Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 21, 1962 · Page 6
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 6

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Page 6
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» l tUlS., AUGUST 21, 1962, Lake Charles Afttferfcon Press ] -t^-p * j| \ ttftV Embers of Love Could Fade in This Romance WEEK'S CALENDAR TUESDAY, AU6. J1 The SPEBSQSA fnwts Tuesday, 7:M p.m., 1710 Hwy. 14. Social Dancing night for adults Would You Want Daughter To Work tor a Newspaper? By CELESf Ift£ SIBLEY Women'* News ABIGAIL VAN BUREtf j makhig all her own decisions and pened to me. and I was annoyed being her own^bossV a( fifst BM( af(<!f thteklng ft over> I was flattered. DEAR ABBY: I have been with _ the FIRE DEPARTMENT less! DEA R ABBY: Not too long ago than a year, and the girl I am I redecorated my living room. Itj 'going with has told me if I want took a lot of time and effort, but! ! to marry her I had better find when *<* hrough it looked very , «» j something else to do for a living because she refuses to put iiKe mine! n "' Now both my neighbors on she was married, side of me have put up no beef! with these crazy hours. Should I JfaUpaper and d r a p c s exactly i,t« ,«,„„. One even asked me She told yon go jrnTw goi ! try to talk her into marrying me I anyway !job? or should I find another ROOKIE. where I Unload your problem on Abby. t r _.. _,. bought my lamps, a n d I For a "p ers ' ona i repiy'Vend a self- she went down and bought a pair ,, , . , . just like them for herself. My hus- laddressed - stam P ed envel °P e band said I should be flattered. Ab ty- c are ° f t his P a P er DEAR ROOKIE: Better find an- Tell me, honestly wouldn't you be For Abby's booklet, "How To other girl. If she's burning to mar- annoyed if this happened to you? \ Have a Lovely Wedding," send ANNOYED. DEAR ANNOYED: It HAS hap only, High School Park tion center. 8-10 p.m Civil Defense Women's Police; unit meets Tuesday, 7 p.m., in, court house basement. Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club: 8 p.m., Family Fun Time: and 8:45 p.m., Social Mix. The Southwest Louisiana Coin tel. Second Wednesday of each club meets Tuesday, 7 p.m., at the Calcasieu Savings and Loan building, 1155 Ryan street. There will be a trading session and a to j Coin Auction. All members are j urged to attend and bring a guest. For further information call HE- 9-9616. Her application for admission to a journalism school catne and she sent it to me to fill in softie rccrea "! of the blanks. "Would you want your daughter to work for a newspaper?" a friend jibed, parodying, of course, the dilapidated old cliche of our time, "Would you daughter to marry. want your etc. i ry you, she won't throw cold water on your job. i DEAR ABBY: Do you recall your answer to a young girl (or maybe it was to her mother) j when you were asked to settle | the question of when a girl is 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills. Calif. "her own boss"? Mature Love Is Antidote For Successful Adoption MRS. A. C. MISS WHITE CASTLE OF 1962: Miss Betty Collet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William P. Collet was chosen over a field of 23 beauties at the annual Sugar Cane festival held last week. Miss Collet will represent her city at the parish Sugar Cane Festival to be held in Plaquemine on Aug. 25. She is a Junior at McNeese State College and is a member of Chi Omega sorority. DEAR MRS. A. C.: It may not be verbatim, but this Is close: "When a girl leaves her parent's home, pays her own room and board, buys her own clothes, pays for her own dental and medical care, finances her own education and pays for her own entertainment, then she has the privilege of choosing her own company, Beach Party Goes YOUNG MODERNS All Wrapped Up! Are you planning a picnic at 'he beach? To make sure the sand \on't "season" your foods, the \merican Meat Institute suggests ; ou serve supper-in-a-package. Shape thick patties of ground '•>eef. arrange each on a square •if aluminum foil, top with a thick Jice of tomato and onion. Season •vith salt and pepper, then wrap oecurely in foil. Carry to the picnic — one forj What a price one •ach serving — and cook the un-! secret marriage! Crapped packages over glowing .•oals about 15 minutes to a side, ! urning once. Sandwich the picnic Secret Wedding May Be Costly burgers in buns, which have been i secretly," :arried along in their store wrappings, By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer pays for a "I fear that I've made a terrible mistake by getting married writes a 17-year-old friends with an older girl — she's 26, and my mother says she does not have a good reputation. She does not want me to see the girl or Adopted children are ten times more likely to develop severe emotional disturbances, although they make up less than one per- ceni of the child population. Confronted with this disturbing "statistic." writer Bernard Asbell uncovers the "hidden" dangers behind adoption and the conditions conducive to adoption failure. Dr. Marshall D. Schechter, an eminent California psychiatrist, discovered that of the 120 children he had treated in the last five years, 16 or 13.3 percent had been adopted. A similar discovery was made by the Children's Service of the Menninger Clinic which showed that in a six-year period, adopted children represented 11.3 percent of its child patients. And more recently, a child guidance clinic in Cleveland found that 10 percent of its emotionally distraught children had been adopted. What then are the facts responsible for the wreckage of so many trists, and heads of adoption agencies believe that in most cases it's because of the parents. Some parents are emotionally immature, others transpose their infertile frustrations on the adopted child, and still others aren't sufficiently pre-counseled as to the rearing of an adopted child. Of the 50,000 couples who adopt each year, 20.000 adopt privately. In 48 of the 50 states, pros- I started to say "No"—the automatic response of any parent who wants his children to avoid all the pitfalls he lurched into, miss all the pain and, instead, to make a million dollars. But the fact that it was an application to a college reminded me of something — my own application to a college during the depression days of the '30's. I was able to make appication for program, at Simpson Method- because I had a newspaper job, a full-time job at the munificent pay of $12 a week, and because the men who ran that newspaper had a reverence for education. Some of them were young men who had attended fine Eastern colletes. One was an old university football star. One, an editorial writer who didn't last long, Business and Professional Women's club meets Tuesday, 7 p.m. for program, at Simpson Me ist church, 1611 Highway 14. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 21 Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club: 6 to 9 p.m., Leath- ercraft class: 7 p.m., meeting for Amateur Talent Group. Social dance class for adults 1 was going to college bttt th% id- ucation really belonged to tfiosi men in the office who haggled over my courses, nagged mi about ftiy grades, dipped curious* ly into my textbooks and fed m* soup and hot-dogs on those days when I'd spent fny last nickel on carfare. They were hard on me. I can still hear the police reporter who gave me his Monday off saying bitterly, "So you made a C-fninus, huh? On MY day off the best you can do is a lousy C-mtnus?" But they were equally hard on my teachers. The English professor who gave me a C-plus on thi theme they had helped me write about the bonus marchers really heard from them. Want my daughter to work for a newspaper? If she should be so lucky I'll know a good fairy attended her birth. only held Wednesday, 8-10 p.m., j wore a phi Beta K key „„' L-ltrflt Cy-tlinnl Dn«l* *•****«« ni • .*.« _._« . . . * * * High School Park recreation center. Mrs. Georgia Earle, instructor. Ceramics classes are taught Wednesday, 9-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m.. High School Park recreation center by Mrs. A. B. Nevils. his watch chain. But many of them were men Storks Pair Soys Vows by Candlelight STARKS (Spl,) — In a candlelight service, at 8 p.m. on Aug. 18, marriage vows were exchanged between Veda Ray Johnson, who had very little formal school-i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ing and for that reason they nur- R ay Johnson, and J. L. Bussell, tured an almost supernatural awei son of Johnnie Bussell, of Starks. of a college education. i _, , , . .,., ... , . . i The ceremony was solemnized When they learned I was going ta the home of [ he bride - s . parenla Lake Charles Duplicate Bridge to try to work and go to school pective parents are free to go to a club meets Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., i they had an informal staff meet- with the Rev. Gertherd Ashworth bring her to girl is very the house, but the understanding and "I figured my parents wouldn't They make mighty good eating approve, so we eloped to another "or hungry swimmers! to me?" Kolor-Bak POMADE \ GRAY HAIR Nothing to Buy. 1 Just send coupon plus 256 for mailing and handling and get FREE-a $1.50 jar, regular retail size, of amazing new Kolor-Bak Pomade. Apply Kolor-Bak Pomade as you would any ordinary hair groom. Watch grayness be replaced by youthful, natural- looking color—and so GRADUALLY that your best friends will never notice the change. Excellent for both men and women. Send coupon TODAY to Kolor-Bak, 657 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago 10, HI. state. I have not had the courage to tell my parents because we have had a number of quarrels. And I don't know whether I real- SS&WSK -••££---" tried to discuss with always offers me very good advice. She's had a lot of bad breaks and people shun her. I will be 18 in three months. Don't you think 1 should be able to choose my own friends, especially since my mother doesn't pay any attention doctor, a clergyman, a lawyer, anyone who might know an unwed expectant mother, and an adoption privately. Drs. Catherine S. Amalruda and Joseph V. Baldwin in studying 100 children placed for adoption by licensed adoption agencies and 100 privately adopted children revealed that of the agency placements, 76 percent were termed "successful," while only 46 percent, were "successful" of the privately adopted children surveyed. Corroborating the results of the Amatruda-Baldwin study, anoth- in the Coffee Shop of Majestic ho-1 ing to decide how they could help L- O J i-t c*~ 1 tir__l 1 _r L l i , . U&RU «f fw»H«« ' lei. Second Wednesday of each as me by rearranging hours and as-J signments and swapping days off. j In exchange for this I had toi riage b y, her fathen & he wore a take the courses they considered !* own of !ace and P ea de S01C ' Hel> Review course in social danc-i important, subjects they wishedi arranged month is Master Point night. THURSDAY, AUG. 23 The bride was given in mar- , lllus0n * as h * d ing for adults only, taught Thurs- they had had the opportunity to i m . a ^ chin g P ' ! ' b ° x embroidered studv themsplvp*. : w.lh seed pearls. Sf. Raphael CD A Names Committees adopted children's lives? Psychia- i er study not yet published, re vealed that only 46 per cent of the private adoptions were success- ; ful. Although intensive preliminary interviews of prospective parents by good adoption agencies might conceivably reduce the failure connected with privately adopted children, widespread adoption via adoption agencies does not seem feasible. And again, what about the 24 percent unsuccessful agency- day, 7-8 p.m., High School Park recreation center by Frank Blackburn. Golden Age club meets every second and fourth Thursday, 2-4 p.m., High School Park recreation center. Ceramics classes are held ohursday, 6:30-9 p.m., High School Park recreation center. Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club: 6 to 9 p.m ercraft class. study themselves. ; The city editor to my youthful i pyes appeared to be an elderly ; fellow. (I know now he was prob- ; ably 35.) He had come up through ' a hard school, supporting an in- 1 valid mother by selling newspa- 1 pers on the streets of New Orleans and later driving a taxicab. IOWA (SpU-Committee chair- j s jmen for Court SI. Raphael, Cath- I can make a go of it before I tell them I did the wrong thing? I don't like to admit it." It is going to be difficult to ...._ _,..„ _ . make your marriage work on this i on your own. - - l£J\_.Ll_1_llt V411OUV<V.V^l3l71. 14 1 dKtllVT D f u ,g hters « f America, were j adopted chlldren> whose prospec ' her She seems to be quite aware of basis. You are missing the .joys that newlyweds should experience . . , -the fun of planning the home I yo "'' associatlon w 'th this girl, entertaining together, plotting' f" , as no hesitanc y in express- their future. You are living for this or that moment of fun, but fear and un-! certainty stand in you way. Your parents could offer good i bad breaks often have profited by counsel. Straightening out y o u r ! iU ~ ' ~ marriage could give you a' firmer foundation for affection and erase doubts. If your marriage is wrong, it could be the time to dissolve it, so that you and your hus- you've : a Ppointed recently as follows: were' Miss Lois Leger, retreat; Miss trivial and she thought they would j Mary Nell Pousson, education; j views? resolve gracefully or thai she'd 1 Mrs. Richard Vest, legislation; like you to make some decisions! Mrs. Frank Genius public relations; Mrs. L. J. Landry, social welfare; Mrs. Frank Nalali, charity; Mrs. Dan Sheridan, Civil Defense and highway safety. Also, Miss Lucy Foreman, vocations; Mrs. Genius and Mrs. S. !A. Donaldson, Iowa telephone; in your new Mrs. Alfred Ardoin, Lacassine telephone; Mrs. Donaldson, custodi- tiv parenls supposed i under . went intensive preliminary inter- FRIDAY, AUG. 24 Dixie Squares Square Da n c e club meets every Friday night, 8-11 p.m., at Drew Park recrea tion center. All area square dancers invited. Pre-Teen club for 9, 10 and 11 year-olds have classes in ball- They said he had only gone Lealh- through the sixth grade in school but so great was his passion for the written word that he had educated himself. I can hear him now wrangling with a yellow-skinned, cadaverous old desk man over my schedule. It was not mine to reason why. The bride is a student at Me- Neese State college, where she is majoring in Physical Science Education. The groom is employed at Younger Bros. Inc. in Lake Charles. They will make their home in Lake Charles after a brief wedding trip. PHOTO COPIES Of Birth C«r1lflcon», Wedding Llc«nie«, Dlschorft Popm And Other Dacummtt While You Wait MAC'S CAMERA SHOP High School Park recreation cen ter. Morning Duplicate Bridge club ,. ...j ,. , , . meets Friday, 9:30 a.m.,' at Many child welfare experts feel Bevo . s- Firsl Frldav of e a ch that proper counseling of prospec- !monlh is Master Point d tive parents, both those who adopt year-uius nave classes in oan- **•>'<?•*• j* jt A •• u V Jfc •& • A • • • • room dancing Friday, 7-10 p.m., *',«* DISCOUNT SPECIAL" Hitrh Sr-Vinnl Part rporpntinn ppn. IBM •'•wWWWIlB VI b V I R b • REVLON ing her opinion of her, obviously i ' r your own good. j You see the best friend and people who have had band can where. find happiness else- she isn't may not way of COUPON GOOD FOR FREE *12° SIZE KOLOR-IAK POMADE NAME STREET CITY ZONE I STATE | Oder Expires Sept. 10, ml | LIMIT OF ONE No matter how much you loved each other when you married, considerable strain on your emotions has taken place, and it could be ruinous to your future happiness together. But it could work out perhaps, if your parents gave their bless- i ing and helpful assistance. Here's a letter from a girl who feels she is neglected by her mother: "Ever since I was a child I have been seeking my mother's love. She never has time for me and when I ask her something important, she forgets to hear me out if the phone rings or some one drops into the house. She'd never think to ask me about it again. Sometimes she says 'I'll sleep on it' or 'I'll think 'about it' but she never mentions it again. "My mother is active in everything in our town. My father 'is 1 on the road a lot. 1 have made the experience. But if your type, her counsel be helpful to your own life. Aren't there girls of your own age who'd make good friends? Perhaps you are becoming too an of robes. Miss Rosabel Landry, lecturer, spoke briefly on "Court Etiquette," including pointers on conduct at meetings. A date for the retreat for the aged and sick will be announced. Mmes. Vest, Sheridan and Wai- dependent on your mother, and j lace McGee were appointed to the she wants you to begin assuming | committee for the responsibility. meeting. privately or through agencies, should be inaugurated, and that this counseling be a continuous affair, with parents reporting at specified intervals over a period of years to assure the successful rearing of the adopted child and proper orientation of the "adopted" parents. Mature love, couched in understanding and emotional stability is of course the antidote. But adoption success is also dependent upon its administrators, namely, piirenls, adoption agencies, doctors, clergymen and a host of other "interested" parties and the September j adoption counseling they receive I and give out. College Oaks Fun club meets Friday, 7-10 p.m., for dancing at the recreation center. Beginners' ceramics cl a s s e s held Friday, 911 a.m., and 1-4 p.m., High School Park recreation center. Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club: 6 to 9 p.m., Leather- craft class; 7 p.m., card games; and 8 p.m., Tuna Time. NAIL POLISH 20% 16.95 LADIES' WESTCLOX OFF n WRIST WATCH 10" * —o— ALUMINUM SCREENS AND DOORS J!5Vu3i& Cuitom Bull! • Licensed • Insured Bornhill Sales Co. Call HE 6-6M5 Day or Nlte HE 3-7W Set our Ad in the Yellow Pages WE CHARGE IT—WE DELIVER ENTERPRISE PHARMACY Enterprise Blvd. at 12th Si. HE 3-9417 Easy Way to Kill Ants and Roaches RADAR CONVAIRS IK CONDITIONED • EXTRA-WIDE SEATS • CARRY.QN LUGQAQf • DELICIOUS SILVERLINER BUFFET mfir JIII^TB £HiHiVJi^^BI ^1^ CONNECT WITH BRANIFF Y/t^^dum^Jo AIRWAYS On Otice-Lustt for Mvntht JOHNSTON'S NO-KOACH: Simply brush Johnston's No-Hutch on cabinet* to control co,ckro*che6, OJB silU to stop «nls. No n«d to mov* your dishes or breathe harmful sprays. No-Roach is preferred by gaud JMweekeepejri. ftemembt t : No-Roach means no roaches, ro CHICAGO TULSA KANSAS CITY DENVER For reservation* and information call 477-6660 or see your travel agent. Serving Thf Great Southwest Region Jlttf/

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