The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

p ! PAGE TEN THE PARIS NEWS, •THURSDAY, JULY Flashes Of nTHUBBELL IN RECORD PERFORMANCE By THE! ASSOCIATED PRESS -NEW J>EAL" HKN TO V.' AND A. Pa —Tht- " Nevv D>«al" has cerr-.* v I-'rvc Korir- son's pet her.. She laid eisht eg?> sst OD Them the retiree r.urr.'< • of cays, and ha-ched out ^-" chicks. Or.e «.>: 'I:? *~~* - i;i>i a Cv - b'e yolk. S\VALJ_0\VEI> THE ST. !>OUIS, — Frank L>alt--n pleaded not guilty "•--' -^x::nc a the track from ''a man ^ r; a Barren" and, confident t-f- the 41.000 pr-nr.d* cf^ra:! ripp-"-- t'rom Tie,* and sold KEEP COOL CKICAUC-. — A: las: s-on^eth:n? has bc-en cone about that Turkish bath effect ;n telephone booths. An air-cor.citior.ed booth ~.vas displayed to ce.esrates of the "n:t- Irat ' : f matrons got hot under the II At The Grand The Grand theatre presents Frl- ; day anti Saturday another episode ' in tb.e rhrillins serial "Pirate Treasure," starring R:cfaa.r<i Ta.2- mads^. ace stunt man of the . screen. As this serial draws nearer , the close many more of the peo- pie of Paris and vicinity are forra- rsr the habit of attendance, for each chapter unfolds new and thrilling: stunts thr.t leave the audience gasping for breath and •n,"onderinsr if this fellow Talmadge "eally doe? not use doubles, or if he, or any other one man, could •>erform all the miracles shown on :he screen. > In addition to this serial there •n.-ill be a master "\Vestern comedy- romance, "Desert Man,"* which fromfses much in real entertainment and a highly amusing: comedy. "Use Your Imagination." which features the prince of fast- stepping dancers Hal L.eRoy with the winsome Mitzi Mayfair as the feminine lead- July Special Purchase At The Lamar SIT/CATION MIXNH1APOI.IS. — Julius Br:=- bersr nad a Trhoiesorr.e respect fcr the !&•«-. especially as it regards •Darking:- So, he to.i tie juc^s. time he pa.rkei his car he set s^s-larrr. clock to in an hour. >i sea it A Bladder Laxative Juniper Oil, Rncim I/eaves. Ezc. If you are bothered setting up ^jgj"s *g. ^xirri-iiS'. -*±» PSLLHS, nx3.c **. *• eche, maie- this 25c test. Flush out the excess acid* an.d ^aste matter oil, extract buchu leaves, etc., in bladder laxative. After four cays return your. C5c. Buksts gtrarar.- reefi by Corner Brus Store, Murphy IDrug: Store and Palace Drug Store. -Adv. Here are th* pitchers who started Jn the all-star baseball game in New York—Carl HubbeM, ieft. who won a new place in the record bocks &y fanning six : csn ieague sluggers in the first two Innlrgs, and Lefty Gomez, right, the American league's ace vho v%-as pounded harrf by the Nations! leaguers. (Associated Press Photo) car." "" "' ' at Rose Mound cemetery- It was 3.11 to no avail. The clock Mr. Jemisrin had been a mem- disagreed with the arresting: of- v, er c f the Christian church 35 fleer's watch and Brittbersr paid a . years _ 3>-. e ^as married to ~ survived bv four children. Robert. FUNERAL THURSDAY H-nrj- and Joe Jerr.iffir. cf Com- AT CO30IERCE HOME J^' T^ere^S S^'srindS-t isran. age r5 died here TTednesda:-- AGED RESIBETxT ILIj T-'j^crsi] services •^••ere. announced residents of the Biardstov/n com•70" Tr-'-rscav afternoon at 4 rr.unity. -who has been seriously ill o'clock at the home here. ;h« past week at his home, was re- the Rev. H. I>. Henson_ of the ported unintproyed Thursday : First Christian church, in charge, niornins- The amazingly frank story of the private lives of a famous trieair: cal coupie, "The Great Flirta•:on," which was written by Gregory Ratoff. one of the screen's leading: comedians, will be shown a: the Lamar theatre Thursday and Friday. Hlisss. Landi. Adolphe Menjou and David Manners have the leac- ; ins roles. ; ' The film concerns ths nectic ; ; love affair of Menjou. Budapest's : greatest matinee idol, ana ^llss i-an-di. whom he lox-es. She marries him although she doesn'r love Her desire for stage fame brines them to America, where L*andi becomes a. star and finds true love in the person of JDavid. Manners, her •C'lav—-risrht. Menjou egotistically • attempts to block her career, but ; ii: t;:e final dramatic denouement, he is made to rea'.ire that "he stands between Miss 2^a.ndi and hapoiness. Although she vol-uii- :eers to help him rebuild his ca- r-"-?r. he braveiv refuses her offer of aid and leaves her with the man she really loves. Featuring new low prices t . : Our Greatest Jfaiy Clearance . . . tremendous quantities of smarrjer merchandise - . - drastic price reductions . - . bargains are plentiful ... merchandise "wiS move out in a Plas to be beret SILK DRESSES A sweeping- cl Valnes S3.87 S5.87 Valces to S9-&5 Summer COTTONS At The Plaza Ii's a new and unexpectedly m pathetic Claire Dodd who rts out as a cold vamp in the ctur-e. "The Personality Kid." ich comes to the Plaza theatre Friday and winds up as a softi-e o sends her victim back to his It was at Miss Dodd's own ir.- ie beca.use she felt that she ha-3 -^ved. heavies so Ions: that aud:- tc-~iere with her ambition to c-;- •n-.c.ntic leads. "I have 'taken so many -women's ;-r i -4." she says, "I w.«-ild like just -.;•- to lose my sweetheart to :-••,• m-i .'ner '.vomar;." To which the tast- .-£ cier.anmer.t a!"-vays answers. "The Personality Kid" is the _:h a sivelled hea-i and a roving -.--:- for feminine pulchritude i; defecticns. In the cast -••-•:• :i !:-? Dodd are G^enrfa r'arre"!. Sheer sammer >r-asli materials . . . Organdies, Dimities, Batiste, Voiles, Etc. Mostiv 19c I Mostly 2Bc Values 13c yd. GARRETT r 5 BLUFF SUFFERS DROUTH '.J-ARRHTT"S B!Lc r F. — The and ler patterns ... •ds . . . orints. . pastei ;?tr:r>c3. SIJX? \"alues «t WHITE BAGS 50c Kegniar f 1.00 SILK PRINTS 59c ^ Geaoirse SO Sq- PRINTS 15C a Wocoen's Ba^on PANTIES ISc CMidren T # SIJOO Toeles* SANDALS 69c Broadcloth SLIPS 29c A dano?' shadow- - proof h«=-rn- \Vort-i ..._---9Sc cut, lace trtrr.- *r-l•••.'. White Glove* I1ALF PRICE Several tsmart. Tie^' styles . . ____ SAN-NAP-PAK, box, 15c .r;dard size. 12 to box, sar^- t r*.">* napkics. Ptnnps, Ties, Straps Etc. Value* L69 WHITE SHOES 52.SS ;;-j-d if lor_5 contir.ued- Jrjly Fourth was celebrated by .-f.^ry r-eopl^ h^re. Th^ Par^'-ns • or. r. *••.-• :'vn. r=urr. burins; a •:>--.=:.:*. i -v r r;;--i-r. Th* 1 fs.m:i->> of P.. D. wa.« y-'jO-'i atttnij^r.'' •• at Lx^ts of hot •**ea*-h€ > r ahea/- . . . you 11 seec a s«r=v~ pair of -w.-h;:e shoes. SANDALS IJrtwx! MORNLMG GLORY 1 Sheets Six* Aftc 81 x 96 BLOSSOM PRAIRIE COMMUNITY NEW: ^•""'.f- J-,Atn;'.a A "in '.-f ~R'- r :<* Full fas.hioti««3 Pure silk stockiagr, chif- |2 fon -weight - " "* :n the new. 'A-antfd shades Wonx-n's* Summer STRAWS fl.OO Hax» 49c fl.9$ Hate Somrner WASHS SUITS ^ 79c $1.06 S> I e < v e 1 « s styJ«» and, short Rlc*rves * Ip&oa. Tooth Paste 3Sc Sp^amust Tooth Paele lOc Kind's Almond Crftem S&c Cot Powder. P*rfujr«* SSc Mr?. L,yt*! Caid-'.-'jn o* Clsrks- •i.i'<* ",•*;.>» at r.'r, »>y Friday. 3.*r. an*! Mrw, J>«we Day »r.<l >Tr. ?'"O I ?E'! *• r r >* MorrJ" Chap^J Br>*r* the Fourth, :n rh* horn*« r>f Paul ."-''jr. Ty-sdftv n'.tfht »,--th h:« air,r. NTrw. Ja,»c^. Cray. Mrs, Jack Harrison suffr**-/? it • s^riouj? ?.tra,«"k Friday. H<T • i l-i-.;^:i- r*r. 3i*ildr^4, has been in b<»^ since Friday •«.••; t.h fev^r. Murh corn ha.K h»fn rann<"1 JR *ht» cornmanity ; v*ry little veir'i- ' t^b]<** *~:s.nne'l from KSr'lTis »j» ih* : ij.-y v.-^&tJber ru:r.»^J th^m. 1 Ml*!? Msi!<J3& BJow vjsit^ in D«; port thf Fourth. ; !-*!<? STonrtay n!-Kht'»« rain •w-jrh a .isrftr.g: «ln<! tor* off p«rt of th« i j".x>f of th^ houis« where Monro*r live* summer dresses Voiles - . Laces - - Eyelets . - Knits • summer dresses Cottons , . Crepes . . Sheers Lovelv dresses or almost every description are sho\vn -,n this big group .... all kinds of cashable conons also crepes :ind sheers in solid colors o- attractive prints. Second Floor • silk dresses Clearance Priced Choose from, one piece and coat sij-les in this big showing of finer oua.litv dresses. There .ire prinred chiffon?, printed crepes :ind pastel crepes in _ihe crnartest colors and fashions of the season. Sizes Second HOOT Buy summer dresses ready-made or make them yourself from these smart fabrics — either way the cost is low in our great JULY SALE 22 c yd. Normandy Voile Printed Batiste Printed Flaocon Printed Voile Print Broadclcth Printed Pique Printed WafHe Cloth Printed Unene Cool Print Batiste 16 Fine fabrics in patterns an siiit^Mr* for evervbodv. There are dr.-ks an a e . rr^v to se'j.', easily Porulsr sunnier fabrics in roth sheer and med- iurr ^'"eirhf5 reduced from muc Tbc c-~'Ic/ r ir ! r'v nrsj dc^'crri^ nr is v^rien- enough to please the most Novelty Seersucker 39' Bn~ht colored, seersucker ?n .inning stripes and -smaller Roman strspes. All fast color . . Smart for ns^nv fvDes of summer ^-ear. Main Floor Powder Puff Mu»Iin Print Waffle Cloth Printed Voil« Print Seersucker Printed Organdy Sob*d Waffle Cloth Print Broadcloth Basket Weave Voile Solid Seersucker Printed Dimity Solid Wide and Nar- Print Pique row Wale PJquc Srr.^rt, fs$t color, easily washable dresses arc qusck'v f^sh'on^d of these fine ne>v summer fab- ric.L r>>jorj, d-:".i.^ns. and weaves '-A'ere never so interesting and the prices v.*cre never tov/er. Main Perkins Bi*ok y^ g: <^> /<A ^ A.._p^4 V X

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