Shady Side Academy (Pitta- burgh) 7; Nichols School 27. Centennary 10; Boston College t. Stevens 0; Rensselaer 27. Georgetown 6; Third Army Corps 0. Maine 14; Tufts 13. St Lawrence 0; Clarkson 35. Grove City 0; Geneva 0. Washington and Jefferson 10; Pittsburgh 0. Michigan Aggies 9; South Dakota State 0, Oberlin 13; Miami 12. Exeter 10; Andover 0, Maryland 0; North Carolina 0. Franklin 28; Earlham 0. Muhlenberg 8; Swarthmora a. Lehigh 14; Villa Nova 7. Delaware 8; George Washington 0. Arkansas 17. 28; Phllllpps TJ. 7. Rochester 0; St. Stephens 22. La Fayette 47; Alfred 0. Bethany 8; Marietta 0. , Lebanon Valley 27; Susqiiehan- na 0. Pena Military 0; Dickinson 7, Havertord 30; Juniata 0. Indiana 21; Wabash 7. Citadel 20; Samson 0. New Hampshire 30; Bate* a. Williams 27; Amharst «. Sewanee 10; University of ioflth Carolina 0. William and Mary 7t Roanoke Collego 7. University ot Rlohmoo/. 0: Hamden Sidney 0. Ames 13; Grinnell 14, "What do you want with cartridges this time of year?" asked the backwoods storekeeper of the mountaineer who had asked for A large supply of ammunition. "There's no hunting now." "Just gettlu^prepared.'Jeb Shaw had a fallln' out with my brother, Sam, over Smlthville way, an' it Jeb shoots him, it'll save ma a lot of time it I don't hatta go into town alter ca'trldges."—The American A clipping bureau has sent to London a book containing 81,120 newspaper clippings on the activities ot the Prince of Wales during his visit to Long Island. Legion Weekly. Efforts are being made by members of the veterans ot the Navy and Marine Corps for the preaerv- atton of "Old Ironsides." which is reported to be disintegrating at the Charlestown, Massachusetts, navy yard. LAUGHS AND GROWS RICH .* * * * .* .•. Little Joint, Plus Work, Carry Errand Boy to Biff Bank Job and Wealth. Chicago, Nov. 17.—At 20 John J. Mitchell was hired to run errands for a bank. / At 26 he was elected president ot the same bank. Today, at 71, he atlU la president His "baby*" is the powerful Illinois Merchants' Trust Company, Mitchell has raised it from Infancy to one ot tha most influential financial houses In the country. "Luck," say some, reviewing his success. "Work," say others. "A combination of both with plenty ot joke* thrown In," says Mitchell. I They Keep Him Young. He has a reputation tor being one ot the "funniest" men in the realm of high finance. . There always is a laugh up his •leave. Jokes have kept him fit and ictivt. Mitchell doesn't expect to retire until JO. "Jokes have monkey glands skinned to death," he sayi. "To keep young, laugh. Put business out of your life when you start lor home, "Take a look at the woods and crowing things once In a white. Always have a grin ready. "Naturally a man has to work. But all work and BO joke* 1* a pret- , iy dull way ot going at things." The Jokes Mitchell likes, best we the Inoffensive one*. He has no ise (or those about motnew-in- aw. ist wife in the world and her moth- ir was every Inch as fine as she is," le declares. ' Children Hit Delight. Mitchell commutes back and lorth from his suburban boma dally »y Uale. LUCK FIGURES IN PUG CROWNS ShrwwdMatchmaklaa; Brought TltlM to Goldstein and Mike McTIgoe. By Jo* William* ^ New York, Nov. 17.—8ome champions fight their way to the throne by dint ot sheer ability, plus the needed perseverance. Other* are Just plumb lucky. Jack Dempsey belongs where he is. The westerner fought his way through all the pretenders, climaxing a gradual uphill climb by beating Willard, the champion, to a gory puip. Benny Leonard is a legitimate title-holder, too, Leonard wa* the best lightweight In the game a full year before he won official recognition. Freddie Welsh, the champion, would have none ot Leonard's game in an out-an-out championship fight. Leonard had. to battle him three times to hang up a knockout. Walker Real King Mickey Walker's ascent to the welterweight apex waa meteoric bnt none the less authentic or deserved. From the very start the New Jersey Irishman, displayed genuine class. Most ot the other champions, however, owe their position of preeminence either to shtewd matchmaking or lucky "breaks." Eugene Crlqui, game little Frenchman, would never have won the featherweight title It Johnny Kllbane, aging and super-cautious champion, hadn't crawled Into a hole and refused flatly to contest with the several worthy contenders in America, chief among whom waa Dundee. Crlqui got a "break" In drawing the first shot at Kllbane, Six months later the Frenchman proved aetontBbingly .easy tor the vet eras. Dundee, 1 Goldstein Waa Lucky Abe Goldstein got a similar 'break" with Joe Lynch, who was ready to be knocked out by the first wellconditioned bantam he met Any one ot half a doten Im­ pounders could have dona what Goldstein did it they had drawn tha assignment first. Goldstein has a clever manager i Willie Lewis, the old welterweight Lewis has influence in New York.! That account* for Gold»teln 'a crown. Mike McTlgue bold* the world light heavyweight title. Oene Tunney holds the American light-heavyweight title. A rosoureeful manager was largely Instrumental In McTlgue'* success. Joe Jacob* was familiar with tha bibulous characteristics of Battling Slkl, who had come Into possession of the world title by stopping Carpentier. Jacob* conceived a match between McTlgue and Slkl' for the title. And where do you think he decided to hold it? In Dublin. Mike McTlgue fighting a Bengal- ese In Dublin! And on St Patrick's Day! Further comment la hardly necessary. Tunnay Dodge* Gibbons Tunney's repeated refusals to meet Tommy Gibbon* may be taken a* evidence that he waa maneuvered into hla title through craftiness of Billy Gibson. On the showing Gibbons mad* against Carpentier last summer this writer la convinced ba Is still good enough to manhandle both McTlgue and Tun ney. Mention should be mad*, In nailing, that Harry Greb acquired the middleweight title in a perfectly satisfactory v manner. The Pitts- burger was a real champion the night he walloped Johnny Wilson Poncho Villa and Frankle Gen aro, the two flyweight title-hold era, like wise, assay 100 per cent. been In one single fight since leaving the country. • • • Setter Flrno has declined to go for a week-end motor ride In the Berkshire*. . . . The good senor complains the hoys have been riding him too much as it is. • • • Mr. Abraham Attell and his little group entertained at cards today at the Leadplpe and Blackjack clubrooms. . . . The fish ot honor got away with his shirt. . . . It developed that Mr. Attell already had a shirt. • • • Mr. James O'Connell, lata of the Otanti, delivered a recitative piece before the Spreading Bar* Association, entitled, "The guy who said It Is better to give than receive was all damp." Mr. O'Connell was accompanied at the piano by Mr. Cosy Dolan. • • • Ban Johnson Is plunnlng a house- .warming for Judge Landls. . . [Mr. Johnson Is in bis most delightful moods when making things hot for the distinguished Jurist STANDING OF THE TEAMS Western Confarane* Staadsng** On Baals of Point* Inn, .if •Jim eat. (By The Associated T>r*«) Chicago, Nov. 17—Western Conference standings on the basis of games won and lost are almost Identical with team standings in relation to the total ot points scored and opponents' points. The first three teams in the conference race stand in that order on comparative , po'lnts for conference games only, and the first three are also the only'tearas with paint majorities in their favor. Michigan has blanked her opponents three times, while Iowa has done it twice. Minnesota and Northwestern each have been held scoreless twice. The total ot points scored In conference games with the teams listed as they stand in the conference ratings, follow: -Team— dame* Pti. Opj>. Pt». Chicago s «» SO Mlohlsaa ....... * 91 « Illinois 4 103 5S Iowa............ 4 it 41' Purdue S It !» Indiana s l» 4T Minnesota .... ± 4 27 40 Ohio t I It St Nortfcwastera 4 » 44 Wisconsin ..... 1 14 4» French motorist* are assured aa unlimited supply of synthetic gas, it is said. The product was being obtained from plant* ot all kinds, even weed*, through carbonisation at a low temperature of a mineral combustible. JOHN 3. MITCHELL Six o'clock find* him heading for business ' every morning. He 's equally a* early to bed. People are his hobby. Babies are his delight. Some think Mitchell JuBt "kidded" Dame Fortune into placing the laurels upon his head. But he laughs that off. • "You can joke about most thing*. But success is no joke. It only become* so when you take It too seriously." h* says. /OK VUIUM! SPORT PERSONALS Mans. Georges Carpentier is at hie villa in Lena taking a rest and the bunked ring tans ot America hope he need* a lot of it * • » California will hold open house to members of the cauliflower fraternity beginning the first of the year. ... An ornate menu of ham-and-eggers has been prepared. * • • Mr. George Herman Ruth gave a reading before the Goof and Sap Literary Circle last flight. . . . It was the most perfect imitation ot a sea lion ut tls'.i-eatlng time the circle has ever endured. * \* * Jack Uurley entertained a sinat. group of foreign wrestlers at his Long island chateau yesterday at- ternoon. . » . The piano and dining room bultet have been recovered, but the kitchen linoleum » as yet unaccounted for. ! .* * * The announcement ot Mr. Demu- Bey's engagement to Miss Taylor m soeiud to have be-, preina „re. The same may be said ot his W gagenient with Wills. • • « Friends of Muggsy McGraw have received word that he Is having the time ot hi* life In Pari*. , . .This is hard to undertone, sine* it 1* known that Mr. McGraw has not Move to Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Steele are moving to Hutchinson from Newton. Alcohol for your radiator, 188 proof, Formula 5, at Hockaday's, U-3t with your Hat Off f Know that your hair will •tay neatly combed all the pleasing liquid tonic. At 4n» soiatets aa* tuber ihopi N evwyahue GIO-CO Send for ton pie Bottle Wall couiioa >nd 10c for faneroua trial botllo. Kormtmr Product! Co., 0oil SIcKlal.y Ar.,Loi Angelas,c»l. Xsns.. AIM»MU THE KANSAS COLLEGE TEAMS Standbig of the Kaiuaa Confer* nca Show* Consider, able Shaktvp. Kansas Conference standings: Team— W. L. Tie Pittsburg »,4 0 0 Sterling • ° 11 C. of E................. 5 10 Bethany 4 1 1! Falrmount 4 2 1 Kansas Wesleyan „ 4 3 0 Friends f S 8 1 Emporia ....2 2.2 McPherson 3 I 1 St. Marys Hays 2 Southwestern 1 Baker „ 2 Ottawa I Washburn ,.......»-..,... 1 Bethel 1 3 0 Games this week: Tuesday—Bethany vs Southwestern at WInfield. Wednesday-^McPhorson vs Sterling at Hutchinson. Thursday—Emporia Teachers vs. St. Marys at St. Marys. Friday—Pittsburg Teachers vs Washburn at Topeka. The mighty tell last week. Bethel and Hays, the lowliest in standings, reached up from their deptha and hurled down • the. two Wichita lams, Frtenda and Falrmount It was the first time in three years of conference play .hat iiothel had scored a touchdown on her own gridiron and it* feat left no team In the conference without a victory. Pittsburg alone remains undefeated. A New York song writer was recently presented with ah elaborate white hearse by the police, who assured him it was his old-time limousine, stolen month* ago. Thieves had put a hearse body on too chassis ot his limousine. The hissing Iguana, a giant lizard four feet long, exists only on tha Galapagos Aachipelago oft the coast of Ecuador. It lives about the seashore and feeds on seaweeds, sleeping in a burrow of the earth or in a lava crevice at night. It's The Right Time Now to Buy Your Overcoat Never waa our stock go complete and well choaen. Never before were the fabric* to dependable and the' pattern* more beautiful— Never were the pricea ao appealing for such fine tailoring. We ahow the neweat stylet— $25 to $75. Knittex Top Coatt, $30. Double Breast, Stylish, Comfortable Single Breast, Full Back. Graceful Talk Loss and Damage At La Junta Meeting Santa Fe traffic and station officials every few month* hold what Is known as the "O. S. ft D." meeting. It is the "over, short and damaged" conference tn regard to freight matters and package shipments. There is one being held today in La Junta and Clark DavlH, division fvelgtit agent, M. K. Way, agent, and James Carter, yardmaster, have gone there to meat with others over the road to check things up. On* Bad Place. Tourists say the road on the Santa Fe Trail east is in fine shape excepting between Walton and Peabody. Clinton An Officer. C. L. Clinton, formerly of Hutch inson, has been elected vice com mandpr of the American LI> B JOSI post at Dodge City, whore lie iu»\ Is located. ~ Clean children want i;lean sclui clothes. !,et us do the cleiiuln Phone 1335. Lewis Cleaners, ll-ii, No gold Is coined in China. Butt *M --Krust [Does Not Crttnole; Try it GOLFERS NOTICE The entire line of cluba of Cecil Straw and Geo. Dow, professional*, have been taken over by us and we are offering them at a liberal discount. See them early and get your choice. THE HUTCHINSON OFFICE SUPPLY AND PRINTING COMPANY . Phone 127 410 North Main Age! Age! Age! Aged in wood till sweet as a nut— and just ripe for sm you *Vw «W ftlng i* rmd impwt^ftnt wiMt..... —// dots tb* stmt thing fir fine tobmaos,...... Velvet — the aged in wood tobacco ligffit O-Afyin ftaW Ca\

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