The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 10
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THE DAO.T NEWS. FREDEBIOK, MD. MOHDAT. DECEMBER 91, 1931. E.1 MIIDE G i CONN One Of Our Most Prosperous,,But Untaxed Industries And Its Stockholders Re-Organization Held Saturday Afternoon Prior To Re-Open- j ing Same Night. THREE NEW DIRECTORS ARE ADDED TO BOARD Officials Gratified With Re- sponse When Business is Resumed. The Cccarner-csa: Bank of Maryland reopened its coors and retained business at 7 oclock Saturday evening, foJ- ag autnorjaticn to that effect Saturday morning by she county Circuit Coi^T Many patrons ani fr.snds va- ited tie *»~'t and a stiosiantial volume of business was transacted. Officials of the barJt *x?ress«c t.-Kmselves as zrcst pleased and gratified at the re- fposse of the puXIc FO^CTT-TLS tb* iuthoriatSoa by the bank c3cnr_5-oner and the Crrcult Court to resus«e business, tb* board of directors of the bank, which ciosed Septe=ier 28. met at 2 p. m Saturday and completed the reorganization by eZecitr^ officers. On motion of Casper S Cltre. retiring president. Edgar H. McBride, who acted as chairman of the asization committee, was noml- and elected president of the basi. TSe board then adopted a resolution In appreciation of Mr. Cline'a years of service as president of the jjOBk; and his continued interest and oo-operstioc as a member of the board of directors. Dr. George F. Ssith was elected vice-president: Hartmsond Clary, cashier and Arthur H. Doll, George W. Heinlein. James W. Pali. Charles A. Ogle and ASert L. Bussard. assistant cashiers. Three additional directors were ejected to the board. They were: L. Edgmr Setson, Danel H. BucKey and Sdward B. MesseH. The other members of the board aret E. H. McBride. Ernest D. Michael, Casper E. Cone, EU O Haugh. Spencer E. Stup, Albert L. Bussard. Marian S. Michael. Charles T. Dudderar. Hammond Clary, Dr. George P Smith, Fraalc V. Staub. Bradley H T. J. Windsor Williams. Harvey E. :-1- ~^ \s '-·'--. DEBT MORATORIUM FACES BATTLE IN U. S. SENATE TOOAY Eventual Ratification Of Pact Is Assured Despite Opposition. Aerial Hunters HOOVER BAD PLEDGE OF SUPPORT LAST SUMMER '. Hope To Get Question Out Of i | Way Before Christmas ! Recess. Cfeb Meet*. | W. E. Baker: SOCK. "J°f to th Mrs. Cole Burke »»s hostess j World": poem. "I do not like a Boo to the Kempunm Woman's Club! Tonight." Miss Lillye Williams: po«s .Friday afternoon. the meeting ' "Our Christmas." Mrs. Wm. Brownini opening with the singing of ' Games were played and gifts fichar.g 1 "Jingle Bells." After a short business ' ed by members. Sixteen members an session, a Christmas program was given-three iisstors were present. Refresh ' as foUowst .Poem. "Legend of the · meats were served by the hostess. Nest t Christmas Rose." Mrs. J. A. Ensle; meeting will be hekl at the borne ' reading. "Kns Single's Surprise," Mis. Mrs. W. 2. Baiter January 15- Vrhat chance does a deer or bear 'have in these modem days? They are j ____^___ · soing after game in airplanes now. · Washington. Dec. 20-With e-. entual', Here ·«* *** R - Granville (to front ratification assured, the Homer debt i «*»« ^. Jun ««£· ^l*"?"""! .moratorium *«.: face tomorrow in the,° f PWladeipn^. with trophks bagged Sei ate its last and most difficult con- cemr · «r*ssional hurdle. j | Leaders are hopeful of sending ;t to ! i, the White House Tuesday when Congress intends to recess for Christmas, j i Homeier. the one-year postponement j | of inter-governmental debt, already In i ' effect, faces opposition of undetermin- ! i ed strength from a staunch band of j ! cr.tics headed by Sen. Hiram Johnson, | j Cal'fomia. Republican. j j President Hoo\er obtained pledgjq, ! I of support from more than a majority ' . e\f *H^ R*no**» l^cr eitmrw*i* H**rt^ »*» ' giniiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii^ \ Carty's Gift Ideas j A Sewing Cabinet | is always useful Convenient handle for carrying about; = A Magazine Carrier TUESDAY FIRST DAY OF UTERI is always useful. A large selection to choose from. A very unusual one at ', of the Senate last summer before he ; proposed the debt holiday. | Republican leaders are anxious to '· get the question out of the way before ' the recess and have announced continuous sessions v. ill be held begmnzg tat noon tomorrow. j Washington, Dec. 20--Congress i hoped to clear the way before Christ- ! Will Also Be Shortest Day Of ,= The Year. ' = $2.75 -IO THIXTE OF FTKX11TKE IS TO THIXK OF CARTT* C.C.CARTV BSTABLTSHED 1868 tf to IS PATRICK EAST FALL WAS DRY SEASON FKEDKRICK. MD. i WHITE HOUSE PARTY BYHISJAPBUTLEH President And Mrs. Hoover Ready For i Christmas. MOTHER IS HELD FOR ABANDONING HER BABY j mas adjournment Tuesday night for | pjy ~ aa g l speeding work early is the new year '193! perform on the economic program advanced by c ~ s wjl ~," ' President Hoo\er. i ^ ear vj e 7 sh o ", _ The Democratic House has shown \ ^'^ Beats'.' can scarceJy"be~more i W the way with the passage of the uccer t a in. they opine. ' fe the curtain on the --- , ,, todav. which observ- ' · on tne economic program advanced by crs WJ ,, agree was a " most ^r^ua! President Hooker. ! weather show. Winter, with all its bad I one-year morator.uia and enactment _ 'of the bill increasing the capitalize- ' Dec 20 --All through Brought From Portsmouth, Va.. tion of the Federal Land Bank by $100.000.000 Senate committees will . .. _ . _ , , continue work this *eek on the S500.- 1;us eyes w * ard . '** F!shm f, f re ^ ' 000,000 reconstruction finance corpora- * a:er reserv °~- wmch »M»««* to be , Woman With Him Also Attacked By Servant. ing on. :nc Wh.te HoAe there js a d-fln".e stir .: coming Christmas -- a mcrrv Christmas but one just a little diRVrcnt from uthers President and Mrs Hoo'.cr ha', c r;no - *n in tne exeoutne mar.sun. Por one thin? they money on some things. To Baltimore For Trial. Absence of rain appeared to be the i main act in Fall's show It caused , Frederick water consumers to turn anx- ! "Talk of the Town" Bilt.more Dec. 20--Mrs. Elise Ma M T^.CI. 20 Portsmouth. Va. was ar- -ilan to sa\- ..i.^ C od . n py.:ce station this morning But a definite PAY HONOR TO PAGE House OI Representatives Honors Marylander In Service 50 Tears. Washington. Dec. 20 --The House Saturday paused to deliberations long enough to par tribute to William Tyler Page, of Maryland, who lor fifty years has been in Its employ. Mr. Page, recognized as an authority on House procedure, rounded out his fiftieth year of continuous service Saturday. The esteem he commands was attested shortly after the besr-r-ning of the present Congress, when. h« was designed as special clerk and adviser to the minority. The Democratic side of the chamber, Tshtre the Marylander has many warm fner.ds joined members of h-s own party. Republican, in creating a fitting place for Mr Pape Saturday he rcceA\ed felicitations frorft both Democrats and Republicans. Arooz:; :he members ^ho recognized hiE services nas Lin- thicain (Dem , Md . Mr LinfHcuxn said' "I shouic fee. air.tss. being a member of tn s House if I dla not ha\ e £3Bietn_rg to sav recarcunc Mr. Page's kr.g a^d la.thful scr-.ce to the House membership " Pate hay outlived partisanship, n-~t on'y that but he belongs to Maryland ana 15 classed as one of the dist-TijTushed c.t ZT.S of Maryland "The g-e=.t Chsrrr Clars once said cs did not jell's vhen Mr Page first caoie to the H^c. out that he had heard that or.e wrier, em- ployes «ere openi:.:: 'he Capitol. Mr Pa^e. trer. a ycutn -as found at tne doorstep ana aair.-.ttec to the building and t^tat he had oeer. here CA er since " account of thc economy will be kept and all that is sa-.ed and more will be gi\«n to thr needy Or course, there *ill be Christmas ; w-cat!i.«. candles and parties galore. The t.\e Hoo\er sons, a aaujhtcr-in-law and two of the grand- Poughkeepsle. N Y . Dec. 20--An in- ' children -will come from California to furiated Japanese butler stabbed u w present. tion and will take up the land bank measure. The two bills for great infusions of President headed toward the bottom again under *j the influx of continued dryness. It ^g e\en had effect on springs and streams. ^ which began to dry up as they did last ij 'BODY HACKED WITH KNIFE'-- S death J. WiUiam Schatz. 56. millionaire manufacturer and sportsman today, forcing Schatz's noi»e guest. Florence Q. Carozza. 26. to witness final thrust of a butcher knife. Mrs. Carozza also nas wounded. The butler. Oentro Akiuama, 38, had turned upon the woman, when policemen reached the house Their arrival !n thc basement room wnere the murderous But tne first party of all will set the Keynote Invitations have been sent ~.iarsed with abandoning her two-year- Federal capital bv ,,,,,,.,. * L^^H . . . . ... o,d son here early this month and the Hooier hopes to put new i'fe into the Je " wnea ^.' he Jf at dr °^±, W " °°^ cas- was continued until tomorrow , r!Ulroads aiid f mancl ai institutions and Tne weatner observer added one good nrora.ns Mc-,r*hile the young moth- ease ^ mort?age ^rr.cs of the farm- * ord !« ^ m j? ch ^^ A seaso °' -r ^as cet-i-i J at a police statin and frs , i: , commaxt Senate consldcrau:)n « £ e*^ ,? ttentl °" to vh * S?* 8 ^ crrar*.TM:.* , ere made for cer to see :mmed . a tely aft er the holidav recess. warm ? eath ^ whlC V "STM* 1 ^ OU , g ^ her «» tomorrow A Senate fcaRkine sllb : comnuUec ^ay from the _ coal pile until later Mrs. Morsan arrived in Baltimore . headed by Carey. Republican Wv- t " an . aj ~'", " e . s ? OKe OI --°* "5 . e a r l j todav accompanied by her mother, oniing. will ber^i" hearings Wednesday w " armth ^^ tfle unemployed. Mrs Nett." S-.\o\eland. and a Ports- on the House Land Bank capitauza- " "* mouth r" 1 ' -£··''-"-"· T'ne officer said he tion b.!l which also provides the land Winter till! put on its premiere Tues- j ly and. from advance predictions, it JJ be little different from Falls final .,, « m«-wx -h,n i.- *~*r -H-M-O , n roun(! Mr -° ilDr S an :n Portsmouth and bank aiiLhonts- to postpone payments out to more than fi-.e score chi-drcn in .,, a . ^ rp ^. ._ consentcd to comc w ! of .^tellmente on debts from one to production today. But the performances tj^, tne names o! tne grandchildren, Ann and Herbert Hoover, 3d. better known as ' Peter" to come to the White House two dijs before Christmas 8 Ba!t_Tiore - fcr her baby " th Da- should get snappier as they go along. §fl Tlie child vvis found deserted in a kota: Steiwer, Oregon, and Howell. says the observer. Tuesday may produce £g j f ive years. Sens. Norbeck South ' Sa tiniore ro'ol Saturday. December 5 ] Nebraska, are sponsoring this leg-sla- some p. ow ba » . agam ". may "* raB1 OP Tac boy a-oparcr.tlv Had been given a 'tion. The American Farm Bureau I: ^ !n ^ tne snor:est ca - J - . .. . 5S No Football Injuries. -' ^ e ' Baltimore. Dec. 20 --Tl'e 1931 foot- Th f C ^" A .. ' ill season, that cost more than two anc c --.a 5 S \V?.xtcr. pot.on sr.d was left on a bed Federation, tne national Grange and The ^^Z Creek reservoir slipped , , d *.« coasai-.tted to a nursery | the Farm Loan Board will be heard, .backward as Fall put tne finishing , completed by Loyola Collfce of Ba'.'i- more without an injury, the coacn. Walter Comerford, sa.d tod.iy. "I have not had so much KS to baad- asc an ank'.c." he said on the season Just C'.OKM^ ' And thocnedulc v as most sc\ ere in thc his" ?ry of the , college " onslaught terminated saxed Mrs. Caror- ^ orc j,. es . hrougnou . thc countrT . za's life. Akiuama had been discharged last night by Schatz lor failure to prepare an after-theater luncheon for Schatz and Mrs Carosa Mrs Carozza told district attorney John Schwartz, that tne butler burst into the Schatz bedchamber this mom- .ng and attacked her and Schatz. As the two men struggled in the luxuriously-furnished room, the sistcr-m-law of Akiuama. also a Japanese, and a sen ant in the house, overpowered Mrs. Carozza. A blow from a water bottle felled Schatz and Akiuama dragged him into the basement. He returned to thc upper floor and forced Mrs Carozza Into the basement room and she looked on horror-stnckcn as the batlor almost decapitated Schatz and repeatedl stabbed him in the mouth and chest Aklumama had snatcned t.iree kn.-.c.s from a kitcaen tab.c draper as he rushed upstairs to get Mrs Carozza Both the butler and his sater-in-law. known as only as Hana were ncld on flrst degree murder charges. The butler would not talk and Hana cannot speak English A Japanese -interpreter was obtained from the Xcw York Police Department bj Judge Thomas touches on its performance. "By Sunday .1 ho named h.m William ' Washington. Dec. 20 --Rep. Snell. the ' n - gh " 5 be !evel was agam 25 feet ' dr ° P " G it.i-:e Lord Tp.e boy since has been new Republican leader in the House. p art.d in a pri-.ate home. has some assurance hat Democratic Tlie only rev=on she could give police political speeches on the floor will not 'ir Icav.n; ' ic bo-, -.(.is her inability ?o ananswerea ·-) ta-tc care of n.:n tne mother said As one of his first moves after as- \'fr c: j s'rt43s ' 'o infant, the woman s^nr-ing his post at; the beginning of the '.·-~.~. officer*. i"rc toDk a bus to Ports- session he designated a number of mem- ° a s on rCor ' 1:0^1:1 a:id I.i'cr .-^.ted at Elizabeth, bers to study certain legislative mat- three mches f : om the water ^^^ m ^ the dam hao to 80 f,' 000 ^ taas ,?^ J^ over a milhon. The mild week-end 64-degree maximum on Satur- one of wannest ^1 ^1 ^M 3m Loyola played Western Maryland t- N C. ar.--l Orar.geburg. S C. returning a T to 7 tie without using a substitute Other teams played included Hiiy Cross. Villano\a. Catholic L'nv.ersity and St John's of Brooklyn. Committee To Function New York. Dec CQ --Club owners and officials of thc Eos'eru Bas^oal. Leai;ui mcetinp he-e tc-day \nted to entrjst ·-·e le-spje"s r.tT.ii-s r.cvt, ^ear to an executive committee of three members -ather than elect a pres.dent. top Sunday. Friday night's n tmuin was 43 and Saturday night. ..-.ter to tl'o home .n Portsmouth where So every time a Democrat makes an stror 'S ^"^ -i^!f^ .-r.c vias l?;.,ted bv police. attack on a Republican procedure or Sunday bu. laiiea .o · record some one is ready to answer · le temperature. Wins Essay Contest. i him Mrs. Georsre S Rodock. Jr. this ' ..'v i-as the winner of a alter set I M P O R T A N T CASES UP · lined at S360 in an essay contest, it ; - xs or.noxir.ced S'inday. The contest -.« conflicted b' a jewelry firm in S 1 ! ir.ore, first or ~e co;ng to Mrs. "Kixrk T'ie a:i: ^iincernent was re- PrecoTM..-k o\cr the radio. Many Important Hearings Tender Way ' t j In Baltimore. i ed T9.IDJ.V f f AiKBWS* o; "A good idea,--" "But I know a place where you'll get many, many more ideas for Christmas gifts--at Hendrickson's." Christmas Quadruplets' Birthday STRUGGLE EJ ASIA MINOR. On Dec. 21. 1917. England staged a , Of tl-.e 171.POO rr.xr-r trurks rrcis- tered .rs Sx-'h Ax^r.-a, aocnt 134.000 are o? Src ^, Arsci: -.- or Brai.1 The ^ttsr cr;nt-v ot/crites n-.?re motor tea- a.1 tr.t rest c' the cor.ti- Hero At 11 NEW LINER DESTROYED Ship Chnsuned By AIr». Wrecked At Pier. Hoover Xrwport News. Va . Dec 20 --Fire to- v.av aestroiecl the ^-.-.·er.or of the 1-ner j S«xiia .ea'. -ng the near .1 -completed i Un.wc Man Steamship Ccsrpan} -es- «1 half abmcrged at h«-r bert.i D-irms tne fi-.e-hour fire tbe s^.p -\ ·aas to ha'c been co:r.rr._v^«n'C Jar.-an 30, 1-fted t^.cc ana ' ·jrr.ea o-er on her Tr.c ·aas or ur.determ-ned cr.c.r. Ore Srexan was s^r.ojslv b^rr.ed. ' ard se-. era". re-K". eci m.nor as | ^ity anc sh.pbu.:;Lng \arc fire cons- ··ar.. 's sojiat to s - .e '.-.e sr,.p. ·al-_rh -xa; chnstT^d oy Mrs Herbert KTTCT st the laur.cnirjr Aueust :5 Three '.re- boats p.avec strcaans ol lavr or, ~rs* i)-mui^ ·^''ssc. 'sh.-e nxri Ircm SJE c^ battled r.c b'aie from t.-.e shore ' Ker cons"."ct-cn for rcfrjterat.on purposes niaoc t.ic nro-Siht-r.g -a- i .is-al'v c.ffi;u.t tne ?-'ad--red cor« .n- ' f^.at-an sT.o-_:de-.rc and crratiz? a ; Firetrx-n ~s ^-tt-ng out p_al«s c- tne e cscs of tbe £.~..p aort,ylerc torches to f^-cc out :r.e szxke. ' Sh.pyard offic-als sa.i t.-.-j a f t -- ;»n th^y hac JKX cetrir..rjca whether t-c .=."».? coild be recxjn«.:.on«d Thc -osj ·"as co-^ered by ins^rarwrr Tr.-s was tne fxrord 3-a-^r £T at the cocipany rards Toe fi-si occ-rred March 10. 19^. ^ber. t-v :js*r .Vner- .ca bjrstd ^n a $2 000 000 o aze A Ci.rr.»re ncro ircciil j bein; s;_cr., f;r Cr.-r". 5 j2~.-Kor; 11. of ^'D"rt~~.^v.7" T'""-^a-s ~7.r.3 sa'-c-c the life 3* u.-;r-.-3.rc- ··'o-ysar-os Huth Set-roar. '.-DTT: --'_i r. -n aoy.c The Ja-is-.r itr p.^rsec .r.^j the water » To Light Evercrera TIXTS. Evprgreen t-«s .r. front cf .lie V M. C A, on East Potomac street. Eranswicfc,. be orr.amer.tcd vith colored lights th-s even.r.g ar.d i.lurru- natec Chistmas Evp. The treej. ·». 11 be illuminated '·ach r.ight, b~fsccr. aad Nc» Year- , I BaltJnore, Dec. 20 --City, county , and Federal courts tomorrow open | Christmas week important cases · demanding attention. Joseph J. N i Clman, jn Bait'jmore Cnmmal Court. I - ^^ has under consideration a plea to re- strong offensive in Asia Minor, along i v ^ ,duce the death sentence of Herman the Xahr el Auja river front, with the ^ ^g W. Dukcr. 23. to liTe imprisonment resulting capture of six TiEages n«-*r . *^ 'Attorneys for JDuker pleadea with the the mouth of the river and the Tur- jg ' ,-jrist last week and he announced a · ^^t stronghold of Ras ez Zandy, two i gg ' cc-sion would be reached before the niJes northeast of Betnany. j iff Crnstmas recess. Thursday afternoon. s Heport that Germany was consider- J;~ In another coart m the c.ty State's '^S P^ace was c.rciilated with the It- , ^ I Attorney Herbert R. O'Cor.or made f"-n-.atioi that a government bureau £S[ FOR FIFTY CHRISTMASES this Home Store has been giving ideas for Holiday Remembrances tltat are representative of the best merchandise in the country. GIFTS cor.sp.racy to oeiraud He'.ffench headed the bureau. the accused are England, after a heavy proccrtv ar.d life loss in an airplane 5 D?c Ie cr.i^i T as paid a visit German planes, but with small loss German plane was brought dowa. 'the city T-RO cf c'tv officials. j C". S. District Court in Baltimore j w a s to centime With the trial of 12 t men charted with conspiracy to smuggle l.qtior into the country. The de| fencers were arrested last Maj, near ·Camoridge. ir; the breaker.?: up of -hat acenis sa-d -as a laree l.quor '-c^r-old bay. plavir:? with a sled. ~r:t s~d the cnr.f^cat.on o' S500 000 A^I liquor and equipment In Bal;irn~rf c«;rty the C.rc'jit Co.rt was scntx!u;~J to iec.r. 31 cnmi- Six Drown Tryiiuj Tc Sescne Boy. Dalton Mich. Dec. 20.--A seven- v as a prerrat'Jre Chrstmas present, o-o v e thro'^ch fie :ce on a small laie -ear here tjcar arc r.x other persons dr^T-r.ed in a fu.-Ie sucmpt to rescue casts inc %~n irver a-d x.llt-d hat of tr^t 13-: ear-; Id ; -; at r^ co-!-- -as expertea to pass s^n- -Tce cr. Re-^ber. Kcr.tx-r. on ir.ty po- cpcrat.rr. a rlace TC-C .t ^as al- cccc carrcl-r-s -05 ncrsi.ttcu ar.d H.S rure-.ts we-t to his rescue and cro-s--ed :c" failed to --en- Ofcrs crascsd thrOuCti s .^ tr: 3-a of the three. News advert^iss pays. Give It for the Family Circle! Wool-fiUed Rayon Comforts, $7.79 Special Kenwood and Mariposa All-Wool Blankets, finest made, S8.50-S12.50-S15.00 Candle-wick and Homespun Bed Spreads, old Kentucky patterns, S2.95 to $3.85 "Made in Ireland" Table Cloth Sets Lovely Damask Dinner Sets, quality high, prices low, S8.75 to S12.50 Hand-made, Hand-embroidered Linen Scarf-runners, Vanity Sets, Appenzell Pillow Cases. Umbrellas, that shed rain, made of Swiss Gloria and fine silks, $2.95 to $4.95 each STICKLER SOLUTION Fau- dav _on C.-^-r.^ D-.-. ,r ' o. b ,iyr ^ ±» -.--x- -· L.-O-11S-- . " - · D ;-,· , c _-. ^ r ' 1 ' 5 '~""" ""· it 'w.t'.s tores, a^o *.-»*. v. ot. of M- tcr -.1 a nc-\ - T~. Eo tl" Mr c*. r t.icsi Wreath Wins Honorable Mention. A T.;-V pretty wreat..i. er'or's; bv the Freccr.c: Career. Clj= w-- l-.ororablc r-.--.-.on :r. th; ar.-.ual c\.-.b.ton of C.ir_stmas Trrea'.is arrar^ed by the cor.^ CMSS--.-^ of "h; Garden Cljas of Ma-lar^ d.-r-'aveo c-.t- tne wff%-*rxi s: 'he Bat.nioro M iseasi of Ar: The exh.b.t.or. owned Saturday cav Large crowds ·s'Vnded "lie ex- *.-.(-.7'h b--h- *** * Christinas tree d'oorated bv tne -.a Vrs"Mahane'y ^^^ R-^r Garden Cl^o, of ihirii · Lof- -o right are Edna NJrs Charles S Peace J? ^'s^.-Ser-.. «y \x- :-·»-·· f.x brothers Clir^-mas carol? v,*r~ si'.ns bv -,-,e -,est- X-. ~.:r. -«e.r o,c- "5 fhi:rs of mei ir= b.-? -if Old St .Pauls cr,urci Sunday afternoon. , Kf-e a-» tS* Ke fcui] and «mj!ar Vor o 1 thc 'ot. f ·jcS con'ainsig three h-ft Thf Kot^* s d-wnflied You Will Feel Better at Christmas in One of Our NEW DRESSES Afternoon and Party Frocks just arrived. S9,90 $16.50 OF MERIT ONLY"^ ESTABLISHED /877

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