The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 2
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Xew». Frederick, Sid.. We*»e*S!iy. July 7. 1948 County Beetle Battle Opens Essay Coolest For County Field Day Expects Several Million Key Stamps To Be Sold Here Aug. 9 Coimlv*s New Wheat Of Ou'ly 'Fair Quality' Two More Producer* Raise Tire Prices I In conjunction vith the Mary- j land Conservation -- - - -- A stamp collector's x-icw ol A u g - ' tie of the 1948 bat- beelies aad borers were several fronts in Frld- «Hck county Tuesday when road- iii»* nr»virj: sol underway along ^ Nel'^JiSn and Ballmer prolate*- Creek roads and experiments were started ia the spraying of sugar corn. Late ia arriving both com borers are^out ia to~~~~ agncui , ure comrmttee of the Fred- Robert F. Nicoderin s when he ex- School auditorium. Ralph E. $2 20 a. busheS. u members of Davis. Ki-.'-anjaii from Ron.e. G a , conducted school children of the state Ap- J; ^ _ one hundred v..ars ^ Ki«.am« Club at iur.cheoi Tues- W E S prefent and the only Ruest uas Howard Barker, of Frederick An estimated ten million stamp collector in the country \\ill be local wheat began arriving j Akron. O.. July 6. ',JP -- Two raaj- at the Frederick elevator of the , ° r producers today announced increases in the prices of tires and tubes. i Goodyear and Goodrich were the i second and third members of the. 'Big Four" of the industry to j boost retail prices. U. S. Rubber j Co. last Thursdav upped its fig- '. :n U. S security bonds and stamps w;:i be awarded to the \\nters of * a - v " the best ten essays. This announcement County Agent maker $*id. Farmers and gsrcen- ater aursi- Wjiiiarn" iT Sett, chairman of the interested in Frederick * cancella- Fred- tion August 9. the :~peaker said. . . . , _ Com- a:ia propheMt-d that veveral million AlieiKl Ul £· w I - t - 1 . J). \\ arUJ|S bail wheat throughout the County. I buvers said. Moisture content is · the 1948 wheat crop, but . w _ _, Goodyear announced that effect- j » v * today truck tire prices would TAVERN GEOt'P O*GA.\IZES j Nichols at her borne near Damas- N*w York. July 6 t/Pj--The Sons cus. The room was decorated ia of th« Whiskey Rebellion, "op- pink and blue crepe paper and on pOMd. to blue noses and to red j the table nwut * cake trimmed wHir notes a* well.** was organized at j seven candles by her mother. Mrs. · the Statue of Liberty yesterday, j Clarence Afichols. Many birthday'. Waiter A. Kennedy, president of |cards *od prevents were received, the Associated Tavern Owners of j and refreshments were served. 3 BrooKlyn and a director of the! Those present w*r* .Eugene Moh-J Associated Tavern Owners of jler, Katherine'L*wi. Ray Smith.) America, said a delegation of 100 h*d met to form the new group to fijbt prohibition and excessive i kins. Germantown; Karma Lym liquor taxes. i George "2fehouse\ Thajnas King.! Kennedy said the g'oup will be j James - Watties. . Jtije " Xvchois.3 - public body ia opposition to the;Shirley "Niched*. Marilyn Olacd.* omen's Christian Temoeranc* t all of n*?ar Tforrimscui. Bettvj Donald Li»h*ar "-all-'-of Monrovia: Kenneth Watfckts. MJHC?- Jo Wa Junior Chamber of which is sponsoring this ?t. ·:" 'T b V e statewide coatest The contest, he at !*.,r e revealec. is open to ?*1 school A number of local business houses the carsi- time to spray '! children in Maryland M.CO are enrolled in the seventh through twelfth grades, including thos,e who graduated from high school this ear The subject of the contest :s What The Co:i:er\ auo.i of Our Xstural Resources Means to Me ers report borers bers than a year damage to earl potatoes fro.-r. borer has been reported l"p To Individaik Much'cf the succer^ o! paign against thete »»est upon the eTorts of :nd;% idual^- Mr Shoemaker again po-r.ted out. .he trees, shrubs and he exolained a::d those *hO hsve placed traps are disposisg of thousands of beeile*.^ Under the direction of Daniel -j Thomas, the two ....r ying r:g« intended to cover th- rosditces with insecticide, started down the New Design and BaUer.ger Creek rosds on Tuesday with the intention c-1 covering the most heavily infested areas first. H w,l! be impossible for these rigs to do other than roadside spraying. Spraying on the farms \vM have to be "undertaken by the O-A p.ers and tenants. Two spray r:gs Thomas and Co. locai car-ners. started spraying cornfields on Tuesday. One of these has a boom rig and the other a m:it :praer. Both ar* mounted high to permit spraying in cornfield.- alter the -J' o li UUli r lu - a I Kites plants approach maturity i hey are intended primarily to limit damage of corn borers would be sold that day and teatt a militori cancelled here ·A ar- v, ere are taking advantage of the x caviun to send memorial cachets to ··u*o:ners and dealers and some p;.ttt to buy a :· earS «-upply of '-he ^pccsa! ib^uc postage for f u t u i e uiC y:j !!:eir rnai! Mr Nicotk-ss-.u; di=cu=»«.-d some cf ; ; thf oddils*^ encountered in sUin:» *" Rome. Ju:y 0 A'--U. S. ^riiph :n the Mediterranean on the move today Four ihips. headed by tae aircraft earner Kearsarge. mailed frt^rsi XapJe^ »:: a southwesterly direction The naval attache at t.'sfc L" S embassy here saic the i.';sps were under secret orders He he had no knowledge of their A!so sa.hng were the iovv , tlie 60-pour.d per bushel weight i *° U P about five P« r cent - P«ssen- ', standard is off four to eight 8 er tire s six per cent and large : pounds, due to infestations. i *arm tires about seven and one- Couniv Agent Henry R. Shoe- ^ ^ ^ ., ,, . . ' maker agreed general!-.- with the' Goodrich said that elective to-, Co-operative'* findings. adding . *** passenger tires would go up; that in bis opinion the "scab" has · ·«» ^ » 6 per cent, truck and i bee", the worst infestation this bus Ures 5 per cent, farm tractor, %ear tires « to T 1 ^ and all tubes 6 per cen* He sasd that many of the County farmers who have threshed, re- ] - -ported to him they are getting · _^_^__ . ^ ^_ _ \ ' Htt'e better than half their nor- ; mal yield." He said "returns are j running between only 12 and 14 , bushels to the acre, so far this Women's Christian Temperance t all of .near Union and that he hoped to enroll j Lishear. of 10,000,000 members nationally. j Damucut. Betty; i Sheratoiv tb«. fxauxis furniture? BIRTHDAY PARTY j maker, o'ncc'decitwC'ar-ottoman; A delightful birthday party was i irith beating urns under it to keep3 held June 30 for Roberta May 1 the seat warm- ia cold, weather. ' \t stn rat upper n\ oeeile " rs: P a se ht-hand corner of She Essays should bje :rsa:ied to " Conservation Ej»a ContCit." Box 15! F r e d e r i c k . an«l all ?n!r:e* nsust be postmarked not later Jhan snidmsht. Sunday. Juiy 2i AH entries wJ! become the property of the Fredeiick Junior i v e ' Chamber of Commerce and win- people fsr-t asked the postoHice ners w i l l be notified bv mail Iii\it«'s Dr. · t ranczs Scou Ke T!.t cruiser* Fargo. ,.,me envelope w,!l be processed n Hunli :o;s and Juneau and l " he ·.he ioc.-il postoffjce August 9 to car , ier " Palau Istaiibu! sources cioie to tne staff of Vjc«*-Adm. Forrest P. Shcniian. commander of the U. S , Sixth Ta^k Force, said urge«: messages regarding the Palestine situation were rece.ved yesterday. tlae collector a:i unique iten. The pecia! sale in FredencV; mnrk the fruition of 12 years of effort. Mr declared since it in 1936 that local PREFERRED BY MILLIONS SO PURE. SO FAST, SO DEPENDABLE StJoseph ASPIRIN new ST.JOSEPH SPIRIM FOR CHILDREN Kasytotake. Has orange flavor that's the \Vai2ungton. July 6--The fir^t invitation to attend the inaugura- Those who have leased traps re- , tlO[1 of {ormer Ambassador Galo port enormous of beetles p!a£a a5 p re «.icjcnt of the Republic of Ecuadoi m Si'ptember wji^ dis- taken and destroyed. Mr maker said Receptacle-; o Shoe- traps being operated around are being filled almost daily u.ith patched to a resident ol Carrollloii Manor. Rev Dr Joseph F. Tnorninj; associate editor of "The beetles, it was said. A third rig is expected to start roadside sprax-sng t o d a y . Mr. Thomas reported. Crews operating connection, tnat President- the two rigs in action on Tue»d»:- particularly- at- America.--' and "World Affair*." according to Amb--.--ador Augusto Diilon of Ecuador. It was recalled said many trees. _ tractive to beetles, were covered with ihe insects. Some traps are suil available tor leasing at previously announced stations in Frederick and vicinity. A list of commercial sprayers is available at the County Agent's office, where advic' on spray solutions can be obtained Mr. Shoemaker and Mr. Thomas both cm- elect Pia/a. when Ambassador to the United State.-, described Dr. ' Thorning as "an apostle of the Good Neighbor policy" and at the same time. March 28. 1946. confer- ; red upon the Maryland priest- educator the highest national dec- ; oration of Ecuador. Known as "The ' Order of Merit - : This represents the ccond Jn- vitation. accorded in 1948. to Dr. department in Washington for Key commemorative stamp It was largely due to the efforts of Con- creoFiiian J C!e:m Beall that the ISMIC w:-s authorized, he j-'aid. and lint the- «.a!e was arranged for Frederick imtcad of -Baltimore v.'hrich made s'renuouh efforts to garner the honor. · The speaker showed a number of itemv from ht own collection and -aid thiii hi"; ambition is to get a cancellation fro.-v. every posioffice lhat evf-r existed in Frederick county, a si?eable undertaking Cor in she latter part of. the 19th century -.mall postoffices flourished in ,- every crcsroads hamlet. fHt TRUTH ABOU1 child's Uste. Easytoeive- i SOubleuror ; 35C. Try It! 5 1 ATTENTION MARYLAND WOMEN IOIH;H\ rii Successor To Pear re's Drug Store Drill* I*rcsci*i|*tioii Service TELEPHONE 208 Dittrict ·( Columbia, Virginia, W»tt Virginia aini 5*vtk WIN $ 300.00 CASK PRIZES J150 FIIST · HOC SECOND · JJ« THIRD PIUS 100 MtlZES Of FAMOUS MAUNELLO OEAKS1NG CREAM jori) Carncvali of Venezuela to participate in the inausural ceremonies of President Romulo Gallcgos at Caracas on February 15. phasized that they arc prepared to Thorning to attend a Presidential give individuals every assistance inauguration, the first having been and advice m the battle wi;h the extended by Ambassador Gonzalo beetles and borers. Many persons are reluctant to use DDT in spray or dust, they said, because they believe the insecticide is destructive to bees and injurious to livestock Experiments have demonstrated that the insecticides applied in proper solution are not injurious to bees, birds and livestock, it was pointed out. Spray material is being recommended here rather than dust. Serious fact* arm rerealed bj nceot racdi- cal rrporu. OB* out of rrerr three people examined wu fount! to be victim of. Pm-Worms--often without (upeettar it! And thia Q£lr infecttoa can cause real dutrou if t«:!ected. So wat«h for the waratair ·!««« th»t :B»T mean Pin-Worms--«D«i*Uy the ar- crar2tinc rectal itch. Get JAYMZ'S P-W richt awmr. P*W ix m mtdtcally oound treatment bun! on an officially ncocnixed and hichty effective drur clement. The ·man. «uy-i»-take P-W tablets work in a. iprci«! way to remove I'in-Wormi eutly tad tafely. ' si yocr drn«»U P-W for ELEORIC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE? CALL EAST EN"l GROCERY 1S37 ANYTIME Conunercial Domestic Franklin (Buck) Stockman 100 E. 6th St. Electrical Appliances Repaired BETTER HOMES, Inc. Hagerstown, Md. LOOK SPECIAL BUS Walkersville Carnival LEAVE FREDERICK 6.30 7.00 S.OO 9.00 LEAVE CARXrVAL 8.30 10.00 11.00 12.15 Leave Blue Ridge Terminal stop at all corners on Market Street. 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