The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 5
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TfflS DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD. THURSDAY. MAY 19. 1932. FIVB DEATHS To Attend M. E. Conference Here Mr*. Mrs. Mary Beans. 36 years of age. wile of Harry Beans. 71" ilocter avenue. Ued"as tie home ol her parents. Mr and Mrs. -Wiliiani Carey. Bruns'ariei. at, nooa Wednesday. Besides her hue- , baad arid parents she is sarvir«d by; one son. by a '- onner marriage. Godfrey , Salcwr. Fucerai from the hoae of her . parents Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.! iridi interment in the Knoxidlle ceme- i tery. 3. S. Da^ey. iuseral director. FUNERALS . Tbe funeral of Wil^aaa P. Schmidt! tooi place from the- Ijpe iosoe, 341 2as r .! Second street. Wednesday afternoon at; 2.30 o'clock, with services by Bev. Doug- ', !ass Eooff. rector of A^ Saints ch'Jrch.; assLKed by Rev. Dr. Amos John Traver.. pastor of tne Evangelical L-afneran; church. Mouataas City Uwge Kaights of Pytii^s. cocducted semces al j the grave. The pallbearers, snesn- j be»s of its* loose, irerei WiHiam Y. | Anderson. Classes S. Ramsburg. John! COMPLETING PLANS FOR LOCAL MENTIONS M. E. CONFERENCE H E R E 1 Frederick \ri Club Mrmbm. i (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) j who are ?vliis w Was-hinsion. D. C . ! _ Saturiiv. will meet at South Court St . t of the Bal:tn-..-»re conference. Sat- at paiiir.;: s-picf. .f. 9 o .-lock .:rd.» u*£hi. June 11 Irs the axrr:~ EDITH M1LUSR. r.y the LA:c*r.A Ass-vViatiou of the' rre^;'o::d.r.i Secretary CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. POTTS GRIFFIN. Conference ·aill be addressed by Re\. Dr. Oscar T Olson. Balt^uore. and Sy Karnsoorth's. d:r.:wr FrxUy May 2 i LIBERTY TO WORMAN'S MILL ..a-.ore of I:i,- Btshop Edwin BL Hmcfaee Bishap Jashwant Baa Chitembre. Bii2»i Hughes is expected 10 be the pre^lcms Bishop a; '.he Baltimore STorov;' Geo'ie T. M. ShufSer. Geo.' conieresc* of the ilethodi*', E^sscopal charch * be held here in Ca!var W. Perry'and J. Frederick. P-j^man. In- , church Jirae 7 to 13. Bishop ChKambre a to maSce an acoress tericen-," Mt. Oliiwi c«C2«ery. M. H. j ___ Etchisoa and Son. funeral directors, j . ^e ^ oT^TA^ G. ,ohn- j FARMING OPERATIONS I DOi ARRIVES OVER INTERRUPTED BY RAIN HALIFAX, NOVA SGOTIA One of the courr:j's most jaip^rtarit Suite r^d a inning and rebu.ld^:; pro- ·ects i» soon to i^gm m '-he modern- L: ix r ·.·.-.-:» .\n .ind Worraans nil... one in.:? :i.?rth of NX only viill Ljaole macadam, !i»t where the present roac; is not i-ulScient!y straight ar-.o well-graded, new c3:-.creie roadway nil! be li.d. the Siate Roads Corr.niiiSi^n d^^l^ued in its announcement, today. The contract, biis for which will ix receiied until May 31. calls fr S SS : miles, concrete ihvtllcers and concrete Chit- »hoe* attendance is ».th interest art Card Bridse .iud ' 500" Fri.--iy -X Benefit K A V Alua May lie at St THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, MD. We are offering lor rent for the season the master dwelling with lawa and garden on the estate of Mrs. Aubrey Pearre near Libertytoirn. this county. The house contains 12 rooms, !s modern :n detail and furnished, POTTS GRIFFIN, REALTORS 27 COURT STREET PHONE 600 i NOAH E. CRAMER SON. .. D- G ElLs 1Y;1- -Vims Ha'.:. Sa,-: Se.xwxl sirert -5 .-,ary"church, under Dra-A prjie at each tab Ai: »e' :.ams. pistor of Ca ··. hcoe direc'io:: an eleaborat* program ivM'rt a'.:on» are l--d Hotel l»r«sl.'r.~i - Ke\ ar.d Mrs \Vil- lim Parri»h. Aberdeen. Re 7. Doa-ns. \Vi.-..~ii-.s:on. Ro. Jar bo*, t'orest ·.. It. Re\ -V Fisher, Baltimore. Re\ E. A tir.ore: Re-. J T Marsh. Sjfc. Voj i: ··* of course. · re a :-»:: -»Jt »hv. · \V:th orx ol c-r A ci»h 'J- ivV.'.-r ::.«', ' ^o*th be- Ov-n-.r'.h alter ,-:ie:jt Policies bills, hx^pr.a: H^ard *··* *r.v a. * L. aorkins tune AETXA-1ZE during B L . Bal- POTTS GRIFFIN Sev. Arthur E. SlAgle. Bait H E. R. Recs, Baltimore; Rev : Rev G G Senior Class. PUT. -NOBODY B'JT NANCY." At Wa^ersMlle H«h SrhOOl. Ma* '-»«h « 8 O clock i colored, whose body was found in the Monocacy rZver near the Buckeys- | town bridge Wednesday morning, win' i Lrttte Growth Made During Cool Huge Air Liner On First Leg Of colored. Jiuermen!. wSl be sade in Pairview cemetery, Frederick. Albert V. Dixon. funeral dmector. \Vhi:ehurst. Baltirr.ore. Rev. and Mrs Period- of weather arsd crop Condi- Return Trip. Frederick to Balttmare. Three other separate pro.-ect^. completed last. suni- .tier, were the building o! the r.f.\ Halifax, X S. Miy 19 (AP --The c£ ,.. crt -. e road eiui and »e*t of Cn'.on CJOQS"-;- Maryland for the week endinj; S^'- German airpl^ie DO-X arrived ... Je _ C on:ie.-un L.berty.o-A a and Tay- nDADUDTV fiKDIITP TflilY'l iMav IT, bv John K. Weeks, section over Halifax. N. S., at 1015 a. re. e grille, shyjldern:? ar.d grading thv r K U l M I l U l D r U l f i LMUO ^-o;.. ' s t. today on a flisht from Nu York to: ,- re -.c road from Talars\ille -.o Eld- turing an- ; Our He\. Jarcea ThoV-arn Bard. Davidson- . Stele Hlfhway Farm. 310 Acres. 1 -* r» · tr« * r* ** i A "*AO ''^"·tS't^ S* a ·» ·*'*«'» "**T*^^r S I"OO35 "''" "' " ' "ouse. equipped bans bam. S6.500. Wilker N. Jo'.HMe. Jr . 'X C^irt St. eraburg. and shoiildermj of parts sf the TO FIGHT ALONG ROADSIDEl^^-rt^iS^T^r^SS! ^ «* ^ « ,^ -·** ** ^^ raaa ^ ^^- ^^ \ rarffiir« (Derations and delayed plant- =^= air liner DO-X too* cS at 4.0a an( j Randallitows! and Baltimore. Clayton Houck Receive. Sus- , g^ -~^S warm, followed Irom 1 14th to the 17th. The heavy rain sat- ^·-'·^- --" ! P :o Germany. 1 _ - _ . . . . _ . _ . _ _ T'rt* ~1*~"*1* CJS-1» o«i» -S:: g^e o'clock, e. s. :., ihis morning for Har- \\-jrk on the last nine-mile project the "!»· Grace. N*. P.. on the Srit la? of fj ^ ;l -_ -_ ± ^ y ^^^, abCKit the tia? the Dr. and Mrs. J T. Erisor. Baltimore; Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Lowell Ensor. Prince Frederick: Rev. Dr ar.d Mrs King D Beach, Baltimore; Rev. Dr and Mrs R X Ed'Aaris. Washington; Rev. Dr. ai'.d Mrs B. I. McG'.owjtn. Havre de Grace: Fine Wa«ch Eepairinj. Trices reasonable Work guaranteed 1 yr SAMUEL L TYUER. 121 North Market Street Speafs Beauty Shoppe. Uy ^ excgss of normal - pended Fine Of $25. A property dispute which ted to a roadside fight between John William , mvls. 30. and Clayion Hotx*. 60. on | ^ ^^ the Ridge road near tfcioa Brtage · Tuesday afternoon was aired in Peoples Court this morning, with the result I that Justice Bowers placed in suspen- j ^^ ^^ but good progr es3 sioa a fine of $25 against Eouck. wh » LyU^j "5^,^; ^ fa%-orab!e tempera-i was assessed the costs. Davis had j rjr ^ of ^'.^^ j^f of th e charged Houck with assauk and bat- j ^^j^ g,^^ ,,., good to «ry. Wheat is heading, except in the AHe-; The fight took plsce on a. disputed gbeaj . fountain region. Rye and bar-! pJece of land of about one-fourth acre, i located in Johnsrille district. Accord- ! r trg to Prof. John J. John. Carroll coun ty surveyor, the property appeared to be Davis.' alT^ioagh Houck claimed that ^ ^ through a survey of W. Jarboe_ Grove, j ^ g Ea£ijKn g^ re . Frederick his. This wire on and Davis then hit at e?cr the other piece of Both Other wit,: defendant"; Prof. John, property, tifled, are ncy Walter state arid ed for Houck. three miles Rev. and Mrs. N. P. Rancie. Rev. E i =»«*" * '***'" TM»«~- ; L. Ford. Rev. D M. Diddle. Rev. and M»' » !:nto - nla "- 1 ^*-- Sp* cia - ' h ^' Mrs. Jo^ph C. Sinclair. Rev. E. P. Fille- :" M '^ « a ^ : ^ r Fas * cr .^ a "'* *£? bar..-.. Rvv. Gordon J^r.c^. Rev. A. S Shampoo. S! 00 \\a-.e S4 CK, · Thone 5G7-J. r.7 N Marie: St. : tempera- ' -'^ ^?°-"ts indicated the reason for the while the rain- · ^oTM ^^s a belief that Manhattan af- . forded the heavily loaced plane The Liberty road leads to northwest Baltimore, a d-stance of 49 miles from Frederick, while the National Highway. Moworay. Re 1 . A. N Patterson. Rev W C Babcock. Rev. R. H. Bartlett. Rev R. L. Banlett. Rev. George Bennett. i normal .-«.^t^ .^-c -.--»._.. .·---^-- *·---. - j-recencs. wni.e me ^a.i^na. n^away. . ,, _. , ,,_ ,,. , ,, «r.i dSris rhe-'onger * safer rua«7 iS«n ^oulci c=:eraz wes . Baltimore, is 46 mis « , f;'^ ^f D - R L w^ R^- rt" ,_-IlL ,.»-.the North Beach water stretch. - iT ,^-t, -^ards. Ke\. D.. R. L. Wood. Rn. D. , rogress re-j .,..,.... . R g Barnes 3^3 ae V . McLean., t«»5V!r»-T»-1 ^n* p^ne _ea o_ ..--- ^ jju--.. . . . . ,, .. . _ _ i The plane Sew off from a twelve miles east of Manhattan Bay i in. Long Island So-Jinl- The roar of j the great seaplane's powerful teas heard by newspaper men s Notice. J _ _ My wife. Ida A Q-iinn. having left j ,hn p7EWrds"an-d~ da'ugh- "'-' *** and b^ard :»-.:: not be respon- j , and Mrs. Philip E. Ed- *** -'or ^^^^ *» \ 834 N. Market St. Rev and Mrs. Edgar Beckett. Rev. Dr and Mrs. John i Among County I R. S. Barnes and Rev. McLean. Francis Scott Key Hotel--Rev. Dr. j | and Mrs. B. W. Meeks. Washington: ! , Rev. Dr. Vernon Rldgely. Baltimore: Dr. and Mrs. Chcst^n Smith. Balti- ! Two Saddle Horses For Sale. WRITE BOX 1809. NEWS-POST. Invited--Everyone Welcome, i Best Fountain Service In The City. PEOPLHTS SERVICE DRUG STORt.5 CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKBK. CAatrman o/ Hoard. HOLMES D. BAKEE. President. JOHN H. BAKER, \'te«-Prettdeitt. JOSEPH McDivrr. Vie«-Pre*\dent. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Ca»fcier. SAMUEL G. DUVALL, AffJtant Cashier. 3. TRAVERS THOMA*. Atsistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HAULER, CHARLES H. CONLEY, M. JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES B. GAMBKILL, HOLMES u. BAKER, DANIEL BAKER, JR, JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAS B. RAMSBURCH, ARCHIBAU) E. FISHER. o: :i=! 03 Stste Road i JJ1W K?r I«r5ber pir;':--:»r mpply to 1 SOAH e CRAilER SON. | l!i CQVRT STREET. FRESERICE. MD i PUONS SC». JOHN N. CLARY. nsma r^:nat::s T^.r .f»«*. alTec'.frd cy pr-*s- r-_:-t!»y c^".S 1..--.J EVF:: e.s -::co.t:e IS i;::ctr:.i:r:. it.; »cc dr:-.: cr s.ctafis =»T s!o: '.: at whrn rnost ar.trc an :r.cjn:» i^ :h.j ?r:3;. »: » c^st sl.j'. :s *-ui.; c^^pircd »:*.h 1:5 ;.bTi! »(2\»:-.:3g-i JOHN X CLARY. A;! Liars OJ Ir.saranca O MU.BCP.S PREE. Solicitor ·Phone 736. 9 N Court St. WANTED. : SETTI.ED ^VO^!^N WANTS A GOOD HOME. i ;o F J o-l o! ! Apr:- HI '*"«- WASTED --TWO THREE-QCARTER TOM 3crc';i boijv l5dz? trucks. :s:ncd;ilel7- Pri~.i M»r. 'Phone 553 Frticr.cS. 5-13-d2t Dahlia Bulbs. varieties at cheap prices. Blue D*hlla Garden* 106 and 108 East Fo ' jr;h S; - ' ?n)ne " s ^ i Drink More Milk. Maintain your youthful complexion by crm ;mg three g'.as^ -s of milk every day. Your cheapest ant best food. 20c a CH \P-LES WERTHELMER, W A I T E D --EUiCTRIC REFRIGERATOR and t".«:rlc stcT?. State price and con- dl'.Son. Adiirejs Box 1S07 care Ncxs-Post. FOR SALE. FOR SALE-- SEVEN PURE BRED BSRK- shlre jhoa'.J App'.y to Charles Douglas Witliaeu. Ijasisvl^f. 5-19-dIt* FOR SALE --WHITE AX3 SILVER plgtor;^ Moit'.T "31. Sfirnless banded- App'.y 202 Em; s:i:h s:. 5-IS-S31- BABY CARRIAGE FOR SALE CHEAP.-Excelltn: cor.d'.t:os. 10 JcScrson St. 5-n-S3t- FOR S.VLE --COMPLETE SET LUDWIO druni tr»?s. nr»- Price reaso3»s:e Writs Box 51. Nrw Market. Md. 5-l-l-ii6t' FOR SALE -SOY BEANS. OOOD Lawn Mowers Sharpened. FRANK JAMES. ·Phone lil-R 127 W 5th St. WEDDINGS - ^ e a " - r»rjo-i j Tobacco, tomato, and sweet potato: ^.^t- "to "-'I p!an!3 are ready for setting oui in · · V" oui in · ' fields. Some have been transplanted. Burkins--McAfee- Charies E. Burkins, son of Mr. and j Mrs. Harry O. Burkins, of Rising Sun. i and Miss Sdyth McAfee, daughter o f , Mr. and Mrs. Frank McAfee, formerly I of Thunnont, were married Wednesday i evening. Hay 11, at the home of the I grocen. The ring ceremony was per- j formed by Rev. Harry N. Bailey, of j Hopeweli, with Hampton Jenness as i best and McAfee, soa. Willarri. an R«T- . . Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Burkins of Miami, ] Fia. The bride georgette, and wore a corsage of sweet . BEHIND THE SCENES IN BT KODXET DCTCHEK XEA Service Writer r reports for her Sight over the 3 - *·' the school at 1.30. Mrs. A. ! more: Rev. O. W. Brittir.gham. Pied" » received. Kein ?_ ~ :3 * appointed to confer Trith niont, W. Va.; William Lewis. Mt. Sav- Consiance. E)r - ^- c - Kefauver abou; having a ; Rev. Charles L. Pate. Baltimore: Switzerland, her" home p"ort which she ' dental c::iic -«~ school children. A j Rev. J. M. Gillun. Hagerstown: Rev. 'e't in November, 1930. ' committee was appointed to revise the j O. H. M:Kinley, Washington; Rev. A. U I 1 II! 1 , const-ration. Mrs. A. Hemp had charge M. Newell. West River, Md.; Rev. C. tive agent for the federation on Cap- of ihe recreation period. ' R. Banes. Baltimore; Rev. J. P. Dawson. i itol Hill for years and usually acts as its ' The project demonstrators, Mrs. Lu;h- ' Baltimore: Rev. A. E. Spielman. Balti- i spokesman at heariiss. · er Btissard and Mrs. Cla3-ton Dixon. more: Rev. Harry Exaui. Cumberland: j actually told toe LaFolleti-f-Costisran d^rmr^-irated ham loaf and stuffed rib Rev. J. Luther Neff. Frostburg; Rev. ; subcommittee that if Congress ad- , chops with apples. Miss Van Fcsson. ' R. H. Stone. Rev. Anbury Smith. Baltl- joumed still ignoring the -anerr.p'.oyed a guest, gave ITTO solos. "Sylvia." by more: Rev. W. A. Keese, Rev. Daniel he, personally, icould "do nothing to Speaks "Ta You." Speaks. , %' Justice. Glynrisr.; R:-v. R. L. Wright, close the doors of revsl; if i; s^rts-." ' The nest meeting- of ihe club. Ma;. Baitimsre: Rev. C. E Seymour. Hale- There is no great fear here cf a vio- 36, will be held a; ;he News-Post build- ' thorpe: Rev. R. W. Wheeler, East Port: Rev. Louis P- Chasiain. Millersviile: ] For Sale. Good Values In Used Cars. 3--Dodge Sedans. 3--Dodge Coupes. 1--Dodge Roadster. 2--Essex Coaches. 1--Chevrolet Coupe. 1--Hudson Sedan. 1--Packard 7 Passenger Sedan. 1--Plymouth Sedan. l«i Ton Ford Truck. Easy terms. STALEY MOTOR CO . Frederick. Md. ', Cr?ag?rslo*=. J G TUane I8J5-F-32 p. LDTHEE BICE. Rev. Allan F. Poore, Washington. AMONG THE SICK For Sale. ; ! All kinds of second hand Pipe frc«n 1 j · » 8 Inches: I-Beams. and Angle Iron , HELP DESTROY DEPRESSION not by damrrrilng wlUi It but by adjurt-ns , ourselvM to U- It you cannot drive *. s« CTlindcr ear drive » four, but why drl« » lour it you m»y purchase a »!* Sor the »mt price. . fc ,_^ I Compare tUl* »!x room modern Dr.« | dwetllr-t oa Part At*.. oSered for only | $3 500 with any other property of a mucn , hlBer price. Two third, left !n PTMP*V;' j 1» desired. A real opportunity Jor the! early bird. i A JOB AWAimlO YOU. « room modern brick dweUlnj for tourist bu^laeis. with cement block modern flUlng station lacludlns one acre for camping purposes, located or. Highway. May tradn on ; cr.r property. i :7 acres on Highway near Frederick. d«.i- Ir.g with electricity, bath and fraV-tatlon ^ater sriten: A real opportunity tor tonrls: j ar.d filling station buslness. FARMS FOR SAIX j of anv »l:e. price and location. , For information, opportunities, satisfactory · s?-Tlce and conscientious advice, don't fail ; POR SALE.--TWO SEW BRICK BOUSES. modern '-n every respect One Colonial, oce English tvpe. situated ao Lindbergh avenue. Opposite Rood College Apply John IV Grote West Pcurtb St.. Extenc!eI. 5-Il-dtf FOR EENT. LARGE. FURNTSHEO FRONT ROOM.--AT- tractlve Suitable for couple. Inquire News-Post. Box ISU- 3-I3-d6t- Broadly speaiing, cothing much has · «e recently returned from a tour of th; ibeen accotcpllshed around here :n the . country,_ re?3rtir.g gro-ir.g resentmen. attired in pale blue ! lasi year or so unless the accomplices ' 3mong hims-^msn :re scared into it. Fear lias brought' ~ "" peas. Mr. and Mrs. Buriins -arO make , a v out the moratorium, the Heconstrac- nto the T»ei camp Sam's Creek Brunswick Work Delayed. Work on 3runsv ick's add-.tion to thr -exist ng v.-atcr system, between Knc-x- unior. "tlie ana Vourtee fepringc, at BroTras- Hard"mos-"^ r: hn^ c ~,7 u -^ti"js''Sa i t --"^ Patience after coming c-vxn here ^ay early this neck, has been delayer i^ve^o^^orft^ff^rs^f 0=5-'repeatedly ty appeal :o corarnittees to :or wine ca-ose urJ^oxra to Mayor All' ,, '' ^ ! do something- t3 storj millior^ of our Sire ana ot.icr city omc^.s. Whi-e the 1 5 ^ ^ ^. ' people from starvin; only to be met, Tlth ' cantrac-inc firm h.-^ been adv^cd oi ' " " . jtter ir.aiSerence on the part, of the the, last Saturday, of the Mrs. Benjamin B. Biehl. East Third street, -x'ny a:;:d»nta"y ran a needle in her arm. had it rerrxr.ed today at :he Cicy Hospital. FRED3RICK JUXK COMPANY. Fraak Gastley. Prop "Phone 383. Office -r.t! Warehouse--Chape! Alley Between Third and Fourth Sts. Residence--215 E Third St. Master Edward Hart Etchison. young ron of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hart St:hlson, Xc-r'.h Market street who has been ! oure ·-'.. is sornetvhat improved. , Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Pen;:! Tablets 'newsprint paper) Now 6 Cents a Ib Bond and Book Paper Tablets. No* 9 Gents a Ib. THE NEWS-POST FOR RENT.--MODERN 3-ROOM APART- mcnt reasonable. Apply 31* \V._ Soutb^ St. FOR RENT --SECOND Ft.OOR APAHT1IEKT. Mrs V.. F Kai;:n. Ill West Second St. 5-IS-di:t FOR RE?rr--MODERN" APARTMENT. 3 roomt and baili. Attrac'.ira rentat to proper tenant. Imniedlate possession. 126 FOR RETT--THIRD FLOOR APARTMEST. 220 N Market St. 5 rooms acd bath- Apo'.v Wm D. Bowers Lumbe' Co. 5-IS-dtf FOR RENT --GOING ROAD STAND ON THB Na;:onai hlghwar. Improved with 6- room dwelling sad ianch room attached. Immediate po;5fss:oa. Reasor-ab'.e rent. Applv No.ih E- aad Ssr.. S-18-d4t ORDER StSI ON APDIT FOR =.ENT.--«-ROOM HODSE. SO. 34S W. NO. IJ489 WaCTTT. j Pa ...; cfe S - S20 . Apply I N. Shlp'.ev. 14* Is the Circuit Court lor Frederic* Couc-j. ( w pj.y^ji, s - 5-17-dt* Sitting In Equity. I CHURCH ·a. P . LUTHER RICE. "PHONE S-I*-dt£ NOTICES. Mar Term. 1»32. . -r OrjEaN - g-ROOM HOUSE. 243 E. CHTJRC ecrge R. Dennis. Jr.. Assignee of the Onion ' s . ApP ; 7 345 E. Th:rd St.. or call 5S3-! Trust Company of Maryland. c . Mort- I dSt-5-IT.IS. 13.24.25^6* Sam's Creek, May 19.--Mr. and Mrs. , Gestures Expected William Ijppy burg, were of Mr. and 3 --The "VT. church, the uing" from 's to 8 p. rn. Jan oSiriai spoiestnan for the coaserra- unercp.oyment in__tns Mr. Leonard G. Wachter. -siell kno-in ·r"C"r ot" North Market street 15 quietly ·~j5er.-:n; the 40th anniversary or his Girth today. LOST AND FOUND. | LOST --GOLD FRATERNITY PIN SATUR- 1 ^?. Rtward :'. rev-med to Xe»s-P«t Box 170S. ...... --MODERN 5-ROOM. SECOND ' T 431 Xortb Market St. ·- s-ts-dtf 5-.. -as. two children. Lsr.lcsionrnt Mr. and i ii --dslr shocked sorr.e gents here _ ^ ^__ ^ _^ Mrs Benjamin Mvers aad children. | Trbo asEurr.ed that, or?ini2:-d labor's pa- -eaera,.os -3r_,. T-rone. j tierce -ros inexha-jstible. -Mr. and Mrs. George Etenlbiss and! be "m'jch ^"^rse . Miss Vircinia Myers, called on Mr. and Voters Revolt Feared Mrs. Ralph Stnne. Marston, Friday' Ea McGrady. -ho has everHtog. , --^Mrs. C. L. Alexander and daugh- j ier. Helen. Mr. ana Mrs. Leighton j Schneider and daughter. Miriam, call- j ed recen-ly on Mrs. Kosa Strme a n d j Mr. arwi Mrs. Carroll Lindsey. Marston.'. FASHION PLAQUE Breaks 1«5 in FaEL Mrs. Da-id Riser, of Br^ recovering at. tne Frederics City Has- ' pi^.1 from a fractured le?. sustainec reek when she fell ^hile leaving Park Heishts cemetery. Brunswick, after I a, fur.eral She --as alone ai the time [ and lay helpless f^r a;xui ha.1: an hour r^i^l she --as found. She was reported as retting along nicely today. Market Prices Grain. bbl. . Si 65 Live Stock and Produce. Want Bread Through Work Lxral un.ons meet in 29.030 center.^ C"e each fortnichi or month. McGracir said. ' and it is safe to say zhat 70 W taken t;? der.c-uncms those wl-.i could and ~-~.~. n-:-t give relief. J "\V£T ^rsitirf or"£3c 3.jic ov. .^r i.n_o-t2" "I l".2"e crs.wn trie curtain t? slio" ! closed dcrs. ir. tite- rc-:et.n; halls , and :n e'-ery one cf those tr.eetir.- r.all* i there i" a very ?^d representation o: ' .-slf isrs in trie late war. and they fee". more Sitttrly 2OC"t it the res" -seeks. I r.ave addressed tens and tens Mr. and Mrs. Dar.iel Blickenstaff. East Third street, announce the birth of a cau;hter. Joan Iolore-=. at the Frederick City Hospital May 12. LOCAL MENTIONS MISCELLANEOUS. ^^~~~~--^--~-**~~~~~--^-^^ PIANO TOTNTNG AND RADIO REPAIRING a speclaUy A.bert C -ilrser ""! S13-W. E V.-»st 13;h street. : Dance This Friday Nile. Mt Ties' Parse. KyatUto-RT;. Gents. 50c free. Everybody in-, .u:-d. Free otis leaves E. O. stit-on 8 30 p. m CHICKS FOR SALE. , BABY CHICKS --BARRED ROCKS. VTHTTE ; Gee: -ust Company of Maryland. c . FoTb. h^ wire. On Petition. In the matter of the Aaditor-* Report | a:»d the 18th day or May. 1S32., j Ordered, That on the Jad day of June. ; t»32. the Court »".!: proceed to act upon the Report or the Auditor. Sled as aforesaid In the above cause, to flnally ratify and ' ronSrra the sacie. unless cause to the con- j triry thereof be shovrn before said day; ; provided a copy of this order be published ; in sorae newspaper pobUsheiS In Frederic): --_ ---- Cvjnt-. at least seven days prior to sa'.d , J.QR RENT --6-SOOM KOCSS. 523 NORTH iar. ' B-nti St. Apj'.v 431 N Martet ·street. Dated tSth day of May. 1932. 5-15-d'.f EU G HAUGH. _ Ctrri of the Clrcalt Court for Frederic* FOR P.ENT --2 HOUSES AND 2 GARAGES County. i on East ?.v.r:ck street Applj 407 East Georje R, £ennls. Jr.. Solicitor. ! Patrici stre't. 5-14-(!6; True Copr--Test: ' -- · -----ELI G. HAUGH. \ FOR P.ENT --TarO 3-ROOi:. E3TCKSNSTTS C'.fr't ' ar.i ii-h spirtrnesis. 19 East Churcj S- OP _ REST --FURNISHED FROST s «,t^Ve f" 1 " one or 113 person. 119 West v.,.^ s - 5-16-dSt '" _ .- - EKT.-- GARAGE- APPLY 237 SOCTH .t .-tree:. S-tS-dSt" Seco-d r.Mr "?.Dr.e 125 or 962. 5-14-dSt . F NDU WAMT TO GET UP V.TTri srruptoo LATE THE DAUGHTER' "The Dast Of The Earth-" A Comedy Drarca ^ 4 Acts. CHURCH ST SCHOOL AUDITORIUM. Presented by Sp-A^rth League of M S. Church. Walkerrrille. Salcn 57. 8 and 40 B-anch Arr-cncars Mav 25 1332--3 ocxws. M^ji-c by 31 ;e Rid^e Orchestra. ton.$300. Jerscv. 3'-c£ Ola V.Tii-.» L»sh3rr.5 ar.J asi'.rt"!. orr -rtry '.taraxT ar.i^Fr-ia-: ·?i:or.= 439 itrlck St 5-16-d6t HELP WANTED. . -·_,_ ... --^.ar.-. f^-r. s'-.-rd h5--" -c a - s-iii:c 3 f e . " Pr. .-.'.ts* °' ra.s- ^ ^ - ·' -- *~" fc " ···*. - -" ,, ,^. j.. ?:.-, B« I'--" 0-19---. IN MEMORIAM. In Mernoriara_ A Card Of Thanks. ".Ve ^-sn to ("' "i t-j c-r^ ii r.'.rr.b-Ts our jjicerc ·'': and .r.~rc-t 3'ion for "heir many si.r.dr.tsses --r.nis TVTLLIAM r. SCHMIDT AND FAMILV. JTES TT'VTSD --TO CONDTTCT ;-. r'-.T*"-? H i ; - - = - : - - a-.a =:^: v ; Cirror x^ x--£.v iri : "3"" rap ·!"- TV---te '.r^- --'i at»:r Ri-s-.t.sS C: . tHpt NCD-::-S. _.-.?»-.. -a *4t-5-5.:j.:9JW« ORDER HISI ON AUDIT _____ .^ _ NO. 124« EQUITY. FOK RENT --FTRVTSHED AP.VRTMENT. In tbe Circuit Court for Frederick County 205 East S-:co^d street. 5-lC-d6t Sitting In E-Quity ' ^_-- -----May Tera. 1S32 FOR RENT.--MODERN 5-HOOM HOCSK. G-orge R. Dennis, Jr. Assignee of the Union Dar.d Gro". '?s;=e 9".S 5-12-dSt Trjjt Company of Ma-ylarad. *c . Mart- ' ---- - «a;ee of Edward Ross Eyler and Mary T. FOP. RENT --HOUSE 15 WEST SAINTS ST Evr. On Petition. " ' Ap?:v Mar? S W!=rtrt=er. 215 P-ocfe^iJ la the rcatter or tbe Asdltor'* Report ; Terrace. S-I2-dtI S.i the ISlh :»- of May. :S32. ; __^. ."...- Ori-rri. That on the 2nd day of Jnne. ; FOR RENT --I-SCX3M MODERN APARi- f-.e R«port of th- Asrfjtor. filed as afore- =eiia-.e'.T A?p:y J SJ C=:::r. ss.d in the abore cause, to finally ratify ar.d co»2rtn the same, unless casse to the contrary thereof te shotru before said tf«y: proTld»i a copy cf tils order !vs pub'.Ished In sere* n»TTspap*r pcb'lshrd In Freisr;ct Co-;r;ly, at '.east srrea days prior to said S»T Dalri tSth iav of Mav. 1932. ELI G HACGH. Ct;rt of the Circuit Cocrt for Frederic! Co-ntv G^rc* R Dencis. Jr. Solicitor. Tr-^e Copy--Test; FOR RENT --LARGE SIS ROOM A=AHT- = ==t A:' =ci=r= App'.y Waci'.er S~; 5-SHiir FOR RSST --TRTO VERT DSSIRASL3 apirt^!-r.t-. 3 rssrsr. M - -i ar-i t.tcies- »tte. nari -srox: f.oors. ::c E Ci'^rch S- Also apartrr;=t SD :;~ E S?e==S St,. s=d a-sre.t.Tic« N= 2:3 S S1%;X IDS w S:sti. 215 a=2 C» E Fo"tS 2-i ^S W Patr-.:£ rt=ier;ts S7 G. HACGH. i South ilar«: S- O--.ore R. ~-^~^ Cteri. " Marks: St 3-.--.I 5 =av 18-2S 1 1 am not jc-lng to ccrr.e any --XL " oefore t'r.U Congress to be; for rel.ef We. :co, ha-.e lc«t our p?.:.enc; and ^^ ! nttsr.t as ~e'.l let the other 'f'.'.yx j r.and'.e it and be re^rxn-=.o.e :or Tr_a^ is j fain? to happen, became something going to happen " Steers «c to o-.c, Heifers 3c to 5c ; Co-^s _ _ Ic to 3c j Bulls 2c to 3c I Cal%es - 3c to 5c j | * j^arn^s 6c to 6-«'_ 7Tr,.u; :rcsi.d calf, a leather thong Of the sfider.ts rs me ;o'.vrr.:r.en vfiuctei'.'.'".'. 3; to 5c I handle, ant? .v;-. bills ire ciotL-.ctiTC f.y.n? =c.-.foU a Russia, 20 per cer.L Hogs ,,_ 3c to 3':C ' ne-R- patterns of this bag for summer., are ivomen. i ; slec-ps. he slr?p5. he i? r. jt dead. Bu; ~ t h Cr.r-st. his heai. But liis pure so-.r.t rests ».'.-. God. --BY HIS LOVING 'RIPE, EMMA I ·s'-Vn to e"cpr.»s rr.y sin-ere t h a n k s ' , .-.n.1 appr-:-ciat.3n 10 my fnenl? and -.-- rr.o-Dr?. -xro ?:.r.i".y si?--s.-ei in SAT( '.uc by fire. Also to tre Ir.dsc-eriient H-cce Oxr.par.y. "-: Thorn too much -ra-se canr.-t be c.v^n, far their quick response and ur.'.-r.r.; efforts to keep' T.I Sr» under c - ntr--l MR. T. E. ZIMMERMAN. STAR FURNITURE CO. ADiGNISTRATRICES- NOT7CE- Thls Is to si-* =ot:ce lh_t the subscribers ( hare obtained from tbe Orpiar-s" Coart of · OQTJ Frederick Cosatj. In Marrlacd. istterj o f ' " o l. admlr.^trat:on on til* estate of I vo-^ IXVITIS JOHNSTON. | ;at« of PreOrtck Cocary. Xarylaad, £?· ?OR HSXT --1SCDERK CND FlrOOH A?AHT-, :c--.5-.rf or ·j=.':rr.^-i-d Apply S West n-.-rd St. * *-i" REST.--DATLTGHT KOMS, TEOH- i; T aoierr; =ea- crlva «c3i Posses- »;' O2C . As --^ --^vi C Cu::?r 5-1-itf ^^evr^" d'^^" 1 ^SD' vo" a^*^ at " A And shall :ore-.^r be: "; c".ld r.c. s'^y i.tli rr.c T. ear Bjt I cin C.~T-» to". HIS ONLY DAUGHTER, BLANCHE ' Don't Forgrt Friday Narht. Is The Nulit. rth. CKURCH STRE3T SCHOOL BAZAAR Subscribe lor The News. S2 2S up. L.v.r.s ro5=. J .--r; rc-T. b^d room a-.d ·:.·(·-.»- :.rr.'-r- ar.i ho-wfco'.a »«·»--, r-' «".-·-·. iw.r. 1 ! ar.i de^cr-.ption. r^T ^ r - « ;-T :-'£. -,t -.r.S-ari c:! CSTC -. a-.d be co~r.r.r»i that vc-j cjr. «i-,c T.-re Ihif. --.i': We w..: crci.t .s sVoS ST« STAH FUP.:.-:TUP.E co. 3I3-32S Nsr-h J.tart-: STCCt., Maryland. ceased AH perrons having T!a!n:s FOR RENT --ItODSRS S-ROOiS SOVSS, the decease* are uraraea ti exhibit tie 323 Part a~*-"i- Possession A?r;l I. same. « the ToucSers thereof, legallj George B Eeiiia 5-!-Jtr »-jtfcer.tlca:*d. to tSe s=Sscr!b«r. oa or be- : fore the 28th day of NOT . :»32. r.eit: thf? j PQH RENT --MODERN 5 ROOM APART- r:ay ottenrlse 6y ·»· be eiclcded froa aH J sent, with yard. 106 So^tb Martst st-eet. benefit of said estate. Those Indebted lo the j In:3eilate pcssesyl3« Apy'.j I*. C C- ler. i deceased »re desired to a»Sc» luaecUat* j 5-1-dtf · payment. Given ::r.der car har.4 thl* ZTth Say ot , rOR RENT --ATTRACTTVE · Apr-.:. 1533 i Apply Ezra Houci. Jr.. JOO East ! MART CATHERINE JOHNSTON. j stieet- S-I-dtf i JEANNE i'TS JOHNSTON. I , I Aialn.stratrlces | FOR RENT.--SJ3C ROOM HO~SS ON NORTH ! Parsons NeTmaa, Attorney. · Ma.-tst St. Arjp'.y to C. F. Scii:cikrr.echt. ' A apr. 38-su.j i-U-U-26 ' Jii N. iUrii; ii.-e=t.

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