The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 7, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 4
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I 1 - I*e Newt. Frederick. M*, Weteectar, July 7. IMS THE NEWS Dorothy Dix Says Dear Miss Dix- I have the misfortune to be married to a Good Time Charlie. Of course, this type paid to of man is never boresome to a»y- . t *_^!S!f : £52^ »« except nis wile H * always has ^* -W- 1 __ ;_!__. n «.^I I -- f**+.n*l vm*-4tvA^4 JBiI* Except Sy tb* · rrc. A MFC, co. MMCUFTKHt KATCS Hem*ur Aj^tt «ure»u of CMt -- ~ b* Don oOee at . *t tb* WEDNESDAY. JULY 7. 1948 No Class Strufffe do 5 ! after listening to his host of friends ' he has no time left for his family. .They eat alone. Spend many a long ' wearisome hour alone. He can't be , ! depended on for any jobs about the ' , house, as this would interefere with 1 coming events. Nor cats Charlie's wife, ever utter one word of complaint on the outside, as he makes people pity "Poor Charhe' in having a hex for wife So it s a tight lip for her and to laugh with the crowd. too. Mrs. Charlie mu^t American business leaders not believe in the doctrines of Karl Marx. That is lucky for their employes, for Marx taught that the employing class was engaged ia a ruthless struggle to beat tne workers down--to keep their be',- , AOT ^ ou of the home. a there lies empty *od their chains tight- j^'i quite enough money to pay Contrarv to Marxian predictions, the grocer after the free drinks overwhelming majority of and the outsiders are taken care of " a drain on the the American business men are aware There is always that their interests and those of pocketbook their employes overlap. That fac: :s one of America's trump cards in the war of nerves with Russia, as Thomas G. Spates vice president for personnel management of the General Foods Corporation, pointed out a few days This ;s ju^t a nummary of what MES. Good Time Charlie ha» to KO through Of her tears and hurt feelings and family quarrels, it is best not to speak MRb GOOD TIME CHARLIE ANSWER- The French have a ago It invalidates one of the proverb about men who are the joy p-ernises on which Marx based his of the street and the sorrow of thc conclusion that capitalism wsl! in- home, and the Good Tune Charhe- evltablv collapse. head !hls »! Th? " ar ^ she mcn The American code of personnel «ho are everywhere except sn their own homes. All of us kno-.v . ,. «;,,,... management. Mr Spmte* . trend awav from the ma- . · . r . out, is a teriahsm Marx saw in society It puts interclass cooperation ar.d emotional satisfactions ahead ol good salaries, but who never ha".e enough money to pay she bills because they are always caiied upo:i to head the subscription list to Popular With Friends Beside;-. Charlie 1-5 when good f e i| OWS " always the the check get together the ever-increasing production of build o Home for Disabled Cats, or material goods. In non-Marxian io send flowers to somebody who terms, it stresses human values knows somebody who thinks that above economic ' imperatives" somebody ought to have a testi- Personnel administrators try to momal given to them create a set-up in which each em- ploye can have the satisfaction of doing the best work he is capable of. It seeks to eliminate the disillusionments and frustrations that and"have"a" few "charfie's children cause mental illnesses and open mav nave {heir fcet orl the groun d. revolt. but he is so tenderhearted he buys No system that works steadily shoes for any sots' kids. He neglects toward such goals is in danger of his own because he i: al- collapse. Marx's prediction of the ways oft" attending to somebody collapse of capitalism was based else's. And everybody is i-o fond on the premise that it was incap- °* him because he is 50 good-natur- able of seeking such goals. Indus- ««· a «d th *' «' "'hat a fine fellow America has ne . ls ^ . .. . And they pity him because his wife doesn't appreciate him. They say she nags him. They accuse her : of neglecting her home and her · children by taking a job. and no! body knows that the reason she i does is because they wouldn't eat ! regularly at Good Time Charlie's -Samuel M. ! except for the wife's salary. When Washington Daybook Vandcnbcrr Loct Mo*t As Ardent Supporters Learn Me Gave Up Fighi By TK1S COFFIN Washington, July 7--The man who probably lost the most at Phil- · adelphia was Sen tor Arthur S Vandenberg. He lost tne good-will and deep friendship of many of ( his ardent, last ditch supporters. They felt angrily they had been · led down a dead-end road by the Senator's vanity. The experience of the New Jer- ] sey delegation w as typical. Up and coming young Governor Alfred Driscoll was impressed by Senator Vandenbers s statesmanship, and agreed w j t h studious Senator Al^x Smith that Nev.- Jersey might support him Smith, an outstanding member of the Foreign Relations Committee, wai a great Vandenberg booster Governor Drj--coH '.s a v.ery practical gentleman sn politics, and when he arrived in Philadelphia he wanted to be darned sure Senator Vandenberg was really running All Senator Smith could get was the !mpre5sion that the Michigan Senator was willing to be "drafted Thi- not enough for either Governor DrsscoM or Senator Srnith'i own executive assistant. Ab Hermann, who Jumped on the De- ' \\ey band wajjon before it got around the corner But loyal Alex Smith plodded a)o::^ pa'.iei.tly behind Vandenberg. as did a fellow committee member young Sen- - ator Henry Cabot Lodge. Jr But the payoff was when both Smith and Lodge dis-o\erel that w h i l e they were risking thtir political reputation to put up a last- ditch campaign for Vandenberg. he had as.sured Governor Dewey he was not a candidate Neither Smith i.or Lodjje have made a squawk publicly, but their private opinions at this moment , ·,s ould make Vande :'-erg's ears burn. Today In Washington All .Movements Among Democrats Add Up To Same Thing--To Ditch President Truman By DAVID LAWKENCE Washington, July 7.--The move- j completely under a Republican ad- ment to draft General Eisenhower , ministration So the Eisenhower draft is a des- Bridges Victor In Foreign Aid Bill Fight ' Bjr Side Glances upou witn:n the which, however conflicting they i t , . .- .. may be. all add up to the same' next ^ministration, thing--an effort to ditch President Truman. They are- ED8ON. a CPI A~*,;,^r " ul «^ mveiujower arai'. is a aes- _ ·'-- · » Jttlv 7. oesires ^, . , ., Pr-fctHAnt Derate move on the part of JNew reMacni. " *h»^ i Dealers to gain some voice in the Officeholders, a means of momentum _ J . . i behind the" desire to win is tre- J. The dissatisfaction of the: mendo us. Eisenhower represents northern Democrats -- the New ^ desire to ^ officeholders, no , . , . . . Dealers--that President Truman, J maUer wbat kind of th j nk j n g he one of the longest and hardest con- ; of the m»v io on national «··«-»·-- 'Hi is,a: on which to .hang the untold of the big fight between.Sen- : ate and House Appropriations ; Committee conferees before they ! agreement on Marshall; funds. This was undoubtedly j i Also, finally, and perhaps most · important of all. Eisenhower non- ference battles ever fought on Cap- ' itol HilL ' ; i Congressman John Taber of New ! side was Sen. | notwithstanding his veto tax-reduction and the Taft-Hartley bi!l5. nevertheless failed to go sufficiently over to the "left" to please the radical of the party. , - . , . him most of the 2. The dissatisfaction of the j nees f o r Congress With a ma Southern Democrats -- the eon- i j or j ty j n boih Houses' the" New Brid *«s finally came out the hero servatives - with the so-called Dealers figure that thev could come and S ° e wi ? ner B " t f timeS he ·civ,l rights program. But this , up with a ' considert ble amount of *** !he ° n!y TM e of the SMr "*?', issue was only vaguely pursued by . social-reform legislation o- at ators TM d e:ght representatives m j the President, and hence could not i east cou!d ' preveRt , have been the true reason for the · modification of so'me Deal laws Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, i repeal or turn to Eisenhower. It really was Mr. Truman's tendency to go "left" from the the New That's why labor favor of passing the Senate-approved bill more or less as Seere- of State Marshall. Economic ers are for Eisenhower -- usually Co-operation Admin:'~rator Paul they oppose every military man for the presidency, movements The Hoffman and Sen. A: / Jr Vanden- . berg of Michigan wanted h. with the full amount available for spending in the first 12 months * n ending next April 2, instead of in carried a 15 months ending June 30. 1949. as which alienated him southern conservatives. These two opposite in the Democratic party cannot be t f,eir productive of harmonv even if Cong Sr^SSTSS ^ -r^ JS^ ,--«%" -«· »«-. *. House demanded. £· -uW d«?wiSf it'R'rSS: : enceT^wJen 'senaT^ **"' ' I ? ere , iS ^ »?y. f °J Ue problem tion with Republicans in'Congress foreigi a-'d bills began' to be solved It is for the south- as they have done before.- d a v o the final week Co e.-ners to do as they have done be- Thp .- rfrafr «,,,,,,,, ,,, .. -, ' - of - e fin ±! * eek Co! K «-..-«,, i *i ,,·-,,,, i i h urait tlsenhower idea ai in session. There were three ses- oa « on he roa?^*- Tf the mome « has other advantages - sions on Fridav. running far into pass on me reai IS J «- " to the Democrats pushing it. wheth- , the night, and two on Saturday. er they be from the north or the . Some sessions ran Sve hours non- 7-7? issues, the "left-wingers" want a "Two years ago a photographer wan. a contest with a picture of hi uid he's been leaning picturesquely on that mailbox ever since!" New Books .\At Artz Library Mo'esworih church was JuMice Douglas, now on the Su-'al. Even though Eisenhower' has i ~"Thrconierer.ces began"" with sev- j ^ s** 11 * Sundav evening, Juae j T - ,,,,,__ ,,,,. , t . preme Court is such a New Deal- ' declined to accept the nomination, eral long and bitter speeches by 20 - for the-marriage of Miss - Re- j - -^_ °» ""'V^ t" t er He would make an intelligent the move toward bringing on a l Chairman Taber of the House Ap- i *ecca Day Molesworth. daughter of - *£ a.^Jw^T^rlru* Th^ and aggressive campaign on that wid^on^n e-nnt~*t ir, »K^ ! ""-""-'ions Committee. Some of i Mr - and Mrs - James Molesworth, : "*** euierv,ise -o\enooK.- iae _ . »--***** -» ^.^ --.*.,-..-. A.- current aggressive campaign on that wide-open contest in the conven- j propriations side of the argument. Even if the tion already has achieved a mea-1 them lasted a full hour They i Mt. "Airy, and Howard J. Me-j counlrv elected ^Dewey and War-. sure of publicity and considerable ! covered such subjects as President Namara. -Jr.. son of Mr. and, Mrs. j r- i. Howard J. McNamara. Halethorpe, i Hev.- William^ W. Dodge performed ' ren. the case for New Dealism support would be made and would generate Mr Truman's weakness is a corrective influence ,n shaping he has abandoned . princ %^ · Truman. Secretary of State Marshall. EGA Administrator Hoffman. * '" trial leadership in proved him wrong in that premise. as in all his other predictions. Huge Bond Issue Is Proposed For Schools Westminster. July Jenness, county superintendent of ' you see a woman who never laughs schools, asked for public support , at her husband's stories and who of the million and one-half dollar ' has a worn, tired look, you are bond issue for school construction mighty apt to find that she is Mrs which is being submitted to refer- Good Time Charlie, endum on the November ballot. i Dear Miss Dix- I am a 23 year , old veteran, going to college, divorced, with two kids. My wife has married agairv Her husband is . This bond issue, which is packaged with a bond issu' in a similar amount for road building purposes is the only answer the board of education can find to the shortage of school facilities. wealthy and has taken the chil- | dren They can take better care ' of them than I can. but that doesn't | alter the fact that they are mine and that I love them. BIRTHDAY SURPRISE A surprise birthdav party was. , held at the home of Mrs. Harry! ' ll ' W l f e and l stl » love cach Swain. 241 West Fifth street, last | ° ther - but she cravcs security and Thursday evening in honor of the j the finer thin S ? of llfc - w h a t can * 19th birthdays of her daughter. Mrs | do about this deplorable situation? William H. Main. Jr.. and Jack j \V. J S HoUoway. of Salisbury. The table j AN -SWER Nothing can be done, was attractively decorated in pink ; l am afraid to assuage your sor . and yellow. Hefreshments were j row for your w)fe ^ most effcc . served including a two tier birth- . tivel fclocked anv approach to a day cake. Others present were Mr. ; reconci ij at j on between you and her and Mrs. William H Main. Sr a m j for your getting your children Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Gaver. Wil- ' back bj f her rema * r r a «, e liam H. Main. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. , Evident i v she cares " more for George F. Korrell. Mr and Mrs. money ^ {he thing; . hat money , buys than she does for you, and i she will never give up the flesh . pots for you. The sooner you recog- '. nize that as a fact and put her out · of your mind, the better it will be | for you j It is impossible for you to get I the children back until they are old enough to have some say-so in their fate The court always gives minor children to the mother, un- James Chew. Mr and Mrs Austin A. Younfcins. Mr. and Mrs Harry Sws:n. Mrs. Eva Luhn and daughter, and Mrs. Lewis Swa:n. Fifty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News. July T, 189S. LITTLE MISS ANX slipped and fell on SCHLEY the stone less she has proven herself unfit to steps in front of the residence of re aVthem ~She~ has "noTdone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schley. but Apparen{ ] v she is u:;ing them as an fortunately escaped with a ' -slight bruises. "WHILE CLEAXIXG A REVOLVER. ; n order to sive them advantages Wm. Eader. engineer at the pow- · Your phght is a sad one. and the er house of the Frederick and only thing you car. do i= to work «o Middletown electric road, acci- · hsrd that you will not have tme ' ew alibi ;or ditchins; you by claiming that she has married thc rich man dentally shot himself through the { O think about how left hand. He is back at work THE DOORS OF THE YOUNG Men's Christian Association have . been closed since the first of July j and the work in this city has , scurvilv vou have been treated fHeicastd by Bell Synd Inc r» ·»· i e British been abandoned, due to lack of | n Palestine Kidnapped interest and the" maebtedness in- » « interest and the" maebtedness in curred. THE NEWS SAYS EDITORIALL London. July 7 yp, -- The Foreign reported today that five Kirks "Good Neighbors" -- An ama/injj State Department document which hai not ' "- made public kicks the ilats out of the "Good Neighbor" policy It puts the interests of American'oil companies ahead of hemispheric cooperation. This is a letter sent to thc Senate Small Business Committee and .··isncd by Charles Bohlen. the State Department's Counselor The committee chairman. Ken Wherry, had asked the Department for the pitch on the Mexican oil situation. Midwestern farmers, industries and refineries have been screaming bloody murder about the oil shortage. Wherry had been trying to pinch and prod Washington into developing the nearby Mexican oil. A few days before the Senator's inquiry thc Mexican government's oil monopoly, PEMEX. began-dickering with American oil companies. Bohlen informed Wherry, "The 'State 1 Department believes that achievement of this objective ^developing Mexican oil resources rapidly will depend upon the establishment and maintenance of conditions under which the U. S. petroleum companies participate in the oil industry of Mexico on a basis mutually satisfactory to the companies and the Mexican government." It's been noted that Bohlen put the companies first throughout the letter. The document continues. ' The Department favors the participation of American companies in the Mexican petroleum industry. The basis for such participation, is a matter to be worked out to the mutual satisfaction .of the companies and the Mexican 'government. The Department is interested in promoting the development of such arrangements but understands that the U S petroleum industry generally feels that the PEMEX contracts do not provide sufficient incentive to U S companies in view of the uncertainty of oil exploration and de\ elopmcnt operations." Stalin's Favor -- A legendary story of how the Soviet high command operates is being told around thc State Department to accom- panysns; chuckles. Whc:i Foreicn Commissar Molo- fov has pulled out of the hat a strategy that is going over with a bang. Marshal Stalin beams upon him at Politburo meetings and aski kindly, "Comrade, ivill you explain the Politburo program?" But if the plan is not working out so hunky-dory. Stain looks sourly on the moon faced Moiotov and Erumbles. ' Comrade explain YOUR plan " isses Senator Bridges, as chairman of 5uch ' Ke has mor '- the conferees, sat out -these dia- ^ time denouncing the Republicans ' tribes and let Taber have his say. Nomination and election of Eis- ' than the selfish fo"-ce« inside the I The House Republican conferees. ' " " ~ " "" ' cnhower would not settle the party, who are worshipping victory domestic issues in the ideological · as if it should be obtained at anv sense, though the general would . cos t and by any device What a certainly steer a course in interna- , S rand opportunity for a Sght in tional affairs that would make it the open calling a spade a spade' besides Taber. were. Wigglesworth of Massachusetts. Engel of Michigan. Stefan of Nebraska. Case of South Dakota. Keefe of Wisconsin and Democrats Cannon of Missouri. no. £ i these Republicans, only still trying to do. inside the Republican party. The main idea behind the Eisen- as it'Is h"p""p"i«)T ^H'A . . ,, * °- " c f, 1 **.^ Liie ..i.fsi sijj.vj.* _~ , . . , _ , _ howcr movement is to place a well-; that he. too i* ambitious or~ self-' program - Thls led to one hl 8 nl ' advertised name on the ticket with . seeking and just wants another dramatic moment in the confer- fluences i h i n l a own pa But ' Wigglcsworth and Engcl '- vere as t i ' sympathetic to the recov impression recovery thc hope that it would mean vie- teri lory in the autumn election. The New Dealers hope they. then. ' Mr. Truman can - of -wide publicity elsewhere, -is -not i here.- the- ceremony. HOW TO STOP VTORRYINC The bride was given in marriage - Dale Carnegie. The average m; by her brother. S. PL Molesworth. j and woman know .that it is wro! She wore a gown of white frosted [ anc j dangerous to worry, that wor . organdy with short train and- a i sap s qne', warps thinkingl finger-tip veil of illusion. She car- | an d. kills, ambition. Answers to thV ried an old fashioned bouquet -of v basic question of what to do to stoji white roses and baby's breath.- - | worrying; are presented in.this ne- Mrs. Elli* Day was matron - of j book bv the famous author - homj and" Miss Marilyn Moles- ;-Kow-to Win Friends and-Jnfluenc^ worth - "and ' Miss Doris Spurrier. | People."- He quotes hundreds niece and cousin of the bride were \ suggestions from people of differs bridesmaids. Mrs. Day xvas attired s ages aad j n Tar i ous profession in an orchid frosted organdy irock : W R O - have successfully -overcom arid 'the bridesmaids wore gowny of j the: habit. -·- - = , ,, i ence. Engel had piade some conger -:!-»~-v remark. Taber turned on S Tne ' wore pink" and blue frosted organdy. Thev wore bandeaux of flowers^and ' ANTIQUE CHAIRS--Carl h o d . ^^ ' y ° U bave ' n bear- chaa This, invitation ha (Reproduction Rights Reserved) Know America Today's Anniversaries 1768-- Philip S. Physick. Philadelphia surgeon, often referred to as the "father of American medicine." born in Philadelphia. Died Dec 15. 1837. 1811 -- Henry Meiggs San Francisco pioneer, refugee from bankruptcy.. who built the railroads of Chile and Peru, born at Cat- ! bride.' and Louis A. Schelz. of Bal- ! =; ! Senate conferees were Republi- ; timore. " ' · Kln ^ s Personals cans Brooks of Illinois. Reed of | Kansas and Democrats Hayden . Donald Grimes · the or- i - fflustrations of st sought, by collectors Norman Danner, .Mrs. No- ' Brooks was openly. hostile to the ! rine Whitehill .and Mrs. Webster ( Marshall Plan. Reed was interest- Whitehill. West Second street, vis- ' ed only in reaching a compromise, iled over the holiday" weekend at He kept pulling various typewrit- _ A . the soloist. She sang "Ave Ma-I LAJD--Esther-VTamer. "For real "' byj Schubert, and "I Lo^-e . ers ^.-^ o enjoy ^e exotic life le I by foreigners-in -still \wld CO The -bride's mother wore a dress tries, -here' iy the picture of , Coles Hams, novel- : the home of Mrs Danner's nephew ten paragraphs out of his pocket | of violet crepe with flower hat to , tence on a-Firestone rubber pi; and family. Mr. Frank Cox. Monand proposing them for" adoption, i match and her corsage was of pale j tation irr Liberia. Chiefly devote tandon. Pa.' . . . ' Senator Bridges sat fight. As j Tirrk carnations and baby's br-eath. j to local customs and folk tales, and 'WJh' 1 d cha ' rman of tiie conference", he ! The groom's-mother wore a- blue ; the--natives" attempts to adjust ,t J · Ue . a said openly that he would not put | crepe dress with pink hat- and j a changing-environment. of Akron, O.. are visiting with Mr. Mervin G. Mowrey, -Jr., the ist. corn in l^ew \ork Died Jan. | 309 Sherman avenue-. Mr. R ° 3e R Rothen - carry the Reed ] gloves. Her corsage was of For this stubborn j roses and baby"5 breath. a storm 'broke round his J 'immediately following the-cere- nead. " ~ ate associates. He was deserted fay his Sen- | mon y- a Te eeption was held-at the House -conf erees. 1837--Burwell B. Lewis. Alabama lawyer. Confederate solider. con- | eressman. University of Alabama i °J^ "_;, president, born at Montgomery. Ala. Died Oct. 11. 1885. 1849--Theophil M. Prudden. New; street - is spending some time. _ York's famed medical scientist of j friends at Ringgoldr near Smiths his generation director of the | °urg. Washington county. «e \vould Rockefeller Instiute for Medical} Mr. and Mrs. George T.-Schroed: ly Research, born in Middlebury. . er. Jr.. South Market street, an- j r 3 * street, j wanting to get the thing settled ., n daughter their way. also railed. ' at Frederick Memorial Hospital. Mrs. J. Walter Getty. East s RUSSIA'S EUROPE---H a r o . ^ LeKman. The record of one news| correspondent's change in attitude toward Russia from pro-Commt: ist- to conservative as a result . - -, --.- ,. , . . - , -r_. i more than a year spent in the Ru .One Amendment Cnlv Okavcd j mg -f ie i ds( ? ld ,5 e M TM * ^ |fS^1 «*n occupied countries 'of YugO Finally on Saturday, last dav of pe - ^\7 : , £ £? v" ^-,r \ slavia. Honeary. Rumania. Bui I.. .-_ «_ = . ^^ ..i .,!mond_Va.:andParkton. For their i g ^ ^ ^^^^^ guests were" present includ- i approve. It provfded ] Summer -Story. .Hours Under "the sponsorship of the Conn Died Aorii 10. 1942 1871--Richard Carle, stage t-- ' and amount (S6.000.000.000 plu S may | ance Corp.. of Baltimore. Mr. Me- i nicelv. i day mornings during July and August. Story tellers will be James-" Crist.: ilrs-. John L. KlineJ and-Mrs.-Warfield-Stukes; The first tion by the administrator (Paul; a lieutenant senior grade in 'the j Story- Hour will be held this Satur* . . . _ ITT ,,, - ,,A,T -T 1 ^ 5 * 13 ^ , a Llw ? ! b e apportioned for obligation or i Namara is a graduate of Catons- screen character actor, born Som- .Frederick-Memorial Hospital. Moth- ! be obligated and expended . ;f ' vme H igh School and Loyola -Col- erviHe. Mass. Died June 28. 1941. j er and daughter are getting along · ^ Pres ident. after recommenda- I lege, 'During the war he served as tt's first novel , Miss Carrie Gangloff. of York. Hoffman) deems such action neces- ' Naw .aboard a ship in the Medi 1 · sly. "Waver- p » · « visiting Mr. and TWrs. Frank sary to carry out the purpose of ' terranean and English Channel.- HE , Buch. of Creaeerstown. ' aid act durin h day. July-10.- at JLO a. m. - A^nmnir Tltr* Sll/lUli-g J. /*f Today In History 1814--Sir Walter Sco appears anonymou^... ly." ' Buch. of Creagerstown. ' said act. during the period ending ' {5 ncn v attending Johns Hopkins 1844--Further rioting in Philadel- Mr. and Mrs. Melvin B. Wetzel. i April 2." . evening School of Business Admar- pia between Native Americans of Hagei'stown, are receiving con- · This proposal brought on an- j s tration and is employed fay the and Irish. , gratulations upon the birth of an : other big row Demand was made I Deoartment of Audits of the dfty'bf | ji-;^ L uc iH e Rhodefick Union 1 184fr-The American flag raised at · eight-pound daughter. Carolyn that Bridges tell where his amend- j Baltimore. " · vifief entered "University Hosoital Montercv. Cal, as California goes ! ^larie. on July 2. at the Washing- ment had come from. He was ac^ j i in Ba fci mO j. e - ori ifondav for treat- under American rules. - ton County Hospital. Mrs. Wetzel - cused of having: received, it from · Lak j n _ I)raDer / ; jrfent ' " " 186--The fou, convicted Lincoln xvas the former Miss Rebecca Zim- Senator \andenberg. trom »dn»O- assa»sins. including » ~TMTM · merman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs is^ator Hoffman and L'r.d executed. 189S--Hawaii annexed by joint resolution of Congress A autet but prettv wedding took '."' Master Paul Rhoderick. UnioW woman. ' TM; ma Ji- ^ughter of Mr. and Mrs '/u-aior non.nan and ur.a /sere- placeQat the G ^ ace Evangelical and vilie. is recovering at the Freder? , John M. Zimmerman, near Fred- ^r of S^e Rooert A. Lovett. · S-rA^.^ ^,,^h v^^^^\- whVn i?-t XT BlT ,^^ a i w^^if,,! -,,*«»« iw. . ' crlc "" Mr - and Mrs - Merhle W. that it would be a "graceful and British subjects were 'kidnaoped' very proper set for the city of Frederick to send to Commodore Schley a message of congratulation and praise for his admirable success in the destruction of the Spanish fleet at Santiago " GOLDEN HERWIG. IN ATTEMPTING to get into the in::k wagon of John T. Best on East Third street this morning, missed the step and fell under the wagon, which passed over him. bruising his right leg very severely. Twenty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News, July 7, 1928. MAYOR CULLER DECLARES many persons took advantage of the regulations governing discharge of fireworks here on July Fourth and expressed considerable displeasure over the incessant booming of firecrackers all day. THE PROPERTY AT 229 SOUTH Market street -was sold at public sale today to Dr. R M. Rau for S4.550. WHILE SHOOTING OFF FIREWORKS at her home in Middletown, Miss Louise Weagly. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Weagly. suffered a severely burned hand when the skyrocket backfired. OFFICER AND MRS. GEORGE W. Jogle have purchased from Lioyd C Culler one of his modern daylight homes on East Eighth street. :n Palestine last night fay Irgun Zva: Lcumi. a Jewish extremist organization. A spokesman tok3 a news conference the Brs'.ons were taken from a "bui!d:ng on which was hoisted jthe flag of the United Nations Truce Commission " He could not further :ier:;:fy the building ""We take a very ser.ous v-.e-.\ of this incident," he said The Fore;sn Office's brief report, he added, came from ST Hush Dow, British consul ecncra! in Jerusalem. AlltO C.lll TO HEAR MISSIONARY T^iss Jesse Cronk Mis:nnary io India -.Mil speak at the Keysville Lutheran church Sunday exenir.g. July 11. at S o'clock, 'dsf Miss Cronk tells of her arsd others' ex- perierices in India in an interesting way The Keysville Mis«iorary Society will ir.eet at the Lutheran church on July 13 at S o'clock i fdst' T\Iiss Dons Wilhide is the ! loader. 1908--For the third time. William wno were recently married Jennings Bryan is nominated the ' returned from their wedding v., v Hoffman could rw-no Democratic candidate for the f Atlantic City and New York ^nd ^o -he Sden" -na^°he son of ^ and Mrs Will!am Presidency. Clt - v and ar e now residing on one . TM*TMj mo ^ n ^ t,e a o-o "ia'ed in-'l^ ****** near Woodsboro. 19!9--Capt'L H Smith Army Air ^ he Mur Phy farms, near Pleasant ' monlhs j ns: e ad o^lS^TheT claim- ' Ser.-icc. makes nonstop speed *~ Grove. The double ring ceremony was {morial Hcspital on Monday. Snel j expecs to -undergo an operation I . few record from San Francisco to San : Jia "e Melaro of Oakmont. Pa . ~ o ( , . ed thi« was a complete currentier performed by the bride's pastor. s : Harold Burgess, 52{ _ W-ilhelm. Market street, underwent an opera-| Diego. 610 miles, in four hours student at Hood College, was one w Senator"BrVdg«"refM^ed""o" im- ' Saturday! June 26. at 2.30 o'clock ' ijon ihis_-week at the Nei 1941--American forces occupy Ice- ' f£_ th f, representatives at the third p] : cate any one else on authorship ;« '^ e Presence of a small group , oaKer Hospital. Martinsourg. Rev. Dr. Raymond E. - land · annual Intercollegiate Institute on of n ; s aniend.-nent. He insisted of friends. They wer attended by ; nicht atiack on Jap nax-ai base of Sa«ebo. 1946--Mother Francis Xsvier Cab- nni canonized in Rome--nrst American yo canonized 1947--A new acreemer.t ?vcrts soft coal strike Jarnc= C PctrjsJo serves T)Oi:cc the American Federation of Musicians intends to stop making recordings . . . next year them all. Arid he won. Mr and Mrs John A McCabe. 101 West Third street, spent the hoiiday week-end in Norristown. Child Wandered From Pa. where they attended an at- home for Cabe Mr Mrs. Staley wore a pink gahar- street, -.returned - to_ her home x« dine . suit with white accessories Selurcay from the j-rederick and a corsage of white rosebuds orial Hcspital where last 'week she and baby's breath. The -couple had a finger amputated the parents of Mr Me- Home To Camp Detrick ieft on a Bedding trip through ihe left band and Mr« Hu«h McCabe middle western states immediately . Mrs. Harvey E." Hann. observed the f-.itieth ry of their wedding anni- A two-year-old child, wandering following the ceremony. avrriize" is improvfrig at her homel Ninety-five per cent of the substance :n grass comes from air. sunlight, and water, and the balance from soil nutrients. away from her home tin Lee-Ptace.: . tvrrs. J^akin graduated from Fred- where she has been quite ill for turned up a short time later at crick High School in 1946 and is the las; few days with the summer Cair.p Detrick while police were now _ employed at the Barbara grippe. searching for her this morning. Fritchie tea room. The groom i Social Situation ' Situation You telephone to invite to dinner a couple you fee! you should have entertained a long time ago Wrong way. Keep making ey- cuses for not having invited them sooner. Right way Invite them in a way that seems cordial enough to convince them you really want them, without making excuses or offering apologie*. Feiiou; Studio Kenneth E. Burkhr.rd Mr Burkhard took over the duties of ec-e;ary-rrai.aser of thc Frederick branch of the Automobile | Club of Mar iand on Ma\ 25 He is residing in New Maikct the former home of Mrs Burkhard. v,ho was before her marriage Miss Edi ith Garner Mr. Buikhard i-. a na- i tive uf Bdltimure anj v,a,s associ- ! atei! with a large bal.e;y n the I aie department tor appuiximateH | 14 year? Mr and MM. Burkhard ' h a v e one child, a boy aged t w o Dr versitv « e a r v a Today's Birthdays Arthur T. Vanderbilt. chief justice of the New Jersey Supreme Conn famed lawyer, former dean , ness maT , of the X Y La\v School, born in Dorn ]n gj Newark N J. 60 years ago Abraham Cahan. eminent editor of the Jewish Forxvard. New York emcntus of architecture, born City, bom in Russia. 88 ears ago Philade)ph , a . 73 vears aco Frans R Adams of Whitehall. . M'.ch. novelist and playwiight. Today's Horoscope born in Morrison. Ill . 65 years ago This degree brings traits of an- Frank B Noycs of the Washing- other ;-ecming!y dual nature. Thc ton. D C Star, famed ne%vspaper native will probably be successful . publishtr. born in Washington. 85 in a way. will often hold good po- The child was identified as Jane! served ia the Army Air Forces for . xEEN TOTVN MfcfcTS Brewer. Her mother called, police j five years, four years of which, The regular meeting of the Teen to say that the girl was missing i were overseas. He is now employed Xown youth council was held and Investigator Allen Bartgis i by the Glade Valley Baker" in g ay - af t " er noori at two o'clock* in started through the neighborhood. ! WalkeisvUle. , - . Baker Park. Plalis were made While he was looking for the child. | -^ Deception was held upon the j or % e i{i n g refreshments at the Uni of Caluornia professor in ' ' fc . ° . a Camp Detrick oftc ia l called and i couple s- return at the home 01 toe Wednesday night dances held ni- .. .. ....r . ~ . . . . . . v»*-i^*»v »ta-i-ort?s ^Tan-ir H^antiful * .» . _ said the little girl had been picked u p . there. turned to her home. | Ptabi.K · v * -, Maycie K Southail. George S60.000 INVOLVED Sale Compan recently the sum of S60.000. according to a deed filed with the Pennsylvania sit ions and make a good marriage. countv authorities. The sale was e girl had been picked oriaes pa^n^,. -iam oeauv.iui the tennis-courts. It was reported She was quickly re- \ arld useful gifts were .-=ceivea. Re- that t ^ e strawride CQUld not ^ , freshments Deluding a wedding neld th , s Frid s ht Th - ere wi p: cake topped by a miniature bnde be ^ s-.v'immi'ng period for all t - ! and groom were served to about Towners from 2 to 4 p m Tht Mr. .and \Tmoi'~"-r5 Mrs Clarence :en Thurs 1 -' will rc- , - - A , skating party has been planned for Friday night, July 16. at Braddock- Heights All teen agers \vjio for Teachers. Tenn- , noted professor of education born in Columbia, j due to overcoming these traits by Tcnn 51 year* aco j watchfulness and clever manipu- Ira Hirschman of New York, bus- lation of opportunity. . " -- \ - w w i t.^ c"v»».»»v^» ·»»--*;-- --- - - -- -TM- - -- ·· ----· , - , v*v»vr». J, isji till to r\ll ittll H CT CiS \V_ilL* There is however, that tendency to ; to the Fairfield Shoe Company. Frederick Route 3 have announced p lan -to go must contact Teen Town idle habits, or rather -a distaste "for · Actuallv. it was announced re- ^" e engagement of their daughter, j - · steady work, and success is usually j cently, "the Langerman Shoe Com- · - - pany. of New York.- bought the Hilda, to Robert Mahoney. son of j Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Mahoney. of plant and took over operations '"is city No date has been set ior about 10 days ago. j tho uedding. t- i - i · - ~ The central section of the Gr'anfll Garni -m China - \\ as? started centuries before Christ.

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