The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 9
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HB DULY HXWB. rUDBUOK. MD, KORDAT. OTCBMBEE 21, 1ML #»- BY KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN »93«, by ubleday, Doran and Co*. uuci-v iii:nt; TODAY j tXltlf ud MAAY- j Ki:\«lfK live wltk { tfeelr sraiidt:ir-nt». rnr* wealthy. - Motv *o »m;Mj»rrt*!i«I that Aause'v and t --ll»'« ramiE^K xaitpart thr kooorhald. Tkt- *t*irra hzr* ke«* alare ^biHfcoo*. Tfcc «lw*l y a» "H O S A JL 1 E» "·CHA VO~ and they iiuist OB t»c nit prc(»»c-* of Uwlr form" wratlh. A arc. *S. and Crcllr. » «· ·*·- rvonal «v»rk and Mar7-Fra»c**- 15. '» «:!! la n-bool- «\hn thr fazra 10 P H I L I P ECROl'O. 700»c Crril? brtec* B4KKTC MeKEEU. homr- (o dlnBcr. Ic i» eTi4cat that ·he In fcjlllne la IOTV with hlaa. Jftarj-FVancv* haa a teleBhoao all trvm her frlemd. ERMIATBCDE. who I* excited about the arrival of an aetar Icaowa aa K*m. rj£ ARMOUVP. The two *trfa auke ·Ian to meet htm. Phil eonmea to ··» A BBC. He la late and rather Irritable. W hea he lea Tea he Kr^leeCA to lcl«Ji Aaae. ent aCfernooa SlarT-Fraseea and Kmaiairnde c» dovra towa. hoziiac co meet De Arasoaal. · XOW CO OX WITe THK STOKT CHAPTER IS "WpiiMLNTRUDE, plumper and less -*1 favored witb positive prettlness than was Mary-Frances, and hence! her satellite, received the accusa- t'on at least indifferently. Since nine o'clock the previous evening, omitting only the few grudged hours given to sleep towards dawn, and the stupid Interval spent In the high-school classrooms, Mary- Frnces had talked unceasingly ot her approaching romance. That she herself was slightly bored with the Affair Ermlntrnde would not have Admitted. That she was fearful of proceeding further Into It Ermln-i trude had been admitting repeat-. edly and more and more urgently: for IS hoars. "Yes." said Mary-Frances, "that Is the trouble with you. Ermin- trude." _ " is?" asked Ennlctruda "That you're like my sisters, Ann and Cecily, I told you. They think any old thing like their jobs, or keeping that old house of oars for Grand and Rosalie, or my education, even. Is more Important than lore." "Everybody says," contributed It ttos mean of him not to telephone today. Waiting for a me*- sage--vailing for anything »os hard. Importance of love and everything.! a service station sprouted, shining I don't know v.-hat's got into you today. I guess you just don't care about my I.ft. s happiness being fulfilled nor anvihlng." "I do tcx" *;.·! Crniintrude. "Bet just the surro 1 «!on"t think you teS^- !£?/ Onr BlSterS ^ , on ^ ££·- . , d d fc , ik d plauaod ..- p p " I tor one* In. b«r life. she was goiag I to look decent. Tb« lipstick, which had dene doubts duty lor cheek* aad llpa. had been purloined from Cecily. «* bad the clown-white pow* dtr. ondlmmed by tb» tan and th» pink powder* witb which Cecily ; carefully blended it. There could be no doubt aa to tba altered appearance, of Mary-Frances. ', Ensintrde, looking again at ber , friend as they left the gravel aad ; gained tba sidewalk, declared. "Tou're a perfectly ravishing , beauty. Mary-Frances, darling. And. ] my. but yon look old! Hocest. no fooling, you look almost--luded." · Which was delivered as high hom agt. aad wblcb was so received. The ftrto went on. past Rosy meade'a Development and Realty | Company, down Tanner street, part j Ike Crombley'a New and Second- Band Furniture Company, past the Sans Souci Apartments, past the post showing tbe sign. "Fenvck arena*"*: aad it tbe old street. J»p- ! pled witb snnshlno through Its ' spreading locust trees, attempted ' enticements or Invocations they I were neither seen nor heard. S A rounded corner brought Mary- Frances and Ermintrude to Mrs. Van Slycke's Delicatessen Shop, and automatically they stopped before · Its windows: fascinating salads. 1 goldea with, mayonnaise: bowls ot ; creamy cottage cheese; cakes towering luscious layers ot cocoannt and chocolate: bams, cut to pink's own , perfections: olives oily green, and 1 pungent din pickles, and pies, and i little rolls--all only a glass window · away at four o'clock on a warm ' spring hungry afternoon. i "I'm started." stated Ermln- ! trade. "I'm just naturally starred. Let's hurry right back to our house and get something to eat. We went to your house yesterday." a service station sprouiea. suimns "^T^f- to °- w f to ? b * -ed and white in the suu. Mary-l tne »«*» ° f hun 8 er - bat P ath ·"« Frances clutched Ermintrude's arm.| p " rpo ^* '* 7 ****. , befora . her ; ·*"· "There:- she said. "I'll stop m though she turned from the window there and fix up. They bare a «'«· * heart heavy s, S b she took ladles' rest room. It will be better ; Er TM la *TM d *? artn . a ? (1 "?"! d '!«« than going on down to Palmer's, i sa!1 - OD - T I V O L I Now In BIGGER THAN EVER! BEAD THE STOBT, THEN COLO* THK PICTURE circus a all ovw. so ·»".! find some other place v 50 " The others iurt* agrwd iritb. him. so right they ·went. "Oh. look 1 " cried Sooutv. gazing high. The t'.epha^: began to snort aad cried. iHe liies this sport. · get some pesnuta and then tasi m* up a lev I'll wry gladly eat soose. too But. g«e. don t let th» elephant drop cJj»n. 1". lac! serpluak!" i -\ queer ilccs co:iu:-.g !r«.ii :hc iky " The elep'iint, yoj «?. stood there Just i And. Kire enougn. tae sXd s'-ii do»n. holding c:o-\nv in :he sir. If he drop-J TSe Tunes watched :: lar.d A iery i pei doar. 01 all four feet poor C'.owaj'd J s'ranse **a hopped Jrvan " and \ iaie a T.-JI: » why -.he lad was i shouted. "Don't be scared one b.l l'»e j hoping he so.i".i s:a\ up where h« , merely come to get a den? I am from ' viahes t j be Tnen Scout ran to get j Santa Land ' i the peanuts. · Wait righ: there." he j V T O v^ continued * cried j (Copyright, mi. NBA Se'.i'-ce, Inc ) Seouty came back with, the i · treat ·»?« C.ownv snouted, "Now we ( (The he'.p fix up a Chriii- eat." The elephant was pretty wise 1 mas present in the next story ) He swung his :r-r.!t aroand and grab- . ___ bed some pranuts vert quick The j " ~^ t ^ r ~ ftTftTffftf j ffMf trmr bunch thujjhc ii a c'.e.^r trick. The ' » ; bag that Sco-i'.y had was emptied. Some s » NOW WE HAVE IT-- » fell on ihe ground. ' % WHAT? « "Sa-.e tnose for me! I want mj i » share." cried Clowr.v. still up in the J FT«lonc . air. The trainer cracked his »hip J Alcohol, 1SS proof and made the elephant, sloop low. Wee J oil, 5-taL lots, zero test. . _ S2.49 * JOHN GILBERT RENEE ADOREE KAEL DANE OTBCK HITS "^^^^^ Tn'OLI SIIN'UTE KEW8 -XMAS GKEETtKCS" City Opera House 46c sal. » , . Clowny th«n dropped to tne ground and i % (r on tt ani.iijf.clory. rrtura unused gathered peanuts all around. The ? portion and your money wilt be refund- T_".:es soon round out they d seen the ****'· Com. jHffnlly good girls." "Well," said Mary-Frances, as if! the discussion had been one o f ' '~' J facial characteristics and Ernsin-' trude had remarked that Ann and . " , don - t fcar5 - tv think tbeyll let , on. can t you lyou." Ermintrude objected. ''Wtth- ·5HATS nice, isn t it?" reproved oa * fc car or - Marv Frances Mtterlv. -And! " Tb **' d 3ust b «ter try to stop :as you your own self, over the me -' "zreatenei i was a female Cecily were white, "of course i Phase ! n s-t. that said all about. they're good. Why shouldn't they , sou! ' r ' '»' :o Eou! aad everrtbing." i ,, ; _ . , be pood?" ! "Vi'el!.' ErraiDirutJs s- !ooci!!y ad "Ani way," said Ermiatrude. T i mitttd. --ia:. he I did. But jast the don't think you'd better. Mary-' same, if Mother and Daddy should j find out that I picked up a strange ' man on the street they'd kill me. t They'd just naturally nil me-' that's all." thing, questing for ^er tiny nostrils Frances. I don't, honestly." This tendency on the part of her friend for taking long backward conversational leaps instead o! ad Tancing in order had ever been, for Mary-Frances, a tryia- tendency. At the moment, it was-more exasperating than usual, because Ermin- trade knew, sfnce she had been thoroughl/ informed, - that Mary- Frances's whole life's happiness de- pectJed upon successfully carrying through- this coming venture. "Ermintrude Hill." said Mary- Frances, "sometimes you make me just sick and disgusted." "L?st n:ghC' said Ermintrude, test-rcsing her habits, retrograde, "you said yourself that there wasn't another girl In M. H. S. who you'd talk to lika you did nae about life and living and everything." "Last night." Mary-Frances conceded, "you ·fc-ere all right. Yon understood about ideals, and the "I suppose," said Mary-Francea, spuriously matching Ermintrude's gloom, "that you expect to get a long ways witb your stage career, and receive oTations and everything, without 3. bit of bravery. Not .even a. teeny bit of bravery." attendant at tbe service station, pleasantly named Albert Jolly and as British as "Zed." «a* noticed two girls, whom ho might have described as sweetly comely. approach and cross his graveled corner. H» bad noticed them, and busy with his pumps and his oil cans, he had promptly forgotten them. He was vaguely startled. 15 minutes later, when be saw the two young persons again fn bis graveled "Today, during algebra," said j corner. Ermintrude, "I kind of got to think-' Albert was at an age when all ing about Peter, and I just almost i youth looked much and beautifully decided to give up the stage for [ alike to him. Still, he bad retained a career." 1 an impression that tbe bine little If ' Erm intrude, with this thin i lady was a bit more agreeable to wedge, had hoped to open a discus-! tbe eya than was the stockier brown sion of her own affairs, her hopes! little laoy. He looked again at the were rnavaillng. Rosymeade, by this time, nad been left behind, and j the girls were coming down a small hill covered with the lush, heady greens of Oregon's uncultivated shrubbery. At the foot ol the hill blue little lady, and his eyes opened wide, and his jaw went do-wn a trifle, and murmuring and distinctly troubled he returned to his pumps and oil cans. Mary-Prances had resolved that. Ermintrude's opposition, which, possibly because of the amazing success attending tbe venture tor oeauty. had been constrained since the girls bad left the service station, now gushed forth, surcharged with feeling. "Yes. but. Mary-Frances Fenwlck. 1 don't think you ought to. 1 think you'd lots better give It all up right now and go '_ for a college career." A NN. at her desk U tbe office ot **· the Redfern Plumbing and Heating Company, looked again at the clock on the wall. Twenty live minutes past four, and Phil had not telephoned to her all day ions. Usually, at least, when things.Kent wrong In the evening. Phil telephoned to» her early the nsit day-- aot to make love: Phil did not approve of love-making over tbe telephone--but to reassure her. to let her know that he was not angry, to make an engagement for the evening. It was mean of him not to telephone today. She would have called him giadJy. L'at Phil thought It not anite nice-.for girls to telephone to men. It was mean of him. Getting a number was so easy. Waiting for a message--waiting for anything was hard. (To Be Continued) last act of the show. "Gee. what a wondrous time we've had." said Coppy. "I am more than glad that we all came to BOW-WOT* Land. But, come, lets Iea\e the tent. The J 13 PLATE BATTERIES **-« , « TIHES TO SI-IT YOCB POCKETBOOK \ J SEE IKY AT ' \ THE VALLEY GAKAGE WOODSBORO. MO. The Screen BEBB DANIELS IX THK SFlCTf n \HM.K BROS HIT "HO.NOK OK T11B F \M1LV with--W \RRtS WILLIAMS TOHOBKOW AT On The Stage (ALL WHITE) "AMATEUB NIGHT" J-- CASH FBIZES-- f Police Court Casts. Minor C-K LS are listed for Police Court tonight Michie". McCoskcy. arrested by Officer wntom E Miller on charges of drunkenness and pan- handllnK Saturday night was committed to jaJ in default of $10 collateral. William Kline, charged by Officer Miller with fighting and disorderly conduct, paid $5 collateral and was released- George Wallace. colored, charged with drunkenness on the streets oy Officer Alton Shaff went to jail in default of $5 coliiteral. F. J. Graham, Draper. Va. arrested by State Officer C. R. Neeld lor no registration card in possession, posted $5 collateral for a hearing nett Satardy. C. A. Jones and John R:5eau, both, of East Pittsburgh. Pa. charged with operachi? at a speed greater than reasonable, posted $i eich pending a hearing' They Tere arrested fay Officer Neeld. v..n :.-.£ TM:;I :-e *:=g of clubs,' tirar.s "The Lane to Ballybre." Mary --Miss Elisabeth Gilbert bas accepted 2U1 no more tncis could be woa by Kron. soprano: "One Fleeting Hour," I a position wi;h the staff of nurses la I Sas; ana West. i Ethel McCailough. mezzo-soprano: cfae Joans Hopkins hospital, Baltimore. Mlothers! to reduce your family M CoIds-Tax'»--VMS the Viclc Plan for Better "Control-of-Cold." in your Home. The correct plav ^rouZd he for East "Memories." Matilda Pugsley, contralto; to lead a Etsade -srne^ hs TS--OS tbe clnb · "Vale* in D fiat," Heisley Conm, pi- trick with the ace The declarer would ; amst: "Land of Our Hears," the col- alar the se- en spot Wsst the mie and I^gfe glee club- . --Mrs. Elizabeth Ecker has returned to the home o' her daughter. Mrs. Frank Petry, alter visiting relatives in Baliimore. -;C be forced to trump I --Miss Huthanne Kusbaum returned _ Mlss Beatrice Bixler xho is takin? ' WM. ·£. Secretary American Bridge League $yyf sjic. ^TQCE. TO y?^- tn^ an interesting study in bridge. hree o5 hearts. NOT the j home queer, of c'u;s ^ould be returned froni , ij from the Maryland. University and is .improving mcely. course in training at the Woman's Baltimore, had the misfortune A None ¥7-3-2 *K-10-8-4-3 *Q-J-9-8-4 *A-Q-95 V9-5 NORTH t 5 I S Dealer SOUTH AK-J-64-2 VJ-4 · 9-6 * 10-8-7-3 VA-K-Q-10-8-6 · Q-5 *1O 392 tnres o: sp;d,s. irump-ns in dummy ~::.-i t^e y-'r. of hearts The jaifc of i C.tlOS S"Qj-- i5 CC rCtUTZ3.CO f?*~**T1 C123JZS5" Edward Baoifcard. Baltimore, --Mrs. John W. Ecker Is spending in? an alcohol stove recently. --A pageant and Christmas program will be given by the members of the jl iiarls. Hs then levies js- i hearts, but he IEJSS now lose the ace of diamonds and ITTO spades. This de- :sats the contract one irick. CT; Sas; should return a spade at trick ~ three ini^ad nf a heart because the ' *"- c»ctarer has n^ce no attempt to raff £^" spaces, out is artemptmg to se» up a s.Se suit. -- i ',:·: mnmunity Chrlstaoas prograni i 7-1" r- '-.p;d in the Blue Rld?e College j .·u,_,j v -- --yjday evening at 7 o'clock, j -- i · f""ieniaser3 club m;t Mon- i T"- -.j with an cttendaace of j ".rc° members and one visitor, j Upon enienn- IDS ha", all were pleas- | ar.tly surprised to see a. tea table ar- 1 rayed -nth lighted candles at each ' end and a lovely lighted iree In the , ' center. When all had arrived at the | i was called to order by the i oce-haii tricks and should pass. West idhotCd C53en the bkScLng with, one ^ade; Xo~i passes and in sonic sjs- jfcems 'Essz win jamp to three spaces. STbe writer prefers tbe hid of two %paoes, sto-atsg rese--s strer-s^a diasd. .As South is ^o: - I New Windsor | New Windsor. Dec. 21.--The concert , president Mrs ar.d the carol ' r;rKen:ed br the ceparuneiit of oats- "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" was j I-c of the Blue Ridge college in. the I sung in unison. After this Mrs. G. E. ' auditorium, Monday night was greatly ! Carlisle and Mrs. C D Harman graci- ·enjoved. The program was as follows: ' oasly served tea. cake ana cajidy. At The Sea." Heeler Corur,,^t; "I , tie close of the business period, the .Heard Ton Slnginj." Marv Teeter, so- . rewlv-elected demaastrators for the com' prano: "Love's A Merchant.- Theima ! Kg rear, Mrs. N. J Royer and Mrs. W:ma;e-. soprano; ' Roses of Piiardr." i Norman Myers, gave a pfeasin; dem; Margarei Barnes, soprano; ' I Would ' osstralHsa oa scarfs anfi collars. The '. W«ive a Song For" You," Elizabeth ' club wi3 again decorate a tree cm the . Eyce. soprano: - SUaat Nisfcc! Holy ' Blue R;ds« cor.^e canip-js for the coin- Xighi'" transcribed for p^no by Pro- mun.^ Cnratmas season Members of Rheumatism Neuritis--Lumbago Artberol Tablets wffl banish your pains like magic. Get a bar at The Peoples Service Drag Stores. You Don't Have to Go Shopping for Good Coal-- Just telephone us. like most folks do who have traded with us fo-r STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FKEDEKICK JAMES E. DOLL JF.WELER FOB OVER 50 YEAJBS rears. You'll like our coal, our service and our prices. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 ONE OF OUR Quality USED CARS Will furnish much enjoyment for you and your family Spend a part of your Xmas Check in this way. Frederick Motor Co. USED CAR East B. 0. Ave. DEPARTMENT Phone 1092 ^ .ga^^pgtppoi ' lessor XeTm Ksher: " The Break o' Day "* Louise 3!er;y, soprano; "Dask in the cZab were asked to donate ten j cents or more to buy candy for the j Garden,'' Melia. Messier, rrezzo-so- ! CoHdren's AyJ Christinas stocimgs. awaich Wesi ·wKjd i-ouble. The Play. West has the otx;r;:ns '.safi arid opess a trjiBp. tcs rive o: i carts A scna?. 'jieart is ?:aved fro-- oumzy. 'Ess: p^ys . the jack aad tis declarer Tnns iris tnck e see. li ie cectarer IMT n^kes lie ars- , -take of trying :« ro5 h:s spaces in ijuramy. h^ comract TviIZ be defeated two tricss H^ proper ptay a to s^ag ! 4he tea of c'.urxs VTcs; rr.-O5t re:ose_t-3 , Win the tr^s and pZars tae oeuce. Tbe , ?e2T-f3i is plareo from c-isimr and East -nins the tr::"s v.:n tne aoe. It m^ht look :ike a g-od r"_iT for East to retu-- t.-e four of r.eara; b^t .:" he do^s the dec^rrr ~.~ -ST-JI the tr.:k ~w:th the i-ag a=d tren tesd h^ queen of tHaicoafis. Wests best p.aTM ·sro-u'd be to relose ia ~-r. tie q-ses of a.arr.or.ds the ace, bat t'r.e declarer TTOU:S lose r.o t.n:e .ri oT«rta r.; ir.t'a the k;ag ar2 a_.r.; '^2 a--.en o'. cluos ftom cumr cr. -v..-/! h? ro^.ti 3_=tae Sve of d.aa:cris5i. West GUTOER CLEANERS DYERS SPECIAL PRICES DECEMBER 19th to 26th All Plain Dresses, Coats and Overcoats, Cleaned and Pressed 9°° All Men's Suits, 2 or 3 Piece, Cleaned and Pressed 75c All Men's Suits, Pressed 35c Ladies' Fur Trimmed Coats Sl.OO to S1.25 DYEING All Plain Dresses, Coats, Overcoats and Suits $2.75 ALL OTHER PRICES IX PROPORTION This is one of the largest and oldest plants tn the state. We goaTznlee our work to be far superior to anything yon have ever had In this tine. ALL SMALL REPAJKS FREE. We can for and deliver. C. J. SIMMONS, Agent Phone 709-R 114 West Fifth St. Frederick, Md. Let ITs Make your Clothes Look New for Christmas'. TO-DAY TO-XIGHT «. MARYLAND i I THE NEWS v 5 y I » i I * THE POST OR . . I i ! i*i?«· Fhotoplayi (Evening) 1--Charles (Buddy) J | Rogers in * ^ "Along Came Youth" Frederick County's Home Ne-xspapers V a With Stewart Enrin and '? Frances Dee 1 * Breezing in like a cyclon 'jwrurls headlong into love! J America s "Boy Fnerxi" wita a J ble armful of "It." A Paramount J all-talkiig pictsire. J2-- "TOO MANY I HUSBANDS" , j Aa ajl-talk^ig: coajedy that is one big laugh froai start to finish Sf he g See » V a:. co'Icco: to a friend v. r o ~ ^ a ? a form-T r"= : ''Ieijt o* Fred- c-rlek or to ariT:ne. ! 7 Matinee 2.15. Evenbig 7.15 and 9.09. I £ Admission: Children Cnder 12 Tears--16c Adnlt*--15c ITTCKSDAY ANT FRIDAY--JOAN CRAWFORD in "THIS MODERN AGE." y y 5? y ·* u M V § Z y We send an attractive card fo tbe person who is to receive the psper. fi ** 'is % s I a C v ·f y i ! Useful Gifts That Serve for Years AMERICAN ORIENTAL RUGS HOOKED RUGS VELVET RUGS AXMTNSTER RUGL BRUSSELS RUGS LINOLEUM AND FELT BASE RUGS SMOKER BRIDGE LAMPS SMOKER DAVENPORT LAMPS FLOOR LAMPS TABLE LAMPS RADIO LAMPS NOVELTY LAMPS SUBSCRIPTION RATES Three Months Sl.OO * y i One Year 84.00 f * I I SMOKING SETS AND STANDS HASSOCKS AND PILLOWS A Visit to Our Store Will Convince You That Our Prices Are Very Reasonable THE RUG STO MULLJNIX BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK STREET

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