Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 4, 1969 · Page 24
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 24

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1969
Page 24
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BULLDOG 1» the Arizona Republic Pioeott, Twi., Nw. 4, »«9 lT,_,,».Jt_1 „„!_ fF7*11' II. .1 •t, _ _____ Hospital sale Williams asked to scout chances ' ^K— E By \^iiii i c° f ju !r n /or free cars ior driver *•«*»«£ fir® J)7 \w N I JOOllClJlOlu.C!rS GOV. WilUams was asked to more if behind - the - wheel days after they start we "Could you call back tomorrow, Mrs. Gilson? My mother already got all the latest news from three other ladies this morning!" $750,000 in bonds set for 6 plane hijackers Associated Press PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. Six accused American hijackers, back in this country after being jailed in Castro's Cuba, were held yesterday in a total of $750,000 bail to await transfer to points around the country to face legal action that could end in the death penalty. An attorney 'for one of the six told newmen that all six men had been jailed in Cuba after they arrived in planes commandeered over various U.S. cities. Atty. William Quinlan of Rouses Point, appointed by U.S. Commissioner Joseph Kelly to represent Robert Lee Sandlin, 19, of Wichita Falls Tex., met with his client for two hours, at the Clinton County jail here, where the accused hijackers are being held. Sandlin arranged his own release from Cuba, Quinlan said. It was believed each of the six had acted individually in gaining his freedom, although it was not immediately clear what procedure had been followed. Asked how Sandlin had ar- Marine case before judge on overtime ROME (AP) - A Rome prosecutor ended his preliminary investigation of plane hijacker Raphael Minichiello last night after police lodged five charges against the 20- year-old U.S. Marine. Minichiello was interrogated twice by Massimo Carli, assistant prosecutor, for the second, successive day. Carli will turn over the results of his investigation to a judge for an official, but secret pretrial investigation, Minichiello, who arrived in Rome early Saturday aboard the Trans World Airlines Boeing 707 he hijacked from California to his native Italy, was reported in good health in his isolation cell. Carli said he did not rule out a psychiatric examination for Minichiello. Under Italian law, the decision is up to the judge who will assume formal investigation of the case. The judge can reject or accept, wholly or in part, the charges so far lodged by police against the hijacker. The charges are: kidnaping, violence, and importing, possession and carrying weapons of war. No charges have been filed on the hijacking itself, pending further investigation. The crimes charged carry sentences up to 19 years imprisonment, BACKACHE- Painful Joints You long to ease those palm, even temporarily, until the cause is cleared up. Why not join millions of other users and try PeWM's PHI?? Famous for over 60 years, DeWitt's Pills contain an analgesic to reduce pain, and a mild diuretic to help eliminate retained fluids, thus flushing out bladder •^wastes which can cause such pains. DeWiU's Pills often sue- eeo 1 . where others fall. i"f pain persists, always consult your Doctor, put first, try DeWitt's Pills *MP ranged to return to the United States, Quinlan said: "I'm not at liberty to tell." Quinlan said he got the impression from his conversation with Sandlin that other American hijackers remained in jail in Cuba. During the last month Sandlin was in Cuba, he and other hijackers were held at a mansion in Havana, he told his attorney. While there, Quinlan said the prisoners were allowed some limited trips into Havana, escorted by armed guards, who let the men free, then accompanied them back to the mansion. One reason Sandlin returned was that he did not like being in jail, although he said the Americans appeared to get better treatment and food than Cubans in the same prisons, Quinlan reported.' The young Texan and his five companions were ordered held after surrendering to U.S. authorities Sunday on charges of violating the feder-. al air piracy law. Each is accused in connection with a separate hijacking of an airplane to Cuba. Bail ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 each was set for the men when they appeared before Kelley. The U.S. marshal's office at Utica, N.Y., will decide when they are. to be transported to the court jurisdictions where the hijackings were initiated. TIME CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT .4000 No^«jMPh.277g7r J Those people whose money built "nonprofit" Maryvale Community Hospital are entitled to nearly $1 million profit derived from the sale of the hospital to Good Samaritan Hospital, a federal judge ruled yesterday. In what will likely be one of the last orders signed regard- Ing the bankruptcy of Maryvale, U.& District Court Judge Carl A. Muecke said that if it had not been for the bondholders, the hospital would not have been built. He noted also that the bondholders who brought suit to put the hospital in bankruptcy are the ones that brought about its revival. When the hospital was thrown into bankruptcy in 1963, it listed liabilities of $3,853,885 and assets of $1,508,241. It listed less than $15,000 cash on hand. Under the court's trusteeship, the hospital was reorganized, and eventually sold to Good Samaritan in August 1968 for $5,110,000. After all creditors had been paid off, there was a $956,500 balance. Trustee Frank Dunning wanted to distribute these funds to the bondholders, but the State of Arizona said that since he hospital was incorporated as a nonprofit institution, any profit left after the sale should go to the state. Muecke ruled against the state and ordered Dunning to give the bondholders the $956,500. Gov. Williams was asked to sound out the national automobile firms yesterday to see if they will continue to furnish free "courtesy" cars if •Arizona should adopt a compulsory driver education law next year. The request was made by the Joint Legislative ' Transportation Committee at the behest of its subcommittee on driver training education and the governor's traffic safety group. After listening to the subcommittee's . recommends* tions, the parent committee, headed by Sen. Mike Farren, R-Maricopa, agreed that a compulsory program ought to be instituted in the high schools. It was estimated that the program would cost the state $1.5 million the first year for teaching personnel but much LIBYA KING EXILED ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (UPI) - King Idris, the deposed monarch of Libya, arrived from Greece and headed for Cairo where he will establish residence. He was overthrown on Sept. 1. For the love of your life ... PHOENIX McLEOD OPTICAL 4433 N. 7th St. • 264-6756 Phoenix, Arix. 85014 Scomdale • 946-1711 218 E. Stetson Dr. u -Advertisement- Denture Invention For People with "Uppers" and "Lowers" The nearest thing to having your own teeth is possible now with a plastic cream discovery that actually holds both "uppers" and flowers" os never before possible, It's a revolutionary discovery called PIXODBNT, for daily home use. (U.S. Pat. #3,003,988) With FIXODBNT many denture wearers now eat, speak, laugh, with little worry of dentures coming loose. FIXODBNT-forms an elastic membrane that helps'absorb the •hock of biting and chewing— helps protect gums from bruising. You may bite harder, eat faster —enjoy apples, corn-on-the-cob. FIXODBNT may help you speak more clearly, be more at ease. The special pencil-point dispenser lets you spot FIXODBNT with precision.... where needed! One application may last round the clock. Dentures that fit are essential to health. See your dentist regularly. Get easy-to- use FIXODENT Denture Adhesiv* Cream at all drug counters. Republic £H Gazette Engraving Company 314 N. 2nd St. Phone 271-8336 ROOM ADDITION SPECIAL 12 Ft. x 24 Ft. Family Room With Fireplace $ 2695 FOR THIS ROOM Price includes room size 12'x24', custom fireplace, electrical work, block or frame construction, concrete; acoustical ceiling, plans and (permits, carpentry work, roofing, one 4'x6' picture window one outside door. WE Dp ALL TYPES OF BUILDING, REMODELING AND ROOFING. WE DO OUR OWN WORK, NO SUB-CONTRACTORS TO PAY. FREE DESIGNER SERVICE, OuNof-Town Call Collect CALL 8 to 8 — 7 Days A Week For Free Estimates -BANK FINANCING AVAILABLE- UNIVERSAL ROOFERS & BUILDERS INC. CALL 252-7379 more if behind - the - wheel equipment also had to be purchased. In Phoenix Union High School, which bus some 25 per cent of the state's high school population, the program would involve.the acquisition of 200 new automobiles, officials said. Phoenix Union now has a driver training program but does not provide for behind- the-wheel training, it was pointed out. Under the proposed legislation, teen-agers could not obtain a driving license until they were 18 years old unless they completed the driver training course which would be offered in the sophomore year. The committee also discussed relaxing the present law which requires newcomers to Arizona to obtain immediately an Arizona driving license. It was agreed that new residents ought to be given 30 days after they start work or place their children in school before having to acquire new licenses. The committee also accepted a subcommittee report on a proposal to let political subdivisions organize metropolitan mass transit districts for upgrading public transportation. A bill was ordered drafted. . Sen. Fan-en said the com mittee will explore the subcommittee recommendations further at its Nov. 19 meet* ing. ! 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