The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 2
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n TWO IE, 14, MARRIED BOT SHERIFF PARTS COUPLE Gets Warrant Charging Young Wife With Being Incorrigible. Tie -s^ intervened Senreen a jwiib- fi^ sr.cfsrtxsa *-~-d ia even more yoatti- Jul br.ce XosSsy cyfh; azxi returned 14-ear old Mar.e Scper to her parents. Police iad Se*n Informed of the ci-Sd* rearr.age earlier in U»e ereniag b;- htr =:o:ijer. itw Mamie Soper, near llrx S_r. is--: j -.esrfuJy 5a:i her ci'-sSier jef: the licuse ic go to BchMi 3£rriis:- rs^m^s fc*-i «M ai« some cUsizrice a*ay by =«* * t5 trough: her to -n-s c. - Mr= Sroer ia.d sie l -.*.»- - · -3 ;i -.-^5 C.'J "-"a"cc. -£-:;-- -'-«c Seen rr.arrie-c S.-t £-ae caru- tj a r.j-Mr 1-ere uhere siie ^j* coapi* w t* «:»y:=s Hats Write "Period" To Winter Styles the ' aac ^j^ -cl-i^ cs.--sr.-er was acm-"s::re S.rc j: 14 years c: a«e *s ' more or less yt the le!i side of uncovered it fHe ;njg;y atd ;t* Is gec^zxxis f""Js'. ". j ^rie as a cc~cjte fnn-rf xj :h» ·_ ct-r .s-ir The ed by RttXK.t. -s to an -2j;re*s*J2 of at the back arid ir.T2irji.cgs are mt the rfrerw -·-': or frarit- j a: the- »cfc of -h hat ; Florence Wsltoes Koi*c:ir;e oeret j a direct copy cf a 7-*gt crp ctrc- j icade oi «·!»«· IJee rrjet 'j'. ·.1* 5*r«is «*n at Hue laorcerit. :ze:* is a rerj i-appl? felt :."-2' -s «j-a-7 P°P- ular for this type wf ;-»'. and li ; - ^st as t-asy to drape i '..-«· faarx Par bordered Kxja»i w... be a«-r:i -rt.l Jan- _srj. bat fro a: '.^n _3 '.%* fur T» J . 1 oe replaced by .e..*t arxl sa'.j: . - _:.t i Sr-trraas P Borers, after ie^r-is .-.T plea. I3rr:?cis:«ly iss-ei a cr.arg.3j ;b* S-- «-"·"· l=cor- - W Cr^is Tr* ivter *ea: :o :he house on Wa:«r stree: »her« the r: -a as »i:h ner lS-rar ol£ braie- Orsjscn Lu:r. parted '-he nearly her hen:-. WheUicr fvriSer act.os » -- be 13- st:'.uted _-i trie ca« *1U "oe decided to- cay "FaUe ages cf ofh s^or:. to on ·se marr-age l.certs* »h:cJj *« ^sued i; -_-e Ixil C---t K -;e. srs grs-nds tr":--.e b-.ce ror -he --Mrs D'a:r.eii -ie - e -£ - ;h-»*^ :^e .a^ requires vhat FIRST DIVIDEND CHECKS WERE MAILED OUT TODAY Ceitral Building And Loan C'jb Making Payment. Checks for ten per cent, of the f-rsi dividend xrtU be mailed to ur.'t-hoiders cf the Ccrtral B-:ilding and Loan. Club. Track M. Dcrtzbaugh. president, today. Additional remittances. «rhcn available, tr-ll be set aside for dividend purposes and d-gburs*d. as accordance w.-.h the future actian cf the board of directors The club formerly had Jts headquarters at the Central Trust Company baUd»£ After the company closed Its doors the club, by a decision of the Circuit Qjurt. was declared separate and apart from the company and the Farmers anti Mechanics Bank was made the club depository, xrhere members could pay their dues and obiiija- ttora No further dues were required of the members, who hsd iKit negotiated loaEs As the dues of loan members -rere paid in they were held for distribution The checks tna.iecl today will represent the first d-str.buuan to depositors. While the officials declined to fctate the amount of the initial dls- Th« Plcrestia* beret . created and poied by Flcrenc* Walton BY ROSETTE HARGROVE -XEA Sendee Writer. Pirl* Df~ J3--Mocjt« certainly hi-.* beer. delMr.jf the very remote pift for -risp.ration rver iirxe the ^ren^ re^.vsl. rxr* a matter of legend Hais :.~jt srr c-.oderr.jed. versiocs _ if Florer.t.r.e pasts' caps flat-c.tnrned. i f ··arer-tnn-.ayd shapes reminiscent of , t-e beauties immortalaed by Watteau. ! pert, ;.tl zrarqujs or tricorns are being ofl'rrd by the h*'. cre«U)ra at , ·.:*- m:d-*easO!i collecltons One thing .« certs,.n and that is taat cext Spring a .11 se« women *ear;n? flj-irers and fea- i :-.c-s to an ever, greater extent than at ir.e pr«-s*nt moavnt ;vf.-m? 'he Vr»^ has tak^i Paris by storm and tne «:.!% thing truit «i^es it irorti thf earlv dUappearance :ha: was the .^t o! 'h« Eu«r. hat is ·.he iact that e^crv mod^t* is inier- p- : n? it .ri her o · r, and ·. w "reiorc or:? iaih.y:'. BcreU Usually SmalL Generally spea^^x. rwie\er, the beret remaps on t:ie small scale--any increase in bulk be.r.s; «-spe;.ai:y avoided 12 hat iashions--anci while St can leave cr.o-j t-r ixy» bit aar» p^actd at u~.e back Ka-r r.ot lonp^r :ha fo-^r Inches. that can be »a-.eS ar;d c-rled at ·ne end. se»nis 10 be tr» r^le these days Trie- roll worn loir en the neck, faih- .onafc las: iprng ar.d sjcrscxer. docs -:ct harmonize * :- T-* n*ir · hyrh In ·he iaci" ha* "or. of course, iocs th« WOMAN'S SKELETON FOUND IN WOODS III MONTGOMERY Found By Hunter Near Road To Travilah. D-acorery of woman's skeleton by busters in B^ Pines, between Hirer road and toe ro*d to Travilab, Maryland, led Sftxngomery coasty police into an exbauswe avestigatton Sunday. The find iras siade Saturday after- Chief Aim A. Jioxler, of Mot- goDury county police, led an expedition into the dense wood* Suatay. Detective Tlwodore VoJlton. of the M:o2leoziery county Identification bu- j reau, took phcrtographs of the seen*, i The bcnes *ere taken to police beMi- | quarters IE Koc^vJle. where they *ere vjeitc. by Stve't AtLoraey SfaKbnan' Prescott. HALT WHEAT MOVE King Of Utah Force* Deb? In Action Monday. , Wash-ngton, Dec. 21.--Th» more to j noon, but »utnorft*» w«r« not nouf.ed j 40 oooo«) busheJs of farm board -jatll earlySanday mornlr* wnen the' ^ t ^ ^ uj-emptoyed encountered , ^j,,^;.^ b3ock j^y -a the Sen-! 2^ Democrat, Utah. ;o-c^ Oiay in action. ~*0 J 1 Sen. Capper, Republican, Kansas' reported the measure drafted by blm- wheeler. Democrat. STOWS SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Fatten* FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK · EXCUHUVB AQDR MM nDBBBCB JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER FOE OVEE 60 YEABt hunters. Depcty Game Warden George Van Morn, of Silver Spring, and Ed- j irard Lucas, of 4411 Iceland «".r»et, S Chevy Cha««, Soring. The aSnin and other bones »ere revealed Then Mr. Lucas was beating i undTbrush to arouse a rabbit The ' rest of the skeleton was discovered scattered cearby in a radius of about 10 feet. The skull contains a set of expensive false teeth. Nearby were a pair of b!ack. fcgh ! by shoes of the type worn by eideriy wo " Montana, -alth the approval of the agriculture committee. Without any discussion Sea. Km? _ rrr.o£e! uie rules to force consideration jof the b~l over nntil tomorrow. Meas! 7 hue reports of a change of attitude the farm board against it were men. also a penknife, a ring, the re- ! The legislation would turn gram main* of a wrist watch, a pair cf ear- i from the Farm Board surplus orer to ' A blaci ..« with draped ermine :ro;.n li fcj Er.^er Mayer .er *ort t»oi» And so Jar as Pans » .-·3ricrEed. the w^wl-bioir hairrjt U rare.) soen arxl tnen cn.y on the very _ year* »oo--arj The tendency Is to I rings. · brooch and a pocketbook con- j the Aicencas Red Cross or u any ; acr..r-.e a soft fraaee for the face yet ' talcing a 2-cent piece bearing the date j other charitable organizations de- ' *.t.i ha-r drana b»ci a !:·-· snore j 18S«. »nd other small coioa. Thejs^r.3t«d by President Hoover. :?.-. before skeieton la believed to have been ITS the . A Sportloi Tilt. i desse woods for almost a year. j Subscribe for The Nm. For j?3ris -rear, although brimmed _ . . iriipes are tile siaarteit and only pos- i.a.t :pe oi hat to adopt, the fashion .·s to *tir then: ar,ich more tilled on «r.- i-i'' than heretofore and many of We cany only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock SOD nth M. ·· ffk. «. B. FkH '.-.«· ;«rr nomen ha\e taken to wear- .r.R Sr.e mesh -.ells under the hat to · re'.-ur; that Impeccable. ·K*2-gTOomed The end-of-the-day-dress has brought ·A .in :'. ta« resiaurant or etenlng hat. jr riir.or co..'!ure. for :t se'.dom boasts of a br-rr; Or.» of the prettiest models .· as crc j'ec by Lemmonier. It consisted of pla.xl strands oi -.elvet which form- e_ a ^erj cpernicrs cap flnished off at ·r.«" extrern- ft *uh a b2ack vel- \et bo 1 * complex *ith loops Still an- o-.her. a Hebojx creation, was fashioned als3 of tile new Snely ribbed velvet An Agnes creation . . . JrSBiincd *ith and fln^hed oS at vr.e back with three tr.jjht green vel-.ct ribbon. i rr.jiu'.e birds' heads in wnite. feather*. trfbut'.on !t -s sum. About :r.g membership lr» the clab. ·H mailed As the oblJcatlor^ are by thos» v.ho hold them, other dlu- denda will bo disbursed to the depositors. s said to be a f ubstantlal' »:».h .CtCbertson in tournament! bat! Sor'.et Russia is helping the United 600 checks, represent- ,:AS b-«a a s^cce^sf^l partner in con- States sohe its unemplo\Tnent problem. , ll be tra'--. ^:th Mri Cu2bertion H^ ts one | That countrj- declares St is fllllng 6000 paid, oi the hlgn lights of the Cjlbertson j jobs in its development project with KVK? f f J t t A *V"--»»-l/*««r» M.'rt'T'irtV***!! i American workmen. Culbert»on Increases Lead. New York, Dec. 21 --Sidney Lenz and Oswald Jacoby lost three of the first five rubbers played tonight with E5y j C.ilbertson and Valdcmar von Zedt- i wltz and the lead of the Culbcrtson aide i. «a» increased to 3.710. The rubber |f standing became 37 for Cu}bcrtsoa to ' 31 for Lenz. | Von Zedt-wllz is a naturalized American c.tizen. but all bridge players Know- him Janu.iarly only as "the bar- i on," except culbertson, to whom he is Jast "Waidy." He has never played Another Purchase! Pewterware Bon Bon Baskets Cocktail Siiakers Sugar and Creamer vrith tray Cake and Sandwich Trays Pitchers, Vases Bread Trays Vegetable Dislies Candle Sticks Ti-s .s the fy-rih pace -ay cf irus b»a-j - ^-l jv sncl .1 ;: gve-s as fast as oiaers li ·»._ 5-xr. br 5- « II ^ ·B-ricerf-1 for f.'"~s, ar.C to c«r.. A iff c-f ; · '·s 2,-r sie^oh'xi ai^,» N--te - hs ps'icrr -- '.' if a t -- of ra x r. -".?:-. T priced TW-.t-rrare We ~- f..l p^cr.c crccrs ss .cn; ivs r^r Jjpp.v ".j^ts KEMP'S SS THIRD FLOOR Kemp's Will Be Closed Saturday, December 26th Shop and Compare These Smart New Fur-Trimmed Winter COATS You'll Agree Tney're The BEST Coat VALUES in Tovcn! at .95 --Because They're Brand NEW --Because Tliey're The $25 Kind If yja Sh^ around -we b*ller» you ·s-iH Sad that these coats »r» the Vil VALUES :s :c--a.-= Because they are BRAND XiTW. .'ist recT.-'.j- p-zrihased fr^ra or.e of o-r regular rr-akcrs of f.r.s Cci .s a: a 5rea" PRICE CONCESSION cucrsise these coals Trjj'd be, $25 J v" th^tk cf !*. --her: yes: can have a coa: w:ta besu'i'ul furs a', s :-. a LOW PRICS there Is no reaj-iri Thy yo^ shcuid:. t hare a X£W caal for Chnst- uu. B« fair ·RVh ycvrself sec these ccav before you buy ... sec tiers TOMORROW. S28 For The S39.95 Kind Shop at K E M P ' S and See For Yourself! Hear ^ania play the rhimc% evorr dar until Chmtmas at Kemp's. Phone in jour nrqucst nomlwr^. Santa wilt play thfrn for you! 0 uality Martha ^Washington Candies For.Sl.Xears the Christmas Candies _of_chc. Nation Many beautirtl fancy (ift boxd, basket* and nrr city padu to ·» lect from. AH rea- (onably priced jnartha Washington Candies 107 West Patrick St. PHONE 1385 Join Oar Christmas Club The Family's Cfhristmas Problem Solved! Have Money When Wanted. Club Now Forming Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clubs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook. Start with 25c, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or more THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK No. 1 North Market Street Where Banking b * Pleasure i S 5 i! Announcement The OflBcers and Directors of the Commercial Bank are pleased to announce to the public that it has resumed business, and extends this invitation to patrons, friends and the general public to make use of its banking facilities for the transaction of business. New deposits will be received either on checking or interest acounts in accordance with the usual banking rules and regulations. The Bank resumes business with the consent and approval of the Bank Commissioner of Maryland and the authorization of the Circuit Court for Frederick County, with the addition of $125,000.00 of capital and surplus funds for the further protection of deposits. PRESIDENT Edgar H. McBride VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Geo. F. Smith CASHIER Hammond Clary ASSISTANT CASHIERS Arthur H. Doll George W. Heinlein James H. Falk Albert L. Bussard Charles A. Ogle BOARD OF DIRECTORS CASPER E. CLINE, L. EDGAE BETSON, DANIEL H. BUCKET, ALBERT L. BUSSARD, HAMMOND CLARY. CHARLES T. DtTDDERAR BRADLEY H. DUDROW, ELI G. HAUGH, EDGAR H. McBRIDE, EDWARD B. *TRAagT.T. MARION S. MICHAEL, ERNEST D. MICHAEL, HARVEY E. RAMSBURG, DR. GEO. F. SMITH. FRANK V. STATTB, SPENCER E. STUP, T WTNUSOR WILLIAMS.

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