The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 23, 1951 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1951
Page 4
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V l Vi TEW The lsWs» Frederick, Md., Friday, November 23, 1951 Dorothy Dix Says: Dear Miss Dix:' Twelve years ago I married ,a divorced man. After tour weeks of marriage, he left m« for Another woman. Now he has come back and wants to remarry me. In the meantime, he had contracted another; marriage, which, will make, four in all it 1 remarry him. I also remarried; . My husband ;was killed in; the ·war, and I now have a boy 6. Eric, iny divorced husband,, doesn't like the boy and often strikes him. I have a nice home and good job and wonder if I should accept his · proposal, or continue life alone with my child. Jane Answer: 'Are you out of your senses completely to contemplate such a marriage? You don't even mention one redeeming- quality Eric might have! He is faithless, cruel (as evidenced in his treatment of your son) and a liar. All he wants is to share, if not actually take over, your nice -home and be supported by the proceeds of your good Job. -Don't be a fool! Your son deserves more from life than a brutal stepfather. you'll Support Him If you should be crazy enough to go on with this marriage, you'll soon find yourself in the unenviable position of supporting a husband -who uses your hard-earned money to enjoy life with younger women. Don't kid yourself about · this either. If he couldn't be true twelve years ago. what makes you think he has changed? I am always sadly impressed by the desperation with which so many women, grab a man with obviously bad traits. Women who couldn't be fooled by a magazine salesman can be hoodwinked into falling for the most arrant scoundrel. . The lure of a wedding ring works wonders! Protect your home and your son, Jane, as well as your own future. Send Eric away as speedily, and as far, as possible. Dear Miss Dix: 1 am an unhappily married wife of 20. My husband is very good to me and we have our own home. However, before I was married I became acquainted with a. married man who works in 'my office. We went out together and soon I found I was in love with him, at the same time being in love with the man I married. I thought after iny marriage I would forget ·the married man, but I haven't. We have gone .out together again, and I still think as much about him is ever. What can I do? .":' '? ' . Answer Your first mistake, of course, ·was in going out" with a married man at. aH. In the-beginnirig you only liked him; constant association convinced you, Shat . ybu were in love. Actuallyyour whole trouble lies in the fact, that 1 you married before attaining' the maturity to know exactly what you do want With a fine husband and your own home, you have managed an auspicious beginning for so young a bride. Do everything you can to 'preserve your home -- not destroy it, You absolutely must stop seeing this married man! If you are still working in the sams office, leave th* job. With the economic standing you apparently have, is it necessary for you 1o work? Stay home and raise a family. That will leave you little time to go around mooning over the unattainable. Suppose you found out your hus- band was going out with » married, woman? How would you feel? Sup- jpoM he finds out what you're ,dolng? Do you want" to destroy his faith "and confidence in you? Straighten out your life nowibefore it is too late--and It is dangerously near the "too late" poin,t now! Dear Miss Dix: I am very fond of « boy from another town. -About :a month: .ago I wet him and he 'said he would write to me. As yet 'he hasn't. Do you think I Should write first? He warned me that he w«s a bad · ^correspondent. jHe is supposed to, come here next month and I have ' wondered ".if it;would be proper .for me to : invite him to our'house even j£;I ,donjt hear from him first. ; , ;) '·' - '· '·... · .':. ' V """'. ''rLoVene Answer: It would be"' perfectly proper for you to invite the boy to your house, particularly if you are having the gang in'for an even- Ing. Young boys usually.vdo make poor correspondents, so doVt worry too much over the lack of mail. Released by the Bell Syndicate JUPITER SHINES IN SOUTHWEST * * * * * * * * * lightest Star, Also Seen on December Evenings EOEftNW* mi ON FURLOUGH--Sgt. 1/c Clarence E. Jewell, Jr : , son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Jewel), Lime Kiln, recently spent a fifteen-day furlough with his wife and family at Lime Kiln before going to Seattle. Wash., where He ejcpects to be transferred to the Far Eastern Command later this month. This is Jewell's second reenlistment period with the Army. His address is Sfc. Clarence E. Jewell. Ra 13277117, Casual Enl. Section, Ft: Lawton Pers. Cen,. Seattle. TO MOSCOW?-GeorsreF. Keniian, above, Statt Department : expert on Russia and author of the TJ. S. policy of "containing" c o m m u n i s m , is President Truman's choice as next U. S. ambassador to Moscow. Kennan, now on academic leave at Princeton, N. J., may jr-eplacc Adm. Alan 3. Kirk at Jkfre Kremlin by next spring. Kirk is slated to oeptac* John J. McCloy as U. S. high comqtyi- Women's Clubs Rallenfer A short memorial service In memory of two. charter .members and past presidents of the Ballenger Homemakers Club. Mrs. David Derr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Culler who died November 14, was held by the Ballenger club on November 19. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Earl 'Harge,tt, Frederick avenue. Members were urged to attend open house on November 28 to 30 in the conference room from 10:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. in., and Ballenger members will serve punch on" Friday and give a demonstration. A turkey and oyster supper, to be held in the community hall next Thursday was discussed, and tickets have gone on sale. Miss Hutson .gave a" demonstration 'on lighting for study center, and told how to measure light for proper amount to read or study with the edge of the shade an inch below eye level. Mrs. Howard Smith, 'jread a Thanksgiving prayer';;aiid '-names were drawn- for the Christmas party to be held December 17 at the community halL Mrs/; Edgarl Hargett, program chairnion, '/;is in charge o£ the party. The .recreation chairman, Miss MoHie Zimmerman, held, u- quiz on..''abbreviation of states, »rid Mrs..-Wilbur .Culler Sr. won theorize. '·"·'; V 500 ATTENP DANCE ' Approximately 500 members and guests of Frederick Lodge 684, B. P. O, Elks attended the third annual charity ball- of 'the local fraternal ^organization at :the State Armory 1 ,,Wednesday night Music for dancing from 0 to 1 o'clock was provided by Chuck Gordon and his orchestra, with vocals by Betty Ann Clooney an added feature. The armory was · attractively decorated nnd the big drill shed was set up in night club style with tables encircling the dance iloor. THANKSGIVING DANCE Saturday - Nov. 24 - 9 P. ML AMERICAN LEGION BALL ROOM THURMONT,.MD, MUSIC BY BRIGGS PHILIPS FAMOUS ORCHESTRA Legionnaires -- Auxiliary Members And Invited Guests Are Welcome The G«me You Love To Play. Benefit of Child Welfare Fund-Friday*, Nov. 33 A 30--8:15 P. M. Legion Ball Room, PUBLIC INVITED BY JAMES 8TOKLJBY ' ^'' ' «Connrs*M, "The brightest Mar of ttoe night-time sky appear* along with an unusuaily briUiaot placet in the evenings ot December. Toward the .southwest, in tb« constellation of Pisces, the fishes, shines the planet ,Jupiter. With magnitude minus 2.1, on the astronomical scale, it eonsideeably exceeds any rival object, except lor the moon. The star, !whieb to about two-thirds at bright, to Sirtus, to the constellation of (Cante Major* to* great dog, and it stands low to the southeast. Because sof its tow attitude, it does not shine as brightly as it wfll later in the bight, wbea ft has risen higher in the southern sky, though its brilliance (leaves one with no doubt as to its identity. i Both Jupiter and Sirtus are sbown to the aocompanytog maps! which depict the appearance of the skies about 10:00 pan. your own kind of 'standard time, at the beginning of December! an hour earlier at me middle of the month and two boors earlier at toe end. · After Status, the next star in order at brightness, of those now jVisible, is Vega, in Lyra, the lyre, but this is very close to the norabn, to the northwest, and onJty equals '··' star of the second magnitude, (However, directly above Sirius, we can see the assemblage of bright jstars that roafce the skies of winter so brilliant The brightest of these is Rigei, to the figure of Orion, the warrior, and to the right of the /row of three stars that mark his belt Above and to the left of the ·belt is the next, Betelgeuse, part of the same constellation. Still South .WEST* # '* o · SYMBOLS FOR STARS IN 6ftb£fc Of ttMGHTNCSS __--r tban Qnon, In Taurus, the bull, Is Aldebaran, next In brightness. About as high as Betelgeuse and farther to the left (so that it is shown on the map of the northern sky), we find Gemini, the twins, to which there are two rather bright stars, Castor and Pollux. Only the latter, however, is classed as first magnitude, this fe the tower of the pair. Below Gemini is Canis Minor, the lesser dog, with the star called Procyon. Going upwards from Gemini we come to Auriga, the charioteer, with Capella. Finally, the last of the first magnitude stars that are shown fe low' in the northwest--Deaeb, in Cygnus the swan. This group is above i Vega, and, as with that star, the atmospheric absorption on account of its low altitude makes Deneb appear considerably fainter tfcan the first magnitude star that ft is. . The other planets to be seen on December nights do not come no until after midnight Soon after that hour, in the constellation at Virgo, the virgin, Saturn rises, of magnitude 1.0. Nearby is Mars, slightly fainter. At the start of the month' Mars is to the west but it is moving eastward. On Dec. 19, at 8:00 sum, EST. when they are not visible because of the daylight. Mars passes about a third more than the moon's diameter to the south of Saturn. About 3:1S ajn^ at the beginning of December, Venus rises in the southeast By the time that it gets as nigh, tt shines nearly five times more brilliantly than Jupiter. Rnally, at the very end of the month, ft should be possible to get a glimpse of Mercury very low! in the southeast a short time before the sun rises. j Lufs Stuff PAR BEYOND ME! Machines go zooming through air and., making records everywhere; nnd speeds unheard of and unreal appear to be the weekly deal! Someday, we're told, an ocean hop, in guided missiles--and non- stop--will take but hours one or two! I can't just picture it, can you? With what has thus far come to light in speeds that once were "out of sight"--I surely have no right to doubt--that such a feat may come about! N. A. LUFBURROW. Soeied Situation When a friend is visiting you she starts talking in generalities aJxnit the servant problem and you realize that if you let her continue she will probably say something that your maid in the kitchen will over-hesr and be offended by. Wrong: Let her RO on. Right: Warn her w i t h n head sake or a low-sppk£h word that you do have a maid in the kilt-Wen and the conversation is likely being over-heard. GALA FLOOR SHOW AND DANCE SATURDAY, NOV. 24th 9:00--1:00 r Kussell Hinds at the Hammond Organ s HOMES, Green St, Middlctown, Md. and Guests--Phone Middletown 170 for reservations TELEVISION f SALES AND SERVICB PHILCO MOTOROLA ZENITH REASONABLE PRICED INSTALLATIONS H O M E OWNED HOME OPERATED MELVIN M. ENGLE BUDGET TERMS Back of Post Office, N. Carroll St. Phone 80 First Choice... For Fit, For Comfort, For a Sweetheart of a Figure Life Bra and Girdle In Formfit's Life Bra alone... this new "Triple Fit"! Proportioned to (1) your bust size, (2) your cup size, (3) your degree of separation--wide, medium or narrow. Result--a naturally lovelier rmstliae ... with greater freedom and comfort! And only in a Life Girdle ... Formfit's famous tailored-in. control that slims and smooths waist and hips--beautifully, comfortably. Working together, Life Bra and Life Girdle'can give Sweetheart of a Figure all the way I Sec proof. ..let us fit you... today. Life Girdles from 5.00 Life Bras from 1.25 GILBERT'S 9 NORTH MARKET ST. ^QgQOOMQOQQOOOPMQOOOOQOOOQOOOOOOQOQ^QQQQOQOOOOQOOO I* AH Types · All Fabrics an( j 3 · Ml Colors GILBERT'S 9 NORTH MARKET ST. AT LANDIS JEWELRY STORE Factory Expert To Demonstrate Tfe SHAVEMSTER Bigger SINGLE Twice-as-wide Head . « new shape is easier to handle FAS T E R, C LO S ER S H AV E S t h a n y o u e v e r t h o u g h t p o s s i b l e This new Sunbeam is the complete answer to the shaving pfoblem. Instantly superior to any method ever used. No beard too tough ; ; . no skin too tender. Shaves the neck clean, close. Sound, smooth face-fitting head shaves every type of face--full^ medium or lean. Whiskers can't escape the hundreds of holes--the Sunbeam picks up every one and shaves it instantly. Now, a more compact and more powerful motor than ever before. Complete with beautiful gift case. By special arrangements with the manufacturer w$ will have a Shavemaster expert in our store for this demonstration. See him demonstrate Shavemaster on all t3 r pes of beards. See for yourself how fast and clean it shaves. If you own a Shavemaster, bring it in for free oiling and sharpening 1 . LANDIS JEWELRY STORE Special SAVE (2,00 ON EVERY PAIR p Genuine Leather Fashion Wedgies . $6,00 Value! Sizes 4 to TO;. AAA to C Widths The most popular casuals ever to be in demand--around the house, at the office . . . for loafin' or casual dates! They're made for long endurance--have leather uppers, leather soles and leather top lifts on the heel for extra wear. GILBERT'S 9 NORTH MARKET ST. · RRRffi^^ DAY OR NIGHT SHIFT EE's whirl skirt two-piecer that's all : daytime decorum with its gem-studded jacket on..,, that shifts into a "nightlife beauty without^ it. In a wonderful rayon bengaline, and ;a great list of colors. OURS ALONE GILBERT'S 9 North Market Street 23 South Market Frederick, Md. FWSPAP*R SlEWS.PAPE.Rr

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