Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1968 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1968
Page 3
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JUNE 28, 1968 ALfON EVENING TELEGRAPH Blight Threatens Horseshoe Lake LOOKS DESOLATE - This is the north shore of Horseshoe Lake, looking in a westerly direction toward Granite City Steel Co. in background. The debris consists of huge slabs of concrete, evidently from broken sidewalks and probably used to deter erbsion from the lake. At left is a makeshift ramp used for launching boats. On weekends, boat races in this portion of the lake draws big crowds. Fishermen also frequent this area. GAAC Moves to Fill Vacant Buildings The newly-formed Trade Development Council of the Greater Alton Assn. of Commerce vyill attempt to fill vacant buildings with new businesses, it was announced today. ;,Nick Maggos, chairman of the chamber'? Business Development Division, said the primary function of the new council will be the promotion of Alton as a trade area in competition with St. Louis businesses. Maggos, following a meeting Thursday noon, said there are many vacant buildings in tne Greater Alton metroplex and they should be filled with business firms. V. Jospph Wardein, chairman of the council, told how it would operate. There will be two representatives from each of six trade areas — North Alton, Upper Alton, Milton, Alton Plaza Shopping Center, East End, and Downtown, Wardein said. eople Hurt... Foot Gashed ;. A Bethalto boy's second raft- launching efforts continued to be plagued with disaster Thurs day when he gashed his left foot while launching the raft on a lake adjacent to Cloverleaf Golf Cowse. Richard Hawkins, 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hawkins and a friend had built one raft and launched it, but it sank. -^ After working all day Thurs day on the second ,raft they Were launching it yesterday evening when Dick stepped on the glass under water. A trip to the emergency room of Alton Memorial Hospital re- stilted in five stitches to clp^e the wound and by then it was too late to continue the launching project. Bitten A Brighton mother and her 14-year-old son were bitten by while trying to free the animal caught on a gate. ! Mrs. Warren Geisler and her son, Clyde, were given tetanus sfiots to prevent infection in the emergerry room at Alton Me- mprial Hospital. -The dog, named Laddie, had ti5ed to -jump over the gate, but its left hind leg became caught between the pickets, and the dog was suspended by one leg from the gate's top. ..While Mrs. Geisler and her sicin succeeded in freeing the d(ig, the animal accidentally snapped, biting his rescuers on tjjetr right hands. *-v « Fireworks 4* Xf *A fire»racker exoloded in the h#nd of a 17-year-old East Alton bov. Thursday, and caused lacerations to his fingers and nalm. David S'croRgins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scroggins, Rte. 1. East Alton, was treated in the Alton Memorial Hospital emergency room The boy was able to attend Tell* Story Sgt. Donald Sandidge. of the Alton Polipe investigativp M". slot), reported that a formw convict arrested Wednesday in a burglary at an Alton auto firm has admitted at least four other recent break-ins in the Alton area. Sgt. Sandjdge said Harry kee BaWrWge aflmltted to polk* investigators that he burelarfrpd four qther firms including tfa Eagles Lodge at 254 428 F Broadway w March 27; Honk* j»!wroiftcy, OR May M: Louts lounge on June 3; and toe Jup< 'Iter Store, at 103 w. 3rd St., on June 88, summer school classes this morning but he awaits further treatment of the injury by the family doctor. Chin Cut An Alton.boy did a header off his bicycle Thursday and cut open his chin. Nine' - year - old David Freeman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Freeman of 617 Mather St., was riding his bike near his home when he lost control and went off head first onto the pavement. Several stitches were used at the emergency room of Alton Memorial Hospital to close the laceration. Wardein said the council will attempt to furnish, for the entire area, businesses that are needed and wanted by Alton shoppers "We hope to provide everything that a shopper can get in St. Loui« " Wardein said. Serving on the council will be: North Alton — Ed Wardein Jr. and'Donald St. Peters; Alton Plaza — Earl Hicks and Mrs. Ann Styles: Milton — Ralph Gravemann and Lyman Barton; East End — Oliver Honke and Walter Hanlon; Upper Alton — Bob Hutchinson and George M. Lammers; and Downtown — Bert Wuellner and Richard Massey. Commenting on the new council, Honke said: "This is good; it is what we have been needing; now we can put our collective brains together on an effort for the entire business community rather than just for our own separate groups." Hicks said the council should be helpful to all merchants in the trade area. Promotions and advertising, with everyone involved, will be helpful to the entire area, he added. HEADQUARTERS FOR • NUNN-BUSH and • JARMAN SHOES UNITED MEN'S SHOP Upper Alton — Wood River % JIM KULP telegraph staff Writer Two catfish hung on a stringer as the two young fishermen, standing on t'h e shore of horseshoe Lake neat Granite City, proudly displayed them. "We caught a 20'pound carp in here a week ago," one of the boys said to H. D. Karandjeff, chairman of the Horseshoe Lake Area Commission which hopes to turn the lake into a state park and recreation area. Kanndjeff, Wednesday, told the Telegraph on a tour of Horseshoe Lake, a sadly neglected natural body of xvater off Rte. Ill near Granite City. Some people call it the "unlucky horseshoe," because It is surrounded by blight and efforts to rehabilitate it through state efforts so far. have failed. The two young fishermen were David Lewis, 11, and Gary Brown, 14, both of Granite City. They parked their bicycles on the shores of the lake and began fishing with worms. One of the catfish weighed about a pound. The day before, they said, they had caught six catfish and one white perch. But Horseshoe Lake has troubles. Former Gov. Otto Kerner vetoed bills to appropriate money for it, twice, once in 1967 when the commission sought $400,000 as a start to acquire some land. In 1961, Gov. Kerner vetoed a bill to provide ?3.5 million for development of the proposed park and lake. The lake lies like a jewel in an area bounded by Rte. Ill, Rte. 162 and the New York Central Railroad tracks, the Colllnsville- Granite Road and Interstate 70. Its shoreline is a jumble; of decaying OP garishly painted cottages, huts or trailers, pontoon boats, ramshackle boat docks, boulders and broken concrete slabs. At one time Granite City Steel Co. was polluting the lake, oouring water into it from the Mississippi River used in its steel making process. Now, the steel company his fashioned a lagoon by building a levee around 400 acres of the lake, using that to dispose of its river water. But Horseshoe Lake is a pretty lake, despite the blight and neglect. It's total acreage is about 2,000 acres. The water is not muddy, but clear and the shoreline in most places is sandy. In some places lily pads have grown up to create a srene of striking beauty. There's an island in the middle of the lake, which gets its name from its horsesheoe curve, but that, like all of the property surrounding the shoreline, is privately owned. A sign at the entrance to the road going out to the island says: "Absolutely no crossing." Some of the clubhouses along the shore, a few of which are in good shape and well-kept, have signs warning trespassers to keep out and "10 fishing." A fish market on one location sells fish from the Mississippi River, not from Horseshoe Lake. ' Most fishermen in the area frequent a small pond across a road from Horse- shoe Lnke, where they pay $1 to try their luck because it is well stocked (12.000 pound* of carp were dumped in T week ago). Howwer. some people do fish in Horseshoe Lake, including apparently some comnvrcial fishermen since the lake in spots was dotted with blue fishermen's jugs. A' the Interstate 70 end of the lake is a development railed the Horseshoe Lake Rod and Gun Club, a private establishment with a boat dock and leased cottages that is fairly well kept up Krandjeff and his commission is eager to get something done about Horseshoe Lake. They have updated their 1965 report on Assembly and hope that another bill can be introduced in the legislature next year to rake the money for the lake's rehabilitation. What the commission wants to do is purchase the property around the lake, including the island, and turn the area into a state park with picnic spots and equipment, adequate roads and boat access ramps — and stock it with fish. Karandjeff, who is chairman of the board of the Granite City Trust and Savings Bank, said the first bill Kerner vetoed called for the purchase of 7,700 acres. Land costs were estimated at $1,392,750, dredging at $1,599,600 and road construction and picnic equipment at $512,000, for a total of $3,504,140. Karandjeff, while acknowledging that those figures probably will have to be revised somewhat, says MODEL FROM FRIGIDAIRE BIG COOLING POWER, 115-VOLT OPERATION 11,500 BTU/hr (NEMA) capacity • Two-speed tan operation • Pull-out chassis installation • Can Install thru-the-wall with optional kit • Bacterlclde-treated filter AND SIZE TO FIT ANY NEED! 4,000 BTU TO 24,000 BTU the commission has . been advised that it cotild get about two-thirds of the total cost from the federal government. The $400,000 sought fast year, which Rentier vetoed, plus some $800,000 in federal funds, would have bought the lake itself, Karandjeff said. The commission's report pointed out that Horseshoe Lake is one of the larger bodies of water In downstate Illinois, tt lies in a region which will have a projected population of 627.000 by 1970, and is easily accessible to all. However, the commission said that the lake has been allowed to silt up so that it is becoming more shallow every season, pollution threatens it and (he shoreline has become deteriorated, though some property owners are conservation minded and maintain their cottages. The existing and potential beauty of Horseshoe Lake was recognized by former Senator Paul Douglas when he was taken on a sight-seeing lour of the area some time ago, Karandjeff said. State Senator Paul Simon of Troy was driving the car in which Karandjeff and Douglas were riding. The car came around a curve of a lake road off Rte. Ill and came into sight of Horseshoe Lake, sparkling in the sun. "Senator Douglas, who was sitting in the back seat, put his hand on my shoulder," Karandjeff said, "and exclaimed: 'Henry, don't give this up." DOES YOUR AUTO INSURANCE EXPIRE THIS MONTH? IF SO .... 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