The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 6
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THE PAWS NEWS The Paris Evening News PARIS, July 1O. NOKTH TEXAS PUBLISHING COMPANY New York Dty by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE And Nothing Can Be Done About h is?9. KTEW YOKK, July 12— Grog-shops on the < Mail Matter »t th» Post- IN Bowery are flafasmg radwar banners ot under Act of Con*re« red : ^hisky_10 *enis." The new bars, opeu j so passers-by raay see are filled with the same — •—' 1—~I old soaks that frequented tlie sunless back- i Published Daily Sxcept Saturday aad Sunday , ^™pjM|«pf rooms during prohibition. And} SUBSCRIPTION KATE* (Inclcdisx Sundays* By Mail, On* Tear By Mail. Six Months £>eliT«red By Carrier .............. 1 By MaO. Oa« Month Per Week 50 Cfty trsake Igulped raw and lethal Asmoke/} | The change has given the; Idour highway some of the roy- j ster of the 'days of Suicide! s Hall and Atlantic Garden. For; |the beetle-browed bouncer hasi >een restored to oust sleepers | md the more jubilant jags. It's \ only after midnight that life• isioves to a minor key. * A rt ', Then the Bo\verv takes on 0-O.Mdntyr* _._..^ of the ^^ and ! Fre« IB eiciasi-«-«;y «ati«»a tt> «* accepted Beat Promises * -am* I elegiac quality of massed squalor. Drunks *=«»*! snore in hallways and tired women hang out ] - upstairs Tcindo^vs, seeking some faint scour I I ot breeze. Only the jangle of the elevated spun | * ! overhead breaks the silence. I a .*v*rti*j=r ere*r»;, All-Tiiffht T52WQ shores appear listless, for the Bcwery has little more to pledge- The dingy > restaurants •with menus frescoed in white on | windows are faint peeps of light. The only * glitter comes front the pen, white-tiled 5-eent i hamburger towers. But the Bowery is not ; bothered bv depression. Depression has been ; with it alwavj.- } P AST performance rather tcan promises ic 'the future, used as the guidejn voting Jor ' _ ^ J candidates for office, would result i« Detter ; Likely the most enduring friendship out 01 i service for the Naiion and for any or su^ppiit- ; »^ e ^ a y s when Park Bow was Park Row is | ieal subdivisions, including the states. Shgnt T ^ at o j g 1jrr;$ Mantle, the critic, and Fred j examination of the psst rather "bsn specusa- ^ noW ie5. once managing editor of the Evening [ lion on the future ~ v i'.'t be prontaoie. ; Mais. For more than 20 years they have dined j There should be no Trouble, for instance, together everv Thursday, starting off pleasant- | in recalling the definite promises made byjjy enough but win-dins up in an argument that 1 these who "advocated the making of the leg- i ^ sua lTy results in aloof farewell bows. And; • jslative sessions one hundred and twenty in- ; nexl Thursday they begin all over again. stead of sixty days and increasing the pay ' * ". I of the jr.embers to ten dollars a day. The romises were ^ that Texas w 0 uld Jiae more L Harris and George M. Cohan din-; v^^,^.—,-- - — . „ a(i together weekly until a misunderstanding; capable au<3 better qualified men its the segis- - ^ U! ,^^ V"<^r association and friendship of? better laws, vrouid have ;__ ,__ Their rift was patched up by j ow>"!?r of the restaurant thev'tre-• IT . ^^ " ^^ Arlier Broadway pair that dined ^ TO2 ether weekly for many years was Lee Shu- j ' bert and the late Melville tllis. The fus? diner-out or the old school lafure, wouia enact no necessity for extra sessions with the < sequent increase \n expense. Hov^ irsar?: any of these promises have materialized! "•• The r>eODle were promised for repes^ the Ei^Meent'n*amendment that the bootleg-, <rer -xvoriid be put out of business, that the; authorized dealers would track ine law to the j ^ ^.-^^ ; T nO!iced him fit tbe Coloav , he j 'letter, and thai the millions saici to be sociu ;—.^ . , . ., ,.-.,,..! is- sa fo states.mat ^caen eoun- oegms ^ ^^,^= — -- : . ^-?^r will be r>robably two huBdred_eases of liquor; 00 "^ ±0 - * — ' vioktiorl called for trial, and he estimates S ^ _ i is beisg sold illegally in four hundred j Across rrom is* Piaza against tfie par^ i ; He fotM? TftAT • A 6/<5 f rfc &D AJOT' H^ r**!.— "U>v ' *** 13^ BACKWARD GLANCES IT A. W. MEVHXE More than six years alter th» deatli of Colonel R, 34. Jones, wealthy Choct»-«w Nation citizen, who had come property also in Texas, the estate was still far from being settled. His widow, who the year following nis death, Mrs. Bailey, was suing: and sued, claims by and against the estate being numerous. The most of the colonel's estate was in Choc- law Nation but it appears the creditors preferred to sue in Texas, though that is Only surmise «.»f mine. ^n 1ST* Mrs. Bailey filed an annual report in which she stated she had made application for c.uthor- iiy of court to sell the Texas rc:il estate and that no monies had come' into her possession belong- in^ to the estate and that sale of the lands was necessary in order to pay debts and expenses of administration. Among: other real estate was one "small lot on Eed River in Grayson county at the place formerly known as Preston, known "a* the Jones lot* which is of little or no value and petitioner is not able to describe same, said lot having: been bought by decedent a number of years ago when it was supposed that the railroad would cross * said river at said point." This sale application was signed by Maxey, 1-ishtfoot and Demon, the latter having joined the firm since besrinnin^ o* the administration. It was cot until nearly two years laten January. 1SS1, that Mrs. Bailey made report of the sale of the lands. "Walter iloore was then county jud^e. having succeeded. Judge Bryson, and to him. she stated that one lot in Paris, about an acre, had been, sold at auction to H "XV. LJghtfoot for S30. An undivided half-interest in S5S acres In I^amar county c-j EL Ij. X>ohor,ey for $425. Aa undivided fourth-interest in 2212 acres in Red River county, ownership of which was in litigation, to E. I*. •Doboney for §;25. The small lot m Fteston was sold to Yolney Ryun for- two doilai-s and fifty cents. She asked that the sale of the Red Kner county I?nd be no'.- confirm- c-1 as the prico was too small, but t;.-c. others, ir-cluding th<» ?2.iiO for jthc Preston lo». were s^t-sfactorv*.. j Then some o e the cr;-<*Hons. who I had obtained judgments against i Jones as a partner in the bank-' | rupt Th'.-bo firm, asked the eourfc j to not confirm the -sales of land j because the prices were grossly | unfair and inadequate and because | titles to some of the lands were la j dispute and until settled they | could not be sold for a fair prleeL i There is no record of the action ot Jthe court on this petition, that \v*a9 [made by Dudley and McDonald I atid Hale and Scoit for Heffiefing:- i er and Bradford, two of the cr©- | ditors w!io had judgments. | At the same time Bradford by • his attorneys petitioned to require j Mrs. Bailey to execute a new bond: | the one executed In 1S74 -with two j sureties they alleged was insuffi- | ciect, but whether as to the | amount ($10.0CO) or the solvency I of the sureties the petition did not I state. Apparently the court was | unable to get sen-ice on" Mrs. Bal- jley. for in July of 1SS1 Bradford. ! by his attorneys, filed a motion to ! remove Mrs. Bailey as executrix : because it was alleged, she had ab| sented herself from the state for | more than three months at one I time and was residing- permanently out-side the jurisdiction of ihe | court. . j Mrs. Bailey had apparently re| turned to the Choctaw Xation. to I her Rose Hill plantation and maij- i sion t the big- house In Paris having * burned some years before. FAUGHT FARMERS PLOW SINCE RAIN FAUGHT. — Farmers ars plonring: over since the rain. Delmar Ofrens preached Sunday at tfee Church of Christ. PATTONVILLE HAS REVIVAL MEETING FATTONVILLE. — The .Baptist revival conducted l>y Rev. J. Roby w&rd of Paris is increasing in interest- l^ayman E. F. Harrell spoke f ,^!± i ? i ^ rd _^r eele ':, ls a X M , e - Sundar.wbDe Mr. Ward ^M^tth- h!s clrurch in Paris. Tb.ers -were •svith her mother. Sirs, R. Mcl>ougal -who 1? ill, Mrs, JETiisrii Smith has been ill. R, J. Peace of Snyder Is a ^uest cratlon at the Sunday taornins of bis parents, | service-' and two additions by let- three con'.-ersions and one reconss- J ^ LJ~^ j ^* ^ V* fi» J j,*ItT&J-> * - i * T iA i ,»_: t-i. J-i ^-A ^. -u •—- j ' ^ — m T>Stas" and "three" hundred m Fort j curb tonight only three drooping nags stooa | Worth-" The cases ou the docket include as; in the shafts of ttteir carnases. A year ago | ^fl-rla^r^ do''--^ 1 -- niirs' 3 - drussrists. corn-• there were at least a dozen. One of the ne^nis \ mon"booTle.:geers"^d others in between. If ; —suggesting & ^ venerable Victor Herbert—told j there is anv lessening of the ^pei^e in ar- «,e tne '•Jmnr-sbrng' gml.-3 naa_ t 3ooea _tn? s^ae-; resiirss and prosecuting tbe;n n* does not men- walk. ea:es wo:;i--j aaa a purr ot !ile. They; irr""-!' * ~ "j'*»£rrt tha^ r5 '- re-3-wheele-l fiacre ir* Paris = ».-lCIi il, -— - ^ . ^. , - ---_ ,, v. , .ipr^fji-i.irjjsj-i H^'K^s 1 " 5 n! f ; v x'^'^t: T-HP terrasse • Promses ot c-anctsCa'es TO-" '.M ; ice ibc., 1 v- - -^-- - - — • you can thumbs-down jt an<2 se- : <L-rIAPTSR FOUR AUNT GElilTKUDE ; 'cm something else, and he can "Cat."" breathed a muddy-skinned girl, a.s Marsha, moved toward p.^d nibernate there for a ?ea-sor. her aunt, who &ad entered with a. siride that iold of her havlni: m arched in many parades-—for this: asrains: that; the sensitive ii'isstrd the propaga-iida. on Ths ban- listened to but b ast record B "nest Fifth" avenue row has a perfume bar at • which sniffers ?h i,r, hi si- chairs. A white i ^CTS choice scents from i Bargain Offer UOBTT years agoTbTflrsT .sanitary sewers | pyramioe^j-^ks ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ | TWere built ic Paris and a-dc-noris -a-ere ; - >IL " ;:JilT f- c - J ~- y "-- --j_ •-• --?• -/j-'* -, '";' :;i "' """^"J" { "He's really mad about >~er?" aj^ked the girl <v'no must li'-'p on synthetic emotion, "who rni:st ~~<-s.r~~ her nands at other?* fires, "Absolutely — ** Ijetitia acm;"^ ^lol]O"wl'-". S-oTi;e on? else said. *"He"?= seeT: no otie bu* a (TT^Irsese co-olc for = *-" TooJced aronrs-d aj? ner aun: frowned tiport tlir. menu. Marsha grave her own onier crisply, q •vait^-r disappeared artd ^-Ti-sii Moore months. 3'ou know — " "She is ntarvelous-" Po'-^s-rs ca.^''*? T.O rnc, Jis- tg ni'v "help." Mis? ^Ic-ore besran- 3h^ is a jj-£~".--'' s ' c ' r;r!ari of rare : a. "irornan of years—" "Oh. "whsrs is rny h-S-TrSksr- hief?"* ?>Iar5'ha mwrrnur-d. Jfiss paid no h^-ed TO *he inter- a vear for esoecia! ; i^e irotn time to time a? the seed appear- . - — ^^-;- fder'of th* 5 sisters accordi'Sg' to the cost of \ "^^o^. .-,n ., :.-,^.-i.-.'3 jrt_\>.or? a-o l! «-*s p*?-- : :rea-cMng- them from tbe main outfall line ; i-jrr!e nff> '*' :ru ir "-'-' v ^ •^^^ c "^^ e^m-?,,, ^ Trljieti was "Da'd for b~tiieciTv. ; | \^, ,;^]^: n ^%}^ .-,<em -as tuniec THngnn-a^bs: Geor ? e Ariiss. expecting; ^ , ^ r ----- . ^ . , - -, -„ r ,,. ^ ;~ . 0 '-i^'-.-i Loi-con HIS D^rrcaneut i over to the city to ma^iain and o^rate^anu —;-; - - - - ;^ - T "-. : -^ - ; _ N -^ ^ rt -, m^t of the extensiops a^J^prov^ei^s fiave . -^- - —^^ \;;r- n ;::,, K:,^ - Th V nf l | been made with fur-as oDtair.e^ r/y bono issues. '_-• ~" ^-----<=--- - •-. —-- ix - --- - - ; iutifuT.** I ^P" 0 "!i?s ., * S "She told me much «?f her s=on/ Tve known \ovcl-ier I i^fss Moore wen* on: "hf- hss beer had no;nine of >!^r|a-Ti exeyr-plary -OIITIS man. At ^ssrnor* 1 Kendall nas i - . -, , > T - » • te :n*nds bave e»en rrank; ^oj-? 5> f ri-j> r if • ; *_t-" <TPT ? n j"»T;<y* t" n nrtHST • _; *r 1; «s t " ~ j - > • . •' ^'-- ' » > -' - J •»«• -' -* ^ - - ** .. . gjit--ro?o i-^oerft^ «'n.i f ' : o/-r-?iL >:,r!^^. i ^x _^.- : j- : v s.;h^r- Fers^ri. s erhuDe can ao- i ^l n - rrnf ,^+ v. f ^.j-.^j.^ ^^.n v.j- i-n^rrpt-'tea bv *jie ----- '*-- ----- . ^ ^ ., . :. ; *".*""' '^ "" '. " , "-" , ~", '"~i-T~ " * ,.^j r>ro«ifr"" the ?rosi 'erocjoos ctos? and tney j* ; cu^ ^-^ -''•".'_/V '••••'•" j*-••*-•• **• • -.".-- <i %"^"-' ^, J . !--«.a^ their tails . . . -7?n: Barto?; always keeps WOTn *->••- •..>».-• -^r->e, .,,,;,./.,.; -• .*-•».. •.'•. ..•-- - •>-, - C^. r ,rri<> ;« L-i<; ,-'?ro«-.^n-r rftfnti vrhi^ hft"^ '»n - ^rossins" rooi'.i irhi'*? he i , ...::.,.• t.he 8ts*?e . - . C'.>nr~r>ev Ry!e~ Cooper has si; <j up ?o turr; OUT an original screen story for ? ' * fhs and its '^'-esshy as •*•«-!! as to ^rni nj&v co&i Then, indlvicua-i;'". If *-<o* done Jt TtTUST i'J*:- -".IC-Vc- If; 1 f- £ '' Tj-'.'t T<ir CJii-iSTj* • 'J - r x e^jriv. to r>e OUST* fe*3 j>r?. --*.-. -j -f. , . ^.H.urt-v r.f : r, j : appears V; t^ a. , - u> sr-eak. and nn>-- that -Till B^T be : w ' I d'otyre us^<i to ut recent.-** be " 'Kow I Broke ^oes: what s'n^ can do: ho 1 ?--" s orders? rnemr around—"* "I Tt-as at 5cho< y^ar." r sai-d a blonde Mi-ho «at slumped *ieep ors a leans'*?. ""S^e had left tne Ch^r-n Schoo* here for some reason. I *>.lnV she'd fc-een kicked otit, brjt—it -wa,T hushed up. "And she '^•er.* to M:s=*'^ from scnoo; ' %• rest of 5 " xi?—qvnte to carr" O-JT Iu55&;:«; she nev«-r asked; she salcJ. softly, mdoleni".". 'My baz." pointed . . . it ^^^ -•-r.a-ched up . - , .ehe "?--ot:l'? P-*;-^ us ^sraited to "be »«T-ve'd," •"W«:l, you kao'w "what's sairi—*' %'oic'r--*!' '.o"^" > --r' r ~!5. And Ma.rshn. pa.«p?- ih* •5f:ndo'K- table's, •w-ithour. s »rr;>. t'jrojngr Mis* Gert.r'3d* v : an-j a. ^Ta-rwha, studied the rnrnu. -r-c-r-i^-- '~r. ""^"hsr hav«=:. >ou <5ort«? with :-*r. Tvays so tnouehtf'.;!. sh sending her primroses — " says: [ "To reniind her of *;s rath?" itb her or= | Marsha, aske'i- Acairs Miss >*oore is^^r^ci ^i^r riifece's contribution to the conversation. "It seems he—love* you. Marsha," 5'iss 3-Foore cc-nfi<ie<?. "and i "I ktio-w that," ^larsha replied: 1 "his technique is frisrhtfr:". It I OTifte takes m<* back to "jhe darsc~ ! sh»!l ^ cf Iclssin? 171 y hanc — " rs you ar*? Q';: r ?r :riro"c;h, ec>nt3noe. Marsha," r^aliz* that. ir>y ^;<> that •K'as rude. st:d you a <Je<?p breath an'I — ^hc-'itt. 2' : ns."* Miss Moore aTiffene-J; tbo-ught to asking- Mars-hn. 5HDWAY GARDENS RUINED BY DROUTH Elder Robert Cook: of Paris -will begin 3. rneetln^ at the Church of Chrisrt July 38. BAIXEVGER CROPS IN NEED OF RAIN I cver5rone ter Saturday night- Ser%-!ce is held each nisrht at S:I5. Rev. C. B. Thompson. ^letbodis* pastor, announces a revival to be- griti Sunday. July 15. and invite* BALL.INGER. Crops and sar- MID WAT. — The continued drouth has btime^l grardens and truck matches, btit cotton seeins to be dotrssr dens are ba<5!y In need of rain. j Farmers are about up with •work, j The Sev. C. E. I>ea.kiy of Ko^!and Tt-ill not preach at the Methodist duirch... her* until afier .th* g: is-hich starts Augrust to as he -will be ^i in revival Mr. and Mrs- J. C. Wa5ker ac- ' elsewhere until that tnne. rompanied by Mr, and Mrs. Tra j \Valfeer of Paris visited in "\Vaxa- hachie Sunday. Mrs. -Tames L,^e is visiting her 9-5, Okla. Mr. and Mrs- E<3 Kingr and Mr. and Mr-?. Ben King: and families v:sited at Atlas Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Brazeal of Atia* visited here Sunday. TALK ON CHINA AT WHITE ROCK Sinith is i!! at his hc-rne here. Miss Zena. Smith visited in F?iris last weeic. Allen Johcsos of Pallas i-is'ted the Hotter ZVfcGee f^milv T dav. Tiie candidates are sche<luJes2 to spea.k here Friday !ii£h!- The children of Mrs. Beatl^y Melntosh gave a surprise tfttnday in honor oC her birthday. Present were Mrs, Merrttt. a:*d children. ^Trs. Pettlt and son ansJ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lresrste of JD»pcrt." Horace Bsnhant and family <sl Lone Oak are visit fn^f Ills Mrs. F. D. visited at Several people frorn here attended s dav. s *t Mt. Olive Sun- Phillips has returned from Commerce where ph<e visited friends who are school there. Mr. and Mrs. George were at iiiuter Sunday. Travis Thompson .and fairtily -of Throckrnorton have been gussis o* his parents a-d visited in Hot Sprfn.sps s-"< Ark- . WHITE ROCK. — There =:oo<l attendance at Methodist Sanday school and a tlon Sanday ni^ht beard I>r. Better of Commerce talk on China. Charles, eight-months old son of Paul Abfeort, died Saturday rdght buried Sunday at Hickory Mrs, sc<J Mrs. De^eT Crofford hav«» been Tritn Sfrs. Crofford's sister at Dial who has typhoid fev^r. Mrs. "Winfred Ctrnninsrham is re- cc-verinc front an illiicsf. Misses X,ucllc and I>iicie Hop- kJTss "per;* Jast "weekcrtd in Parf«. A- "5V". Caffee has as a sroest his mother from Deport- The TThltc Hock ?,fethodlst rfi»«rt!n5 begins Friday nfsht. July gvajsai^f are -A* a K i o r i d s hot*?: ^ur-sts ?," t ?. TJ*!»* cnaTa^d ; for anv fiav ih-r srsn fails ro shsjie. AT> Aber-1 dortian ivho HKS jus* r*'*'.7r?i^=i ^ays That his hoi-; i<ig^ was rssarrffj hv ;>'-^s^"--' T ;T -v fin*- v-etther* " " In the News 1 3 Years Ago /iie< of The Paris Morning News thirteen years ago "Don't krsoT," Marsh* anw-wn-r- »-c ; "yo\i know ho"^ carries* I STS -.Tith my rr.^r. P«rhap« I ch*w:V«>--5 h!m. hut — -".-hat matter? "What yoa J?o'ns: to *a.t. A v jnt G^-- i I to try to *• } looked arc-'irxi *??«? rootrs TO 5 near. Stuyvesant I^ssrit •«.'»; TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1921 j ««a 1 -lobrj S^orf. fkvator operator at the court j ^..^ j hous* 1 . reaehfrd hi 4 -' $2-'.! h-irtb'i.a^' and two of j flush**'! <*arkty a» Kins:, seft &u j j,; s srr iir!'i<;hi]«ir?n eav* a dinner for bios. | h5ry! - Hfl: ^* a!> - ar! f^-. -; e - s «.->,* Cokmfl Proctor, the ^- ( > ,f **;o (XX>,CKX* Tha-t.'s th* reward for i -.-:,'..-, • ?., f f )'j -ii-li"H> ',r-- '">•;• r., 5 r;»v ? --* r - ^'- -^- Thaxton of.Fon Worth, veter-; .-^^ ' ' Mnar;an for T??** K T a**::. <*<jrn* *o r^.mar county; I TO take chars-^ *.«f tJ*"? anthrax quarantine i w?\jv^f/«ur ^ears th*- wr.rM ^'on't have ? v>utb.east of Peris. I yfe a German j >, wbif rr.zr, was arrest*'! charged with tbe j *-p.ja<.•.!?:»ir can-j .murder of Th*> yoiinj^ ?f^^r/> 'wornao found] 1 deac Sunday n*ar Depori. arvj $rave $2.5001 |hoed I ; Atv boiior conferred on I ,. . , , , , ,. , . ! t * i " i - T *. j, »'„ ; _»lose ."senders, ajred negro tt-no had lived in s n m*» *be* b< ^ !^ «ioasrii ^) flow tnej paris mMy yea:rs< *^ £ ^ h0ine OlJ Nortb street. who hs.'J "never j? ""Who ^'as that.? b! -focal-si urJth rr?*»," "Stuj*ve»arst. 'Leg v<»r it." gr^St, Aunt *";•".?•- , and that, brtnars mr t-? src-rt T" m•?*»•! n, v . r-eeo*. ridr. M*^:ia N«»vi.. t.h<» PO!TH. and t<x> weH how 5-013 treat *<3 Mr. "Oh. "Mrs*. Power* C3ille<l upon this nsorriSna: Marsha " day t.*> ca.3): ever "Sh« ie Tin.- i.rc-uble nsay not 'b« 93 your tubes. An! Inspector Smith reported that dunng girl prodigy has been singing in 6.68$ head of cattle were dipped in t»e S4-1 «ver tlit radio.— Detroit News., \ats in Lamar coxintv, j be S«, too. de»,r." Mar- Hrn then *uit*d to a "axirab ?-hs'j*f*-ur strtd i ff _ ab£,ndor!»-d this wsth h«*r f!«r^i*JOT Mis* Zonarna^ Bean of Dcnton »r»t StJniay hers with tier par- w. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Thompson rrsain track. **M>s. Po^-«r» that h<?r sor, ha. 1 * Marsha .-at of R^nn speni Saturday night but. Ah that i« cbarmtn?-. AurstyJ her% com<>«. oar waiter *" "Mrs. Powers informed m» tha — if ~ots w-ere not f"»r:o-us — yO! •wouM break Ms h*art!" *T do hop<» sh*? inf-crporat' T»5y 003'' -?rjth the vox TIenry is visiting In I>&1- Tlie «yen of the fwo -pro men met as th^ Baiter swooprd to put food», •with a floyrjah of arrrs. OTT The jErna.ll table, an«J Mar«ha'« flip- She not b«*;n for y*?ars. by h*-r aunt. For th^ fir»f. rim*; fn e.H her !<me!y. s^Jfish. H^Mlns, mature <?xl5rt*inc<?, «hc was froub!*-<5 by a conxid«rraffOT5 ?>f what rnf^hi J com*, throvgb h*r, to fenothT. | Sbe di«3 not want fo hurt. Bob .Hi** tnmtiftff, j* eyes h*r. At tlm«f« had m.'iri'i'; h«»r want to Tangrh >ry»tcrtrally &rt^ «TT a- little and to «a>'» 'TMn*?" To«*r*! "3'i't* **!<«t3;1c»Ti! Fm not lite.*: that, I'm rJfaHoTjr and rv<* ro5?*"l in a "rs, and 1 bfrTJerV* !rs yo'vj'r*- wwKtJnsr r-'<'*ur had J>*«n ab**, to t«ll him nothing of th* tr»ah. iT-o B*- Continued* One of the erf «utom»tfc U°*tion FacJlity at To.(ru*. . F A THE R S TAKE TOXTR SONS TO THE CIRCUS to JOE E. BROWN !n CIRCUS CLOWN Tb« Gr«*t Filiation «J fjtndtf Adolphe Mcnjfow At Th« Lmmmr She b**rn«d About S*lk>rm Lew Ayrew Alice F*y« At Th* Grand TEN CENT DAT ACRO&S Solution 11. Sottr 14. Soraan cxrmcnt 15. 17. li. £=c presvlos o£ «, bo&c ti, 15. SO. Heauly 31- Oj>«rt court st, 2& 29. StOC« 52. Scotcii rj *. 57. Sticbly 49, of i ti stasfl 4S, Soft <SrtEk 45 L.«al »etlo3 85. WooSly *ort*e» of clolh EZ. Pess s 5 . 7 33 7 m

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