The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 13
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SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 15. 1024 RETIRES FROM k HEALTH OFFICE Dr. C. S. Evuu, President of Board of Health, Succeeded By Dr. Groover. Or. 'Chas. 9. Evan*, for sixteen .years one ot Hutchinsotfg prominent physicians, and for alx years president of the City board ot (health Will leave the first ot the month for Springfield, Mo„ moving bin family there. He will engage In practice of his {profession thorc. Dr. Evans tendered hla resignation ns head of the board of health to the city com- inlsBln yeatontay afternoon, ' Dr. B. I* Oroever, one of the t>est known physicians of the city %ras appointed by Mnj. W. IJ. J HE HUTCHINSON NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN. DR. as. BVAXH. ^ Brown, commissioner ot health to vweceed Dr. Evans as bead of the (board ot health and the comrola- Bioa unanimously rati!iml the appointment. Br. Bran* has <beon a resident of JTutchtnsoIn since 1908. He has been prominent in medical circles, and . also in military affairs, having J (been ft major in thn ruectfeal corps in the army, and during the world ;' war •wan regimental medical of* i $icvr of the 137th Infantry. Br, Greover, UUe Br. Kvans, is prominent in American Legion ' circles. Ho has been commander of •' the Lyele RtBbol v po»t , of the [Legion for tho paat year, and before that was adjutant of the post. tHo served as a medical officer in tho Naval service during the war. The city commission adopted a Resolution as follows yesterday atternoon: AVherpiiB. \>r. C. S. "Evans has for the last atx yenr* nerved in a most ufflclent and satisfactory mnnm;i\ tho Important T>antlion as Pr«.«lilpnt of the Wourd of Ifpijlth or this City, and on uccount of taivtnft tv -u- .«t»w flftld of labor, ha* tendered his resignation. ef/«etivfl at once, Therefore. Bo It ItPsolVDd by th« f'ommisaHiners ot the City of Hutchinson, that wiillc w*> deeply rewot the loss of. tho HervlctiH of our ••f fit-lent President of th<i Board of H<*nH)i, and lifa removal from our Cliy. \VP heartily commend him and hla, e*tlmnbto *funiHy to tho i-itii*;ii» of tli»> flaco MIUTO JH* Jocatua, ns a jihynivian- ot raru sklM. a niitti of, umiMegtloned honor, whoso tfenliillty. imrt atorhnK •worth will ho an ustfttt to tha i.-oni- w unity, imd who«fi. j-ervlees will hi? ttittixfiiutory unrt uo*r-|itabt« to the nf- flliitfd who nvs In 11*0(1 of nuulJcnl a hi. f /o him Knd hla family, on behalf of our cUlit 'JiKtdp, wo wish unbounrtwl fiuocew and vu-oaiterity, and ussuni them that tltero are many friends will he Klad to welcome ih*m lmt*U to our City, in which they havo plny *d nn Important part In building and develQj>lnir. LOOKING BACKWARD 1 (PrMH Hi* ritaa TO* Ntwtl — —* FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874. Tho News company was talking comity script on subscriptions. Four new street crossings were ordered in by tho city fatht-rs, three on Main street and one on yjrst ave. •Vlrat snow ot the aeuaon fell, two • Inches in nil. MIDLAND—Monday for 3 days, Nazlniova and Milton Sills In "Madonna of Tho Streets," starting Thursday, Reginald Denny In 'The Reckless Age,"'also i acta' of vaudeville. noYAI*~*ll next week, Rln-Tin- Tin In "Find Your Man." DELUXE—Monday and Tuesday, Lucille Rlckson In "Behind The Curtain." Wednesday and Thursday, Jackie Coogan In "Boy of Slanders." Friday and Saturday, ' JnoV Hoxta in "Rldgew&y of Montana." RI8—-Monday, "The Spider and the Rose" With Alice Lake and daston Glass. "After a Million," •with Kenneth MoDonnld. 'Wertnoa- day, "His Darker Self," with Lloyd Hamilton. Thursday, "Times Have Changed," •with William Russell.- Friday, "Ten Scars Make a Man," with AUene Ray. Saturday, "The Empty Stall." race truck story with Hilly Sullivan. _ A Canine Star On the Screen A photoplay featuring a canluo star Is to-be presented at tho Royal Theatre H 11 next we«k, beginning Monday. The picture Is "Find Your Man" The dog hero Is Rln-Tin- some ot the pictures In which she has appeared. Wednesday aud Thursday Jackie Coogan will be shown in "Boy ot Flanders." This show* Jackie in one ot his very best pictures. "Rldgeway of Montana," Jack Hoxje'a Universal starring feature coming to the Do Luxo theatre beginning Friday, carries a warning to impulsive "flappers" who dare to do more than the conventional. The heroine, played by Olive Kaa- brouk, dared to follow a man from her city home to his mountain hunting cabin—and a great blizzard trapped them in! Clifford Smith directed, Irom William McLood Rnine's story. " Films at Iris~ •' Next Week "The Spider and the Hon,?," a tale of mlHSlon life lji California during tho days when the state was a province of Mexico under the" reign of Maxmlllinn will bo at the Iris theatre Monday. Lloyd Hamilton, that fat, fnnuy boy that makes you laugh Just u> look at him will bo at the Iris Wednesday, Educational pictures loaned blm to D. W. Griffith to make t "Hls Darker Self." a feature length comedy "In black and white," and he's a riot lu poth colors. William Russell, thoroughly nt home in a "wide number of roles, will he seen at the Iris theatre again Thursday, in his production, "Times Have Changed." "Ten Scant Make a Man," (ho new Path aerial which comes to the Iris theatre on Friday, is highly recommended by manager llunyon as a -week to Week entertainment that ftvery member of the family may enjoy. Byiy Sullivan, who receutly achieved a great deal of popularity as the star of Universale newest, series of "Leather Pushers," .makes his Initial appearance <w "The Information Kid" of - the screen In "The Empty Stall," at tho Iris theatre next Saturday. Nazimova Returns To the Screen Nazimova, the famous Russian actress, has returned to the screen after an absence of two years, which she spent in vaudovllle, The Ni3imOV8> , /^"MaeLonna- of thi Str«t> picture la "Madonna of the Streets," producd toy Edwin Cnrewo and pre- Bented 'by First National Pictures, which -opens at tho Midland Theatre on Monday. INazlmovn and Mlltou SilU, ever to be remembered for his worlc In "The Sea Hawk," have tho two leading roles In "Madonna ot tho Streets,' 1 which Is an adaptation of W. 11. Maxwell's novel "The Ragged Messenger." A Rib Tickler. "Han n keen sense ot humor, hasn't he?" "Rather. A hnnnna peel all by Itself will make him laugh."— American Legion Weekly. MAKING A LAKE AT BARTON PLANT A lake is being constructed at thn Barton snlt. works to bo used as a reservoir to supply water for cooling thn vondeusnrs and for fire protection. in order to get, more'room for the lake, the city commission Is vacating Raff street, from Carpenter to Campbell, one block. Tho street la wholly within tho prop- Thieves hluw the sutul at the, tank at Sterling and got uwuy With hundreds ot dollars. Mrs. Scott, a temperance lec- tnroj, was drawing big crowds at ber daily meetings and getting hundreds to sign tho pledges. . Louie Lord and her troupe was ker* but drawing small crowds, due mostly to_ dislike to the "old man" in tho company, ' THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894. Mrs. E. C. fierce was advertising to make hair watch chains for Christmas trado. J. P. Shunk, a town farmer, who huil planted 160 acres to corn said ' aitcv selling it he had mudo a profit ot $1,430.07 on tho crop. Brown and Woofel had 5,000 ' »heep they were wtnterlug on their •beep ranch near the packtng house. , .TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904. N. B. McCammou, proprietor ot ' the Royal . Barber ' shop, was np- • jointed to the state barber bourrt. - Mtss Lulu Glfebs entertained the nembers ot Chapter D, 1'. IS- U. J. It Bakor and George Rano ; were talking of building a big flour will near their elevator. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914. .' A Ford cur containing sovmi . people w»s hit by a street car, turned ovfer and all thrown out but 1 not one hurt. Kingman was dickering for a -soda ash plant. Mrs. J. K. Morris and Mrs. Jetiu/o . Shlney drove through from Rush 'Center In their horse, and buggy to "Bpuml the winter in Hutchinson. MEMORIAL SERVICE' AT BETHEL CHURCH. Special services: will bo held at ^ 8 p. m. Sunday in the Bethel A, Jl. K. church, Avenue H and Washington, in memory ot tho late Prof.- Oeorga W. Hubbard, M. D., late president of Meberry College, . Nashville, Tenn. • A life' history of Prof. Hubbard varlll bo read by Dr. Lovl J,- New. "some."... Mr*. Cliiudu .McCalep will • «lni; Attorney William HnrrUon 'Will speak ot tbo lite ot Prof. Hub- hard-. ham -mm YOUK MAN* A *MWI aaoa. ajmtcor rm """HTM Tin, Htar of "Where the North Begins," Most ot tho action centers around this famous PolJco Dog whoso athletic stunts will surprise you. His education began on the firing line In France where he lenrued to faco shot and shell without flinching, and waa continued lu California under tho direction of Loo Duncan. He has won many championships lu running and jumping. Reginald Denny In The Reckless Age" Reginald Denny can't get away from thrills—or fights. When l.o was assigned to play the starring role In "The Reckless Age," his new feature to be seen Thursday at the Midland theater, he heaved a sigh o( relief. "No nuto racing In it-^and no fights," he proclaimed. But ho soon found his mistake, for ho had to stage the most thrilling tight in his career, the haml-lo- hand battle In a newspaper office IRIS Nfltl 5c ' f0c Exenlng 10c Tonloht—"The Flddllno Doll." a first rim nice track story, "Wolvei of the# Range" with I-Iohm Gibson. "A Royal Pair," Century comedy. Monday—"The Spider and iht Rose'' with Alice L-uko, JUoulftj Vnr.imdu. Uayton Glaus. Joauph ' Pott'llntr* Hob't McKlm ami others. A wonderful. cast. "Hla Bitter Half," comedy. Tuasday "After a Million** with Kenneth McDonald. . A new, first run feature with a deep plot and lota ot action, "Convict 13," comedy. Wednesday—"Hla Darker self" with Uoyd Hamilton. A «\v• iilotio of fun and frolic. "Asleep at the Switch," com- with Hen Turpln. Thursday—"Time* Have Chanced" with William K«nwll. Six ret 'li« of jazz and symphony. "A Scenario School," oomedy. Friday—"Ten Scarg Make a Man" with Allene Huy. 4, The Man Who Would,Not Die," an Indian drama, "Accidental Accidents," comedy. Pathe News. Saturday—"The Empty Stall," new. flr«t. run race track Hiory. "A Rodeo Hero." western story. "Lost Control," * Century comedy. On .Spnaklnir Terma "With Your Ponket- hootc—It's 10c anytime. "We've Got the Capacity. We'll Qlve Vou the $how> MONDAY—TUESDAY: Mysterious, Sennational, Breath TakliiK— "Behind the Curtain" A fteiiRattpnal n\v\tt moving 1 ro- maii'-c from life, teeming with intrlpue. Jimmy Aubrey Comedy—"Kingdom" WEDNESDAY—THURSDAY— Jacklo Coofrnn In "The Boy of Flanders" A beautiful picture that deeerves evory bit of tho praise elven it. Century Comedy: "Her Fortunate Face." It's brand new. FRIDAY SATURDAY: Jack Hoxie in tho ox-elusive allowing of lib* latest— "Rldgeway of Montana'' A romance of the cattle ranges where tho law l H packed in alx shooters. X.arry fcnmion Comr-ily—. "Babea and boobs" Martin Johnaon'a Jungio Picture ROYAL LAST TIMES TONITE— ABRAilAM LINCOL TONIGHT- Bebe Daniels in "Dangerous Money 2—ACTS VAUDEVILLE—2 oney" -2 MONDAY— 'Til Wednesday Nazimova returns to the screen In this bomshell of emotion. Milton Sills, fresh from his "8 e a H»wk" triumph, gives his greatest performance'. NEWS \4 REVIEW CHB1STIE COMEDY "SAVAGE LOVE Schedule: 1:15—3:15—5:15—7:15—9:15. Usual Midland, Prices. Mat. 25c Eve. 40c Kids 10c erty of the suit company at that point and in only a stub end. An Unfair Advantage. Johnny.- "Why did you unit, won inff for that memory expert?" Willie: '"Cause he roinemhi.T that all my arandmnthera diml In year."—Anivrii-tm- Legion Wwi. •' Insurance versus Municipal Bonds Every njan with a family depending upon him should carry adequate life insurance. _It is, by long odds, the best provision he can make for the security of his dependents. But even insurance men will tell you that there is such a thing as too much life insurance. The premium payments become burdensome. And it ia not, an obligation for one year alone but for years and years to come- Often an investment that 5s absolutely safe and yields an annual in- como is preferable to an additional insurance policy. MUNICIPAL BONDS should be considered., for such an investment because of the unusual degree o*f safety and the very attractive return. There are, no deductions for taxes— as is the case with most other forms of investment—because MUNICIPAL BONDS are non-taxable. " Never t&e Loss of a Cent in, %\!Pvincipal or Interest to anyInvestor^ THE BROWN-CRUMMERCa INVESTMENT SECUWTIBS—"'--WICHlTAJtAKSAS "Kopke's Best Beats All the Rest 7 Ask Your Grocer for which marks ODD ot tin? big "pilueh" scouea In tho now suriu-comody, an uduptallon of Karl D«rr BlRgors' Saturday Uvenlug Post story, "L.OVO IriKUTtUlCCi" Tlio Midland vauduvtllo for (ho IntV half consists ot Uounld \U- Addm and the Sullivan Statera lu a "Weu Bit of Scotch." and Browning and Weir, "Two Pals Front tho South." Kogulnr Midland Prices. At the De Luxe During Week Lucille niUison, Who play* tho juvDiillu load in "Ilnhlnd the Curtain," Universal plcturn to ho" Rcreeued at the Do Luxo tlwalro! conimonclng Monday, is one of the. youngest landing women in screen; work. Sho was acuordod the honor i of being chosen one of the Hab>4 Stars ot 1321 by tho Wantpua, an organization composed of men en-! gaged In the publicity departments of lli>- motion picture producing, conipimlcj in Hollywood. "The; ltonde/.vous." ' .ludgment of lhe. Storm" and "Voting lduala" urej Through Pullman* via Grand Canyon .National Park —open all the ytar Take the family- excellent schools for your children {he Journey Chere-aioy —steel equipment —double. track—tack ballast —powerful locomotive* details here M. E. WAY, Agent Phone D5 Hutchinson. Kancas. ROYAL ALL NEXT WEEK! Another Thrilling Photoplay with the Wonder Dog of the Age RIN -T r INI> V< Exciting Melodrama Faultlessly Presented A Whirlwiud of Vivid Action introducing Once More the Marvelous Canine Star of— "Where the North begins." XEWS REVIEW COMEDY— "Our Gang" in "Cradle Robbers" Reeular Royal Prices—Mat, 20c: Eve. 30o; Kids 10c. Schedule: 1:15—3:20—5:20—7:20—9:20. Pan Cake Flour Rolled Oats Table Syrup Flavoring Extract Tomato Catsup Pure Apple Butter Pure Strained Honey Pure Ground Spices Fresh Roasted Coffee Fine Teas Canned Whole Tomatoes Strawberry Preserves Queen Olives Pure Grape Jam Kopke Bros. Mercantile Co. Wholesale Distributors PERU i, , for the , Whole family fc It metts those enier/jencica that are constantly arisinc: when, having the proper remedy in the home, may mean much. You can't tell who will ncttl it first or when. Having 1 a bottle of Pe-ru-na at hand lends a feeling- of security to any household. For Cough»,< Colds, Catarrh and Catarrhal .Conditional Mrs. S3, F.. Morgan, R. D- No 1, Box 49, Washington, Kan*,, says: "I can't do without Pe-ru-na in the house," Mrs. M. J. HO'IIRC. R. D. So 2. Henry,. Term, mys; "Pe-ru-na and Mait-a-lin are the best nictliciuvs on i hr market for noniach troubled Mr* C. Gates, Mcsick, Mich., *aya"Pc-ru-na i* •good for colds and stomach trouble." Mr. J. O. Stxton, R. D. No. 2, Grassy Creek, N. C, say*:—"Pc-ru-na U fine' for colds, grip and flu." During more than half » ccniuir P«tu-tu h*> bern the main tttutKe in thot/i*nti» yf hMnts. Keying j Utnily htilthy ca'li fur a i^emV »nd untdeitttng huht itk '4tmt c*l*rrb «nd catarrhal discau*. a. fiaht wisely nuJe with the ht!p cf Xht\ well-known *nri well «ti<JcfM4 rcme -1/- r'4i)ur« to buy » boltla iwday might be 4 tn*U*r (of Mifjut Sold Evcryhere—Tablets or Liquid Smd tor ThU 9mk

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