The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 4, 1964 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

JOi MC$ Steve wins By 2-CYCLE AUTOMATIC WASHER Corp** tn*ft mwto M* ftrtt r**l MBffc tB (to fimfceftottl t*rtt«* www her* TMtttty BUM, th* frte*y Left* JMksl* MH** IMl former HtttoBBl AAU otMmeton wail t ttfii 4Mi*i<Mi ot*r Btey Stats**, • ernfly, HtNj.wie* wtore* ** PB* a*tr , fete MM aw of 0* twit fight* •fW •**«*» M*fe,M**«Mito **«•«»* Corpus cftrutirie* ion over Sa h* waftl tm* to ***% BBM ttMft mldwa* et 8sMh*a to W» tee* fcW for th* woftt tm* Mir *** tor H» KM HtfBtoB of tt» *nrti 0» MBtt, «W at ftMteS** >*«BWKMd*.Aia1i • •orkf two defeillnc «w <naa*r*a*<a*c*|j«lti» *•»*, fa* Mete xmred fi«* «•*• *» FVttfnta, tow tor «*MkM *Bd ft* e*e*. Yo*B» ***•**» ««M MR ttw flfht M *ad*rdag wttt * H.I.I pro rwent. Tfc» ta.yttr'Oid autefwa, who kail* from Mexico city, . down twfe* b*tor*p** Btm *w«y fa, *» fcfflM* MTU <**»» to «« •KM «f 1WO, to*, ft* Aggies take SWC title, their first In 41 years »o» MORTON A p Sporti Writer One cycle's for every) ty fabrics... the other's especinii/ for delicates! T*t*a A*M. almostueeom- iBf th* proverbial lamb, holds in 41 WM todty i»W»«ov)h. ••it Cu«ftrM6»'4M»reht>M- 'Uf t<-MU* duiwwwr fliur ttitnrnitlcally blenda in ictcrei>nt, fiH»nout llht . . . ,.,•! n 1 * tmllt-in, out of th* LOW, LOW PRICED! $ 208°° with aec*ptoblt Imil* INCLUDES- DELIVERY, INSTALLATION and SERVICE tco earn* wtttrta a of cUimlBt whet mlgM hiw B**B it* *w**to*t vtotory IB year*. WlMWt of only four uf 23 (am**, Uw Horned Frogtbat. tied AIM to a tl-ti ttoad- toek it the end of Uw regu- • I }.'(•!• «rai«T t«mp*raturaa, • t-'&mnu* Whirlpool quality in*i>!e and out. Ituilt to laatl • <'.<im» aw> It aoon. •?•». * roar. Th* Adi**, «M*r»d th* blrnfdowntrod T*«a* ChrlftlMl Ti»fd«y M Rl PoH Worth «nd w»r» torctd into two ottrtlm** l»for* bntlnc * iMlft which hun't wwi • ounfurme* urn* Illl MMr«, 70-««. in Uw c«rf»r 515 W. 2nd B! 34921 FREEPORT diet d*fe«ted Baylor, B8-76, ten* upended Arkanaa*, to. «7, and T*M* Tech grabbed off aeeoad place In the race by nipping Rice, 77-70. The Aggies, holding a two- gam* lead ov*r runner-up t*eh with only OM conference gam* remaining, will meet texaa Western to Delia* Monday night In a playoff todeter- mtne the NCAA representative to lh* midwest regional. Crelghton atoo meete Oklahoma City university In ttw playoff at Dalle*. •eartlMsiy through Uw first •xtra p*rtod. Then In tlw opening seeonda of th* **eond overtime, Uw Aggl**' Paul tlmmlaa got loo** for « layup, wa* fouled aad made Ida free throw to glv* AaiM a 6S-«3 toad. A*M eaahed la five foul ahots as TCU scrambled, with M seconds left, TCU trattod only •«-«•, but ae* Aggl* scorer Demle Lenox dropped la two of ttw flv* free throw* and only three aeconda remained on the clock. to the teeh-Rloe gam*, the Owl* |*d oe~i0 with it minute* remaining whentnelrtopshot- maker, Kendall Rhine, touted out. Tech wwtanaadflveinln- «««» fol M UHtnHni MB* n*M wtiloh WMdM by four Uw •rtort rtwfd tot ecnfmno* amwi-IO» by Jim Krrti in IMA. AM Uw BMU frorii wtolpptd Biylofg fr*4lttn«n, U8-74, to tto (If* «l«tn»r eollctum MorlBf rtflore wt by «aotlwr Muf»«nt Irtibmnn Utm mm* TO) in 1MT. At A<wUB,tiir»«T«XMpUr. •r»-iot Pl«h»r, John Ptul Md Lurry Prtak*- o*r tin soo-poii* for Uw MMM by MOT- l« In double ArkUM*. n Mka tlw flrrt dm* bntn pUytaf b*«k*t. Tlw Raider*' Tom patty •eorad 30 polnt*-a eamr hlfh for tlw MWor. At Dallu, Gatw Elraort lad EMU to lla hjftwat point to- Ul of Uw Maaon in « K-Tii THIS AD.PLUS ADS IN THE _ m»u« Mab Mond otcr MO. AAM, now II- 1 In UM eon- ftrtnw, will tw hon to to* tonnwrw Tnvmty. T»M*. iwt ytir'* UUIM, u 8-0 ud bidding for ft third pl (M tin- Ish. j«,- • in ota»rTharid«y l am»«, SHU, »Uo i-B, vliiu Rle* C-«) •» HotMon; Ttoh (IO-J) ««k«« OB Baylor (8-U)tt w«eoj wd TCU trie* tor Its only cotfwno* trlumpb In nm« Mb. 13«mbMtArkaam*(S.a) 729 W* BROAD - WTOOOT POST AND PRESS THESE SPECIALS GOOD MARCH 5-6-7tli ,\ fan *<•*** FLUFF 1« CAM I i>v%—. SEVEN sue ,-JOB'. ., I RED IIRD VIENNA "OOL KAK BAR-B-Q TO 60 BARBECUED FRYERS ,. ( «98C| IARIECUED BRISKET ',,. IARIECUED PORK RIBS «. $1.29] CHOPPED BARBECUE u . 69f)l HCHIC HAMS— H «$2.t8f BUDGET PACK NO. 1 li$. ROUND STEAK in CtUI STEAK us. IOIN STEAK US. PORKRIIS US. tACON us. CIOUNDIEIF us. rims HIS. MEAT FOR SKINLESS BIG BOLOGNA PURE PORK SAUSAGE BRISKET STEW MEAT- HAMIURGtR NHfOCB PIGFOT- PIGTAILS HOG MA! tUDGET NO. I S US, ROUND STIAK I us. Cliff " US.KNN I us. PORK ' : m. lACOi utfRVERS • vawf HIBIBJ* ffm mm OK IMMtt. Ito , many KM, ite to**** otAM flyweight eiuajfeavja two in jo* ttf tut, *it a •-•••••••^^^ ttft«y» wftn tfc* tw, flfjfe m' tend* M tof*u»r, M *e«iy *on th* ie* B*s*rra, mos,ttomn*t world toatB- «rw*W* ehampleB low •to** later. ft «•• nwmaa'a AM fight —-*-—--.MAteBttBt Blood * 1 SL2**' *** —— fOMB WfcfftV IM Mtivtty |6t Bfwly. tlw Ural tar** round* w*r* apart by both fighter* to*llBg**«h other out. Boweiwr, Fretmaa QEAR CREEK STOPS ANGIETON, 47 TO 37 crrr - clear Ofiaak atoppad AttO*toft'*HI|h «*jol ttrta- bukatball twin 47-W htrt TikMitay nUM In • W-dWrlet playoff tuna. Tlw had* wonoatlwbtJIa of ftfM Ihrowa. Claaj- cnak W» II oharlly loaaaa whii* Anglaton mad* Uirwi of tour altamptod. AfiHatonflnlabadUwi with a flna 87-a racord, two IOMM* wara to ClMr cra«k •M one to Vlelorta In tht Ptayoff aarlaa for th* DUtrlet 16-AA ehtmploMMp. Bit All. (taton ratomtd to dafatt vie- tori* two caraea in a row. Kay Stophau wd Am1aton>a •eorint with itand ROM Mary FlMMir waa high for Ctoar Cnakwlihaa — -— -— — — . • ^-^•'^•P'^^^i McAddo senior is B all-state HOUSTON (AP) -urry .Morrle, a 6*0 MeAdoo MB. tor, wu Uw only rapaaUr naro*d to in* 19M ClaM 8 all-atato high aehool baak*t> Bill team anao«Md today far ttw TKUB Spottavrltor* A*> aoolallon. Morrla, who avaracta SO.S polirta a fame, waa i unanl. rnottt MlMtlon on tlw flrat team which Included alx bbya b*cau»* of a II*. Morris and teammate John Powm, a a*c- ond l*a,m *el*ctlon, w*r* Uw only playera plckad off tlw dafandlnt *tat* champlonahlp club. Others on th* flrat team an 8-4 I/a junior Jimmy Moor* of Frankston, 6-3 Alan MU- I*r of Kyi*,, 8-2 Lonnl* Rich. , •rdaon of Alllapn, 0.8 Lyndon.. JBkublk of Snook and EdJI* Trie* of Hawlay. Rlehardaon and jukublk tted tor Uw third Inald* poalUon. ililtor movad up from Uw Mcond taaw In 1803. Tn* aacond team la mad* up of Powara, 8-8 MoAdoo wnlori Edward CtlMtiM, 6.2 Blf Sandy Mnlor; GaryMul- lan, 8^Flor*nc***nlor;D*n. nla Sptncar, 6-0 Hand Junior and Jim Krugar, e-» irutton Mnlor. On th* third team ar* jack Johnaon, 6-7 Qultaqu* senior; Gary Warran, 6-11 WhitebouM amlor; Bill Kllfon, 6-1 Bar. b*ra Hill Mnlor; Jim Sael, 8-9 Quitaqu* senior and Travte Blekman, 5-8 Dow*y. vllle junior. Benefield CAGE SCORES CoUetOaMStbaD^^^ By THE 1 ASSOCIATED PRESS Vlllanova 100, selon Hall 73 Providence 85, Utah State 75 Wd*r 68, mv 69 Duquevme 08, St. Francis, Pa. 77 Georgia 85, Florida State 70 Chicago Loyola 103, Ohio L. 87 ,*-•/' Mls*ourn4, Iowa stale 80 Texas A4M 70, TCU 66 I ot T*XM Tech 77, Rtee 70 Texas 80. Arkansas 67 SUU 85. Baylor 78 San Francisco 60, Santa Clara. fo 2nd team HOUSTON-SwMny'a Sonny B*n*fl*ld, tlw Dulldofs- ae* acorcr and a junior on Coach a E. Hastings' Dlatrlct as. AA ehamplon team that want to Uw Rational Tournament twtor* balng defeated by San .Dlejro, was In* teadar on th* ' Meond All-State class AA baskutbdU team as Mlected •by the Texas sports writer* Association. Ottwr* on Uw sftcood team w*r* Jim Richardson of Buna, Sammy Hundl.y of Abarnathy, BUI Borellls of Randolph and Bubba Harris of Brady. - J?* <uay Wtte* onUwAA flrat team to MadlaonvUto'* BUly carter, otlwr* on Uw team or* Leonard P*ters of Stymour, jimmy Curtis of N*w Boston, John Rhode* of Katy and George Byorly of Coleman. HO WTO GET RICH SLOW Ibut sure) to Ma* Boo4» amw* 11 ' T 1 *!S*IN.*» *&to* «i'»ft»«M »U w«U. *r Avta* r T^S-J^ to ^^^7¥"*-*N»«^Uy "aeaiw '.J 1 "^!Pg*^*» «»> •» late»*• wS*«S*r*« i«y «» n«*lai(/. ' Hmd. TW« ._., l.r Mm In Mfl Ml» kerkinU*» ««» *f Mtbw ia«wy Tta Jw «»ll year «epta»r_»«, want tvu (M«*« *M *|HM BSBBBBlW tUb •*«*«*• Bjk» .j" ^2""™^"'""**'-*•** *^* w **i w"* £j^eisei&S5S&$ wSSSSS^F 8 **"'*®* ft«Mh*a to «* *»•»• -"- mMway of ttw Wat rowd aad ft looked like for a mom** It weak) b* a abort fltM. rmmia belted th*M.xl«o City W « mean right, a Itak tttf «t*man *ald later hart at* hand and it smarted tor Uwr*maind*rofih*IOrou«U. »M *vta tatater rounds, sbm u**d the rlgM to advantage, tlw Facto *eor*eard ebow- •d th* flrat round belonged to Freeman, the *eec«l rwaid wa* ilvaBtotanchtaandroiM three wa* a draw. Freeman got round tour OB th* busii of Mi short toft Jab*. And in tlw fifth round, th* Lake Jackson bomber tot la 17 Jab* before Sanehea wu sbM to land a punch. Round* tout and fi»e belonged to Freemen, however fin was rery cloae. tlw Feet* aeoneard gav* round *lx to Freemin even though eom* mean punen** were thrown by each. How- erer, Saneh**, throwing low punches all night, wa* first awarded round alx by Uw judge* but the referee took th* round away from* Sanch** on Uw basis of some of Uw more obrtous low punches In that round. (After Uw battle, Freeman's hi pa showed bloody mark* from the low punohe* landed by Sanehea.) Freeman wa* on Uw run throughout round seven. And Freeman appeared to be Ur- Ing and hurt about midway of Uw eighth round. Sanchex battled Freeman In close and to tlw fan* It appeared that Uw Bud Adam* product waa taking a beating. However, many of ttw punches were blocked by nifty Freeman. Sanchaa got round nine also. And blood streamed from Freeman's nose as be went to hi* corner at the ctoa* of this atansa. Freeman opened up In Uw final round, after he showed signs of anger about midway of Uw round. Stave was anger- STEVI FRBBatAN Win*d*«l*toB •d by tow puaehN. ABd at OM point, h* tttMd to (n* ring offlelal, glvia« him a dlriy look. Wbtn noddle hap. pened, stew haadtod UdBfa hlmMtt. R* shoved SaaehaB into Uw rope* and UtoraUy FTMrnan NMl«M ft* «a* <mr th* *y* In th* ItittlroMd but It didn't Mtm to botaar Urn inhUwlimlBf tatoaUoa*. The *y*wa*tr*atodaft*rUM fight aad FTMman ww to a** a doctor lnHo«*tonthl*morB. Inc. Many, many ju*t plain fan* earn* by altar th* flfhttoeoa- gratulate FrMfflaa. Aad Uw deelalon wu etw*r*d br ta* lure* crowd, whtoa InebiMd many Latin Antartoaa*. Bat th*r* w*r* *om* *BMtal oce> •ratttUttoa*, too. King Hill, atom«rB«Bo*. porter and'All-Amcrtottooi. player and now a t pro d Mar- ban grldder, came by. Tod ring, tlw T*xa* h*avrw*||ht champ, told 8tev*t "1 thoufk* yon tookad frwat-l thout* you woo *aaU]r." Aad JOB ContlntMd en Pog* 7 WOOLWORTH'S Extra wid*-Uwy BUBB. ure 108" to wldttv W" length, pin* array at print* textured UM fto* fabric. Fully lto*d. -3 doya only PLASTIC WASHAiLE SHADES On RoW«r$ White Only 1.69 valu* CURTAIN HARDWABE VOL UK TRAVEKE RODS zt ^^M.. 2.29 **"«»*. 3.2t *! i* w

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