Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 6
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 6

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 6
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"i*4»A Local News Features CttWS, NEW MEXICO, Thursday, May 6, 1965, Page 6 Plans Due Re-Issue For Post Office Project Plans and specifications for; flee in Denver. ' ficials explained. ! square feet. construction of a new post of- The bid of J. W. Cooper, Odes- Invitations to bid are expected The building will be located at fice and federal office building sa, was termed "non respon- to be issued sometime in .lime or the corner of Fifth and Gidding in Clovis are expected to be re- sive." 'early July for the new building with parkins facilities consum- issued to general contractors The rejection reportedly re- to be erected on Gidding between ing the rest of the area, sometime this month. j suited from Cooper's bid being Fourth and Fifth An Odessa contractor last some $53,000 above the authoriz. „, .James A Burran Jr.. Clovis, is January submitted the apparent ed funds. ' Tnc building will be a two- architect. His office said today low bid of $881,200 but the bid And the second low bidder, story structure with pie-cast it had no details on the report of later was rejected by the Gener-l John Cornell of Clovis. also ex- stone panels and brick backup the pending plans and specifica- al Services Administration of/- cecded the budgeted figure, of- with a total area of $:ia IHIII tions or the bid invitations. Clovisite's '•."' • ! • ' •. C A POST OFFICE PLANS NEAR — Plans and specifications Gidding where the building is to be erected The remainder ***•"'*»"*»" for construction of a new federal building and post office of the block will be for parking facilities. (Staff Photo bv NllCnan*lA*l in Clovis are expected to be re-issued late this month. This Scott Fischer) ' <^M5peilMt?Q photo, looking southwest, shows the corner of Fifth and A Clovis youth David M. Hi!- Clovisite Named Officer $462,266 Budget Approved Hearing Burglars Break Door On Shooting Postponed For Ft. Sumner Schools FT. SUMNER (Staff)—A $462.-1ton. superintendent of schools. Burglars broke a window and cash. She said she was in ih' . storm door at the Henry Socket! back yard when the thelt oci ui nri „„» r, \u ^f" j sus P e " d " residence on Brady Street over- red. police reported, cd sentence Wednesday after msht , JU( no(hi was n , CAR'STOLKX he entered a plea of quilty to ;mlssin> , from lhp honu , amended information in District: A preliminary hearing for Court. The charge pending against | Earlier Wednesday, Wugalter lHilborn was changed from pos-' A. T,. Dennett of FJida snid Police said the burglars were 1%J model car was stolen \\ |apparently in search of money. to 266 budget for 1965-66 was ap-! He said $7,000 was added "for'conducted hearings "in Clovis'for iscssion of marijuana, to which l ," M ™\™r\e<\ to police Wednes »..!!... ... . vt ^' iK.uinif.ij v-iuvio iui u _ , _, _,—, , . ,].,y (j i;i ( s omeone Uid come into In r home and taken $•!! 50 in Trial Slated lesday from the HWi bl. HOl'SK KXTKRKI) Mam.' where tbc vehicle Mrs W. D Morris. 1110 Thorn- parked I;K VCLF TAKLV M:- One] .T,.me. -• 1.1/,i reported .- t ,;,,' . i, PISTOL sro, i \ *' •' IiiKiam ,i|.; v, I.mi :i. repnr-teij (.. ;...,, e '•-."d.iv ;, v',,,, • ;., .,.a,, . \V\I( I! Williams, charged with rec murder in the Api""!i::^ death of Jesse :;a- heen rescliedul C d • •nd tune. :na! proved for the Ft. Sumner school'transportation needs in 1965-66 Melrose and Clovis school"svs'-^ 0 liaci P' L>a(ic(1 innocent, system during a state budget for a total of $51,000 in budgeted terns Tuesday he conducted aUomptin » to flirnisn mari- F. Gayle Chapman, a Clovis "earing here Wednesday after-jiunds. This is $11,000 over the hearings for Grady and Tcxico J" ana to a person held in law- druggist, was installed first vice .noon, 'current transportation budget of Wugalter won at Tucumcari ful . custody in Curry C o u n t y president of the State Pharma-j The budget represents an in-j?40.000. Jthis morning and was to go to Jai1 -" ' l!ial li;is '"'' in M> < f" r •' '<' ceutical Association at the asso-!crease of $9.150 over the current Th e new budget gives a $100 House. Logan, and San Jon this.. D 'stnct Judge K. T. Henslev 2 for Florcncia C.uana. 24. \\i ciation's meeting in Albuquer-1 budget of $453.116, noted Ray Lof. que. Tuesday. i •*^ • ' Chapman was second vice pre-l pOrTQIGS sident before taking the new of-i fice. isiuiaf^iii Cif*T$ Del C. Cole of Albuquerque; * Jlii * 8CI11 ^^^»* took the office of president and: Harry Jernigan of Hobbs is the set for >-!;>. mi"! until ( alv.n N'en- i '' pay raise to the principal, James afternoon for othei-budget hear-''k~- suspended the sentence, entered a plea of innocent '..« . R. Fincke, and all teachers. Lof-iings. which was six months in conn- charm- of escaping f:em t •; « ton's salary of $10,080 remains 1 In addition to Lofton and'**' J ail - tlle same - jFincke, Ft. Sumncr's hearing Harry Wugalter. chief of statp' Wa £ ' tt ' ncicd >' several teachers new second vice president. 'Tom Hamilton of Alamogordo . . moved from his councilor's post-has been named a recipient of a public'school finance, presided a , nd , the I !' oa1rd of ^"^tion. in- _ . e at the hearing which got under- , , ne I , owhatan Cart er. pn-si- I OTOI $990,750 u'nv in H,,, IN o ,,- , llt>Mt ' :inti members. L C Rat *..v n the I-t. Sumner High li!T M PS . Jowclle Rixhv Mrs HFREFORD, Tex. <St; ;cust(xly of a peace officer dui_ )n ,_, ;in jjrraiL'rimenl \Vcd!iO'-da\ Permits n ' ' ( I \KI.A I ! '! I '; i Jimmie G. Davis of Portales l ^ h1ool . sc . ienKce room at 4 P-m. Zola Hornev ,„ u A „ „„„;„;„„* „(• o! and en ded about 5: • :30 p.m. .Franks. (! liana (' o n n t j ln'tid. affi and William R $">">''>.750 in building permits f i C J. LJ j. were issued during April at Her- COglGS bCT MCet "~ ( 'f°rd compared to S.'ifiR 6<H The local ehapiej of t 1 .. I • I worth of permits in April of ti rnal Order of Hades i.... i WM. ed a meetHu: for 7 .'fri p r l : ; The April fipure brought the dav at the ri'.•);-'- r,e-.\ v • < „,. 'four-month total to 910 mcetin;- ha'! ,,.. V,,-- s..\,-. • me number of persons filing Among the 63 suits disposed Compared to Sl.fi79.:i80 for the .-m-nnmee.] J<..,.••,>. M ;lor divorces in Curry County of during April were 23 divorces s;im e P"«od in " Award winners from the tni- dropped from 30 in March to 26 granted District Judge F T • i ~— versity of New Mexico are A!- in April, hut this number was Henslev dismissed Y> cases „, J J e -M A. Leach and Ralph F. Pow- still above hot), January, when granted two adoptions and corn- ted by fire Wednesday afternoon, d], both of Albuquerque. -« were filed, and February, milled one person to The garage belonging to W. C. Recipients from Western New when only 13 were filed hospital. Hawkins was a total loss, said Mexico University are: Filome- Record in the District Court Fire Chief Joe Maddox. jna R. Ramirez. Bayard; Nancy Clerk's office show that fil suits Opera Set At Eastern .u<! t-i with a banquet. Garage Gutted By Fire A garage at 410 Reid was students larships for the vear. * Divorces Lead With 26 dent a mental Postmaster Gets Briefing Public Record . . Maddox added that burning L. Ronquillo, Hurley; Teresa A. wc ' - e filed during April, t b e BaS6 WlYGS Plan grass caught the garage on fire. Guaderrama, Doming; a n d same number as were filed in' *••" i IMII March. .Ruth E. Vise, Central. New Mexico State University Suits filed other than divorce' Hospital Notes . SixTh SUv.--: I>av:.U D.--CM,' WKDXKSn.AY ADMISSION'S -° ftl "> '• Sixth $v> Craig Doughctt, 1021 X. Oak J'-'- 1 ^'-' 1 ' ; ' r b'-l'Tv:; ; t, 1; . , 'medical Streveler 21 fiftfi r S;\f; 51 1 Sammy Nix Bartee, 3201 Wai- ' l; ""-'--- r lace, medical Robert (I o n z a 1 e s, 1J17 S v..ii.(;••!,'.. <";,,\ , s p,.-!; 1 M'l.v i-r < "•» |'» .; •• ; ,:•:,.i! Siricfin.: on ' •' • : i !:.t :,t .••', >tt-r:i i^|>el .lUiiHS. -'.'.• " '"''•• u Wednesday :••:::::• J'n.1.»v. officials UOCTOB IB! raQSPSTaij j\ew Mexico scaie uinversiiy ^uns nieu ouier than divorce \\\ w -'ves of Cannon"'' Dr. Roland Crane of Ft. Sum-winners are: Ernest M. Harper, included: on account 5; Mort- are invited to loin a 3 laV " ner, sanitarian with the Curry Arenas Valley: a n d Donald M. gage foreclosure. 5, damage. 9 bo\vi<n» le^Mie to he-i \i Prince, medical and DeBaca county health de-Wolf, Roswell. : quiet title. 3. on note. 3: men- dav ni ^,t -ind run fo? u'u ( i'"" Dr Roland Crane. Ft Sumner partments, was admitted to Me- Joseph A Rivera, Rainsville, tally ill. 3. workmen's compen- ' medical morial Hospital Wednesday for was the Highlands University station. 1: partition. 1: on justice The first play will he Mon- Frona Sherburne. 4J1 Weatii surgery. 'winner. l ol ll "' peace judgment. I. rccip-'lay at 7 pin. at the Clovis <'!!nrd. surgery rocal support. 2, custod\. ]. an d Howling Center. I'aulihc dependent and neglected chil- . MH House Students Visit Colorado CAXN'OX flTV. C,il" - •,!. her'- <if the S,-!:!.i: ( !.!- "< l|. DEATH S »*fc*»iBB^ P Uranaman. Tr-xnn An\one interested in the leai'tn- is a>ked in call Mrs Hilde Turner. 7H4-3227. so th ;i t teams can be set up before p| a \ begins dren. 1. ANo i'ded were application' VIRGIR A. TILLMAN lull friends and neighbors of the ' ' CAMERON (Staff) — Virgle A.'family. Tilman, 78. died at his home in Burial will be in the Wheat- Cameron, Wednesday. 'and Cometerv Mr. Tillman had 'lived in the Dl'RWOOn BRYAN' area since 1908. BROWXFIELD, Tex. i Staff i- .. He is survived by his wife. Ola Mr. Din-wood Bryan. -42. died The problems ol a Civil De- HOUOreC! By SCOUtS Mae Dunn Tillman: three sons. Tuesday at a Hobbs. hospital 'ense program for Clovi-, were TITl'MCARI (Staff) — Seven B. A and Nolan of San Jon and He had been a lifetime resident dKcii-,M'd Uednoday h\ local top honoi s were' "iven liv the tt r. of Cameron: a daughter, of Terry County. Civil DefeiKe Hoard inemiier- Boy Scouts of America Kit ( n' Mrs. Maxine Wallace of Came- Funeral services will be held '"'d Co! llan> Naugt-1 oi Santa son Council in'New Mi CD Program Discussed Tucumcarian ion: 15 grandchildren and 15 at 2:30 p.m today at Memorial '•>, state ri) director and Ho- a recent presentation e\icd. in great - grandchildren. ,Chape! of Brownfield with J 'an,l Halm ot Santa Fe. regional eluded awardm*'" the Vi'l'v e"r Funeral services will be held L °. vtl Mayhcw officiating field of!,cer for the federal CD Beaver honor to Ra'ph Isbell al the Dunn Funeral Chapel at ^ I{ '.V' n ', s , *"""<•« hv '-.N ^""^ vie,- present oi a hank in TU „ o n , im Vr -j n ' mother Mrs Bryan. Ht .1 At the meet m 2 the role of the cumcan _ ,,u p.m. j rioay Brownfield three broli.erv f;,- thiee level, <,! government in Isbeli whn r,.f.,,,vr,1 r » Pallbearers will be R. H. Me-, ( . v ,,,„., Wnrth W A ,, 0 ,., , •„ ,, n-f,,,,, acti\,,,es was d, ° V?t tier and Hen of Odessa T'-x cu- --d \\ in-.on BIK Ki-l'Ai-. B'A "'' medical WF.DXKSDAV DISMISSALS A\cry Alexander. 721 Kd«ar- Phillip Briscoe. 51 f> Henchci Timothy Burg. Portales Peggy Cates. dradv \'irg;nia Crespm. T'.icumca Marv Clenn. 1(13 Hink!<\\ !•: llasne. 111:.' Piie James Lower. 1)17 W Tenth • I'M- Martinez, Lubbnck 'I e\ lien Mdton, (M Connelly Ncal Moore. Lazbuddie. Tex (' l-:ddy Perry. Farwell Tex (, a tup in s< en,! and i;iviu aroimd Den;ei hided ),! i,j. S' i e I M: .ii ai:<! <l:i ' i; \ HI: I: I! , N! lt-rK DC Mrs Leo Robmsori and baby Ma: )..rre!| H, 1,,-N r! "n ai.d H;,.' '.e Farland. Lloyd Frost. R B Vick Jc-rry Isler Willis Carter rind F P Thomas. Honnrarv Aiiendiii' 1 from Clovis wer Ton fiallbearorc will be To Clarify \M.\lill.l.o liolirr! l.l-ull I. Ft Idiilwa 1 . W<-diiesda> iiiL^ I.OVFL\DV TeX lS!.,ff. Ml ;'.'•!.ul. ,i S..M.I !lllieke< per died it m SI Aiithon . '- irl. 2(19 Hall M>'rtle Stroud. Portales Kitty Todlmnter. G(il K First ed award, which is the highest J-'iven to an adult in the scoutm.' re inosemeiit has been ;,fij\,. j n M:n>. in lla,-.. city manai'er; Hob the mo\ement (.,.- a numbe- ' '"''" ! " ( ' ;ii r " directur and ol \eaiv. un ,j |,. r |,,. ( . n Sl .,,,,,' \. ^ •"M"! member>: Mr, Bob Ste- n,a<ter of a Hoop holding the w K |; - 1!!V «' and Dp;,] '' ' ''" M^IIUM.- (JVM-II.S and Frank oldest chaite, [,„• scouljri;' j n Li-:'etl, M. boiii of l.uhb./c i. i 1 '' • 1 ' ! < l)i.a>n n,e sla ,,. " -j ( . x ' -'..I e ,'i.M' A In : ' t i i j • v. i : D.c.':- J l--|..T!k!;:i . P.eV. ( ii.,' M.,rv \. ;: M,f: C:.-. K Vdim, 1 Marriage Licenses William (I McComti. 34. and i. Club Officers Elected l A.Kf r-pi:': 3-KlX'.'-| I i |-vr-:|U ' tl t IV. . • . IH'OF: n r J ROOM |nr ' Mr. I.oveladv had 'Amarillo since U)26 Mr. Lovelady is survived In his wife. Lillian two sons Jamc* •if rintarii; Calif and Kennctl. "I Anaheim Calif a sifter. Mrs Thelma Link of Merc-lord; h i i •nother Mr>- Su^ic Lovelad-, oi \marillo. and four grandchil Mcrkct News New York Stocks STOVE & RKKRI'IF.MAI'OR FOR >Al.,-: Water Ration -Talk In Hereford 2 KOHMALS FOR A!«n n..r, ).,, »!!•<•», I F- M .1. i *, -.. e JPKM. uat*r and TV caoie Fl'RNISHED ai-i '.'• bedruuni ur.fui;,!M,«j Mid. 7W-n«i?. ul tit; Musi ht iM HUl si: for I«MH Hi sin JHiuii* »i »'J 0«i "i «tt ~" " i Funeral services arc- pendmr lA'ithX. S Griggs and Sons Amarillo | FRFO I.. FARRIS HKRKFORD, Tex. iStaifi — ! PORTALF.S (Staff)—Mr. Fred IVvMljle water rationing here '. Farris. 77 a former resident this sunimer lor lawn and j'ar it Ne.\ Hiill'ie died \\.-dlle .| t i it dell ire rlilllli;J Ihi- (line i.l It . j| ( llu <ft' rthell I lie lleni^ld I. in ,iv Mi I ai ii.- i MH', i. ell In In. "' I e lit-iii" t.ilinl alum! I. , ,. M i,|l eel' I '.\ II "I i I )<!-|lll,il! ' ' ! • lO.111.1 ( I 1>I III lev I i.l , lie • I Cln.c and U'i Id'J 1 ; l-'jiii ill lie luiiilec-ii \\e]|., i,,,,.. 'evell^pid twosi--lei Mi'- (»'iil jie piuduunj' v\a!i I lor the i it , Madlm Ilillsboro. Ore am) Mi con>umplion and u lath v\eil '.eotij Tinklfv of Hood finer will be in production bv .June '>re ; four brothers, W E Fat Peak us>e comes whtn tlie u-g- i ''is of d'Dell. Ore . Frank and etable slitds start operation K A Farris of Denver. Colo., air •conditioning makes its bi;.;and L D. Farris of Pastoria. gt>t demands and lawn^ soak ', ' >re and se\en grandehihjrcn up lart;e amount.s in luv\ isiui.s i-'nnei.-l v.r, ,ees wi'j be held tuie pc!lods The problem lie.-, <t - pm h'li^N at the Canst-v wiin tin.- possible inability ul the •'huicli ol Christ with burial in cit>\ wells lu maintain adc- Cause) Cc-nifteiy undt'i direction,(|iiatc prt-ssutt- duiing timt-s ol ol Whet-kr Mortuary, Jajjij »kuiiaid, oliiclaJs j.aid. n muted t, •! i::\c-' ,i .; iiav attend Congratulations " n '""' To Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Rog- ( ll!:i ' li! ors, 102 Columbia Lane, cm the Ul ; ;l (1 -- rl '' Inilh of a daughter weighing six ' •'"' _ n '' x '_ ixjurids and 13 minces at 2 Ui ^'•' N '' a! ' a m in Memorial Hospital ms,: !!•> n... To Mr 'and Mrs Jimim Dim- !ltl '''< ! l'--' !ii as, Tucumcati. on the huth of a Pt-i^oii'- in: daughter weighing MX pound v .it l!l ") 20 a.m. in Memorial Hoipiul. '" Suits Filed r . . ". . Household Finance Cori>o:a- SCROOl Aft re vs Konnie D ltusse:i - on Exhibited Kssie May Harrington vs tiru-oln Jackson LlementaiA Roy Prescott and Ine^ I'rescott, School will have an Ait I•'•-.;..ii.' on not*-. In the matter ol Cain ! e i \illula! M.ils l-.llrli I,a \ ii ii a M..I ii- 1C a i- I (.ei. !.CI(i\! .nuj Lei) Allll,ii liai-l. dfpen,|eiit and nc:',!< children Troffic Accidents 200 block ol W. Grand, Km A 'e,ni an imoi^y break ^ FLAVOR...fresh from the home of quality !rt',M Q :J.?y tdo sunimei up * c' from '.i a m - '.' 4 r > p m I li'lder the Mlipen I loll i.' I..IM- Coli ;,i,ii Mi -. \S'),.i I, M .J I lie I'..! llill ( i.lei- !<-. ••'. the Miideiit-. li;.i\c u..I.!- Mothei s 1 >.c. and tlie p:i!'' 'iiMti-d to ,ittei;.| the e\ ! id; Thomas. 2«. 415'^ Reneher. $250 J^. 11 "' w '" k w " U ' h h;r ' damage. Bettie J Archie. 34, 906 W. Filth, $150 damage Panel To Meet The Clovis City CommisMnii will Hied in regular btsMon at 7 jjm. today at the As.scmljh iliuuui ui the MouicipuJ Building QARDY-CAMPBELL ^0 Quality Chekd ^* Da'uy ProdwcU/ Inc. . . the dairy favored by and /?oose- valt counties for more than a century! PHONE 763-3445 FOR CONVENIENT HOME DELIVEIY (!;• MM inbiT ~ \.inr ( l.ird\-( uiupLM'll l>ajt> l'i'i)u<l I'lllcbasc-, Help K*'fJ» lu t lo\i>!)

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