The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 2
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 2

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

RACmC SITNDAY Bt'LLKTIN July l«. 1951 «»r. 1, Tngp 2 Ex-KansQSville Man Conceives Idea of an Escape Tunnel from Airplane be pumped out for the rescue and back Into the crippled plane after the mission was accomplished. (ox said he had seen many occasions while on active diuy where such a system could ' hiive been used. KANSASVILLE—A former! Kansasville man has designed; an "escape tunnel" which he «?ay5 could save lives if an airplane in flight has a damaged landing gear or if its mo-; tors are inoperative and landing would be dangerous. 'Old People's Town' Founded in Denmark COPENHAGEN — A special "old people's town" hax been founded in Copenhagen by the Danish government. The town, within the cily, gives .stMiior citizens necessary services, hot nllows them to be as active as they wish. Residents may live In comfortably furnished one or two- room apartments at low rent.s. A muse \isits ca(~h home e\crv diiv. He is Elmer F. Cox. 46, now of I.aCrosse. Cox. a son of| Mrs. Margaret Cox, Eranks- vllle. is a native of Racini' County. Credited with Inveniluns Cox said he is attcmj)!iiij^ lo interest conuuercial aviation in picl <iMg up Ills idea of |iro\ id inn nu csciipe luiuicl from faulty aircraft in fliglU. I If has a()ppal('d lo l ('>.'ish )lf)rs. [Hivaic and government contractors. A veteran of 12 years' active duty with the United States Air I'onc, Cox also bus oilier air safely inventions lo bis credit, designed by him wliile in servire. Among his brain children are; a \valer))roof, canvas bag and case of ecuiip- ment, to be atiaclied under crash ambulances ralber than carried inside; a fastening device designed lo hold a special­ ly designed bed for transporting paralyzed, wounded soldiers while aboard a hospital plane and a liulil weight modified portable slreliher, 1 or Use In Might lie des( ribes bis latest invention this way: " The ))laii would be callet! a irew or passenger transfer system and il would be used "air lo ail" al high or low altitude, wilh a relraitable tube or tun-; nel about 120. feel long, which! could be pulled into the rescue craft." The tunnel. Cox said, would NAMED HONDURAS Columbus gave Honduras its nanuv When he sailed along the Caribbean coast of Central America on his last voyage, he called the land Honduras: (l)epths) because of the deep water he found offshore. In the case where a crippled aircraft would have its passen- ger.s removed through the escape tunnel, the disabled plane would be set on automatic l)ilot and turned out lo sea or into an open area, be said. Cox explained: "It would be a retractable tunnel, complete Willi lo<ks and e(|uali/.e(l pressure devices, which would f)p- erale similarly to aircraft-in­ flight refueling systems. Ila.<i Other Usc«i Me said another use for such a system would be to place food aboard an aircraft in flight — or lo remove cargo from a crippled' plane in a similar manner. Now a civilian. Cox has been living in I.aCrosse for the last three months. He said recent "near-crashes" of large jet airliners prompted him lo contact legislators, including .Senators Jim, the Crow, Would Rather Ride Than Fly EF.MER F. COX . , . Now a Civilian . . . Humphrey. Proxinirc, Wiley and Symington, and .lames Dur- (ee of the Civil Aeronautics Authority. Sen. Humphrey referred Cox to the National Aviation Agency. Cox also was invited by Wright Patterson lield to go to Ohio for an informal discussion of his plan. HA.STING.S, Mich. — i/P) — One pet on the Lorence Hub- bell dairy farm isn't convinced that distances are shorter a.s the crow flies. Jim, a 2-year-old crow, enjoys riding in a car, on a tractor or on the shoulders of anyone in the ffubbell family. Recently he feigned injury along a side road and was picked up by neighbors who drove him to their home but could find nothing wrong with the wily bird. They learned he wa.s the Hubbell pet and returned him. "He was mighty glad to be ,back," says Mrs. Hubbell. "He sat on a fence and just hollered." .She was surprised at his wandering away, "f-or one thing, his wings are clipped^ and, for another, he's skeptical of strangers," she say.s, Jim was raised frotri a fledgling and is on friendly terms with two dogs aivd two cats who round out the pel men- Jim, the crow on farmer Lorence Hubbcll's shoulder, prefers to ride rather than fly. agerie on the b.W-acre Hubbell farm, . He succeeds the original Jim who fell victim two years ago to an apparently near-sighted! chicken hawk. The original Jim succeeded Roscoe, who started the Hubbell family on its hobby of; making pets of crows. "Ro.scoe just disappeared one day," Mrs. Hubbell says. "I don't think he cared much for civilization." LARGEST IN HAWAII , Most of the 570,0no Hawaiian islanders live on the five largest islands of the group: Hawaii, Maui, Moiokai, Oahu and Kauai. Important Notice from GRANTS! If your iob is affected by the STEEL STRIKE, causing a layoff. 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Here's in un.urpo.'.ed volue tor vou lorly AmerKun lo<.ri'.. ^269^^ |Jr,(ounl loo 00 t.'OSV Discount $90 00 Now REGUUR $259.95 SIESTA SLEEPER. This sofa hos a beoutiful heovy beige nylon friez* cover, latest styling, that vou can be proud of in ony room in the house. Hos o comlortobit moltresi that $12.95 HOLLYWOOD BED FRAMES, tieo\y steel <-.i..nsliui.lion, eslrj loige tioid rubber toslers, udiuslolile lo onv \Mdlh. Discount iO.OO. ^A'* (Cosh end Cciiryl Now " HOLLYWOOD BED OUTFITS. Complete VMlh inr\er>tjr ing n \olliess, bo\ spring, legs and plostic covered hegdboord ni tvNin siies. P I iced fiorn '49 95 SAVE $50.00 AND MORE ON BUNK REDS, complete VM II I mj|irp,,e'-, bed'., guard rail and ladder 'JTJ^'' '"^ ond springs Up W« 4*n't k«vt rpom »o litt (h«i« ilami, kut wt ar* cUaring our warehouse and «mmblint m\l our »44 drtueri, ck«i»i, btdi, mni nil* tisndt. Thett odd pieces will carry rcrfuctioisi up to 75%. W* hav« really accumulated an odd lot meti. 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This suite wos od^eitred lor much more in Lile nuigo- zne. ^100^^ iove $90.00 I "7 $339.95 AN UNBELIEVEABLC BUY FROM KROEHLER. You'll hove to see tins lo believe il. We bought one solid carload of this suite in two linishes, coshmere ton ond oyster vshile. T h i » suite consists ot a triple dresser, extra large chest, bookcose lied; this bcdrooni suite hos all ol Krochler's lop quality esen to melol ccriter guided drawers. This you'll hose lo see. M07^^ Save $l'12,9'j $399.95 IITH CENTURY TRIPLE DRESSER bedroom set with large chesi of dioNscrs ond bed, crolied Ironi the linest imported nioliogony. ^9A0^^ Save $rj0.00 DINETTE SETS-Special Clearance $74.95—5-PC. CHROME, 30 $^Q95 Tuble, opens lo ^.S'' $149.95—7-PC. WROUGHT IRON oiul Wijodgroiir, ib " Toble, ^00^^ opens to 72" , ' ' $109.95—7-PC. BRONZE ond Bnch, 3{)" Tcible, ^AQ^' opens lo bO" ^~ $89,95—7-PC. 36" BRONZE ond Ton- O'e\sood 1 oblc, ^49^^ to [,\" $79.95—5-PC. 30' BLE, opens to ^)-t" DROP LEAF TA. '49" $89.95—7-PC. 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Save $100,00 , .'. $399.95 ROWE THREE PIECE SECTIONAL, lOO"",) nylon frieze cover with fully reversible lilelime foom rubber cushions, button lulled and welled bock. $000'^ Save $100.00 ^77 $399.95 ROWE FOUR PIECE SECTIONAL. This sectional consists ol the regulor three pieces plus one extra sectional uriit, coveted in long wearing deep pile frieze with lifetime foam cushions, fully reversible for extra long wear. $000'^ Save $100.00 ^77 $449.95 NORWALK FIVE PIECE SECTIONAL outfit, this hos to be seen. Th« five pieces consist of two large end arm secrtons ond one stroight center section plus two motching upholstered end tables. These five pieces can be arranged to form a curved sectional in o corner to a two piece suite. There are opproxi- motely eight different arrangements. This is for the gal who likes to arrange and re-orronge her room. Guorantecd to fit any living room in at least one or two arrangements. ^QAO'^ Sove $100,00 ''**7 $599.95 KROEHLER FOUR PIECE SECTIONAL. This is Krochler 's best with fully reversible zipper foam rubber cushions, all foam bock construction completely coil spring bose. The outside bock ol this sofa is mode stroight u[» ond down so it can be moved out into the room OS o room divider, A ^399" reol bargain. Sove $200.00 Over lKirty-(iv« three and four pice* lectienati to cheese Irem. Modtrn, Contemporary, Trantectianal, Colonial, all greatly reduced. TWO PIECE SUITES $239.95 KROEHLER SOFA ond MATCHING LOUNGE CHAIR. Full coil spfing construction with reversible spring cushions covered in metallic decorator tweed moteriol. ^1 QO^^ Save $100.00 ' ' $249.95 NATIONAL SOFA and LOUNGE CHAIR covered in long wearing Irieze cover with lully reversible spring cushions. This is on exceptional value. ^lAO'^ Sove .$80,00 107 $309,95 KROEHLER SOFA ond MATCHING LOUNGE CHAIR. Beautiful styled suite with clionnel and tufted bork ond sloping arms, covered in exceplion- olly high quality nmhoir frieze with ic- versible spring cushions with full coil spring construction. ^100^' Save $1 10.00 '77 $349.95 NATIONAL SOFA and MATCHING LOUNGE CHAIR. This suite has many fine upholstering details such OS channel and button tufted arm treotmont, beautifully styled bock covered in heovy frieze upholstery with fully reversible spring cush- ^O^Q'S ions. Save $100.00 XH7 ODD SOFAS So* our ttlaction of Early Amorican lefat lolt priced from only $149.95. $269.95 SAM MOORI FRENCH PRC VINCIAL SOFA, cv-dhcntic styling witfi loose pilTbw back effect, reversible spring cushions, fruitwood arm trim ond legs, covered in 100?o nylon MAO'^ motelasse. Save $100.00 .. $349.95 BARTELS CONTEMPORARY SQFA, This sofa is custom built, all hond tailored, covered with 100% nylori niotelosse, comes complete with matching arm covers for extra long werjr. Even the plotform is covered in the some mo­ teriol OS the solo. . ^249" Sova $120.00 Ovar liity two pioca luitai, twa piaca tactienali and odd leloi to cheesa from. Medam, Early American, French Provincial, Cantamporary, Traniitionol styling. A great array •t colarf and cavtri. ALL PRICES WITH TRADE Now you con carpet your house with genuine Lees carpeting completely loid on tackless striping, padded and sewed for ^7.98 a yard. Shop All Doy Mon. <. Fri. 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Daily-—9 a.m. ta 5:30 p.m. Open Other Eveninft by Appointment Co4l for Frto Courtesy Cor All ItenM Subject to Frtor Solo FREE PARKING Rear of Store Ali .vfli mt Parh • Our SOlh \pnr BUY NOW - No Monty Dotwn and Months and Months to Pay Phen* ME 4-7177 TRUNDLE BEDS AND BUNK BlEDS Complete with 2 Springs, Mottresses, Guard Rail ond Ladder Complete

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