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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, December 22, 1931
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\ Last Edition VOL. LV.--NO. 58. (AT) ···flit i J Frm. FORBCAST MARYLAND: Rain tWa afternoon and tonight. Wednesday parti? cloudy. Hot much change In temperature. Freeh JOttth shifting to couthwest winds. F*H KEA Service. FBEDKBIGX. MD, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1931. r»M--I.MX* FOUKTEEN PAGES M niv uni inAY 75 CALLS FOR EMPLOYMENT ] AOCCMDI ire AT -UAT nULIUAl MtnR BY « tram ma ! Ao5LlliDLItO AI Total Number Registered As Seeking Jobs Is 23O. st Of Merchandise Establish- »nts And Industries To Close Entire Week-End. WC SCHOOLS BEGIN VACATION ON WEDNESDAY A total of 233 visits or InSemeire at t-« Frederick County Eaaergescy Rel-st . Association headquarters. 22 So^th I Marset street, was recorded at the close 1 of last week and by ear'.y Mor.cay aiorning 75 persons had visited the .leaaquariers and assed for »ori Only a .srpa'l percentage of those seeking employment rece:ved it. title to the fact ! '.aat the two pnacipal sources, sai^ly. | s c.ty work and the woocSct on Water · ' street, can furnish employment lor only · ·16 asen ireely. ; Last ·wee's fewer interviewB were given ' than the wees prior, when there were ' 2^0 persons who call-eel a: the head- · charters, bat it was stated that was no s .r.dieation tnat the oemands for em- ! ployment were decreasing as more men j ·A"sre given work last -seek than prtor j to thai tune. The laying of pipe hne ' DA IIV ' WASHINGTON LETTER ! DA1S TO HEAD Clara And Rex Back In Filmland IJ S AI GENEVA PARLEY One Held Today For Freshmen And Sophomore Cfess Members. Hoover Announces Ambassador To England Will Be American Delegation's Chairman. ANOTHER WEDNESDAY FOR JUNIORS AND SENIORS . - -a.- -- fct v. !··«"- -iii»- . - , laroling Early Friday Morning by Frederic* city from the seventh Christmas Play To Be Given At street reservon to Marse: street, farn- I -^es work for 30 -nen weekly. » shifts | of three days each, and e:ght aien are taken on every three days at the wood- j -ot on Water street, where they saw ; ht from Mt. Pleasant iast Fall ; Planned--Public Hears Chimes. Each--Distribute Baskets Among Poor. BY BODXEI DCTCHEK XEA Scnrice Wnter. njton. Dec. 32--Dtpii« the ceSc:t, despite Presidien: Hoovers b:!t*r o?pos:iion aad desp:te the i American Legioa's conspicuous lack of J jjpport. Cocgreasman Wright Patman · o! Texas predicts that ha bill to cash all soloier bon\is cert^SeaWs »^1 be oassec at this session He says :t would cost t: 200 000 000 i and suggests Congress stop pa :ng oS , the nat.onal debt, divert to the veterans inorsy earaiarked for tie debt cink- · ^g fund. , : Patman's bl^ to pay full face ralae ; mAMIt] » I Cf\ I TlfTT V TO RC of the adjusted compensattoe cer«fl- nUfflAn ALOU LIMiLl 1U Dt ·rates at once was the firs: measure in- - ·-odaced in the House. It is called H. e So 1. He has toured the country. ,«hooping tip the veterans for the cause j ' ar-d st:ll makes br=ef speaicing trip*. ! * * * He remands you that when he start- | ed his eSort last year for bonus cash- ! tns no one expected any legislation 10 ' pass. But Congress did pass, by vast '. majonues, the bill under which 2.500,000 veterans have now borrowed 50 GIVEN POST BY HOOVER j PresidentConfident Reconstruc- tion Program Will Be Law After Holidays. all per cent, of the face values of their : --Shaping TM * t tr.e American de.egatios to the Christmas assemblies are being held , ^-^cates f or a total of about $1,500.- i asiaesses and industries in Frederick .--^^l^"' t^."T' T^.wia"'o^T^ad- at the Frederick High School, where » · COO.OOO. ·ill close this wee* for the three-day , %££*££££?£££\. '. real Yuletide spin: is being manifested , Patnian started the boTM baUleJ-st , Geneva TMn«t_ -nfe^ice^Pres.- . .AGEDSIX, ATM, SLAIN; ' Six Year Old Marian McLean's Remains Discovered In Cincinnati Slums. TEAR STAINED FACE SHOWS iSHE CRIED BEFORE DEATH ! Clothing Torn And Small Blu« Mark Discovered On Forehead. NEA Los Angeles Burau Ttificate. Clara BO-A and Rex "Brll are the IT E'.r! returned to nlmlar.d from LT. cart-cr. Clara has reco-.ercd from the ^ to* merchants and manufac- , --- ^ ^y^of^meu i ^^= «tHT^ «*-« ^ I ^'^^"SSS^ i S^f^ST^ ^VS MRS. PINCHOT TO OPPOSE ; MEETING OF 4'H CLUBS Phave been ^ unTM in j^^ Snce^ela^efS i ^ ^ ^-Ef^^ j^^.^^ ^tS" S T """ beJr intentioa to close, and employes . support and are in need of wages to 1*_£ ^^ ^ fffl be given a three-day holiday for 'care for their children, while others ( " ro^rs Yu! . . . . . * _»_ ·_«« (jnn^imnaVOA n T-H-1 r f r t Wrt* *T»A4*1r' . " he first time in six years. The large factories employing hun- j i [reds of workers which w;U close are; , Milk . . , . » _,,,» not depenoaole and do no. men. the baskets in this city. letide assembly will be for pupils of the first and second j At the same time today Mr. Hoover M'FADDEN'S NOMINATION to Vjcal ' ' ear lr « h vO local . and ^ " J *" | as that to be held Wednesday for the ! . Patman is a tall, rosy-faced. Jaunty j disclosed an intention to appoint a t of 38 who enlisted for war service, j woman member Although her name _ ·. . . -- *·__ did not get over-seas because of j was not mentioned he sa-.d he *as ne- Wife Of Pennsylvania Governor Milk Drinking And Pie hating gotiating »ith a · lady of qualities and j i2itv. He recalls that under the old A comprehensive plan to handle the , prominence" whether she could accept. To Be Candidate. . Bennett's store. Haller's. John D. fendrlckson. J. C. Penney Co. Seeger's I local unemployment situation is J»mg | ^^ assemtilj . ^ open at ^30 «r* ra re store. Quvca's hardware . formulated oy official o, tnejraeKCK: i ^^ ^ ^ bg prBSlded over by I j Liawood Myers, president of the sen- I ior class. Following H. ey, the E. D. Michael Company, C. E. JJine and C- C. Carty. Grocery stores, 01 of which usually are open due to perishable goods and the ne- xssity of meeting public demands, are xpected to remain open again this ear. County offices in the Court House likely be closed from Thursday until Monday morning, and the Jaunty Commissioners and County rreasurer have definitely decided to Jose their offices, it was announced oday.- Other Holiday. * * , "Congress always goes in accord the will of the people." he says. TnjTjITjy V[\KU LlDllAllI flUUf -Business men and chambers of com- Several women s organizations with j ( headquarters in Washington, are un- : Harrisbuif:. Pa. D-^c. 22 (AP»--Mrs.; Rockvilie. December 22--The third derstood to have put forward the name G _ aoK j p, ncno t. wife of the Pcnnsyl- ' annual athletic meet of the Mont- governor, will oppose for re- Bomery County Federation of 4-H Agri- States it Court Ohio. Cincinnati. O . Dec. 22 CAP).--A !:i a tenement building In tne Cincinnati slum district today yielded the body of six-year-old Marian McLean »ho was kidnapped six days apo She had been atocited and murdered The body, bearing evidence of strangulation, was found by Charles Bischoff. an occupant of the tenement, when h* went into the cellar 10 flre the furnace. From all appearances it had not been there IMS. Bischoff having been in the basement last night to flre the IS HELD AT ROGKYftLE \%TM ll ~ cot ^ *""· h ' The tear-stained- face of th* ttny body indicated the child had cried considerably before she was killed. Coroner M. Scott Keara. one of th* first officials to view the body, said the child had not been, dead long. Her clothing was torn and there was a blue mark on her forehead. No other marks were visible on Contest Among Features. Expects Keconstnictlon'law- 1 election to congress Representative cultural Clubs was staged in *ne high i Louis T. McFadden. who last week school gymnasium here Friday evening Washington. Dec. 22 AP).-Assur- , b d Presldent Honver ttlth s ^. Uri g . with approximately 350 4-H Club mem- ccs by congressional leaders have , * GO^^ xshci h- proposed the ' bcrs of both sexes, parents and others a de President Hoover confident that 1 °" M tH-^any xs.icn n. p.oposea iac - «rtt moratorium. " " FALLS; ONE MAT BE BURIED, the blue chinchilla coat she had on _^ _ when her mother allowed her to go Scripture a,erce would like to see that two oil- made President Hoover confident that j u ~" "" "^y"1 "-' "·"··' "'- .""i"-^- i i~" attendance !nto the 5treet !ast Thursday after a heading, the school will sing. "O Little j ;on dollars or more in circulation, j his ursent recommendaion for a $500.- \ fte ot moratorium. n . n . . A J ( » , « r ,,.,4 i long illness. A few hours later she had JTcwn of Bethlehem:" and the play will i sorce'»here near a million veterans are ', OOO.OOO reconstruction corporation will ! She announced her candidacy today j A.bert A. Ady. ass.5*an, couruy agn- , d i sa pp eare j_ then be presented. Those who will de- . oat O j jobs. There are 3.600,000 vet- i be made a la\v after the holidays. | for the Republican nomination in the · cultural agent, was in general charge , Discovery of the body upheld th« tiny form but officials were certain b« had been attacked before ebe was slain. Marian's body waa still clad to Priest Believed Caught In Fall Of Debris. pict roles in the latter are: LeRoy I Despeaux. Barbara Moberly, John Con' rov, Mary Van Fossen, Lydia Merrier, Lmwood Myers, Hilda Alan Hargis, Foster, Harold Biehl, David Garber. j up the difference between what _ .- - erans with certificates, which range j He said as much today m announc- | 15th district in the April primary^ In her ' and from $125 to $1.590 in face value, aver- ' " . . . . , . - aging about SI.000. in conducting the va- ! theory of police officers that the girl 'The certificates were given to make Vatican City, Dec. 22 CAP).--'The the ing that his efforts for a shortened i announcement she ild not mention the , CTe nts by Ralph Benson Ulysses had been enticed away by a. degenerate holiday recess had not been successful. ! McFadden incident in congress but ' ,,,,, t*.t .» TM,,M iw^ h. found He added that after the customary re- m;y» S M a question said -'evcryoM · O.iffithJeffco Griffith Aubrey L Wai cess, he had been told, there would be must resent an unsutetantiated .ecu- t«; _ R. Iph Allte j roof over a 200 foot wmir of she Vatic- ! ss maise rosier, narvuu zawriu. ij^.i^i v^aiw^.. » u ^ ,^i e u^ixcicii-^-c wcu«\-x.ii «^*»- i**^. cess. lie nau IKVU iviu. uiicit » w. ...--·- -- -- -- . . . . ^ *- T A «L.,M* cf9*n Helen Damer. Curtis Callahan. Ruth[ £o] dier and the lowest paid laborer re- .. amp ; v sufficient cohesion of Mews" to ! sation ol treason against the Prcsl- Mcsser and others. E ; °- J ^^»'.r*^ Garrett. Naomi Harley, Helen WiEard, Reived durag the war. "We ask merely *' «-- -" ' n-r " Boy CIuo leader, was among .hose »n at- and Lillian Biddinger. "The Mar- ; liquidation of a debt. Under the present be sung in French and j system the soldier is credited propor- school Be dismissed Jan and will have tolidaj untn after New Year, and per- othsr cities arriving here in 1588 coUapsed to- i later m English, and tlie High School j tionately with his length of service at add to the increasing numbers on ate streets as the days till Christmas aecome shorter. Stores report large rowds in the' evening, and a Yuleude itmosphere during the busy days js naintained by ihe meliow music of from. Trinity cSiapel steeple md the C. Thomas Kemp dry goods rfore. H. I*e Hanshew plays the diimes in Trinity steeple each day at won, when Christmas carol music loats out over the city. Regular pro- rrams of carols are given each day md evening by the taH.'Santa Claus who appears periodically over the en- srance so Kemp's store. Beginning ruesdsy afternoon, Santa played the Christmas music and continued last night and today. Hall hoar musical programs are given by n^n from ., two floors of the bnEding. j orchestra _will play An unidentified pnest at worfc over j"°- Ho1 ^ which special selection, si X a day for orerseas and » _» d«r . assume passage of a corporation bill, j dent." Mcanwhile. hearings on the proposal continued before a Senate committee Frederick Ecer, president of the Metropolitan Ufe Insurance Comapny, nossiblv state Senator Frederick T. Gel- W participating in the former and 40 _ *^_" _ . . I« ·*·««* In* tc%f his books, although the library had been closed a few minutes before, was believed to have been buried in the wrecfc- i "/ age with many rare books and manu- i scripts. i It was believed most of the unique j Discontinuing the custom of present- ! fared last October. 5OurealrSt collection in that wing was damaged | each o ther for its items were kept in cases ranged j pupUs ^ ^ Ugh £chool a:ong trie wa.js. , p f Learv, -s-ili contrsute to a Several persons were injured and several were reported mjssmg. * * * ' Soldiers need the money worse this winter than the government needs the interest on their loans. Tbe loans' have- ' tempt to make the one year debt sus- j pension, apply to not only conditional j but unconditional ^ repays to | $3fJO000i0 00 B U D G E T general project of presenting Christ- Jjrf ,,-i i mas baskets on a large scale this year. ="- contributed a penny to tne deficit !Each home room has taken one family |and cash payment now would increase HOLD CHRISTMAS PARTY Zonta Clob Members Enjoy Delightful j from a list of 40, and the pupils of one J m room have vide baskets of the families are those on the lists '. in circulation by S18 per capita Secretary the ahead of Senator Johnson, of California, the outspoken opponent of the moratorium, said today he would offer such an amendment. ' A little earue^r. Johnson had charged that the President had failed to tell Congress that his orig.nal proposal for a suspension of all debts had been i Opposed to Mrs. Plnchot for the noci- '. tendance. ination in addition to McFadden will | Features of the program which af- be Frederick C. Rc'.chcnbackcr. of Hones- [ forded much amusement were mflk- dalc a former state assembly man. and j drinking and pic-eating contests. «bouf ting in the former and 40 f he milk drinkers wns pro- pint bottle of milk and to suck the fluid through Tommy Owens proved the ', and draUwd his bottle before any of the others wKh consldcr- | abte margin to spare. Frank Stiles was · second and Rachel Earp third. In the pic-eating contest, a quarter of CUT ASKED BY H A R R I S O N ! a n apple pie was placed on a plate on a chair before each participant and the tr!ck calling upon the Senate to dispose of the pie without hands Among the boys. Sid- made his piece disappear the Aliie Messer and Frank Stiles of the Children's Aid Society and re- I^Ve^f^e^money cS tta*. chaneed at the instance of France to ; ^^ M ^ s r ? p,. Affair. . , . , . ^ . side in Frederick county, but about 25 i ~~ "- ~- T^J^H-TM ~dAt" "re'ire- ! permit oayment bv Germany of uncon- Members of the Zonta club and guests i , rB -F-^^^ Cltv famines under the i temporarily suspendmg debt re.jre . ^.. _- f. »^.~-^-..-- -- w- . .. TT-i^ frrc"^i y^r.n^i^ TTlPf rlfVT^ ,as intro- todav bv senator Harrison, Dem- of it among the girls Rachel Earp and enjoyed a. delightful Christmas party . ^ f ^ Fede rated Charities. Bas- , , special program. The chimes are at- j niiUee of which Miss Minam Apa,e was including tovs for children. w e attrac jvel i t, fihe Santa placed amid ropes of laurel j chairman. Tne tables were attractively i ^.^ ^ ^ | ej . lass windows of the store, and j decorated with red candles and Christ- i ~ . takpn in Frederick if." -«^f-"W- | Ed ,. h s;i , e finishing second and third, . K3130ial u 3 ^ yc -6 ^ -- : - . , - - . . - Tne resolution was in .me with the . lv ! menu The two other methods are, first, oibona reparations. program for cuttine Appropriations | · ? - ' a bond issue, and. second, to issue cur- Senate leaders nope to bring the agrc «i upon a -aeefc aeo .y t::e Jmo- i f ^ d . d fa n rency to pay the certificaus. a plan measure to vote before adjournment to- , craMc^ policy wmmr.tec of the House ,-»^ ^^^^-'^ . ro ^Sont- which would stop all interest. ··Soldiers won't repay the present loans or pay the interest and so much of the tojal^y any beas desired by the puSlic. insofar as and girl dismissal of all afternoon about average certificate be devoured by is to the Christmas sp: , Caroling Flans. \ of which afforded much merriment. WINTPR ^Tll I ^^ jocai groups wm carol through Beauafui potted potnsettias were pre- ( " « « « · " « « "1 the streew early Christmas mornmg, sented Miss Hal Ott, the president, and although quite a few of the carolers may Mrs. Edith Sleeping for their acts of attend midnight church services » or j kindness to the club during the year. services. The first of the local! Announcement was mace of next Traien Frederick residents i week's meeting to be held at the Hersh- music were the Hood College | berger Tea Room, when Mrs. Patiliae students -who sang early at the cawri j Eiiock. member of the club, wiS be of last Friday before leaving for their j hostess. homes in various cities. ! Guests present were Mrs. Margate. Frederick chapter. Order of DeMolay, j Maser, Mrs. Virginia Brandenburg, Miss ; 1945." Patman says the Legion convention ' vote didn't represent Legion sentiment-- iBat "bonus votes" WPTP t.raried for booze votes." EUROPE WITHIN GRIP i Urban* Clnb Meets. London, Dec. 22 (AP).--Winter j The TJrbana Woman's Club met at showed no signs of relaxing its grip | ihe home of Mrs. Minnie Oden. December 16. was called to order and presided over by the President. Mrs. Lew told of more snow and frost. Heavy snowfaHs and intense cold Roelkey. Miss Juanita Dudderar had prevailed throughout southern Siberia j charge of the following program and wolves prowled around the towns .Education: Readings. "Enrichment carols on the street j Castle Ott, Miss Mildred Delasbmutt. Null, Miss ' early Christmas morning. Taey w21 le at Masonic Temple between 4 o'doci, then wiT. march to the MARKETS AGAIN U N D E R local orphanages, the Frederick. City ' Hospital and other institutions and to tUe homes of the "dads" or sponsors of organization. The trip will be made N e ,- y or ^ DOC. 22 (AP).--The se. _.. _, canties markets again appeared to g great alarm. Two soldiers were kfll- ! ed by wolves and a peasant was killed ' ^ ' by a bear. Alrs - Edna rt talk on Florence Kidd. and Mrs. Rose , _ . . . . , , . , . , _ - j, ,"-·--"«-- --- -- the subject, by ; Extraordinanly cold weather prerai.*d ! Mrs pearl Hendrickson. Mrs. I N F L U E N C E OF HOLIDAY ! |S sa3 S^ Kan=e ^ tn *"" at hlgtt " '.Ofcn. project demonstrator, displayed _ j " ·a.-'".^..^. i ojjgg (jj^ gardens she had made and i explained how each one was made- Three Die In Bns Wreck. ! ifc s. Eoelkey read a paper on the Hiawatha, Kan« Dec. 22 (AP).-- 'subject The prize for a dish garden Three men were killed and 15 persons ! -s^s ~on by Mrs. Florence Kidd. Ja private automobiles, and plans are being made ior aooompanimsnts to ^ uaoer the influence of the be plaved bv a saxaphone quartet, or . ^--^ todav. , a trio of members of the group. Robert i ^^ th ; stocS . and o^a divisions , Injured, several critically, when a Un- | Harrington 3s master councilor of the . ^ e t ^.^ a slysr np^ard trend, j to Pacific passenger ous co^iaed with chanter. There'was a littl-e farther seeing la ' » ffe^nt -track tocay. The wreckage Fredericit folfc also are making fre- ; .,,, 0 ^~ ^j ai ^a^ ff^y^ a osorbed. rent teks to tne postoffice in Border i Ca -- .j^-gy r ' b-jmed. track today. One of the victims was icent- Church Services. The Sunday School of the L'jtheraa night. arid Senate. and that she would never be found alive. Julius Serrtzzl. a 17 year old youth, was the iast known person to hare seen the child alive. He said she played about his automobile for some time until she followed a dark complextoaed man whom he described as a foreigner. That ·was the last he saw of her. A Face For Every Mood M »TM . . .-enewecl at 3 per oent. to sisnre troni?t delivery of parces and s sterling was firmer, cables Christmas" cards in tirce. Fore^n mail ' a ^^ -^-^^ a t £3.40. from Frecerick was be^s sent early ; . ·- -_ Christmas at Market Street School. Christinas At Mversvffle- i Tne North Market street school wH The Church of the Brethren at My- ;el-ebrate the Christmas season with s Wm. of the bus. which was en ro^te from Ontaaa to Kansas City. Another was ' tentatively identified as Salph Andersen, 19. Nebraska C:ty. Keb. driver of 1 the trues. Tbe third victim ^^as no; THE WEATHER TODAY ?recip:ia"32 for 24 hoars ending at 7 a. m . tocay-- 14 Precipitat-on, December to daie-- 153 inch. Normal December precipitation. 311 inches; actual December, 1930, 3 54 inches. This year's deficiency to December 1--2.1" inches. High temperature yesterday--47. Low ten-.perat-ore last night--44. Sun sets today--551 p. m. Sun rises tomorrow--7.27 a. m. x Moon rises tomorrow--3 29 p. rn. Moon sets tomorrow--6.2S a. m. at different per.ocs. After Uie caroling the pupils will return to their rooms and be" dismissed for the holidays. ~ Omaha, the driver "arch of PstersnSe will preserr. a can^ta entitled "Christmas in CherrylandTM Wednesday nizht at 7 JO o'ciock. There were large attendances Sunday niorn- -r.g and eren-ng at the services of Bethany Lutheran ch-ir;h. Smr-s-arick. In tlTe zorning a special procrana m =to-- and song entitled ' The Christ Chile," -was given, and st night the :h3-r anc Sunday School presented · The Xat-vity" :n tableaux, with a pair.t^ig of the Nativity scene for a bac^grourd. Rev. C. W Hess. Bmns- ~ick is pastor of both churches. To Play Christmas Eve- Two brass ouartectes -^C play Chnst- nras carols on the street of the b'jsi- r.ess sect.on of Frederick Chn?trnas eve. ;: was announced today. The music The expense is being defrayed by the rnerchanis of t'ne city. Miss Patil-ne Gal'_ at tne Barbara Fr.tchie Tea. Room. Those who amended were: M^ses Gall. Ethel Eyler. Mar- ?aret Creager. ?,Irs. EfSe S. Creager. M-ss Anna Grace 'Witt, Mrs. Carl Gall. Mifo Catherine Rocdv. and Miss Ruth Kelly. Columbia Lodge Elects. Tr.e annual election of 3S:c«rs of Co- .jrr.b-a Ixxige. ND. 58. A. F ar.a A M.. ·s-as held Moncav n^ht at 7 30 o'clock at, Masonic Temple ana resulted as follows: Taoaias J Schae2er, "Worshipful Master; Arthur E Levy. Senior Warder.; M. F Lease. Jr Junior Warden; Ira. L Miller, sec-eta--; Horace C Zachanas. treasurer; Harry J Fro-nke tyler. Lynch Lodge. No 153. will ftt- ·b"s Passenger: Your husband Is 1 Clarence 2 B-.craft. master; RoyL. Tal- , 'end divine worship In the s. poor sailor. I 'oelieve bott., senior warden: Dr. W/ D Lutheran ch-jrc'n Sundav n.ght. with L-r.pos-n;? Passenger: Indeed he i? not Barnstt, jun.or warden: Thomas W. Columola lod;e, meetm; the '.at, --h«'s a. -ca produce merciaat.--5yd- Trosell, secretary, and Fred H. Gnrcm, ter in special coaununKation at 7 iney Bullet .a. j treasurer. _ i o'clock, i LARGE BARN BURNS Blaxe On Farm Of Dr. And Mrs. Spur* rier. Near Laytonsvffie. A large bam containing th* entire hay crop of Edge Hin. the farm horns of Dr. and Mrs. Harry Spurrier, near Unity, about two miles from LaytoM- ville. was completely destroyed by fire early Sunday morning. The cause of the blaze has not been determined. An aged horse, which had been kept by the family because of sentiment. was so badly burned in the fire that It had to be destroyed. The horse escaped from the bam during the flre, but was found wandering in a nearby field, badly burned. The Gaithersburg-Washington Grove Volunteer Fire Department responded to the alarm, which came in about 2 o'ciock Sunday morning, and prevented | rose. 5 to 4. and the Montsomery Cotm- : the spread of the flames to ·the- build- 1 ty Jersey Calf Club defeated Laytons- j ings. The bam was insured. No esti- viile. 9 to 4 A dod-e ball contest i mate of the loss has been made. proied close and exciting I · In a three-legged race among boys. ; A M E R I C A N WOMAN KILLED ! Frank Sales and Edward JoHey won, ! and in a f jnilar contest with Kirls. Anna Stiles and Dorothy Nicholson, came out ahead. ON TUSCANIA BY STORM ,, . , . . , ^ . Joscpn Farreil defeated several boys ; (A p-,__ yfIS _ a co/-I- ---r«* TTvrtTna c T?aT- flrtlcnTTio- 1 Belfast. Northern Ireland. Dec. in a sack race. Thomas Ray finishing | second, and Dorothy Nicha'-son. Earn and Anna St:Ies Trere first. S' j American of a race among girls. TO BE JESUIT HOME i 23 Rodger, 55 an came from s the wom- j a n d third, respe^.ivelv. in the same ,»" "^ "~ aboard the liner Tusoma, 1 1) ^ nr a _, rp amnno . Vi-'« 1 following a storm in mid-ocean last week m which many other passengers were injured. It was learned today. Mrs. Rodgers, whose body was taken from the ship here, was returning to Ireland for Christmas after 30 years in the United States. She was a cook · empioyed by the head of fee Robert i McBrataey linen firm in New York. ! The death certificate gave the cause; of her death as hemorrhage. ' It had been reported from Olasgo-W that a. woman was fatally injured and i 35 other passengers less serioiisly hurt, a storm struck the TuscanJa in Bnena Vista L. Spring Used. Hotel To Be mid-ocean last week. OF CHINA RESIGNS TODAY Masons Elect. At the annual election of officers of Per.talpaa Ivdge cf Masons. Gaitaers- b_rg, the follswir.e. who will be installed early in January, were nassec The tnurr.nh? !-ves ar.d trj^dXs ?f J-r '.-^r. "~e are rcflr-'ci in these p.ctures of Pf;a N---.. r.o~-. -r. . ^.'-. ..". at Si:-.a :.:er..'-^ Cal.f, T r.o reacr.c-a her ty.nna'-l-e of farr.r .n T.e s..^r.t rr.j' .e cavs -sr.^n a-treats had to c» utxn sneer po^er cf expression to Ta;t ' v ".r T.!C-=. Kcr dark .o',^f. br^oc.r.5 e:-cs. glossy O.S'-K ha.r ar.c full red orije'r.t "Tla m cf m.ll.ons of '.\ns uho called her the Q^-XT. ^f Pas.-. ' T'"e s~n-: r.- T."'ure srt, th'* l^ft, a3O"e you see ^er in a r?"ent pho'o 3t.i* snc is m roles from her silent fj*m+ Ga".Y:n. Bar.lmore at- the Buena. VLsia SD7:r.g Hotel at Buena V^ta. near Pen Mar. and its prorx;r- 1 t;es was cnnfirrr.ed by trie feceral dis- | trict court at Scranton. Pa, announc- I eci Monday that the hotel will be used ! as a summer resort for Jesuits and ! " h Th/1^£'which is or.e of the most ENTIRE NATIONAL GOVT. ' famous in the South Mountain resort . sect.on, w.U not be urea in the furore as a public hotel. It will be used for ' the first tirr.e nest summer as a re- Nanking. China, Dec. 22 (AF).-- y-r- To- tle Jesuits ! China's fast shifting political stage TEW E Karnaugh, for --an~ years '. derwent an additional shaietzp Soday caretaker, is reta.ned. He w^l take ; when the entire national govemmeaifc --are of the hrtel and :ts crurjds -luring j cabinet, ministers and Tlce-ndnisters, the winter rronths ar.d urerare for the tendered their resignations as unit. cocr.-ncs each sustsier. ' The capital was astoonded by the Mr Ga'.T.?. vis::ed at Buena Vista ' news of the resignations, over the wee-enc and completed ar- j · ; Tar.jerr-er.ts fsr the operation of the i Arrives For Funeral. · l-ovl »n:ch he sa.c he purchase; f o r ' Milan, Dec. 22 AF).--Premier BenKo ths Josu.t orcanizati^r.. : Mossolinl arrived here by special teala i · 1 frsni Rose this rooming, kissed 2» cold forehead of his younger bpoiher Amalco. who died yesterday, and Mt- terly n-ourned the passiag of Ml eo» laboratcK' of IS years. Afierwands e» premier crove to his brother^; jiooje t» larcfort h» wiSowiecl sjster-Jri-3a'T'. Later lie conferred with th* ;aa2y and Fasc^t Jeaoers over plara for the Itta- ersl which -sC proiab:? b« be*! tomorrow. Ij is expected to be fl» «c- rasiw: of the greatest Fascist desxsi- stration of sympathy !n the party'* h-storv because of the esteem in which nat-.-jn _\L-s. C-DTM^:e vTatjr^; as- Arnaldo was held as weH as the high. ,=:.?.-. pa-ron. Cnars C. R.dclercaser: position of his brother. Tiroaghoiit the cone tctress. M^s Marruente Dorn- country prince and peasant alike Js-» .-p.m; aso-:.a'e cor;djc-,rcs£. M^s ntentexi the death of the younger of registering \anc-us emotions Frances Be"..j,ir.. treasurer. M_vi Rachel, the two brothers. Pop* PJMB «eat Mi i Jones, secretary, Mrs. Louie BurdetSe. i caacolea«*. Mt, Airy Eastern Star Eects. O2:er; fcr tho coni^-.; Tear have been e'cred b^ Prudence Chapter. No. S5. Or-lcr of try Eastern Star. Myont Airy. sr.i -.he for-sal ^sta'lat-^n will be con= j"ed on Jantiiry 11, by Past Grand Va'ron Mrs H.cicaaa, Balt.- n-.ore. C.-sa^'.a.n Horace S Troth, Cbevy C.--ase, and :M_ss Crane, marshal, Baltimore The e'.ect.Dn resulted as foUo-ss: "S'crthv M-- Fay Watkins: ·'ortny patron. Carl A. Kmt

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