The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 21, 1931 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1931
Page 8
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDEBICK. MT. MONDAY. DECEMBER 21, 1931. ! "E" Is Useful Here i THE GUMPS !JDY IS Pleate Go Away And Let Me Sleep By SIDNEY S.'IH s « T f H I » \ l A X - H K K 1 Meals. J. t n;er of mo- M \\altz 11 CoacluUtd 14 Larr person 15 Rental contract. IT DoBke-iike beasts 19 Grain 21 Ic* runner {or tbe sh(e 23tpri!rfi{ shafts 3*To scatter ii Clear :6 Black ha« 27 English com ^ Constituent of an 'Rial :at 3v 31 Fasd pub!ic:t 31 r*-naie J Apportions, ts card-. 13 Home io»n of ABOUT THE PRESENT ME r of I S A 1 Cotiferenea. OP6N£t HIS ^AFE ANO TOOK OUT AN AMD SAID-"ANCY- · ** CKUM XOO A. MTTC.E. PA.iK.AO6- _ « TMOU1»MT IT POR MC - AND I *l Degraded »To honk 25 To tear M itches 2* Drunkard 29 Negative word. 2 Step m any series 34 Inembar- 55 Seventh no'e in sea!? 35 To h-»ru*n 3 '! '·"uneral ^J To "~ ' .on t To rnarr* ·Oes 5 To perspire profusel * Sound ~ Ice cream drink* .« Crim god of tbe 44 To en? lower world. 46 Mesh of lace. · Writing table* 4S Since l f i \ i e u of the $C Novel. 37 Pa«r. ?S Scarlet 40 Reckoned ch'onologi callv 4; Monkey 43 Be tumor. i *» c * »*r TO *^C TO t»«vt To TOM NOT TO BE OPENEO OWTIL. MS t« OUT AT %EA~ (aOSM- Too COOiJO WAVE KMOCK.CO Mt OVER. V*lTM A FEATHER- I JOST CI«»URD To WAK oP WTM A MIU.IOM DOULA*?S INI MV MAM -- A/LTT JEFF The Law Spoilt A Sale By BL'D FISH1 I, , -- f, REG'LAR FELLERS t """ /TtHE PeUl-ER.£ I Bv . YRN te.Jk } L. s 4 cP ,£ BOOTS /I AT) HE/? BUDDIES It's A Frame-Up! Bv MAR! OLDP16H THt WAV TO TAUK TO WHERE. ARE HOUR YEST100Y! Uncle That's nice. Willie. »o j resolve not to torment your poor i old dog this year' Here s a nickel · for you ' W i l l i e - Thanks' You see o'd Fido died last week THE BRIDE'S SALAD "VA* i Of course, it's part of the dress- Ing. ' ' Look darling! What's that in the ; firt rf ·*./"· 7 K" ITJ MJt V salad,- said he ! ' "*"- l A'C/L-C. FAMILY Hia astonishment freely express ing "Why of all things! A button!" ' she gasped. "Oh. I see | The Hired-Man's Friend He: What I want I* a home-loving little wife. She: Well I love dancing and matinees and motoring. Home- loving, eh* l*n*t that a new fad? RESOLUTIONS Oh. put away the ancient pip«. Say. "Bye-by»!" to th« fat cigar. And hitch--for now the time la ripe Your resolution* to a atar. IE IULTI- MILLIONAIRE WHO. TO ., UPLIPT PEGGYS i FAMILY, M1AOE GEORGE BUNGLE. PRESIDEIMT OP GOLDEM BOUNTY MINES INC. BETRAYED SO MUC»l SURPRISE WHILE HEARING AN UNOPP1CIAU BUSINESS REPORT THAT IT AROUSED UNFAVORABLE COMN1ENT GOSH DAD, DID NOTICE HOW POSITIVELX SURPRISED MR. EL DORADO GOT WHEN YOU BALKED ABOUT THAT r-IIWING CONCERN? USUALLY HE'S SO CALN1 THAT IT SORT OP* GETS ON ONES NERVES. / YOU MEAN WHEN I TALKED AEOUT ', V RAISING THE MINERS PA"-'? HE5 i / PROaABUY ONE OP THOSE EMPUOV U WJ-O THINKS THE ONLY TIME HIRED- MEN SHOULD FIGURE ON GETTING A '" / BREAK IS WHEN. THEY PALL OUT OP I VE ALWAYS KNOWM HE WAS INCLINED TO 8E- V/ELL, SGMEWH/=T CALLOUS WITH HELP. , ^.j i !! I'VE SEEM IM a LOT OP BUS'N!ESSE£ IN SOME OF THEM I NA/A5 JUST A IN :VE NEVER TMA By TUTH1 ^PEOPLE. WHO INHERIT / FALL HEIR TO A LOT OP L I IDEAS TOO THERE'S TWO 1 KINDS OP BOSSES. ONE GRASS V ~HE F-RONT END OF A PIANO !N1 MR ~"\ ^7 HIS MEM ARE CARRYING EL DORAOO \ / COWNSTA1RS. AND THE OTHER HH KNOV/S ' ' SORT UKE EL DORADO, VW^NTS ' TO RJCE ON TOP AND RAZZ. EVERYBODY ABOUT BEING AFRAID OP WORK. YES ,SIR. I KNOW THOSE "Gee. but this is cold weather! Ever »een any colder7" "No, not exactly, but I tr-ed to fli-t with a Boston girl once " CELLAR TALK "This zero weather is great for hardening one." rems-ked the water as it began to congeal -It rray harden you." snapped the water c'pe "Bjt -t breaks me* all u p " Bug Motorist" horse«hv« wa« Go**. I thought a luck - ENGINEER, AND I'VE AIA**/S NOTICED THAT A B!G MAN SAYS GOOD MORNING TO THE MEN IN THE SAME VOICE THAT HED GOOD MORtSNG j BOSS. LOPT. A SN1ART BOSS ' THAT EVERY HE MAKES A PASS AT A WORKER HIT5 A STOCKHOLDER. By r.JLLIAMS THE NEWFANGLES By CQWA A Misfit Present! OUT OF I Ger MOST OF HOME: OUT OF CAWrr U'S'E. VT S TOO B tec-i »M^^ on- , ' t ,,_ » \ surti-RCHIVCx

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