The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 7, 1975 · Page 14
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 14

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 14
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Page 14- THE HERALD. Provo. Utah, Monday. April 7, 1975 Answer to Previous Puzzle M Stale proof u Haw.i! 44 Ta'i^m^n « Juicy fru'l 46 Bristles 47 Ind'an |pnl 48 PP nwarp DOWN I - - the 8 Wooden peg 9 Town (Cornish prefix) fj Ashen 1 Plugs up Immpnse IB 19 Al what limp'' ?0 Very large ?l Unique entity ICON ) 2? Nol well 2") Polite lilies hues 41 45 4/ 42 43 40 _ iNKWSI'AI'KH KNTKItl'HISK ASSN ' Win at Bridge Diamonds Not Friendly NOFITI1 AJ ¥ A 754 • K 10 9 7 A K 1064 WEST A K 10 9 8 ;> 4 ¥862 EAST A 73 2 V K Q J 9 *A7 * j y it 5 3 SOUTH (D) A AQB V 103 * A65432 *Q2 Both vulnerable West North East Soulh 1 A Pass 3* Pass Pass Pass 3N.T. Opening lead - 10 A By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: "The 'Ifida 1 club is easy to get into. In fact, we know few players who haven't qualified for membership." Jim.: "South became a member after going down at three notrump. He remarked, 'Ifida seen tiiat my diamond suit was a self-blocker, I'da made my contract'." Oswald: "South won the spade lead with dummy's jack and promptly led a club to his queen. West won with the ace and shifted to a heart. East was allowed to win and continued hearts. South took the third heart in dummy, cashed four diamonds but could not get to his hand to score the last two." Jim: "South was very unlucky. East had made a brilliant defensive play when he continued hearts instead of leading a spade back. Had he done so, South could have ducked and discarded a diamond from dummy. Later on he could unblock by discarding another diamond on the ace of spades. East's continuation of hearts ruined this chance." Oswald: "South had two ways to make his contract. The simple one would have been to overtake dummy's jack of spades with his queen, lead the low spade right back and discard a diamond right then. The second diamond would go on the ace of spades later." The bidding has been: West North East South 1 A Pass 2* Pass "> You, South, hold' AKQ965VA2 •K43*Q87 What do you do now? A — Bid three clubs. We would not criticize either a two-spade or two-notrump rebid, but the club raise is our first choice. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid three clubs and your partner bids three spades What do you do now' 1 Answer Tomorrow Send $1 tor JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge," (c/o this newspaper), P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. INEWSHAI'KH KNTKRI'KISK ASSN i For Tuesday April 8, 1975 ARIES (March 21-April 19)Don't bring people into the act now who aren't helpful or pertinent to your immediate cause. They'll only gum things up. TAURUS (April 20-May 20)Be careful not to criticize someone who's been helpful to you recently. Your remarks will anger this person when he learns ot them. GEMINI (May 21-Juno 20)Something will be offered you . You may think you're entitled to more Don't talk yourself out of a good thing. CANCER (June 21-July)You know the course of action you should now take but at the last minute you'll switch tactics to less effective methods. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)lts difficult for you to keep a secret today. You'll disclose something you shouldn't, then worry that you did. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Stand firm on an agreement you work out with another Keep it fair to both parties. Don't let your selfish interests predominate. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)6e careful that another doesn't overshadow you on something achieved. This person is not entitled to share the returns. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.22)Put a limit on assistance you offer a pal when she comes to you for advice or she'll expect you to do the physical end too. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.23- Dec.21)This can be a profitable day if you don't divert your attention to fnvolous things Keep your mmd on business CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan 19)Be sure to give credit where credit is due today Share the limelight with one who's been helpful or she won't assist you again AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)Have the terms tor any work or service you have done for you now put in writing so there'll be no misunderstanding PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20JII you're not careful you'll exceed your budget on something you want for your children Shop only for what you can afford Your Birthday April 8, 1975 You will make an important change this year. It will have a favorable effect upon your basic lifestyle It's something you've never had the means or opportunity to do before i NKVSl'.U'tiK KNTKHl'KISK ASS.N Dr. Lawrence f. Lamb Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices The Battery Life Of a Heart Pacer ?5 Fencing sword 26 Extensive 27 Beings more than human 30 Food scrap 3? Thicket 34 Pigment 3f> Relative 36 A|ar (dial ] 37 Seine 38 Harrow spike <!0 Sell (comb form) 41 Received 42 Before 43 Siesta 44 Inquire More than 700,000 kinds of insects - representing almost every conceivable form function, and habit - live on the earth. DEAR DR. LAMB - About a year ago I was assaulted in the street, about 9 a.m. on a Monday morning at our post office. F struck him back and knocked him down He was a tall man, about six feet and weighing about 200 pounds I had experienced a heart attack before this happened My doctor called it atrial fibrillation I was perfectly calm and serene at the time I resisted him and knocked him down. When I arrived home the reaction set in The end result was F landed in the hospital and was ultimately operated on to install a pacemaker I would deeply appreciate it if you could inform me how long it takes before I need new batteries for this pacemaker DEAR READER - Heart pacemakers have been an important addition to the treatment and management of heart disease They are highly successful in maintaining regular heart action The first one was implanted in 1958 and since then more than 120,000 have been implanted in the United Skites alone. As of 1972, 90.000 of the people who received pacemaker implants were still alive. Considering the amount of underlying heart disease in these cases, that is truly a remarkable record. The biggest drawback to the pacemakers is the short life of the batteries. You can estimate that the lifespan of the batteries in most current pacemakers is only two to three years. There is quite a spread on this and individuals with pacemakers should be under the supervision of a heart specialist or a heart clinic. They can test you from time to time and advise you when you may need to have your batteries changed. It is very important that you have this kind of supervision and you should establish this at once There has been considerable news coverage about the new nuclear batteries that could last longer than the patients. These hold great promise for the future but are considered still in the investigational phase and are not generally available yet. As a matter of interest, the range of price for the different models of pacemakers available is currently from $800 to $5000. DEAR DR. LAMB - Would you explain what "staph disease" is 11 DEAR READER - That is a slang term for staphylococcus. a particular type of germ. The germs clump together like a cluster of grapes The "staphylo" comes from Greek meaning bunch of grapes, while "coccus" means berry Some varieties of these germs are harmful to man and other varieties are not. They are commonly on the skin and when they set up housekeeping around the root of the small hair they cause pimples or woi so Many people have harmful "staph" germs on the skin and are more prone to skin problems. Staphylococcus germs grow rapidly in puddings, cream pies, potato salad and similar foods when they are left at room temperature When this happens they can cause one form of food poisoning Send your questions to Dr Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr Lamb's booklet on cholesterol, send 50 cents and a long self- addressed stamped envelope to the same address and ask for the "Cholesterol" booklet. NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell to the highest bidder on the 15th day of April 1975, at the hour of 1:00 p.m., at the Abraham 0. Smoot Administration Building loading dock, on the east side of the building, Provo, Utah, the personal property hereinafter described. Said personal property has been held by the Brigham Young University Security Department for more than 90 days, and all reasonable efforts have been made by the Brigham Young University Security Office to discover the owners thereof. No claims have been made to any part of said personal property. New Techniques Reducing Vinyl Chloride Dangers ByJOHNYEMMA FORT WORTH, Tex. (UPI)Industrialist Brad Corbett is confident his vinyl chloride resin factories pose no health threat to his employes. They're new and meet stringent federal standards. Inhalation of vinyl chloride, a raw material in plastics production, recently was linked with cancer of the liver. Stringent new government standards, formulated to cut exposure of factory workers, took effect April 1. Corbett, principal owner of the Texas Rangers baseball club, is president of Robintech Inc., based in Fort Worth. He says the company's plastics factories are new and comply with the federal standards. The new chloride resin plant at Freeport in South Texas, for instance, uses a Japanese production technique which Corbett says virtually eliminates worker exposure to the substance. Following publication of studies linking inhalation of vinyl chloride with angiosarcoma of the liver, the U.S. Labor Department imposed standards on the plastics industry calling for reduction of the chloride to an undetectable level, or at most one part per million parts, in the air of the factory. The industry level had been 500 parts per million. Several large companies and the Society of the Plastics Industry filed suit challenging the standards. Corbett, 37, a native New Yorker who parlayed a $300,000 loan from the Small Business Administration into a thriving plastics and chemical firm, did not join in the industry suit. He said the industry could easily achieve between one and three parts per million of vinyl chloride by improving the quality of the plants. There are 49 vinyl chloride plants in the United States, with a total of 6,500 workers engaged in turning the chemical into polyvinyl chloride plastic. Two dozen cases of liver cancer were found among vinyl chloride workers and 13 deaths recorded before the government set new standards effective Jan. 1. . The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the order but pushed the effective date forward to April 1. The Supreme Court is considering the decision. Acting on an industry petition for a stay pending a ruling, it refused to delay the Jandards beyond April 1. The government argued the Labor Department "is not obligated to await human deaths at a particular level of exposure" before barring exposure at that level. The plastic is used in thousands of products, ranging from industrial pipeline to shower curtains and phonograph records. Vinyl chloride also was used as a propellant in some aerosal cans until the Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Products Safety Commission banned it last year. Most companies that fought the new air standards have plants at least 20 years old — nearly the entire lifespan of the young plastics industry. Corbett said his new Freeport plant meets safety standards by preparing a premix blend of the polyvinyl chloride resin and doing away with open vat blending operations. Corbett predicted the federal standards will result in "purging of the inefficient plants — plants that many corporations continue operating just because they're depreciated out." Turkey's Basis for Good Relations With the U.S. ByPHILNEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Turkey's new conservative government has declared it wants to continue traditional good relations with the United States, but not at the expense of Turkish independence, especially as it regards Cyprus. The alternative, it is suggested, could be a cutback in the number of U.S. military installations in Turkey with subsequent damage to NATO in the eastern Mediterranean and a serious deterioration in U.S.- Turkish relations. An announcement in Ankara on March 31 said that former Premier Suleyman Demirel had succeeded in forming a cabinet from a coalition of four political parties led by his own Justice party which has 149 seats in the 450^seat National assembly. Chief opposition will come from the Republican People's party led by another former premier, Bulent Kcevit. It has 187 assembly seats. Kce.vit, a one-time student of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and briefly a guest writer on the Winston-Salem, N.C., Journal, won widespread popularity in Turkey with his order sending Turkish troops into Cyprus last July. He was unable to capitalize on it, however, and, after losing support of his coalition partner, the National Salvation party, resigned last September. The Demirel coalition is a weak one and it, too, may not last. As it is in Greece, the Cyprus issue is a highly emotional one in Turkey and any sign of weakness toward the Greek majority on Cyprus would mean the government's automatic downfall. Hence the government's hard- line toward the action of the An>erican Congress in cutting off military aid to Turkey last Feb. 5 as result of the Cyprus crisis. It has been suggested the new Demirel government will wait until Congress returns from its Fxister vacation, but then, unless MAKE Schwinn Schwinn Murray Monarch Schwinn Schwinn Dunelt Schwinn Windsor Schwinn Slightweight Hercules Unknown DHB Skoot Unknown Victoria Hercules J C Higgins Browning Sears Schwinn Murray Sport Racer Grand Prix Monarch Schwinn Hiland Sport Schwinn J C Penney Columbia Unknown Glider Schwinn COLOR Green Blue Red Blue Red Blue Silver Blue Red Yellow White Grey Black Gold Green Blue Brown Purple Blue Brown Black Red Blue Silver Purple Black Purple Blue Blue Red Red Red Blue Green TYPE 10-Speed 5-Speed 3-Speed 3-Speed l-Speed 1-Speed 3-Speed 3-Speed 3-Speed 10-Speed 2-Speed 3-Speed l-Speed 10-Speed l-Speed 1010-Speed 10-Speed 3-Speed l-Speed 10-Speed 3-Speed l-Speed 10-Speed 10-Speed 10-Speed 3-Speed l-Speed 10-Speed 3-Speed 3-Speed l-Speed l-Speed l-Speed 3-Speed SERIAL NO. HJ549967 JF64318 M07130620112 1419810 JD 28600 EB 00595 27967N2 GA 07482 S49 A515 78G0663 V68472 33873N2 N10473 25 El 77035 ME6307 05849 14844LL 2W3L8138 375911 WC437 H4I3243 453999 50317341 568408 55742N H36831 7972 7620 60346380 Nl 18805 RG4732 543949 M18505 .Published in The Dally Herald March 31, April 7, 197V USMA Prep PORT BELVOIR, Va. (UPI)The U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School here is accepting applications for the 1975-76 school year that begins in August. USMAPS helps selected soldiers qualify for entrance into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT, IN AND FOR UTAH COUNTY,-STATE OF UTAH, IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ROLAND J. HARDING, Deceased. Creditors will present claims with vouchers to the undersigned at the i office of Howard, Lewis 8. Petersen,' Attorneys at Law, 120 East 300 North, Provo, Utah, on or before 19th ay of June, 1975. Claims must be presented In accordance with the provisions of 75-9-5, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, and with proper verification as required therein. Mary Lou H. Hawkins Larsen Executrix S. Rex Lewis, for: Howard, Lewis 8, Petersen Attorneys for Executrix 120 east 300 North Provo, Utah 84601 Published in The Dally Herald March 17th, 24th, 31st and April 7, 1975. SUMMONS Civil NO. 42,071 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT, IN AND FOR UTAH COUNTY, STATE O c UTAH THELMA PECK, Plaintiff, VS PRODUCERS FINANCE COMPANY, a Utah Corporation; BETH DIXON, as Executrix of the estate of Douglass Dlxon, Deceased; and all other persons known or unknown claiming any In- 'erest in the property described herein. Defendants. THE STATE OF UTAH TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS: You are hereby summoned and required to file an answer in writing to the complaint which Is on file with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court, and to serve upon and mail to Elmer L. Terry, 192 South 100 East, Provo, Utah, a copy of said answer within twenty days after service of this summons upon you. If you fail so to do ludgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded In said complaint which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court, and a copy of which is also filed therein for you. This is an action to qulef title In the plaintiff to the following described real property: Commencing 6.5 rods North of the Southwest corner, Block 9, Plat "A", Payson City Survey of Building Lots; thence North 6 rods; thence East 13 Rods; thence South 6 Rods; thence West 13 rods to the place of beginning. Situated In Section 17, Township 9 South, Range 2 East, Salt Lake Meridian. Dated this 27th day of March, A D., 1975. By Elmer L. Terry Attorney for Plaintiff. Address: 192 South 100 East, Provo, Utah. 84601 Published in The Daily Herald March 31, April 7, 14, 21, 1975. Missouri ranks 10th in the nation in turkey-hunting. The first modern wild turkey season was held in 1960, and in 1974 hunters took more than 5,000 birds. Looking for a place to live? Don't overlook the Apartments for Rent which are found in the Classified section of today's newspaper. HERALD CLASSIFIED ADS DIAL 373-5050 The Only Daily Publication Serving All Utah County NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate No. 17814 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF UTAH COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF WILFORD S. GRAY, Deceased. CREDITORS WILL PRESENT claims with vouchers attached to the undersigned at the offices ol CHRISTENSEN, TAYLOR & MOODY, P.C., Attorneys at Law, 55 East Center Street, Provo, Utah 84601, on or before the 1st day of July, 1975. Claims must be presentee in accordance with the provisions ol Section 75-9-5, Utah Code Annotated, 1953, as amended, and with proper verification as therein reauired. Gall G. Tregaskis Administratrix CHRISTENSEN, TAYLOR & MOODY Cullen Y. Christensen Published in The Dally Herald March 24, 31, April 7, 14, 1975 The Daily Herald CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Rates and Information To Place Your Ad Dial . . . 373-5050 Cash Rates 3 Line Minimum 3 Days, 3 lines $3.75 6 Days, 3 lines $4.50 30 Days, 3 lines $11.25 Above rates subject to $1.00 service charge for credit. COPY DEADLINE Weekdays... 12:00 Noon day preceeding publication. Sunday... 12:00 Noon Friday. Monday... 12 Noon Saturday ADJUSTMENTS CREDIT If your advertisement appears incorrectly, notify us immediately. We will not be responsible for more than two incorrect insertions. Such responsibility is limited to a correct insertion of advertisement. The Daily Herald reserves the right to classify, edit, or reject any classified advertisement. rescind its action on Turkish aid, will begin cutting back the bases around the end of April. The United States has about 25 bases in Turkey, of which five are considered vital to the Western alliance. Included are sophisticated radar installations and early warning systems at Diyarbakir and Sinop. Another is the Incirlik air base. Speculation has been that these bases would not be affected immediately since they also are of strategic value to the Turks. One that might be closed down is the seismic station in central Turkey which traces underground nuclear tests in the Soviet Union. Others would go down as the Turks decided which were of more value to the Americans the Congress moves quickly to than to the Turks. BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY Business Service Writer Wil PAINTING *************************** BEAUTIFUL Acoustic celling-.^ Free Estimates, Sid Headman, 22J- 2916 and 225-5817 QUALITY sprayed acoustic ceilings also painting Inter. & exter. Free estimates. 225-4719, 798-8360. ACOUSTIC CEILINGS 8, perfa-tape finishing. Fr»e Est. 225-2438 ************••«•*»»»•••»+* ****»**++, V,° U - SE Plans drawn. Working drawings for your Loan Co. 8, Contractor. 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