The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 15
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE RFT; MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 HOOD THINU3 TO EAT (Cont.) CASH 1'AID van GOLD AND Sit,' Vfc.l(. J. At. MSHOP. 11 WKST 2ND. 3H.;B.» '-aiil ')K W,\ Vi'hiP^Ailklntts of used lurni- luii'; one ploco or an entire houseful ('rook Furniture Exchange Co., . Tt'i'oiiu mi. us-ll"asicim WA.VL'I'.U to buy—Good aged phinua. MiiyflcM Music Co., phone 'JOS. 48-H-iwm 29 WEABIlNQ APPAREL 2» Mrs. Ina Kilos, phone 2723. 317 East Fnlirth. 29-7-25111^ BKOWIs" J3ullvia coat, S I2 H to, gooa as new, will sell for |10. Call .12(1 B. 10. uy-H-lum toll HALE —Hoy's macklnaw, yolitiK num'a overcoat, lady's suit ami Ions coot, all In good condition and cheap. Call 3SS. S'J-H-Mm OENUINI2 HUUJSON HEAL coat lor aalo; like new. 7Q8 N. Adams. 29-13-4DB ElGHLOST ' prices for mon's clotlunK and shoaa. Phone 1158J. aii-U-aaim TotJNG man's overcoat, -bargain, tt». 2«2 West 6th. SK-H-artin YoUNCt rnan'a 730W. overcoat, bargain. 2Ii-15-2dm 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS JO A SMALL VIctrola. fumed oak case, sllKhtly used, JiiO, Jenkins Music Co.. 122 N. iUaln. 30-15-U.m A SMALL piano, suitable for aciioul use. Fumed oak case, nractlcally new piano. Prlco $315. Jenkins Music Co., 122 N. Main, 80-tS-lUl'J BKUNSW1CK model upriBht phonograph, with mahogany case. 1'lxcel- lent condition, Jli5, Jenkins Music Co.. 122 N. Main. 3l)-lS-lDlil fcXflJKT piano tunlns and repairing. Ilorabaugh-Wlloy Muslo Dept. 50-il-edm fern SALE—Columbia phonosrapn Excellent condition. 72U E. firm. S0-16-18B PMONOGKAPHS AND « MUSICAL 1NSTUUMENTH C-Melody Saxophone, ?ra; uornet, M7.50; Banjo, ?«; York Cornet, »au: Ukeo, J2.B0 up; Violins, Jio. Easy terms. ROKABAUCIK-WILEY MUSIC l)Kt"J'. \V1C put In phonograph springs. H. U. Philips, phone 613. 30-10-2I.lm W. M. BALL Pla .no Tuner. Phono «100J WANTEl) to buy—Several used pianos for cash. H. O. Philips, phone 1149. 20-13-tidm 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS * 3! AUROKA Acorn coal range, looks like new, our price $40; one Quick Mi.-al range, all A-l condition, guaranteed, $«». Crook Furniture Co. 31-lMdm I3ARCIA1N-—Blue enamel coal and gas range, practically new, $60. Perfection oil heater, $3.10. Call 1516 North Poplar. 31-U-Hdm A N13W shipment of buffet and mantel mirrors, Xmas club plan, $1 down $1 per week. Harmon Furniture Co. 31-14-6UM Bargain in second hand rurnilure. 1 Crescent gas range, $12.50 1 Windsor coal range, 6-iiole, reservoir. $12.50. 1 12-Inch Stewart Oak heater. 1 Davenport (makes bed), good condition, $27.60. 1 Imitation oak dresser, $7.51). Siuieffers Furniture Co., Ph. 4»«. S1-13-2UB CASH FOR Good used furniture, such as rugs, Eaa raiigt^. etc. 202^ N. Mapio. t'none 3S41. evenings 1574J, tn-B-^am. FOR SAI-.K—Bridge lamp, old rose fcliadr, polychromo base, $10 If taken 1,,-fore Saturday, l'hono 16UW. 721 K. lllghth. . Sl-lS-ISm FOR SAI J E —Large size base burner, nearly new. City Transfer. ^ 31-15-19m FOU SALE—Majestic* steel range cook stove, flue condition, price $3», worth $50. Phone 11I27W, 1714 North Adams, 31-15-2dm FUlt SALK—Large shipment "Apex" Electric washing machines at one- half retail price. Come see them at Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse, 701 East Second street. 31.11-4UM IFOIK SALIC New and used furniture, gas ranges, heating stoves. One 4-pieco manoguny suite, nearly new, $125. One roil top desk, good as new. HAY WORKMAN I02 >4 N. Maple Phone 3ait 31-0-286 VU RN T I- UKK , stoves. 115 East 10th. 31-13-S0m FOR SALIO—Duofold. perfect contlr tlon. 535.0(1. Phone 3267J. 31-IIMdM FOR HA1.K-Good base burner. Inquire 12S Tenth West. 31-12-Mm For sale. H5SJ. H. W. Field 31-15-17B GOOD PHONOGRAPH BARGAINS 1 Victor machine, $150 new, our price $112.00 with 20 records. 1 Columbia, A-l condition, $150 new, our price $fi7.50 with 20 records. Brunswick, all No. 1 condition, $55.60. ,. . Some other standard makes, all In good condition, from $35 up. CROOK FURN1TUR13 CO. 31-15-3dm HIGHEST cash prices Paul ror all kinds of used furniture. Nothing too rood; nothing to poor. Crook Furniture Exchange Co., phone 96. . 31-ll-25ilm HOMEMADE; comforts. Phone 2217. 3l-30-25dm ROUND OAK range and baseburner, kitchen cabinet, 15 East 7th. 31-15-1HM ^RADK your old furniture for new. Phone Mhoeffera, 41)11. ai-ia-imw WAN T F.D— Furniture, rugs, stoves; highest prices. Johnson Furultuit Co.. Phone 394. 31-5-2MII-: USED furniture, upholstering are! r<-- pahin^. furniture and stoves. Ullil- yard Furn. Co., 100 East 7th. Ph..IBs. ;ii-l-eo[i-2i,dm YOir can buy a genuine McDongall Kitchen Cabinet, $1 down, $1 per •week. Harmon Furniture Co. ai-M-lili.M 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 3i SPE^lALr^El ?r ^ni (ATES~ To Students, $3.00 per month or 3 months for $7.50. Exclusive agents for Royal and Corona. All makes of slightly used and rebuilt machines. Repair work reasonable and guaranteed. RENO TYPEWRITER': 405 N. Main. Phono 3r,3'j. 32-5-2r,(im 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 CALL 20F3 for pears, apples, honey and pimipklhi^ 35-25.11:2.",. CHILI-. Hot Tomale.s, Humnergers. The bent In Hutchinson. Try tlieio. C. and U. Lunch, 20-A East 1st. I'lione :M:'. ». 3ri-« FOU SAl.i:—'I'lirniiui. $\ a I'u., iii- llv,I'h. 11'93, 712 W. 1st. A. P. Cam. ' 35-15-4<hn *.,ijt'l» i-imipidij pn .f. 30c each, fop corn balls ,05c. Phone 114IJ. ;iu-i2-0dm GOOD home bailing. I'll. 1144J. ^ 35-3-25 (1 m PJSAHS, windfall 70c. hand plcuud $1.25. A. M. Davis, phono 37F4. 35-11 -'Mm Bread made from Hern's flour took first prize at State Pair. Why not buy It for less money than othor flour.* . 8.'i-4 -Mlilit VlilS Is tiie season for inusn ami eoii,' bread. We have meal made from rtaw »»*>SMI IW Uttu't JUUt. ea-t-XUOiu WINESAP apples; 1% miles cast on Mcdora pavement, one mile north. Coleman Brothers. 35-7-17m 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 BRONZE turkeys, sired by 1st prize lorn at "Arkansas Valley." MrH. (.1. O. Wright, Langdon, Knns. IlK-ll-bflm FOR SALE—Big type Poland China boars. Soma extra good boars slreo hy Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Dam Is Jade by N'ortside Kit by Picit- etts Orphan. These boars are outstanding breeding prospects all have booh vaccinated and aro priced riffht. For frther Information, address 'Seth Jones, Box 61, Hutchinson, Kansas, ; FOR SALK—Choice I)unu> males. Thone 16K12. C. W, Danford. , 3S-10-i5dm FOR SALE—Good milk cow four vein's old, will he fresh soon. 227 N.'star. FirBt house so. of Grandvlew school 3S-13-llim 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS 39 AUCTIONEER—Pete Powolson, phone Midland hotel 94, Hutchinson. I can please you. 39-15-12:2."m 1 WILL sell at public nuction, 4"ini. southwest of Partridge, Nov. 25lh, 25 head high grado Jersey cattle consisting of cows and heifers. Some fresh, others fresh soon. N. A. Cas- sldy. . 39-14-2lil.'J PUBLIC SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS At 2 o'clock P. M., Saturday, Nov. 23. at residence No. 129 West' nth Street In the City of Hutchinson, the. household goods of the late Louisa M. Ulan will be sold at public auction. Among the articles to bo sold are tho following; Upright piano, bed stead.'*, springs and mattresses, couch, dining room table, chlnn rupboarj, kitchen cabinet. Ice chest, kitchen range, sewing ninchlne. Kitchen table, rockers and other chairs, oil stove, three rugs, and numerous other articles. «. W. NOKRIS. . DANIEL CAREY, „ . — Executora. Pote Powelson, Auctioneer. 39-16-eod-22m 40 PET STOCK 40 TRAINED pedigreed setter, $50, fine looker. Wire C. C. Jones, 258 Lewis St., Memphis, Tonn. 40-10-21m 41 POULTRY & 8UPPLIE6 41 ARCHER'S standard bred Buff orp. Ington cockerels. 2629 North Adams. Ph. 37C3J. 41-ll-6dm BARKED Rock cockerola, $1.25 to $3 Mrs. Will Love, Partridge. 41.11tus-30m FOR SALE—Purebred black bronze turkeys. 114 miles east of Castleton. Mrs. O. \V. Gllck. 41-13-4dm FOR SALE—3 doz. Buff Orpington pullets, culled for laying. 211 inn east. 41-15-2DH FOK SALE—Barred Rock cockerels! standard mating from heavy laying strain. W. H. Ward, NIckerson, Kan. 41-17-25dtn FOR SALE—White Leghorn hens. 444 Justice Ave., C&rcyviHe. '• 4l-13.3rt m Live and Dressed Poultry HENNINGSEN PRODUCE CO Phone 779, Wo deliver. 41-12-2SDE 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 42 43AFE «oj- gale. 115 S. Walnut. 42-12-6dm FROM $2,000 to $20,000 with or with" put services to Invest in corporation with bright prospects foe a promising future. D. L. Cheney, box 23, Lln- colnton, ISorth Carolina. 42»15-16m "We have for salu grocery stock and fixtures. Absolutely the best location and the best buy In Hutchinson. This Is an up-to-date clean stock and doing a real business. Selling on account of sickness. See us for quick action. KINO BROTHERS REALTORS Phono 659, evenings 1A27W. 307 First Na.fl Bank Blilg. 42-13-2ds GENERAL merchandise stocK for sale In a town In .Stafford co., consisting of the following: $ TOO in Shoes. 300 In Work Clothes. 1000 Shelf Hardware. 25im Groceries. 3000 Dry Goods; furnishings. 1200 in Fixtures. This entire etock sold at a big discount. Realtors take notice. John Collopy. Turon, Kans. 42-12-i;am GOOD thriving business In Hutehiu son for sale at a bargain. For details, ask A. Pcarce, 121 11th East. Phone 27H.I. 42-15-ldm INVESTMENT—Offer J10.000 7% preferred stock In amount:! of $1,000 or more. Dividends payable sciill-annu.'ll- ly. Established concern. For further information, address J-ll, care News- Herald. 42-mlhs-10.25dm WHY not establish a pieas.tiu, profitable business In vour county - : No peddling. Visiting dealers only. Requires small Investment. \v. II. Stevens, Krle. Kansas. 42-15-lyin 43 MORTGAGES, STOCKS, BONDS 43 l'OR SALE—Well secured $1,000 First , real estate mortgage bond; bearB b%; pay semi-annual. Phone 2t,lls\V. 43-13-3dm WANTED by resident owner—A loan of $5,000 tor 6 years at 7%, Interest payable quarlcrty, securer by a first mortgage on said residence. Loan may be completed any dine within the next sixty days. Address K-ll. cine The News. 43-14-20m Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or pay oft present loan: will loan up to 60% of value, you pay back principal nnd interest at $13.33 ner month for each $1,000 borrowed; wo want to talk with you about it. Coo- Thomson Improvement Co., , Masonic Bl(lg„ phone 752. 45-30-25dm ifairsB lL .ffiaiiE '3 5',i 54j% OVb ue represent loan companies with millions available to place on genu Central Kansas farms, 5';i v.-ith moderate commission. sji -K, with small commission, or 0% with no commission. Annual Interest. Consult us now. TUB COE-TIIO.MSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and insurance. 46-4-25tlm GET 7% on first mortgage real estate' security, —ask McNagluen! IstNal'l B'.'IE,. 45-8-26ilm SATISFIED CUSTOMERS We know we can make you a satisfactory loan; I'oHslbly savu you money, and render you prompt Horvleo. Established ISiS. «'ia-ii|p MONEY to loa"ii, >mal; amouuia Welfare Loan Co., 15'/j North Main, MONEY TO LOAN (Cont.) MONEY" TO LOAN Improved city property or farms. —ask McNaghten! 4i,-x-2!Mlm Place In a HOME COMPANY The Salt City Bldg.. Loan & Savings A SMI. Savings Plan competes with all fui«j!gn Company plans. You owe yourself an investigation of our Association before placing your savings with outside rem- panfo.t. We will call anywhere anytime and explain tho merits of our Association's Investment plans. Your phone call will get an immediate response. SALT CITY BUILDING. LOAN & SAVINGS ASSN. E. Carey, Pres. Lloyd Brown, Secy, Phone 972. , 45-15-ldm PAY off tho loan on your homo on easy monthly payments. —ask Me- Naghten! First Nail. Itldg. 45-S-25dm $1,0U0,00U to loan on farms, "isewiin- afonnlng Loan Co. 45-2t'-35dm 5*,!, FARM loans. Anderson Invest merit Co., Phono 53S, 27 ',a s. Mam, i . , i -'»-25l !J 48 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 48 A FOKD coupe, run about 3,000 miles. A real saving can bo made on this car. Only takes $150 down payment to handle. Davis ei Child, 2nd ami Washington. lti-H-3dm BOTTEIK i3*fED CAMS AT LOWEE ™<CE& 1921 Ford Roadster 1816 Ford Touring 1910 Four cyl. Sludebaker 1920 Jordan Touring 1918 Hulok Touring 1919 Studehaker Big « Touring 53 Cadillac Touring. 1819 Mormon Touring 1922 mudebnker Special Six 1918 Bulck 6 Touring 1919 Willys 6 Touring Qanrlk SI ©tor C®, Phone 460 110-113 \Y. Second W-15-1DE Essex 4 touring Sony Bulck 6 touring , 517;, Ford sedan j;ua Ford coupe S3t& Two new 4-dOor Ford sedans. OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNUAXS Phone 271. 101-106-10K 2nd West. 4U.14-3dm FORD coupe, good top, good tlres7 motor In excellent condition, *2ou. Wo will give terms on this car. Davi3 & Child, 2nd and Washington. 46-14-3dm FOR SALE—Ford sedan, rlne condition. Will trade for small house. Phono 137. ,,40-14-3(lm FOR SALK or Trade—1922 Ford tour Ing car. Phono 3412. 46-12-f.lnt FOR SALE—Chalmers coupe, good condition, also golf clubs and cole- man lamp. Phone 22F2 45-12-4DI*J FOR SALE—Ford delivery ear. inquire 1, Smith Grocery. 40-15-2drh NEW Ford sedan, Pnone 771. ~ 7-25 DM NOW wrecking K-45 Bulck; 37 Oltls- rnoblle; Fords and others. A. K. Johnson, 15 South Washington. 46-10-25dm FORD Touring, 505 E. 9th. 4li-15-3Dei One Ford Touring 3924 Olds Sedan Chandler Sport Touring-. One Oldsmoblle Touring 1920 Hup Roadster. <E. A. B<tm $gmm Motor Co, The following reconditioned OLDS- MOBILES are ready to go. The fact that the owner of each of these cars bought new OLDSMOBILES prove that these cars havo given and will give satisfactory service. 5 Pass. Touring good shape $151) 7 Pass. 8-cyl. Touring 5200 .5 Pass. 6-cyl. Touting, new paint '260 C Pass. 6-cyl. Touring $2 :5 PIIOXK 20 Ciiah—Terms That Aro Eensy—Trftrttt 4«-ir.-liJW 1021 Ford Sedan, new paint; reat I'jitt l-'onl' coupft m ]y:»:i Foi'il ItoaUsterr atiirtor ' lylS Unicii T OUV I HK 3It^^ DoiJso Touring, A-l 102'i ISnick Tourins. new pamt 11(^0 Ciievrrjlor. Rli. Ugatlaier 1221 Vovd Tuurtnn :>ort ToinitiK 11HS Max wall Touring ' Mottol D3 CsniillHC Tourinp, clicup T-Pass^ngor Touring, cnenp Lots o( other low prlved cara. L«t ua Know ybur needs. SluJ«ir ''8 M®f®r Eaclkis«ii« The Used Car Market L. J. Sllfer. Opp Convention Hall 40-12.3JJW WE have 3 good 1923 Ford lollrlligs; starters, demountable rims, which we will sell for $90 down and balance mo. \\ 111 take your old car as part down payment on these carH. Davis ,t Child. 2nd and Washington. 4G-H-3uin Iuott* of extras, l^ooka npd like new. A nuivifit'0 jtrlci^. I iiayn's Trnirlug" 1, llvo Tnurtnj; 1 Kortl Tuuriiiff Tht 'Si: cars inu priced worth tho moiif-y fflORioM mm CAMS Phono l'jt, 40-15-1D10 i92J lord Coupe for sale, one of the best buys in the c .i t y. 'rhlnl Ave. Garage. 14 East Third. 4f,-ll-4Dn 19i7 Touring car, good rubber. JlvT 1919 Ford delivery, new rubber, and runs good, $60. 191S Oakland parts. One 6-volt and one 12-vn!t battery. 529 West First Street. AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.) I HOUSES UNFURNISHED (Cont.) HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont.) 3 FORD tourings, all fair condition. $00 each. Davis &Chlid, 2nd anil Washington. 40-14-3uni 1922 l-'ORD delivery with cab and open express body. This car ts in gotM mechanical eondHlr.n: $150; take $iie down payment, .'.'avlr .t Child. 2r,o and W'a.;iiJ;:.i;l^n. 41>-1 i-3dm 47 MOTOR SU PPLIES* & 4? REPAIRS wc wrf .'i :l:ed ^4 cara. Windshield ffiaaB fitted. Tires and battcrioa. Ami® Sail ^sQ ^ts C©. 4, 20, West Slid mult. 50 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD bU MODEltN Blcei)ing raoina. 21ft Kns: aiiurmun. 5i)-S-2iidm MODKUN sleeping ruoma, i^n&t U, Phone Ulti. riii-s -HHitii MOBKHN Blcopine roowa. W. &. ut.i-S-l!iidm MODliRN uletjpinB rooma. Pli. 1T211J. r.o-16-^ ONE modern RleopinK room; prlco reasonable. Kast First. rooms. 227 Knat Sherman. 5()-ly:2[»-U:^:> SLJuKl-'lNG rooms. 213 West Finn. "1 }•'.• 1 Tith. l-'hnny 1-.',:»J. 5»-lu-icim TWO sk't'j>l«tf rounir* for rent, fur- uacG htjul; JaJlts piclurrcfl. Phone 37U0. , r.0-15-6'lm WAliM Sleeping roum--*, '$2 piar"WL'CK. 313 Knst U. bO-H-'^'.lm 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD 61 130AI1D and room; ISast iShi'rrnaii, furnuco hoat. IliC 61-2S-^bciin BOAHD nnd room close In. Fifth Avenue Uooma, 23 Wtiat 5th. ph. 3427W. 51-13-2fidm OOMKOHTAUJ J W rooma, steam heat, meaia served. 600 N. Main. 61-4-12dm JIOL'liltN furnialied 2-rooin Bum- closa in. Board it desired. 2* b:n*t 6th. I'hone 37. MODERN sleeping rooms. Also hoard. Mrs. Sparks, 41*3 E. Third. Ph. 2413. 51-13 MOOKHN looraa, board. aU6 w'i'aiMi; * Bl-^-l 'ltdir, NiCl-J sleeping rooms. l*"Mrnaco lu-ai. 327 K, .Sherman, Phone 1*78. 51-15-BUi: 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FURNISHED cottage, *15. 806 W. 2nd. HCJUtjKKKiit'JNG or alcopuig roourn. 1U1 Kaat «th. 62>ll-15rsr HOUSEKEkplNU roorria &H6 »V. I'niJ r»2-22-i!r.r]rn HOU3BICEEPINO rooms. 211 W. 6th. 62-2Ji-20tirn UOUBklKE&VlSG roam, loH WZal Bigger. No objections to children. 52-15-lULH'; LIOHT housekeeping rooms. SI 3 K. l5" 52-U(J-25<im IjlOllT Housekeeping rooms, 2U8 K. U. . C2-9-6Dr: WODERN furnished light houaukeep- ing rooms. C04 East C. Siir,2.1. &2-30-2KDT!) T1IUE13 desirable furnished room;;. also garage. Call 3773W. 52-14-4iim TWO modern TTpht houselceeiJin^ rooma. 304 "West First. Phono 13-1SW. 5 2 -13 - 4 rl m TWO or three Veil furnisht-d huuM'.;- keepiiig rooms, bath. 2^1 West 1st. 52-31-ism TWO nicely furnlsh'-i modprn ltgiu housekeeping rounia. 22U West 1st. 62-1 l-Hidm 54 APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED MODERN apts. and rooms. Siu 1U. 1st, STJiJCTLy modern private nut. 25TuW *.4-lS-2,' : .flm UNFURNISHED nTcTa frTmT rouin, l>nth, wilt or. lights, t-aa. Phon.?. On car lino, oOl W. 5Lh. Phono oir.'i.',!. (»4-14-31>W 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 COSY, modern, ground np:»rtinynt; fireplace for wlnu-r. 231 E. Sht-rman. " -M -uitm FUi^NisiiED heated aptfi. Ptuiiif 22s7 _____ So-iiMT -iln^ FOU KENT—Furnluheit 3-room npart- ment conncetlnff hath, p[-iv;ii<-< entrance, 117 JSast yth. l'hono ^iii'JW. r.;i-i2-Ciim FintNlSHEU apart niLMit, m..d(Mn 3 rooms, hot water heat. P 1K»;K* '.'.til'. .W-iiU;-*-:t(tm FOR RENT—Nicely furnlahod apartment s. Can fi S 1* \Y. r. r> - 1 - :* i > n FOUR-room apaviim~nt. lrr'KaVf ""tiilT. :..i-n-(iiim .MODERN apta, and rooms. r,;u i:. 1st. ' ri.'i-no-l MODERN apartni'.-nt and ?.: • • c- pi I 11: rooms. 100 Knat Fourth. s:i-'J7-2'-din MODERN furnished apartment. &:!*. A _.J.'. : i'll-: , r.f.-;-:; ><nr, .Nlcici.V ftiriiirtfi(.-«i 2-roum 'Jriiiiimnii^ 14 East Sixth. Phono 1122! :'n»-l * - -1 < 11IJ TWO-room furnished apartment. v--iy goail ntitl rc.tfumiihle. runninc; wuwi in each room. The Woodard. v.i'.i K. I. TH UI -:E room grniind ffuur apartment, modern. £00 yth W'-.sf. i.r»-12-17 56 HQUSES UNFURNISHED 5b FO ^T ^R^N^LWoT^h^^ modern except heat, m-wiy painted, ?22 month. Inquiro iOiJ Hev..:nh, i 'ast. _____ - ;»0-n-l'tM FOIt RENT—lf» VDO-U.S stviiTlv" u\~o-C- vvi\'ti't fnriUH.'i.", «•>:(.-;.*;•. nt ctMu !i. U<>n. Phon.. or ir.c:l. r.»--1V-*»«i»JJ FOR RENT—a-room hous^'dii 'L'Jnth W't-st. Inquire 12S Ti-nth V.'.-i. .•ti -i '.»-r ,fim FOU RENT— hous.v. r.i,KP/rn except furnace; garage. Ph<nc 2"SS.i ."»(!-] l-jdiu FOR RENT—-Good ino,U'i-:i ii-Hmin j cottage, giuage, closo in. I 'h. ;i:"„t.t. i V.iMl-e.tim ! F'. 'ii RENT—Hix-room, nioa"ni,""ri7 : , tiBilealiy (17-cnrated V«-S!' I MIC*\ with. [ K«rago. 201 West 12th. piionft ! }}. ri1, ?" r ,...} V ' lF iiy h. tVt .'-'i-iri-^itm ' !-.o;ia»», 7»»S nr.i ^10 East Third, in-I ?') ,r C>l 1 l JJaptJliM.-rt. />«-lji-ui)i; | I- \) i i KENT —. r i -r(>uui new, mi>dern i Intii&ilow to adults. Phone 221V. __ « r > 1 »- 2 7 - 2 »1 1 ni fl'y no,!.? u hnnpri m:\tr.- hullt-' Trie* onl) A f'.vt? room str !ti\v, clt-iso to Main St ffaturea, north front Sre KINK'El. AC.KNf'Y IJ<'«Roi- 210 St. Kx, IJldg. Phonn 2»r.r.. tU -1." -him FtVE-tiioni iiousc, fi.^nu-minhiu,-pa- lagc, 1110 month. Call 615 Kant 7th. i.r.-jr.-iso FlV oom house. l>15 A West. M..-14-P»ni 413 5J 2. Ii 2!S 610 HKNTAhS Ea«t Oshorn, small famflv, *R.. A East, strit'.tly modem, i: bitths. lUh Wppt. 7 ioom.% garage. $30. C East, 0 rooms, cliicken house, 4th East, garage, chicken house, 7th East, $ room**, garage, S30. 11RE1.IM RE ALT j" Co. , iVj-15-JMm SIOVEN rnoiii house, lights and gas. on street far line, 2 hWiokd frotn Lincoln school and 6 from Sherman high. 21S G East. fiti-ITf -Mm 6-RtiO.\L cottago and gnrugo. 215 West Eighth. 5tJ-il-lidm -ituOM m'ydeni cottage, with itiiiM^ _3'it West 12th. 6(;-lu-ti(iuU 5? HOUSES FURNISHED 5f FURNISHED 4-room cottogo; lights mnl gtia only. Phone 204. i'i7-l;i-tcim FU tt-NlSUEL) a or D-room COIEHK"*;. hi- rpilrrt 2'il West. First. 57-15.6(1111 Foil KENT—Furniiihud. strictly inuu- eui, G-room bungalow, fireplace and garage; good location, l'hono 227y\V. 57-14-2'tm Flili.MSHED, modern, G-roont hoTi*iu, ;:n West sth. (i7-s-2iiiim 2-UOO-M lurnished on car hue. i'h one 2'JOiiJ. 67-10-Udm 6-KOOA1 lurnlahed houso. Phono tiiu. 57-U--Mm 63 BUSINESS PLACES FOR 59 RENT FOR ItENT—Dt.-sk room In steam healed office, 12t>*,i N. Main St. Phono 357ti or 14. J. \V, Harrtsim. a'i-lO-Cdin 63 BUSINESS PROPERTY ttt S-apartmerit property with "modern conveniences, Ua hlocita of Christian church. Owner reserves 4 rooms ami reeoives per month on balance. Well on exiy tcvnix or trnd« for first- class Wichita property. Urehm Realty Co., Realtors, No. a East Sherman. 63-15-2dm ROO.M for rent, 2»xl'J5 tout, 4ii) South Main. Inquire at 417 South Main. 63-l0-10dm ROOMING house proposition, 100 K. 4. 63-l3-26drr C4 HOUSES FOR SALE t?v your home and as uu invesiment. Modern & room* except furnace witn a d uuh 1 e ga rago nnd fin* large lot. This place can bo arranged to help you pay its way out and provide your at \he pum*i time. Tho pi lee is only 53,500 and wo can lHcomm-nii this u .i a good one. "Will you Jet us show you? C®. Maaonio UJdg., Phone 752, iil-is-lim FOU SALE—New G-room all modern bungulow, 2 blocks of Elbe.My high. It has full ha-sement, bujlt-ln conveniences and oak floors. F'nr details, ask John Dyck, 539 A East. Ph. 3273.1 64-ib-him FOR SALE at bargain—217 F East and 301 D Ea ^t. Write Box 22, Ooneseo. Knns. fi4-U-26de. LOW cat*! htans on bu^mer-s property. MrfNagiiten! 1st Nat'l fti I ?A. til-8-25dm LT/CATE© EKSBiT BUILT RIGHT—PRICED RIGHT J—Tills practically new 4-room with G-voom cffteioiiey Wuuguiov,', »-ust front location C J UMI: to nocih tnd schools; terms iensm.a1>l<'. 2—North Part location: 5 rooms nnd*ak/n*i room, atrictly modern, oak floors throughout, large basement and pipe f ii ni are. This i-i a quaiii}' built, home; piiev.d right, terms easy. CARET REAL ESTATE & INV. CO. Itisuror— L!oyd Hrown—Realtor Salesmen: ^lnduTa, Schoonover, Euchamtit. 503 North Main, l'hono '.172. 0t-t5-i«tm NEW five room bungalow with garage in Carey vibe, attractive and neat homo; price. $2.2*i0, very ea^y term?-'. Uoe U PO) t y Co ^^^JTTO, _ I - 1 Ii - 2d m ONE of tin> best ni-w hungis h>\vs" i11 north end, five, rooms, breakfast room, full ba;n;mollt, garage, fireplaeo, oak finisli, tine huhf-in I'eatin-f.s; a sacrifice for a i.tiort tlm-; ?&i>0 cash Will handle. lUu- Rualty Co., I'll. 770. 16-Year city "loans. —McNag-uen: (M-«-26fim Far Sai!l« 4 -room hmis : ?i,'.ifiii 5-room lioiiKo 52,2'JU ti-r'Jom hou .H.- C2<» acres Colortido land, clear to trade. for Hutchinson property. W. R. SELDEN I'hoin- C32. Hi S, Juln. fil-15-ldm New north end Ti room hun ^alow .s; Hohci oak floors, hi enk.-'ast room. (,*ari make (.rood prier-rt ami easv terms on each. l)uiit-in features: KaraK*.-. Rrehm P ^eally Co., Rtalt'jr^, I'luuie -12, -'i i rn ."J24 We ; .t f.tii—O i-^oniH. 3;.-l'i. ioi. ru-'ir Hchool and trulley, tniiv $1. {>)•>, term.4. llvown UealturH, i:.'-. .\. Main. Phone 2-, 14. Ot-l.l-idm Llirht, any and roonty .i; ( , to H3» instead of the illnlttK mom. Uuilt- lu wort; the t -ntire. hni;t!i nf tin 1 room, 14 ft., Willi fink, tlraniboari.1 and worn taluo cunvcuii-ntly «rrnriK = 'd. NotmnR llko It In hovis"« cos tin fz man 510,0'JO. Chity 4.3.2SU oil n-.-t.-.ina le tn-nis buys Ihl.! r.-ruoin modern bunfialuw in the 300 block l-'.asi. 4th Street. —asik MoNnjrhten: Phone fir,:> or 42-1SW evi ning*. 1st Natl. Hl'Ur. «l-14-3dm WairOBfl Msnk B IC-DBEQ Practically new S room (."» 1'e'froomsl and sleeping porrh, rtrh'tly modi'iu home, close to Uth and M.nln, can i-a.«lly make two itparttti'-uts; consider cottage 4iii part pay; libera! terms, RREI1M REALTV CO. Realtors. Phone 42. ! ; L -l r !:- ( .!. m WE want residence loans, straight or monthly payments, ask M-'Xajthtpn; tl4-s-::5dm 65 LOT FOR SALE tib FOR BALI-:—Vacant lots In nu-uncis distr Ilavlland, Ean. Phone Si6\v Dr. W, F. Schoor, Hutchinson. Kan. fi 6 - 2 3 - 2 (»! HYDE PARK CORNER A REAL RA1U1A1N From owner. Address Box 320. Hutch- insou. . 65-lH-SSdm THE CONSERVATIVE INVESTORS aro buyiiiff good farms. More farm land has been pold in Kansas In the last sixty days than In the preceding twelve months. Investments in the following farnw will make soma good monev; Vtilrnproved eighty all tn wheat, good farm, well located, Reno County, lays fins. Well Improved 100 acres one mile of Haven; alfalfa, wheat or corn land. It you wiuh to soil or exchange, your farm, no difference where you live, write or call us and our farm mannRijr will bo fftftri to call and no over your proposition and assist you in every way possible. &ilcyQ &.3(S)II& C®« _, Realtors. RealtorS. Phono 400. 60-16-ldm 66 FARMS FOR SALE FAitM UAROAIN DIRECT FROM OWNER 320 a. lla-'kell Co.. Kan., mile* county seat; all level and beat ot sod; extra good . stuto of cultivation ; lliu now In wheat; fine condition; 120 a. ready for spring crop; 40 a. 'grass; terms on half. Address Box 320, Hutchinson. Sft-lS-ZMrc IMPROVED farm, sandy loam sou. , fruit, etc. Take small house down payment-. Call RMS W. 6ti-M-i iM TO TRADE FOR C1TV PROPERTY 100 acres of smooth grass land, located 7Vi miles nortli ot" Plains, Kan., in Meade Co. This Is a choice land for wheat with heavy rich soil; mortgage $1,500; price 521 *1 an acre. What havo you in Hutchinson to trade for this ? —ask McNAOHTEN! Phona 655 or 1013W evonlnga. 1st Natl. Bldg. fl8-!5-3dm 67 TRACTS FOR SAL' ti/ RUT WHILE THE PRICE 13 RIGHT 100 acres 4 miles of Copeln.nd, good land, priced tu sell; will trade for Hutchinson property. 2 HydB Park lots, 00 ft. front, each $1,075; out of town owner is willing to sacrifice for quick sale. 2 story all modern, (J room home, oak floors and finish, In north part, of town; owner wants a 6 room cottage. Realtors 304 1st Natl. Phone 227S. Sundays Phone HmfoConnttr, John H. Dyck, J. C. JK'bcrJjg'or A, S. Pearee. 67-J_5-Mm FLORIDA Fi. Pierce, P)a., county seat of St. Lucie county. Tho nv.e*i riivcrsitteu tropical <:ounty In the United tiiates. Priio winner for K consecutive years on oranges and grapefruit, ideal lor agriculture, trucking, dairying and poultry. 305 growing days a year vviti! 54 inches of rainfall. Unequalled climate. Fishing, boating, ocean batning W P will financo you on the land n you have money for your own irn- provrmentn. Siieolnl trip Uecember 2 Con.e. in and talk it over. A. U. -'•!<- ReynoklH. SOI R.-W. Bldg.. Uuteln > son. _Kiit.!*. _ C7_-10-M-2dm "lT®Vla'li® 5 lfirffl^e ®r Uml 4-aeru tracf, »:loae to Uutchinson. 0 room house, about 2 acred In alUUia. r:<K)d soil. "W. F. Regier, Inman. Kan- su __________^_ 07-12 -10m SMALt. tract with t:ood 7 roi,m, rarag-o and uutbnildltig-i, clo:.e in Weal Mile, price Jii.lfiO, good lerm.j. K IM; Ucaity •*'»°- 07-l.V2dm SV 1JT 'RP AX "~tr-a cr" we 11 i hTiiroveil', equlppi"; 1 for vailing and hnnOUtig phicki'ps. Nat.* N* al Real Estate. phone i71i'. _ fi"-ir-*klm "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER" Boys' Scout Shoes $2.48, $2.93, $3.43. Boys' Dress Shoes $3.25 and S3.30. Girls'Shoes, 5 Uo 8, - Girls'Shoes, SI to 2, S1.4S, $1.75, $1.98. $1.98, $2.48, $3.50. Misses' Straps and Oxfords $2.98, $3.48, $3.9o $4.50. Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers $2.98 to $6.50. Men's Shoes $2.98 to $6.75. Oxfords $4.98 up. Part Payment Down, Balance 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co, i7- rJ North W.iinui St. TRACTS FOR SALE (Cont.) PROPERTY for sale. Pimm ,iS5W. -1" '.dm Tliis ifl well iuiiut-veil avid you will I REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES (Cent.) (Ewii ifsirja Yet lTr^di« find no more fueh hargalns :n Ki *no j A'. ,*;,! ! \ I.;..' 1 flinty. Phone .-ventngs 37:l^^^ E. K. f in -ntr-i -i • .' Hiiiu-a . r .7-L f ".tdm ; ^,aneiy.' sta!.;..'. ','.»',,'• 1;, .', u ACKE tract, close in, 2 acres m a 1 ,- i pip-.d falfa. 6 room house, lights aim gan ! il 1 ,.,. m, large harn. Can ho hought llkn paying f p=>rcuini r-nt, G24 S. Plum. «7-fi-2.'-dm ! ; n mmg n. (.:• a•• ••••n le-iis-, \*.ili ' ,. l,.:Ctlt'-d I'j ACRE trad, 5 room house, ham, garago , fruit, engine nnd pipe. h toe It» to school. Tako smad iioit-c in tratlfi. Call 1045W. ft7-M-l7M 63 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES 68 Phone lOKtW I Tr- aml \Vt>'.l 1. .1 li\ home wliirli 1 v. ill ,. lii.e.h e;.i-n si--: i- ,eh.- t.'rnir) <-u h.'.i .°oiii for \-';i >\ i - i; huriit) i:) v.ltho'if ; elars and firs: K\ ::• 211 7. JOO-acro Reno county farm all in wheat, one-third of rrop gt">«. No improvements hut a rtKi.\ wnent farm. Located 2H miles of t;ood town, (jw tier will consider home In ltutehlnaon and carry back dlfferencn on (arm. WILL tt;»de n- w 5 •!••-•• in Owner miffht consitler weatoru Wheat | hmiiraiow, fir:': '.^•.r'.in. land. I ot hf.-it w KINO BR.OTIIP.Rfl REALTORS | r-ntal prop.l-'or dfla;!: Phono 6f»9, evenlnss R»2:*'. f tlvln-yUz, I'll V.-Ft, f.tii. I". 307 First Naf] Rank isi.m. i _!i s ^l^* 'il' 11 1 w AN Ti--1' ~Vi - i* •< • i7i" H T f "7IV FOR KALE or trade—U> room strict- Will e^-b.mi;.- ;,-:<•• m <• iy modern horns In excellent condition, • P?y rnxh <\\it> '.---rI-or ; :e .i "ifiin good location. r.-asonahle f'l uui. I'hone 225"> or l">n;t. t;s-i^--iiim SKVKN room houB ^i and 2 loU m Hitttrhln.son to Bell cheap nr rra*io for western land or other property. u«- Bcrlho what, ynu have. Arthur Nieki, Texhoma, Okla. liS-H-Him Uutfh t.'i'nro -io i>st 70 VV \NTED TC TAIR of porTh-r. -%T "u:, Three of the bargains we have advertised •ly have been sold, we now offer— late- Xorlli end hungaluu', niod^ni. a;ik Clonic, tt«;ir pc 'trNi! tifi'i ohu flnn ncliihboiYioud, U good Bized rnoiihi. Can he lnireiiusid We $•( Only S.t,000 cash «nd renminder pasy terms. A special harpnln for a few days. 6 room modern coU;i:;o, c floors, full basement, not Hlr heat. There i» a tl.iiiw first inurlKutu* this plare at 7^. It onn tin bought of $2,100 rash. The h -Mis.- «mW i bo built for loss tliau $l.UUO. Located oil paved t,tr .jnt, lu-^r si'Uool. Iloth of these are good hviyg, will inaUe nice honn^. uud L ti" . nr" Incronso in value. Let us show you. r <:i, ^hohe 3103—After 5 p. m. phone 123. ^0 and lnaurer. 12 Wast Sherman Street Over 60 rears In Hutchinson. FRANK PILE. M-r. Real Estate. Trad!© ¥©Garr L©!i If you liav.-. a 1,'i.Mid north end lellld- inj? silo .ID Imvii parly who wiil accept P. an payment on a wtrietiy modern ninth end ii room and hreau- fast. loom hnuizalow. Ualancft on con- veuieut teiin.s a.4 Justififtl hy your m- couiu. Don't I."- a r.-ntcr when* it ia so Hiiv t-i l-..- a owner. ' LAMPORN-M A YFIIOLlJ CO., Realtor* I'hone 17 iS. 1} North Mum. r,?-p ( -;d;n V'Af.'A.s'T :<i;.j in (in, north., a:-: luu" of tiie city. A acre tract m Farming ton, wll Huprov. d. Utn.-r iioou tracts C I CJ.-;O in lo trade. Sue rft-wiirt, J1^ N. Main (iJ-iJ-lrhit Above landH all In one body, upprnlned nt about half value, and numt sell lo highest bidder for ca-ih, at not tens than two-thirda nf appraisement. To Settle Kslate of C. K. I.cwi--, At Court House, Liberal, Kansas, Mondav, Xo\fiu- l>er 2-ltli. 1924 at two o'clock P. M. Southwest quarter Section .34, 32-32, AporaiscU at S2.0X). S(>iithea.-t quarter Section 34-32-32. Ai".ira>Ne(i at S2.000. :• T ..d> 2, 3 & 4 & so. half X\V'..( Secti.jti 3-33-32. ;t Appraised at $3,001). '. Sout'iwest ipiarter Section 3-33-32, Appvaiscil at siaxi . Xortliuost quarter Section 10-33-32. Apprai-<'d at $1600. ' Lots 3 & 4 & S?-j of XU 'M Section 2-33-32, Appraised at $1800. At Court House in Dodge Citv, Saturday Xovemher 22, 1924 at two oVIock 1'. M. South half SL.'ii Section 29-26-23, Appraised at $8,000. Lots 1 ^ 2 in Section 32-26-25 (00! ; ;u:rc s.) A]»l>iai.-ed at $4040.50. These land.s In l r ord county lie two rnih -M wst Lif Dodioj City, all boitoin alfalfa lands. $150 per aer« I K'.H been re.- fused for thb', nnd will sell at not less than Iwn-tUirds <<1 apli'.'iisenjent to highest /dddt-r. Cirecn 3 bur tr, Ka n -a s FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—A Hold-Up ( /»WJ VJUICH VMOMLO VOO \{ WEU.-VrBU .-CAN IT ^ i. OATU5R AM r- il 86. PossiBCS ?? :~L, AUt OAV SUCUEC )^( WATS COME OMEB ! l OS A.M leg ,— •> 'L^fe OI.D CLOS£-FlSTED CCEAM r^^c, L ^WPUMT?? By Blosser SEUt BdTH To D OM' T CUA y / 7 WASTER J ^— ^ » V'.''•"'•''>, '- OlW »• If* MC

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