The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 4, 1964 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
Page 4
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THt . UDC topic to be life of Hampton J Afff,l »TUF«~A hr*»f Mi- ttatt >4 th* "I. If* <A »»d* XII MffctifM the iu> nr*is»ri» "• |*it»> Mrt. *. (,, rowi.r »•> iavee*e( the pr«fr<n<. r TtM> m**tlaf will !<• t»M {at ib» t«»n* <rf Mr«. n. .». Iv/nrrell fa Mwtixfri. M«rch i W i*.m.*l -«- .1 fir- lit AlxhMon, vilh Mr*. '•rrer no ivi-hr,irt»«««*, S .Mr*. ',. f f limit). ; Memtmrx i>n»i(M -tnt«- ')!•• wtwnU at UK IN*. A f i*»l •! the " »»|fnt »>< faratn ArutMi/n r«*M»Bl, THM DID YOU KNOW Thin A»i'ir«t llnlnr •ml rnrr»HI) hrl|i yiiu t» Attain ««lf Pleyten It en iele UVaile take Jack***), Tea** Revival to begin Sunday at Lake Methodist Church /Ul/W meeting Tt» occM»nt UK) nrleet studr Group of the nrntotport MruKh, American AicoaU- liaa i<f Unlvertlly Women, will m»et it ( p.m. Thur«1»r at «»• horn* of Jnlli Aamotb, MB I>IM in |«ke jMkeon, TJ» prngr*m will tie r *. *!•*• of novel* pertaining to Chin.. All intereeted women •r* InnfaMi In Mt*f*l. Grace Lutheran rHBKPORT-Th* Rev. E. J. SUIIInf will *pt«k on the topic "J**u» ftubetlluted for Utrabb**" it Uw f.>urlh Lenten *eririe« (anight «l Graee Lutheran Church. The text for p««nr 8t«||. tag'* talk will bo Matthew n.-ie-M. Vliltori ir* welcome tottw •ervtee, whleh begin* >l 7:30 p.«n. LARGE DEVIL'S FOOI LAYER CAKE CHOCOLATE ICING Whytok. ochone.7 W. para«nolV<UIIV«r ywjr cdc. to yotjr hem., or rac«ptlon hall. , KARL'S BAKERY 1004 i. MUUiHY H MOM UKUKM UKK . William w. HtwOer**, *d. mlnletrrtor «t Moody HooaeU (Selreeton, wtti be (fee neat t*»M*er for a revinl tehed. «t*d to tafia Realty «t th* PlflH MetMlel CI«r*»,lMr., The Me*. Hotorl ftaMawM, •M Valley MeUnJiet Chuwh, tt«t*oa, will i*«i ia the mm. letry nf •<*«. T«* revtm win befta with the lOiJO a.m. eefrhw oa ftMdiy. Servue* will be held dally at tiJO ..m, and 7 p.m., Mondiy Ihrottth rrUay. The nev. tiawtinrae gr*d. «»t»«l from high Mhnol In Tlmpaoa, Te«., where he wa* born. ||* completed hi* ed- ueattoa al 1/ffl Morrl* and SonUtw**tern unlvrratty. Hia ftrat putoral* wa* the tarkia street MethodiM Chareh m Noumea, la IMI, where he eervwd uatll tit*. Admitted oa trial to the Teia* coafareaw la i»i», the Rev. Hawthorne *aa or- dalaed d*a«oa la IMI and elder In (Ml. Ill* other ehveh appointment* are Owoa/OoMea Acre*, during wMeh time he ofgMl**d ralth Chumh,So«Ui llouetoni Deoeke Memorials fleaumont Dtetrlel Million, ary, 1*41-4*. And, central Church, c*l- ve*fa*j Bay city) Nieofdoch- •*! Park Place, and Moody Houw. Memberahlp* oa board* and office* held by Ih* Rev. llaw- thorn* include Coafereaoe Hoard of Evaagetlam for 12 year*, a*rvlng a* chairman for eight year*) Board of Truat***, Ukevtew from It* beglaalag uatll IW2, where he al*o cerved a* vie* chairman for two year*. Aed, Lon Morrl* Hoard of Truateei for three year*) Teia* Conference Commla- •Ion on World Service and Fl- naaee for four year*) Texa* State Methodl«t Planning Commlaalon eight y*ari, •ervlag u vie* chairman for two yeara. Al*o, the Texaa State MethodiM Council oa Evan- gellim, chairman for two year* and member for tony ' Jt«M Confereooe Council fof eight yeara,•ecretaryfortwd. The B*v. Hawthorne alab "tadfht evangellam in atat*. wide eruMdea la tow*, Pennsylvania, Florida, todlaaa, and Colorado. Educational bulldlngi hive tat* *ttt» **** *t Mt •Ml * efcere* aatl at BrMg* CHy. WMfc minuter at park Piece, * •taattawry wa* bwUt, •ad a *H*pel ha* bem bwllt at Moody Hcw*>. H* I* married to the former CaMt* Lewia, whom he met *t U» Mom*. The Haw. thoraae have three caaa, w. W. Hawthorne A., palter of the Sealy Methodiat Chnreh) John w. Hawtbotm, In the real la Carmel, calif.) and Robert P. Hawtearae, la Korea la the U.S. Army. Etvalag **rvto* highlight* of Ih* revival laelvJe Ik* Men'* Chora* to dag oa sun- day, wllh ttM Official Board »poa*orlng the atteadaao*. Oa Moaday, the Chancel Choir will Mag and AduH CUMM will •ptaanr atten- J*J|I t* tuny WaWfcl IRJW laffllil fc ant wflfc u •Mr MM «kfa *H Tat womaa'f «n*Mlrcf !•• «"«»«. ** !•• Ch»**el caolr will .tag. CMIdrwaof theehanhwrU ft* rwaoaaJuH* far , tor CtuHP win cjag. trowa Night i« rrlday, with the young peopl* Vfearttt th. attewiaaee. Th* Tcett Choir win Hal t*» (laa attt provide ape. A awatry will be provide* tor all aervM**. M*fBbmofO»*h«reh*ra ob*wrttat a"Mow*at«f pray. •r" «iM *y ttu week at •••«., rtprwptratio* forth* revival. DRT Chapter holds election of officers An Angletan woman ha* been •beted president of the Cradle of Tea** Chapter, Daughter* of the Republic of Ten* for the eomlnc year. She 1» Mm. W. f. MlUlnc- ton, a lonc^lmeAncletonref- Itferrt wtro hu been active In • number of civic and church $20 DISCOUNT ON ANY ELGIN WATCH IB47 ROGERS TID-BIT SET $^00 STAINIISS STEEL 50 PC. SET S 4t» Reg. tt,IS INTIINATIONAl SHVII HAH PAUL REVERE BOWLS 3 SIZES HUE CHINA 45 PC. SET FIHI SYRACUSE HAWOIY «-'»•* MSI* M PC. Set M i»r. Service II HOOUWCE w .ma* *74" SOpr. WH EiGUSHIKOTfir »24» Other new ottleer* Include Mr*, w. H. Pierce Jr. of Weat Columbia, vie* preal- dentt Mr*. 8. 8. Perry of rreeport, treaiurer; Mr*. George Roberto of Angletoo, •ecretary; Mr*. J. 3, Caldwell of Frwtport, regtttrari Mra. Hetty McCroaky of Wharton, historian; and Mr*. J. U. Munaon of Angleton, chairman of the Children of the Republic. The Chapter met al the Episcopal Pariah House in Draxorla, with Mr*. J, ft Montgomery sr. and Mr*. H. H. Hawkins of Bratorla a* hoateaaea. The Women of the Church •erred the luncheon, aj^rhlch Mr*. Adrians* Munaon of An'-"." gleton aaked the bleailng, Gueata Included Mra. Haden McNeil! and Kate Cochran of Galvtston, and Ml** Ada Sharp* of Angleton, A feature of the meeting wa* . • dlipUy of antique article* Episcopal speaker FRBKPORT - The Rev. Amo* Carey, rector of St. Georg*'* Eplaeopel church in Tan* City, will b* the (peak, •r for th* 7 p.m.uaten*err- te* Tbkraday at M. Paul'* EpiwwpaJ Chirob. The *venlag prayer and acr- moa will be preoeded by a pariah pot tuck mpper at 6 P.m. • by many of the Chapter member*. Mr* Ferry **rv*d •*, eommentalor for thl* part of the program, entitled "Out ofOurTexaa Attle*." , On dl*play were *och thing* M an antique folding chair •hown by Mr*. Perry; aery*, tal eakettand by Mr*. Moat, gomery and a caving* bank which had belonged to their grandfather, ahown by her daughter*. Crom ,tb* w. a StewaH attic came a hind-made aUk •klH which waa being mad* on the day Lincoln «a* ahot. Old book* which had goat through the atorm of It7> were *hown by Mr*. Munaoa and Mra. A. B. McNelll. i On* of the moat unuaaal Item* wa* • eomblnatloakalli which contained everything from a aleel toothpick to an Inatrument for cleaning* nor**'* hoof. Thl* wa* ahown by Mr*. A. O. Evan* of Alvln. From Mra. Mary K. 01*. •ecke'a family wa* ahown an engflkvwd wateh made from •on oa MMHMMor'* mine IB South Carolina. Mra. Olececke, an Angle, ton realdent, alao chowed a photoatatlc copy of that an. ceator'* aenrlce In 1780 In the Revolutionary War; and a plate with the Kennedy coat of arm*, from .their home In Scotland In 1890. During the bualne** *e*. •ion, Mr*, w. U Crew* led the tribute to the Oil*. The •Ingtng of the (tale long, WM led by Mr*. MUUn«toa. Chapter member* mad* plan* for their dutle* a* boat. e**e* on May IB, at toe Stele Convention. SPECIAL TABLE ODDS & ENDS HOW TO GET RICH SLOW (but sure) E»rr» tlullir >im Imrol In Srtir. .Si»lii». llMMl. lnMn . saw,* Uayr in 1 >rar. aetl ninr nn«||H. Viwi rea i-iHint im li. Ji'. ml »> ntlilna » ilrillia* a fcUA-iii un wu. «r jiriM f», w au wU. Ita '» l|.lii, nTlahlr. EH* i wv Ihr P* t i»ll S... »u nwl* »MIT >«« >lkllB« «Ht ul «*lli I*S ll UUWUllc. t^H|»|ltJa*C JtAU V*|H« maw •** wrt H»f»W * •ejatt aetmrni fraei ).«ii ,'b«-k mrh alt li. w M M you aanllii etb* U. lietetflwr ** «wtt e» )MiiwJE *•«•• I us. I». (' X, *M|*W< &ft 107 N CsrklHS rtte* CV f t. ^ 0fl ?!Sf 18COUT BBVEL *•• btW »«»rt«y at the Lake Jackaon Uttle Home with about SO girl* from three Brazos, port c tlea attending. In top photo, the girl* are .hown a* they played a circle game In the Little HOUM. under direction of a member of Cadelte Troop 548 at ctuta. tn the out•to * Croup of fttrW ump Brownie troop* taking part and their leader* were- SSI, Clute, Mr*. Walter Henrlchaon and Mr*, a B. Man; 498, Freeport, Mr*. Dorothy Ransom, Mrs. Barbara Jacltaon leader* were Mrs. Susie Gore MISS DEB . . . «n'n*»ri MictiMNu •bout Junior Hlu foaming infereau. . l £T% r £22L *T!S ' y«" ««n. " you can't, try a , ££*•• •*• friendly quip. Maybe, "It was L*S"Jf"»! •wAvonelSlh fabulous hew I «aa9e« ill that u<* — tataatraaalai S* be*li*a7fc*w«2 A. Change the «ubject If wUl power and strength of character could have done it" And try to remember that pour transformation won't be ih* favorite subject forever. Before long your friend* will think of you only aa your preaent, graceful aelt Q. All my heela are Mrt ef greuad down al the outtlde edgea. Deea that mean Ihm'i •omtUOng wroBf with the way I walk? A. Take a itroll around the room. Notice how your weight fall, to the oulalde edgei of your feet? Now ahltt your, weight Jut tllghtly. to that mort of the weight la on the tatlde of your feet Quite a dlfterence Un't there? If your walk la habit, rather thin a phyalcal problem (of coune. you've checked with your doctor to make cure), you Just need to concentrate on keep- Ing the weight off tboee out aide edgea of your feet Ae a tint atep, take all thoae "ground down" heel* to the •noemaker for a beauty treat- ment Then work on keeplnf them even. Remember, beauty begin* at your to**, became the way you walk affects your entire carriage. Q. I've made a reaelallen to c«rry oat * compute beauly P«iram. and I have any hair, •kto and auheaa reBltnei all planned. I den?t have any particular fInre- ntebtau — den-t •HHaiFiSmto weight. I iwlm aad akl and generally get Ma ef-exercUt. 8e do I need te schedule r*r alar Indeer txercl**, lee? A. Unleaa you take part In gym or outdoor extrcliei on •n unuiually regular bub you probaWneeofmore exer' cl»e than you're getting. Nolh Ing take* the place of regular f»««l*» . . . right through uie month . 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