Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 21, 1962 · Page 5
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 5

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Page 5
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FBI Joins Search For Young Girls By LARRY OSIUS ALEXANDRIA. Va. (AP)-City police and FBI agents switched from massive search to concentrated investigation today as they ... . . „ — sought two 7-year-old girls as- ad J°'ning apartmint houses Sun to be "either captive or dead." Hundreds of policemen, firemen, area residents, Marines and soldiers criss-crossed the Brookville residential area of this suburb of Washington, D.C., Monday, looking for Rita Ohlgren and Maria Theresa Morley. They found neither children nor clues. The FBI joined the case late Monday. 24 hours after the girls were reported missing. They were last seen playing in front of their! tried twice to protest stoning their military buses by West Berliners Soviet Protest On Stoning; Ignored by U,S. BERLIN fAP) — Th* Russians Maj. Russell A. Hawes, Alexandria chief of police, said Monday night, "We must assume for the purpose of starting an investigation that the girls were probably induced to get into an automobile by a sex maniac and that they are either captive or dead — we might as well face that unless a very unusual set of circumstances is involved." The search began Sunday night after William Morley. father of one of the girls, notified police they were missing. Searchers canvassed all homes in the area and combed a nearby woods and creek section. A hundred Marines from Henderson Barracks and 325 soldiers from Ft. Myer, Va., joined the search- BERNARD A. LEHMANN . . . director of CYO New Director Of CYO Group Is Named Here The Catholic Youth Organization of Lake Charles has announced today that Bernard A. Lehmann has been named director to head services ot the center on Kirby street. Lehmann was born in Chicago and was a resident of Brentwood, Missouri, prior to his coming to Lake Charles. He obtained a bachelor degree in recreation from Indiana u n i- vcrsity and a master degree in directing community recreation from New York university. His past experience in youth work includes direction of community youth centers which were started with volunteers and labor such as Die Lake Charles center; Warwick Union school district, Lititz Springs, Pa. and Newport Beach park, Newport Beach, Calif. Free Parking Proposal Is Voted Down There will be no change m parking meter payments in Lake Charles, for the present at least. That was the decision reached by the Luke Charles City Council . , . .,,.„. at its Monday meeting. Council- and were brushed off by Maj.j mari Isreal LaFleur had in{ro . duced an ordinance providing for tegistrofion Set n City Schools Far New Students Children who plan to enter white elementary schools in the j*lte Charles city system for the irst trm* this year have been asked to register starting Wednesday. Registration is planned daily Gen. Albert Watson II, the U.S. commandant in Berlin, a spokesman for the U.S. mission said today. He said the Soviet deputy commandant, Col. C. V. Tarasov, called on the mission headquarters Sunday and Monday night to protest the stonings by West Berliners angered by the fatal wounding of an East German refugee by East Berlin border guards. "On his second call, the Soviet officer was told that Gen. Watson was not available to meet him," the spokesman said. Soviet buses, taking replacements to guard the Soviet war . „ - ... . memorial in West Berlin, have *» -JXTWSS ^ MM •*"*•*"« pit was checked five times. A small bloodstained piece of cardboard was found on a parkway, but Lt. L. C. Saunders of the Alexandria police said it apparently had no connection with the case. Detective Sgt. Marshall Reid said known sex deviates in northern Virginia, Washington and southern Maryland will be questioned, "now that we are operating on the assumption they were abducted." The number might reach the thousands, he said, adding "no case is more important than two! missing girls." youths {our tirtie8ince Aug. 13, the day of the first anniversary of the Red wall dividing Berlin. Watson today received West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt. They were understood to have discussed the demonstrations on the wall by West Berliners which have grown more violent every day. West Berlin informant hinted free parking on Thursdays a n c Fridays, but the ordinance was defeated. When the ordinance came up for discussion. LaFleur presentee a petition with 29 signatures fa voting his proposal. Eight of the 29 signers were downtown busi nessmen. LaFleur said many of the city'*, parking meters were not bringing in enough revenue to justify their existence. He proposed some me ters be transferred to Enterprise boulevard and Railroad avenue. Some council members said La Fleur's petition was not a suf ficient sampling and requested that Mayor Alfred Roberts con duct a survey of all downtown businessmen to get their opinion on parking meter policies. When LaFleur realized his ordi | nance did not really provide fo what he said he wanted, he vot ed with other members to ki his ordinance. He plans to introduce anothe ordinance which will transfer low revenue meters from downtown t Enterprise boulevard from Broa ,.. t>_-i- j ° ailroa avenue Hodges street. ». . ° n Ra ' t Negro School Registration Set in City Registration dates for Negro students attending Lake Charles city schools have been announced by the city school board. Negro elementary school children who have moved into the city, those who will enter for the first time this year and those who have not prc-registered have been asked to register from 9 to 12 a.m. August 27-29. The two Negro elementary schools in the city s y s t e m are First Ward at 1408 Jackson that Watson is angry about thej frequent stoning of the Soviet bus and apparent police inability to protect it against youthful rioters. vey was planned to determin These sources said Watson is I whether or not free parking Meanwhile the downtown su demanding that the West Berlin administration take all necessary precautionary measures to prevent the rock hurling. The slonings have occurred in the U.S. sector of Berlin for which Watson, as top representative of the occupying power, has ultimate jurisdiction. Anti-Poll Tax Vote Set by House Chiefs WASHINGTON (AP) - The House leadership will try next Monday for a vote on a proposed amendment to the Constitution Lehman has set up a tempera- August 28, 8:30 a.m., seniors; ry office at the Youth center 3 to j 10:30 a.m., juniors; August 29, 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. |8:30 a.m., sophomores; 10 a.m., "It is my hope that we can! freshmen. give the responsibility of the pro-! —— gram to the teenagers themselves Thiri4 as they show they are ready to ' mrg -ccjpMhat responsibility," Leh.;Off enSe The Youlh center is Hearing completion and the opening date will be announced in the near future. A membership drive has be- 4- 11 OL TTCllll UU 14UO U 3 C K SO n •-•*••-•- »w v»»^, -wviiMVIbUVAUil street and Second Ward at 1816 (P r ° n 'biting the poll tax as a re- Mill street. Registration will take' c l u ' rement f° r voting in federal place at the two schools. elections. Negro high school students will s P eaker John W. McCormack. register at W. 0. B o s t o n high iD " Mass>> said Monday the pro- school August 28 and 29. Registra- P ose ^ amendment will be called " " - up under a procedure requiring a Uon times are as follows: In Court Fine favorable vote of two-thirds of the House members present. The bill has been lodged in the House Rules Committee since the Senate passed it March 27. Five states now impose taxes on registered voters. They are Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Missis frorti » 16 12 and will <afr|TUB., AUGUST 21, NH, tdl* Citato AflNffett fan tinue through AWgUSt 28. PritICi- J J^""^ "" " ' "\ ^a».T..iir—.-v'r-"-r^r-.,-r-, „,. pals will be in their schools to as- Whit* tteTHentary sclwols fn the | _ COUftCJl Exemp | jf iefltiOT city system are First Ward, 1408 St. Henry's Knights of Cotatft- Opelousas street; Second Ward,' bus council will sponsor first de- SOO Moss street; Central School, I gree exemplification tomorrow at 809 Kirby street; Fourth Ward, j 8 p.m. in the chttrch hall. Other TV Up in Germany West Germany is increasing it* tetevfttoft seta, in 19(80 nearly two mflHon seta werf mafttrfactored, as against * ' ' * •A1UB««UU%>VMA V>Uf CI0 OKOlliai 1 4 WUV. 430 South Ryan street: and Hamil-j area councils have been invited j 000 in I960, and radios produced ton school, 1416 Eighth street, to* participate. rose from three million to 3,400,« be allowed on some days. Nocturnal Painters Go to Green The color for today is green. The same vandal or vandals who sprayed red and silver paint on a house, two cars, a truck and light pole Sunday night or Monday morning apparently struck again last night. A 1962 car owned by Ed Taussig Lincoln Mercury was champagne colored Monday night and Tuesday morning was champagne colored with green stripes. City police are investigating the vandalism. Bomb Fired Near Franco Residence SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain <AP)Officials said a small plastic bomb exploded Sunday near Ayete Palace, summer residence of General Francisco Franco. The blast damaged only the windows of a nearby villa. Officials said police found an unex- gun in each of the six participating parishes. Meetings are being scheduled this week and next in each parish for prospective members. Each Parish bulletin will publish time and place of its meeting. A Lake Charles man was fined $75 in city traffic court Monday for driving with an improper muf- f^llllU I t^ltlUl4141Cl) rH CVGIllOaO) IY1I<331O •*»••*•*/ u%»»» fv*»*<w »wv*««v* M«J «••*,** sippi and Texas. If passed by ploded bomb in the same area. Congress the amendment would i ~ ~ have to be ratified by 38 of the' 50 states to become effective. FORTY DOLLARS AND THIRTY FOUR CENTS MONTH This is America's lowest-priced car • —bar none. It's the Rambler American Deluxe 2-Doo? Sedan with full family room. And you get just as big a value for your money in all the other Ramblers—American, Classic 6 or 250 HP Ambassador V-8. They're yours at buy-of-the-year prices right now —during our "Savingest Days" Sale. See your Rambler dealer today! NOTE: Monthly payments based on mfr's. suggested retail price, 1 A down payment, 36-month contract, normal carrying charges, federal taxes paid. Does not include optional equipment, transportation, insurance, state and local taxes, if any. MONTH American Motors-Dedicated to Excellence RAMBLER The Savingest Days of the Year Are Here - See Your Rambler Dealer WOOLMAN & ALLEN 721 Enterprise Boulevard Firm in Vinton Files Articles Of Incorporation VINTON (Spl.) - Articles incorporating the Aggie Supply Co., Inc., were filed today in the office of the clerk of court, Calcasieu parish. The Aggie Supply. Co., Inc., P.O. fler. It was Andrew Carrier's third charge on an improper muffler. Carrier, 25, of 617 First avenue was fined $50 on the improper muffler charge and $25 for not »uv 05511: oupjJljr. \M,, UK., r.U. Box 856, Vinton, has a paid iniNnvnl capital of $1,000 with 1,000 shares ^ MTUI appearing in court August 13. Ruth McCain Weems, 29, „. Gadsden, Ala., was fined $100 and sentenced to five days for drunken driving. The jail sentence was suspended. In addition to the above violations, there were 42 violations of stop signs, seven speeding violations, four for reckless driving, four for drunken driving and 50 others bringing the total to 107. Three Men Join Prayers Before Football Games Are Opposed at $10 each. The Lake Charles Naval Re- TU !• -ii j , . Jllc ""M! manes iNaval Re- Ihe corporalmn will deal m scrve unit is stronger by three enfira sunn PS nf mnotiin^..., ,, . . vlu "6 cl "jr iiuee general supplies of machinery, equipment, etc., particularly oilfield machinery and supplies. A stockholders meeting will be held on the second Monday of each August beginning in 1963. Directors of the corporation are: W, L. Tidwell, A. F. Tidwell, and P. J. Preslwood, all of Box 856, Vinton. Bids on Bridge Spans Sought Bids will be received in Baton Rouge August 29 for three p r e- cast concrete slab bridge spans to be placed on Old Highway 90 (now Louisiana Highway 379) between Sulphur and West Lake. The bids on the bridge spans will be among ll construction! projects for the improvement of| 62.6 miles of stale highways to be opened by the slate highway department. men this week. The three seamen recruits are Thomas H. Boudreaux, Henry M. Batiste, and Gary Joseph Doucet. Two other men from the local unit, have received orders to active duty. Both men will report to Houston for physicals and swearing in, then to Charleston Naval Receiving Station where they will a wait duty assignments to the ROCKDALE. Tex. (AP) - The ministers of Rockdale have gone °[ j on record as being opposed to mass prayers at the beginning of! high school football games. The Rev. Frank Buechley, pastor of the First Christian church and president of the Rockdale Ministerial Association, said Monday the association had voted to discontinue participation in pre- game prayers. "It wasn't a conductive atmosphere for that type of thing," he said. "There is a time to pray and a time to play." The Rockdale School Board, however, decided to continue the prayers, a three-year-old practice with the charge. Student Council in fleet. Before being assigned they will be tested and interviewed for the type of work they wish to do. Thomas St. Dizier, seaman recruit, is to report to Houston on August 22. Victor J. Boutte, seaman apprentice, is scheduled for October 3. Pakistan Asked For Police Force UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) —The United Nations has asked Pakistan to furnish about 1,000 men to police West New Guinea until the area is turned over to Indonesia. Acting Secretary-General U Thant sent the request to the Pakistani delegation Monday and a U.N. spokesman said a favorable reply is expected soon. ONE WEEK ONLY! LOWEST PRICED FRIGIDAIRE "Frost Proof REFRIQERTOR Cambodia Reports Census Figures PHNOM PENH. Camlwdia (AP) —Latest government census figures released Monday show there art &m Bioi-e men, U«na woaaen in Cambodia in a tglal population «f r NEED MONEY? t FOR BACK TO SCHOOL • VACATION t MEDICAL t REFINANCE CAR NOTES P«Y «U V«Mr NU* $«« Mr. P(«l LOAN." »1W " f Mr. PORT FINANCE COMPANY 1106 RYAN HE i-727t ah. Model i ummmmmmmmi WITH TRADE Never, NO NEVER needs defrosting. Exclusive Frigidaire Frost.Proof system stops freezer frost before it can form' Huge Freezer stores 100 Lbs.—separate insulated door. Store nearly :; i bushel of fruits and vegetables in twin Porcelain Enamel Hydrators. Storage door with compartmented egg shelf, butter compartment, extra-deep door shell. 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