The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

: "*••" "---;; v "4jp' tr ~"_ — '" -"" " , s! THUHSOAT. JULY It. 1*34 j<* -, v %- - PAC« News Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information b* 1* th« ottlc* or ia* P*ri* oot later tbua * i>. i*. ta* D*iblS*».tloa- Tat 1 1 * 1» 1C KATKS tns*rti*M; Sc *>*r woro. ** Co P*r word. »c t»*r »<*r«t. 15c p*»r «or<l. 30c p«r «ord- chJi.rfc». SOc. camber or «ord*. tfa. or llnta **t In «*p* counted on ib* buU ot •!* la tli* Jin*. Cl»«*ifted »<*» in »U c»plt*l l«tt«r» < •>«»* Coatract r»i*» » »ppli*satlon- ^n ord«r» tor clami- tor tz>or« th»-» both »d»«rtt»*r *»d r*»d»r. ear* S*»» T«l«ctiaii* your «.c* to o«r Atf T*.k«r» Annottncement* DEMOCRATIC PR1MART July 2S. 1934 Foir Representative Irom tb* S7th District. A. M- AlKIX. JR{ Re-election Second Term.) Representative SSth-Distrlct C. C. CANON (He-election second. term.> For Chanty Attorney, 31. D. EMERSOK JTRAXK. D. WEAR . JONES STUHGEOX- Announcement* Ixwi found 1JOST-—Brindle Boston Bull, head partly white, bobbed ears, harness. Answers to oamc of Jisgs. Reward. Pfcone 1097. IX>ST—Brown Kid purse near A&P store. Return to Mews office. Reward. Strayed or Stolen •A IX>ST—Brown female German police dog:. 2 year* old. Reward. Dr A. Moore. 102 S. 19th street. Phone 666- . Professional Card* CHARLES PRICE Phoa* S96 ft W*at Housto G*n*ral Inaormaea. Special Bfotlce* 10 GOOD SHINERS—20c balanc* of this -week. Phone 1840-J. W. C. Lawrence, cor. 5th and CampbelL BUY YOUR AOXXOWS AT J^VKJt CROOK. 15c and 25c Per Dozen We. have all kinds of bait and ^ire prize of 100 minnows each month for largest fish caught wJth our shiners. JEL W. HART.Y G.O.P. MAPS FALL CAMPAIGN ST cash price for iron beds, other furniture. Furniture Exchange. 35 Clarksvills street. Phone 4TS. Fter Countr C- A- "VAX I>. ANDERSON. For CLTDE SHJCLTON second t*rm.) Automobile* Auto Repairing and Painting 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! "We have an easy pay plan on iuto painting, fender, body and wreck work. Ask about it. Grand Ave.^ at l»th Street Morxt Bee Line Station Telephone 80$ Mattrees and Rug Renovating 28 Supetinteruiem. La mar Co, School* j "WAI/TEK TUB MAN j JOXES LJXDSAT 1 >:;, Second Term.) J. G- BRtH^SOK. CHAJEtLIB S. BUGGER JtXRT MANSSS PIERCE P. 1* CHJSM- Tor County Clerk i 15, V. <BOB>'KAMMACSL {Rs-electivn, Second terra> TOtT CAX HA\Te TOTTR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbe Easy Paymerst Plan! One I>ay Service Pan, Mattrea* &. Awning Co. SO W. Sherman Phone 37 O Fresh from their Michigan birthday party, republican leaders gatb- •red in Chicago to «hapC their strategy for the fall campaign. Showi- conferring here are, left t& right: Henry P. Fletcher, chairman of thf national committee; Chester C. Boston of Cleveland, chairman of tht party's congressional committee; George F. Getz of Chicago, party treac urer, (Associated Press Photo) KOTICKs i* a K«»olutloB p»M«d by t>s« City CottncU of tto» City of Fari* oa tic *th day of 3ntf 193* I harebjr flv-$ notice that an election by tb* <iuajified voi»r» of tit* City of Pa.ri» tvho own taxab!* property ia *ala City ac-3 who fcav« <lu!y t*B&*t*& «aid property tor taxation, vill b* lieM b«- th* Stat«. in »o Sar a* ti* aaro* mr* pllcabl* a»d sot la conflict •»:th provisions or th* City Charter. Ev«ry e>wo*r of taxabl* pro^«rtj th« -City of Parts, who lx»» duly « *r«« said i>rop«3fiy for ».ax»tiojs. •who 5» qualified to vot* for sn«in o£ th* l*j:i«litnre of llx* «tat» •wbo Ji*» readied la th* Ura!t» of City for *lx <S> rsont&a. »•*£ In Ward Sn mhlcJh It* oiferm «» »ot« or s:<JG o'clock, A. M., t^ty (30) day*, aext 3>rec*fl!a$ I* M . An ffe* 7ti» «1av' ^. _;.._ tb« a>- Is the, *ad ».-ftO o'clock, P. of Acgcst. 1524. for ti* purpose of d*- j t«r&iiaicx th* £ol!ow!nx proposition: > •"Wieiher or aot tb« city of Paris 1 •iial! b« «.utfcorix«<J to lssa« Bejxls of thfe City iss th« »ux& of S«T«aty Tiioa- •ani! <J70.006.OO) dollar*. an<! J«vy a and, create a. idaXinr fund i to r*dt*E= th«si »t atiiiuriiy; liie *ii<! bond* to beir iat«rt«t frost <JaJe at a rate not *xc«e4inz '4 per <b*nt annum. int.*r*st p»yabl* ««2al-a.nna«.l!y. SaM bosds. ffiaturiac serially at tb* re- arnoasts. a» may V» fix*d by ti« City Couscii; no bone to b« issc*e for a period «xc«edixts tiUrty y*ars from Ita si:* pwrpes* of bttHdiur Sft-ss-*- Disposal Pilots, construction of maa-hoiec and anlarseraent arsfl iraprptrement o? tlie present Sew«r Sy»t*n» aad io . be Sewer Constrttctios Bonds. COURTS by troste* to Fari» and Loan association, lot on 2Sfoxt3bi Bennett street, $SOO. W. T. Heuberger and -wif* Manxie Heuberger by trtsste* to Paris Building aod * -^aa a««oc£«r> j tion. lot on Bonham Bonlerard. « til* Sea: this til* J. M. CROOK Mayor. City of Parl» Att**t: Mrs. Odoua Farlc. City secretary* city of RENO BUDGET OF LOCAL NEWS ITEMS socrr-SECoxi* DISTRICT COURT Newman Phillips. 3u<5g* Xew Cases JETtled and Home Saving^ and I *,^_ Association of Missouri, vs. | ~1_"" B. F. Sperry, suit 10 try title as f 3iinrsie Carpenter and ot&em to well as for damages. i Mrs. Lu!a Allen Avery. lot oa Alma Cain vs. Dee Cain, suit! Brame street, $1 and other con-* for divorce. 1 sideration. l J. H. Janes and wife Clara. Jan** JUSTICE COURT [ b >* trustee- to Homeland Realty Robert Davenport, charged with • company. !ot on SoutJi Twenty- The polliziy pla.ce* and presiding 1 of— ; *icers of said election «h.a!l b«'re«pe«- .tive!y ax folto'w*. " v. AR1> 1: Cerral Tlr*- Station, I>- F. * "' ; Sl&x-. Grtad AT*..- presldi^y officer; WASI> 3: Court Koa»e, X. IV*. M*»il!e. pr«rsidi=5 officer; WAHI> 4: ^ar!» E!cJi SclsooL L. "W. Jac*tsot: t prcsJdiay officer. Th« forra of baliot to b« tis»<* in said ejection for those voting 1 in favor of th* Issuance of bo=(i» j'naU ts as "For" tiie issaaaoe o? S«-s^er Cau- struction Sonds. Series —1324." Tha forra of ballot to b« used la «2!d election for tiios* -rctint against th« Issoafice of Sew-ar Coa- KEXO. — Attendance was at "the ice cream supper and candidate speaking on the Metnodist churcn lawn. Several Reno people attended singing at Mount Olive Sunday, j Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Rlcfeard- j.son of ClarksviUe visited tne Heii- | ry Crenshaw family over t5ie -week- j end and the Crenshaws went to j ClarksviUe Tuesday for the funeral of Eurt Connelly- Mr. and Mrs. Ciarence Blackbum visited in Deport las^ -sreek. Miss Marcella Blackburn is vis- s itingr in Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. "Walter King: and daughter have returned from possession of liquor for sale, waiv- • second street, 5S.300. td examining trial before Justice-1 E. G. Slader and -wife A. W. Sheffield, who set his bond j SIu<ier to R. L. Lewis. 130 acres at $500. • in Wesley Askins survey, Sl^OO. I D. C. Jemigran and wife IX A, X«w Automobiles Registered ; Jernigan to TV". I*. Murphv, lot 25 Paris Grocer company, Paris. I in block 1. Gibbons Park addition Chevrolet coach. j to Paris. $1 and other considera- ! lion. R«al Estate Transfer* j Ethel McEwin by irrEstee- to The Liberty National Bank In 1 Homeland Healiy cotn»any. lot 5 Paris t» ^lalph Haynes, 12 ^ acres j in block 6, Locust Hill addition, to in Redxiia Russell survey. §500. j Paris. $2,SCO. R. M. Patron, administrator, to [ E R Sml?h aafl w!fe Ida g^^ Volney Preston I« on Sherman to Homeland Realty company, lot street in Paris, $200. "W. B. Howard by trustee to on js^a=t Houston street, 55.200. r Stare Bank and Trust . The e!»cri«>2 10, b« lield la accordance Fred L. Jones, 75.89 acres in J. i company to Hugh McFadcen and C. Lamb survey,. $300. ) wife TTil!:* Allen lIcFafiden. 34.2 David JEL Rainey. administrator, * acres, in M. Click survey, $700 and to John Hancock Mutual life In- j other consideration, surance- company, 944.34 acres in f Cora Glover to J. E. Cunsiins- J. \V. .^'illiams survey, 2200 and \ harn, undi-.-ided interest .is between, other consiaeration. ] 55 sn< j so acres in D. X. Jamieson A. L. ^J^sh. and vrife Jewel Fay i survey. S25. Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Fcx>tlight« and Echoes By E. C. SEGAR MISS OVt_ PftCK^Va CUSTOMERS JHTO $&$'&& ^C^a Q-&&. & ~^;^- Xbo vou\ ^ C :L^(^^' (HE^THH - r\ f^? -SZ^fZ < AppLAiUSc? •-L-^* 1 -— —" SLECTKIC FAN and motor re- wiadiEg. Hain Salrase Co. 25 North Main St. THE BUNGLE FAMILY High Words By HARRY J. Financial For l>l*trlct Clcrfe: ... _ SOB I^ATTIMOREL iB*-e'ection, swcocii • } For As«ssor' and Collectot of | Taxes: 2X>ROTHT LATLMER. * GALBRfcATH. DEWEESE AND PROCK General Jss^ Tor Commissioner Precinct K R0P2BT L- BAL,LART» (3Tor Re-eiectloa, Secoti<S Te Commissioner, Precinct GEORGB TEKRT Need Cash? See Ray Morse for Auto Loans. 43 GrancL Livestock •«. i. i Feed Plants and Seed rm.) Fot Conunissioner Prectnct 2: Y H. DUNAGAN second terin) JO^SS. Tor Commissioner Precinct Ttxree 1 1^ R^ ROY CAVINESS j n. ^ecosd J. K_ JOHNSON. Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Nuff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk BinS Seed, Bird Remedies and Supplies, Dosr and Puppy Food Chlg^er Chaser. Guaranteed to K««p the Chis^ers Off HARRY BOOK 3~ Grand Tel. 6O4 WHERE? ETT JOVE,JT !S THAT rEU_OW_AMD HE'S TALK3f«5 TO OKE OF KY RS. K-MMl H ltS_.ANO IS CC«^iN*G THIS ,.. AH...SUPPO5E VVOU2-Dfi'T YiXJ UKE A CLOSER ViEW OF A BOAT HZR£ A MOKEMTS i DIANA DANE Ample Dividends Commisstoner Precinct 4: T. W. CBILL> RUSSEUL <It*-*lect5on S T. H- BOOTH. { Birds Do-rs, Pet Animals ~0 MAL^E and female Setter paps. Kegrlstered. PIsou* 1"IO-^V. Pobllc Weigher. Place I. W1U, THOilAS <Re-eifrction Second Terra,) for Sale Good Things to Eat :s p^riji,; -HJIjT P^UMS now ripe. See me I before you buy. Joe- Toting. Jr., north, of BJossotru Musical Instruments For Justice or ibe Peace Procfnct JCo. I, Place No. i: A. w. s.HsrnEi*i>. Tor Justice of the Peace. Prectoct t. Place 2, Lsmar Coanty- J. A. (Arthur) JOHXSOX- For r«-*JectJon. second term. CHARLKS TAKROTT For Constable. Prtx-Jmt 1: •CD. Second Tcrm>. IN: small reconditioned j>Jano. qtsicfc sale 530. Music Store. ^ : SV— THA-T5 MV Z^ftVg ^AND i'!_^ I^J-OSH A_'_ T^S MCNi=V |-:*vs Pi-rr irvTO rr r" AD. 3UT JUST ^^ TH^ RJM '*! HOMER HOOPEE A Hidden Accomplishment TO BUT a ^ood used f inobi!*, preferably '23 to *SO i "VVil! consider a wrecked or burned job, if the motor and th* rest | of the car arc in goofl coitd I since the car will be r*bull' •j a customer of ours. Price I be right. Cash paid. Write us. ! or drive your car to MORSE BEK [ LIKE STATION. 43 Grar.d AV*. All So<-1etic!e and Lodges or EASTKRN STAR PARIS. ,«„, Nn. & o K. s. w^** -»v«r> i -*n- Fhorse 2223. Real Estate for Rent I Pumtshed Rooms *1 JTO GENTLJEMEK bedroom close NOW LASteN, HECTOR VOU <S^1 •L? ^UMT >EI>\S^ES ^"rrr^ C*\-iB**». XV. M. Mrs. Don* M»r- , comfori»bl« room, clo»« in. Private batb, couple pref*"-r- rvrd. Tet 1202. BEDROOM beautifully furnished, fan. New Plasa. hotel. s MO GO -jsr rr tw D\SVIES XS A WAS A «, s«c. f phone S5S. SCORCHY SMITH Ready for Anything NO, <» R, A. t ft. ra> Vt*«»»i« { hsm M. K, U. T", NO. 84 T I, it. K- G. r A RtS COM M A NT>RR T NO, > KXTGHTS UaryJ 1> .T K. C,. B, «, fCHAt,,rD<SnOTTO M. O. V. PirsraTur i^<rr{(n«; l»l Fr'.rtmy H, f, P»r«OB«, «*<!. ~~ KA»TKKN STAR. »n«t . M. Mr*. of Apart menta for Rene 9 APARTMENT, furnished or an- fcrn;*hecL 123 Boaharn, Phone | S92. House* (or Rent *9 F1VK room ftirolshed hou**. eloce in. Phone 704 5-ROOM house, all conveniences, !arg<» lot, possession July, 314 "West Kaufman. t>r, M, A. W*!1c*r. Phon* No. t. & KIT*. Furn, Hrru and £>«».— Iteol Effole For Sale tut •FJVE-RGOM. hou»*. bath. Apply 441 K. Cherr>'. sy, TEX AAJI> FOR S«5NS OF OUTLAWS

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