The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 7
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TUUMPAY, JULY 11, t»4 news. PACE Girl Killer Shot Down By Trusty Former Arkansas Shanty Boat Woman Killed A* Reaches For Gun JAGKSONVLLO.E, Ark., <fl^.— Helen Spence Eaton. 21-year-old Arkansas* bad «irl who said sh« never m-ouJd be captured aJi\*e, ha« k*pt h»r word. <-" . ' She is dead-—shot down "by a xuard 24 hours after she fled'from the state prison farm for -817001611. He said he fired when she reach- Sd into her blouse for a. pistol, " Th6 former TThite river shanty " Ixifct j^rl, twice convicted of naur- d*r. had escaped frona prison four time* befoee- On this last attempt for freedom, she left a note *ayin«. "I'll never, b& taken alive-Frank Martin, a trusty prisoner UtSi£R€d~ £0 glsar<i l»«r\ *«.-*r»OOk th* «iri hxte Wednesday nine mile* from tfie prison farm. Martin^ hlmseir serving a 21- year sentence for murder, -was exonerated by Coroner L. C. Aday. Th* pistol Helen had taken from Martin's quarters just prior to her escape had not been removed from a belt inside the blue d«nim blouse she wore, -when Coroner Aday viewed it three hours after the slaying. First convicted of the courtroom sfeyiag 1 o* Jack Woris who •sra* on trial for the murder of her father^ Cicero Spence. Helen -was tre* atwaitinjr outcome of her ap- J»«»X "when the slaying of Jirn T5o- "hots, T>eWltr restaurant owner. occtirred. It went unsolved for •two years, and ih«n one day. while on parole from the sentence for AVorls" slaying. Helen -walked Into X£ttlft Rode police headquarters and confessed she killed Bohots bficatrse he bad made improper advances to her. Tuesday. Helen complained of - illness while -working; in the strawberry patch and she was excused to permit her to take medicine. Shortly after-scard. Martin sa'w .-hfir. -walking: off from the -wire en- closeS prison and called upon her to .halt. Instead, he said, she ran toward a. nearby -re-oods and.-disappeared before h« and T>eputy Superintendent V. O. Brockman cozild overtake her. Martm then •found, his room open and his pistol rone. i FIRST LADY VISITS WORLD'S FAIR Dallas Nine Here Sunday Team to Do Battle Witk BRIEFS About Town I cultural Adjustment [ tioci Admiaistra- I preparation for b**rteninr of th« \ ginning season < next Tnonth. Stfv- \ \ eral ar« having new equipment! Wixh summer carter rate* in eC- [added. j feet, many Parisians are. watering j J lawns and gardens daily. Grass on f Bids were begrin^ received Tbnrs- imany of th« lawns is dying. |day at the Lamar County Relief One pie* of guilty 10 a. chart* of j • ^— f Board on 50 tons of hay and 30 drunk w« heard, Thursday morn-j ix>c«l offtcerm <w*r* called So a [blocks of salt to be fed to cattle sent here for the local beef canning Wednesday, jaiarht to investigate a j plant, disturbance. One woman was ar- I - i JLAKWI vmi'vov wdv VBLUVU SO ft ing in Corporation Court by City J home on South Eighteenth street Judge W, E, MeKnight. To officially inaugurate juaoat*ur baseball in Paxi» this seaaon Hap Morse's Dallas club feas been »»cured lor Sunday afternoon- Manager Gene Logsdon ttated Thursday morning. Morse demanded and received assurance of . a liealtliy guarantee before fee •would brine his club t<vtMs city. That. Morse. former manager of the Dallas Steers, thinks he has a fast club •was evidenced by the fact that he offered to play on a "•winner-take- all" basis. Manager X«ogsdos ha* «*cured a number of frel! known ball play- era to combat the invader* from Bl^ 35. and Is now on the trail of a famous Indian battery from Oklahoma, Paris fans can rest assured that the home club will be strong enough to give the visitors a real battle from the start to the finish, as some of the best talent . in this section is already listed on the local roster, and it is hoped to include at least two former -well known minor leagruers in th*. list- Sunday's game -will be called at 3 o'cock to accommodate Manager Morse, tvho -vrants to get an early start back home. Mf*. J. I>. Gibson of 1SS South Eighteenth street has reported to 1 police .the theft of a sprinkler ' from her yard. rested and placed in jail. and new typewriters - i three adding machines, Depaty Sheriff Jack Reeves and in^ an,, investment of approxlraate- ( Jailer Byron Sappingtou \v^nt .o ; ly $1,259. recently have been add- JTexarkana on business connected fed at the Lamar County Relief S. Bowen. formerly of j with the sheriff's office here \Ved- f Board. Paris, now & soldier at Ft. Sill. I nesdaj-. j Okla., is spending a 30-day furlough hers with-f spends anfi rela- here. County Agent, A. I*. Edmiaston and Assistant D. R. Ralph visited various sections of the county on Thursday. Mr. Ralph is in charge of al work conducted with Asri- __: I Reports from various section* of Thirty-six prisoners •were- being the county indicate there is aa un- held in the county jail here oa i usually good prospect for a cotion Thursday morning. This number = crop on the heavier lands of the including county, state and Fed- [county this year. Much of the feed eral prisoners. - i on lighter lands is reported to bave . j been badly damaged by drouth. Cotton gins throughout tne} county are being overhauled in '* Several Paris people are piaa- to attend «s yard working at Rockfortf terjr IVMEay. After the e*«»«t«ry i* cleaned- a" picnic dinner wiH be served. -Ail interested person* been imrited-to. attend, -. DT3RACT mN -NAKED OKLAHOMA MARSHAL; Samuel K. Clark Swfuney to n of AiiUe*» EJlS. "Okla. — darlc TCa*- son of Antlers. United State* marshal, ifce past four years in eastern Oklahoma district. from public service On when Samuel E. Swinncy of T>«rant, is inducted into office. Witlt few exceptions. Swiniiey will re~ , tain the force that worked- in £a» marshal's office under vVassoa. Wasson was appointed, byjpresi- <5fnt Hoover and the change in ta* political Ef<le brings a Democrat to the office to succeed felm. Paying her own admission to th« grounds, Mrs. Franklin p. Roose velt sp«nt a day of her "off th« record" vacation at the world's fai in Chicago, and made a whirlwind inspection of exhibits to eochaur reporters and photographers who attempted to follow her. She is show ocenina her purse at the admission catc. {Associated Press Photo) Net Tourney Will Start Prince Of Liege FORT WORTH, (SPJ. — Distracted ; plarsned fuaera.1 services : for little Ca-xb-erine \ 6-sno33t2is-ol<i giri, who; in IS inches of water in : i poql la the back yard I of tier ix>me, Catherine, daughter • o' ilr, and Sirs, Joe "White, was; pJayicgr on a board o^'er the j>ooL She fell icto tbe s5ialloTr '•":.- SFOK-AJSTE. C. Dtll, jDemocrat ton's senior senator, Tiusrs<isy an- : his retirticent frota poll- > Only "some pressing issrje in congress a.*fertirtg- this stat? : that demanded the help that only a "senator of »xp«rieTice and pres- Hg* cotild si^e/" wouICJ Ssduce bins . To rsu. for office again, he said. Tint elected to t2i« senate in 1922. liis term expires in IS 35. . The annual tennis tournament i { sponsored by Johnson-Billinssley [ I Company will start Saturday, with j | drawing for tournament play to j * be held Saturday at 12 o'clock. ! DEPORT POSTMASTER! Any player living in Paris or | y i*. •£-.. . T> i' ' > Laruar county is eligible to play I 111 MlS frlTSt r*0«e ] TTOlp<)rarT Apjwintnie nt AmKmix>i for *** ^ es to be awarded by — 5 j • ' ^, ~o^ -c- i^_ \ iliis firm. Among those who t eti J*y -t ariey > . .- _ .. ^. . ! I already .registered axe Sam. John| ] son. Sam. Rucker, Bill Amisl Hen- | | "WASHINGTON, <J& — Acting \ ^ Brenneman. Clark Estes, B. I. i | Postmasters announced Thursday j jo^^. Travis Reeves. " Conno^ 1 J by Postmaster General Farley in- j £ pears. Korris Sharp, and BilJ-c- j i eluded: j Strinsrf^noxv. " 1 j Tesas: Deport. C. H. Xobles. j ^.n tennis players interested in \ I. .CIares.ce Xobies. born and rear- I participating in this contest are r*- j 1 ed at Deport, is a world, war vet- } quested to register at, this store as ] | eran and has for several years en- j early as possible Saturday mom- * Lged in the seeii and feed business i ing. j ax Deport. , ] ~ j I He attended Paris high school, ! ^HAVAXA STKJKE JF!3LCLS. j I being- graduated in 1914. asd ma--J -t±AVAXA. C^P?.—Reports froia j i rifed Miss Jennie Perkins of 3o- f *he interior indicated Thursday j (gaza.-He is a nephew of .Judge '"W. | that rhe conzeceration of labor cad i i A. Xobies "of Paris. i failed in an attempt to bring a. ! i •—: I —4-hour general strike, beginning j. 5 T>T'«W\TATATTA fT TTRG ' Wednesday midnight, .la- sympathy I j JL L/SiliTXA. J, AtUl. v^L»ljl>^- » with political prisoners. Ha-inaiia. j I TO STATE ROUNDUP 5 ! *seif had returned to normal af- j i .. s ter a partial strike in. which one j i •• ' \ man was killed. Two bombs e^t- I ; 4-H and Farm Women's rfnb *tep- | plo eec Wednesday night but ap- j, re 7 enta , tlTCS to °° t 5*. Stmv ' ater i^arer.tlj- were not connected, with ; . . • I the -walkout. i AXTLXRS, Okla, — Twenty 5 , — j delegates, representing- the 12 4-15. \ ; clubs of PizshmataJia. county, their ; ' club supervisors and the county ' I farm ajrersis, ilr. and Mrs. George : i Innes. are leaving J-uly 24. for trie ! roundup at Oklahoma A- | G M- Colics?. Stillwater. j Hss royal MigHness the Prince of LJega, ba&y son of the king and queen of the Belgians, is shown in his first photograph. The litt;» fe!3ow has been natrred after hi» grandfather^ King Albert. : C'ub workers -will compete for | stare hcric-rs Ln all demonstrations, { •iVh-iCh will bring- together more i then 3.000 club boys and s:-r-!s. lee- \ 'Tires being- cornbirjed with a. dally | program of recreational activities. !• Two celerates wlT! represent the \ county. "B.C." Relieves Your Headache In Three Minutes .- SKAXGHAX.—Carl 35, of Brooklyn, X. T.. WBS killed f Tfextrstfay -while demonstrating arj f JUSi«rican-mis5«s bombing plane in I front o* aationa.list src-vernnient of- i fic4sU« at ths ^overnTneTit airdrome \ in 5hart^ha.i. H-e -was rspr-^^snts- | tiv* for th* Unit?45 Aircraft Ex- :i ports corporstfon J-j China. | 111.—Tfce-. Rev. j Johis E- £>« Long, dry leader who f once enirazcd Sarnuel Insul! In a.! over proh!bitJ<?T5. Wc-dn«sday is tts« bathroom of his hornf?. Dr. ! left a r.ot* Ntyinsr 51i | h*»jTh irtad* it irnpesslh]* for him [ to carry on. I reveals. The- changes rouged from a 10 'per cent increase ir. tT-a Federal Rcs-erve District ot Xotv York to a rns.^Tnurn ga,in ot S5 p*-r cent reported by the Atlanta District. Realizing- thai -no one &rcg can .j relieve all headaches, as they com*! froTti so. rosLiiy caxises, a NortJi i Carolina pharmacist has developed j a combination of several Irss^efli- [ ents. so blended and proportioned | UNION RE\T\ 7 AL IS POST OAK (Mount Olbre>. —A union day evening. Rev. Mr- f as to relieve almost, any headache • in a. few minutes. TOTS cas get this i formula Wherever drugs are sold i 25c packages, and -when you have I one of those violent eting started aere Satur- j heaj j acheSi Branch. ( -ig g-* Methodist, and Rev. J, I.. Turner, j I!e j j n three minutw. "B. C." concessions ; Baptist, in chsrye. | should also b* iised for the relief ;n i Mrs. D, V. Ea:oa who was in- f o - muscular aches ajid pains, corn- __ from inorganic causes, signed at rsocn Thursday on behalf o* India and Japi 1 ^ " s*^ CO7Z-,J1«mricr rixX^tual especialij-. effecttrsg In.di&n cott auid Japanese mer-chandise. The : jurec! in an auto accident. July 4. i raon colds and neuralgia, reduc- pact waj Kjmed at th* foreirn of- [-•wheJi her nose was broken and her I ing fever and for quieting a dis- fsce by S:r Johr. Simon, the foreign | face cat. is improving. j tressed servocs system without secretary. Sstrnue! Hoare. secretary [ A son was born July 4 to Mr. » opiates, narcotics or such aabit- of s^ale for Ir.dia. And Tstiaeo -: a.*«3 Tvlrs. Adrian Ca.g»e. 'forming dr 1 sadcr To Britair.. i ^^^^^oKsaaaoiK^^^^w^^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^** BORI>EA.UX. France. — Thott- Ban^Is -of v!lte..s«rs \vere dt-'lJerKTe- ROCK. Ark,—Industry] . <? stirnu!ated to jSTeater «f- | in promotion of ^he NKA if jj Johnson, recover ad^ 1 *^^- | ly fiffhting Thursday the s?rcx«3 of 1 trator. should ytep out ot o**tce ! and turn the administration ^ork •' over to an inrfusrrJa.t board, Harvey \ C, Couch. RFC director, said in a.n fore»£ fires In th.* GJrond <Jepa.rt- j m^mt which already have gutted ] 7.SOO acrfs: nf ptn*^ timber, threat- i months of t year ».!« ron-.j' v»-v bj- th<? F WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES + H«4^ 4*f- i ^ •V;t^.1rAvt f Ft>ORKNCS, Ariz. — K*sig7:ed •vsruated- and prof<*wing: TIO 'ear, 15 year oM i CJeorire Shaushnc*ssy. Albany. X. m*nt | T,. Thursday axvair^il hi^ dwath 3 an 35 ?>«>r c*^t • in AriaonR's nrxv 5*ths.J g«* rharrt- tts« fj^rt six ;' Vw>r. At 'dawn Friday —Friday thf •rfser.T «t.l*ndsr i. Thirt**rn'h—h?r v> il pay for the \-v-lth j9~r:. a st:r- ; Tn«rd*-r of I_^n B!;-*nk*T*«h-io. T»jr- nl Rrs-rrve board «ftn »atomobi;v> dealer. His pe*itiOT> f*jr a twc"W<«-k'» stay of .execution BKIKS.,LK. N. .T. — Th* r.xid* -dy of « r.?;! hffjrcc! wo van found that rjv«*r was id en *.!?•.'••"? fc» rr-ronr-r ^r. S?. of N *>.<* ha--T commit- Wi. Pep . . Viu On Sale At All Leading Grocers Friday and Saturday IMPERIAL OLD TIME BR0WM SUGAR nf to perifcr th*t blood UU DA P K,ST. Hurrsrn ry If you b»*« tro«W(f' -with too «r pKMMCK 1 * with «r»nt hurnina- »»4 di«omf«rt, from \ mr vtaaA w»*y ••«>•! TH lejt p of for frt»t .» . - tf k«}T>ry» dent *-wpty 3 -pints «**ry «M «*t TKj nf 4 pound* of w«t« m* fWC- body w<H t4tk« up tl?<*p P*>i*otfai emat •tricnMi, j,rtMjhJ*-u It m*y Vnock you out t»y yot>- w|> for m»ny month*. D*»n"t A»k JWST druzt^rt for DOAN'S PlLl^ • i$o«*r"* prM'-rSptioTi . . , whMrh Hwi i«»*4 *w«;x i >«»fuUy by million* «f kWney *nf- ' f«r«fti for <v»«r 4O ynkrs, Thry clw quick wiH h*r}l> to wjuilr outt tfci II ii of kidft*y for v !«i.«;i on way, l<>j» to £o t 'i.i to r**arh $, ! IA XG H A T—-Chnin'.t month - point Thursday. «r,»,—^..., . Thermometers i IN IMPERIAL MARKED PACKAGES AT YOUR GROCERS «T up In ) ft winuMnit for tMrr «M.y wrfoiMtlT- p* BM| irrn*t* <J«*fort* UwtNM. 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TIME Size 4.40-21 4.50-20 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.0O-19 5.25-18 6.0O-20 Stw 4.40-21 4.50-20 4.50-21 GrAJtAXTEE REDUCED OXE-HAIJF COMMERCIAIi CABS A2vD XRT7CKS. 4-PIy 6-Ply $5^0 ^ 7^0 5.50 6.95 5.70 7,20 ....".., 6.10 7.45 6.5O 3^O 7.20 9.05 9.75 11.5O BRUNSWICK SENTRY 6 Months Guarantee Price Size .... 54.45 4.75-19 . . . . .... 4-70 5.OO-20 .... .... 4.SO 5.23-21 . , , . ox Tube $1.23 1.20 1.23 1.3S 1.89 Price $5^0 5.7S 6.SO i BRUNSWICK SUPER-SERVICE 18 Months Guarantee JEach Brunswick Saper-Service 6-PIy- Tire is guaranteed IS tnontiss ana eadt Strper-Serviee 4-Ply 13re is guaranteed 14 months against aJQ road hazards except punctures and. rannius flat. Any Brunswick Super-Service Tire failing to ran its fall time wiU be replaced with a new tire, charging yon for the : number of months of service rendered. 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