The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 15, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Thursday, January 15, 1948
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Mister Classifieds Gel Results THE DAILY REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY, JANUARY IB, 1948 NEW SERIES. VOLUME 33, NO. 167 JEW COLD WAVE HEADING INTO MIDWEST 9 __ ·--·-- _ _ _ __ _ ok .^mm^. · · BP* I ^^^^. * I T ... M _ Calls for Reduced Use of Gasoline, Fuel Oil Temperatures (ibout Town And Country _ TTjjOTHEUS Tt ^---7"--~ New Telephone Directory Has ^ That 'New Look 1T , OU T' With great reluct- 11 Last aMde my old telephone ^Lf «hich has been my al- compamon thebC House Speaker Martin to Receive Lots of Support At Republican Convention By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 15--UP-Drowned out by the Dewey-Taft- Eisenhower-Stassen uproar over this year's Republican presidential nomination is some pretty solid drum thumping for Joseph William Martin, Jr., Speaker of the House of Representatives. Martin is from Massachusetts and is serving his 12th term in the House. He is a stubby-fingered, ·ft because wiin " * -»-· homely Yankee who growls his * mi manv additions, deletions spe eches and does not croon them. .,, mi TMj ; ahave accumU fc t ed j£ art m is as New England as a s issued as a bright bo n e d djnner. Back home in new book back in N 0r th Attleboro, Mass., Martin is 16 months .. ,, ,,,,,, an unwillingness that wirfsss as rd sparkling eptembcr. 1946 But the new book gra ish, is publisher of the Evening Chrom- v M out--a! cle but he has been up to his ears bluish book in local, state or national politics for 35 years. It would be inexact to say that Look iffercnt ·f. a look at there boom is a Martin-for-President going right now. But a scattering of powerful politicians and some gentlemen with large chunks of money are looking at Martin with a gleam in their eyes. They are thinking of what may happen at the Republican national convention next June in Philadelphia. , They want to be prepared for Seeks to Aid Critical Fuel Shortage Says Situation Is World Wide, will Last Two Years WASHINGTON. Jan. 15--M®-- Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug torlav called for a 15 per cent re- CO Ab n ofe n an S else these particular' ductlon In use of gasoline, fuel ~ - ing increasingly cold on the can- ply situation didacy of Sen Robert A. Taft, R , ' The appeal was directed to all 0 A series of polls has done grave consumers. damage to Taft's chances. Time Krug urged that no more equip- after time they come up with fig- m ent be installed anywhere for ures purporting to show that of burning oil, gas or "bottled" gas. (Continued on Page Three) o f x o u w h o have a telephone uu io sea for jourself, and those So don t nave won't give a hoot, J m order to fill up this, col- jmn toda, let's lake Jic ne\v diroctoo The book has interlocked list- OES That means it isn't like the old books, with Harrisburg, Sdorado. Carrier Mills, Ridgway, SLwneetown and Stonefort car- rad separately under the covers. ft name!, under the six exchanges are listed together, with the exchange name preceding the num- e ['\e heard some say they don't like the new book and I've heard others say they do. I do. In the "first place, the type is bigger and it's much easier for my tired, weak eyes to find the number 1 want. In the second place, the new Mk is good for a guy like me Supervisors Discuss Validity of Package Liquor License at Texas City He also: 1. Urged that temperatures of homes, office buildings, stores, apartment, hotels and factories be kept at 68 degrees or less during waking hours and at 60 degrees or below at all other times. Predicts Long Shortage 2. Asked that drivers reduce gasoline consumption by reducing speed, distance and organizing Illinois Supreme Court Justice Clyde Stone Dies Will Dip to Winter's Low Thousands of Families Caught PEORIA, ill., Jan. 15-U£»- J" riiel Shortage The body of Justice Clyde E. K By United Press Stone, tfean of the Illinois Su-1 . . . " y ," Ilea rre ^ . . preme Court, will be returned to U A ^h^ledlSoS tt?!otuT "Pporia from Tucson ^Ariz. for 111 il »*inuo uuwicu aLrua me nurin- v,,,..;~i 1-,-Ootiirae c-ji/i t'niiav ' em plains today while most burial, relatives saio lopay. * - j Stone, 71, was "visiting in Arizona and suffered a stroke Jan. 3 as he was ^ab'out to return home. He died at' a Tucson hospital last night. ° n was born near Mason the nation still shivered in icy weather extending all the way to the southern tip of Florida. The new frigid blast, following a day after the first, will send temperatures to the lowest point this ··'inter, U. S. weather forecasters ^-lets-Jits he's trjmg to do jr -while something. I don't know how many 'times" I've looked for an Eldorado number m an unconscious sort oE way, and fmallx wake up to the fact that the reason I haven't found it is because I've been looking under the Harrisburg listings.' \\hat do ou thmK about'it? * * * "· Let's look further: ryhere is no advertising at aL - -A the four cover pages. Instead ot ads, the msiae front covei carries the rates to out-of-towr points from Harrisburg (you add the federal tax to the figures pnnted). vhich is a nice" chart lo hate hand\ On the inner back cmer are Uo calendars, for 1948 and 1949 And the bac.k page just has the seal of the Illinois Commercial Telephone Co. (The the coat ol arms, or some- Gill of Tricycle Incentive for Boy To Leave Sick Bed DU QUOIN, 111., Jan. 15--«LE --A Christmas present that Santa Claus forgot had proved the needed incentive today to encourage five-yeanold Joe Admave to get well again. ,, The youngster became ill a year 1 ago yesterday with rheumatic fever, "^hooping cough followed, ihe'n-'dtfy^ after day- aragge.a^pj: 1 with- Joe still 'weak from his ill- The question of the validity of car pools the package liquor store license 3. Urged that weather issued to a package store in Tex- ping and insulation be installed "YOU'RE SWEET." C i y i l . , and 1 graduated f r o m n e public schools there. He attended said. the University of Illinois, receiv- Yesterday's cold wave caught ing his law degree in 1903. ' thousands of families with insuf- Previous to' graduation from law ficierit fuel for heating their homes, 'school he' taught for six years in threatened Florida's $100,000,000 the public schools. He was mar- citrus fruit crop and caused a ried Nov · 14 1900 i ' tr am wreck in Canada that killed ! A Republican, Stone began prac- ni "f persons. ticing law at Peoria soon after he The new cold wave, borne 'on was admitted fo the bar in" 1903. winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour, He served as' first assistant state's swept across the Red river valley attorney from 1906 to 1909. of eastern North Dakota and west, He was 1 elected 'county judge in ern Minnesota. 1910 and served in that capacity Temperatures to Dip until 1915 when he was elected K was headed southeastward to- circuit judge of the 10th judicial W{yd Cnicago and t he rest of the district. ' ' Great Lakes. " The Weather, Bureau j On June 3, 1918, Stone was a t Chicago forecast temperatures elected to- 1 the' Illinois 'Supreme O f 5 to 10 degrees below zero to- Calling at the White House, 3-year-old polio Court f rom the 5th district and was mO rrow night. " " " Jf · · | l t\£j ijWW JL \sQll.lL*fy **W fc*«V» » · f. ff .f^f i --- --- -- f - *r f T t V/^»*» *· *· -»·»·· -- -- ---- ---victim Terry Tullos, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Tullos of Laurel L re-elected- in 1927, 1936-and again «im y " of s r c as City, Rector township, several wherever possible and that house- sweei. y, 1 str icken with polio before he had learned to walk, y, Q£ Di p t White of Supervisors. (NEA'Telephoto) aids read an torney of Illinois which a d . rS ^^^^^i l frn^°t\iriio^p U fee and Gas division, that the petrol- setting the license fee eum shortage will last two more ness. 1943. years; that there will be spot gasoline shortages for the next two summers; and that it will be four ' ' there is an- rgran Finally, the doctor said Joe was! well enough to' get up and on his feet-- but - by then, he had no interest in getting up. Members of the local Lions club assumed the role of Santa Claus when the Christmas season came around, and brought the little boy a toy truck. Joe was disappointed. tricycle," he ad- disappearance from the records of g£ TM ^ production , the 1943 liquor license resolution.. ^ ajso said there is « grave John L Le wis gave a hint today ·nruh^ronr Vocnlfitinn '--~,.,a,,,,,o;«r," TMhotihor th*r*» will that his 1948 wage demands for cfrin. victim Terry TUUOS, son ui iui. mu iwiji. vx'Q^...».v. -- -.- -- -_ · iG-t»t»....-- *" -- -, --·-- Forecasters' said the mass siriP: ,.,_ ^ u.-.. ^ ^^,,n^ president Truman and says xoure i n .i945. ' cold air would push southeastward He. served as chief justice for to tn e Atlantic coast during the the. years"'1921, 1927, 1932, .1936. wee k-end, but that it probably would moderate by that time. Cold wave warnings were issued for tonight in Iowa and Nebraska, for tomorrow in Illinois, Indi, Ohio and Michigan. Meanwhile, cold weather had spread all the way from the Rocky mountains to the Atlantic seaboard and from northern-New England to Florida. , Mayor Don Hodgon of International Falls, Minn., reportedjhat fuel-off-tanks* in the city ,were empty-and that'880 families lacked, sufficient,fuel to heat then- homes · UMW Journal Question Wife, Hints of New Wage 'Other Woman' WASHINGTON, Jan. 15-- «IP-- Withdraw Resolution I wanted mitted. The doctor and the boy's mother, Mrs. Cecil Admave. looked at each other in surprise, and decided that m?ght be the medicine that they needed Joe back to complete to bring recovery. aoprehension" whether there will that his 1948 wage L«T* ******v*»»·«*»·-- c*ULJl cliCIlolvll »r*iv*·***··*. v***-*^* ·· «-· ·«.»-» ...^ -- _ i, g3 ,. A motion by John Carner be enoug h gasoline for harvesting his coal miners may be many and (D., Eldorado) to instruct the li- crops nex t yea r. substantial. quor commissioner to collect the As £ or fue i Q^ he said, "nesct The United Mine Workers' Jour- 53,000 fee set for liquor sales in w } n t er will be nearly as bad as this n al which reflects the views of the the 1943 resolution until a new and ^ wm t er after that not much UMW president, mentioned "wage, resolution was passed was with- be tter." housing, medical, hospitalization drawn after Waldo Jones (D., Rec- Krug's appeal was read by Ball and other considerations" in its tor) said if Garner's motion were at a mee ting of 150 officials from leading editorial dealing with the passed "it will throw the tavern 32 s t a fes, including 26 emergen- near record 1947 soft coal pro- wide open--let's leave it as it is cv f ue i*oil consumption coordina- j duction. until we can make up our minds tors K^g ca ii e d the meeting! The journal said that soft coal until we can mae up t r s x^g c a e e m e e n g Tne journal said that sot coa as the people of my township don t to d j scuss ways of reducing pe- opera tors already had started a n tavern." ion. " " ub- want an open tavern. troleum consumption. campaign "to prejudice" the pub- are con- ij c against wage considerations We should ha\e had a brief pause noted here because Timo theus has been doing a little research since we examined the book covers 1 delved into the msides and came out with the following In Saline county there arc more persons whose name starts with "S" than am other letter. B cpmes next There is only one *Jisted and that is C. F. Xanders w 505 East Locust street, Har- nsbnrg Guess what name is listed the cost? You re correct-- Smith. The (Continued on Page Four) 311 Ir t»l» v*j*^,m« --»- - -- ^ i t _ " * VJlW V t * * » ^^.^··J^V^***^ »«»»»·· Ronalds opened the meeting t h i s , - "Unless gas and oil ^ ,,,,,,_ ..0 _ morning by reviewing the action serve( j in every possible way, tnc union might ask in 1948 nego- of the board on liquor control Krug said « tb i s winter may see tiations 1937 and reading the opinion nomes unheated and industrial The publication said that "the Survivors include his wife, Jes..2*, and three daughters, .Mrs. Claudia'Cassell, Glencoe,-111., and Miss Inez Stone,- Peoria;- and Miss Mabel Stone»of California. ' - - · I Death Takes Mrs. Henry Howell, 71; ROCKFORD, 111., Jan. 15--UJ?) The state was expected to con elude " ·-. f , ·· suincient auei 10 neat uieu uuuira aLC W*, CAF -- .. *MrX,Mary~Howeli; 71, wife of for the next two -weeks. He^ tpstimnnv todav on charg- Henrv Howell-Of *-321 East South 204 families would be out of fuel w^ttaf cSSTffinS? 27? chubby £H*dted at 1:30'p, m. yester- today and another 257 by Saturday faVmromeo shot and killed .his day in Lightner^ hospital from Several other midwestern cities sweetheart's husband when she uremic poisoning. Mrs/ Howell reported similar situations. , abandoned her plans for a divorce, had been seriously ill since Octo- 9 Killed in Tram-WrecJc State's Attorney Max Westor her. questioned Marsh's wife, Audrey, and the "other woman," Mrs. Katn- erine Anderson, yesterday. Oil was needed badly also by the services will be held at Florida fruit growers who said Srttet church of which they did not have enough to fuei she was a member on Fridly at the smudge pots they were using she was a memDer,^n *r y desperate fight to save their p m Mrs. Anderson, mother of three became angry rushed to by where Anderson home near- husband, near Que., Can. funeral home, will The Canadian ? at said difficulties «v.« ~--.- -- - - - - , t, m ,rtV.f i binwv: AJJ»« aiiu iv.«-... 0 -·-- - « - - - - jtuiiica uiuicaktw «i»«i* A»*««^V..-- 1H6 UUOlltatlUll aaiu iiiav v««»- jj ..i.v.»v --~ ----- . . . /-·..«,,, remain mere* Until i:OU riiuav at sa»u u""v.^..-v.~ . , The Lions went out and °ougnt he had received by leUe r from plants shut down for i ac k of fuel 00 p e rators have a right to present; Vernon, 28. and her father Gw^iJS 1 ^ it wfll be moved to low zero temperatures had forced a shiny new red and whitestn- Attorney . G eneral. George F. Bar- oil or gas . ft K to the pubhc » but luh rlein, 52. 'the church where it will lie'in a train to stop on the mawi line, cycle and sent it to the Admave "The shortage may be felt next charged t hev now are giving false Marsh will be tried later for i ^ c n u r e u ^«i«rt mtn home. . The state's attorney pointed out summe r and can result in a sharp pictures of "the conditions of mine at in 1937 the board passed a cur tailment in farm production be- town life." Joe lOOKeo. ai inai 0 «t nut mat in JL*»O« ««; U vfu*v» r --~--- _ -- tuiummeni. "» iann j/iwui»vi.i«" k/w town me." decided it was time to gei " u /-i reso i ut ion placing liquor sales m cause ot tne shortage of gasoline ( «-xhe purpose behind radio and *xi KAH Tnnnv nC W3S Ollt «iui j ^t J » J . J .:r;*«^*!rtw^r' Knf f nut" H3f*iC- «..«J M 3 * A «vtA*.nf *·* ^«^«*»»»* W**»/*t^5Ti_ « . *· _- . . _.·.!*««*» !*· »i*\f 4-n that in 1937 si si tooperale £arm Concert at Junior High Sunday ,~ ' or the piano concert . orld renowned -*ho will appear in the of ihe Junior high on ,Sunda. Jan. 18 at 3 p. - ** Purchased froni the nvor *- lh c Bo'na Tide tlub Admission i:may P. W. --' %csl Lincoln slrect ' * oc on sale at the door c t, al ' crnoan of ttc recital. Harrjsor. will feature works v BachBusonI, LiszU UchtrGanz, and Schu « h i N artit has studied ?cln and Busoni, and sci - reived her early l \ thl ««go. Nw York n Vforc SO'ng to Europe l«i i V* ,v ^^^^rcd vnth the' Ber?P lll »nnonjc orchestra. She guest artist for the Th,lh a rmonic, and has rt \. in thc Principal c Unilcd stalcs and Lana Turner Pouts When Studio Cuts Off Salary HOLLYWOOD, Jan 15-OIE)_Lana Turner pouted today, that she 1 was "very hurt over the arbitrary attitude of her' studio for cutting off her $5,000 a week salary because she wouldn t take a part beneath her stature. Neither the blonde beauty nor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios would admit the current rumor that her suspension was involved wilh her cross-coun- trv romances with two mar- arated. He added that in 1943 I this resolution was amended by resolution, placing thc license fee for sale of beer at $2,500 and for -- " other alcoholic not to but to L943 Krug said the present oil short- prejudice the office holders, pro- bv age is "world wide" and "may last | fessional men and the people at t ce two or three years." laree aeainst anv and all wage, Motion Not Enough "On Nov. 20, 1947, a motion was passed setting the package liquor store license at $600 and the question came up as to the legality of the motion." he continued. An Funeral Services Friday 1:30 p. m. For Grant Medlin . application was made to the won- j ^*. der 5h° «t J «S for ^an S Medlin. 3£. of Chic aked me for an opm , Grant . City and ion. Kovember vised him not to issue it." Following the license by ·chairman and -^ missioner, Ronalds on Dec. MINES v 1 ?' Washer work. J "*' works. B,rd g works SP4PFR1 Miss Turner went i»iv»« w * *y*-«'-- 4«»»o«' ·· ·*· r*_ u 1 off thc payroll for the first time in 10 years because she changed her mind and "fused to play Lady De Winter in "The Three Musketeers It said her decision would cost them $450,000. ' "For over a year Ive been high-pressured to say yes to the script, which was a small part," Miss Turner said, pointing out she had just finished three big P arts - V£ never before had any trouble and have always tried to be ^M^rtedly hadl l*en ne?s "escapades with Tyrone Power and millionaire Henry J, Topping. In thc .latter. Top- pine sent oul invitations for a $25,000 party in her honor and supposedly to »«"««"« their engagement But the party was called off. Some of Miss Turners friends thought she turned down thc picture so she could be free to honeymoon with Topping if they marry, it his current wife, Arlme Judge, accepts a property sc" lc .m««· divorce will be granted March 26. (Continued on Page . . . Chicago. ' Harrisburg resident who was killed near Chicago last Monday aftcr- 'r.oon, will be held at 1:30 p. m. !on Friday instead of at 2 p. m. as previously announced. Rev. R. W. Wallis will conduct thc scr- ivicc in thc chapel of the Gaskins 'funeral home and burial will be ;in Sunset Hi\l. Furferal services iwere held in Chicago yesterday. i Mr. Medlin's widow, his mother. (Mrs. Laura E. Medlin of Mattoon. land his brother. Dr. M. Dec Mcd- i large against any and all wage, housing, medical, hospitalization and other considerations the United Mine Workers might ask in 1948 wage negotiations," the journal said. The current agreement runs until June 30. It permits cither party to open it on 30 days notice any time before that date. There is no indication that thc union will seek negotiations earlier than killing Muhrlein. OQe hour prior funeral. Mrs. Anderson, wearing an at( In addition to her tractive light blue suit and black Mrs Howell leaves the following n-as A. following express smashed into husband, *The town (A Fort FairfteH "- hat, refused to look at her former lover dunng her testimony. Changed Mind About Leaving She kept her eyes closed tightly as she told the court that she mei Marsh in March, 1947, shortly after he moved into the house next dooi to hers. . childrem-Clarence Howell of Har- ^treme cold . risburg; Mrs. Ann Montague of $150.000 fire demolished the SdleviUe;- Mrs. Edna Hurley of -lant of the Maine j Public Service Lakeworth, Fla.; and Mrs. Harriet Co. Fort Fairfield has a popula- Land of ' Harrisburg. A -sister, tion of 5,aOO. Mrs. Anna Conley of Akron, 0., Florida Schools Close " . also survives as do seven grand" IUI IU IIVI^- ^l.*U_*«, She said she first became in- children, timate with Marsh when she went outdoors in her nightgown and robe to investigate a noise. Marsh, i s , w a o 1. Local Sorority Campaigns Against Whooping Cough At the last meeting of thc Delta Thcta Tau Sorority it was voted - . unanimously to sponsor the cam- Ilin of Lexington, Ky.. arrived last pa ig n against whooping couch for ; night and arc at thc home » the infants of Harrisburg. \Vhoop- ,,-4Sn«T also was investigating saw her and the the The cold wave shoved tempera- childrVn-'ahM three great-grand- tures do*n to 25 at JacksonviUe and into the thirties m the .Miami area It struck just as the fruit ?rop hit the peak of ripeness. Many Florida d«es : including Pata · Bead! and Miami, dismissed schools because of lack of central heating I yi^*\;« oc*»· *4v»* »··--- ^ -- , her porch, she said. Her husoand uas working nights and was not at home at thc time, she said.* After that she saw him almost ex en- day, she said. Finally she took" a trip to her father's nome m Michigan "to get away for a uhilc." -Why?" Wcston asked. "Because ot the situation that had come about," Mrs. Anderson said. "1 had lallen in love wi" 1 Uicnn Marsh." , Mrs. Anderson said she changed her mind about leaving Anderson alter he told her he would not let her have thc children. Rites Saturday for Prt. Glen D. Moore Because of illness in thc fam-'Mr. 'and Mrs. Victor Mitchell of|| n 'g "i^gh "has cost the lives of ilv the funeral of Pvt Glen D. |this city. . t w\ local infants in thc last fc v j first Kinq tOOl - * _*· «--i:_«. _ n ,,Tiiiyc \varl T ·MOT- rif»1ail«: of Mr. MeulinSi .«...»».,. :« ..~,«. Tusintrr1 mil lodav 1 "* » Honeymooning With Bride, 75 BENTOX 111., dead one "of Saline county's war j Later details of Mr Medlm sj ^^^ u xras pointed out today whose bodv has been re- doalh as reported by his tamiiv . M Q j catlin, city school "·*vw^ .__ _ . , 4 i - *, j ^1 A t*. «·«.«· *wvf*«T^^m^ * * * turned home for 'final- interment 1 revealed that he was reluming tasbeen postponed lo Saturday at from his work as a welder on a 2 n m At that time services will j bridge near Hammond. Ind., when ho conducted bv thc Rev. Carl thc motor scooter on which he be cor,du«ed ic . ^ u«rid«ngsWddgIon an icy pave. U.C A^can Pvt Moore was a member of PMW local union. No. 165. Marion Miner Dies of Injuries BENTON, 111-, Jan- 15 T,, l ; r ;!7 Leo Edgar Blades. 57-year-old Marion miner, died last m g W r f ! " : suffered while at y"I\J«J :n where he was r.ounccd dead a half hour later An earlier announcement slating that he was killed by a hit-and-run driver is erroneous. jn ! 1908, moving with his Harrisburg at an early age. a the Bl'ic H.H strip owned by lhc Crystal B ocV_ Coal Co five miles cast of Manon ^ ffered chest was graduated from thc Harrisburg Township and Jijcni 1 remained here until aboul cighl'doclor nurse. Physicians generally recommend that Ihe immunization of small children begin at thc age of six months and the plan as outlined by lhc local school nurse and sponsored by Ihe sorority will insure protection for all local infants. Lcllcrs lo parents of infants will reach Ihe home at lhc time baby becomes six monlhs old, remind( ing Ihcm of immunization. Each will contain a gift certificate lhc Delta Thcta Tau Soronly that" will start lhc infanl on Ihe road lo immunization and safely it is presented to thc family Sentenced to (hair for Death of Johnston City Man CROWN POINT, Ind., Jan. 15.-- of Ihe acute fuel oil shortage. A officiL from 22 states mctlodav with federal authorities £ Washington to attempt to work out a solution to the problem of - °ettin" supplies to points where 1 thev Ire needed most as quickly (G.E)--Thomas Kallis, 57. East Chi cago. Ind.", was sentenced to death thcj yesterday for the slaying of a former B-29 bombardier. «wi« ·*--, ,,,,.. _ a ««; Circuil Judge William J. Murray' bv ^ e co ij reported man cases sentenced Kallis lo death in lhe, o j frorea noses, feel and finge^ elcclric chair al Ihe Michigan Cily,! In Indianapolis, Irollej unes Ind., penitentiary on May 14 forj appcd j a some ^ Uo ^' Sftf the murder of-George Stocks, 23. j up scr vice for two hoars yesteraa. Johnston City. 111. ' j But ia Chicaj Kallis had been convicted by a a strcc t ear in X£A*I A W * * » * · · - * · * . -- - - _.!-, T2ie first Old King Coal to rule over lhc annual coal miners cav tlcade at West "ankiort. «as honeymooning today with his neu bride, thc 75-year-old former Mrs. jury of 12 men. who recommended the death penally. Testimony at the Inal snoweo thai Kallis "rncl Slocks in a tavern and invited him lo his hotel room. When Stocfcs resisted Kallis improper proposals, Kallis stabbed 15_U!-- !him to dealh. 50 passengers suddenly e n v e r a n d s t e p p o f f t h c p m f o n n . Thorp. M. remained here vears ago. His occupalion as a welder took him lo California, Indiana, Ulan, and Chicago dunng lhal lime, . . He was formerly a earner bo and al " Through Ihis program, it is hoped that lives and much suffcnng will be saved. AH children who become six months old in law, beginning wilh January, will re- S8 for Ihe Daily Rcgisler ana ai oni-i^"' time served on Ihe local fire de-jvua., [partmenl during his residence here. ciuo. who at 79 judged "the" oldest working miner m southern tnc first King Coal festival in 1941, was nirficd Monday in the ottjejrt thc county Judge here, ic who recently celebrated his birthday, retired three years aga Ut iravclcd 2,600 miles from nis home in the stale of Washington last fall lo ride in Ihe King Coal pa it d was the second mamage for both. Towers' firsl wTfe, to whom he was married more lhan 6O years, died several years ago. Itl w w\-«*v*"- , , ... * His body was found in Kaws hotel room in East Chicago. Stocks had come to East Chicago to work and find a home to raise his family. He had served on 13 missions over Germany during the car sti : -^'"» « ia »s£rr«i» before a sub- tulc arrived from thc barns. The Weather war and had been awarded bronze medal. lhc Josephus Daniels, World War One Sec'y of Nary, Dies RALEIGH, N, C, Jan 15--Josephus Daniels, editor of the Raleigh News and Observer, World War I Secretary of thc Navy and laler "good neighbor" ambassador to Mexiico/died at his home to- 9 p. in. Southern Illinois: Cold tures falltg t" zero'to five^above Friday night Snow flurncs^and strong northwesterly ing with diminishing Low lonight 12 lo 18; high Fnday 18 lo 22. day. He was 85. I 12 Local Temperature Wednesday Tbarsday 18 1 18 15 14 3 p. m. 6 p m . mid. 3 a. m. , 6 a. m. 9 a. m. 12 noon 17 21 25 36 Il HYji m |3 11 T « il I Li! *' '·! i'V t U '! l T* I i:i- T V f It! *H '.**4' Jv * SP4PFR1

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