The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 5, 1970 · Page 7
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May 5, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 7

Des Moines, Iowa
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Tuesday, May 5, 1970
Page 7
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Vfges Giving Pupil Advice OnVocatitih Because only a handful .of Iowa high schools offer com- prehetwive vocational draining, '.'we've got kids on out college _c|rnpuses who' really don't be- 'Brig there," a teacher told.the fi&wjy formed Iowa' Advisory CJotmcil on Vocational Edtfca- tiori said Monday. -. Joe White, a vocational agriculture teacher at Iowa Falls High School, told the Cduncll "we should be doing what we can to help those who are better suited to working with their hands instead of herding all biff young people Into college prep courses." l _ White said vocational counseling services in Iowa high schools would help Iowa catch up- 1 with other states in voca tional training. Federal Funds The council, supported by federal funds, evaluates voca tional education programs in Iowa and advises the State -Board of Public Instruction on the,.administration of such pro grams. : "I think if we had vocational " counselors at the junior high and high school level, unsulted kids wouldn't be in '. 'college and we wouldn't have some of the problems we :TJttve on our college campuses .today," White said. . About 50 Iowa educators and businessmen attended the council's first public .hearing at the North High School auditorium • in Des Moines. , The hearing was held to .allow Interested persons to "present their views and;recom. mendations on vocational education programs for Iowa, " ' Small Turnout James Bowman of Des 'Moines, chairman of the council, noted the small turnout for the hearing and admonished -those-present: "We're here to serve as your . earsrif this council fails,-the responsibility for this failure ——wilrrest-partly^with-those-who- are interested in vocational education but didn't speak up at our hearings." Bowman laid future hear. ings will be held al various sites around the itate, in an effort to reach more people. The council is composed of 13 ' members from throughout the state, appointed by the gover- "nbr. It was organized last summer and authorized by the Leg' islature in March to enable the state to qualify for $4.5 million in federal aid. REGISTER PHOTO BY CHUCK ANDERSON Scene- From''Black Sun' Henry Pisciotta, left, plays the psychology master; David Duclon has the role of Mr. Jordan and Maxinc Fleckncr is the maid in this rehearsal scene from "Black Sun," to b« given by the Drake University Theater in the Drake auditorium at 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Robert Cordicr, guest director, also conceived the production which is based on the life and works of Anlonin Artaucl, a leading proponent of the Theater of Cruelty. The play will feature music, dance, pantomine, photographic projections and happenings to bring about involvement between cast and spectators. Cordicr, a Belgian and former pupil of Marcel Marccau, co-produced ~affd workTd"on" the awalrd-wTnnFn^TilmST^HirllShtnianVIon Amour" and "Last Year" at Marienbad." NBC Movie Tops Emmy Nominations Television Highlights NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) For the first time a movie made for television, "My Sweet Charlie,' 1 swept the nominations for the Emmy awards of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This past season saw the television movie come into its own while original drama continued to slump. All three- networks began this season to present!—^ movies especially made for the] home screen. — 1< My Sweet Charlie*" which told of a white girl and a black youth on the run, was nominated as the outstanding dramatic prqgram. Its stars, Patty Duke and Al Freeman, jr., were nominated for outstanding .performances, ONCE BEFORE f DIE. Seven amateur mountain climbers struggle to scale the 26,000 foot Koh-t-Tuffdy Mountain in the Indu Kush range in Afghani s tan.*-NBC at 6:30. "* NETWORK MOVIE. "The Young Lawyers" starring Jason Evers, Tom Fieldmg and Michael Parks. ; -ABC at 7:36. FIRST TUESDAY. Interview with Lt. Col. Mike Hoare of "Five Commando," a unit of English-speaking mercenaries'. NBC at 8. ' • ' t • • NEWS SPECIAL. California Impressions by tfenri, Cartier-Bresson," presenting impressions of a section of American life.-CBS at 9. FORSYTE SAGA. Soames decides to buy .the and commissions Bosinney to build him a house. Educational net-' work at 9. Des Mo!n«s Re- To*i.» M*y S/'Wd Page 7 The^NBC movie, the highest rated ^f x the season and the fourth higfiest ever shown on television, also x received norrii- nations for direction, writing, cinematography, sound N mixing and film editing. ' x \ Only two dramatic specials, "David Copperfield" and "A Storm in Summer," were nominated. Jane Wagner's "J.T.," which won a Peabody Award for television writing, did not receive a single nomination. Eight for fljglby KIDNAP IOWAN FOR S,D, DRIVE By a Staff Writer SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A Council'- Bluffs man was abducted in Omaha, Neb., Sunday and forced to drive his abductors to Sioux Falls, S.D. - : Donald W.Knox, 34, said two men, approached him in an Omaha bar Sunday afternoon and asked him to drive them to an Omaha, address. Inside the car, Knox said, one of the men drew a gun and Prior Planning By Cafe Bandit MILWAUKEE, WIS. (AP) A bandit made careful arrangements for his getaway before robbing a suburban Shorewood restaurant of $3,030 Monday. Police said the nia/i, disguised as a telephone company employe, was allowed to enter the cafe about 10 minutes after .it closed. -.He took apart all the telephones while five employes cleaned up and the manager counted weekend receipts. When the phones were dismantled, the robber took a gun , from his tool box and de- -manded the money. , Then he fled, and the store manager had to run a half-mile .to the nearest police station be cause the telephones were inoperable. said "one false move and you're dead." 'The men forced Knox to drive them to Sioux Falls, where they tied his hands and left him on a farm near the town. They also took his wallet containing $9. Tells Prayers "I prayed *,for ,four hours straight during the drive up here," Kno£ said! "During the trip one of his abductors held a revolver on him. After being let out of the car, Knox went to the Thomas Lubeck farm, where he called authorities. Two men were arrested In connection with the abduction a few minutes later by Minnehaha County sheriff's deputies. They were identified by authorities as James C. Roche, 45, of Omaha, and Harold D. Schruggs, 29, an inmate at the Kansas State Penitentiary who escaped from the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City where he had been taken for tests, Larceny Charge They were arraigned Monday in Sioux Falls Municipal Court on a grand larceny charge stemming from taking Knox's car-. ~ Minnehaha County Sheriff Barnie Boos said the two also will appear later before Omaha authorities to be arraigned on robbery and kidnaping charges. Queen T h e r esa Cestellano was crowned queen of the Mexican American Recreational Club . during a dance sponsored by the group at Val-Air Ballroom .last weekend. Miss Castellano, one of five candidates for the honor, was crowned by Denise Valdez, the 1969 queen. Marlene Campero was first runnerup and Tina Ayala was second runhernp. SHOOT 3 BEARS AT JEFFERSON By a Staff Writer JEFFERSON, IA. - Three full-grown black bears were shot near here Monday after they were released by vandals from the _ Totem Acres Zoo south of Jefferson. Greene County Sheriff Roland Independence to Fiji on Oct. 10 LONDON, ENGLAND (REUTERS) — Britain will grant in- dependencejo the South Pacific 3 island colony of Fiji and its half-million people Oct. 10, it was decided Monday. The decision was made by a con stitutional conference attended by Lord Shepherd, British foreign and commonwealth office minister, members of the ture. and Fiji the 36 legisla- 4 Chains Sell 60% of D.C. Milk: 57c MILK- Continued from Page One the average price of a half gallon of milk in the cities surveyed was 55 cents. The highest price was 63 cents in New Orleans, La. (In Des Moines,.milk in half gallon containers Monday was selling /rom 52 cents to 54 "cents at neighborhood stores rind supermarkets.) , Some milk industry officials -contend they would lose money . if they sold milk at 40 cents a half gallon. They say the retail milk price depends largely on Uie guaranteed price dairy farmers receive under Agriculture Department regulations. ^-. These regulations base prices paid to farmers all over the country on the price of milk in t key dairy state — Wisconsin. 1 Price "Fixed" '•' -To this price, the department adds the theoretical cost of transporting milk from Wisconsin to various local areas — and that becomes the basis for "payment to local farmers. With the price thus "fixed," ! according to the Review, it is] useless for milk processors to j seek to do better outside ofj their own local regions. . The low Minneapolis-St. Paul 4Q-c«njt retail price is based on a .farmer price of 24 cents. The price reflects a farmer price of 32 cents. Agriculture Department officials say this pricing program insures a stable national milk supply. ' L lThe law journal also says that since "production and distribution costs are substantially the same among cities/' there should not be regional variations in these costs. Processing, packaging, distribution, and selling costs along with profits amounted to 16 cents of the 40-cent retail milk'price for a half gallon in Minneapolis-St. Paul. In Washington, D.C:, costs and profits amounted to 23 cents of the 55-cent retail price. Local milk industry officials say they couldn't produce milk at costs as low as Minneapolis- St. Paul. They say it costs more to do business here. Milk is selling in the big food chain stores here now for 57 cents (supermarkets) to 67 cents (convenience stores) a half gallon.- Milk- industry,, sj.dej.5 say .that the four biggest sellers of milk control 60 per cent of the volume. These four chains not only dominate milk sales, they also process and package the product, buying directly from dairy (termer*. They do so because they have packaging economically feasible. Moreover, they can assure themselves of an adequate supply for their stores and at the same time eliminate the cost of middlemen. Al Kaufman, owner of one independent supermarket here, pays the middlemen, doesn't make any of the goods he' sells and achieves none of the economies of the big food chains with which he competes. But Kaufman sells a half gallon of Sealtest milk for 53 cents — four cents less than the lowest chain store price. Kaufman says, "Sure, I make a profit, but I'm.corapetitive." from their cage at the private zoo a mile south of Jefferson aftjsr_vandals_sawed_or_knocked a padlock off their cage sometime Sunday night or early Monday. "There is no doubt that someone deliberately let them out," Sheriff Riley said. . Riley said the bears were discovered early Monday morning- by Wesley Finch, who lives near the zoo. Finch called William C. , Daubendiek, president of the Jefferson Telephone Co. which owns the zoo, and Daubendiek asked Finch to shoot the bears, the sheriff said. One bear-was shot with a .22- caliber rifle in Finch's back yard. Finch shot the other two bears near a-buffalo corral a the zoo. "Mr. Daubendiek made the decision to shoot the bears because he was afraSd they migh cause damage or cause alarm if they were allowed to roam while a tranquilizer gun wa being located," Sheriff Rile; explained. The sheriff said th nearest tranquilizer gun is in Boone. The zoo is near the wooded Raccoon River valley he said. Referring to the person or persons who released the bears, Sheriff Riley said: "Who would do such a lousy, stinking thing? Everyone enjoyed the zoo. I can't feature anyone doing such a thing." The sheriff said no one wa injured and there was no pani in Jefferson because the bear Were killed before townspeopl knew they had escaped.' Jail Break (in) STUART, FLA. (AP) Vicki Shingledecker, 19, was arrested Sunday for breaking 'into the Martin County Jail. She,climbed a high chain link fence, straddled the barbed wire topping and squeezed through horizontal window bars .for a reunion with her husband, Paul, 21, serving a ierm for petty lar ceny, police said. _ The .reunion ended abruptly when a night jailer beard them talking. Vicki was locked in a separate cell on disorderly conduct charges. "Marcus Welby, MXU.," a ew dramatic series starring lobert Young, received) eight ominations, inclififinTfone for ingle' outstanding dramatic iimimiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiii TELEVISION llllf iiiiimmiimiiimiimiiiiiimiiiiii! irogram. Young, a past Emmy winner for "Father Knows Best," was nominated for best ctor in a dramatic series. Other multiple nominees in- lude "Kraft Music Hall," "The Forsyte Saga," "Mod Squad," ^Room-222'l-and^TheJBULCos^ yShow." "Sesame Street" was nominated as the outstanding new ADVERTISEMENT Arthritis Sufferer writes: "Thank You For Making My Life Less Painful.' New Arthritis Pain Formula gives "more relief tfaan anything I have ever used ... for my disability," says Mrs. Betty J. Charvat of Peoria, Illinois. "I ba v e rheumatoid arthritis.....« and a great deal of pain," her letter states*/! know I must have tried all thle pain relievers on the market and none was any belter than the other, so I thought I might as well try the new one too. Boy was I surprised! I can truthfully say Arthritis Pain Formula gives me more relief than anything I have used for my a consumer demand large I disability ... and I never intend 55-cent Washington D.C. area; enough to make processing and! to fee without it". For boon oJ relief from arthritis minor pain and its stiffness, get Arthritis Pain Formula. It contains 50% more pain reliever than regular or buffered aspirin tablets—an< two antacids to help protect the stomach. So strong you can take it less often. So gentle you can take it on an empty stomach Ask for A nhritix Pain Formula, \ by the makers of Aiwcitt*. HP 1 ) — TTf T—I • Todays TV Log Des Moines 8-KRNT (CBS) Ames 6:30 Semester 7:00 CBS News 7:30 Br'kfast Club 8:00 Kangaroo 9:00 Lucy 9:30 M. Brubaker 10:00 A. Griffith 10:30 Love of Life 11:00 Heart Is 11:30 Search Tmw. 12:00 News 2:30 Edge of Nighl 3:00 Corner Pyle 3:30 Gourmet 4:00 Mike Douglas 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 6:30 Lancer 7*30 Red Skelton 8:30 Gov. & J.J. 9:00 Special ......__ 9:30 Tornadoes 7:00 Circuit 7:30 Jeff's Collie 8:00 Lone Ranger 5-WOI (ABC) 2:00 General Hosp. violence. 2:30 One Life ! „. 3:00 Dark Shadows! utcs ASSAIL BRITISH TV VIOLENCE LONDON, ENGLAND (AP) —Opposition Conservative legislators called Monday for a halt to. Britain's "growing permissive- society, claiming the nation's family life is being undermined by increased sex and violence on television. j 'As (he Hrtilse of Commons ; debated. the issue, the govern- i ment announced that further i meetings of Cabinet officials and television chiefs will be held today to discuss complaints on increased television 'Obsession" 8.-30 J. La Lanne 3:30 Beaver 9:00 Magic W'dow 4:00 Fllntstones 12:30 World Turns 10:00 News 1:00 Splendored 10:30 Movie -1:30 Guiding Light 11:45 Traveling 2:00 Secret Storm Des Moines 13-WHO (NBC) 7:00 TodaK 2:30 Promise ^tyOO Takes two 3:00 Somerset 9:30, Concentration 3:30 Floppy 10:00'Sale of Cent.'MtOO Movie 10:30 Hwd. Squares 5:30 NBC News 11:00 JeopardK 6:Od^News 11:30 Who, What\ 6:30 Special • 12:00 News X 7.:30 Julia\ . 12:15 Cartoons 8:00 x lst Tu«. 12:30 Movie 10:00 News ,nolri 9:30 Schooltime 10:00 Bewitched 10:30 Movie Game 11:00 Everything 11:30 Wld, Apart 12:OONews 1:00 Truth, Cons. 4:30 Gilligan 5:00 Perry Mason 6:00 ABC News 6:30 Mod Squad 7:30 ABC Movie 9:00 M. Welby 10:00 News 1:30 Dating Game 10:30 D. Cavetl Des Moines 11-KDIN (Educ.) series and for achievement in children's programming. In all, 168 nominations were made in entertainment categories. NBC had 80 nominations, ABC 40, CBS 36, Na- iohal Educational Television 10 and syndicated 2. The awards will be handed out at the 22nd annual presentation ceremony :o be telecast Sunday, June 7, on ABC. Bill Cosby, another winner rom the past, was nominated or best actor in a comedy series and his new show was nominated for best new series and best comedy series. Cosby won three Emmies for "I Spy." Actor Nominations Actors nominated for best performance in a dramatic program were Sir Laurence Olitier in "David Copperfield," Peter Ustinov in "A Storm in Summer" and Freeman. Actresses nominated were Dame Edith Evans in "David Copperfield," Shirley Jones for Silent Night,. Lonely,.fcjgbt,'" and Miss Duke. "Silent Night Lonely Night" was a movie made for television. Nominations for outstanding new series, a new category were "The Bill Cosby Show,' "The Forsyte Saga," "Marcus Welby," "Room 222" and "Sesame Street." MOVIE TONIGHT at 10:30 W.C, Fields • "POPPY" He's always after that lovely "filthy lucre", and this time he's trying to pass off his ward, Poppy,, as a missing heiress. The family accepts her, then discovers the deception, and then finds she really is the heiress. No one is more surprised than W.C. At 10:30 tonight following Russ Van Dyke, Al Buch «nd Pete Taylor Vorld 10:30 Tonight CHANNEL CHUCKLES By Bil Keane 8:30 Bus.-lnd. 9:00 Sesame St. 10:00 Educ. TV 3:00 Bus.-lnd. 3:30 Sesame St. 4:30 Kadipusland 5:30 Mr. Rogers 6:00 What's New 6:30 Travel film 7:00 Pt .of View 7:30 Sound 8:00 Festival 9:00 Forsyte Saga 10:00 Travel film JJ1;3_0_B ogart __ _ ',. .and curiously enough, all the people who' had given up'The Doctors' «, were smokers." Oakdale Escapee Seized in Dubuque (Ths Register's Iowa News Service) DUBUQUE, IA, - Delbert Dwayne Vestal, who authorities said walked away from the Oakdale Security Mental Facility at Iowa City last week, was captured Monday by Dubuque police. Radio V N FM'(megacycles) 88.1—KDPS IF.M), Oes MoineJ; educatlonaN 90.1—WOI-FM, Anies; educational; stereo \ 91.7—KSUI (FM), Iowa City; educational; stereo \ 94.9—KFMG (FM), Des Motnesy stereo ' \ 97.3—KDMI-FM, Des Moines 100.3—WHO-FM, Des Moines 104.1—KLFM (FM), Ames, stereo; ABC-FM AM (standard kc) 640—WOI, Ames;"- educational • 910—WSUI,~lowa Cityreducailoual' 940—KIOA, Des Moines 1040—WHO, Des Moines; NBC 1150—"RWKVriJes Moines 1350—KRNT. Des Moines: CBS_ In Parliament, Conservative legislator Peter Fry lashed put at the stage, "where there has never been such an obsession -with sex." "Four-letter words, gross sexual antics on the stage seem to be the main Ingredients for box-office success," he said. Referring to violence on television, Fry declared there was a real danger that it was becoming an accepted part of ordinary life. He denounced recent legislation by the Labor party government relaxing the laws on abortion, homosexuality and divorce. •—— liBrokcn-Homes!! Another Conservative party legislator, -Gilbert Longden, said Britons had become so obsessed with sex "that it has jecome a major cause of broken homes." He deplored -Jhe increased number of television programs showing violence, and said some children would be affected "with an urge to emulate what they see and hear." '•Laborite William Hamilton said^that. for_ EryTQlarne the permissive society on the Laborite government was "deliberate falsehood--and malicious distortion." \ ^1390—KCBC, "Des Moines; Mutual 1460—KSO, Des Moines; ABC Identify Body Found on Train COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA. (AP) — A man, whose body was fpund on a Rock Island freight train here Friday, was identified Monday as* Leroy Joseph Carew, 57, of Zwingle, Iowa authorities said. Authorities said the identification was made through a fingerprint check. Carew had worked on "a farm in the Zwingle area recently. —<•' Carew had no possessions other than his clothing when found. The Pottawattamie County coroner ruled his death was from natural causes. . I TV KRNT »D£S MONK Monday through Friday, WOI-TV proudly presents five of the all-time popular television programs for children of every age. Along with these daily film adventures, each day brings youngsters the cartoons, games, crafts and tun of "Magic Window" with Gregory, Katrirtaand Betty Lou. For the finest Childrens' programming every morning and every afternoon, watch... 7.30 AM JEFF'S COLLIE 8:00 AM 'THE LONE RANGER 9:00 AM "MAGIC WINDOW 3 30 PM LEAVE IT TO BEAVER 4.00 FM S10IML-S 4.30 FM "GILLIGAN S ISLAND MASON Tonight At 5:00 WOI-TV Channel 5 for Os$ Moines What Makes A Mercenary Tick? Lt. Col. Mike Hoare, most famous and most success-. ful of the modem breed of mercenaries, tells what makes the mercenary tick in a NBC News' FIRST TUESDAY feature. Other features include a filmed report oh Macumba, a group of magical cults that flourishes in Brazil; an ancient Roman catapult contest staged by students in Indianapolis; and a filmed report on Nebraska's new self defense statute, which opponents call the "kill your neighbor law." 8:00 P.M.. Once Before I Die This NBC Special tells the actual story, in pictures and sound, of seven amateur mountain climbers [who scale a 20,000-foot I peak in Hindu Kush range [of Afg/inistan. 6:30 P.M. Double Trouble For Julia In the episode "A Tale of Two Sitters," Julia has a baby sitting problem at home at the same time Dr. Chegley's 92-year-old uncle replaces him at the office. 7:30 P.M. Johnny's Guests Visiting "T h e Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" are Kenneth Nelson, Francis Gary Powers*and Tammy Grimes. 10:30 P.M. Science Fiction On Early Show Today X ... THE UN- ffNOWN with James Garher and Virginia Leigh. Tomorrow IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE with Richard Carlson and ! Barbara Rush. 4:00 P.M. UIHOTV COLOR 13

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