Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1953 · Page 33
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 33

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1953
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

f A61 tHIRTY-FOtm % ALTON KVKNTNO TBLKORAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 15, IMS ^THfH,OMIWYMIUW*«T RIDING YOU AWITT HOW MUCH MORI DOudM you couio wvt /VfAOE IN YOUt MOT If WD PLANNING SOW! Writ Of Hl$ OWN/ BEAT IT, BAWlE,IlL CAPE OP,Vly£tLF .. NOW BLAST, you LUNKHEAD 1 . I'M , KENT... rVHAT A I'VE 6OTf,4 VOUC Y MI PE : ! MOW LU VOU CLEAR LEAVE CHEK- OL'T COMET LIMITS IF you vot; FI eVL IT FUN <•/ THAT* (?(6Ht T IT. 'VE C-60T TO! tVV>/-3*^ I T * isfw^ 1 »wi _ _ y-y. .] _ /... ...*.... i WPLA.UD MURDER-"UGH SHE WOULD ERE TH' B«T / ^*~- 1 ^ BE INNOCENT OF THE HATH FLOWN.../WH«TS\ KNOWLEDGE, DEAREST THERE SHALL TO BE ] CHUCK, TILL THOU BE DONE A ' V DONE? J APPLMJD THE DEED OH, FULL OF HOW NOW, MY :, MADAM, \ LORD.' WHY f SCORPONb 16 MY BANQUO \ BUT RETURNS ) DO M3U HEEPl MIND, DEAR WIFE! AGAIN ' J ALONE ? ^A THOU KNOW5T , BO, PRITHEE, GO WITH DEED OF DREADFUU NKDTE 1 BANOUO LIVE6! OUR BOARDING HOUSE with -"MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS BUT I XMOVJ "We <&Z4&X*«£±4^-^----&&x^>A OF p ALU M3 gODi£S,AND 66AD, MR.SllWb/ THERE 16 JUbT OMEk.v , P --,,.«. , A arvp MOR& FLIGHT (NF1RNMTY TO BE; -^ [ t^ ^ KF DOCTORED— PLEASE OBSERVE THAT)-\ Y^-lrlr; .^ T) . AT IT 6QUlRTi WATER isiSTuPsD Of 61LAM'/- i ' g , ' p '^ r } — ARE VOO FAMILIAR WITH r^ -" ' - v?2 Ln i vt^ DR. ZL060TW6 L AWA OP '^1 "> ^-'™' AN ° l ~ ^' U — v iHei?N\a\ETf?i<: Vi*>' , ^\NAIT :>->«; , --;^^_ I MEV i JU&T KJOTICEP y^o-i THESE A ) WHEN THF. BlCPS- ' ^CiEMTl&T' ^ I f r LY '[HCU3VJtiH S MlNlD^' -ATIP OF . »*. ^ f- rv ,, ^. „ . . , x , l^ | i''j«i£i.b, , rf ^ ! .-I. N »retv r i S /) 7H VC)t *-V THEY ) CH?I:AM~ n ; BE -.*'. ' V 5 " IS^-a^.. A •Si.'PPfcMl. V / WAT^MlM Brfc- • -w BUTTER- -.».. _ x , «!w-^. * ^i.iPPfcMl. y ^ .. - .*^ — J^—- v 1 »~^l ' •-. ^^ -^^ \ - VV . ' *^» / i'TAisofc ( A>/ \ T""-~L. ,''_»^ x .'-- " ' V '.*fr.EM TO /... [ t.'OAP';-. Aw ^?/( •*r^ - ,v v_ / ONE. POP-EYED / SCIEMTI^T CAM I RUIM A H \ SiORMM .KAPPV POPULAridKi (STOP TWE MUSIC/ GUAEOS.I LET'S eerouTTA MERP/ PEET BRITTLE txxis BUM FOR covte THECf ^ TIME TP TMBOW IT 1 . Y<?U GOfTft, JUMP fckID -5WIM (=(36. IT. DONALD DUCK fTHAT LEAK.' 1 V GET THE ! ^ i D'SHPAN / «^/,V—. ii ^" THIS IS THE BlOGEST TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 5:00 P 5:15 P 5:30 P 5:45 P. 8-00 P 6:15 P 0:30 P «:45 P 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 8:00 P 9:30 P M.- M.- M.- M.- M.- M.-. M.- M.- M.- M.- M.- M.- M.- M.- 10:00 P. M- 10:30 P M. 11:00 P M.- 11:30 P M.- 12.00 P. M.- 12:30 A M. P P P. P TRUK8DAT -Wranglers Club -Buckeye Four -Bob Innham's Sport* -Telenews -Mindy Carson Show -Dottye Bennett -Dinah Shore •News Caravan -Groucho Marx •1 Love Lucy Ozzie & Harriett -Theatre -Martin Kane -March of Time-Boston Blackie —Dougla; k'airoahkt, Jr. -Danger -T-Men in Action -The Big Picture —New's 7:00 A -1:00 A. 9:30 A. 9:45 A. 10:00 A. 10:30 A U:UO A 11:15 A. 11:30 A. 11.45 A. 12:00 N 1215 P 1:00 P. 1:15 P 2:00 P. *30 H 3:00 P 4:00 P. *:10 f 4:30 P M.— Dave Garrowa.v M.— Ding Dong School M. — Art Museum M.— Betty B'urnes* M.— Garry Moore M— Strike It Rich M.— Bride and Groom M.— Love of Life M.— Search for Tomorrow M.— Guiding Light — Charm School M.— To the Ladle* M.— Bill Cullen Show M — Homemakinf M.— Big Payoff M.— House Party M.— Kate Smith M.— Hawkins Falls M.— Rusa David Snow M. -Howdy Dowty Fruitful Answer to Previous Puzzlft HORIZONTAL 1 I>riipe fruit fi Citrus fruit 11 Give af an inalienable possession 1H Sarcastic wit 14 Infant's toy 4 Feline animal 5 Ground elevation fi Etruscan title 7 Summer (Fr.) 8 Those not of full age ft Common citrus fruit 15 Amphitheater* inB j rds . homes 16 F'rbzen water IT Domains 19 Ontario (ab ) 20 Lieutenants (ab.) 21 Sepd container 25 AssiMant 22 Regular* (ah .} 37 South 12.lump 13 Makes sorrowful 18 Neither 24Smp>l 28 False god 30 Irritates 34 Shops 40 Twenty 42 Metal bar* 44 Forefather* 23 Greek portico 26 Correct 29 Immer?e 31 Diminutive of Edgar 3: Poem 33 Theater sign 34 Emphasis 37 Wings 40 Steamer (ab.) 41 Scottish burial mound 43 Postscripts <ab.) 45 Mine shaft hut 46 Mexican coins 48 Greek letter 49 Speaker 51 Tradesman 53 Tips anew 54 Calm 55 Worms 56 Demolishes VERTICAL 1 Hazard 2 Makes into law 3 Authenticate 35 Plays the part46 Explosive of host sounds 36 Distress s!gna!47 Soothsayer .18 Pome fruits 50 Bind Ameriran timber tree 39 Hebrew ascetic 52 Brazilian* macaw 15 It, 13 SM 37 FOR FAST SELLING of unneeded things use TELEGRAPH Want Ads! The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Thursday KSD (NBC) fcXOH (ABC) WBW HA'UO KMOX (CBB) liWIi (MBS) W1L WOKZ 9M KG «M K€ 17» &C U* HO 11M KC IBM KC UM KO 1570 KO 5 News; SporM KreUdy Martin News Songs of Today Ed Bonnet Neww BoniMr New* Behind The New* Sports Reel Reading Circle News; Jackson News; Hlne» Curt Masiey News; Thoma* News; Hayward News; Records George Martin First Five) Record Report News sports View Spurn Extra News 6 uo News; Sport* Laux :1S News Parade New* -.30 Morgan Beatty Stiver 4f> One Man'* family Concert Hr. Jr. Miss Stan Daugherty Jo Stafford Ed Murrow News Exclusive Supper Serenade Nen 7 Roy Rogers Oad Know* Bwt Top Guy Garden Guild Meditaaion FM Only Famii> worship Research Meet Millie Preston at Yukon Chuck Norman On Stage Sky Klnf Cecil Brown o 00 :30 4A Truth or Consq. Cisco Kid Tim* Capsule Concert Hall News" Melody Pattern Date at Eight Blng Crosby Jabriel Heatter ntus Moody Official Detective Sports Quiz Dugout Interview Cards vs. Cubs. 9 .00 :15 :30 :45 Judy Canova Thru the Yean News fenn. Ernie News Eve. Blessing New* Open Bible Horace Heidt Music Mart frank Bdwards Mutual News Bishop Sheen 10 :30 4S New* Morgan Beatty Platter Parade Beautiful Music Music Master* New* Abide With Me Worlo New*; Hinee Paul Neighbors Time To Dream Dwight Cooke Sports; Crotby Police Quartet -spun rtevu* Musical Scores Bandstand 11 .00 :15 :30 New* Platter Parade News; Parade New* By Missisflppi Concert Favorite* This I Believe Orchestra Chase Oreh. Merrymaker* News; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol Friday 00 New* :1S Melodic* _J:UO Gospel Hymn* *t W :4S New* 6 News; RFD; 6:30 Markets; RFD, 6:30 farm New* New* * WMUur cones** New* WetUm Call Farm Home Journ. New* Journal Sunn** Weatfce* New*, Iporta •B.OU Alex DriW * 15 Weather § 30 I'lmeubl* • 49 New* Breakfast Club Bruce darrmlon Breakfatt Club Sacred Heart MediUUoa Hvmns Cor Home Music Family Worship World New* New* Oxark Blng Crosby Moegl*. WlItOA Cd Wllaon New* B'(Mt Club New*. Clock New* B'tact Club New*; dock 8 00 World N*w* .16 Sporu :30 N*w* 4A \ancy St. Jams* N*W* Melody Magi* New* News; Salute New* Mku. Varied** World New* Clock WltctMt New* •d WlkJM N*w* B'twt Club N*w* Musical Clock Chapel at M* 9 Welcome Traveler* I'rut tten 45 Double or aoUUaf WhUpertJH •**> Kitchen Club 81)0' 8on*> N*w* ttnfen 10 Strtk* It •!••) SOD * «M Bob HOB* A Girl M*rrt*» N*W» Friend In N**d Ntw* Land of frat New* Devotions Theme* of Age* Mu*iC Master* Grain Report Homemaker*' chat Arthur Oodfiw S'njnln* Sere'der* HI Neighbor An Robert* show Bandstand Newi; Boberte Qr*nd Rowmary News Meet the Band Bible Quii aargain Counter 11 New* W**tnw Victor UndUbf Get Acquainted ww New* Rhythm Mood* Marth* Malady Just tot •om*i> 8t Lauil *in« N*W* fn* Utwn N*«* Concert Tim* Bib*) Wendy wtrrwt Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our an Sunday Racalnt tad Vt» uuncheon Oat* News; Bandstand Serenade in Blue) View 12 News New* Concert Music Repose with 1 .ou H*< rredertckj 14 New In Store* Dugout Dope 3t) Oave U*rrow»y Brown* at Chi. 4 JeM Ne«j* _____________ ______ Grain & Market* i'n* Coa>**Mi Oood Music Apprec'tion Vie UaoMM mane Portrait He* Oafll M* Herkiw Vuung Or Road of Ut* 4nd tfrs 3urt«*) Uadlaf Pair Pern MatM Nor* Qrak* Tom Qaliay Brighter Day Curt Uaawf New*; Luncheon New* Cap Com'ntan New*: Carr Markei ,se»i 4ueeo For • Da* Luncheon Oat* 4-H Vartetie* Mu»ic Roundup News; Bandstand New*; Record* Band«laud tiacord InOD oo uu* Beautiful is Road at Ula 30 young'* ramily 4* goad to HappinaM Sacred Maaj* aliialfi 4*J*0*jAa*v Prog raw «or Vov Back «ta«* VU* Stella WiddM Woman in ChrUtun School MiirkeU Newt Muiic liwtitut* MaoiMla lfa*t«n wm«» 0 < Healing London Column Area Kent Office Hill News; Bandstand Polk* Parti Aunt Jemima Cd Wvlao* farada Jurt Bay U J B Adam* 4 Plain Bill rarrau Lorenzo* Qoctor's WU* Granojtaad Newt: Record* News Record Report J'ootlijht Parad* Wallace OuaOi Western Parada Sony Shop Child'* Album Open Bible Serenade Your Topio Robert Q. a)***. M WUww *'u-«t Suwat VIM* l»r Clue* Among other suspects, a dance club hostess was interviewed at Btt'iniwd, Kngland, twiice sta tion in connection with a iubbeiy toe other day. A sniflt'd sn^ said: "You wear the same perfume as i' Steve Groniek, pitcher tor the smelted in the room where the Cleveland Indian*, recently pur- it." the other girls go. I admit 3.302 points. His brother Eddi«, scored 1,613. Bead Tele«rapa Want West Africa's first 12 policew* In tow seasons of basketball for ; men were reviewed by the Gold i Seattle, Johnny O'Brien scored i Coast Prime Minister.

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