The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 9
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THE DATLY NEWS. FREDERICS, MT-. TTTTTF^DAY. MAV 59. 193? NINfi BEHIND TME SCENES IN Washington BY EODNEV Dl'TCHEE XEA Service Writer. Was^;r-£ 31ay " -- Tie one i which i**eis :o -'·« bee= assune the resest Democratic pres:decua: nan«s is a ho: tia:* in Chicago a*. e=d of Juse. I: looks :n;ie ard 2ior« iii« 3 a?n: 1: seezis very unlikeiy tbai er=or Roose'-e:: »f New York can OE :3e Srsl ballo: and no: unSifceiy he *U1 be I36'. '-2 the shviSle whiJe Zeaiss ge: :neir heads :oge:her decxie »-ii:r.-; Dessorra: -.he i -Bids For Poster H EBuffii#J*i?* 5os ' and * : to Hc:-.e- Dominate L'r.cena^it.^ 25"*' com^aie izz 4 ···bole pic:urc cut A: the same tiaae :: | is 130 early :o assume tsat tiie New j York go-.emor :s cae :o be l^ried simply beca-±se he rau =xre poorly than he las expected :o 12 Ca^Iomia, Massa- , chusetM and PenrayiTac'j. Soioe o5 u:» mirerta^;:ies may ite r lus favor There a z quests, for thai Rovsevelr »il! have a Sei*.er chance :o be no^ura'.ed :haa Al Sai:-,h, trho :s e=pec»d to have the cer: Urges'. . rrxnber o? delegates on the flrsr ba:- · io:. or Speaker JacS CHmer. who prob- I ·b'.v w-il! run third. ' * * * Precedent May Be Broken I Roosevel: «I1 have a" least lour . as masy first ballot delegates j as Gamer, it no* appears. aci Troa: . ·10 to three tirses as many as Sstith. ' One cannot recall any political con- ; jiention vrhere the leading candidate en- ' ~:ering K far ahead o! his next nearest · apponent failed :-j land the nonnna- · 'say : rail' 1 be k»r.r but .. :na ro' oLsr- :'..' · i · » "tri . ! jbe' d?n« and tiw old rwlitica: a~»s*|Ux- SUT.-h ·.*· of ;!v iwid ihat "you can t boa: sMneoodv urith co- · ·· · . . ! body ' has rsct y^t :jst all its fore* lr. J The aiofct jCjXT'.ar'. question o» ",;i the «-^tr.". t? is' '.he :xn-Rco*e- · velt \c-.^s a: Ch..aso »-l tv^r: out to be , an- -Roote^ fit "· xs Ko» siasj o! | ·h^rn can be held in lie* by the anU- Ec*ir.elt crowd h"»" :r.snv car. b? nab- ' ?ed oy il^ Kooeevelt niana^era anc n\?"* TMar;y ' favorite son delegate* '^t" ftanc .-. :nff-r traci to tr.e end* · * * · · » % Roosndt ProMrm There's also the q-«s:xKi how ion? ^r.c under what c.rcuaetarioefi Rocsse- ·eli delegates car. be helc Ir. line B'Jt -.-.i". ssriir. uisp.nas :i* tl.oj;sht tha* -71 an attrar..-.e cand-da'^ foe whoa. Tjiro ?cmM be K?r.-.f.huis iJ.e a ccr.- certed V?a? A ro^s- S-MSS now Ss that Rocise-.elt M::: sho* up irtth a»r- th»a 500 votes Ii_- er.e^Vs hjp' 'hey car. count or. s^u: 400 t -'-.o:d ^tit a?a:r.s-, ;-.JK:. 'eavi^S about :OP to be srraaibled for Tae probabUi'.y stUl ii that a s:i^ r _»\--578---sr.:: a-.*aa noai^iatlon for ff\-*lt or asy other canidate who f the fsro-thlrcb She's Up in the Air Again Those she iovis . . . are first to suffer w h n north!v puns shuccr her cenrs. L^^.i L {'ir^Hjia s VctciaMe KOtm LOT WALL PAPER Room Si-e SvJ.' Sidewall. Ceiling, Border Complete. Preserves \r.d once asore vo_ ·RJ^C as napre«s- ec »::h the prooable ?rea; importance if the *4 vte» Jro3i New York which .Tamasany. under the unit mk expects -.3 cast e= bloc--for ^C c A Mt^ DAY P*YS tOR A Frlgidaire No InsUtlatioa Charje. Potomac Edison Co. 78 W Pstrlek St Ever. -»:th Roosevelt, out of tbe picture. there -sro-jid oe Iiwle or no chance ' af Smith's noairsatlon, and Gamer's prospects no^ldi: t be asaeh brighter The relig.o-J5 issue, -srhich caused tne party so muca trouble in 1928. a:Cr.a:e3 ·ffectively asaicbt Smith, vhile Garr.- sr's victory in California has failed ;o j re.s3at t,ne Doom lor him which Tas going strong before he lost control of Eo-te a the tax Sgh:. ^ - * i Baker, Young. Kitchie : That meaas :ta; ;he anti-Hoose-.elt J leaders must build up another candi- , date ^ho to date at ^east. has acc ulated so deiejate strength irhich Fireman Hurt. ' \Va!:er Sh^rar. abo-j-. -SC years of , a:e. Sre3ian of tr.c Antietam Hose' Co.-r.par.. m-ai :n.'ur«! at a are wluch · ' b-uUv daniagecJ the th;rd f'.aor of a , double bncJs house t'AT^*xl by J Alvey i Lvng. a (XJtitrartor of H^3erst^"u ' '. Wednesdaj Sharar er.:cr«l the hoose ' ; and 3iiie h^ w a j to the third f l w r ' I but w as dru ?ii back by sasoSie a;:c FT;TM :h; »_ ^.- ^ c :h^. ^c-Ccl .-.-.uaiioc. :fs an :i-l bet t.ut McClsUasd j jj,.^ He attempted :o reach the Barclay, famous art-f: wi^ Snd the subject he -a-aavs for h^s parties of the|_ o u a j bv .,. e a.. s " o ; a ladder which · American ?"1" cheering her Olympic team on to i:;t5ry V:\aci-.v as J ' ;i .- e :"~ :o ;·.·; at '.he '.op of the house ^ell ?-s bs?._:-:y ^ Barclay's s^ndard if -ho fem:r.:r.e roo:«-r and he nnds i V-g '«e :11 a" cf thu-f. -S-. e everjtn.::; ·-? to 5-o.r.carr. ^: the Urt:-.'r^.-y -.: So-'-h-^r:: Cj-.lif'-mia v.r-r^ he'^ j^e, ji e W35 . d - e r.ui-! abojt the head pictured »:th th" clever, co-eos fr-=i W.I^K h-: li =^:e h:s ielectior. Saart fei-| ind body and shocked but not tor- , Ion. Barclay S?e his pad ar.d pesc:!' i.,.,j;j. ».«-; -rhe fire *as confined to, · o ' ? n d ·a'hic.5 -as considerably camajwi i I The otncr floors were damagec i»y ' | water. The Isss was estimated at be$^.000 ar.d $3,000 MEAT SPECIALS Round Yellow ·« Q Longhorn Cheese I f\( I'ound * ^^ Lean Picnic Shoulders Kr**h *»moLe«i. Fresh Pork Chops \rft MeatT. 1 Ib*. All Meat Franks No Cereal 3 Its. Minced Ham Bolc^na Pou.ld _ . _ . J Sl.OO BED PILLOWS l_ rrtJinu for Friday 20th Saturday 21st Monday 23rd OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 10 P. M. Peach. Strawberrt. i oeiTj Ravpbepi*^. \\orth 39c. Each GROCERY SPECIALS Van Lill Catsup A 6-01. bottle. : (or .. OC P. G. Soap Limit 6 bars. Z (or Karl Ja Malt Syrup All Shades Chick Feed 10-Ib. Bar All Groceries Reducec For 88c Days -9c BOYS- WASH SUITS Colors. New Styles. All Sim. hint -. ac-.ance of the favorite son" c-xcep: P.":=±?, iho w-U r.a-.e the group. ' ierates fro~ Ma--.'land Those most often r^ are Kew- · -- * # ton D. Baker of Ohio. Governor Ritchie ' Fast Work Required ·-·' Maryland, ar.d OAen D. Ycuiis. ! It -sould ssem that s^ate fast, saart Unless ssaiethinj ^s done about .t i .-,nd -A ell-planned ^ ill oe Cltra-^iolet rays na\e cured C" u: the rr.r2.r.tnn-:. none of the :r:o -Brill j r«jinred m order :c discount Rocse- .irals cf rickets in the Highland Pn 1 : appear on the 5~Jt csnvention ballst j .ell's big plurality Q~. d-elegatcs. \2.oo. Pit^curg;:. Pa Modernize Your Kitchen M - r - t a - i - l -- ' ?-- 'c-" · H.» ..o-- ·-·· - - , ^ '.: .. '. · '., s:.»» THREE DAYS THAT SHOUT EXCITING SAVINGS i HUNDREDS OF OTHEE SENSATIONAL 88c ITEMS NOT ADVER- ; TIS5D BE HERE FOR YOUR SHARE -- SEASON'S NEWEST, DEPENDABLE GOODS FEATURED IN THIS SSc SALE! ·-* B O S . LINEN KNICKERS luu for J2.00 LADIES' BLONDE A. E. FISHER riu-:' ,nr. U'.-^l::'; ar.'J Koofin); HIGH-POWER PERFECTION :r^e Variety--All Sizes While Thev Last 31.30 CHILDREN'S Oxfords cr Cut Outs j All Leather--All Sises EEADY-TO-WEAR Oi! l:u--. "; COOK Here's High-Pcxer Speed and Beauty 1 I M i l S - · I 15c MEN'S HOSE 1 ^ MQlincn- riatn cr Fancy ~Y T JLiigh -Power" . . . declare 16 farm leaders TEADING FARM WOMEN from sixteen states i _j gave their time to serve as our Advisory CooocH. They brooght four hundred and sixty-one (461) years' cooking experience to Cleveland to judge High-Power, the new Perfection burner. After three days' stody, inei»dixrg cooking tests by each member, these hocDemafcers -wrote fheir leporlx. Again and again they point oat High-Power's "great vofame ofheat, 0 ha "wide range of heat," abo "its deaoiiaess" and "easy regn- lation." As one cooncH member expresa i "oj ·?-" ai~ *e "** " '""- s "g speed o! ;hcse barkers--the b;^^'v c! '.he giass- ! .Ike grren, ivory azd bZacfe p^rcc'a.n enani- ' el. lacquer az;d japa". f.r.'s::*s Li;hten 5c-.r ca'-j *as"ft.5 ?".c o~ ~r*tn u? joar T. F. Kennedy 28 South Market St. 79c KRINKLED BED SPREADS Rose, Green, Blue ar.d Gold. for S2.CO KEEN'S TOYO STRAW HATS All Shapes I ! 45c BOYS' SHIRTS Fast Color Broadcloth 3 _ PERFECTION OH Baraiui COOK STOVES »o« RANGES ; soc TABLE DAMASK: Colored Border^ Power braner has made kerosene comparable in efficiency and cooyctMcnce -wife the fnet'Bserfty onr^aty bnmr mnVers. If yon are -wasting yoor txrae aod strength slaving with dirty fads and ashes m a sweltering hot kitchen . . . if yon are trying to cook wtb_a slow, meflkieat stove of any type i . . now is fae4ime-to- PERFECTION ADVISORY COUNCIL These laay motuca «re their time, to icrve ax oar CoroxaL Tbey icfceted a ideaHor farm homes, No. R-L9. "First Choice" -vritb boOt-ia OTeo, «nd No. 504 (uo illustrated) «i "First Choice" for o»* with separate ovea. Mrs. B. C. Bled»oe, ,4r«B«7»«£. Ala. -, M";. H. A. Brace, CeU Sfri*g Farm, LntRtct. ffit- * Mr». Artinr N. Criktn*, Oci Veliey Orchards. Harvard, Mass, r Mrs. Lottc CrMtier. BumtsitaJ F*n*. S. 4. 3fi8KaBe, Midi. * Mrs. Ray F. DOOBCB, f?«i Ma»nr. WfteroiSe, Ofe»» r Mrs. £··** j, CrawitfJaaUe, fmd. ' Mrs. E. G. Harris, Ky. am^Srlm, Tarn- * Mrs. W.D.Eeeaaej-, EtxtWfterftfA. P*. Mrs. LcoJjH. Lme, £es«M, ox 1S9. Miinen, Teas * Mrs. M. M- Mefctert, OtBnv, £os. r Mrs, W. F. Metrffl, Frts- JGn. ·· Mrs, Hkary M. MiABctoo, 7i« Ocfa farm, , N.C. * Mrs. Emmet Slasher. Baat»2, Ltxifft**, .V*. Mrs. J««aes Roe Slgen«on, Cfywfa Frtiit Farm, Crymfa, S. Y. * Mrs. George T. Wran, Astn, Ve. ' BSrs. A. Robert Robtfarg, Btmtt /, fc3-s«^a». /i, CHAIRMAN. Fourteen High-Paver prices as tern as Have acooi, erficKnt kiteheo. Use-ecoaomicaJ ffi^a-Power bqrners that start tocooktheaniinrtryutt^tttbeta and go oat the instant you torn them off. Ifi^-Powcr ofecs a complete range of cooking heats. . . from a pkk roBzng bed to a gentle simmer . . . aS wife easy leguLttiuu aad perfect cootroL tiae H^b-Power Pferfiectioo-modeisDefected by he AdFisory Conncfl as idesrl for rarai homes. Choose OBe-for yow kitchen. P E R F E C T I O N S T O V E C O M P A N Y / Mttht Street, Brooklyn, Ntw Y«rt HOME CLEANLINESS When you burn high grade :oai you will observe a marked improvement in the cleanliness of your home. In delivering coal we exercise the greatest care. too. You will like our coal serv ice--it merits your full con fidence. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 15c CRETONNE Yard \VidC. New Fattcmv I Q y d s g i i 25c VOILE OR ; ORQANDIE ' New Patterns Q£ .00 « : . n u r j s A ^ no Silk Dresar.s «? I -O 5 \n .oiD.-s. -.».-.£, 5-.. J. I-Iiliinery -,1-LLl'.! l-LRCi'.M. ^%^f !%· 79c BED SHEETS 31x90 Seamless 2 Ciukt's Coats Uorlb S T ' . I 98c LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S WASH DRESSES Light or Dark Patterns for 20c LUSTRE SATEEN \!1 New Shndys yds. 15c DRESS PRINTS Be3i.l:fil Paf.frr.-. Fj^t Colors. yds. FOUNTAIN and CANDYj Pure Brach's Candy All Kind*. Lb. Orange Slices Pure and Fre«h. EBEET'S ICE CREAM Ice Cream Cone? 2 for Koe-ter's Ronev Bread iOc DRUID LL MUSLIN llca^? \ \ p ^ht "3, 95c BALBRIGGAN UNION SUITS Short Sleeve--Long Leg for s WOOL SUITS n-r-, nr I - r h : $ WOOL SUITS \r, 25c EXTRA LARGE BATH TOWELS With Terry Borders All Colors for 30c LADIES' SILK MESH HOSE All Colors O P r - OO c 39c NAINSOOK UNION SUITS For Men or Boys Very Special! 3 for 88 c 69c HEAVY BLUE WORK SHIRTS 2 SI.30 HEAVY MOUESKIX WORK PANTS 52-00 6-CCP PERCOLATORS Solid Alnminmn 51.30 GEE~v EXA?IEt FAJVHLY SCALEg 79c DRESS SHIRTS Fast Color Broadcloth for FLOOR COVERINGS jGold Seal Congoleum I Gold Seal I Congoleuni a-s, 6x9 ICongoIeuin Floor (Covering Yard jWiadow Shades [AH Color*. Telt Base -f*j Yard £-**.**··* 1 MF\/ t '' )l .P T; c:

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