The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 15, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ItL., THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1948 .... - - ·----------^ Even Belter When You Choose ALLEY OOP Leaves 'Em Cold BLESS ou. OOP. FOR HOLVCOW. DDJUK TWM RINSING BKOfsisasi \ ro LEAVE A SICK. A SNEAK PUNCH.3UT GOT YCt) TRIED TO I UP AN* iK«r DUMB wren NO LUCK MACHININS DOCTOR T'WOI7 Third Forty Polls Jolt Truman and Demo Party from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN Rolled Rib Roast of Beef Place the Mayrose Brand rib roast on a rack in an open shallow pan in a moderately low oven (325° F.) (Use no water.) A meat thermometer is the only true test of doneness, but the following table of "Minutes per Pound" is a useful guide. RARE | MEDIUM | WELl GONE Minutes Per Pound 3 to 5 Ibs. 33 min. 37 min. 42 min. Minutes Per Pound 6 to 8 Ibs. 29 min. 33 min. 40 min. Internal Temperature (Meat Thermometer) 140° F. 160° F. 170' F. By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correbpondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 15-- U.P-- Henry A. Wallace's third party hotfoot has burned through President Truman's shoe and the'White Mouse is hollering for the fire department. Ne\v York and Massachusetts polls indicate Wallace's third party presidential candidacy probably would throw those states to the Republican nominee next Novem boi. II further pulse-feelings support that trend generally through the country the Democratic panic u ill be on. Poll reports apparently jolted white House satisfaction with political developments of the past several months, including the difficulty the Republicans have had in dealing with Mr. Truman's cost- oi-livmg i ecommendations made ,to the emergency November-December session 01 congress. His S40-for-everybody tax reduction plar also was reckoned by Mi. Truman's associates as a campaign jear bull's eye. New Deal Platform White House reaction to -Wal- ntrangcmenU for a coalition combat Wallace's third party move ment in New York state. lie predicted the Liberal party would poll 400,000 votes for Mr. Truman in November. Truth Serum Aids Story Of Murders WALLA WALLA, Wash., Jan 15.--(UR)--Truth serum today bolstered Jake Bird's boast that he was the nation's busiest murderer duiing the last 25 years. Hypnotized by an injection of sodium pentothal. the 45-year-old Tacoma, Wash., negro axe slayer drowsily gave "convincing" testimony to support confessions of promiscuous slayings from coast Wlnte House reaction t o - w a i to coast ' a « thor | ties announced lace's third oartv threat has ae-! After completing a two-hour ex- veloped gradually, with more un: ~" D "" 1 *""' -"*·'""' '«' By V. T.Homlin _ WELCOME NEXT TIME I VISIT X' HOME TOWN/ Pays to Read Daily Register Advertisements questionaoly to come. Mr. Tru man's cost-of-hvmg recommendations to congress were follow edition, scheduled for Thursday mid- .by state of the union and budget night, had been stayed 60 days by · « » * i » * * ,, - . · ^"«_.. ^ Y A M /"* '\1 r n\Jrtrtf\r r t f r f-M^i Vrt_ animation, Bird was notified by Warden Tom Smith of Washington state penitentiary that his execution, scheduled for Thursday mid- MAYROSE Home Economist REMINDER: The name Mayiose identifies highest Quality meat products, such OJ . . . Mayrose Pure Pork Sausage, Mayrose Cello-Wrapped Franks, and Mayrose Ready-Serve Horn. Ask far them by name -- MAYROSE. messages which planted his presi clential election campaign firmly en a new deal platform. There was considerable administration satisfaction with the voters' reception of his message to csngress. But first poll tests ol Wallace strength hit Democratic confidence with smashing impact. New York state Democratic cnair- S T . L O U I S INDEPENDENT P A C K I N G COMPANY Gov. 'Mon C. Wallgren at the request of Gov. Dwight Green of Illinois. Bird, who confessed 29 murders and insisted he could solve 14 others, smiled and joked when he heard the news But tfieh he said he expected "something better" and told Warden Smith that he New York state Democratic cnair- Bought he should be given a life man Paul E. Fitzpatnck visited j sente nce instead of death foi the i T. » TI T U3*rt T_TV*iie*r^ ttrtff H*-/l O\* Frtl. -. « · » » · t% .. - . A t TT 1...-1+ T*.-» VENETIAN BLIH 72-HOUR DELIVERY These blinds will give a ne\v modern air to \oar home. And no \\eeks of \\aitmg \\c can dc.i'er these custom-quality blinds in 72 hours. Wiotnt. from 29 1 2 to 36 incnci. \vule. 53 to 64 inches, lonu Light flexible bteel ilnts have a hard baked e:m iu-1 finish so glossy vou knou cleamn., \\ill oc cab\ Foolpioof jnecnaii'sm is enclosed in ^:i:art m?tc' l 'ni; headbox CALL US ABOUT THESE VALUES 39c So. Ft. the White House yesterday lowed shortly by Adolph Berle, chairman of the New York Liberal party. Another of Mr. Truman's callers was Mrs Eleanoi Koosevelt, who packs a terrific political punch in her own right. Wallace Will Take Votes murder of Mrs. Bertha Kludt, Tacoma, Wash Smith said that on the basis of Bird's statements under the influence of the drug that he was convinced Bird participated in the murder of Lillian Galvin and her 1 _ _ J l l U l V i t i V*- AJA* ***·*!* x M* · ·*» . » , _ _ _ Eight now when New York j m a i d E d n a S . b i l s k i . at Evanston, Democrats talk New York politics! HI - "» October. 1942 thev no more can axoid Wallace] Mrs Galvin and Miss Sibibki than they can unscramble an egg |\vere beaten to death and snot 'Wallace will take votes from during .a robbery thaU nested the -- the Democratic party and anyoae who says he won't is crazy," Fitzpatrick told questioners after his conference with Mi. Truman. He said Wallace would take some Republican votes, too, which is quite likely, but political realists "hereabouts figure Mr. Truman is the Candidate who will be hurt seriously if the third party movement srsists, Berle was down to discuss a 1 political alliance between Demo " . T .» , _ T .t^^.«.nl .^ O I . . JJ1 K\v luin- au»i«.. He told newsmen th£t Mr. Tru SPAPFR MHUARY SS.95 VALUE $8.95 VALUE GIRLS WOOL Piping Hot Foods for those chilled bones- HOT CHOCOLATE TASTY HAMBURGERS TEN0ER HOT DOGS r Chili, from our own kilcfien S7.95 VALUE BOYS LEATHER §3.98 VALUE GIRLS WOOL Jackets ANDY'S REGULAR §19.95 REGULAR S8.95 LADIES* COATS FOUNTAIN - LUNCH REGULAR S2.9S LADIES 5 s REGULAR S1.9S BOYS* Sweaters DOES COUGHING RUIN YOUR SLEEP? REGULAR S1.39 YD DRAPERY REGULAR SI. 19 BOYS* Material 3-WAY RELIEF! REGULAR S2.9S LIEN'S S7.S5 VALUES Sweaters $10.95 VALUES MEN'S VALUES TO SU9 SHOES SIMPLE NIGHT-TIME PLAN RELIEVES THOUSANDS Man d to «Jro rawr l»v REGULAR MEN'S REGULAR S1.9S CHILDS* Soothe dry membrane* 3» Help loo*«n phlegm Sleepers DEPARTMENT STORE cud day imerito'j fovcriJe (or WO yeon assailSits thousands ^f dollars in jewels and furs. Bird previously confessed the Galvm-Sibilski killings, but said he had three accomplices. Authorities doubted existence of the accomplices. The possibility that Bird could clear up this case evoked Green's request that Bird be kept alive for further questioning Much of the test was concerned with the Galvm-Sibilski case and the murders of John Korpal, his wife. Stella, and their son Ernest, 18. at South Bend, Ind. in Septem- ne WMU iicwamun v"" -- h " 1040 Bird said he killed the man had pledged help m making °^ with ' a piece of p lpe and that an accomplice slew the elder Kor- pals. Questioners were skeptical about the accomplice. Claims Discoveries Of New Oil Basins in Illinois Passes Peak ST. LOUIS. Jan. 15--«CP)--New discoveries of oil basins m Illinois have passed their peak. Edwin A. Rehnt president of tne Hlinoir Geological Societ. saio ihere yesterday. ! Rehn said the rate of produc-j lion was greater last year than] the rate of discovery, and tnai. 115 deep tests of dry oil basins j had not produced any results, we ' ssid production can be kept up. however, through use of water flushing methods, forcing oil from the sand strata to the level of intake pumps now installed. Rehn, who is general chairman 1 of a two-day district meeting of- the American Association of Petroleum Geologists here, predicted another 30 years of exploration land drilling activities m the IH»- i r.ois oil basin. Endowment Given U. I. to Aid Study Public Gov't CH XMI'AIGN. I l l . Jan. 15--t^» - A $20.000 endowment was left ,to the University of Illinois to ^y to foster the .study of public administration 1 The sum was. willed the school by the late Prof John A. Fairlic, faculty member for 32 years who 5 was known as the 'father of a d - j jTMristrativc reorganization in state roxernmen'is" Also granted in Fairlic's will v.crc a 39.000-vohimc library for 1'r.i school .ird a S5.000 gift foi the endowment fund of the Amen- c«n Political Science Association. Randolph County Physician Dies EVAXSVII.LE. 111. Jan. 15-- a*r_Dr. James A. Bcatlic, one of the oldest physicians in Randolph county and a graduate of Barnes Medical College with the class of 1898. died yesterday at his home here. Bcattic, who was 82 years old. had been bedfast for the past two years He is survived by his widow* and three daughters. Funeral services will be held here tomorrow. ,- Easy to Cook! Tender/Fluffy! Simple, quick, easy to cook! Rich in natuia! noiuklnnent! * For best cooking resitIti /WI/ yet the rice labeled f^EL^L Home Decorations Today's PGWQ?, SFteifsy's POP. Today's Zip --for Bssi up fo Ten Yeazs Old! M A RE ibis sounds Ion £ood to he true. But it's :i f.ict! Even if jour l.iiick uatfs as far as 1*»37. jou can h.iic :» hs»odfiil of factory-fresh I'ircball power--.;sleek new power ptani ilini's ns the engines Jioing iiuo the I.i?cst Buick cars. Everything ahonf it is brand-new. A new carburetor and air cleaner help make cvcrj- drop of fuel ii've up all its power. A new distributor, complete viih ^ncuuni and centrifugal advance, put ntw sn..p in \o;ir Cutaway and new pep in a!! dm ing. \ whole new \iiriri harness prevents electrical Joss. And tucktt! in ihe flvuhecl housing is a new smoothie of a clutch that'll nuke driving more fun than ever. Y v » . i;\ .ill r.os w i t h the latest Huick tn^i'ie features you re;id :'.boti*.--l:\c precision cylinder bor- iui. OIi-M;str rjr.t;s, Stratoflow co Hi'.'i «^o on. ^o-.i c.^.n jjct a new n£inc like this i ·-cause c.-.^ine ptothiction is not luld n she sbortai-c of sheet suvl wbich hmhcojnpletc-car pro- d.:c;;- i. So w/a- ah'c · pin one of these honeys into your car and make it young a£ain--s-ivc it new power and performance tiiat will ^et you et for thousands and thousands more carefree miles. How much docs it cost? Not nearly what ou"d cvpcct--often ic-ss'-th.:': a comprehensive overhaul. And it's a mighty 1-ootl imesJmcnt because it makes vour car worth somuib more when it comes time to tun it in. Nice proposition, isn't it? Surely worth talking over. Won't you come in and let us £ive \ou all the details? -8 424 S. Granger - Harrisburg, IHinois

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