The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

[PAGE SIXTEEN. THE T-TUTCHTNSON NEWS. SATURDAY. \OVEMP>ER 15, 1924 Thirty- lltiivn. ilx stales havn jmn STOP STOMACH TROUBLE in 3 DAYS Olirnril'' t-r ncuin trmtMc. •ht'om.'M-h ilNitnl* in uinl • 't>s; |J<I < l n<n, now \iild i|itii'l(iv [< J tli.» nni.i/.in^ Urn:- tPrllil tTfitlm.flit iM-rf .j- !••() l-y i; .nij. uT [{iMii.u." ,-rjt'ii' . l . Tlii.« i-•it)iii kahlr lrA.itni<-iU whif-li | M rail-.I Jtms l>uiMg up tllu ^ t'lll UK" i»**t J'i'i Ii'nt.vH 'jp 111' 1 syytrrn, Hu'I''.t^'-'K niM"'Mtf. imri K!*•'<!« (;itl* U iirnl l.'i^tlii): n -l'.'r <MIIHI i:m • lion ami intciit inril (llr.'inlc! ulU:r <v- rryilniiK \>:iy> fu\i <\. If v.»u surfer frtuii ;in.v mini of inti.^lni;il trnu* hie. rnti.-iiiiaUi.iii, hi.Kitlrn:, I. Mil hum. nCUlity, v.;i;-. • ir. To pruvi ymi cm quUUiy .-.tup tii<^ III<H1>!. n I w-AUt to pp.nt\ VIMI :i full of (tins mi 30 r T« 0 liial. No i,l.',ip;illeil. N'o inftit .r )iow Irail your i->, or \Omt you ha v.* rriril, ju^i MTKI vuiir iiiiiii" iiiul : KMIV H (fir till** M -fi'-!('H.j ft' 1 -' 1 ni'tl ofl-t ami prr »\c thin yim <:in I)' 1 rid of l"ur I rr.ui .it- QUALITY BIOLOGIC CO. 211 Quality BWJQ .. Kansas City. Kans. A BUSY WEEK AT HIGH SCHOOL Dramatic Club Play Outstanding Event— AH Departments Help Thespians. M;itiy Huncs aic on tlin Senior )u r ;l» Ki'himl j»roj.'r;ini nil nr-xt we'k in koi']>iMK wit li Xiitlnniil I 'Mm-ii- I if in uc-k. Th<* foromosf In tin? prc^cnlMtinn of tin* UrumMir club piny, "Only lis." VvUiny and Snlur-, day nlKlitit, in HIM lilgh school ami It i >rinni. Thn pl :iv IJ « a IJimn ni:f. rninrMly. I 'onci 'rniiiK a ininlntor'a wiiiow and her cltildron, written by A. LO. 'Ihonias and ilirocI 'Ml hy \\\ V„ O'C'init'dl. Hiippnrtcil by an "nil star'' cast. All depart miMitH aft' If \M • fob * *• r adfiltiK their hH» to nutkn the? play a PiirrcsH, Thr* manual training pupils mulnr A. <{. l.'olf.Mnan hnvi- ronstnir.tnd two of thn ftptjc.ial HI'I'IIP ^; lh« cotnmnrclitl dopartnicnt under A. It. Kins is mamujltiK tli« husitiffH end and the domestic art I 'lafses, of , M!HS Helen Neely iirn lii'ljdnK to design tlie eostumerf, UH- n\*U:t\ by Mrn. \V. \'. O'Connell. Cncert by Orchcstmo. -T)on A. Sloan and hm Tfipii.'eo or- rhestra will ptvt* a Sd-minutf con- tt. tt. preceding thi* play and will abut ]ilay durltm int'M'inla^ion between i!''tS. The next on Ihn l'>lm:atlon weelt pro .'tnitn, also of ultimate importance, in tin; Senior hiiih HC-IHIO } day at Horn ha UKII -Wiley's Thursday, wherein the eotninereial students and tho luivrtlsliiff Hlaff of the hlnh nehool MUM will run for a day, thn entire concern. t\ H. yiielilon of the Vhilippinea will tell of his pxperleneeY tnnonu the natives Monday mon.lnp at th« Iifbnrty Junior hlKli Hchool at S:lt0 o 'elotk, at the Senior high ne.hool at. 11 o 'eloek and tliut eveuinK in the auditorium of the Sherman hlfih at 7;:!0 o 'eloek. OUR BOARDING HOUSE 3 My Rosy Bloom Comes largely from n super.cream By Edna Wallace Hopper My miirveloii!. I 'Diniilexlon Is I ho I dilel Hem in my homily nml In my perennlul yoiilli. It Is liirBely tluu to ii croiim wbloh Comblnoa a ilozon lini -iirUuu Uiu- tors. Tfj an oxquinito crt'itm Dioy b.avo addotl prnilnctt* of hoi li Icinon Hn.l str.'iwborry. Then nil (ho best modern science fcnnw* to food uud foster, to soften iintl livotect the skin. I used to apply these helps Hepa- Vatoly, hut now they eonihine them in one. 1 eall It my Youth Cream. H comcH in two tyiiPH— cold croain and vanishing. Both contain all tho OKsentla! constlluenls. I use Ihe cold cream as a nlfiht cream, I the vanishing ns H day cream. | Never Is my skin without them. nil toilet counters supply earn exactly as 1 uae it. The IH Edna Wallace Hopper's Cream, tho price (iOc per Now that cr name You Ih jar. 1 "«inh every girl and ,woman would enjoy this cream. .Mail the coupon for a sample tube and my Beauty Book. You will he surprised and delighted. Youth Cream Free Edna Wallace Hopper D?,li Lake Shore Prive, Chtcngo. I -want to try Youth Cream. WHO GETS YOUR PAY CHECK? Arc you using it to purchase the things yi.u want and need—and to provide for the future? Or do you spend a good part in passing pleasure? The answer is a determining factor in your success, for someone is putting a part of your pay away as a Key to Opportunity and a step to Independence. Is it you or someone else? Each pay day deposit a part of your salary in the Savings Department of this hank. Then the money which you earn will work for you. We pay 3% interest on savings compounded semi-annually. The State Exchange Bank Hutchinson, Kansas „ VoO VUASUEE MO MLO! LOUG -T IME. GO Wovd LAS SU MMA I voAsuee vio MOLI, BUT ME K\O TA^BE SHUlT AkV COULtv SUM UT>DA LAUMLEE «•*-"• ME HA\JE ib PAV BIG LEvrr;^ BOT kio cse-fee sicw^ PUV cEtJ-f; GUM BLV!~" f^.,. "AilMAI", MV MAkl,^-- to T GATHER TCJOM VOOP COkSvJEP5K1"lOkJ TaAf S&S PE^U^E "tb DO UP MV LlOEtJ U^l VEPV vdELL -rUEk\,"* I V.I1LL PA-tt5oOlXE Okie Or VOUR FELLOV0 C?OUVi"fRS{MEki UIHO \<b rAORE GRACIOUS tllPEEPf — AtlD I HAV ADD, "THAT" VOU UllLL SUTLER A VlVjAklCIAL L099 TOR "THIS BRAriEvl WSCRlMlUATiOtJ I WIU-fELL MAkW fff VOUR CLIEIsJTS , OV "TvllS ItJSTAUCE ' EGATD •» ^ f ~3(% South Hutchinson Well Entertained by Amateur Players A three act comedy drama. "Mrw. Tubbs of Shantytown." under Ihe ilirecllon of Mrs. A. If. .Montford waa presented last evening at Ihe Chrlsllan church of South Hutchinson. The cast has been working on (he play for several weekfl and it was tho best local talent play ever given In South Hutchinson. Hot ween acts several musical numbers and readings were given; Miss Frances t'tibbago gave a reading; William Doughty played a piano solo and a duet was given by Miss Grace Bessler anil Miss Herndndine Mesker. A male quartet composed of A. If. Monlford, Robert Grace, C. C. Ledbetter and Miles Bessler eang several selections nud the muscle for the play was furnished by the church orchestra. The personnel of tho play follows : Mrn. TubbH Florence Bush I 'lniKv viae Aleilruile Hosier Scho'jl tcucher M"ll l.edhoiu-r i'en.«iis laluT Albert clraber Qut 't'iiy riheby Tuhbs Maybolle I.cdbtttpr Seufri '-'A Ilarolil L.atnhtTth Hilly ItloKKom Tnlilis ljnllln '1 'ralmn Puuk'-y IMinki-y Tubhs lulla TraliUu fc'lMioti ituUbki<. (.'loccry ntnil ! Clifford L<!wl» KliMlre Hickt'y Iielpha .lared .Mis. lllckcy I.oulie l'.'iry Jinuny. tin; leHt boy "Miles liussler Neighbor children .... Margalia ami Winifred Orcshuni Test Students on Music Knowledge What might be called a "miniature" music memory contest, "Was hold yesterday in general assembly at Ihe Senior high school with Karl M. Yust at I he piano. He played twelve numbers selected at variance, some were numbers played last year for the contest and one or two selections will be used In the contest this year. Mr. Yust. brought with him a three pound box of candy which was given to Ihe one guessing correctly the most names anil composers. The winner was Dorothy Lusk who had six out of the twelve right anil next was Josephlnu llriant who had five out of the twelve. The numbers played by Mr. Yust were; Walts No. 15, Brahms; Walt?. No. 8. Brahms; "The Sec- rot," Gautler; "Humoresque," Dvorak; "Army Band Marehe," Wagner; "Mnrche of tha Mannl- liins." Onlvas; 'Tannin of the Wooden Soldier,"'Jessel; Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Kachmoninoft; "To Spring," Grieg; "Pair Itosmar- iu," Krelsler; "Caprleo Dleunois," Krelsler and "Tho Jlusic Box," Poldini. W E Mtf3b^ cpgprr GET'S ftucrfttere SIAP- enjoyed the Marlambophone mtiBlo was the treat of tha evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKernan are rejoicing over the arrival of Irene Opal, Monday evening at their home. Miss Mary Piko and Mr. Robert Sims of Partrldgo were In town Friday on business. Mrs. J. A. Green and Mrs. Ii. L>. Gaston returned Monday from Liberal, where they visited at the home of Charles Green. Mr. Geo. Schweln !s running the Gano elevator during tho absence of Mr. h. G. Wagner. . Miss Mary Prior is staying with Mrs. Joe Thompson, Mr. Thompson Is In Oklahoma on business. Mrs. Frank Conner Is in the • Hertzier hospital at Halstead this week for treatment. PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28} N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson For the Best in Plumbing 'j&j Service and Supplies Phone 545 i Ebersole Plumbing Co. 12! West 14th Alcohol for your radiator, 1SS proof, Formula 3, at Hoekaday's. ll-?,t United States has 52 per cent of tho world's cotton acreage. DE MOLAYS TO BE HOSTS TO FATHERS TOMORROW. The Domolays will hold their father and son program Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Masonic temple. Rev. Stephen Butcher, pastor of tho Congregational church will give the address. Music and toasts will ho Included In the entertainment. Every "dad" must come to tills program, said A. B. f.eigh, chairman of the advisory council of Demolay. SYLVIA Mrs. A. H. Smart is spending lnoa! of her time with her father, Fritz Volker, who is in a very crlt- i leal condition at his homo north of Zenith. ' The Sylvia Home Demonstration club met Tuesday at the' home of Mrs. .1. A. Wright. Tho next meeting will bo held December 11th at the homo uC Mrs. Lenard Brown. Tho .second number of the lecture course was given to a crowded house Tuesday evening. The program was of excellent quality and Butter-Kmst [Does Not CrumbleY I 1 Try it ' 1 Money to Loan On Improved City or Farm property. No delay—rates lower. You hid better eee me before placing your loan. D. A. MOORE Phone 2468. First Nat 'lBldg. ANNOUNCING Increased Rates Hutchlmon to Wichita Stage New Bate »1.75 Round Trip *3.00 Effective Nov. 15th WICHITA SAFETY COACH CO. Make Appointments Now for Xmas Photographs McINTURFF STUDIO F. M. JOHNSON COAL BUTLER & SONS 516 So. Main Phone 280 Send it to CLEANERS HATTERS DYERS PLEATERS Phone 1334 Out-of-Town Customers Served by Parcel Post For the Man Who is Hard to Fit m PERHAPS you're a man who varies from the average in weight, height or, build. Maybe you're a trifle overweight or extremely, thin and "can't wear a ready-made." We'd like to show you that we can fit you, and fit you properly—in a suit or overcoat you'll like—at a price that appeals to you. Union Suits to Size 56 Eagle Shirts to Size 20 Interwoven Hose to Size 12. Hats and Caps to Size 7%. NUSSBAUM'S Established 1887 VWJ& TEETH' Natural Looking Perfect Fitting Up L P ow. a r nd SET $25.00 Heavy Gold Crowns . . ttC fin Reinforced Bridge Work }3 .UU Silver Fillings $1.00 Extractions • $1.00 Without the Hurt ALL WORK GUARANTEED DR. CARL BROWN ECONOMY DENTISTS 12 Yeara In Hutchinson Office Hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Evenings and Sundays by Appointment Phono 1386 Over Hoagland Clothing Co. Main at Second THE GUMPS—BLAMELESS ANDY COAT MKt>€ 4 \<»8!S FOR 3^2l^±J^Z^/ \>ONT MOO USE P. MON^M VJWev4 A.U. Tv-ve WOLVES m TVI^ At fWM ^>OOv2.- vows Cut I .OKDEfcTet. THE .VJOWrx fcrjvAfc WVA£N -Turner LOOKS *) ^erv^R \ wtrv muNti MOO *ro<5o \ CASH - THW \ fA\&WT LOSfe - «.UT | MOU >NOV)Vt>V » , T USt^M TO ME - \ ALV, MOtt CO\)Ct> TH\NK I ^w^« How Moo \M«*E Caomci !lO tost. MyiUNt> ~ vowvte- HOUSE - — LJl ^ \ TOC^> MOV) MO WAVT TlUV- » WAS MONEH AVJAM- Btft Nou LCT ^ u-rrue '^ViCCtSS BHNV> ^ou- Att Nou couu^ «EE ViAS VicTORM, WASHINGTON ^t> CHAviCj^ AtCOUKTS - \ "m»^> TO (afeT ^OO \NTO TH^ NNWITE HOU«^ , AV»t> NOVM NOU'R^ TrcMtNCj V PO ou- House- PACKING Is Difficult- We Employ Only Experienced PACKERS Storage PhfttlP 9 Shipping 1 * THE CITY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 19 WEST FIRST L.D.Ferguson W.C.Shaw Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Price. Call SNYDER'S PLANING MILL FOR Lumber, Stormsasb or Weather Strips Phone 184 THE SNYDER COMPANY Lumber Yard 8-10-12 West A. Planing Mill, Office and Paint Store 23-25-27 West Sherman. Lumbermen and Manufacturers.

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