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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Friday, July 13, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA Iff Y««r f«ri» N*w» 1, Not On Yo*» Forth By StlS o'CIock, CmXL 11* N«w» Office B*for* <o*Clock For Prompt 164 or 165. Full Astociatocl Free* Lea*ed Wire Service (AND THE DINTVER HOKV) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL- LXV NO. 227 PARIS, TEXAS, FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1934 EIGHT PAGES 77 Slain To Quell Revolt, Says Hitler ^^ I One Of Paris Jailbreakers Caught By Officers In McCurtain County Here Saturday Wanted For Murder, Captured In Tiger Bend Area Seeks Trail Of Lost Child News Staff Special LDABEL,—Captured near Tiger on Glover River, about 22 miles northwest of Idabel at 3:30 o'clock Friday morning. Eugene l*.egs of Bowj* countv was taken £nTSS £*$J£ rS i Baby^Missmg From Home ! ~ P arisgra LOCALLY SPEAKING fs m ln every toorfc that lit be did ft iDtth eZZ hit heart— Dallas Man i Shoots Wife ! And Cousin tvh«re. Leg-g, in company with i three ofher prisoners. escaped from the Lamar county jail at Paris early Monday morning he was awaiting- trial on a Of Wealthy Parents. Is Feared Kidnaped 1 One-Time Campus Beauty <vho are going: about xr-, t i *» ir .^ J talking in such positive tones Killed By Estranged ; of their opposition to the proposed Husband Fridav t se-wer improvement bond issue in \ _— K4.RTSDALE X. Y.. (ffj — An I Paris > should be sure of their! DALLAS Tex., «V--Ors. £r- murder charge and had made his ' army of 500 stat- troopers, policej Bounds before they endeavor to f mine Harris. 30, at one time Fort way from Paris to th* Tige-. Bend ; and volunteers beat through dense ; defeat the issue. The News cer- j worth's most beautiful high school country where he "was taken. !• woodlands around Hartsdale Fri- • tainly does not want to pile more; g^; and her CO usin T Miss Patri- Sfcveriff Clyde She'ton. Jailer J. B! } <2ay for blue-eyed IS-rnonth old ; unnecessary taxes on the people ; c i a Kidd, 24. of Waxahachie. xvere Sapplng-ton, Deputy Sheriffs A. XV, - Bobby Connor, feared kidnaped. ] and for years- has consistently op- \ s t ot to death Friday by K, B. Payne and Jack Reeves of Paris. ''. Authorities said they -vere con- j P os ^d tax measures, but there are \ Harris, former husband of Mrs. United States Marshal John B. i vinced the child, missing since S i emergencies the people must con- j Harris. Ponder. Sheriff Brooks arid othvr i o'clock Thursday ni^rht. was held ; sider and this is ose of them. | Harris, pistol in hand, then officers of Bo-vie county. Deputy j £ Or ransom. Ke is the son of >, ; ^^ped. across Miss Kidd's body Siheriffs Joe Huff and Robert Ives j Charles K. Connor, mortgage j Paris has had a shameful sitvta-; ^ " t j ie dinins: room of his wife's and other officers of McCurtain broker. and the . grandson of; tian on sewer disposal for many j res j3 e "^ ce V e re.* called aa ambiance county, were induced in th<- posse Charles P. Connor, wealthy retired j years and it gets worse every year. ^^ "rve"just shot two women." • -v-rffcT,,. -?"»t£ri-> rirl f*lf>T^-**»T~ . : *p>i«* inairV^T nf th^=- ^^tl^SsT'O^ *1 -. ... - . , .»** £.*2 fc ..inu csut—.er. . L^, *.i< —.e. oj. <—1~ ^.vue.^ou ^ and iired & bullet into bis own Bloodhounds failed to pick up \ that the state health department | cliest _ The ^-o^^ as aea .r Ms he trail of the child, last reported ] and the citizens have permitted '•_ j- eart ari<3 H O st>Ita.l attendants said sen whiie piaytn?: near the home the emptying of raw sewagre in in exclusive Harts- \ the open, ^Vhether w-» like it or Frisco Faces Paralysis As Strike Grows Here Friday I Food and General Supply i Shortage Threatened I Because of Walkouts \LAST MINUTE EFFORTS IMADE TO EXD SPLIT SENATOR CONNATT,Y which captured i-egg. TWO homes in the hilly region ca.r3y Friday morning. at the second home visited. escaped convict, offered no resistance when officers rusht-0 into the house and found Mr Connolly to Speak Here On Saturday Manor, we are maintainir.c a dan- ~ • :er that he might die, Three of the Harrises four small children Ui.2r,*..<vj : „ .-.— S. 1.. L 1 „ _„_ - .. J » t. «« <_ iiiivi i tii v* im in : Society folk leu 3«mer parties - serous haxara and the re- ; ;l° J° in in - h * httnt * whlch ^.sensibility rests upon the people. ; port ^^^ other | pressed thrown the nignt witn . mother. Mrs triple witnessed. the The fourth -was in visiting M«; srraud- rs. I. S- Ctimrn!i3£s, "I couldn't stand it any" | Federal Agency Will Con| suit With Unions About j Proposed Compromise t _ _ [ SAX FRANCISCO. (B*> — San j Francisco, facing a. strike-threat | ened stoppage of food supplies. i dug in Friday like a. beleaguered '•. city. : \ The- threatened general labor ; strike, towering offspring of the • Pacific coast's maritime walkout, . ; spurred residents to lay away food ; and other cominodities. I Commerce already is "badly tied I up by the two-rnonth-old rnari- •; time dispute and the newly-ordered teamsters* strike. Behind the 3.700 striking teamsters, other unions were falling in line, either voting walkouts or i support for a general strike if _ . _ ^ T- orie « called. Junior Senator rrom lex- Tlle 2 500 mem bers of the taxi- as Will Present Appeal cab Drivers and Chauffeurs Union Plot to Take Government Reins Nipped Hitler Takes Rostrum to Explain Bloody Satur- SCHLEICHER AND : ROEHM WERE LEADERS Der Fuehrer Speaks to Nation and Whole World Over Radio .TAMES V. .AT<TiKEI> /Mired Here For Address Friday Night i CCopj-ri5-=t. 13S4. by Associa.t«<* Fr< I Bv IX>UIS P. IX>C'MJVJ^R i Associated Press Foreign StaiT i BEIKZJX.—Placing- the cost o? j suppressing- the revolt against, frfe | regime at TT lives. Chancellor | Adolf Hitler charared Friday that I £;~^st Roehm, executed storm j troop leader, and former cJiancel- ] lor Kurt Von Schleicher plotted : tog-ether to take over the sbve'ra- For Re-Election en he and the . escaped from the flashlights and lanterns. . ; Paris property owners would; Paris iail' the ^rst man out Jes=e : PoJice expressed belief an itin-; not knowingly place human lives; iAncait^r did" -ot accompany erant p-eddler. who had called at below a few dollars in taxes. Harris gasped to a policeman. them from town. He s^id that he \ the Connor home Thursday after- They wo-md not knowingly permit referring to his separation from amj Robert Prirxgle, held on a j noon. SJgtLreS in the kidnaping. ; the city to continue this dangerous; * ir«d«'al <*anre 6J T.iol3Ltt»Ki 4i»&lTJtey ..,.wi4 r j>e. c tallc«d to the child> j ^iruatioi* ro tb.e point ttat sonr»;: postal laws, went to the home of E mother. Mrs. Lola Connor, short- j of t hesr« days we may have to PoBc* said, to see the cnildren for reelection, O/B. Nichols. as:ho escaped ,T>1th ! ly befor* the child's absence children since March Ste-was permitted-by courr. ord^r ; balloted to strike at 5 a- m. Aside I from the maritime strikers, this ; brought the total number of tin- Senator Tom Connally^ junior ion wor]cers !n . fee bay citSes ^QO Texas member of the United States have vote<2 to j o j n t - ne . walkout to ^ening at S o'clock on senate, will speak at Bywaters -. & gqn Park about S o'clock Saturday Retail and wholesale butchers r-vening. Mr. Connaily will speak j 0 i ne ,g ^ r j, e T^o-ement-. The last in the interest -of Jiis cs^apaisn . „ ihe plot, h.e said, called for- the consolidation of trie Reicnswehr < regular army) and the other organizations sncc as the storm troopers. Hoehm, Hitler cha.rg-ed in a. xr-n T> -IT-^-L A - ^ . tvorld-wice radio broadcast- of a will ±>e riitn. Aspirant | speech delivered before the Ketch.-' I stag- was ro head rhis organisation. i while Von Sclileicher Tv-onld be e vice-chancellor in ih* I of the revolt June 30, I ±±2tler declared that he -would t never consider patting- the Reicn- Candidate For Governor To Speak Here Attorney General James J. All- ; ~i red wili speak in Paris Friday! .he Plaza, j in the interest-of his campaign -for ! governor of Texas. As this is the first time for him. to speak in them. He *aid th^y left the ' discov-ered, Mrs. Connor is a Xichols horn- and made their way member of wealthy Bridgeport, toward Red Riv^r. crossing; the Conn-, farntty- river Tuesday rnt»raing. He said The child's parents said tr.e only ^e^SLnd Pri-iglc sl-»pt in the woods ' expianation they could give for the y and Tuesday nigrht. ar- . kidnaping was the possibility of a at Broker, Sow. northeast • ransom coUection from the boy's PO?SZ. Page ". Col- S was : pay many rimes the cost the improvement out it. yet do twice a. -week. w j. h _ i A negro servant, in the kitchen \ when the shooting started, fled : to a neighboring back yard. ir i SKI- rr"=n2bexs will fl rp.pj Far ^ s __- "^^ jea^- He is opposed tiisl kaives ^ meat c-^^Ti 6 p.'r_.7 g^JJ l^^ednled" to introduce 1 ^^ they .yekr. "a"' large " attend- j sta * f- de l ~~~ ^ K £*-£j*— -'j- i>- ~\T2jc~^=-jj 'erf" '' ^* -His poliiicaj- or __-__=_-_^» __ ;_. s.—^ * Caiise thev TTS.-^ "s- v*ar bv Consrressman Joseph TP".: c;_ tr: ^j sr . ~ * "— *-*-- » - >T.^ *T^o3_trf a l- i BsJlev. Jr.. of Dallas- : s?x 'H-u-'d-ffd fa-'"drv nHv»i-«: ^"J_ -r-*- =-- xr.-H. P. Ana™™ o. P^s ^ 1B |1.o^lfii^ a ^ri, M S^Uei .J™.;^ !SS5?"^« ^^ i organisatiois be- "notbing to do preside a.t the meeting Saturday -jj e wa.u£oiit rank "here by voting CAPTURED. Pain? ". Col. S- Negro Vote Problem Irks Demo Officials In Texas U. S. Highway Mark Is Given Out ,of thv S5S.OOO Paris is • asked only to furnisn. STQ.OOO. The government puts tip the other $25,000. The bonds are SO-year four per cent bonds and only the Interest is to be paid the first five years. The government -will not only give as the $2^.000. but will purchase the 570,000 issue. For the first five years the tax rate to care for the bonds would be onJv four cents. Him and Mrs. Karris." the night, which will be preceded by to strike at S p. rn. Saturday. The ress said, "was arg'tiing up in a. concert by the Paris municipal Retail Delivery Drivers Union, room. Miss Pat was witli band. The concert is expected -,\-fth a membership of 3T5.'ballot- after T o'clock. • ed to leave their trucks at mid- Besides, he- continued, the head t^e army is President: "on His- ; hls p-erson is un- nor having already paign speeches here and the ca.m- | aenb^rg. an pa:gri nearinc a close, one of the [ touchable for s.11 of us. larg^i cro~cs of - standing by. All of a s^d- to ?%f AX. Page 2. Col. 7 AUSTIN. ^ ; —Cc-Jnty Uerno- ^ratic esecuiive corn T?? it ;•?<•* pandered Friday over a h ; 'S-=y P er ' -?!exlns questior.—that of the rurh: >f nesrroes tw vote in she July »^ August primaries of the JK-mycrn- tic party. . The prob5en=. -.vbicti na,<J -<;no,u- er*d for weeks, was revive Thursday when Attorney Genera! James V. Allred approved, a d*;'arim«nta2 opin.'on JtoJdlr.s ne«r»>« were ln- clisrlble to vote !n the party's primary elections.. In cf-rtatn coun- ti«at"it had would i>e Road From Texarkana Throueli Paris to Wichita Falls Designated L.ct's not be so positive about what we are jroinsr to do -with this bond issue. Take a little time to study the situation. The 'case is an unusual one and The News firrssly believes that if the o-wners of reaJ estate who are the only on»s that can vote in this elecv tion, thorousrhly understand the need thev -will not defeat it. Work On County Budget Is Started For Coming Year 8 Carloads Beef Arrives night Saturday. Most of the other nn:o:is. Ik Hitler peered, friends £.nd supporters of I revealed for the first time the the attorney general bave been number of persons killed irt the more active than usual the last ; stirring- suppression of the "irai- Paris county has been it tvithirt six votfs o' approvinsr a quarter of s. Ttiiilion 'iollars f<:-r tViis? san>e purpose ~ol mar>y years s.:m. Alt -^-ell pi>ste<5 citizens Xno-n that th* situation is More Than l.OOO Head Of Drouth Cattle Al- Sent Here . vol*- ; another U. S. highway arid a spe- oitsvc COTH- over No. froni Texarkana to lots in Travis co-nt:. ciai nie«tingr «>f the e: Cit!!e«J to p;*ss 'sn !«a*jon recesved t»y trio marking? deplorable and should be reme- d. I* 15 doubtful if the citv -will Receipt of eight more carloads : coun * y ; nce m of beef cattle, or approximately 300 head, was announced Friaay ™ccct>t-?<J- I" - committee of the t^ans Chamber a suit i* ^end:«sr to of Coniroerc*. from R. M. Hubbard, has i>< Harris count;. coaniy clerk to accept of N'ew Boston. ?<• *>r»'*ot pr«5*"rtt«-t3 by J« : -j-hc <*xe<ruiiv-; co:i»i«Jitec of the C. S. Highway Officials ion. ST. » recent n-se-etinjr. ever again have an opportunity by Pat "Warner. • •*! tt f~r* d i -~*^ i *> r T rt ? n • OI* - v .s. anu.t.i.1*. i"-v , 0 ^^^^ th ,, ijKpj-ovement at such ; rninistrator for the Texas ^or?a.b'p cost and with $2?.000 Commission. The cattle r county ac- ; cost handed to us on platter. ,- processed at the loca: beef can- Preparation of the "^proposed 1934-35 bucgot for L^amar county was begun by County Auditor John S- Saker this week. V.'ith the county income havinc decreased <5ur- insr 1922. 1330. I33l and IS32, the neisrhb-orin- cities county was forced to ot>er3.te on less money each year, and it is expected the bucket for the corning- year tv;Ii call for even less expense than that or" ;a*t year. An accurate estimate however, car- not be made until the 1?33-34 ' :s determined. T"he ^12i''^-r 1 "" \V*I* ' <iur:ns: Ju. : y, und^r t! of a law which became effective three yeury ajro. After ii Ss prepared, it w;H be filed with the county out if it Is called- A city-wide walkout ?s imminent speeches since June it was indicated by Ec'svar-S "an- celeur. president of the centra! labor council and chairman of the "'stratesy" cornn-iittee- Trie comn:ittee has called for a meeting- of all unions Friday afternoon. "tVhile San Francisco and the checked sup- ^ g . eadsly in the las , ^ setting: • of the Reichstag-, Hitler declared Mr. Aurea saic. stsrcir-zr into his into microphones -which carried.his vamtraiirri late has forced him tc : niessaice throug-hoTit the world cover ar. unustzal amount of ter- "hat '"we have not made a. revolti- ritory in the contpara.t:vely short tion as anarchists. Sut as eixecu- t:me. i ^ v ss we have reraox-ed the regime He expressed himself as highly :rratified -with the reception eriven v? ~n at all hi? 'me€tin§rs- His audiences are said re nave- been srrow- plies, heard reports of an i-ri~e- ^-TQwir.s: "his SP eech in VTichita d:ate vaseline snortag-e au<f took ^ij^ heard nv an audience de- such steps as were possible to meet the emersrency. the general strike rnovement srair.ed SUTJOOTT -^. force an oo»n;y con; ranter f. exccu'ive committee. In s-wwton a month «?o. rc- to act on a r<-!«o'r_*-:on that J to th* particSpat'.on. The attorney pcjs<T*ifs d^cji" upheld th* rizlii of chf t 1 -"*'"--" prescribe th« 'tjualificatSons of members- Jt sialf^J ihc n'-sr wer« barrrtj through a :«>so;u: vd U. ^, J>2 alop.s: Highway i from Texarkan* lo \Vsch*tJ». Fa5L#, thence on No, 54 a.nd No- 30 to Lubbock. a; whieft point St is expected t:> h*: later extended further west- TTsis designation has h Chaniber of Commerce since lllsrh- -.vny 5 s$ one of the roost Snt-jort- ant in the state a.n<U has, dxinnc ; nins; *>lant anti later will be dis- '' tributed to relief clients in this : and nearby couritSes. The shipment oC cattle rece;% ed Friday broucht to more than l.vOO head and 2? cars tb^ total r.un-- her shipped to the local plant. Of thss number. 3T6 had been s'ausrri- tered to Thursday nlgrh*. The beef is beinj: processed at the rate of r. Poor Crop Reports Send * ll ° as 50 hca<! a day clerk for inspection by interested at otner cities, i-i^rnty unions ~n Portland -were reported ready to strike. L.-OS Anceles unions dis- preparec cussed a similar proposal, •rovisions ••• Snipers* bullets Tvhined on the national caarc-patrolled San Francisco waterfront and year-old sailor fell seriously woxinde-S in a s-ms;! boat in •w.-'hich scribed as the larsrest and most en- Texas, supporters saic! he -wul carry \Vichita Falls by a clear Among: other things advocated ry Mr. Allred in his platform is •?xpansion and r-noourac$r::?nt of the chile TV el fa re pro.srra~ as 3- further steps to be taken ir. corn- atrinsr crime ir- Texas. After u cor "' ihe bud- he -was leavinsr for service on a Cotton Nets $1.60 Rise yet is til-ec wjth the county clerk the conin-'as^ionoiT:- court :# re\iuir- ed to soi a dai-e for a public hearIng: or. :h>- budsret at which t:rr;e it may he chscusped ir: detail by irs- terestc-d persons. Kollowins: the hearing, the court r.-sakes s?uch ad- jusim^r.t^ ay are lour.-J necessary and iOrma:;y adopts the budge* freighter. XatiorraT guardsmen, i-carceration -w-ho took into custody four men and punishrr. :O. Pace 2. Co-. ? e to Best Price Since 193O ORLEANS. a<Jop*e<! !^ I?3- ?*t th** jetat? I><*m- ttsp past f^w years bc^n developed Nfcl^v convention an<! contended ' nn«1 improved until it i5 one of: futures bounded t bur>yday"s output compr-.sed 7.274 cans of beef, it was announced Friday at the office. This is tb»? bisrgest sin-r'e day's output . since the plant bejran ot>era* - .^ns ^ this action di<i See VOTE. ~. Col. <Mi sn the basernent * ins: houslnic the plant trlbution later to durinsr the ensuinsr Although sont^ of the inicrrrss- tion required in pr^par-.ns: the pro- osed bu^cr: has not been checked, Mr. Baker expects to have it re.acy for :ns.x-»ection by the county j_<3=:e and fihnir before Ausrust 1. Will Rogers SEVEN NAZIS IN GALLOWS SHADOW CALIFOKXLV GIRL ATTACKED, KILLED . .,,""*, *'?" \ " J <lo with the dev*loprn*~5t through th*! thr>15 of commit Sack _ . _ . _ ^ . . hom«*. se^injs kin ?otk?r and oi<! friends*. Nature has b*n ro«t:h TY*T<?. Thr dr^utb wjlt*v! th<^ corn jusft *s i* was s-»rtinsr to "roastin' •car." I ».*k<?tl about th*j vi-h< iit ar,«l and «K>m<r> other rpqubUcaii fal!f-n on th**m. No for thf e«t(!<-, but tn»*y did : .-*nv di>tanc« prefer to travel ha.\e nn «.«ful nJ<-<» radish crop, j X<^V<*r !ww r**«idrr rn^.Ii!*hes, \ All I Know Is .;«!•*. what I r»-a«! ( in the »*lnrrmoro ProRr^sx SSro ! wh«r* .Sp<?jikfr R»tney of the : ho«»"a of r«pr*«« i nt»tiv*s. has t>f>pn j kinder b'-a:mK th* po!Jil<*»} bushc* : 'nround hcrr. Wish I had b^-cn ! hom«". H* is a wtshty lovely old i U'* uwftiJ hot to b* • I xv on M W the r«- ' to the best Jh<- best hiKhway?i in Texas. '• price since Is'SO here Friday^ n-.ak- Thtst giv-?» Lama-r county- two U. ' ^--C ?ain» o- 5'.So per bale in late S. marked hlfrhways, the oth*r tradinsr. and poins: past the T3- b<?infir 271. which cornea into th« cents per pound mark. county ov*r 24 an<J KO- > S out on 49. , Drouth in west, an unfavorable ) One of the leaders in highway ; orop report from Oklahoma and \ unprov*m«nt in this part of the Texas, a brisk trade demand and •• state and who has h«d much to thc scarcity of contracts contrib- | VIENNA. (.Jp;..—The death . «rn- «t«-d to the rise, j woman victim of a bombing vrovomoni of Texas highways is; October advanced to 13.0? and ; which seven Nazi SUSPECTS ar-- In j dlscov-er*-d .1 H. M. Hubbard of New Boston, : December to :S.24 durins: lato Jail placed the seven in the sha !ow j >*erc Friday, former chairman of the state" 'radinsc rriday. both 3- points i of the gallows Friday—:f :h« The girl. v;:a:n« T hifihwny commisc-jon. H~ !s pr«s- above Thursday's c!i>?* k . The ^s'n.s; bonibin.c can b« fasr«n*d or. thorn. ? disappeared Thuvs-day id^nt of the First National bar.U ; Friday, making n«w s«a*on highs; No Nazi hns yet bf^n hunc :n-• lice »:i;-i the of N"»w Boston and is "continuously ' for all months, brought th-^ Total '. <2er the ernerjrfrncy Taws for sr.ii- ' buried. artive in hljrhwny work in the ' risr sfnco Monday to more than * jcovernm^nt bombin*: off sta**j. ; ?4.»>t per bale. t which have p!a$rued A\i5tr:n Tiia? travelers m*klnjf trips of, -months. Highway Meet In Hugo Starts Drive For Tourist Trade One o" the best attended snd most enthusiastic road meetinsrs held in this r>e > s:on for many SAN FRANCISCO. ; .•**•. — Apparently attacked and then slain, the months tvas the preliminary body of sr ore 1 :-year- e vard iy w , 4S sight, '.%•»».•: >>aT' A' <J. i . ^. IZC&i.- POISON KlI-T.^ WOMAN' j Fratj Hermme Oraubna. of Gras. ; roads has been a fact- HOUSTON, i.^?—Tir<>d ot living one of four merrtb^rs of a travel: for niany years and the after her husband had separated 1 party injured sn a bomb -\rlo- ; i from her. Mrs*. Martha A. Smith. > !«ton Kt Salrbur:; Thursday. d;*d \ ^^^ j 45. took poison Friday and died | Thursday nicht. . {a few hourv later. A verdict of s~t- | i fatal ! rU1p wa!l ^turned. j PHODt'CK PKI>1>LH:R !>1KS | , { HOUSTON. ((Pi.— T. C. Payne. '', P * RC * €<>I ! ' N ANTONIO. (& — A om a telephone Hne which touched a hi-rh tension electric sent Thomas X*. Crwtcher, "^, e company lineman. Po;:iv xnnounc-r..i taken a ni:iid!e-ai;ed They said he !:% *• where the srr.-' s body was fourte CATTLE BEI.OW NORMAL. AUSTIN. -:.^-. — The Un:te C- <X >XCT.AVK ENDS 5ft. produce peddler, died cirl *vsjs :nc: of U. S. Hish*% ay -71 Associa- a house tion at HUJTO Thursday. From as ; far north as Fort Smith and as wt. 1 * I far south a^ Giln^er, on 271 came representative dele^rations. In addition Cooper. Commerce and Greenville sent delegation? to express their interest in an alternate hey had, ^a-fcing f rorn Faris to Dallas, to nan. -a. ..o , >, e ^TJ O «,.).« as Hishway C71-A, or Kushe. . jj^-j^e ^^ch desisrnatiori. this how- .ever to ha\e no bearing on the n th-^ house rt >t»te of C~l as the main highway. """ '*" • 3 -' i " "• Far;» was named as convention city for th? first annual convention of of the C7.1 Association, the date to be selected by officials of the association. Permanent headquar- T>-»ri the best kno'.vr: r.i^:i«^a; developers jrt the southwest, is executive rnar.acer of the Allied Good 7", as-soo:a*.ions. Mr. Knsrland is. pres:der.- o: tltf :::-per:;sn: 71 As- ;iOc;a::oTi and v: tr.cetin*; \vas presid- who :s manage- hote' and one •" civ;c leaders of >>f the orincir-al t-'t a, revolt." Hiiler admitted franiiy titar he is "filled vt-i:h de«p apprehetisioa with, economic worries." but added that anxiety **has always weighed me down." "'vV^en I entered the "Wiltjeiru- sirasse as chancellor of th-c Reich." he said, '-the authority of th-s rl-?:cii had become a worthless phaniorn. The spirit of re- c-eliic-n and opposition dominated in zhe state. This spirit we ex- tin^uish-ed and removed within a. "M nat-sver our opp'.'nents- may criticize, they cannot deny chat we did. noi capitulate to our prt>b- ienis, that w, e always tried bravely to solve them and in countless cases did solve them. "'A hoevsr -wants 10 be just to us •vvcuid have happened had we not been victorious-" He- said the bearing of indi-vi- dti;i- storm troop leaders had be- cvrne "no; only national secialLs- "I referred these facts to Ro«h;» xvitrtoa; his supp'yir.g the retnedy. 5.0", reports oa:^-> that A. A. ;ea,*?r> -vvere propasrating the :de:.i o. 3 TT^''A" T"e\-o : ut*o •'. .^, n-ero'y as coward >y aitacka upon :b* S. A/' Der Fuehrer trier, yrvduced ^ A-hole c:tca.Iv»: o: ac's of sabotage by Raehni. -»v ho he oloiireed ~-vas Our. o^ tune with the purposes ot national boc.a:.^::: \\ard *h —re v-o-..=.] be no long-;* arty yien \\.:V. ^er-. d.rjTi.nti^uw pl^ris SAN -FKANCISO. > — Plumed hats were packed away Friday its puhjlriinn «to all The tnlklmr. You I plunsinir 2ft f**t to the (jround j Kmichfrs Templar headed bom* lone morf vot^s tht« *vf«"tThef than 1 wh«r* hlw head struck a rock and | wurds, not to m««t aptnln unlit the you ROGERS i resmltwl -In a hat* ThuriKlay, skull h«r« i next triennial oonda.v« in Miami, in ulav ; "^ported Friday the condition of i t?rs of the association are in Fans. "in'Texas cattle ranges on July l w as : room 202 Gibraltar hotel. from » pistol wound suffe-re<! a- <j«a.rr*l over bors««s. An as- ! 62 ^ r «*«* of norms*, compared ; to murder c*>ars^ against \V. {to 7S ->er cent for the preceding | j.^rs!e. executive nianagrer E. Uichtner. *5- employe, was tool chart jred to | compared to 7» per cent a month [and John Rnjfland. vice-president i J earlier, ' * of the Goldman Fort Smith, one speakers. said: "Yr-u T'c'tk* hn^'e a jro'd-mine t'? 27 T and why >ou have not be^r te':3!is "-^ wi.-rld about it is sorrs* 1 thins: T carsnoc understand. My tr::> today was the first over st and t was asr^eably sun>rj*ed "•-> fi'-'i not o:i3y a good road, but a sct-nic route that \vill app-eal to travel, era. Traffic ha*> >een rout--:! over From Fort Smith came Jack !>«•- | O ther routes vvh-su. i* shou'd have of th« ; ^^^ corninR over 271." he said, publicity he 'iHp£»!ag: from riay Titornlnc: rite anything Teniperacur*" . j month and cattle was 71 per c*nt | newly orvranized 271 Association > -\vitli education and John Rnsland. vice-president ' •i* the association. DeLysle, on« o* Se« MEET. Page 2, Col. OKI VHt»l-\: to p«rt!> cloudy wnroi f'Virfav nis-ht am! TKXAS: tiewerally fal ly j'fondj ami «x>nftr*n««rf day an« Satitrtlay, except po*»ll*l« «*l>ov*^*rs Satwr<l«y *« t*w fi>**er fimswl* valley. m*>el*nfcf* and s<mthv»'e*t wijKla om Cl»c

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