The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 13, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 2
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\ PAGE TWO THE PARIS NEWS, FRIDAY, JULY 13, It3* ffoneer Of f Count Dies POSTMASTER FOR COOPER NAMED Special to The N Captured tContinued From Page On I Creamery Team Win* \ \ Over Ralph Wilton \ Meet The Ijamar Creamery ieaca on (Contissied From Pas;* On«> WOMEN'S CLUBS OF JIL 1L COMMISSION j -" tAMAR ENCAMP] . -CANDIDATE HERE! Posse ; COOPER.—K. H. <Bob> Foster. | of Mabclp -Wednesday. A Broken { ; ; aetiss postmaster here sir.ce last BOIV urns took bc-iJfe to the fee *• ~ • spring:, has beers recommended by ; of Jcve x>ean.. where l^egs W«^« ^ n^ll ft! r»l**= '. Coagrre-ssiaar. VTrigrht Pa: man for: found , ^^ t<x >k Pringle back no^aru J>eil. O±. I/M» ^.STjoi^tRierii as postir.aster here.; Broken Bow, JLegg said. For Two D»y .3 Bluebonnet At -»*"** <B " i **~ (Continued From Oae) Iivfn« At Ciumirurliam Satur- ^Funeral services _"niiiii «A --afternoon, ! j».j*:rvivors include ?:•-e sons, H. : I*.* Yjaek) Bel: r^n-5 "Curl Bel" of Paris.'- Ver: Sell and EH Be!' of • Ctinriirveharrr. anc Marlan-d Bel! of : Lo* 'Aaareies. four • daughters. Mrs. Alex .TVatsos and Mrs. H. N. Lar.- •£r*3=n-of C'-nr.:r.phaTO. Mrs. \v. L.. T Robinson of M inter, ar.c Mrs. J. N_ Mills of Paris: ar.d a l;i:-=re r-.urn- ber /of. srsr^ch-ncreri ar.d grea:- Talk I Thursday defeated the Ralph, ^____ I son team, S to .«. in a city league j ^^ enough traffic could tiaipe-[ - -•-'- - 1 James L. McXecsL of Dallaa. ? 5>at * rMl Clayed at the fair grounds j dia , e:v ^ throw r. over 271 to ge: a j .About ^25. "Women's Hozoe Hera-' cg £ l g :i & a . tt .' fo ^ railroad eommiist-' at Arlington. Mass, a. guod -turnout of fans., f austlcss roa,*. Heretofore traffic ; onstrat i on c j«b members »'*r* l«i on * r of' Texas. »p«at Thursday? Mrs. Coanor became hysterical l™. ! rj?^r?«^?h^ Friday for the opening of i nis ht i and * part of Friday in I ««, ~a» •«** th. car* of * ph^ v o ua.-a*. o> «a\ o. _jcA*«*er. j _ CO unty encampment at Parts. He spoke in Sulphur Springs | S ; C ian. Connor led one of tfa« j Thursday and left Paris for Mar- searching parties. ! ShT Lt there is great need of a ! Th* child disappeared alter leav- • change in the highway admiuls- \ *«« - lh « !awn ..of- his home. vfaer* s. 30j tra tion of Texas, was the opinion ; h& was playing alone, for a. walk -[expressed by Mr. McNees while in w*th a 4-year old girl playmate. j Paris. He has never before been She ^.^ sh6 lert him a block frota i , - i i lilt 1 ' 1 ' ueNVi'veti iviii<jv m-'iiiiii^ na\i • • . " -•» i>5»nrtirt-»T*» /r»r n'^iefc. he --** • '.with the bases unoccupied. ',:.:. , .... „ ..,„ **_ .,-.,.-,* ->. A demonstration in the use of ». candiaate ror o.-ice. ne Sherirr saeitoa. uai^r **w»&- j Ba«eries for the Creamery were ton o: Paris. Marsha! Ponder and > Stli v bie >2 e . a and white: for Ralph i sc*r.* of the Texarkana officers ; have ar.r.c-ur.ceti there will be JM^jvr M. Caviness of Pan* _ \vii; :r.troduc€ th^r speaker. With. no coi-nty candidates" family, ohe of the olces: families roundup soiieduiec ^for ^aiurtiay^ »-a.«-7"s v-=.«»rs ; - -h- 11 scu-r-^.i^t r-ar: ext>ec:-tr<i to attend the lueeting- o'. Xiv* ''-i'tinxv :T^ the v.c!r.::y of . Increasr-d attendance is alsu ex- cou'inued the search Friday. 1 •; Two biocdhounds, used in cs.j>- ; turins: Frank Clark, negro slayer ! of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stiles of Me- '• „ c v, a ^- a c -- T j, e — *e-'=~ Curtain county early this year. . " """ "° ** re taken with the officers to- Xviteon ^,^ \vitson. 3e!l and Connor aome< ln -^ dist r ict o£ Oz:-> Address "(Continued From f*aj I highway. You already have the U, Jf :u?n i S. designation, but the road should t Jn »- ts were given duringr the morn ' have ->^ore traffic to convince au- ! Aiiss Helen Swifs. district aser.t. | ! Iho-'ties that it should be made ! Aliss Minnie Eldridge of Fannm f - d"? T; ess -cad If vou people ''• county." Miss Laura Morgan and her ' *7-.™\v?ll ^et busy" and do a little successor. Miss Regester from Del-] '' vou" can make this »*<* n>.^T* ta county, about 15 women from; Man Xi'rs^ Bell, before her marriage was "a member c-f Nichols, charged theft, or c-f Ijancastei. who held on a charge of theft- no . ^ e o: lor :o U.S. Peoted because of the fact that RELIEF RIOT KILLS Senator will address- Paris voters tor the first tinie dur- Con- T\VO IN CLEVELAND r.- resent ca.*r;pais~n. g.-essr.i3.r." Bailey s?cke he ; job done. It is necessary ! valuable highway you have. Y. to take p.-ogressiv^ action I are missing the tourists' dollar »ove the cause of crfnie. j and whether you realize it or not. Kducation is the answer in part. 1 the tourist trade is the biggest in but it must be supplemented by a i th^ v-hole country and the new forward-looking child welfare • dollars the tourists turn loo<e in nrosrrasi- ! your city stay there and circulate." "Surveys show that SO p*r cent j vr. M. Burkes and J. A. Bro- of first offenders are frorc under j « v it : -;. of Gilmc-r. both, said they privileged hos^es. This, of course. .; \\-:-- v.ining to work in the -Tl :is- not excise the crime, but U • s^c ;ii:on and that Cilmer would reveals part of tjie reason for • ^^^ -:- 5 ps.?— fn the educational and and seyeraJ the most You Fannin county «y«, «-« "^^ * 'Mike, don't do that.' visitors irom Red River count* j ^^ $hootins and Frisco returned to Hartsda.Se New York office just after hi» son's disappearance. H» iin- inediately notified police. Alaraaed when they were uua.b*e to Qnd any trace of the boy. they called in state troopers. i. Bloodhounds followed the child's Pat screaia trail toward a nearby wood. th*n Then he lost it. Authorities believe t2»« ran Into kidnapers broke the trail by pick| the yard. Mike was his nickname." in?: up the infant afte** letting him i Three small children of the toddle. {Harrises 'svho say the tragedy Police said one woman in the tCdatiaued From Pace den I heard Miss (Continued trom ?a4?s One! from another boat for Questioning, sale IT- s'iOts were'fired in the outbreak of sniping: fire. "Mr, Allred holds that under- • Harper :tud J. H. Crutbxs 'were Day. aged 6 months, in a. neighborhood drove the peddler crib: Bobby. 2. eittlns in a high from her home with a shotgun aftchair: and Alary Ermine. 4. play- I er he had threatened her. The mai» | ing in th^e house. Tlie children ; was selling: patent medicines. Mrs. • were not 'harmed. Connor refused 10 buy from hira. Mrs. Harris was shot as she The Connors have four oth*^ faced her husband in the living: children, the youngest - bein^ '-.*-. room of the house, is the Oak month-old" JeweK The other ch.U- Ciiff section of Dallas, where she. <*««' are r'.sitini their maternal and the children lived, grandmother. Mrs. ' Richard H. Murphy. Irs Bridgeport. Mrs. Connor's father was the late Richard H. Murphy, wealthy- Bridgeport contractor and police coir.missian- u!lets penetrated her breast- ropped face-down on a Vote s countres. This zrnprove- •n»ert work has also been S oin S he has endeavored ;o serve Texas A ^^ believed to b cTi""-fr.rther west" on Highway 5. without regard for cliques. iac- x V hit=- was shot and 'K It f^J the" second lonsest highway ticns or sections. Ke says that . stant iy in^ik-t state s-ic is destined i O re- : curing: his service as senator, he ^ o ,, e pO ii ce :r-an. and a bystander c-eft-er iscreasec. traffic. :: -^ " r!ed to oi?:a:r; for all sec- ; were sho - an j as -he firing con-; . | :-:- ; ; ... ^ ' tions el Texas an equal and fair- r i nu i^_ another wonian fell with ^'-^t^S" States Strpreirse court de-i TRCCK distribution of the benefits which woun .i s . clslori holding the state -executive: iJp —Atreinpt- have come from Federal assist- : The , :;an w v c . v ,- as killed xvas co ~n-,rni:tee could not bar negroes. ; from a score of towns that could CConfinued from Page On CKCSHEO The , :;an w v c . v ,. as icg to -cool -a. boi'i-g radiator -K-htle <i-sce and Federal cooperation in -. caus i r) . i n the cross-fire. '•ritiins 'on the sice of a heavily - the recovery program. ; Additional riot sq.t: a loaded truck- cost the life of Jose ' He has been As^^e^" Garza, 4S. •a.-hen he rambled - latior: TR'hlcn he - has personally ri^-.jtes order \vas restored. from tbe side -cf ^he truck an -2 • sponsored or advocated, includins: - ; -- . - - - — beneath its whe-els, '. ihe excise ta^; on •foreign v u-dsr tvnich nearly 100 were -_;-__, state K,idd apparently Taras shot • started to run from the ]" to escape Harris, Two j itruclv her In the breast, - ; ired one bullet into his 'Greenville: John Harte. Com- the city were guarded by strike own chest. Harris came to Dallas? i mere.?: Judse Rube VY>a?s, Coop- ; pickets and a few attempts to from Fort tt'orth and had been j ; er: \V. A. Schooler of Hugo and move trucks downtown brought ; employed here for the last six ; I K. B. 3";anr«?n. manager of the prompt action by striking team- = years in "a store. In the hospital. , i Paris and ILamar County Chamber ; «ters. Trucks were overturned 1n he called for his employer and the : ' of Commerce. - i the streets in some Instances. Oth- latter came to his bedside. Letters and telegrams were read er drivers were permitted to pull into 2-a.rasres to avoid attacks. Strusrs^insr to restore " peac* proposed arniistic^ in HAVE YOU TRIED S U R E B E S T 100% PURE WHOLE WHEAT BREAD? NEWS OF WINDOM D. Roosevelt is some- •wlicre in the mc-aniair-s of Ca,II- dagr-.trylT>g to "set avray frois bs- e~cy droutc reuet. tlae 0 a , 3n ..,., n , Tr thar he ^ £S " " ^^QperaLion between ; not be represented on account of and federal governments j ihe£ir.i.r of Highway 40 Asso- 'r.rou out leeris-• >,- d ,. .--^ < c ^-* -=r-.-=; w : -l^n ~" -—s -a-^^d bv Mau-y Hughes, cub-i ciaiic-n 0:1 the sams date. Delegates the maritime unions' strike, a federsonallv: ;±;^_ l ^; [ ;";-^^ ^™d. : e^ai^ial candidate in a speech 2r : -e Hugo convention, number- . ?ra! board appointed by President Thursday night at Denison. \ ins: ab-.-ut «5, were of the opinions Roosevelt under the new labor dis. " "-^\-s simply cannot dump all our . t h£t the first convention of 2T1 ' putes law. continued conferences The board said It expected maritime request to put ^ u _ ; a. mediation proposal to a merrs- hership referendum. "Waterfront has demonstrated con-; ^^J'^VJ!,^^*^.^ 1 "^^^" ^.^p'" : . employers of major seaports and ^^pX.- T e ^. as; . : steamship companies have g _ "T-_,~". ~r*~ I" "to submit the disputes to A V, _V^ i^ r V^- ^T. - Texas Ji/iH problems :n the lap of the pres;- ; ^.-ouid be-the mos--larsreiy attend- . ^er<?. The board said It APTTVT'F'Y ^'^^ ind. exr-ect them to be solved ; e d of anv sratherins;'Of the sort ev- i replies from, all striking ^^A- 1 ^- 1 -- 1 - r ; o;.;; n 7r h .,« 'Hughes said.' ' "This ; er held i : / Inls sec ^ iQn . j unions Friday on a requ ;rnor who has i ±^ fjr _ ? tho?e attend^ns: ^ the confidence of trie presiceirt ; r ^ o n ,^ e -: rit ,. £t ,v, e \Vebb Hotel. C. L. Gates. - Yum! Yurc! - , T"* -• TTX_' ---••'Iry tiiese Appetite Teasers "AtCOUHCIL'S "or tiat jaded sTirrzmer appetite, order these meat. celicacies from Council's, •_ ' Honey Coated Baked Ham fit Badbecue Plenty of Plymouth Rock Fryers Sliced Bacon Pound co'tor- ' — ; state needs a s° v e „ -*V : WI-N"DO:\I.—The ilast Sherman ^^ i ^ i : district young p-bopie's union met .t th« Methodist church here with f :" de _ ce an c faith in his recovery representatjves from Honey '^iruve, -fc-^TS-m. aU 0 , ^^ pla ^ TA «- &1ua rhi -o^d ; Bo-ham- snd Ector. -Ect^r .-~*-•. f »i--- aa ve- given ample evidence i ^^ Gre9nvil!fe Texas: vr. S. dol*:-^- has" been of great : ^J^ ^^^^^2^ ±^ f ^ ' ^^SS^ « 1 ««^' ^-^as. Ceo. G. benent to xexas cotton growers ^ ^ a . & ^ m be fceld " at ,v a; pia ce. chairman of the XRA advisory,—-- ss-a^ catt;ernen. ! Hone" Grove members conducted t-carfi for- Texas -and ,-wprke< ; tC... ^v-.tionai service and Miss partv support of the national . . . -, v ' "" " wv = e- e^r" ^Ir=.. L-e* iiille: ' cram when he was chairman ot ; ^ T^**,^ ^^fre^r-- t>-e state democratic executive com- . -^>-- '• board. LOCAL NEWS ITEMS _ c ^^ OF PLEASANT HILL ^en-were seWed. :.--......„. . _ _ . • : .-..•-. irTbe-:,v-,,3i£unodist and B PL.HASAXT HIU-. — Crop? in chiircSes ' ~ appointed co; -;-,-, -sa.,^ trie r-ast : HO.-O or. SaTidav. , *•--.,^. . bl-** at one 01 -cis in ' TVO 3a*^t" <t \t om3.n s Z>iisszon- ; 1J "— Paris. Texas; TV". A. Caw- VI. Burkes. Gilm»r. Texas;. J. rogoitti. Gilmer. Texas; T. B. ^ ^ -si. Pa^-is: J. 3^ Parder. Paris; "•^^."^-^ ^ Russe.Il- only candi- I— • M. Daugherty. Tallhina, OZ-tla: " MT'^v,;, cisven cornered race Jess Ka.rp€r. Talihina: TT. E. ilc- "Z."" ,-!"_— B - ns - =nv tansoerins with • Guire. Talihina-. D. \V. Robir-'son. t i.(_* »S d^^* * *•" • ' •**• ^^ -^ he -prohibition, laws, lerellec a : Talihina: J., H. Cruthi?.- Talihina: have b=en In th-s cotto week or two. Hey making progress at most of the meadows. ' ary society m-et' with, Mrs. rrar-k V>"cmen of the community are busy parish and Miss ilmma Parish at .,,7;,,, ,,, --VT C -. T , hot and blow cold" ~, erce . L_ s. Fuller. Commerce: ts- canninr ^eg:€iab:«s. the latier's home with ar. E ? r ^ n • ^T TCg "o rc posed repeal of th» !a-.v 3 _ >j c xatt. Commerce: J. K. Sh:r- c - ' party.' ^Eighte-en members ar-i :vis- , ^^^'^-Ir! g "-wag^ri-g on -h-e-ree. rac- - e:- ._ p ar ;y ; 'j. -rr. Barnes. Paris: C- C. R. B. Gnastain, Ft. Smith. Ark.: • jn a speech at ro^'n^'oou. ; Frank JLar-.crford. Paris: Roi Cor- • i. accordins to -Kusse-".. is nish. Commerce: John Hart. Ccr~- : PS ICt CREAM QT. PI. Free Delivery, Phone 228 Detroit visited the homes of Ray _ ; tor = attendee, and after Alvorc £nd Ma-as Course" last refreshments were served. YOU ARE INVITED A TREAT OF REAL BARGAIN f tea, Pound . ,.. 10 Calves' i ongnes, Pound 10 a^S ^Kry^tTiS'JS Baptist Revival At Harmon Besins Snndav ;~;:ZT r to - c -:rr.b m Hunter' : - wagon and -says fee is la is last •week fcv a •'In the regular session o-3rd lesislature he voted for said- ter's bar.a aver of ?arn TTeiss. Par:?: Chas, Shelio-n, ! ?' F^aris: John England, Ft. Smith; F. P. Baker. Tsiihina: Eg Footer. Jack Z>e.LysIe, Ft. Smith: Koy j -c=oL Parfs: Bob B-anton. Par:s:: VC". ~r~.. Sefcooler. H-J:E:O: Perrv Calves' Pound 10 Whne Snai/ner Fish, Po-unc. - ^ 0 Hog'- Lard Pound . . Veal Loaf Mest. Pound ....... 10 FRED COUNCIL MARKET caugster?. _^r5, ». ^. in^.-j-an c. ; roa .,f com par: 7 arid others to RAILROADS TO REBATE HAVE YOU TRIED SUREBEST 100% PURE WHOLE WHEAT BREAD? BIRTH OF A SON SAMDERS CASH SATURDAY 1 Q *? 1 Q OS 35 Tea, Fresh f Coffee, j h Pk? Pure Catsup, Bottle- ice Creani Salt, 5 KRAFTS j SATURDAY SPECIAL | Miracle Whip j > Salad Dressing | i Quart Jar 27c \ j -,,'2 P»t Jar -10c j ! j I Miracle Whip j rn » "I i Salad Spread, Quart, 23c V \ I Pint Jar ISc t' j S-Ox. Jar 12c | i Kitchen Fresb M»yon- J I naicw* 8-oz. Jar.... 14c **No Who Said frt Round Milk Fed Fryers tserf Far ***»American Ful! .Phone 828—Delivery Service Raisins, 2~Li>. Pkg. . . 15c Calf IJver WEISTES Hom« Made Ub..lOc Half or WJ»c!e Cuft-d Ham, N»> 2 S CMM 25c Mo. 2 Com, 3 cam. .25c Mix Cake^ Ux 25c Apple Butter, JL Jar l»c $1.65 THAT GOOD SIK-I^r.VC ORKN PIT BARBECUE Pound 25c r could-"t be in a. more chao::c c^-n- ; V,";tt proposed abol:-Jon cf tr.e : poll '-3-z :^ a ta^Ik at L.;b»rty. say; ' r g -here was no j.u^tificaiior^ for the f'»ids ar ; charging a citizen for the privilege putting up ; the p«H tax be rernov«d from the : nroather. : m.a^i--es with the r«ven-;e ; o.-=.. Johnson • to be r'Jp'a.cefi r?~ ta.s-?s or: 50 :r-^«> j s -« r from ,ani r*HO'-rce5 ab'e to D-ear :".. r-.e . _^^^,.^^ 3 , a lac sa'c he •wousi. ; -' "='-*" J t-j readjust t?.z<» so tr o^.-r.*rs wouM o*f rer>ved. C C- M i ir>onai'l. at -Sa." Saba -,rjv-«» :-. favor of «. ^en^ibie *:<-!'.; g.'^-^-j svfirem that w«5'ji5 r;o: ';-' •"''"""'""" " " , r # \Ir» Hooverto^tii Farmers Are Putting Up Hay horr. Hi. Ferpusor,. :r; sharpSy s.'- r>^u5or.'s suppo :<;cDor.a.i<5. who is b«;.r,s ba by t.i-t a.c-rrjin'.stratior;. r^r- :s st-mpicsr *h* s'.at* 'or Mc a;d. his poi^ica.; i:«r;-t*Tr;Di,n: years, and wii: sp*a*i V sight at Er*nn*rr.. • per to p*r,->»:aate - -poi;t:ca; dynasty" an-: TO :«i: :h- vqi«-,r«f h-civ to vo**:- *-H^ :* iski-^y to find that •,:,~ people of Texa* ar« ffoing to.dlo th-- sa.rr.» th;T»sr tn?«t vot^re. of O^la.- "-lorr.-a. <1^ to- -BUs- -Myrrs.>'» cho:'i'- *.« his successor," Alir**! e-a:^ '-Ther* iK a growiag res«nt;rr,«n, against tb« ach«m* o' a wsxx! *r»--i water io.'«r to «t*y at :h« 'he^rrt o! LETTUCE Firm Head . . . Manilla Wafers 1-Lb. Ceilophaue Large, Juicy, Doz.. Bakine Pewder Health Club, 2-Lfa Ginger I'Lb. Cellophane SALT 25-Lb. Table WHte or Yellow SUSP ^-^ySla 5 Giant Bars PICKLES Mix, Quart ... Today'* Big Value ejection of hi* crown prince." Torn. F, Hurjter ej>oke at Fort Worth. Assorting th*t h« was fJghtSn« tlj* c»ti»* of th« plain peopl*.-Hun- ter sa.i£ it wo«I<5 b« imi>o»«Ih]e tor him in ££st*O.l. .**c** voj^i" •?> t^* era.t« and cr««<2 hi* partiKan* to "O1<S B«cJc** *«4 "carry th« ; H« promi*«<5 bl» b««t «fforts to car« th» *vii» of tftft **«sifT?ty mon- Kdlog^ft tote extra good in cununer. They're crisp, cool- deiinou*. And tbtyVc tfac value in cereal*. FOR COOLNCf f COCO S-Lb. Carton 65 FLOUR Paris Special, 48-Lb. 1 CHEESE Wiscorwin, Ub. 18 Com Flakes X ISc Pkg. 1O ™" ^^ Grape Juice 10-oz. Bottle TEA 1-4 Lb., SNOWDRIFT Large P*3 ... 69 COFFEE Leader, 3-Lb.. ., 65 SALT JOWELS Lb.9c Pickled PIGS'FEET Jars Pork Shoulder ROAST Lb.14c PICNICS Dexter Sliced BACON Lb. 22c CREAMERY BUTTER LB. 25* YOUR TRADE APPRECIATED AT THIS STORE

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