The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EISHT THE DAILY H2WS. FREDERICK. MD.. THUBJBDAT. MAY 19, 193? THEY^USH HUNT FOR LINDBERGH BABY'S SLAYERS FEEL FINE FO Qitk irl 5r«o fctid^cke ^ y°^}^ ? j o u g?s-:"2 that -". chief of The B the D-.osrtrr.-:-:; era! ::?ii o: : gi-SS-d ir. the h the L::;eo"nr. era! Mi'.cheU has r-r- Ecyir Kc-.'.er -A^W- : · rrs-a c-f InvcstU-:?.::o:-. t:J c5 Jti^x-e ac'. a.« s\:i? Pi-cie.-J.: aec:-.-.".^ ·.-.- nt ior the n-.ursi": r ·; baby. · Ne* Jorsry !orc*s! ;p*.T.- x:"* murderers of i : . . i .-. C-' H Normar. Prc*frutor Anthony M. Kauck. Jr. abOY* cf Hu;:wrwn county. N. J. N. J , o! the Captain F ' A resoluaoa calling for an offer of InveetSgaiioEs conducted by District H. Lackrsan (above) is $100.000 by the Attorney-General of Attorney Charles B. of the state ;wUe -AJ; Marshall. (·'. Mcro r cau!:'.i !;· ii»d been placed in c:^irje Lindbergh cas*. II th* k^iers of the Lindbergh baby ar » captures and tried to M«c« county. N. J. th? case against -.hen: o: Manhsr. i above). nappes* of the famous fiver's sec. SPRING-INTO-SUMMER OUTFITS Fr^m Frances MicUonald. Ne'A- York) i ·* They at-cded church her swter. Mrs Nora Muigrove ..Irs ; 1 -.-c« a'. this place Suniav morning. . Thompson returned home recently !rom : ! -- Mrs. Flovd MoxSey ant! Mrs. Charles J the Frederick Cay Hasp:'.-?-, after an ; ' B'.irdetto spent Thursday with their ! operation. - -ire"--s M- a^-d Mrs Bradley Watkms. ! --There will be children's day exer- · ' --Thwe us ho called or. Mr." ar.d Mrs. · --.lies at the M. P. -.hurch. Purduni, on ? S V Brcaah'-irst the pis*, fe* cay.- Sunday T.orrung. May :9. ' -.-c Mr and Mrs Harvey Burietie. --Mr. r.nd Mr- 5. W. Seal!. Mr. ai:O .dfirld: Mr.. A-nes Able and r*o Mrs. Dcney Lewis :'.r.a Mr. a;:d Mrs. i» C'jC-l^'.O. .^«r.' i . n.^;iC7 ru.s, ^i«v* T « w _·*··-. --^- »*-^- .* -- - - · -- ' -- i · ^s-v-e- Tt^^a'vwA-n Ja::;cs Day spcn'. Sunday ?.f;er::sors j ; "Ill^ir"Mjurlce'sr.rder is bisv ;-::ir.3 v.-iih Mr. and MK. O'-L- Browij^!?. near j · 1..J -·.-.- i y. 3 rb crop :n'.o'.. He is M:. Lebanon. : : "rc-cr:c; :o have a: uniisui: amoun:. -Mr.;. Susie Leo. of Frederick, s' ' --Mr. ar.d Mrs. Jo? Djy ar.d dau;h- . :-)ondm7 c:r.e :iir.c v..:h h*r caugn:er. : j -- M.-. and Mr*. Fi::nor? Bcall. Mrs. , .-:sd fimiiy. 01 Kc'r.p'o" ·"-. v:s : t«i re- ( \ Dorcas Day. Mrs. Aru-.i? Muiliean. ar.i · '.·.-istly Mr. and Mr;. Cirl Mul'ican. | i Mr*. Li'aby Bennett and son. roent a · -------·» i advsrtiiir.s pays big diviiencs I '.': ho'irs s.; '.he home cf ^£r. an ' Mrs. Lut:'.c-r Beall. Leivisdi!*. Surday · ; --Mrs. Ja::-; Grcon. who sptn: 1^--'. ! j w.-vlc a: tl-.v :ion:t o: her dau;;h:rr. Mrc. i I Arthur^y. Hj'Aard couniy. rLt^rr.-^! ; ! ',v !.er homo on S-or. day. · i --Dairy far3:vrJti:rjL.,-"n here-are ic-e-p- · I Grass u:-.'.l clov;r arc flsurishin; a-'-- j :o the -.vjnderf:-.'. r^.::s ol ihc past iv«t. ! Spring and wells are baci to thsir best ^, e - iT i How To Stop RHEUMATISM i.hroMj:-. lii-rc. -- The Ii-.nnelt brothers are park!::; "diciac Drives Khcumati Fois- ; I ons From Joints And : j Lewisdale : L?^;-!V. Mi-.y : Mr?. Lc-;-:r \V?.:i:ln.=. i --Mr. :md Mrs. Jei3 c Be.'.: EASES PAIN FIRST DAY I raasilss :i'.:se rhc'-matlsm. You car.- I not get rid of rneuniau: agjny ;il: ' every :rs:e of th-iie dasstrous polder.' 1 :i drive:: c?ut of your systeat. That', -vhy ox:?rn.i: rc-rr.eiics ani piir. dsi-i- :uii | wha: vou need is BC-:vv the r.e?. farii-y sn'J Mr.-. J^nriic Gr?:-"? '·'· ; ' rc : :::c-iicir:e EOTT sold by all amsgisis: ; f Mr. BY JOAN NEA No VTritrr you ha- 1 * been · SunCny vri:o-f if Mr. «'.ti: Mrs j : :la . a;;s dirert'.y on the liver, kid- ·, j Dev.-ey Brov.-n. :;~ir Cli'.S¥"ttsvi;i;. | -,-,-5 3.-;= b!o?d. and helps expel through ( 1 --Mr. r.t;~ Mr;.. S^.rr.u.:! Nirhot-or.. : : - ; ". = c'isnr.els of elimination ; j ! if Br.yd.;. v. ort Sunday vi?.inrs v.-:th : tl:- da.!seroiL3 poisons thai cau^e rheu- , i Mr. and Mrs. Umor Mu!:inix. j n -i:ic mf^ry. : j ^Mr. '.ni: Mio. MaynErc: Klin?, near r XD long waiting for your suffering i ·Gaithcrsbursr. ana Mrs. Gcnc. KI-II. of j r 0 stor/. RC-Ma eases pain the first ! ; Dar,".?-j:'.-iic. visis-;d Mr. and Mrs. C. N. i c^y and is one rlieumitlsrn remedy i · Lc'.vL;. ! guaranteed to -ree ntasiles and joints j 1 --Mi-, .in:! Mr-. \VLUiam Laylon. r.enr: f- - a:! painful stiSnes;. i-.vellins and | i: and you're dressed Tor the day. no | -nraist and very rute c:fTs of the tolled ! Florcrrc. -.vr- Sunriay vis tors o: Mr. : i.-.mene^. or notriiag to pay j matter how ho: it tarns. \ ·:---r;et'..' oufT the slur'. *l"eves. i ^nd Mr.;. M. N. Krr.g- I Williamson, the Druggist, has so j There is ;i n^vcl I::--.!? cr^s-:-ro^= belt j --The Meilo^tone radio artists v.-il: \ much confiden-e in Ru-Ma that they j _ o r your "."·" '.v'.-.;.-;! crnsvi ::i ;h? ba-k. !ro:n the ! pre.-'-nt a free mu.Tical cn'.eri.'.iiirr.cnt in · van: every rheumatic in t-ov.'n to try it j lookirjr in yo-or-^?rir.s suit and no mnt- : -;-;.;; W _ jjjpic CJlrr5 - I'.AV: a s.v:- "·.·::?n l ! c. the Et?n j".-l:"'. trr·:·::. ar.d j the Lcv.-^dale to\vn hal! Monday night. : and guarantee money-back i' it clces te 1 - "OT fAe "yi have been reeling. ! israc'ion in them. G-:xi blue; : L-clts with a a;:rk ::-. front. j --Mrs. Elmer Thsrarison. of nen.- ; not, stop all yo;ir rheumatic suST?r:ns.-- it's time no* "to ehan?e one or j tSa'- _^you _ -wr.\^ j« f. ^;^?^ . __ _^ f t:^. *,.-.. * v , , ^ ! ^SS'"-'" 11 '*. s ? ; "' ?cv?rsl dn - wilh ' Adv - Printed things alivays ^erm appropri- ] 0 ^nbi n3 ;:o::. and j^j:::o ri ;ri.- nc^ p;:rp- 7^::.:'e. in red an whu'.e. This \-3Clo i ate this time of -rear. Thev look jprini- i lv r-.-d? ar.d -.vh:to tria'- are r-o ·y-.ip-.jiar ;,V;-.T: dc.u^r. is -.'·rry aftrartivc'y used i like ^nd feel wsar.-^. ^hich is a =rrand i :h^^ring.^ ^__^ _ _ ^ ^__ ^ : ^r _ « iu^ j.::i.:c ; ! ^acket^io^topjhe j Most of th: :ri:ur:t.-. o: :hl; :yr- u?c | ^-;:ed cei;5n. fashions s. m-at. early -;:.s;;c :he top of ::-.;- lrc^-. :rse cuJTs a cress and t.:-.y ::; jarioL this year. ; .-·.·.inrp-er r^=u::::o. The rlc:. arj- A .«.-.»:- :ne Peei off the jacket and you ear. have j ;--r co; d^siyr.. '.'.r^e r.r.i s:n_... \\ :;:'-.a late afternoon type of thin;. Wear i s:r-?r-cttr faiitior.-; the tr;.i ar :r:c ; C;;rlv-rucs of i rich daric red T - -n Browmnersville rinisvUle. May 13-- The Ladies -- Th-x e o ^--5 visit rd \rd son of Ro:kv:::c. jailed c-:i friends : :oe orean: fcrtiva: in the church hall. ' Aid will hold its nest monthly n:ce:- r.:me recently vvoro Mr .-.nd Mrs. B:m- -M.S5 Mable Surr-'ttc. c inr at the h-i~c ·-.'. Mr. nr.- Mr.v !.-:·.--'.-..-d Gi-.-yrl 3:;; b i b y . G..·"·/"-.:ury. .in;: ::: .-p;::t t::o vo.-k-cnr; a: !::o n^n:c ·c- Watiin5 r'ar Lc-visda'.'. ·»V«-;nesdav Mr. and Mrs. Zi.-hr.ria;-. Hunti::::;.":-.. '.-..-r ;.i-.-.or.t.;. M:. anrl Mr;. M:llar-u afternoon Jti-e 1. " RKkv:l. ::urci-to. She -A-J* acc;.r:-.pan:ed by --Mr. a.- Mr?. Broschurj; --Thc-re -x:". N: a stra-.vbrrry anci : iliree jir! rr:ends. former ar.d Toonerville Folks Bv Fontaine Fox LE FPHRA'M HAP SNKERiTEP J'JPGE WILSON'S LAST YEAR'S STRAW FOR THE PAST TWENTY YEARS. J-W Nurotex. Linens, Worsteds and Twists. $ g-9L _ -- "Nationally Known" Wor- +, %·§· i D steds. Tweeds. F l a n n e l s , tp Twists. Sises to 48 Stouts. .75 Graduation Special! Blue Serje Suit S3 VThite Flannel Pant" BUck Dress Oxfords i White Broadcloth Shirt Black Tic Straw Hat Up to $32.50 Value Complete MEN'S Straw Hats 79c 4 S* these before buying: Men's Men's Boys' Boys" Work Union School waiton Pants Suits Pante Dress S9c and 33c and 3Sc and Oxfords SL19_ 5Sc 69c S1.58 Women's. Misses' and Children's Shoes Men's Knt!:cct:-.Tohn50Ti OXFORDS 1.58 - '1.95 Vaincs to 54.00 "Fn-.Iotf" Health Shoes I'p To S.xOO Indies' Novelty and Dress Shoes Ladies' Hose «* Q«^ Dress Shoes 3 "^ for " ; f::!^ $1.38 $1.88 $1.00 The BULOVA "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up To.r-ate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT EMurrs irct r:^ co to the cruy 5t;rv asi asl: lor fc£ £or. THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS I PAY OFF 7OW? B/LLS . . . Do not hesitate to see us if yon need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO $309 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sara in charge) PHOXE 11-3 It's Xerer Necessary 13 refer to the } Finsneiai F^se to sscsrtain j ihe value o! yo^r Life '. Insurance Policy. ^ I:* T%£ur c^Tcr fluctuates. It t* »i- ' «ir «ortb im Cents on [be Oollir.-- «rtth prariul^ed r^:^e» priatrd ncbt in is. i=d increawtl OT AnEail OiTideads. ; A Life I:.saraner Po-iry i* of »U i»'re*t- ^ raesits the most stable and tecnre. Additional insurance na *»«eo cakrn : bj t^oc2ni£ «I people ;!:is year a% an eitri sneaer la t;3d«irS. PossJblr aa ^ cate thought of ic;reasis£ four COT- ersje. i THEEQUrmBLE SOGETK JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md. Lewis R. Dertzbaugh PHONE 7SS There Is No Substitute For Quality A large loaf of G-AEBEE'S BEEAI) gives you more nutrition than z dime will buy in any other form of prepared food. Order it from your grocer; he is your most dependable sourca of bread supply. roer Installed $5.00 DOWN EASY TERMS N L Y T H E WestiDghouse FLAVOR ZONE R A N G E Operates on the Money-Saving Flavor Zone Principle From $50.00 to §150.00 per year . ; ; SAVED: Yc? T there's an actual cash savings -with this improved and perfected cooking method ... a saving that i; poe- $\b\c on!v with Westinghouic Flavor Zone Cooking. Foods shrink less in the oven of thf Flavor Zone Ranee. You're sure of better results from cheaper meats and vegetables .,. there's a money v^lue. too, ia the cleanliness of Flavor Z-one Cooking asd in the freedom from kitchen care* that it brings yotj. Add wp all these S=T- incs - . . no other cookinir methou is 50 economical . . . :o convenient. E L E C T R I C I T Y IS THE M O D E R N , FAST, ECONOMICAL W A Y TO COOX THE POTOMAC EDISON CO. 26 W. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. Mount Airv--Taneytown--Union Bridge--New Windsor

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