The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 6, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1918
Page 4
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„.^AOR FOUR. \ THE HttTOlttNSOtf-H.lWB.y V FttrDAY, SfiJ»TfiMfiKtt 1 .fl. 1918. THE HUTCHINSON, NEWS W, Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. faltered ut th« Poatofflce In i-lii.tctiiti- •ou. Kan., 101- trartarntsslon tnrougli tiie tiuulB aa sccond-ciass matter. TELEPHONES. fluainess oilico Ko, 3 Advej luting Uuparlinenl .No. 3 ttditonal llooinii No. 40J society Uuitor No, 24wl TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally edition delivered by carrier to any pail ol Hutchinson, 1U coals a. fcc-ek. Uy mull, oim yi-ar H-W Uy mall, etx muiutia • 1.™ Uy mall, ilueo inomna ' w Uy nuiil, one tuunili 4u Wei-ay r,cwe. unu year.... W TO CHANtjfc AODRES8. • In ordering too audit** of your paper ctuuigeu. alato wlii'tlior H IB l-»utly of Wuomy News und UlVlt: YulIU KUKAIfcu roij 'ioiFicii; AJjuiiKsa u wen as wo cbatiKo. ADVERTISEMENTS. Tho News riaorvca the rlBtit to reject any manor th-it u iiiay ueem Improper and not accuruiuc to contract. •iho NCW. ...»« ^™^ ll ' 1 i' u ^ vt1 ;; of • USL'lllJlllS WUjlll'Xl M l *Vii'l!»"Tor socWy meetings, cards clety und church socials, lee'ui-e "s'JJuy calli lor church owetioBB ^^erttelni scriuonj are icumderetl u» adverUMn.- nd will ho charged- It The liasteiu oliiota 1 The liaslotu oliiocu ui uui ,,,,J- 16-11) Last 2U1. ,? l \rh ,„ H S." ua \°Bmldmg. KU»U Advertising Agency lu and Know* Chicago; City, Mo. ^A.fvertl.ln*- rate, made, known on application. Telephone ti ?,„L L t„ Edlf .Tlal Telephone- liH» >,'''">». 10 Rooms, No. 403 or 3- MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Aaauelatctl V^'JuSSiSSS"Si Al. PU Ali" h righu r of"' republication of cueclal d<.«„atch<B herein lire alio reserved. The Sldllnger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS TetcDTiono si- No. 17 North Mam Street, Hutclilnaon * HINDENBUP.C. » * . » * llicy foltl the Mlntletiburg was * , * dcatl, that In- had kicked the buck- * * <:t. '"I Uiu llt'o Is such a lioro," ho * * said, "1 have rot-iilyed to chuck It.'' .* * They told me Hlndenbunr wrm " * down, Unit he WHO dead rind crul- " * cd; nnd I astonished all the town, * * (he way ] celebrated. 1 painted " * all of .Mum- street red, my soul * * way .so enchanted; they Lold tr.e * * lllii.leiihurs- was dead and in the * * boney.'ird plumed. Hut Htadcn- * * burg still draws his breath, mi- * year. It Is less Iharf a hundred feet wide in nearly all of its 1vny down to (he plains country*, but its waters nerve a Rtrl(5 measured by miles lh width. II has taken Ihe whlle-graylsh diserllava soli and enriched it so lhat any crop will grow and grow In abundance. Its waters trickle along the Algcs of (he mountains, the foothills ami over Ihe slopes of tht' rolling hills into the prairies nnd plains, leading through tup big ditches to Ihe laterals and finally to the fields and gardens. It makes Biisfenauctj sun. 1 and certain; It- makes prosperity assured. J-'rom Its beginning in the Hoc-kit** to far below Dodge City in Kntittns it finds a way to make the laud valuable. In a large part of the distance, especially In Colorado, the soil not loiichrd by the nieltctl-.-motv waters of the Arkansas is of no practical value, save as n homo for coyotes, prairie dogs, snakes and day-owls. Hut once turn the water on it anil tlie values are a why up above lmndreddollar-an- land at once nnd what, was once waste in immediately turned Into abundance. Without, the Arkansas river through this vast stretch of country there would be no touch of the wouderful prosperity that follows Its banks for hundreds of miles. As it is, well-kept cities are along its banks, large coin- fortnblo homes are 111 both city and country and the retail commerce that belongs to any really prosperous country is everywhere In evidence. The peoplo Uiemsleves enjoy life and they find it easy to live. This lower portion of the valley, not finding Irrigation necessary, uses th» moisture that comes from the great underflow brought down from tho ineTled snows of these same mountains, and the entire Arkansas valley in IKansas and farther down Is made one of tiie most prosperous countries In the world. The richness of the soil In the valley, far above In Colorado and In Kansas Is known all over the country, and the stream, in Its channel, lu the irrigation ditches or in the Inexhaustible underflow below the surface. Is the wonder of the central portion of the United States. he lives l * and back to Llcrlin driven. He * lived to see his armies win full * liiniiy a redliot battle; and he'll * be here when they begin to run * like locoed -cattle. Big things will * happen yet this fall, the tide of * battle's turning, the Huns wiTl : •* hike for timber tall, for safety madly yearning. From now, mo* thinks, until the end, the llunu ;;, * will have no inning; the allies on -*. * their trail will wend, advancing :"'* still, and winning. Ajid It would '/i* sadden mo to know that Hlnden- .' * burg WSH sleeping, w^ile, hiking * from triumphant foe, his war» rlors were leaping. I'm glad that '•• l^uilendorff survives, that Kaiser r* Burs' 1 still lined up; may they * noL lose their precious lives until ........ ,i ^ \VA*LT' MASON. TH£ AaKAf»j»VkS RIVER. Tliero *SfO probnAf? few rivers in 1 tlie world Hint are more valuable to "tho communities through which they v .pass than Ihe Arkansas. As a basis ;f.for real agricultural prosperity this stream baa probably no stfperiur In America. Only the Nile and a few other streams lu the old world, in V desert lands, have such wonderful JKJS- Elbilltles' as are afforded by the Ar- . 'kUIMKlH. It Is Irrigation that makes this pns- - slble. From iis source to a hundred \ miles above llutchlm-xm it is the life- giving vein, tlie moisture-feeding artery of some of Ihe richest soil in tlie * world, lis waters do us the big Intensive I'arnu-rs say: "Make the desert blossom ns a rose." And It really does •lliat in pluce,s in Colorado where ttlero .>. Js nothing but desert. I- •, From the high altitude springs in the Itocky mountains which supply the '."-Blreutu with (giurge share of Ihe water 'f it cuj'rjes It has niiiilo a whole valley ;i f <i Jiiclure of prosperity. _ Krom far :'.f 'ftbove, Sallda, toward the top of if" the notch uf Tennessee l'uss, its . -watet's huvu curiched u strip of eouu- Vtry from two to three' miles in width, . to wider places ol twenty and thirty niiles, And lu lhat watered zone are •; niucli more tluui a hundred thousand .v" peoplo whose fortunes are assured, , whose dally life is made easier by tho 'if:: voiistuut How of the Arkansas. | 'J'bo river lends Its waters through Julgilion dituhes on the high slopes *&. of tlie llotsklsa, Jvoudvllle, Duetia Vista ^fflud tiie narrow valleys between beliiy S ewved. Down through n wonderful jfcjjoimtry, (and mudo wonderful by tho J^OHUcnj of lliis river), through live Stflrnnd Canyou of (hp Ark.uusas, through .iJllS Ko)'8l Uwge, Canon City, Florence, jjpuebly mid I licit Jnlo tlio fuoihlDs and ijrjMftir't.&o ;4rR/»«a» rl^in- Is the base f peu,rly all farm und ruuch prqsper- v . Jll waters Jtundreds of tHolisunda f ivteu Uittt otberwjup Would bo of i-pra^tical flgrtcuiturttl ywlue, H UM gjlf life to the uifalfo, Hip (Ugai tmw truck wPKtmMpt "If conservation o' skirl material '11 win th' war it's good night Hun," said Miss Tawney Apple t'day, as she bought a pair o' pink silk hose. Cantaloupes are putty much like some people—after you git onto 'em It's too late. C MlMY CASUALTAIST^ -•V Tex. <•> ^> <$> <J- <$>.$••$> <i ,$> $> * <8> ^- * * THE WOMAN WHO SMILES. By Kuth Cameron. BASEBALL IS ADJOURNED. From the interest In the world's series games this year it is quite evi- <?• 4> s! «- * <• * <?> 4- * <?> '!> Vor almost every possible kind of brave deed have Hie orders of merit of the nations, the Victoria Cross, the Croix de Guerre and the Medal of Honor been bestowed during.this war. Kvery morning one picks up ones paper aud TeadB of someone who has been decorated. Aud still there is a certain kind of brave deed, than which none could be harder, none take firmer self-control, none connote more self abnegation, which has been done*over and over again, and tho doer has never yet been decorated. I refer to the woman who smiles when her husband is going over there and she is bidding him goodbye. A friend of mine was living, last winter, in a little Inn near a training camp where many of the officer's wives were also staying. She rfold mo yesterday this little' tale about one of them. The woman of the tale was an orphan; her husband- was practically dent that people are satisfied to have tuu on , y bc j nK re a!ly close to her In baseball adjourned until after the WIIT all" the world. They had been mar- N'ow that it is decided not to' play more games, even next year, until after the war is over it Is presumed all of the people will become accustomed to it as the most of them seem to have done this year. : Winning the war Is the big business of Ihe Allied world right now. Adjourning baseball is one of the things that must bo done in order to help tills w\nnln£v was be sent over for several months, and then one day the call came. His regiment was to go the next day. He had only leave to spend l\vo hours with .his wife that afternoon. W.hen lie left her, slfc was smiling. Tho next morning he had hoped to come again for a few minutes, but was not able to. Instead, he called her upon the telephone. And her voice smiled over the wire as she told him sho was perfectly all right and that he must not worry and that she would write him often, and finally wished him Godspeed. The woman who told me Ihe tale said that all the' people In the little Inn were so moved that they could 'I he fortoWltiR casualties fire reported by the i-omrruuHiBie; lieln-ial of the Aineii- ,!iii r.xpi-dltiomity roice*: Klllftl In action, Ju; missluK In rtr.len, U'J *, wotinued wwi-ely, Hft; iled of uounte,, II; wounded, decree undclermintHl, 111, tlnd <n Owen.'-, i. Total, ;iuil. KILLED IN ACTION: * Sergeant I'lai-ence 1, overt -its-., miiWnttkcc, Wis. Corporal John VV. llunipm,-.,, luit-sdnle, Mo. Privates John T. Davis, Uini'i-uHe, Ark. Ahml i\. rjysuuu \, atloltt, N. I). , .li'Kef lL-kowftki. no iij<li-i "--s iilvt-n. l.tilii.w Albeit rieino, .lont-svllic, Mil. .Saltat,ire Relatione, eaie, t'a. ^ James II. IlieKntll, Indianapolis, Intl. Wm. K llneti'l, Mllwaultt-f, Wis. lti-ti.tnMuu. v. Mruutn, stU-prtenvUlt-, N. C.1ifi-lnr.ton, Ihithlnila, III. * Ht'iuard J. Uolan, APhlanil, J'a. Kdg-nr 11. iirccnhnlnh, I•!evidence, H. 1. 'I'h-.ndoie Hoes, t'luie-ren. 'lex. David ,M. .Juhnston, Dudley, Mo. Joseph Kelly. chleiiBo, 111. William A. Welliel. liwInB, .Veil. «, Joseph Wesulo.skl, MilwauKce, Wis. I.eon Urntiu, Sawyer, Wis, Oeorge I-;. l.ieJancy, Milwaukee, Wis. DIED OF WOUNDS: Privates Fred K. Kameler, Muw Yolk, N. Y. Kdwhid Tlioinas Viljberl, Corunna,' Mich, l-Mlwurd Douchertv, lllli.nn, Mich. Anthony I'vuo, ^V't-fttvliV-, 111. Aubrey IjHyfle.d, l.l>piln, W. Va. Jameii lj. yainpiey, lloiiuravllle, Aln- l.toinoatJine 1-^iiiiiKo, l.'hlc^igo, 111. William A. Thuma.*. Cedar llluff, Miss. Kdwnrd H. '1'osel. Manly, Iowa. Krltz Warner, Janu^town, N. Y. Henry C. wink, Movllle, Iowa. DIED OF DISEASE: Privates Harold Hraton. Weyilioulh, Ma-s^. t.'liurles J. Cumlskev, Sarunac l^akt?, N. Y. Wllnier t'uunce, Phllailelphla, t*a. MOB,; Fobbs, t'roekett. Tex. .Intnea M. Illggln.-;, Lawrence, Mat=s. Kenneth P\ KJnBaJey, 1-^lKerton, Minn. William IjUchslnger. Wonetvoc. Wis. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Captains C. I.. Irwin, Meelei 'lae, Wyo. Utlo Chulles .Stelut„TRi?r, Newton, lA. Lieutenants Thotnatt V. Uarh. Herwyn, Md. '" William (t. Much, lOdmore, Mich. Duncan Fraser, t\ew Vork, N. Y. Albert H. Helsley. Rowling CJreen. Ky. Cieorge T, l-'tilpps, l-;iaufvllie, Jnd. lv;1wln V. Kvaiut, Pes Alolncy. la. Hnlph O. lxikin, lliingor, Mich. Frank A. Mellv, Tarrybiwn, N. Y. Hk-haril O. Willie, Charleston. S. C_ t,'dward T. Enlcksen, l.h-lng^lOn, Mont, ^ Serqeants liudulph Roese, Joliel, 111. Wllllani F. Keller, Rnnldun, Minn. Joseph 1.. Calianln, l )pelou.-as. t.a.' Aufiost Urin-er Draser, Oahkoah, Win, William Frank Janowlak, fudahy. Wis. i.'liurle.t-Uuelte, Loliff Island City. N. Y. William Shepherd. Kl i'lwo, TexSs.- John Kampach, Chicago, III. Corporals K.-nnelh T. Chuich, South Mcrlden. Conn. Michael Fnnrlln,, Chiearjo. 111. lCdwIn H. Keacnie, t?hieago, 111. Stanley KudllnsKi. Milwaukee. Wis, Samuel A. l'ai-son, Ixjiilavllle, Ky. .Willie W. Shankle,, K. C. V"lk'd Wallace. Pilot I'oint. Texiia. Karl IClslnt', Itoxhury, Mn-ss. , x Jose Klerro, Mexico tMty. Melt. Waller A. Howard. Sliaituck. Oklri.' David J. Lawson. Rairliff, Ky. Frederick IL -utmusHenj, Delavun, Wis. Theodore Tonkinson/ Graf ton. III. t .'asmlr .1. Vera, Chicago. 111. George Byron Harper, Marshfleld, "Wis. ^.John Phel|HS, llaker, Mont. 'I'homaa A. Fope. C^lleago, 111. Ulehard )•:. Sherlock, St. Michael, Pa. John W. Hartley, New Albany, Kan. Musician Valinore Goblcl. l-:l iaso. Texas. Mechanic Homer 1.. Auliuchon, High Hill, Mo. Privates Walter Alexander, Whf-elei-shurg, O. Charles A. Raker, Overby, N. D. Mike Darber, tVhitsett. l J a. Marvin U BratKtaw, Hilt View. Ill Y ljtwreoae H-. Cook, Klngaton; Okla. James J. Costr-ITa, I'lltstturgh, •Pa. A USE FOR IT. When they have driven the bodies away back of it and out of sight, so ; i m i tlly speak without broken voices (hoy won't have to be bothered with them, the Allies can have the distinct Afld yet that woman had the courage to smile and keep on smiling so ,, ii,,, ..i.ii, ,!,. ilons as her husband could know, pleasure in resting a little while, do-, ] " wriu , Bpctflfieally of her cas0 , be - j0g their washing and hanging, iheir^. cullsu i have just been lold about it, clothes up to dry on the Hindenburg line. More than 200,000 Chinese are just back of the war front In Ficardy. Some but 1 know Bhe is only one of many brave women. Behind the men with the guns, stand their Bhining ranks, and though they may not wear the medals,' they have indeed borne in heir hearts the burden and heat of of them are growing crops In the I ihe battle and will huve helped to win fields, others are doing Important war.jour victory. work, some are guarding supply lines | . OVER OUR STATE. ^ and depots and others are trained und i , ready for the, front linn trenches in Kllsworlh welcomes the tourists in France. China 1B actually in Hie war, ! nlotor cars and .offers them a place ' lo camp, which makes that city popular. a number of regiments being" formed and ready lo go in ihe big offensive when the time comes on the wost front. 'Almost every race of people In the world is in the big fight these days. The Texas soldiers came in for some warm praise from the French, because of a charge Ihey made at the boche. They used tins bayonet on a men handling the big guus, yulte out of tint usual war rule, which makes a man stand back several, miles. And they mado the Huns huatje fpr their lives and leav.o Iheir 1))« jflSna. Texas lias a let of dasl^njjdotuer/things these days and it Is' showing in her soldiers. ' • ' ••- There is only one kind 'of peace the AlfH's care to consider, nnd Unit Is a "dlctatod" peace, nut u "negotiated" peace. Tho latter sort would be of very small value to Ihe world, if the cost in lives and human misery lu •tho world are taken into account. The Alllos must fight long euough that Ccrnuiiy will bo lold Just what she can do und when she can do It. The kaisor must havo a difficult time explaining how It is he praised Holt when his army was headed towards l'aris uud was going fast and who he gives credit for the big back up movement y»ot is headed In tho op- poslto direction over the same ground. Tho Herman chancellor, von llort- ling, talks like U Is. doubtful if the crown und' dynasty of tho Hoheliol- lo^rjuj survive the present tiouble lU, the Hun pmnlro. All of which niakjw 040. doaire to ejiwuldte, "Wo ttyould, wry," Stafford county has some of the l-oughlesl roads on the line of the New Santa Pe Trail. This shouldn't the, A niotoroycle and a Ford met head-" on a few days ago at Pratt and every one knows which come off second best. Kansas people are on 'their toes these days watching the news from the war front, where so many of the boys have gone. The Rock Island trains at Dodge City are uow ruunltig into the Santa Fe passenger station, which ia ii new government move. For hill and .dale motoring • and ~thut sort of thing Kearney county Is the place. There is a'lot of it in that section of the state, . The lights and shndowB floating 'over the Nlneseah valley these duys are just as attractive as ever and the valley Is charming. Kansas is the third state in tho sale of thrift, stamps, quite' a record when, the populuUon is taken into account. It shows all right. The Mount Hope Clarion, editor has been busy taking In the money recently for sub.scriplious. Tlie people want tho old home, paper, The, recent rains have done their part toward'putting tho soil to-wu- dition for wheat seeding, of whiuh tuero will be a- wry largo' amount this fall. The day of the corn cutter is hero,' both human and imichiue: The silos aro cpipjtg lo for their share ot the conservation of the products of the I a rut to get ready to take tumtUer swat at thu-Qoruiou Junkers, A drive, of interest, because of Ihe difference of scenery, la to go straight north from Hutc-hingon to tho Smoky Hill river, and tptlowlng that winding B 1 ream to I/lndsborg anrj u*clf home through;. Jtfci'hersun. Jtjs tfirougS ft rolling aud. giivilaj .country, Arch C. Crews, AJ11111, Oa Warn Justice, Afton, Ky. Ira K. Klser, Gustonlu, N. C, William Uisner. Tell city. Ind. • •Walter Mall, Chicago, 111. Roy Mauldlne, Hello 1'ialile, 111. ,lanu-B K. l'elctv,. Midland, Ark. Frank Ilf-rieha, Cleveland. O. Walker Hi*e. l'iirl;ei-» Uike, Ky. l-'erdlnand J. Snuvatjcot, 1'hlludetphla, Pa. Joseph W. Smith, No. Hatfield. Mass. • Uoheri 1-1 Taylor, New York, N, Y, Jaseph i'.ncher, Hartford, Conn. John it. Cni.nlnshnni. 1-J1 Paso, Tex. "Win. Donkeivoel, tUrecht, Holland. Abraham Kichelbaumi, 'Nytw Y'ork, N. Y. Samuel Cllckfeld, San Francisco, Cal. Clarence William: Uorbutt, Three Rivers, Mich. v : - - _ Joe J.- Gorman, Pittsburg, Tejc. Charles F. Hanno, Cheyenne, Wyo. I.esler K. Jaeohsen, Hartlngton, Neb& John C. Richards, Butte, tlont. •> ' Jo,- Hltzman, West Kalfsriell, Mont, GUman/TeisbjjrB, IMgertoii, jWla. ClarenCo VajiderbllM KUborn, Wis; Paul Vob'ol. lU'ederSRurgf Wis. " Clurenco H. YValtlier, Qllford; Mont. Felix Wavonln, Napasoda Springs, Cal. John S. Hansel, .Gory, Ind. Ora Dennett, Danville, lit. William Booth, 133' E. 9th St., Kansas City, Kan. , liiinuld-D. Headway, MorBantown, Ind, Ste|,hen C. llralley. Rurnham, Pa. Dewey Brc-haut, Kew Ycrk, N, Y. Raymond ltrown. Green Hay, Wis, John W. UuekJey, Fremont, Keb, George Cnprner, Haraboo, AVia. 1-Vederlck U. Clark, Wntorbury, Conn. tirjorge W. Crull, 'l"rafalger, Ind. 1»IILS Dalessandro, Chicago, 111. Georgo W. Daughrlty, Mounds, Okla. Ilnyes It; Davis, Yeuger, Ky. AVilllrun Bryan Demurest, Tekonsha, Mich. " George Bethel, Yeakunl. Tex. Jack W. Black, Gorman, Kan. Frank 11. lirlttain. lU-lott, Win. Kalwiml Uroillne, Win Creek, Neb. Ut-iyl lirown Hamilton, Port Huron, Mich. William A. lirown, Swink, Okla. Kdwnrd Dank-ls, Chicago, lit. urundvillu W, FIUOWK, New York, N. Y. Gaylord it. Hjskey, Porlafie, Wla Harry I,. Heiion.|iollti, Ind. Richard Jaup, Woodstock, 111. Frajik J. Kiivannugh, l^mniett, Mich, Ixiula Klave, Riunsvllle, lows. , John Kleckn. Detroit, Mich. Jiisepli Kuroskl, Adovu, Kussla. t;eotKi»-D. I.ulte, Wakefield, Mich. Joseph Mlmniiugh,' New York, N. Y. Tracy Mulr, Mooreton, 'N. D. • . David 11. Norton, Tekonsha, Mich, William C. Penny. Arbalo, Tex. fiehluy H. 1'erklns; Sharon, cla. Jjdword N. QUI CK . Brooklyn, N. Y. John K. Heed, Mcl/Oajl, Va. I'huul K. Kegel-. Conneaut, O. Frank Rlgo, Center, Ind.' Oscar* Seversen, Cambridge, Wis: John Struasburg, Kdgerton, WM>. - Jesao A. 'I'ledeinann, Jauiealown, N. TJ, Frank Wul-iki. Chicago, 111. Nathan M, Woodiuff, Clilcago,-HI. Joseph H.'Wyott. pes Moines, Iowa. John Demyan, KeqiptoK, W. Vu, •' Kugene J. Dion, worcHlcr, Mass. Frank J. Kldred, taiic««o. III. William F. Hrtieoerger, Anderson, S. C. Frank Fisher, Naper, 'Neb. A.H. Foley, West Newton, Mass. Jack V. Forihan, Bt Iluno, Okla. Arvltl Forsbelg, lrpllWOOd, MIeh. Chaj-loa Al. Flecker, I XMIB Island Clly, N. Y. i.'Iarenee F. Freoman, Greenville, 8. C. ' Finest K. (ialiau. Pabll. Ind. Julius Joseph ailloglv, aiffalo, N. Y. Dnubil J. Qleaaoii. PltllaUelpliia, Pa, Jacob Goldhnr, Toronto, Opt.- <-?tiarles Grenberg, Now York, "N, Y. JaeoL Hrelikv, Argo, III. \ John 11. Grlrtln, Blue Rldgc, Us. l.ouls Gnuid, ChleiigO.'lU. Hi-lllou .u, Harrison, GroonvlUe, Tenn. iloberl A. Ilnrrlson, Wilmington, N. C. llnlph Hen-lug-, Cualdalo, Pa. Frank J. Hlldcbrandt, lOlruvood Place, Ohio. Aim I,. IIInn, Portal, N. D. William p. Manes, Baxter Sprlnos, Kan," WOUNDEDl . ( (Degree Undetermined) ' •i Captain William F. Freehoff, Bt. I^iuis, 'Wo. , Lieutenant* ^ChArlos M. CbiMfiberlaJn, Jr., Spokane, . James M. Ilorlng, Haaar, 'fsnn. jve* M . shornii; Mauokport, in*, John «.*. Vanti, Columbia, Q«„ Arthur M. „W«lk«r, ^Stockbrldge, ,Man». P«til..A„ urttitty.mtlkntaV Ok. : ; > ! Joseph ft. WlnoKuV, 1'htlnq'cir.hlfl, fit • Sergeants Henry Clyde uiiiinfpOfy, 1'lmntl, Ark. l-i-nnk Herbert Ijtaeau, Jdaiowliisviliv, MllSS. . . y euy F,st,'p, lthaen, N*. Y. Archie • 1-ooinls. Detroit, Mich.. - . Wtllhnn Car),enter lloivtNl, Detroll, Ml, h. -. • William Sheinln. liny once, N. .1. l-rnnk A. Thonip?,,it, l.owi-ll. Ma ».i. • l.>le 1-'. Nolan, l. leveinnti, uhlo. Corporals . Ren ll. GlUson, Ulilti'side. Mo. • Dam, 1 K, lopa, llaKlaiMt, Clint, , W il.ia.n iA. cointol, 1-Jlt 111 the, N. 1. l-ai-tartl t.onnt n.v. IIIOOKIJII, M. Y. • J-,i...o ... UXJ.SKII, Madison. Nt.-h... ra>cuc i-^itit tloodief. t'rotulenee, R. 1. ' liiwiht' Ka.stiya, New liuli, N. Y. lAlu, 1, 1. i^'stll, laiwleme, Mass, Aii-t it A. 1.1011s, New loik. N. Y. Kainf ^t C. Mandetsttn, Mi ter\lllo, Oa- rttultla-w Michael MaiKat.'-a. tifldge- poit, Comi. ' Bualer ' . Murk Knirrson t eity. St. Croix Falls, \\ Is.. Musician Clutilefl A. Mccttinan, North Vernon, Jhd. Mechanics ;•.- Flank Stuart, l.ultee, M*V y t'alward I-1. Jtthtisort, Maynal'tl, Mass. ' - Private! .'Joseph Cerlone, Vlnelnnd, N. .1. . l'ett-r Chrl.tahthoputns, llrnce, Monl- --John G. Chutu, tai Crosee, Wis. ^ llu-Klt Collier, Blnunton, \ 11. . Thomos C- Colcmal), New York, N. 1'. ';:iajur *nce -3, Colllna, Oraflgo, Y; Charles L. Coriiln, f.'rriwn Point, Intl., I'urfavs, New York. N. Y. Arnold O. Gol*. Detroit. Mich. Stephen A. Gulnee, South Chicago, 111. Ray Conner Hardy, McDonald, Trim. Morrla Hlrachfeld Brooklyn, N. Y. . Alonxo W. Jcnklnr, Starke. Fla. Arthur Ii. Jonos, wlHlainsburg, In. Arthur H, Kanneinnn, Westfleld. Wis. Joseph 97 Ktlbesh, Olivia, Minn. Henry K. Klurnb, Klhan, S. V. Kuinnut) o< l^eherer, Bvanavllle, ind. Thomas 1 ^'ete, Wise, N. C. Wayne U.. Lev an. Allentown, Pa. Harold M. Mndscth, TurtlO Illver, Minn. . Arthur A. H. Luenlnghoenor, Herman, Neb. ' ltoy E. McCain, Tuacon. Arl». Charles H. McCgrkle. Qalatla, Kan. Jeifse 4 Mnlone, Macon, Oa. Anthony- J. Marfnro, Jersey City, N. J. Jnlin Newton MnrUn, Covington, Ky. Myron N. Mayhew, Cody, Neb. Joseph Mooney, Detroltl. Mieh. Frank Patrick M^irpmBKost -lrvlng- ton-on-Hudson. N. Y. Arthur It. Nelson, Knoxvllte,- 111. Joo Olson, Guckei-n, M+nn. Jasper Paulse|i, Cheyenne, Wyo. John Peterson, Del Raplda, S. D. • Bvert Price, Lake, Ind. Michael W. rtallhnta, Floodwood, Minn. Walter Raleigh,- Magna, I'tah. Thomas 11. Ray, Troy. N. V. • Dewey G. Heaves, Greenwood, S. C. Ralph K, Kletl, Polo, 111. Hlitriey Uenell, Itarltugton, Vt. Alexander Rivera, Tueumearl, N. M. r:eo. .\. Red, Chicago. 111. Frank Snlewskl, Detroit, MIeh. Charles Satra, Kilgore, Nt-h. Clarence Monroe Scott, Dos Motnes, lown. John J. Secora, Huron, B. D. Ralph II. Self. Seminole. Okla. John C. amlth. Rockvllle Centre, N. Y'. Cecil Stone. Pnducnh, Kv. Asher Ij. Webster, McMlnnvllle, Tenn. Albeit Wenilerskl, Milwaukee, Wis. Joseph 1 F. I^tcorte. Washington. D. C. Mallilas J. l^iubenlhal, i -T -.llrle du Uoeher. III. William l.auer. Jr., MorrlHonvllle, lit. lOarl M. MeClnlli, New Soint-rset. Ohio. James Robert MttGee, Lonaeonlng, Md. Ceasare Malvicano. Newark, N. J. Phllln C. Maresca. Hrooklyn, N. Y. Jamea M. Mercury, Koehester, N. Y. Arthur Miller. Alma. Wis. Peter II. Mlnners, Johnson, Minn. Allan Mot-, New Richmond, Wis. August 10. Monthv. Uonulr. Iowa." Klalii S. Morris-, l.lossett, III. • Stanley Paslwa, Detroit, Mich. Mankus A. Pil,-r-:un, Amerv, ffb. Joseph Rlzzo, New York, N. Y. , Txiuls Itobersou, Alex, Okta. Herbert Schooler. Lancaster. Ky. William VV. Selm, l-an.-lng. Mfch. Charles R. Sheelmn, lxiUtsYilTe. Ky. Fred A. Srrdh, Reddeer, AMherln, Can. Joltn W. Stroud. Sulphur Spiings, T«x. Hftrkln Sutherland, trQUncil, Va. s Price Tabor, Columbas, ,lnd. •• Flovd T. Tappeii. Detroit. Mich. Tyt-ke P Tlior, Nelson'; P.. 'I.'., Can. Fred l,. Thlbhetts. Dulncca. Col. I>oniR Wnrner, FYemour, Jveb. Orval Theodore Wood, T^inslng, MIeh. Ellis Q, 1 Golden, Ashland. Kan. William W. Copeland. Roseland. Kan. MISSINO IN ACTION: Lieutenant ' Edward Lynch Ford, Ncwlon, TAindon. Conn. ^ Seraeant ^ •; Price Uoark. "Noetor. Ky. Corporals Delbert Reeves. Inland, Ore. William It. Ro/-I,-i-, Montt-sano, Wash. , Mechanic Clarence D. Simons/ Antlgo, Wis. Wanoner I'.enjamin Woodward, Dorchester, Malta. — , Privates ., .•^leesyalaw-BiedsiftX, nnellndnle, Mass. warranto, von\ U«u>, Ohtn. AtHo l^aigKs HeHe Jlivir, J*. liiveTV »tM»iiHotTi l l!uTit.riKton, 1ml. Slin^lU'loii (inrein. Zuiit, N. M. Juhu A. iHitrmom. Tfcrn> Hhuti 1 , tml. Utnjairtrh H. iJ»TM. MlrlilRnn City, Jnd. Jntirt H, lifuon, itockfmtl, 111. AiJnin Jiicrtscih, ParitRuu.fJ, Ark. Arthur l». Jarkeon, i^p.iville, \M. Dnvhl Joltrw. tlritntfor«J, (.int., *'.«n. .InnH 'H E. Jt»nneon, New Yuitc, N. Y. Ottcnr K.'JoDPy, Dexter, tin. aloltri*. ii: KnvAhrtKh, Hnvcrhlll.*. ..nun's II. Kennc, '1 iickohfo, N. Y. John \V. Kvtr, Wi -Ht gulticy. M.IJM. PPH T*. AUt.'iir.1y. Mmh-ttu, O. John O. McUlnnlH, Ulnimi, Imi. H«h*?rt S. Mutiny, Hmuklyn, S.W. Joseph M*thiRri'skl. Itrudlnn, l-'u. O til ft Pennington, Jiraiittutl, Ark. IMlfltlrs pMirsoh, OUntun, liul. WnHe -Ifl'Wil Plumnlcr, uwhin.HVUle, Ky. JnttUart volrtfti. 1-kllth Culo. L". itn > Uli txl. Unveil, All?.. (It orpt* H*li-k, Httvi .-nKvlllp, I*n- StU'ttoti Kuseis, lit inlalr, Ml«s. I>oul« U. Uusaell, UKII. Cnlir. Hin UittlirrruiM. UUIR U-af. Ui. Joe C>. Wcliult*. Scotty, Arki Utborlo Mfimont', Uironpi;, Musn. Ut'nnf« Hlnck, Wuterlinry. Conn. Irvln M. 'Swift, KiMtl. Ky. Ldfulnip Torann, Annroiulii, M/hit, A.lcmtb 'I'rultllo, Namby, N. M. ivti-r Ji»hn Vunllit, HouUi Kimknunn, Wis. OIP, brnnrp, Mont. l-'ort 'Kt A. Woods, Columtnif, (la. Arthur Q. Zlem *T, WatorLown, Win. Wllllnm hnno, netrolt, Mich. Alible J. Utniffon, <\ivincton, " U"Wls, Now Orlojintt, Ui. Moyd, Hi-yno, ArU. Hoy W. I.uiin, Murlinton, W. Va, Kml M. U»vc, Trout. Ui. GrorKf J. McDonald, l->;mh Utk, Ind. John MnRVIMd, not roll, Mich. IlrodJu Ii. Mnrtln, Jr., MuNiiry, Ui. Kbere Mh-r, Wore Wnli:r, Ui. Joseph M Inker, ChiciiKo, 111. I.rotinnl J. rn ln7 .«o, W'WP Apollo, Pa. Ctnude I,. Phlfer, Tipton. Ind. Warn liKil, Jr., Leuksvlllo, MJsS. Wytitt 1'. Illdemorr, l"huileston, \V. Va. AVtrt lllimhy, Indinnnpoll*', Ind. CoorKe W. ltwlduy, VnrK Vlnoent, La. Norman I.. lUte, lilU\u*Ml, l'a. ; Sidney SainnrlH, 1 .oui.'n lilt', Ky. Julius Avnilom Sebluet*T. North Menominee, Win. John Kilwiiru Rhannon, Clinton, lud.^ Robert F. Uiwrerite B ell-ans Absolutely Removes Indigestion* Druggists refund motley if it fails. 25o McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE v Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. H. S. RREVOORT, IH. D. Practice Ltmlied to Office Treatment tf Chronic Diseases . F,?*mitmtlon and IVaghosIs Ft—. IH Weat Firat St., HoSehlnsoa. Kanaaar Kate Williams CITY VI8ITING NURSE "r'i?"^'^. Dr - li«uia» V. nichmond, Bull. S21 Itombaugh-Wlley |lulldln«. Phone 28B1W. * ( If a nutn iiermlls his wife to boss him IIIB #leiitlB liiu&li, and say: "lie's henpecked." If lie bosses his wiff hV-r frlehJB sigh nnd say; "She's married lo :>. brute "—Atchison Globe. MRS. DE WEESE GOULD NOT STAND Because of Functional Disorder—Cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES Is our specialty. Prices reasonablei accurate service. / SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3469. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. IANTA FE No. 2 The Navsjo S:0» No. i Chicago Limited «;06 No, 6 Clitcago hlxprcaa,. 11:36 No. 8 Santa Sight 12:1(1 No. 10 -The Scout »:S6 No. 12 Kaunas City Filer )S;^0 No. tH Paaaengcr 7:4a No. 5&ti l*ajuvll£er 4.-46 No. 50S II, & S. Passenger Ar.. Him No. U AVa.» FrtlKllt 11:47 ' tveslbound. No. 1 The Seoul.. 6:f>fi No. 3 The California Limited.. I:4u No. & The Colorado Kxuruss... 6:&fi No. 7 Fargo east 4:00 No. 9 The .Navajo 4:36 No. 11 Colorado l'"aat Mail.... a-.f>6 No. &CC Pas-teuger 4:G0 No. bin Passenger 8:£6 No. tta7 Pasaengor.. 9:10 No. t>»7 H. & 8. Paascrhjar »:t)6 No. 7S Way Freight lalaln Itnel ,10:00 No. 77 Way Freight tBradoh line) -v 7:M p. m. p. IU. a. m* a. m. a. m, a. m. p. m. p. m. P. m. p. in. P. xa. . p. m. p, m. p. to. a. m. a. m. p. m. a. m. a- ra. a. in. a. m. a. m. Oaltland, Cnl. —"I Buffered from Irregularities and congestion, so I could not stand on my feet for any long period of time anduld not , sleep well. Thephy-~r slcian who treated 1 me did not aeem to ! help me any and a , friend advised Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- C ound. I took it and efore I realized it I was well. I. shall recomjnjmd your" valuable remedy to' my friends."—Mra/L, 1-1. D E W EEBB,, 605 Alcatxaz Ave., Oakland, Cal. Every woman nt some period or other in her life suffers from just such dis- . turbanceo as did Mrs. Weeae, and if I there-13 no interested friend to advise, let this be n reminder that this famous root and herb remedy has been overcoming ( theBe ailments of women for more than 40 yeara. If any complications cjjist, write Lydia E. Pinkhum MedicinefCo., Lynn, Mjass., for advice. The result of many ySara experience is at your service. No. No. No; No. NO. No; MISSOURI PACIFIC, 424— Local Paeaenger 10434—l*cal Passenger J' 436—Loca: t'ruiglit ^lj' ' Wejioound. 423—Locnl s- 453— Local Piutaenger u' 4»V_Local Krelgbt ...11- ROCK ISLAND, east Oound. 84..Ar. B:35 n , m., Depart 8:45 11:16 10:io . 12:16 10 am 36 pm 10 pm 10 pm iao am. 40 am , 4 ) 2.-... 80. Local Freight... ' West Bound. l>... 3...:........:.;*. n»..;.,. oiic S3..Ar. 6:25 P.,m., Depart 6:35 .81,,Lt)Cal Freight;...,.",;.. 1:40 ARKA'NSAS VALLEY INTERU 7U0 6:10 p. m. p. m. a. m. p. m. p. m. p. m. RBAN\^ -.^leotrlt tx. Ins ror.Nwlon',Wichita and inurinedlate points eave :Hutch'nuon at GrSO A. M. 6:31) A. M., Uollto-li 7.55 A ii. uaO-A.M., 10:35 A. U„ 12:30 P. M., -Limited; 1:16 P. M., i:nt> p. il„ a:6o p. At, Limited; i1:3. r , P. M.. 7:65 P. M., 9:16 p. -M-, 11:20 P. M. Westcound. Electric tralna from Wichita, Newton and Intermediate points arrive ut Mutch- Inacm at 7:40 A. M , 8:30 A. M.. Limited; 10:16 A. M., 11:35 A. M„ 12:55 P. M„ 1:50 P. M.. Limited: 3:36 P. M., 4:65 P. M-, 6:60 P. M.. Limited: 7:36 P. 11., 8:65 P. M., 10:16 P. M.. 11:36 P. M. 1:30 A. M. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St, Easj; Auto Supplies, Tools and Ga'rags* Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Strorrjberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000. -"QVAUTY IS ECONOMY"THE I Directory ™VanZandt IMP. CO. DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., l7Flr»tWest , Phone 243 WHiHITA Arn0W £ ut() CQf HWT0HIN80N Marmon—Haynei— T Dodge Brothers ^ Phono 2707 • AutOIQObileS 29 East First St D A Tr* 1? —"The Most Beautiful ri\l\J£4 car in America" Th^Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Siierman East Also Studebaker Parts and Service Electric Battery & Repair Co, $ o, ( |TR ieV TOB 8 wtLLARD STORAGE BATTERIES 7 Used by 57 Per Csnt ol All Manufacturers LAROCST BATTERY RUPAIR STATION IN KANS *a. . to* v»h S rnta4i Halt, • ' v •, Ph«n« ' FR.6B INWSCnPN OP AMY fATTER/ANY TIMP r, of the Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. ^levator service day and olstit. AKCJUTECTS MANN A QEROW Rooms 721-22. PhDn« 215*. AT'll)RNEYiS WM. H. BURNETT AUornoy-at-L&yv 808 R.-W. Bldg. DENTISTS I. J. JONES. Dentist. Suite 612-11. Phone SOW, WIYS101A2.S AND SURGEONS H. M. 8TEWART, M. O. Bulls 611. Special Attention to. Eye, Car, Nos. and Throat,. I , Classes Accurately Fitted, Ur. ttta Mundtal Pr. W. N. Mundsu DR8. MUNOELL. Sul'i« (>» K--W. Qlttf )rf Hhona IltlVf O. A. j»LA6RBV " PHYSIplAN AND SURGEON 1 : Suit* «11, • 4 ' Office Phone tt\i._ \ Rs;.. phone s74» OR. LOUISE F. BICHIflONO. Suite 081. Office Phone 2652W, Residence 2662R & A. CHICKERING, physlclin-surfien. lies. Tel. mm- Ofltce Tel. maw. Suits 6Q1. PR. A. G. BE ALL I Physician and Surgeon Special Attention to Mlucnoala, ttoom 608 Phones: Office 3;ISD\V. Res, 6561 Dr. H. D.^TERRETT -' l'racttco llmltcil to"Bye, ear.-Ttusc und tin out. Room 606 Uonibiiugh-Wiley Bldg. I'hono iiit. iiSTATJi; AND __J^UBANCB . t«jsin» «it4) Qeads. • R9 «n Piww 1»> T J .•7X2

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