Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 15, 1972 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1972
Page 11
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1? PAMPA OAIIY NIWS I'AMPA. TKXAS ttth YKAR Thursday. Juno 15. 1972 Worry Clinic By GEORGE W. CRANE Pli.D.,M.D. Mite nki why tome doctor* appMe vicclMtlon. And why they Ulk itmit • "D * C" lor women iiipected of having cwder of the item* (womb). cancer of the «t*ru» (womb). Versatile scientists can use the •Ireet. Introverts employ CASE U-510: MiloG., aged 20, is majoring in chemistry. "Dr. Crane," he began, "what are some of the greatest discoveries in the development of medicine? "And what are some of its greatest flaws or drawbacks, nowadays?" Bravo, Dr. Jenner Vaccination (including inoculation) has saved more human lives than all other medical discoveries or drugs! Dr. Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids who had developed sores on their hands while milking cows, later were immune to smallpox. So he pioneered smallpox vaccination. In Shakespeare's century, it was estimated that 60 MILLION died of smallpox in Europe, not to mention the greater number of deaths in Asia, etc. "But, Dr. Crane," Milo protested, "I recently reac some articles arguing thai vaccination was not only of no value, but that it even produced many diseases, including syphilis. "One British physician was quoted as unalterably opposed to smallpox vaccination for those reasons. How come?" George Washington had smallpox as a boy, for Dr. Jenner didn't expound his discovery till 1798 (one year before Washington's death ) . And in those earlier days (even in New England till about 1900), the family physicians had little concept of germ infections. So they carried an ivory toothpick in their vest pockets. They'd take it out; spit on a child's arm. cleanse the wet skin with their handkerchief; then scratch the skin with that ivory toothpick and place a drop of the vaccine on the raw spot. Occasionally, therefore, a child might thus develop some other ailment, due to contamination by the toothpick or the debtor's spit or his handkerchici. And if you will read the dale of the British doctors' attacks on smallpox vaccination, you will find such essays were usually written back in the early 1800s. Thus, it wasn't the vaccination that caused the trouble but lack of sterile methods by the 19th Century doctors. Anesthesia would also be regarded as a second great milestone in medical advancement, with the antibiotics probably ranking 3rd. More recently, the zooming field of therapy is biochemical, including the use of trace chemicals (as from the ocean water) to combat deficiency ailments. But Milo also asked about some of the drawbacks to modern medicine. One is the inability of many physicians to talk the patient's language. (Always write to Dr. Crane, Hopkins Bldg. Mellott, Indiana 47958, enclosing a long, stamped, addressed envelope and 25 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) Wheatheart Contest To Be Held In Perryton Aug. 19 PERRYTON-Invitations have gone out to cities in the Golden Spread to send a contestant to the annual Wheatheart of the Nation Beauty Contest scheduled in Perryton on August 19,1972. The Wheatheart of the Nation Contest is one of the outstanding beauty pageants in the Southwest and the selection of the Wheatheart of the Nation TV Log 6:30 4-Adam-12 7-Stand Up and Cheer 10-Mayberry. R.F.D 7:00 4-NBC Adventure Theater 7-Alias Smith and Jones 10-My World and Welcome to It 7:30 10-1 Dream of Jeannie 8:00 4-Ironside 7-Longstreet 10-Movie. "Hammerhead' 9:00 4-Uean Martin 7-Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law 10:00 4.10-News, Weather. Sports 7-News. Weather, Hotline Sports 10:30 4-Johnny Carson IQ-Movie, "Watusi" 10:40 7-Rona Barrett 10:45 7-The Angry Mourner 11:45 7-Oick Cavett 12:00 4-News has been a highlight of the Panhandle area since its beginning in 1947. Any single girl between the ages of 16 and 21 with a good reputation and character who is properly endorsed by a civic club or business firm is eleigible for this beauty contest. Judging is based on beauty, personality, poise and figure. The 1972 Wheatheart of the Nation will receive a $1000 college scholarship. The First Runner-Up will receive a $500 college scholarship and the Second Runner-Up will receive a $250 college scholarship. Entry deadline is July 19,1972 and entries are to be sent to the Ochiltree County Chamber of Commerce in Perryton, Texas. The contest will be held in the Perryton High School Auditorium at 8 p.m. on Saturday, August 19,1972. Miss Leslie Schnaufer of Campo, Colo, is the current Miss Wheatheart of the Nation. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schnaufer of Camp and is a senior at Panhandle State College at Goodwell.Okla. Word has been received Pampa will send the winner of the Top 0' Texas Beauty Pageant to be held there Aug. 12. Ambidextrous Writer President James A. Garfield solved his left-handedness by becoming ambidextrous. He became so adept that he once took up two pens and wrote in Latin with one and ii) Greek with the other, simultaneously. • Tonight! • Friday! •Saturday! North Plaza Coronado Center 665-2951 This is How YOU SAVE! on »5 Minimum purchase 1. nek any on* of tho •alloon* in Pant* Wott. 2, iu*t itl and toko out tho pioce of paper iniide tho balloon. Th« paper will toll you the discount you receive! SAVE 10% to 30% • Tonight! • Friday !• Saturday! Veterans Should Get Release Of Liability When Selling Home Veterans Administration home loans help veterans sell their homes as well as buy them, but unless a veteran sellers gels a "release of liability" when a buyer proposes to assume his GI loan, he might have problems later on, Jack Coker, VA Regional Director, cautioned today. VA Loan Guaranty officials say such a release could save the veteran considerable difficulty and worry should the purchaser ever default on the loan contract. A veteran should request the VA office that guaranteed his home loan for release from further liability to the government before he signs the sales contract. VA may issue such a release if the loan is current and the veteran's purchaser agrees to assume all of the veteran's liabilites. In addition, the Veterans Administration must be satisfied the person who buys the property is a good credit risk, and has sufficient income to meet the payments on the GI loan. Unless a veteran specifically asks VA for a "release of liability", and gets it, he still is responsible for satisfactory completion of the financial obligation of the initial GI loan—should the new purchaser fail to make the monthly payments. The veteran may sell his home to anyone—another veteran, or to anyone who has never been in military service. In any case, however, he should ask for the "release of liability" from the VA. If the veteran's purchaser obtains his own financing to purchase the veteran's home instead of assuming the veteran's GI loan and the GI loan is thus paid in full at settlement, under certain conditions the veteran may then have his loan guaranty eligibility restored. , "Release of liability" and restoration of GI home loan guaranty details are available at any VA office, veterans county service officer, or from veterans service organization representatives. House ilnit Approves Bill On Weapons WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Armed Services Committee today approved a $21.3- billion weapons authorization bill after slashing more than $1.5 billion from original requests, including a $692 million Safeguard antimissile system cut because of the U.S.-Soviet arms limitation agreement. At the same time, Chairman F. Edward Hebcrt, D-La., announced the committee added $110 million to the bill for offensive weapon increases requested by Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird in the wake of the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks for a net slice of $582 million. Henry Kissinger To Revisit China WASHINGTON (AP)- President Nixon's top national security adviser, Henry A. Kissinger, will go the People 1 * Republic of China for a four-day visit June 19-23 for "concrete consultation*" with Chinese leaders as a followup of Nixon's summit talks, the White House announced today. Ziegler was asked if the trip was tied to developments in Vietnam. "I wouldn't relate this trip to any particular topic," he replied, noting that either side can raise any questions it wishes. FLEMING RCA 665-3743 ail, court***!*, efficient TV SEVICE Glen's TV Service 1312 N. Hobart 669-9721 1 3TH ANNIVERSARY -SALE- Don't foil ta chop the latt 3 doyt (thru Sot.) of this one* a year gigantic *tor«-wld« clearance. THURSDAY NITE SPECIAL (6-8 P.M.) 1 TABLE ASSORTED FABRICS VALUES UP TO »2.49 45" WIDE 3 YDS. FOR 00 BEAR BRAND WORSTED YARNS IN OUR NEEDLECRAFT SHOP AT 40% OFF' SAND'S FINE FABRICS 225 N. Cuyler jjSgSA.-, L.-U •»•*.-' V,_<" tf?e practical approach to sewing, using NEW techniques for the NEW fabrics and fashions... PIEELY WISELY THE COMPLETE FAMILY • Copynghi Shop Rile Foods. Inc 1972 S ine, ^AJivirL^ci c, r/\ivniL,i ewtag NATIONALLY *0«BTISED IN REDBOOK * McCAU'S the complete family sewng boolc Authored by an experienced team of Home Economists, who have written for most prominent companies with Consumer Education Departments in Home Sewing. 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