Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 2
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May 6, 1068 tie Probe SAtffA FE <tIH)-fh« oper- 6* the State Motor Ve- Department will be fey a new committee appointed Wednesday by Gov. lack M. CampbeH. *,- Vfh* ewnailtee, made up of &fBey bead* in Santa Fe. was ^poWcd to assist the governor » "Improving the general administration and management «f the executive offices for 1 am responsible," the said. «rf the evtttrr, teto* first project wfll be an investigation of the vehicle de- ent, be said and then the imfttee win move into other The committee will ake recommendations for the ,i. needed changes directly to the »w foveruor. ^ Appointed to the committee "Were State Personnel Director "* JHarold Bibo, Fiscal Control Di^ -rector Beiltrmlno Giron, Budget Director Ben Mason, and Records Director Joseph F. Halpur McGuire of fee gover- staff also was appointed the committee. Voters Eye Amendments i To State Constitution SANTA FE fVPIi— New Mex-notes or securities at less than court. Terms will be for eight ico voters will go to the polls cost if the proceeds are immed- years Jurisdiction and ii:d-c?' Sept. 28 for a special election lately reinvested in higher salaries will be dete^mincd'la- to decide the fate of eight pro-yielding interest bearing notes ter by the LeeislaVure posed amendment to their state or securities. —Amendment 6; Allows the : constitution. ' —Amendment 3: Allows mon- appointment of a legislative au- Approved by the Legislature ey to be borrowed bv school ditor prescribed by "law- earlier this year, the amend-districts to remodel and erect —Amendment 7 A!io-.\; alter- ments cover subjects ranging additions to school buildings or ations of the Constitution Vith! from salaries for New Mex-to improve school grounds. out a Constitutional convention ico's lawmakers to expelling — Amendment 4: Allows —Amendments: Allows trial's •the state auditor from Santa Fe weighted voting in the Senate de novo in distrr.' courts on igovernment. by senators, with the weight of appeals from decision*: of t h t With $35.000 approved by the each vote based on population state engineer in water rich!Legislature for the special elec- levels in the various counties, cases. •*•••- ;tion costs. New Mexico voters —Amendment 5: Sets up a Two other amendments art- will be deciding some key is- court of appeals of not 1es s proved by the Legislature wi'il sues that will affect the future than three judges at a level be- appear on the general election of the state. The last special tw-een district and the supreme ballot in November 1966* 'election, held Sept. 19. 1961. These Apr! *tttwen wffl be toy we* ta eridenee. Hear? predpttatfea wffl evrer MM* «f the ONMtry. ---— i Temperature Table held Sept. 19. saw only four of a dozen amendments approved by the voting public. Here is a list of the eight amendments which will be on the ballot Sept. 28: Amendment 1: Allows state ' legislators to receive $200 per ; month or J2.400 per year, to '. paid in addition to the S20 pe diem and 10 Southwestern Plant Honored At Meet K 1 STERLING SALT AND PEPPER LAS CURCES - 'Staff* - was civ- he Clovis plant of the South- for out-;;, western Public Service Com- :-er\ic-< v t. rded on? of (r .it-a By Vnited Press International da\ j ,»—. "i t P ar " v was awarded one of four r"o^? Wp"ounSv" belteS * ousekee P>ng awards for chin » , , , ' *er and Sewer Asww-iat i o n .. V... 4- I. .. !«**•- VM n 1' n *•.!• >- ~ J I* 1. i W i I i Rojwell recorded tie warmest t temperature in the slate Wed- Brasber's report to the gove^- nes!i « l . v *"ith a warm 89 de" -• Fe ana Zuni re- now by the lawmakers. Hi Low _ Amendmcnt 2: A 11 o w s 50 ()t , 78 M per cent of the state's perman- _..."^ ', - ti " a; 'j y " t. t *.. z here '.,"'. 41 Clayton *;i3or never was made public and § reea no apparent changes were corde<i toe overnight lows with chnis roade ia the departiceat as a 25 degrees. Nn precipiiaUcn was Derning result of Brasher'? work, recorded in the state Wednes- 48 DUCKWALLS CRAZY COUPONS Bathroom Tissue 10 Rolls • • CLIP COUPONS • • • • CLIP COUPONS • • THURSDAY NITE ONLY 6:00 P.M. TIL 8:00 P.M. Hobbs Las Vegas 79 71 72 85 67 Raton ..... .......... 70 Roswel! ........ . . ..... 89 Santa Fe ................ 67 ent funds to be invested in corporate stocks and bonds instead of the present $25 per cent cei!- ine. and allow-? the investment "" officer to sell interest bearing 45 " 38 " ^ 60 Silver City . 74 39 ty 40 Socorro ••- 82 56 fi 41 T or C 81 46 47 Tucumcari .. 82 46 35 Zum 63 35 Kin '^'' treatment p!a :':eld sewaci 1 r Associat rece's in ; ie Axtt/c '. the reatmcr.t and the Lo\in2ton \Vat»-r ] Other acthity at Tu< ic night'? session of the m? New Mexico State I'n: included election of n e iicers. Resigns s 'A 1 : STERLING CONSOLE PAIR Weired sterling silvertias t r,ubt'/ decorated bsrdsr, creating a stunning consolt ps ' r $5,95* 'Docs not include undies Family Grows To 15 After Deathbed Wish Elected pre^ r Lf'V; \V P fleet \V N CHICAGO t'Pl — Bud Ran- room ranch house in /:or. respected h«s soter-in- Lombard. Tr.e otner one. S'.ep:> dea'.:;!>e<i wisr.. ar.d be- en Mary Adnar.. 18. a studer.i 15 ch;!- a', ir.e University of New Mex.- (. ar;-.;.)arj w;^ sdent and A;:!;rr; Santa Fe is ae'.:r:: suburbar. ,, Three Las Cn ' f '^ ,„ c ^,,-., Martinez. Arrnar.-.!^/ 1 ' a ;:t r .aw s cause he did. he has drer, to care for to-day fa.T.Jv re? And hi; co. wii; join the family at tne are get- end of the semester. Dawn ;> trie oJt>?t o: the h,; owr. Adriar.r. ^a? s'u.r^ .rz Sr-ai^'-. T.".-e c' seven cr.i;- Jean AI- ; f• r i •*> I/. of hard Frank Ahalos. v awards for effi^.f curarv in rtadir.c Lara Bakf-r. a s ton. w;,-, C T R/•'-. • CANDY DISH WITH STERLING BASE • - -.•««•••' c. -•- •« : - •«' BIT) VASE WITH • STERLING SILVER BASE /. ' .-,, ,- ,' *., •- <- -», •-, Af^ ' i'< '.'•':. ..' f '.'t :•,;•) - ;- % '•£•- •:''• '''""§2.95 Charjjc it! r. ,. rv t , T., * * •* 2AZE':. r..g-f* . r/: .'i t-Jt ir. t: t rv A : ''-u' s .<• a-KC'd ^ •'•-' J'sn-jo.;''" c.",.•>,'•.• r ra":;- .:- Ka-.J-•':•-: 3?i and ).:«. wif«> frvrn 6 t- li* •- , •>-, .:.-.,., TV,,,, ..,,,. .,., Ka-::-. Sur.ja% t..c Hani''- •i ?. -- o. -:'-.-• * f - w'-< C: «jj>- ., j -,..-.• -..-,; 5!.. IUKP t:.t.r c:../^: 1 '. t" (<:':j ' ..-.:.. ..*••* .'J_a. _-0 --.d ,S ^ r . ^ NC-A H uf U-e o ch.:drer are ^-"*--'•• <."u:cr ir. near.,; \.. ;•..:•; •- f hf Ra-_do ! '^.~' t-lz'-.' ' a i>a:r a ^ <%r '- e A '- rla - c "' ' fv'-'':ij:'. La*r.'j»^c Lr.urcii in I..** ,.*c.*o .^b^rb or uiu t i-*nn;« BY LTTK.E MtRJItAVf ORRJKR I -^ ^..r.-V, P s nM,-'-.,, ^ r,-.-,.-. L'S mrv.i ir •..iTirvst B» m'j »-«»... ...v.-..>... jio.i^j ,'.. , ...>.- r-,<--j "M ?, tor'w-rt mrr:.!~t*r'v, of cancer N<>'*. Rand^p*. - '..>• » • ;•»'* '.*'--.jr* i:« .* •'*• i-rt .;* is r.vj-...^ :n w...; t..c *^->r t* :». liar c.z r-te. .•..'-.i 13 •/- la^V.'-' f'-* t.^r** tjv-^i^t. I'..r> f's.- or< , * . . r--'- A-i. c•-.-• •?.;»»!;i»s> p*t-. HarO •:;." a C':;>rd f >r Br.r-.t v *^»'«r*"''*-* 1 »i *>>. K ". 5m" M era? armore-d tr~-c. K .'•' r.."c '•(,+ * «';"T^L^Nt»-lTix.Rs ; ^*ii.TS ;s lv -" ; - r ? a - a S'^ 11 '"'") ^""> t pii*. OP>-*. N«« Mexsca i^. ncu'e ir. suburban liiriidale *.j 7«Hr,_ purchase. OPEN 7 n> 11 365 DAYS A YEAR PRICES GOOD THUR., FRI., SAT. & SUN. ALLSUPS SHOP THE STORE NEAR YOU Make mother happy Sunday and for $$'& years to come!!! ;** o- * ••* BARBEQUE HOT DONUTS MONEY ORDERS CRUSHED ICE * » FRYERS U.S.DA ., INSP. Lb. MILK Low Calorie </2 Gal. Chicken Bar-B Que 2-3 Lb. Plus loaf Bread $129 GIVE HER EGGS GRADE A MEDIUM gjgjglijg^pjgfgmgilfljgjjiilg^^ POTATOES CAN POP ... . ^v mm ^^^ .Mission A&^t. ^^L f ^H ^^^ft^> •^ «.- O49 FERTILIZER Our 16-20-0 Lb. Bat; IV Ot Spreader Fre* 10149 HH^^HHmiMMMM^^^^^^^^^^« ^"^^^^^^^^OSBBBBBBBBBIWBL.*.. 2.98 AN ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER An automatic ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER will make Sunday an imfor,CPtUib!i> Mother's Day for Mom. She'll enjoy the way she can waltz through washday and the way her clothes dry ... fluffy and sparkling clean —all for just 5 cents per load, total energy cost! •«••»••••••»«• A MODERN ELECTRIC RANGE Lovrly to look at ... marvelous for cooking ...that's thf; modern ELECTRIC RANGE. It's automatic, has perfect temperaturf control, boils and bakes like a dream and a just 2 cents per *TfYO ; jR REDDYK::O/.ATT MCOMMLNDLD FlCrTMC APPLIANCE DLALLR 24-2

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