The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 7, 1948 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 5
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r. R. Sager, Sr., In juries In ]j-° lies In Capital Fall Fatal ^ Stricken suddenly in tbe Willard j 1 »1 u r i * s sustained several Cfcttoft mills el westprn £urop«J LoCll MeiltioM t have been vising an increasing j J ry,ount of American cotton since ' The Snack Bar an* Nali«n* SUli»n | Local Mentions Local Mention! Band Concert* be closed all day Wednesday. ] Walkersville Firemen's Carnival ' J u i y 7lh lor employes' picnic. i JULY 5th THRU 10th Will re-open Thursday. July Sth ! at 7 a. rn. Local Mention* j. FrstlrrirX, Md.. Hdnr»d»v. Julv 7. 15»4f Accessaries For V*ur Car i We have everything from seat , oleU Washington, where he had '· months ajo whea he fell from a assistant manact.- for the j ladder while repairinf a barn wia- -*st several I dow. resulted fatally Tuesday at. ,,,, ^..^ ^.^...^^^ ,,,,,,. ,,._, years. Elmer' Sibley HospitaL Washington, for i COV ers. U. S. Tires, to bolts and R ,~Sajer. Sr. 1 Luther Harry Keilholtz. w e l l - nuls- first naanag- i known retired farmer of Emmits- ne edf. er of Fred- j burg district. He was a^ed 69 years. : " " \v£IL BROTHERS. Public Sale ! Friday. September 17. 1943, on , Thrillinj Xides . i Rcquardt Farm. 3 mile nmth of | Walkersville Firemen's Carnival ' Urbsna. Md . alone Route No 210. · JULY 5th THRU 10th large sale of livestock and all mod- j Hippy Johnnie A The CUnf TONIGHT Walkersville Firemen's Carnival Hillside Cual Company 4. 0. J and 12 Inch cement block IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phone 39 " iv-ices. *»ee us io r vour Ferris Wheel. Catapult. Merry Jo ' ern farm machinery and equip- ' w -** " - . Round. Kiddie Ridei. Etc. ; ment ph -1"3-R JOHN L. DeGRANGE SHREVE 121 E. 6th Street : Taper CHARLES H BAKER Fhone 1529-J 90$ Motter Avenue crick's Fran- ; 6 months, 13 days. cis S c o t . ; He *.vas =t son of the late John D.. j K « y Hotel, and Annie Bell Keilholtz and was; ditTd Tues-Ja member of Graceham Moravian! day a f t e t r {church. Mrs. Keilholtz, the former · aoon. H| Mae Fisher, predeceased him by \v-a s about \ 18 years. .Frederick. Md. Phone 1900 Public Sale j- ridav Ju i y 9 x^g at 1000 a ,,, at ^\, h ^ mfr between Urbana; ^ 7^5^ m aoMilioil lo j. ready advertised there will be up- Close Out: Lot Mtn's and Boys" Bro\\ n Sneakers by Hood Values to $3.25 51.35 pair KEMPS SHOE MEZZANINE , Gicnn Tivu*. ' Emmert R Bowlus. 'Joieph L. Reedci. Auctioneer?. R. L. Kelly. Clerk. rants For Salr I CHESTER L- GROVE j 103 E Sth St. Phone 1255 i iun-i«Jos bl» '-Wow. , ,.,,,,. o-duras: a son. Elmer R. Ssger. *-°* Board of t'oun'y Co.-nmiston- Washington; snd five grand- ers but was defeated. i Surviving are four children. : Carroll C- at home: George D . : . Ohio: Harry F.. Harrisbunt.. PETER RODGER, '. Urbana. Md. Special: Monument Mills Wo\ en Bed-Spread* Single and Double Sires S4.93 KEMP'S--"1H1RD FLOOR l Famous m;cr;»incr j Every Night i Walkcrsvtlle Firemen's Carnival JULY Sth THRU 10th j Bands. Hill Billion Radio Stars ! Surprises Galore' Good Country Cats Walkersville Firemen ·· Carnival JULY STH THRU 10TH Tssty. Clean and Wholesome Look Special B«,'« WALKERSVILLE CARNIVAL Every Night Next Week Sec Large Advertisement SITU A T O N S \ \ A N T E I ) Local Mction* I/onk Special Bus WALKERSVILLE CABN1VAL Evcr- Night Next We«k See Large Advertisement Special! Quoted Mattre-ss Pads Twin Size 39x76 $2.99 Full Sue ' 54x76 $3.98 KEMP S-- THIRD FLOOR BUILDINGS ARMY SURPLUS. SCC- tion^Sszed. ea$y to assemble. 20'x29' i $300 (·) Uehi. cries by truck direct to 1 io*. $50 00 o Frederick area. A native of Washirj£toa county. was the son of former Orphans S""'^ jurt Judge Aaron 0. and Mary E. · m ^ " Sohrer Sager. Funksto\vn. Upon Sn- ·hing school, he went to ~ entered in the hot- 1 busi - { holtz . ewor m e o - s . : olb Atlgusta . Ga . : Morris Under the lease of tne late John s » Ph5lrtrtnhi»- M« i Hershey. Mr. Sager came to Keuird: for *»·« For information regardins nine Sii-room modern, frame, insu- Ruth M. Kolb. Balti- stolen 100 Ibs. bottled sas cylinders. lated bungalow. Hot water hea? following brothers and ' L-5996. J-1163; J-361C. J-563. L- large lot. on mam highway. 4 miles also survive: E. F. Keil- 10037. J-5«9. J-3267: J-S70; L-4569 from Frederick. Rocky Rid*e. Benjamin', JONES HOWARD A. GROSS f e'.erei Gas" Service. Phone S77 37 S Market S:re?t Phone 1620-R i Mammoth Parade Walkcr*ville. Md JULY 9th. Freder!ck*County s Firemen In AH Their Glory It's BIE' It's TTorth Seeing" Better Come' Closinj Out: 36-Inch Dress Linen Wrinkle Rcii^tins (Keg S279- SI 98 yd Bro\\ n. Copen Mairr. A KEMPS--THIRD FLOOR . SITUATION' W A X T E D - LADY ' "c" "f-% aO "oocn%^ 6 K ',^ 5 V iw^V, 1 *" ! "TM" k ^. 25 '^^-^°^\^ a ^ sV; Wuner S! _ __·-·?·*" Surplus Sldi Co S I T U A T I O N WANTED -- GIKL 7-7.SO.I2 13 14d*t« _ s ft~«,' A'T fo N "WANTED""-- " GJKL lob a^ stenographer month*, or repine ;516-M upon _ _ __ _____ 7-7.S rt2 FOR SALE-- SEVEN' GOOD COWS. T R A Bans* 5c«cd Take our pick ' fi"ii ^j co-\ he'd Jer^tjs Guernsev? an-l Molv»-n Einier R GSas-s. Roc'kr Middletown: M u r r a y · Maude Shook. Philadelphia; Mrs. 1 ". Edith- Havener. Mrs. Bertha Dor- i itoes. ?redenck in January 19i. Emmitsburg: Mrs. Carrie Dd- · Flies-Roaches khe new Francis Scott K^ Hotel lekDe . our rhere he remained as manager for Funera , arr - nsem nts wiu be Jap beeUes and many .fr F PriM-irk to manae«» a ho announced - M - L - Creager and Son. hold injects killed with D. D. T Steubenville. O- and" later i fuRCraI ^ectors. ; Bomb fortified with safe pyreth- * ; ent to Washington, to manage ; ! runs, effective and stays »ut for a Apples For Sale Yellow Transparent* at the erch- 1 TM*. A " V * U " J * alf: . """"'.'* *!TM, u 3 rd at Reich's Ford. 3 miles east of , loaams P*TM»««« ·« ««"» Mock. So Conxcnient To pick up \our order at Scott Key Liquor Store Loading and un- Kor Sale--Late PUnU Fiat Dutch Cabbage. Tomatoes. Celery. Brocco!. Caultfio\\ er repper? H FRANK FOLAND. 3Ci Coll--j;c Avenue Phone 735 WANTED^ . WANTED AT ONCE -TO RFNT 3 OH 4 room ap.irtmrn' or hn;s-.f in or n-ar FrcUcraclc Couple and 2 chiS: drrn. !C»!ph Roderick. c»rr Chnc» Furnaiurr Storr 7-7d*5t* ' WANTED"fb~ RENT~-~TWO BED- Rock;.*~^^ .:-a Thurciont 55-F-32. ' . . .. _ 7-7d6t_ i TOSS SALE--WESTINGHOU"SE~ELJEC- Iff Kefrjgcra:or »7-it.i. SSO alv x!cn«"i czoinr; S20. a.-.s.que ha!! -ark .i.-.d ·s-jn-i rx5h W j S h m »rblr tcpj All I? so-xi co-nOHtn^n M.-. Frar.ic La!c^. FOR or mshed sn or tie»r Frederick Frederick l " . 9 l . E^:en;ion -'-! Phone -- S540 CHEVROLET COT^ r*d:3 and h«-ascr 513 Mar- 9J5-M aft^r S Frederick. Phone ^065-W-J. QUYNN ORCHARDS apartment properties before? rk--s-M-l,-. Ue became assistant manager of the : UeQlllS your home. Lndcr normal condi- Hotel. David Lewis Wiles · t j o n s {his bomb lasts tw » lo ^-^ e A charter member u the national David Lew is Wiles, veteran - of months. _3tel Greeters Association, he held i World War I. died at his home. WEIL BROTHERS, several high offices ir that organ- ; 701 East South street. Tuesday Frederick. Md. Phone 1900 Ration, including ihe presidency. night at u 2 5 o'clock after an ill- was a member of Washington ness of 15 m onths. aged 51 years.. Calvary Methodist Church. He was a Eon of the i ate vTilliaan H. ' Tne body is at the funeral home and Su5an A Myers Wiles, of this ·. Hagerstown where services will . ci , v " . . t-conducted Friday afternoon a t ; jj' r wiles was a memb er of the! K\vo o'clock by Rev. Orris J. Rob- ; Evangelical Lutheran c h u r c h . . Jrtson. Interment will be mane sn ; Francis S cott Key Post No. 11. . »-cemetery at Funkstown. A. K. · Arncrican Legion. Frederick Aerie '· offman. funeral director. , No 1067 F o E 3Rd the i n depen- : i dent Hose Co. ' I In World War One he served with ' 1 Company A and was in the Meuse- . f Public Salr ". Thursday. July o 1918. at 11 00 ., _, ., , . . a. ni. at mv home south-A e-st of { long time. The loea! msecticide for M iddlciovin."lol of fine antique fur- vntti* nom^**!^ Tiormal rnnnt- . . . . » r ~ t - . mture. glass, china, etc. See list. MRS ELEANOR GERR1CH Middletown. Md. Emmert R. Bowius. Auctioneer. Oscar Sponsellcr. Clerk Beer by the case Cans and Xu-Return Botllcs ' Zo W. Patrick St. Phone 1946 i Next to Bus S'.dtion Happr Johnnie A Tbr Ganjr TONIGHT *.Valkc::vi!!c Firrmcn'j Carnival TO COM- H J liar- Closinj Out! Sure-Fit Auto Scat Covers Washable Knitted Fabric iRcK- 53.99' S2.49 KEMPS--THIRD FLOOR i · Cesspools. Cellars. WANTED -- SOMEONE bine »^ acrrv o( whra? rv D:ckcr»oa Phone £5 *S-F-12 [ WANTED--GOOD USED CARS WK | will pay lop dollar !oi %our usrd ! car. cr \\e w s l l »c!l vour car for \o:i »t our price for » !0"» handhns FOR SALE _ SHEPHERD *rci iron hrcl rfri\in^ MI p!v W:!!ia-, A \Vatkm«. FOK SALK- scdan Sr-i lion r.idif t:fn Co::r^ Prirrd j-:i'5t PUPS" ~-243t i9!«j PLYMOUTH 4-DR. ria! Deluxe, sood condi- hcaicr. Jog JsehU Can SicKerszie ^ S«r\ Sec Sta- :-rf W«"n Patrick Sirrria Call 114 T-Td2« .trenches, sr^dinj;. wrecking, gen-.«··"*'·«·· Sc " now « h!ie hl s h price* ron SAi.r-V^EVERAtrvouNcTcAT" .eral hauling, cleanmc cesspools. ; Rlidi'f" Th "rVdf "^"wor Co"' l!" !!c rh?nt F "d"'ck 367-w-il. " .rptic tank... clo.eti. mowing, plow- j vvvsi Patrick St. 'phoric 103= ' , FOK-5^T^WF«-f^^»ST^J-l^~- Dance THE HAWAIIAN NITE CLUB Music by Woody Free and His Trio Every Wednesday Night Cover Charge $1.10 per couple For Reservations Phone Brunswick 3173 or 2S16 Aluminum Kcofinj: It's tough, it Lasts, it's Economical Very low cost per year of service Aluminum cannot rust or corrode Free Attractions Nightly Walkersville Firemen's Carnival JULY 5th THRU 10th ing lots AUGUSTUS TVERYAR Phone 1352 ·· 13 Winchester St. 4-2dtf OLD DISABLED DEAD ANIMALS =.--WESTINGMOL'SE ELEC^ :r:c C.-o%l«-y Sheivadore He- friR^r^Jor B.nsi like new Apply K Notice I will no: be :espon?ib!e for any - , , . ,, _ dcots o'her than those contracted Costs less than 15c per square ft at bv mvr ^if SEARS FARJI STORE · 40 S Market Street Having Been Transferred to Baltimore district. I will offer for sale, with immediate noscr^inn · ' "^K Give Your Old Glider a "New Look' 6 pc. Glider Cushion Sets MILLARD G. DARR, 20 S Delaware Ave . Brunswick. Reliable Junk Company MAURICE SCLAR. Prop. Water St.. B O Ave. Phone--Office 966 Residence 171C-W Highest Cash Prices Paid for All Kinds of Junk Used Pipe for Sale QuU-kett san.tary removal K ifi loo Frederick A \ c he'«een 6 in a n H - in late la the doclor call Ree* Fre.J. p ,,, c · '"^-"ccr. 6.30 anrt , 30 enck i:71 US hour service We pa\ r /-,r 0 .', .---:-.. ~ '-L' a i v F OR SALE- SUMMER COTTAGE OV _Potoni..e ?. rn-.s Kitchen furnished. telephone charges Always on the job d-tf J^rc ltfc::Nir . ; FOR KENT--FURNISHED BEDKOOM FOR~RENT--FURNISHED ~ROOM.~ IS Bo;:!r SA* e!eo.. well wa- IT ! l_-" I ' 1 " !t: '~ oc '*- Ca!I Keed\jvills JO5- F.J. or'. J:ns Ingrjm. Ml. Lock. FOR 7-7d3l* ' Ulierals Company A and was in the Meuse- . f o r s ^ Ie - WI J h "nmcaiaie possession. . · Argonne. Aisne-Marne and Oise-. TM - home know " as Ollv ' a Lee ' Funeral services were neid m . Ai£ne offcnsives . H e was overseas ! Jourist Home at_ 1214 Xorth Market;_ Philaaelpma July ^. for harry : {rom Julv g igis {o Ju , 7 1919 ; St. Consists cf , rooms, two baths. Smith Fry* aged SO. wno aied at and was ^ a - oaeltfr and cook in : all hardwood floors, copper piping : his home June 23 after an illness of several months. "·'He was the son of the $14.93 .516.93 Happy Johnnie A- The Gang- TONIGHT Walkcrsville Firemen's Carnival i 91** f*» ^O" Y*nu**»i» T -»\»*i% %fnti.**PK _^__ zi too. rower La« n 3io»»er» ; R REN - T T^I^RGE^FROXT"BED- 133 w en .Jari Power Scy me Cuts Tall-Grass raom for = or 3 E cntletnen Board bc'.h a bugler and cook in . . . . . , the Frederick companv. being ' au 10 " 134 ^ «' n "t. nice lawn and , transferred later to the First Pio- Pwrfies. with tourist income aver- about to S100 per month Made by Sure-Fit: . Floral Cretonne Studio Couch Slipcovers $10.98 Daveno Covers $11.93 KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR ·Wiecds Brush H^nd Lawn Precision- Grinding- and Repairing .BAKER'S I 252 West Patrick Street : FOR RENT f desired. Appij =4D Wa 5 hm;!.n S! F m 2 6 rROST ~ 7-3d=f FURNISHED BEDROOM. ?rrT Apply 210 West Palnck S: is - vouth on farms near Lovetts" He was retired from news- th" war. : For over seventeen years he was ; G. OLIVER PRICE .._ work'having been with sev- . employed by G. Raymond Shipley.! "ral Philadelphia papers all his Frederick. Surviving him are his Sf- wife. Mrs. Dorothy Baker Wile?, t life. Aii.^. j -- -- -- -- -- --·· 6 Surviving is his wife Adelaid · and these brother?: Ira M Wiles. ] _ * . . . ' -r-f f*. ·»»---* ^ /-IT. - ._» *** *·»-:·« ! THURSDAY XIGHT Odd Fellows Temple Fijrht and Kill Japanese Beetle · Use Pratt's DDT Concentrate Spray , Sold at i CARMACK'S GROCERY t 1 Break lour Glasses" j i Save the pieces. Lenses can be j Glas* Wax | duplicated from broken pieces. ! Makes window cleaning a dream · FOR RENT -- BEDROOM AND Liv- vama -·' ; Two to four hours. a i 50 dozens of other cleaning and ' '"« r ^ m ncx , t . !0 ba!h . s , u ! t "5^..'°' : Pt-mr f-^tfr,t^f^t r*i^^^.. c*:tf.j i- . . - . one or two gentlemen Apply !3 \%cst Ejes txammed--Glasses Fitted ; polishing jobs. Srd s , ritm- Complete Eyeglass Service · \\ Deliver S; , FOnRrtS - v LE~MODEL-HOSSlEirw-OOD _7-3d.-S plv £. B^rti G °'" 1 conditicn A P~ \^*O L«I\ * VJlRsS j\V**r»t*j* H,*-*lt-_ .^_«.. t" _ ·* f , · MAAS OPTICIANS 242-A N Market Phone 1951-W . 328 North Market St. Phone M73 FOSTER'S HARDWARE S"rve and a married daughter,. Harri- D. Wiles. Charles W. Wiles " s. Mrs. Bertie | and Lester F. Wiles, all of Fred- i Leah. Three sisters Pbtterfield. Lovettsville. Mrs.. erick. : "Jessie Butts. Harper's Ferry, and ' The body is at the funeral home. ; Mrs. Robert Miller, Lovettsville. 105 East Church street from where j The interment was in Philadelphia, the funeral will take nlace -Friday j ,, afternoon at two o'clock. Interment i The funeral of Benjamin Franklin win be made jn MJ OHvet cemc _ . IZimmerman who died at his home lpry Friends may ca]1 af ^ r ? - cvcn fear this city Saturday evening ; 0 - c f ock this vening . M . R. Etchi- j »ok~place from the funeral home. son an(J Son funeral dLrectors . : lOfi East Church street. Tuesday _ · | niorjiirig at 11 o'clock. Rev. Morris Thomas E- Keefer j G. Zumbrun officiated. Pallbearers. ; Thomas E. Keefer. formerly of i nephews o£ the deceased, were: Frederick, died at the home of j Claude F. Culler, Clyde Culler. Mrs. Floy Filler, near Union i Putman, Charles W. Chape], this morning at 5.30 j Futman. John H. Zimmerman! o'clock. a?ed 72 years. i and Preston D. Zimmerman. In- j The body is at the funeral home, j terment in St. Luke's cemetery.;] 06 East Church street Further in- Bass Bait For Sale B. O. AVENUE For Sale : Yellow Transparent Aoples I FLANAGAN'S ORCHARD i Phone 163. Thurmont Md Dependable Used Cars At Sensible Prices "43 Crosley Conv. Coupe '46 Plymouth 4 Dr. Sedan - '45 Chev. 2 Dr. Sedan '42 Chrysler 4 Dr. Sedan '41 Ford 4 Dr. Sedan "41 Plymouth 2 Dr. Sedan '41 Pontiac 4 Dr. Sedan '40 Ford Couoe "33 Packard Club Coupe Many Others To Choose From Your DpSolo-Plymouth Dealer WEIL BROTHERS. INC. Flay Deluxe Bingo Waikersville Firemen's Carnival July S. 6, 7. 3. 3 snd 10th GRAND PRIZES For Real Boys: j I Genuine Tcx'n Jeans i j Made in True Western Style: i Sanforized Blue Denim , Sires 3 to 6s $1.98 · Sizes 7 to 14 $2.10 i KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR Custom Batinc GLENELLEN FARMS. Ijamsville. Md. Phone New Market 2013 I F O R R E N T - W E L L E A B L I S H E D including new soda fountain. Apply manure sp't-aSeri 4 'tniinTM J r^ p ~ T ' at restaurant or phone Thurmont 32- plo«. corn planter's, cement mixer*" B-oOdOt ham-nermslls. tractor woodsawsTpow-I j For Sale j Brick house. 2 apartments. 4 ! ! rooms and bath, en 1st floor. '3 j 1 rooms and bath on second floor. { ; Steam heat r 2 car garage, cood i . condition, north section. Early possession. | HARRY E MOHLER, j Keal Estate i Phone 2074 Look Special Bus WALKERSVILUE CARNIVAL Every Night Next Week See Large Advertisement Build Tour Rome IK SPRING VALLEY 60ft. frontage lots $1.500 All improvements Motter Ave.. Opposite 13tb St. FOR Plentv of sandpaper. _ - _TM_^ shellac C F Hartman En.-.t Street. , FOR SALE -- NOnGE~ _ _ Frederick Fhone 1334 and 31R. i tor in cood condition Ev^ts~" 3-2»dtf Ejdic. aiiddlcto-*n. " " ' For Girls! Ballerino Rayon Panlies of Spun-Lo Run-Resist Rayon fSizes 2 to 16» 50c Stock-up for Summer! KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR Watch Repairing | i Carefully Repaired and Adjusted j i by Watchmaker with long I experience I Jewelry and Clocks Repaired TYLER'S JEWELRY STORE HELP WANTED . FOn SALE--MODEL A" FORD" RO'XtT- I stcr. Perfect condit.on Shcn'» .t*r\'if-*t Cf^ f iA_ -m AA_M. r ' Service Station. Phone 20S3 i WANTED--SETTLED MIDDLE-AGED ! couple. House work and general i farm rhorc,- Room, hoard anc! salary i o n small residential f.-irm. Address v -^iHn o ,_51: ^_ Feagaville. M. R. Etchison and Son. j formation and funeral arrange- funeral directors. ments will be announced. M. R- i ,,,,,.- · I 10 ,? 1 ' R S '~ ,.-. ^ 1 S - u - °P«» dollar for ' I The funeral o£ Marshall Schaef- 1 Etchison and Son. funeral directors. good, clean, used cars For Sale Cheap--Oil Burner With Steam Heating Boiler AnH Water Heater Apply 147 North Market Street fti L Bier Grumbine v.'ho died Sunday j Sister Mary John i Public Sale evening took place from the funeral! Word has been received here of i Discontinuing housekeeping. I home." 106 East Church street, Tues- ] the death in Maiden. Mass.. oa | wUI offer m ~ property consisting : 6!ay afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. ' Friday of Sister Mary John. New ! of 40 acres and improvements lo- i H apn-r Tohnnie * The Ganr Paul L: Althouse officiated. Pall- ! England supervisor of the School ' cated 2 miles north of Rocky Ridge. ; " ' bearers -\vere: Paul A. Plunfcert. J. I Sisters of Notre Dame. She was the ' together with all household fur-. ,,-,, L. Davis. Millard M. Anglefcerser. | first sister superior at St. John's | nishines at public sale on July 24.' *"~ r -' k Pravson E. Kikirk. Roy W. Cut- '. School, this city. when, it came; 1943. Watch this column for rie- sat!. r Sr.. and Milton Frank. In- ! under the supervision of the Notre j tailed advertisement.- Tonisht anil Every Nijrht Through July 10th Walkcrsvilie Firemen's Carnival Venetian Blinds Complete Renovating Service New Custom Made Blinds As Low as 50c Square FL Aluminum or Steel 7-7d3t i Box BIO. care Frederick News-Post FOR SALE-- I.VCASE DRY COOLING box. Good condition, used S months. Pnone_Mt._Airy_164-W-2. 7-6d8t» F °R , SALE -- NEW PERFECTIOT:- Ublc-top r.-hurncr and ot'en oil stove, hkc new Phone Brunsrvvick ( WANTED--3 SALES^rEN OR SALES- ladics. Apply before » or after 3 room 333. Krancit Scott Kcv Hotel. Mr. J. E. Dye. 7-7d2f For Sale 1 7-ft electric Frigidaire. new: WANTED--MAX BETWEEN IB AND --'- -----·- -- ----. , 30 ; or trce trimnunc Apply he- . FOR SALE For estimate without obligation i ! w e c n -, 30 . lnd 6 p. m at -us N call i Beniz St. 7-7dlf 7-6d3f VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE Phone Frederick 2092 I WANTED -- MAN FOR LAUNDRY and dry clcanir . USED 6 FT. FRICI- daire in coort rur.nine order-car: b» nouent reasonable. Applv 10 Eas? South Street ' 7-6d3f " ng route in Frederick. FOR SALE -- IMPROVED ICE~RK- i ~ _ ," ~ . . - c- " -^ - ,, . i j Must be" reliable and have a 'o. 1 ' firiccrator. Good condition. Capacity i one 9-foot electric Frigldaire. ne\v. , -- ---- _ _. _ . i reference. Applv Gem Laundry. 133 100 Ifas Phone Walkcrsvillc 3=3J - · one Xorge electric range, like new:' You Pay No More For The Best j \y cst Painrk St. 7-7d3t ' -- 1 - --- .t-- ^--. «r-- .,.-. . , _ - . . . . -_ EXCEL- STUDIO COUCffOR SAtE--CHEAp: tuo or 10-' Enyt 3rd St 7-6d3t FOR SALJ one bottled gas range, nearly new:' So why not use the best For the j MALE HELP WANTED ' lens, sales opportunity for three men who will follow instructions Our product i« different and in two used electric washing ma- best in moving call chines, one new electric washing MEADOWS VAN SERVICE LIVING new ROOM =UITr" " * -- -- rat e~"* tt* i ? * * D i t * ".*vt"- - v·*·· i^.w*-**!,!. .- u ....-~-.-..- ...... -- ^-inv.kik.r[ii n c « /\is r two : machine, one po\ver used lawn rnone on \VeeKly trips to Bain- hieh demand. Our sales methods arc beds, compieic Phone S96-W-S AfES. W. P. SMITH ! terment in Mount Olivet cemetery, j Dame nuns around 191 ' and she M. R- Etchison and Son. funeral; remained here until about 1920. ·j'ir'='ctors I She had visited several times at Firestone Garden Supplies ·p- ~ " j the local convent since that time.! Of Insecticides ^| The funeral of James Russell ' Sister Mary John was born in New ; 5 Ib Rotonone Leatherman. infant son of Melvin j York and was Catherine Duffy be- j Dry Lime Sulfur H.- and Pauline Smith Leatherman j fore she entered the sisterhood, j Paris Grsen. S QZ took place with graveside services ' She would have observed her j Endo Pest Refills in Mount Olivet-cemetery Tuesday (golden jubilee as a sister nsxt ; Endo Pest Guns axtembon at 3 o'clock. Rev. Paul [ month. A brother. John Duffy, of ! Loms Dust W, Kinscl. pastor of .the Church of. Astoria. N. Y.. survives. i Black Leaf 40 Etchison and Son. funeral directors, j -J!.^,/ TM°TMTM?-~,-.~ «r-i ^ =» K. Arsenate of Lead mower, one hand used lawn mo\ver. ' ' two floor fans, nearly new. j ] new electric range; 1946 Cros- j more and Washington. uia - Thomas R.. Hovermaie. lifelong 1 ? 13 - A ««»«* ° J liz . resident of Brunswick, died Mon-, ^ ar . gs , and S E"' ajl =^..\nv 7nni-r,-;r,^ ^ ·,,-,* r,« m ^ ii^-.Rea A--ow Spray For Sal* ' Filling Station Local ion Corner lot. fronting 150" on U. S. ley sedan, equipped with radio: Route 40 within corporate limits 1931 Ford coupe, nearly new. 1947 °° c of city. Depth of lot. 145". Zoning Rototiller. nearly new; also assort- 3oc board permit granted for station ment of house paint. 55c extra location for filling station and BERNIE. 5! c sale of used cars. "9c NOAH E. CRAMER SON. 50c : Realtors i 39c 114 j^. Court Street ! 29c ' i 79c »r. M. C. StieVn«y ' Announcinr The Opening COLE'S JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRING 323 North Market St. unique. Experience not necessary- I Thorouch training. SoO to S73 per ! week to siar:. Future carnincs un! limited. Apnly L. G. Payne. Francis j Scott Key Hotel. Saturday. Jiilv 10th. i 2 p . rn. t o * p m . 7 - 7 d 3 t ' ~-Sdo FOR SALE -- 1337 DODGE '--TON pickup Mcrhlc F. Haincs. Middle- --'ilL--^I^i, 7.gd3t FOR SALE--MONTMOREXCi" SOtiK WANTED--SETTLED MIDDLE-AGED K r ^p r ' c '. a i orch ^ Pickinjr. no-.v. man. General work and care of few v" nf:r ir^ w ^ p " ce :«. r ««°*"»We- horses and cows Room, board and Mrs c!cm Ha. .man. Casntov.-n. Pa. i raiary on ^mall residential farm Ad- -- 7-6d4t"" The Used Car King of Maryland Baltletown. Frederick. Md. Phone 790 .The funeral of Mrs. Rose EliZr i -- --_..,,..._... ,..,.,, ,,»,,.. . -- c___,. ^s-^rB^S'Si^^s ikf Isanb sa»^j|p,^ c .B^ Monday with the requiem j illness, aged 70 years. He was a , *· M - lnseCt Bombs mass a 10 o'clock. ley Scarff. -.. .. Curren?. Pallbearers were Ray- j « ^ irv " lved . oy n!s }'-"»iow Mrs. Ella raond L i n g g. James and Rsy ly and John Will be out of his office from ' July Sth to August 1st. PSc 2.95 Gemico Air Conditioners Happy Johnnie The Ganjr TONIGHT Walkersville Firemen's Carnival Highest market prices for Waste , dre .", B ox 611. care Frederick News- r ° R SALE -- ELECTRIC MOTORS Paper. Rags. Metals. Iron. Tires. ' Post. 7_-7d3t f S P.55.1 7cdaccrs. _ V-driycs. electric Hides. Greases, etc. For Sale: I Beams. Angles. Chan nei iron. Reconditioned Pipe, etc FREDERICK JUNK COMPANY. 310 Chapel Alley Phone 383 Frederick, aid Frank Gastley Sons i Key Hotel. 7 30 to 8.30 p m Friday ' evcmnjc only 7-6d3t* ?_·]-" hofs:x exhaust fans, boilers, equipment, pumps, scales, belt. hose, ers. -concrete mixers. :scs. cnnders. conrrac- .or; and quarry equipment, office furniture, etc.. nev.- and used H If Tou Are Planning A _ _ _ Blessed Event iras rnads" in St ~Anlhonv"s ceme- i nephew Homer Tedrick. both of i don't fsil to s^e ou- fine selection .ery. M. L. Creager and Son. fun- Brunswick: a foster-daughter. Mrs.' of popular priced M'a t s r n i t y si directors. · Mavin -Keplinger Shuffler. Han-· Dresses. "" over. Pa. He was a member of the j S. KLEIN Funeral services for Charles. F. O. E. and Moose Lodges o f " 50 Xorth Market 5*. Idward Cook, who died Thursday \ Brunswick. Ritualistic services . I in Baltimore, were held Monday at. wii! be conducted at the grave, fay : Oar New Location tbe funeral home in Thurmont at' tbe Eagles. ^ ne body rests at the -,viil be 204 West Patrick street. 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Ivan funeral home in Brunswick, where beginning Julv ] | G- Naugle. Pallbearers were Bea- friends may call. Funeral serv- · SHIPLEY" ~BA Pooie, Richard Brice, Ernest ices will be held there. Thursday, j . |Porirter. Karry Portner. Wilbur' 11 a. m. tDST. Rev. J. W. Saey.; I Bavis. Leo YingliriR. Interment was " will officiate. Interment in the "', Q V - jf an t -Will B« Closed i n the United B-sthren cern-. Brethren - - - - - - - j etery in Thurmorit. M. !. I an'd Son. funeral directo.^ Imrnediate Deliverv HILLSIDE MOTOR CO For Kent ; Large store room--Plate glass show windows. Located dov.-nto\vn j just two doors from Market Street, j Spinet--Pianos Shipment arrived, arr greatest i value for money Several used pi- , anos reasonable. j THE PIANO SHOP 4th and N Market Street l -- SALES CLERKS tionv Hi;h School Appf} office McCrorv « 3 I0c Store. 13-15 N. Markc' Stre-' -- COLD WALL FRIGI- o 7 Carr- 4-yr. guarantee, rcdcrich 67. 7-3d3t 120 West Patrick St. Phone 292 ' Fine location for mercantile busi- For Eaele-rieher T o r S a l e jness or suitable for office occu- ! -Certified" Insulation and Eagle- !? ric i { _^_____ ; FOR SA LE -- o-FT. McCOHMJCK- ·--- ------ ] Dccrinc combine with clover fc^i : arid pickup attachments. Charles P. M. K»lh near Creagcrstown. 7-3d3t WANTED--MAN TO MANAGE AND FOR SALE -- !.94l 3'--H.P. EVtS^ fs-m 160 arrcs and rnodt-rn dairy. rude o-jtboard rr.ofor. Guaranteed SO head stock. Wasinns'Ti Co-jniy. A-! condition One o".\ner. S7S. Ship- All modern rnachmcr-- Co"d salary !«·· x Sport S:TC 7-3d3f Used electric r rigicaire in good j condition. j Phone 1163-W pane-.' SHIPLEY BARBER SHOP Carnival and Festival Graceham Fire Company Mt. Tabor Park. Rocky Ridge SAT. EVE.. JULY 10TH Music Yellow Springs Band Picher Aluminum Storm Window* M D. HARP AGENCY *^ nd Dcors cce H j Kester. nhone Real Estate 532-J. 316 E. Third St.. Frederick Pythian Castle Bldg. Phone 729 Md FREDERICK HOMES INSULATING COMPANY Post Box Writ* Frederick 7-SdSt l£\J KJGH CRAbE~~SEED WHEAT FOR sale Apply Hom«r Coins. Wood- t s'.ocJv raTn=. Poo5viltr. Md_ after 7 p. m Phcnc ?oo]cs\Tlic 21SO. ARTHUR D LAMBERT. S East Church Street Phone 53-J WANTED--EXPERIENCED AND IN- cxpenenced painters- willmc 10 -^ork. Good siartinc paj Rodney Toma«. corner of Market and 3rd Scottv 5. any morning at 6 4? ' FOR . Brethren Cemetery. BrownsyiHe. For ar]nual vaca;iorj Ju]y 5 lo lc;h . C. H, Feete and oro.. funeral a;-. Our offic£ v . m - oe open V3catiorl . reCtO.S. . *s»v c -2n 4« 1*7 nrs i nn «^ ^ no -»^«^ _ Birds have an jntemsl " sir-con- . PICNIC DINNER diiionir.g" n-stem to cool them, o f f ; A Picnic dinner was hc^3 Sunday from the heat produced by their ! in tbe ' A "oods of Mr. and Mrs. Har! iy L. Schroyer, near MyersviJlc. i Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. ueek S.30 to 12 GO--1.00 lo 3.00 and Saturday morning FLEISCHMAN-- Cleaners Walkersville Carnival Hnir- Operated--Home Own~i Ali Profits Help the Firemen To Kelp You muscular activKv. The Weather Cunningham and family, j -\ Xancy and Thomas. Mr. and Mrs.' IN MEMORIAM In Icmoriam -Tarnes Cunningham and family. SCHROYER.--In sad and loving ( AV «·-, r--% Tcrry^Jirnrny ana Tersia. Mr. and -erpembr?nce of mv dear hus- i AI. iirne UL , Mrs. rrank Miller ana daughters. , Precipitation {or 24 hours ending' Janice and Betty. Mrs. Ida Cunat 5 ». m. today--trace. ningham. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clem. · 1(us / Precipitation. July to date--.09 ( ^ r . anc ] Mrs. Caroil Ikcnberger and ! Jjl an ir , ch -. . _ : family. "Carol. Dennis. Allen. Mrs ' A preciou= nn- h^? left u - ^.Kormal July precipitation. ··..!, Alice Poole, all ol Hagerstown: Hi-= voice w love is ^illinches: actual. July. 1947--4.36: Mr.-. Nina Bear, of Erie. Pa.: Mr. 'and Mrs. T. H. Schroyer. of Mid- Pnhlic Salr Sat. July loth, Lewisto-w-n. Md. 2 p. m. f e d i ' Horno furnishings, home cursd it=. lard, carpenter tools, butch- inx tool?.. dishes.. caruied' fruit, crock?. · . . .MRS. .JAMES 'NULL. rTRAYED -- FROM HOME RED HELP WANTED--WAITRESS GOOD FOR ?A- E--H6TSE~~^I calf. '-Ahitc face- P:««e notify A3- salarj . p; casan ? s-irrou^cS-r-s? Wrslc ' "o -ac-cf o' «~£' }s* n Nickei. Jefferson. Md. _Rou:e^ ;. F rc d-j{ Ncv.-s-Post Box 30-5 _ ro ,,j 4 rr-.:3es V,or':h of Fr -6d3t «-*d3t ..«· i-,....^ i?; T^-. «-.--^-* -- SMALL and. on hard -- CH-?** " ~ -- -- ir^-s. .«-i-j T ..i'l'.i .1^.*.* w^ Frede*cic. ji»t '·*.' - .-«13._ oiTKoate 13 Dan Wishtorjoarazcnt. i LOST --J'ATR OF GLASSES BE- . DAIRYMAN WANTED -- SPLENDID 7-2dSt I t^ccn rrancis Scot' Key Hotel and for industrious man for -C-Q-S S^LE--SATOOTFT FOX TTtRTnt Po«;lofficc Reward Mrs Ed-Aard E. , ;;) , K V dairv farm Man shc-ssld "nave at ' "·;.^'^^ K c: TERKIER Cathms. No 33 Delray A-- " " - P-PP-c" A - -^ c - Happy Johnnie Ar The Ganf TONIGHT VTalfcersiiile Firemen's Carnr - a i? place is vacant in our home. Which never can be filled ivhom we love Kecney Reunion Sunday. Julv nth. ?t Mi. Tabor i . Q ,_ out of Park. Rocky Rid?e All friends and . *'' _ - , . , -. ^ - · ' lirt** f OtQ. f* ton s.,, . ,,,,.... relatives welcome. nign lempcrat-jre a yea- ago--3 ( anc f i rs _ Cvrus Schrover and son? But never out of our mind , Low temperature last night--64 j E3rl , Austin. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph , Thev R re cherished in the heart: ; Low temperature a year ago--64 Schroyer. Charles Wachter. Mr. · o f trlo ,p Sun sets today--3.40 p. m and Mrs. A. K, Houpt. MIPS Eliza- You left behind -Sun-rises tomorrow--5.51 a. m.; beth Schroyer. of Myersville: ATiss , 'Moon- rises tomorrow--7.36 a. m. · Mildred Fisher. of Frederick: Sleep on" dear one and take your ·' Mocn sets tomorrow--10.40 p. m. | R a i p h Schroyer. Myersville. rest. ! LOST AND FOUND ; HOUSEKEEPER FOR ELDERLY MAN i ~~~~~-~~-~~*--~~--*--~--~-~~~-~---·«-- , farm near Frrdsrick No heavy ' \nnounrerncnt LOST--SHOWN AND WHITE MALE work Write Box 311. Frederick Ncws- Announcemcni rabbit Bca E l- hoand in -, : cmiSy of ; Post 7-fd.T.- We are pleasca to PnnounC", .hat p ear! . ,\nwer« !o nam- of T:;. Re- HELP WANTED -- EXPERIENCE!} ~x* have opened a used car display -.vard Phone 13-W-J Frederick . ciecincian-;. Hahn Eiectrjc Co. :;3S lot on South Court Street, south ; _,,,,.,_ ^^,, ,-^,7^'IU^ '' ^J'TM^^ S 4J'~ c * ;; !Sf_--Z--i^l-^ of ;h" Amoco Station You are " ~" " "" ' "" "^^ ~ ' :nvitcd to visit u= for a dcmonstra- · bc ; tion of our used cars and trucks Ihtcrj belov.-. ; THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO -Your Friendly Ford Dealer" Phone 1092 Fine Cscd Car* 3943 Ford Super Delux ,1345 Ford 2t Super De ; 1?46 Ford Deluxe j 1«1 Dodse Fordor '' 1941 Chevrolet^ 2 To%vn Sedan · 1940 Pontiac Tudor . 1940 Pontiac Conv. Coupt , 1939 Ford Coupe 11P36 Chevrolet 3 To'^n S"dans , 1936 Ford Fordor SALE -- nC7 PLY. COUPE. Kood rur-bcr fair condition. S1SS OO A poly H, r. Harbaagh. Catoctin Fur- nacc M?r?-!and ~-3d3f FOR SALS -- SIX WELL BRET) G'.:cm;cv heifer 1 ; about 2 icars old. P W McKay. Rocky Rid»c. Md. 7-3d5t* FO-. ?ALE -- SIX NJTIV COJIBTNA^ 'l" n * : ?" Tri ?nd sc-rc'-r: sash. 2 fir-*' ve._Catons- ) ca st one" cood helpe _7--fid2t modern convenicrccs C ! Pau*i y Rudv 1B Midd^wn Ptonr i:^ ( FOR SALS-DACHSHUND PuPPrES" i w _j " T-3d3t ! rcr:s:-at:on pspcrs. Seven -weeks i SALESMAN WANTED -- FOR ~SELL^ ; i ld x^- h \v^c?TOrT h p^Tc'M-F^22.' ROU ' e NOTICES (SALESMAN WANTED-- FOR j ins of roof coating first quality ' EXECUTP.ICES- NOTICE , house, bam paint Rral money. Robert | Thu is lo CI-.P notice :ha' tn» «ub-! Bov ers. Rt. 1. Tsr.cvtov-n Phone *V* sALt. -- Uc. A^u «-»*-- tmbcrs ' ave obtained from the Or- : I53-W 7-3dGf i '° n Fnrd "'·'"* snd b =°- v - onc ~ 7-2d4t* Plants For Sal» CHESTER L. GROVE 103 E. oth St Phone 1285 . i 1940 Ford 3 i ton pickup j 1939 Ford ': ton pickup 1 1932 Ford ': Ion stake Ford '3 ton pickup These cars and truck-; are pn«i-.-* Cour: of Ftrdencfe Counly in j w I Mao'Iand. letters Testamentary on the · estate of 1 ! CHARLES W KREGLO -- ASSISTANT oarig man. Lone f-^zffff '. hoi feeder one three bottom Case L-!\r.L»u ' p!o-.v t\vo Macic Chef cas ranscs con- Servei x»* for -- pio»v i^vo .^iac.c *_ne; cas Encrsctir. s m b i 11 o u s j vc , ;cd fc , r Ph;;!:; ,,. onc cstabhsnca .irm. , Kcfncerator converted in (Condition of rivers: Monocacy Attention-- Junior Ladies Aux. pood shape snd reasonably priced. Bus will leave Junior Fire Hall , Visit our new lot nn Soulh Court muddy at Buckeystown Dam: Poto- ! MARKET PRICES mac clearing on Virginia side, j Wheat bu. . S 2 20 j cloudy-on Maryland side at Bruns-' Barley, bu. * 1.33 i i wick.- i Corn, bbl ?11.30 | · We all loved you. but God loved at 6 - 45 P- m Thursday. July 3th. , Street south of Amoco Station for you bes.1. Kv Hi^ Loving WIFE AND · to attend County Convention in 1 Walkersville. VIRGINIA M T*NN*KR. Secretary. a dernonslration THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO ' Your Friendly Ford Dealer" Phons 1092 ' deceased All persons having claims »s:ain?t the deceased are warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers Ihrreol lecallv suthrntica'cd to hc tubsrnbers. on or before thr oth day of Fcbruar-. 1949 next; they may ! otherwise DV law DC deluded trom all benefit of said estate Thos- indebted to the deceased are desired to make immediate payment Given under our hand? this Sth day of July 1"8 - * full profitable · FOR SALE--NEW JOHN DEERE 10_ ', ft power grain binder on rubber. .nformation how to cstablisn Anp]j . Cla . r D W arJey. Lincoln Wav business in part of citv of FrrdericK You will be surprised at bip results others jecure yo , fc Pa R dence Littlestown, Pa. 163-M phone .^j. 2 TRUCK 6-30d5t* WITH CARRIE O. BOHN. WANTED--EXPERTEXCED COOK TO AfARY r.. GROSSNJCKLE and take complel*- charge of kitchen L KINTZ full tim» pood «a)ary Apply Tic. Evecutri'-es Tok Restaurant. 7t S. Marks-' Street. dJj" 7 t lU1.26-Auf i i e-i6dU FOR SALE -- GARWOOD DUMP body. Phcne 33 «-21dtf FOR SALE -- REPAIRED CTENZfcA- t/irs. starters Blair'*, 222 WSoutb St. Phone 15-15-M. , 4-3JIOI* ^WSPAPER!

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