The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 14
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frAGE FOURTEEN. , THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. J Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1924 WHEAT UP TODAY NEARLY 3 CENTS!' RANGE OF OPTIONS Furntihed By Grain MnrketinQ Co, 810 Rorabauah-WHey BuMdlng Friday's Loss Recouped When | Bullish Weather Reports Come From Abroad. t>i-.... .Miiy. .hii>. May. I July. 'Vi , I 1 >I'C. , Jiny. May. July. IK-.:... May. . July.. O .'i'... Miiy.. July. . 1 1 tar ChlonRn, Nov. lo.—Predictions of j heavy front In ArpMiilna gnve tlio wheal nitirltct lodny a shnri) upturn j July.. In prlco Brain 1 , after thn opcnljiK. Commission house Inlying oxpnntl- Cd, nnd the voliimo of offorinM^ wnnod. Lower nuolitttotiK at. Liverpool and a hpiirish (Tup »\sl(<( fro mtlio Argpullno govornitiuiit w«ro virtually liiiKircil. Tim opening which ranged from 'jo cluuline to Vic ndvancn, with Due. Jl.GP/i to $1.52 anil May $1.58*1 to $1,511, •was followed by a nenorul iil'lurn of nearly 2c and then a reaction. Increased Inlying power df-volop- ert In till! lnat. part or the day. and tho market closed strain;, 2V» tn 2%r. net higher, l.V<\ f.l.r.1'4, and May $l.<ilH to $1.01 li. Pessimistic crop reports led to active demand for corn. Afler openins at Vic to |; KC decline, May $1.17, prices quickly scored material Kaiiix. ' Subsequently government flsuros Indicating that Hie amount of mot. ehantahle corn 'this eea?on is the small™!, in twenty year?, had a Influence. The closo was firm % to Ie net higher, May t\.\$% to fl.lSVi- Oats "Went u[i with corn and wheal, slnrtinR at a simile to 'Sic off. May ."Vic to fiiVsC and then advanced to well above yesterday's finish. Provisions were easier in Hie absence. o[ any ast-Tcssive demand. Kansas City Cash. Kansas city, Nov. If..—WHEAT —lleeeipis 158 cars; 1 lo 2c lower; No. 2 dark hard Jl .-ttfn .47; -No. n dark hard $1.1 Mi 1.55; No. 2 hard $1.4, KU1.JG; No. 2 hard $1.58 fl'l.fifi; No. 2 red $1.4SJfl.Ofi; No. :i red $1.44 '-iifn .i)B. CORN—lfl2c lower; No. 2 white *1.0C: No. 3 white ?1. I.I:|;. J 1.04; No 2 vellow $1.07; No. vellow $1.0'J «gC1.06i.-i: No. 2 mixed 51.04; No. 3 mixed $1.02fi l.o:i. OATS—lc lower; No. 2 -white 52c; No. 3 white 51<fi)51M :C. .„ HUE—$1.2;;. BAULKY—77i7i •TSVic KAKKIR—St.Wft1.65. MILO M AIZK—{l.SUfi 1.S3. Uetatlerl pales in Kansas City cash market todav were as follows: Wheat. No. 2 Dark—1 1.5"; 1 1 .52»,&; 1 1,11» S. * N <i. 1 Hard—1 1.40'.i; 1 1.401a; 1 1.4li; 1 1.44V:..; 1 1.42 R. 2 Hard: 1 at 1.54; 2 at 1.53; 2 ill 1.52; 1 at 1.51; 3 at 1.50; 1 at 1.4H; 1 al I.IS',4: 1 at 1.1S; 1 at 1.47; 4 at 1.4G; 1 at 1.45',i; 2 at 1.14U. Smutty: 1.41 to 1.50. a Hard: 1 at 1.47. 4 Hard: 1 at 1.41; 1 at 1.10. No. 5 Hard —1 1.42; 1 1.41'i, S. No. 1 Mixed—1 1,51. No. 2 Mixed —1 ]."';'. • No. 3 Mixed —1 LIS S.; 1 1.46. Corn. 2 While—1 at 1.03. 3 Yellow—1 at 1 .H4 'i. 2 .Mixed—1 at 1.05. H. C. 3 Mixed—3 at 1.03; 1 at 1.U2V.; 1 at 1.U2. 4 Mixed—1 at 1.P1V4. Oats. • No. 3 White-' at 51'.-; 2 at 51. flye. No 2—1 at 1.23. I.. 'li', j.:a AT CHICAGO. Wheat. Ul HiKh Low 1.511. -1 i.fii :, i i .:.s ; ''i l.W Corn. l.ia -1 ,.1.18 1.1S4 1.17 1.19 1.1T> Oats. .Wi .» •:'\~> •;'!.. Rye. 1 .3* 1. :"."'.i 1.37 1.23'.* 1.25 Ciese.l-— Te>tay V'.st'y 1, 1.31 l.f>2 , !.f.l»; l.fiSH 1 1.11 1.3^i Ll.Tj 1.1SS LIS', 1.171., 1.13 i..'i«% l.nvi, 1. •::.<-, 1 .5514 MARKET GOSSIP The lifenk In the market yesterday Is reported lo have placed the. wheat market in a more hoaltliy position. More Ihnn 2,000,000 bushels of Corn were Bold at from {1.20 lo ,1 little under $1.10 by four of the. largest commission houses.' Victor E. Illume, superintendent of the Postal Telegraph Co., from St. Louis was a visitor at the Board of Trade this morning. Ho was Inspecting the telegraph office which Ills firm has 011 tho local market. AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. —Closed— l.llri 1.43'i '4 l.liO 1 .58% 1 .3054 l.-li'ii HJ'i l.l'.i t.H>» l.l.i'.. l.OTli l.:i:i'i 1.3111 Corn. l.ii-l'i 1. ('••.'•» l.tll'i LOr.h l .flSK I u-.oj'l.lii-i, l.O'J'Js l."»:« 1.10 l.ll «i l-Hlfi 1-11% HUTCHINSON GRAIN .Sales of hard and dark whent one cent lower early. Closing one eenl higher. Fair demand for wheat and for corn, milo and kaf- flr. Receipts' of wheat here today: 40 cars; corn 2; barley 1 and knffir and milo 5 cars. One week HKO today 45 and one year ago 20 care. Hecolpts of wheat at various other terminals: Sallna, 44; Wichita, 68; Kansas City. 156; St. Louis, 105; Omaha, 11.2; Chicago, Traders expect to see further liquidation of long wheat today as many outsiders will be nffecled 1>5" the late action of Ihe market. Some firms who held in during this recent break In tho market will let no In the event of more weakness. Serious declines nre not expected as tho world needs nre so important that buying orders will come in on the setbacks. Seaboard clearances from this country will average close to the 2.000,000 bushel mnrk* for wheat and flour every day. Foreign requirements are large nnd have not been satisfied. 49; Minneapolis, Winnipeg, 1,178. 278; Duluth, 650; dark S dark 3 d.ivk 3 dark 3 dull; U hard hard " hard S hunt 2 hard 2 hard 2 hard 1 tar I ear 1 ear 1 ear 1 ear 1 ear smutty 1 ,:;,r •! hard smutly 1 ear hard 1 car 3 hard 1 ear 3 hard t"a rye 1 cur 3 liaid 1 ear 3 html 1 ear enrn 2 !Blx"d (tr, 1 car corn .. 55.5 13.oS Jl 55 r>s.2 Li.lli l.r.i" 511.8 1S.RS 1.54 r.7 13.511 1.51 r,7.« 13.(10 1.54 r>s.3 Ki.r.t 1.5.', r.y 12.6S 1.53 r.s .i K.;:« 1.51 LIS r,s ij !iis 1.4S 53.1 1L1C 1.17 56 1.50?i r.s.3 11.00 x l.SS'.a ;,7.7 12.44 1.51 lL'.SC 1,60 58 11.32 1.46 13.36 1.44V4 57.5 1.46 .5111 .05 Tho splendid condition of the whent market Is shown by the spread of 31 cents between December wheat at Chicago and March dt Liverpool. This Is reported to bo more than the shipping difference Rnd nil rapid advancos nre regarded as likely to be followed by fair recessions. Exports of f wheat during last month exceeded those of any month since August 21. Estimates prepared by tho V. S. Dept. of Agriculture shaw that exports from the principal ports In October were 4LSO0.00O bushels, as compared with 32,662,000 In September, WALL STREET Winnipeg Market. Nov. wheat: 1.66Vi. Dec. wheat: l.GlTs. May wheat: L05 ; vi. Minneapolis Markets. Dec. wheat: 1.51',-i- May wheat: 1.57. LOCAL MARKETS Heavy hens, 17c; light hens. 14c; sprina .3 10c; Leghorns and blacks, all weights 14c; old roosters 7c: turkeys, N,.. 1 ISc No. 2 Sc; old toms Klc; ducks 10c; geese Sc. EtiUS—Fresh, per doz. 30c. Local Grain. WHEAT— flimited biWm. Kell> Mill) wheat $1.30. : SHORTS—$1.00. BRAN—$1.23. * Swift & Co. BUTTER FAT—No J, 32c; No. 2 20c. liUTTER-^Creamery 30(7J37c. EGGS—Fresh, 36. Sunflower Produce. PRODUCE MARKETS K. C. Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 15—CATTLE T -Recelpts S.UO0; calves 300; market for week: Choice to prime yearlings strongs to 25c higher; cholco fed steers steady; plainer grades of grain feds and prassers 23!ft50c lower; top yearlings $12.50; best handywelghts $11.50; heavy beeves $10 .00; she stock 25ifi> 50c off; hulls lOii J5c lower; calves 50(i($1 .00 lower; Blocker and feeder steers 10ff25e lower; Btock cows and h '.'fcrs 15?i25c lower; stock calves 50Ii75c lower; hulk prices follow: Fed steers $7.25frfl.50; grassers and cake feds $5.00fyti.75; butcher cows and heifers $3.50(f)) 6 .00; canners nnd cutlers $2.50?* 3 .25; veals $7 .00 (0 9.00; Blockers and feeders $5 .0011 -7 .00; stock cows and heifers $2.75; stack calves $5 .00 (9 6.75. HOGS—Receipts 4 .00; mostly steady Willi Friday's average; packer top $9.45; bulk of sales $S.S3'?i' 0 .40;'bulk of desirable ISO to 300 pound averages S9.10 @0 .40; packing eows $S.40<iJS."5; stock pigs steady. $fi.50S7 .00. SHEEP—No receipts; for week lambs steady to 15c lower; top' $14.10; hulk of belter grade natives, fed lots and range offerings $13.05014 .00; top clippers $12.25; others $1 1 .65@12.15; sheep scarce at 2 J '(H0C higher; fat ewes In load lots up to $7-35; odd bunches $7.50 fi'.'u; feeding lambs fully 25c higher; top $13.60. Chicago Livestock, Chicago, Nov. 15.—CATTLE— Iteeeipts 4 ,000; compared with week ago, fat steers steady to 25c ! higher; mostly 15'a25c up; | weighty steers showing most ad- |vanee; western grassers and stock- I era and feeders steady to 25c lower; top yearlings $13 .00; handy weight $12 .00; heavies $10.05; few above $10 .00; killing quality all classes plainest of year; fat cows and heifers uneven,steady; eauners and cinters offered liberally 25 J(. 3o« off; bulls 15.f,;25c lower; veal- ers 25115110 down; week's bulk prices follow: fed steers $7.50(iP 10.50: grass steers to killers $6.25 (fl '7 .00; fat cows $3.50 ^.5 .50; fat ] heifers $.1.50lr7 .00; canners and j cutters $2.S5(fi 3 .25; veal calves! ?S.50!fi fl.3"; stock-era and feeders! M.75Cii 0 .75. j SHIOKI'- Receipts-4 .000; steady; ! fat. lambs mostly $14.65; culls; $12 .00; compared with week ago; Fat lambs strong to 25c. higher; Now York, Nov. 15.—Further relaxation In trading took place In today's stock market wilh price movements disclosing considerable Irregularity. A sensntional jump of 13 sj points In Fisher Body revived speculative interest In tho motor shares, the Maxwell and Jordan issues mounting to new 1924 high levels'. Marked strength also was displayed by a number of the foods and public utilities. Persistent profit taking took place, however in somo of the recent Industrial favorites, such as American Can, Baldwin, V. S. Industrial Alcohol, (Cuba Cane Sugar Preferred and American Tobacco. U. S. Iron Pipe broke five points to 137 or ten under Its recent high Rails were quiet outside of Atchi son, which was bid up over n point Brisk buying of General Asphalt just before the close lifted that stock more than two points to a new high for the year. The closing was irregular. Sales approximated 750,000 shar.cs. NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported by James E. Bennett & Co., S06 Rorabaugh-WIIey building, by wire from New .York. Awieoiula r'nppcr Co .... Cnllnhnn '/.liie H Lend ... C'tiltm roppcr Co Chllfi Copper Co llultn Superior Inspiration ('opprr Kennoe.itt Coin" r Hwy C .'liH Lta.ll Copper l -<> ull.S: Ktnelah' Consolidated .... Marland till Co raellie (I'd Co I'an-Aiun I'et & Trans 'V Pun-Amu l'ct .V: Trans "1 Pure nil Cf Phillip.i t'elroluum ....... ''oiden ,t Co v.. Hoval IMitoli Skelly Oil Standard Oil of N J .standard Oil or Calif .... Shell union Oil Ti'xrta Co White F.nBle O & 11 HAH.ltOAOS: A T & S V lialtlmoro .<;• Ohio Canadian Pacific. Krle IIV llreat Northern Hy lllinoi.« Central K C Southern Louisville ,t Nashville ... Mo Pacific Common Mo Pacific. Preferred .... N Y Central Northern Pat-Hie. Pennsylvania Ky Iteiidllic Jty llock Island lly Southern Jty St L ft S ]•' Ky .'. Southern l'oclrlo lly .... Union t'netfic lly , ., A., . .MOTORS: C.eiiej-al Motors Studehaker Motors Hup Motors l'leiee Arrow Hudson Motors Chajidler Motor* ........ Overlnnd Motora Maek Truck ilnc Kellv Sprink-rlehl '1'lrc Co U S Unbtter C»» tloodrleh lluhber Co .... Oondvear T & 11 Ajox Rubber Co ... . Amn-Koseh Magneto Co Allls Clialmers Mfg Co . Maxwell Motors "A" ... Maxwell Motors "It" ... Nash Motors Moon Motors Stewart Warner Mfg Co .Stromberg Carb Co Tlniken Holler Hearing . INDl'STltlALS: Amn Peflt Sugar Industrial Alcohol Amn Can Oo Anm Car ,t PoundO' ... Amn Locomotive SViibnfh "A" Amn Steel Foundries ... Amn Tel & Tel Amn Tobacco Amn Woolen Associated Dry Goods .. Montgomery Ward llnldwin Locomotive Continental Can Cocoa Cola Co .... •< Pavid«on Chemical Co Corn Products Refining Famous' (day* rs l^isky ConRolcum Co Cuban Amn sutrar Amn Agrl Chi in '. IMihont lie Nem ' Amn Asphalt t'o Gener.-d L'lecttic N Intl Harvester Co Intl Paper Co Pressed steel Car Pullman Co Sears Jlor-tniek Westlnchouse F.lec & M(« I'nited Drug Co Wool'.vortli Knvser (.lullus) Silk Co . n;ur.s: ... 3!'»i ... 4 ,.. 20% ,.. 33.S, ... Hti ... 23 ... PJ r 'A ... n% ... 7!»T» ... 17% ... 311 <i .,. B3%i ... CO(4 ... 83"J '•" 5!i'>» !S»i ... 45U ... 23 ... IIRJi ... 81 til ... 2(l'i ... 42ii, ... 2C-H ::: n ^ ...162 ... S!l«, :::i^ ... 34% ... r,4',i ...117-% ... e-f-i ... 40-1, ... OP", ... 39»s ... 73«i ... 4S=, ...Itll'.-j ...115 ... 6S«L ... 40 ... 15 ... II ... 57Ji ..,31 ... TTi ...109 ... lf.-% ... 355, ... 32% .... 66% ... !i% ... 25% ... 62% ... 73V t ... 251* ....160% ... 1014 ... 5C; .... OS it, .... 37 VB .... 43% ..... 84'a ,...H9*i ....172'n, .... S3'£ .... B5H .... 3'J% 129%!2'4 .... 6214 ....127C, 4!'i 123Ts 73 H 41'.a ., 3S-v v .. Sllfe .. 4(1 .. savi .. 14% ..132 .. eO'.i. .. 2t!ij 'a ..103Ti .. 61 .. 45 ..133 ..132t|, .. M% ..1(>V~ ..110'i LIBERTY BONOS. Final prices quoted by the McNaghten Loan company today were; Liberty 3lift $100.1»-ai First 4"4% 101.37-32 Second 4'/,% 101. 7-32 Third .|>','.5. 101.33-33 Foiu-th. .P,i% 102. 7-32 U. S. 4UV. lt)6.2S-32 Kansas City Hay, Kansas City, N6y. Is.—HAY— Receipts 36 cars; steady and unchanged. PRAIRIE—No. 1 $12.G0fj)13.50; No. 2 $.10.00@12.00; No. 3 $6.50© 9.50. Others nnclinngod. ALFALFA—Choice $23.00@23.50; No. 1 $21.00@22.50; standard $18.00 (7/20.50; No. 2 $1.5.00017.50; No. 3 $12.tl0«f 14.50. TIMOTHY—No. 1 $16.00017.00; standard $15.00tfJ)15.430; No. 2 $13.50 ©15.60; No. 2 $13.50014.50; No, 3 $12.00013.00. filed with the Olty Clerk and spread upon the Journal, and which resolutions have been published for six eonnncutlvo dnys and more than twenty days have elapsed slneo tho hut publication of Buld resolutions and no aufflcle.nt remonstrance has been filed against either of sold Improvements, now therefore, Ilo It Ordained by the Board of Commissioners of tho City of Hutchinson, Kansas: section 1. That It. Is necessary and hereby ordered that Seventh Street from tho west lino of Main stroet to the east line of Rtonroo Street and Eighth Street from the west! lino or Main Street to the east Una of Monroe Street bo brought to grade and curbed and glittered with cement curb nnd gutter and pnved with asphalt or concrete on a concrete base In accordance with tho plans, profiles and specifications ot tho. City ICnglneor now on file In tho orflcifc of tho City Clerk ami adopted by too Hoard of Commissioners. The said paving to bo twenty feet In width on each of said streets. Said construction shall ho under tho direction and superintendence of tho City Engineer. Section 2. Upon the passage and publication of this ordinance, tho Hoard or Commissioners shall designate three disinterested householders who, alter taking an oath to fnlthfully and Impart laliv pertorm their duty, shall within fivo days alter notlrica- tlon or their appointment, proceed to appraise the lot* and parcels of ground llnblo to taxation tor such Improvements, which appraisement shall be returned to the Board of Commissioners at Ka first regular meeting after the same shall have been made. A special session shall be called for the purpose of altering and ecpiallslng said appraisement, If the Bomo be deemed unfair, due notice or which meeting Rhall bo given In the otflcial city paper. Section 3. The City Clerk Is hereby authorised before or after sold appraisement and couallzntton to advertise for bids for tho construction of said work and tho contract shall be let to tho lowest responsible bidder as determined by tho Board of Coinmls siouers. The rlKht la reserved to re jeet any or all bids. Section 4. For tho purpose of de frayinK the cost nnd expense or said oonslrj).'.tion. a tax shall be levied in ten e'tual annual Installments against the lots and parcels ot ground liable to' taxation in an amount sufficient lo cover said cost and expense together with Interest thereon at a rate not to exceed five per cent per annum. That where said Improvements nro constructed for which the city is chargeable, tho costs thereof shall be assessed against the City of Hutchinson and said assessment shall be certified by tho City Clerk to the County Clerk of Reno County, Kanans, ond the same time and In the same manner as other city Utxes and subject! to tho saino penalty. t Section 5. This ordinnnco shall tako effect and bo in foruo trom nnd after its publication once In tho Hutchinson News. Approved Nov. 11th. 1924. WALTER F. JONES. • Mayor. C. E. LYMAN, W. L. HltOWN, H. J. HASKARD, LOllEN D. FERGUSON, Commissioners. Attest: ED METZ. City Clerk. 15-lt Wichita Broom Corn. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 1'.—BROOMCORN—Market qulot; only carlot receipts and Balelr.. Good quality, self working and hurl, Lindsay (shed cured, 1923 cro.i) 11025c; good quality self working and hurl, Oklahoma dwarf (shed cured 1923 crop) 10 to 13c; good quality solf working nnd hurl Western dwarf nnd standard 5(fj)7e niediurn quality short self wonklng western dwarf and standard 4, to Co; common sound bright tipped short of self working western 2'/aifj4o; common, no grade, stained to damaged Hfi!2',™e. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY ALTERATIONS, suits and dressmaking, remodelln, pleating, turner, Mrs. Richards, phone 2263J. 10-l5-2»dm FOR SA1.K—Bicycle; also pullets. Ill) AVest L'lRhth. 'ri-is-lilm If re* Examination of any stove giving trouble. Will buy sieves ami secono- hand furniture. Stove repairing a specialty. Phone 537W. 14-lB-tts-15-3fiom TO adults—Modern 6-room nicely tur- nlstied house, $30. 424 AVest It. 57-15-Srtm FOR RENT—Well Improved Hum close To Hutchinson. 28 West 7th. Phone 1D39.1. r.M -!;i -l,iim SWKKP mill tor sale. Crlnds corn ana cob. Few weanling piss, i.ouls Gerard. Castletori, Kansas. 215-stu-lfi-iym APARTMENT close In. furmslini or unfurnished. Call 20Ct»\V or HS1. 5t-14-liium FOR SALE—Bridge lamp, old rose shade with polychrome base, ?10 H taken by Saturday. Call 1C11W. CARPENTERING. : »| SALESMEN' OR M L " W0MEW CARPENTlCRlNa; furniture repair- lug. Phon« »MJ. ; 'J-H-IIMIIVJ BUILDING done by hour or contract. Just completed fino homo at 201 West B, Kellablo and honest contracting, tt will pay you to phono 31104.1.. L. W. Parmley. 9-10-llim 10 DRESSMAKING— MILLINERY 10 EXPKRT seamstress, go out by day; best of reference. The Lyndun, 7DO N, Main, phone 310. Sirs. Malonc. . iit-Pi-aum FlKST-class dressmaking; prices reasonable. Phono 2941W. 10-14-tidm 12 PAINTING PAPERHANGING 12 J AS. WHITE wall Impor «o7o7 ^t>rti S. Main, phone 290. Residence 4ill''o. ' •' t:.'-5-S5iim WANTBD—Paper hanging and paint- Ing. Wall paper furnished, phone 3017W. C. W. Hagcrman. 12-24-26rtm. 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 14 a F. PRICE—Upholstering. Ph. 924, 14-18-3511111 ELECTRIC motor, armature rewinding, repairing. We buy. sell, rent used motors. *. HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS Phono 202. 7 South Walnut. M-l-SSrlm UPHOLSTERING, first-class work. Phone 27S3J. J. H, Raglamt. 14-13-lldm 15 LAUNDRY WORK CURTAINS launocrea. mono 199SJ 15-l*23dm WANTED—Washing and Ironing. Wo wash In aoft water. Call nt 3(11 West 6th Phone 28C0W. 15-3tl-25ilni WASHING nnd Ironing cnlleil lor ana delivered, Phone 3B43W. ls-14-tklin SALESMEN , SELL URtlAN MAHH SHIRTS Enrn $76 first week selllnr. Urlval made shirts, besides receiving a hnnu- some bonus and monthly premiums Free samples. Write today.- Urnai Shirt Company, A-R Building, Knnsai, city. Mo. 4i2-i&-n»n SALESMEN wanted for Reno, uarton. Stafford and Pratt counties to sell Blanche's niltomntlo carburetor con- iroi for Ford cars and trucks. It Is I success nnd a good seller. J. D. RIP' pry. Stalfot-d. Kansas. 82-16-22re SALESMEN with ~car to sell Kea \ beverages; 2.17 O commission, JM weekly drawing account. Red Crosi Mrg. Co.: Dept. M, St. Louls;..Mo. 22 -ir,-l «m SALESMEN—(100 month and expenses aelllng cigars. Experleilc« stamped ' onvolopo for Information. National Cigar Co., High Point, N.O THE Novelty Advertising Co.'s i»S. lino (five departments) orters unusual positions for ambitious salesmen in Kansns. Ono name, one business, nlnco 1S9S, manufacturing good selling advertising signs, calendars, leather, cloth and wopd npcolnlties. There's big business nhead in 192i). Secure territory now. Start Dec. 2ltlh. Full time work. Profitable commissions. State soles exporionce, roler- oneea. Address L. C. Glover. V. Pres. and Sates Manager, Coshoaton, Ohio. 22-15-inm 16 ! SERVICES OFFERED 16 PRACTICAL nursing wanted. Phone 3550. . 1«-IMI>K TO TRADE—2 lots on East 51h, ror enrpein .:T work. Frank sontmer. 2915W, d.'ui West 10th. y.l.,-(idm NICE 12411 leeplni; rooms close In. I'lione ,*. 112 Prist 4th. 5(i-l;i-t;am !-ROOM 3870W. apartment, close In. I -none l:i-10m TIP •KOl'omtKEI) Fox Terrier pup pie?, ti,4 i,; ast pixih. .pi-is-iam j Standard Oil of Ind ... CO Standard Oil of Kan ... S9'a Standard Oil of Ky ...1131 ..J Standard Oil of Neb ...204 Prairie Oil & Oaa Co ...212'i Prairie I !pe Nine Co ...10.-.U Oil Co of Canada . ...109 Vacuum Oil Co ... ussnffSosdl •Ms— STEELS: Retldfchein Steel Corp Colo Fuel & Iron Co Crucible Steel Co Cast Iron Pipe Co Gulf Stales Steel Great Northern Ore Republic Iron & Steel 1' S Steel Corp Common .... U S Steel Corp Preferred ... COPPERS: Amn Smf.ltlng & Refining .. Close 41'-i 4l',« . 4Sli .11 •122>i . S4*i cables Foreign Exchange. New York, Nov. 15.—Foreign changes steady; quotations cents: Great Brltan demand 4.62-%; bles 4.36. France demand 5.28 5.2S'.i. Belgium demand 4.S3U; cables 4.S4. Germairy demand 23.S1. Holland demand 40.06. Switzerland demand 19.26. Greece demand 1.S0. Poland demand 19'/,. Czecho-Slovakia demand 2.0?. P1IONH (100 AND CALL FOR CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. . LEGAL NOTICE (First juihliNlu'd in Tho Hutchinson News, Nnv. lruh. 13^4). Notice to Contractors. Hlds will be received bv tuo Boarfl of Cnmmiaalonorrt of tho City Of Hutchinson, at the City Clnrk'a office, up to ;i :t )0 o'clfwk p. in. Kridny. No- vtMiiber 21st. lit"l. for tho curbtntr, puttering find pnvlnit of 81: vent It •Strt et from Alain to Monroa and Eighth : Street from Main to Monroe v it 'll nspiitiltlc concietp, The wtirk to be done In acoordancn with tho plans* and Hpeeif(cations of tho City Knpinp^r on file in the Ck-ik's office, and undor ihc 'auperln- tendenro of tlte City Knplncvr. A cf-rtiri^d chfi-k for *1.i»0i) must accompany 1-,'ii'h bid for paving, also n Ofrtififd check for $<"00 must ncom- pnny ^ach bid for rurbing and guttcr- inff of Aimfl sireeta. Tho Board rrsorvos the right to ro- ]et:t any and all bids. N»»-at v;n MKTZ, city c\rrK. PAIMT1NO, cement work and building estimate free. 215 East U, phone 1HIS.T. I fi-i g. 2f,dm TUASH liauilnB, all kinds. 19 MALE HELP WANTED 19 KARN 525 weekly, spare time, writing for newspapers, magazines. JSxp. unncc. Copyright book tree. Proas Syndicato. ti03 St. Louis, Mo. IV you have J300 will start you in new business, tremendous caion, should net you 9100 salary weekly, experience unnecessary. Mechanical Machine Works, Baltimore, Md. 19-ir.-liim Ti'-IK Henderson LlthOKiaphlng Co., nf Clnelnnati, O., with tho flnesl lino of art calendars, blotters, direct mail* Tidverlislnjr. fans nnd holiday greetings, desires permnneut salos- mt'h for exclusive torrl tory. Wo are now making cmitracts for next year; o?:pcr!eneo not, necessary, as conscientious effort will bring results ano build d pprinanent and profitable bUHlneas: .interesting, nIi-year t -roun<J work: commission checks malloct weekly. Address Sales Manager tflv- Ing'full detail". S2*lji-)flm . ^23 UAibV taking orders 12.82 ram- coat. Automobile, raincoat, lame nnd outfit free. 12nstern Raincoat Co., P13 Kousovelt, Chicago. 22-lo-lCm 23 AGENTS WANTED 2! ACTKNTS—$11.SD daily Jn adVance. 1 Sworn piTiofJ. Totroduclnsr now insured lmslory. 47 styles, 33 colora Guaranteeil 7 months. Special lino ot school and Xinas hose now ready, Nc capital or experience required. Sou simply tnkii orders. Wo deliver and eolbcl, (nr you can deliver—suit yourself). Credit given. Pay you daily, Monthly bonus besides. Wo ftirntsu sainples. Spare time will do. Mau-O- Cbee Hosiery Co.. Bltlff. SS16, Cincinnati, Ohio. iiit-lti-tinr AtuTNTS— Write for freo samples Sidl Mndlson "Better-Made" shirti for large manufacturer direct to wear- IT . No capital or experience required. Many earn $l»0 weekly nnd bonus. Madison Mills, fiflll Broadway, Now Y .Tk. MKN, 18 to 61). for V, S. mall service. Ilifi to $190. Experience or coire- spondencs coilrse unnecessary. Write 12. S. Bishop, Drawer 579, JopUn, Mo. 19-15-Wm MEN' wanting forest ranger positions; $l,50O-$2,4'J0 year. Write for free particulars of exams. Mokane, D-71. Denver, Colo. 19-15-Bim THi-J paying business today la aching groceries, paints, radio nets, and automobile tires and accessories direct, to consumer. We put yon in this business, no capital or experience necessary, Write Hitchcock-Hill Co., Dept. 461), Chicago. lti-lh-ium WAN TKD—Four $100-per-week men to sell Best Ford oil gaugo made. Automobile furnished. Standard Products Co., HS2 Broadway, Clranvtile, Ohio. V .i -ir.-Him WANTED—Manager for ice plant whu will invest some. Must give rrfer- ences. Farmers <">il, lec and Supply Co.. Arneksvlltc. Kansas'. .1(1-14-tdm ACK.NTS—itfio an hour to advertise and distribute samples to consumers. Write quick for territory and par. liculars. American Products Co., 20i'] American Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 23-18-lBir. AMAZ1NC KAK.VINt'JS IN Al.»V A NCK. INK X V J EKIEN C E T> O H RXBKItJICNCK W NKW METHOD, ST YlAUll SI 11 UTS. CdMI^ldTJI OUTFIT FllMM. WHITE QUICK- VA Sill ON W £ A K 5IIIKTS, 0 IS l»T, A13, CINCINNATI. - SIl-la-ltiM LODGE NOTICES UI-TSTKI^IT" fiOCii N .2 iiaTh $;soui a month to distribute ^vi-rytlay household necessity in rural and smail tnwn districts, No monev need- Million dollar firm behind It. Write for particulars and state territory desired. D. K. Johnson, tiOD w. f-ake, Chicago. la-l.'-icm daiica at \eomaii Main, tonight. 2-25-Tiifi-Sat-lHUM 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED 20 SPECIAL. NOTICES ACKNl'S— Sell two shirts for price o! one. riot in on big holiday business. S20 dally easy. We deliver. Write foi "Vour Opportunity," free. Walton- Duplex Co., Brooks Eldg., Chicago. 2a-lB-16») l(AUUK manufacturer wants agent! to hell shirts direct to wearer, tex> c'.ubivu patterns easily wold. No capita! required. Whole or spare time. Kxpericnee minrcssary. Knlendei •"Muirtswear Co., M3 Bruadwity, M ;OI k. ( pVl r>-1 tirt OIL luirners for furnaces, heating and cook stoves. Bunifl dtsllllttte 01 kemscne. Agents* wanted. Uellvme* Burner Co., ^iith and Bark. Kansai Ctly, Mo. LM-lfi-ltiti AN YON L' desirins ptpc organ lessons Please phone 37,65 W by Saturday evening for details, 3-M-1M-; BUY a cedar chest now, $l down. 51 per week, Xwas delivery. Harmon Furniture Co. 3-14-fiDM 1M0AD stock removed free of charge. Phone 4Si. 3-n-lom MAUA/.IM-: suljscrlptions at reduced prices. Mrs. W, H. Hower. Phone •S47. 3-11-2SDE Di>I,r„ Hospital. Call 3n7.S. 3-lU-2Sdt» (First published In The Hutchinson NeiiH, N'iv. 151 h. 1 in' •) > Introduced and read Nov. 7th, 1924. Ordinance No. 1,715. An Ordinance Providing for the Curbing. Guttering. Paving and Grading of Seventh Street from the West Line of Main Street 10 the Kast Line ot Monroe and Kiglitb Street from the West Line of Main Street to the Ka-t Line of Monroe Street, Specifying Materials to Be I.'sed, the Manner of Con.-: rod ton arid Prodding for the Cost Thereof. Whereas, resolutions Jiave been liuly j.idopt.-d by the Board of CVimmiR<iun- , "TTTS nf the City of Hutchinson order- | tO*UJ HALt-j n t Horn bach- W 'w-y ily ing the. curbing, cutterinc, paving and' C.irl Scouts, troop 2, all day Satur. grading of Seventh Street from the j 3-M-21>^ ui-.s-t Hue of Main Street to the 0,1st. of Monroe Street and Eighth FIHST DIVISION of the Ladies' Ant of the Methodist church will hoi.-J a rummage saio at Weeks' Drug Store 20it S. Main, Saturday 15th. 3-12-lftK Cotton Market. New York, Nov. 15.—Cotton spot steady; mitulling 2 -1,85c. Futures closed firm: Dec. 24.5S?i-24,tJ6c; Jan. 24.S0@24.85c; March 25.10 ^1 Ktrcet from the west line of Mam , t - .„ Street to the east line of Monroe -o.loc. 1 .street as prayed for by petitions duly Kansas City Produce. ( KnnHUB City. Nov. IT..— KGC'S: f.,t sheep 2c hiBbor; foctUnR lumhs ' •>:>'!'Aim higliec; bulk price.a for wet-k: fat woolcd* lamlis $13.50V M.25; t»p Sl-i.:i5; c:li;)jiffl lambs S11.25lr l -.HU; fat two* $5.Q0£r 7X.0; lop $S.00. HOOS--- Uocoiids 10.000; mostly Htoady: dt 'Slrublti uradt-s etrong in T>c higher; othori* :;l*;i'iv to 10*:' tiff; v.u.l ct vvi-Irrht 15 $< 25c lower; top $'J.7fi; bulk pood and uholc-j; 2<i0 to pounds huti'herft SiJ.'l'i ffiMSui; put-!ting; sows lurp;«ly 5S.?)"> (a 8.1*0; bull; at roup wei^lit slaMffh- Ur pigs J7,23? IM .50: hoavywo !ght Jior.-* J'.V.'M^V;:.; m-.-dnim ?9.10ij —1c hiRher; firsts 40c; Helocla 5Sr. DUTTKR—Unchanged: crcanifry butter 41<a-Wc; packing 21c. • POTATOES—lled HIv. • $110V 1,20. BUTTERPAT—42c. POULTRY—lions 18c; n)ij B torH 12c; spriDKa 10c; broiloi'.s 2 :L-; turkeys 22c old toms 17c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 15.—UUTTEH— Higher; creamery extras 3 !i?ic; Htitndartls 3Se; extra firsts 'flfacrf 38 c. KUttS—iUehur; fftvsts 45-fj;.2c; ordinary flrHts 3HcTi-43c. POI! LT HY—Alive, 1 0 w 0 v ; row i s 1Uf|j2lc; springs 22c; roowt.ors li 'ic; turknyH 25c; ducks 25c and Utic; geese 20tf/ 21c. Chicago Potato Market. GnU-ago. Nov. 15.—POTATOES— M: et firm; tradlug modorale; WIHCUUPH I KitckL-.' round while:- J1.00@-M0: Minnesota Hacked i.>und whltea Jl.OOftiMO I WILL not be responsible for any debts made tiy mv wlfo after November 1, 1S2I. Floyd J. Hipule. 3-ir».:tDM WichiU Livestock. Wichit-.i. K Nov. 15. -POt;.<-- Ur«.fijd| ''ion, r .i* hlKh»r; top $y .:i5; bulk $!i.05sj ;i .:;o. (.'ATT! A'l —Hecelptt* 500 Including 2Utt calvon; generally w-mlt to shath* io-cr on cattle; ealv&s 251^' j 50c low-;r. J{od Hiver O'hloa $1,15^1.25. In answering aavertlsem^nLa, ^leuao mention The Newa-Horald. Whoa n hot water pack is not sacked j available, placu a fairly thick tnr .&.i- ziuo in tho oven and boat tt thin" ouKbly, then wrap In a soft flannel and uae as a hot water bag. U will retain heat for u long time, ' SAFE INVESTMENTS The only absolutely safe investments are secured. Government Bonds are secured by all the property in the United States. County Bonds, City- Bonds and School Bonds by taxable property in the district. First Mortgages secured by real estate. We owp all issues of Government Bonds and a selected list of Municipal Bonds. ifi.i r-$i National ffenk Established 1876 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. DUN'CI IKON served daily at the Blue Teaj-ot, Kast First, from 11:3U a.m., to 2 p.m. Chicken dinner on Sundays. Mako reservations. 12-6DR "AMY ALMA GIFT AND APRON SHOP Fancywork exchange. B27 Kaat 6tn " 3-1-l'Sfirr. AN exceptional opening—Tlioae desiring plain home sewing. Nn canvassing. City: country. To prevent curiosity seTkerA, send ten cents for sample, information .I'»ept. S3, Home Sewers Association, Bradley Henm. \ — N. -t. 2t)-]."» UOl'.T. li. IntftTfioll of $i wntcli rami wnnt'i jrood men to sell bis doiiai stropjiintr outfit, an IniienimiK (nven- tion f<tr sharpening nil makes oj ^ar^'ty razor Madi.-s, (it^at economK v.-ili^-. Meeting with natton-wid.' approval. Ratty to sell. li\t; rept-u bust- AK.'iits having remarkable stio- i Full pnrtieulan*. Kobt. II. Imier- 1 Soil, 40 Ilrniidway, New York Citv. j tiilLL ineehank-s. factories, K:iraj;i ! '-ti- lronwear " "" KAKN $20 weekly. Home addie^mK, } ri , V; , . 01 r * Uil> V * 1 'V , ,°- ( - a1 ;""' mailing- music, Hmilars. Send iuc!^!', or l l y - u > ^ib.'s; bljc profltR for mxuin and Information. KybacK 1 .V r ' u \ 'imnvear Co., -132 (lmun.-y Association, Dept. 69, Oak Park, ill. i --Ti™ ~..-la-H>nj y-15-liim ! $ !M ) ( oiV Company wants man n "1 fi eli Watkins home necessities. Mori and addresses. Send atamped *nve- I Ir™]!* .'I-' J la,ly l". U,,! ^- temiory ' lope for particular*. Falaee Mfff, Co.. ! !. r L\! >m<J .. ."^My KAItN * 5 - $ 10 weekly, copying nanos ToW-do, Ohio. 2_0-U.lMn W.A.N'TEli—VVoniGii for spare time work. Expfrleiicn untiecrMSstry t.i take orders for new popular prteni sanitary bi.dt ami protcetnr: weekly. Writo H*?alth-Tex C'nrri.. HiM Unrnham Bldir.. Chicago. 'j ()-i :.-li;i:i WOMAN or slrl to aByisl with housework and rare of children. Out of elty in the country'- Phono JGO-J. 'J'«-U'4nin I^xperiene^ unnnc.jn.sary. Write U^-pt, TI-I. Tho J, It. WMklna Co., 19th nnd Cnmphel Strei-t?. Ka n»ay CIty. Mo. 53-15-ltiti JlTui A WKKK—Man wanted with anv bitb-n. Industry and small capital Too »*an inaki' above nrnuiint or more. dlNtrlUutltif: RawIeiEh's Quality products to .st padv eonmimers. Hovera finu npcntnus now available. Wc teaci and help yon do a big busincus an* make more money than you ever made before, filve ajje, occupation r-'fer. f-ncos. W. T, Itawlelgh Co.. Dept WASTKD—Middle aped woman to do; ... r r ,V„ nr r tii housework and care for children. 1 KA 3m - 1 report. Ill 111 Kast Uth. 20-1S-- WANTED—Women Swift & Company. chicken pickers. • SO-U'-ldm i SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE "a 21 HELP WANTED, MAUE OR 21 FEMALE PHAt'TlCAL nursea reeietcrlng. ; a -l-2.',.ln-, WIDOW wlslics to wiiart? mo'lorn homo wilh man and wifs nr ladk-y. NI CP ftni] w;trni. I'hnnp n4'>.1\v. :i. 1 'J - i v. m 3A BEAUTY CULTURE niadf* from '.-"mbings or tut hair. Mrs. JCnott, 121^ N. Muin, phone 2570 3A-15-2rtm MAltCKLLINU. day or evening. .Mra. Lenvitt. S30 East 4th. Phono 3UU0. :!-!-;s<tm MAKCELLINO. 723 E. let. Ph. 'J71W 8-2. r , MAUCKLL-LNCi. CLEftlCS. IS up. fl.400-1.6110. To l>r.:- liarn for nxams. for Kovcrnmt'ut positions. Experience unneceafary. l-'or frf:e Hat iKWitloliH. write It, Ttrry. (foimorly i-ivil pftrvtt'o rsttminer), t»12 narrlster lililg., WashlnKton. D.C. 21-l.i-lSni HOUlt 34EDJ. work, Afrs. Holland. Phon, 25-'J-16M WOIIK by hour. Phono 2904. • '.'5-2:1- WRNTED by 50:101,' lady—Clerkini position or «al'.*swoik, any kind, gro. i (.-''ly lir^Arrod: exut-rtt-nced; In or ouf of city. Address P-ll, earn N'eWF. 25-1.1-lBdtl 22 8ALESMEN OR 22 SALESWOMEN 1 MAItCKl.T.lNr.. day or'Vjvenlhg :i^nn. KV\ j-:ast__Foijrtri. MAiuM :rXiN (.j. phono o-JCW, KXCU'SIVK distributor. Tn organize permanent sales force 10-oft men in Rim run teed protected territory. J'os-"!- billtiea $'JO.0H0 yearly. New nctylc i -n- velope. Beali -r retail* only ?4.50. 'J're- nt^ndous demand. Unlimited market. Appolntinr-nt thla territory before 50c. Plione 806,1. I Oec Write or wire now. Hed-K Co., 3-2H-2r »diT ^1'*- K-GO, Colonial Hldff., Hon inn. = . ! Mass, a2-l;>-ltim I \V A NTRD-II citmekoe plnp by nilddlf aijed widow lady, ittirsJnK or care << old people, moiherleHd homes in o( cut of the city. 40C West First, pboni S5 r tli-ldn W'ANTKl»—Bundle work - and nur«cS urdfftrmy to launder. Work called foj and (bllvrred; -iirlcee reaaonable. 7t't Kast Second. 25-H-2dn Call ::>um Mis. J. JJ. JS-atnary. 3-1 North L.oj?an wt. iI-«-2Mim MAUCKIJLINC— Day or evmiintf. Mra. Talbott, U13 li. 4th. Phone n»i7j. .MAitai :.UJNti riiono miw. ;s-i4-firtm NliUJMKLLO HKA1ITY SlIOI'l'W Paper cur' a specialty. -t:'i! i*:asi [•"irst. I'lione S700, S-S-Sridm 4^ LOST 4 T-TiST—Hulck tire a niT rmT^oaT^TaTr ford. Call Chalmera Hotel. Iteward. LOST—Parker Duofold 77. fountain pen, Call Heward. 4-14-11>F*: URMINGTCN automatic Hhottfnn. just south nt* T^aiiKdon. Iteturn to Crook Furniture Co. liberal reward. 4-H-.1dm FOUND j FOUND—Hunch of keys. Owner may have. same, l.-y I'alliiiff at News office rid paying for this ad. j-lli-'^im BUSINESSNOTICES 7 USKD Clothinp I''xcImiiK7^""for nufii' women and children. 215 West 5th. Phono 1752W. "The Kilt and thrift shop." T-lS-IJdm, ilAT salesmen wanted for our Mexican palm hats and Chinese, pith helmets. A dandy good line Write .1. O, Smyth & Company, Uvdale. Texas. 22 -lft -Ifim itFIdtiU >N. PKUKUMES, <;OSMl:M'- 1CS AND FT.APPJOP.S is the naiiio of a new and startling free booklet that contains facts and figures of fnterept to every person engaged in direct to ctmsutner sollin«. AI.«o <-xi»laIny how you can earn ?7.> first week for only a few hours iluliy work. Write Armln UcRener. Jneorpo- rotwl. A-It Building, Kansas City. .Missouri. . 22 -in-T :m SAIJKSMKN— TO i*ell durlius the a <:"a- aon of 1925, hei>inniiiK January 1st, tho noted Shaw line of art and busi- nnsa calendars!, preetlnsr cards, fans, I>enrlln, Blg -ns, leather nnfl other high Krade BpeclaltteH. It la a lino with merit ond worthy of tho best effortn of the mast capable salesmen. Applicant» must be of pood character, active and ponae«» ability to call on banks und hther hljrh class bu.«jn ><sH estHbllshments. Men who poyneaa the above qualities can uveraB"* weekly with thla Hue. I .llif -ral eoiu- mlHslons with Wi-ekly remittances. State aalea ••xperienco in first letter. Shaw Advejrt(«inu Co., KanfiiH City, Mo. 22-ir,-H',m 26 MISCELLANEOUS FOR 21 SALE iii2 A AI 11 jjIo^Tmii, ioS MIMIO! iimrka $l.y«. HIK bunch Kenuim hank -smies totallne 300 MlUIuh J2.00 •Dot Vernon. }M6 No. 18th St.. Phll», V ' a 2C-2,\-2<idra UHV your^-floor latnit now,' *1 down tl per week. Xmns delivery. A won. d-'rful line to from. Harmol Fu t nlt u re Co. _______ 26-14 -UDAI F* dt SA I.H — J.loyd Prlnce&s ivo: baby bupKJ'; whi to enameled l»_I. 1 'hone 1 uoo .1. 2>i-i:i-;'.dn tteal eatate %% ba^ F(>ti SAUv at discount. • . . .. ontrao ask McNaKhleu! FOR SAbK— Applo wood. Phone 34F, , 26-J-Deo FOU SALK, Pool tablc_ Phone aiW 2ti-r,(-»UM 3 FOli SAIJK- _ mortgages. -i W real estate nra -ask McNn^hten! Phoii' 2fl-S-25dn FOlt UALU—LarK* shipment "Apex 1 Flectrlc washing machine^ at ono hmf retail price. Cpme aeeT'tbem a Hnrcblnson llondod Warehouse, 7U \-.u*t Setvind Ktreet. 20-11-401 \<'OK KALC- ;I>;II;.I. 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES » Crys4a3 iiftaauffla JSafts For all aches and pain**, special ladles' tieatnir-ni. Prices ruasouablt*. Call 4oT. 119 West Sherman. S -2_-WtDM CHAS. I. wflTsoN, cbiropiaetor. S\Vs North_ Main, 1 *'V 0 *!!!— "iiPi- S zilllilllil i7ii o."tv MOUUA'N VKTRRINAIIIAN Speetallntng hi dogs nnd cats. , 121 Kast Fifteenth. Phone 734 SALKSMICN, to place our Katetfi>oaiTi3, with country merchant!*. We Hit* boards delivered, and wlvo you half of what you collect. Yon can make SI.O'H) per month. We Ku*inmi «?e you can make $."00 per mi.nth. For full Information, addrus« National Jewelry Corporation. oOS Cay NaxhviUc, TVnii, _ 22 -l^-M -_:ni SA1.1'>M I':.* 1 ;— CullerL > O Ur"~o\\"t ™V»ni'" mls.^lfins. O. K. mint vernier:*- operator's boll**, tfuin ii)a«blne». candy and knlle lemrd«. novcHics all klmln. Amcric'u'K moHt complete line. Machines n<>u\ on rental Alma Novelty Co., Northern Office MIdK.. Chleatco - 22-15-HJm Manure for lawns, caj 2C-3tI-a5f|n LAUCK office stove, goua aa n«vv chtfufi. Phoiw 2701W. 2(1-H-Hic MAOAZIXU Hiibdcriptlons. Kilos. *JI7 J'laHt^Fourth- .Mru. In 2«-s-utittc OM'l i^as range: 9x12 rug; mattrea and springs- Phone SSfiJ. 2C-l**-2dK PATKNT foT ualo—Two-row katl corn harvester. Commission t broker for welling, naino. H. Bielheit' 10112 \V. William, Decatur, Illinois. . 20.lfi.ltU IMCTCKi*: show In a town close t Hutchinson, ti'ado for city properti AddiiB.-i o-ll, care News-Herald. ^ an-ia-ici ltl J'J !•: tho uTv vutor and save, Uuj your second hand furniture Kh:tf-ffers. ,2ti-i:i-tiOH TlHK Bargains— 3i>x3; |5.1lt. 30x3M Sii.^9. 3 and '.Hi In. tubea }1.1U Ou vail Tire Co., 112 K. Sherman. 2ti-t2-2B<lJ OPTOM BTItlSTS: Main Darla lids'. 24^ N 1 2? WM speclullze in fitting glasses Shlp- nian Bros.. Masonic Bldg., Itnom 7. &-?'2udiu SALKS.MKN hero's your chance to connect with a nationally advertised concern, selling one of life's nc- eesMtldW, No deposit rt 'ouitvil for »*/t!e^ outfit a nil all application* .strictly confidential. Wrlto Suieanmnagur. 82u W. O. W, Bulg., Oinalia, Nebr. " ..... KM &'ltim- 406'Jia»L CamnbatL MISCELLANEOUS FOR. SALE OR TRADE To TBADK— A 4-<rnoni house ri team, wagon and hurnoBs. Jiifiuti • » a74l -Mi

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