The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 15, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Page 12
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V\C,V. TWF.T.VF. TTTE TTUTCTTTNSON NEWS. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER IS. 1924 ••FRE TODAY ! >ollu').i - l; i' teirnil ilm-uirli »•• •"' '•>• ' »' *v« '. • nine iii lit- I > "I (>•< <"'•'" '•• • H«« rr A. IIll- I -Ittr l-'Utvl W» . ; .•-•l iinu -Mi ' In- it- ,|; -">. i' 1 , III limi.l. is Alul .c .lrii IVi'-y. r(-i .11, • i i .•-VM -'.'thi'arl. 'if l:;.nor's u;|i-, .\:ini'>.l I'.VH 'I'unii i'. l:.i\nin';i IIUI. M , liv Ml" litlit Mvil.-h. Ti.i'ii .S'lir.i-y. I'"' ; b'rotl .,1', I'lvill" K"iil; ]:.'i;i I linlilii: .1 : friiTnl of Kiiil '-v: Miss Matll". Iln>- • "MM. i.l' Eiiuioi' li •Ijiiill ln> 1 rl I'.IIVII.II. ' Hi.-! m.iri'i nl :ii:N .n \\'i iimi •/.)•/.'. I" in i.ik" Hi" l>"ti"ll\" 1 1 1 ,M:uil. :i' " "..Hi .1 Ill "I ill" hillnlK l'l' : • inw. |i.,l,|.'i,.< iiml V.iM lilt' ill--. J ".Mill!.-- .-Kill)!! iim; IK.'i.' I'., ."li •(.".(;! ,N;imy linvi! M 'nhl ;IV n! tl:" kli!ll;y,. i NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY : "Well, mi, miv.s. Vuii HIT, Miss Itnynnr, now. sl-.c IVIIS mi I lit stairs licliiiiil wlirri' .Miss Tiirni'i - wns—", "I'm tli:it ivai iifii^r IIHI shot. Mlfs Mm Mr illiln'l. IIIIIVO li '.-r room until .*lu> lii'inil tliK- n.poil, Ihrn •h<: ecu I'd - 1 hi: it Mr. Klnlny s (;irl- "il from ihf ens; VJIr:iti>l:i. Mien Mrs. U :i \nnr slarlotl tioiii tin? V.VKL 'iiniico -nil Ihi'sc pcnpli 1 slal'U 'il tii.'L'iiiisn of iii '.-irini: Hon shot. Nov.-, 1 gay il could luivo I 'ccii flroil I'y Miss TiiruiT. alio rouhl liavo linr rloil li.'irk into tho lniuio, anil sianiliiif; in Itiat, noitli iloor In-l\\ Pot! Hie l :oll :io anil lili' Hill room, SIIM C'IUIIII liavo turnod <m tlio ll^lu*-• jusi an wo know Mio did •In- afirr ylio bad liilloil Itor man." "Wol!, well - now tn :m ; , you do imiUr il so' .i idau.-ili 'i.' - Inn, no. li siio lia ,l inurdoi'oil Kaynnr, Miss Turnor would nuvor liavo romo lim k lioro. Sho would have disait- piarod ontiii'ly—vis, sir, BO BIIIJ tvnitUI!" "IL doos Hooin llki.'ly." (ulmilloil y.\z\, "hut 1 wanu'd to Hhow you hat Ihoio ivns - iliii'i.i \s a possibility of hor I'lMiiir ill" orlui/mrl." "Oil, Jioril. ijii'ri.i'u a possibility if any of those projilo who stood it those various doors." "Ami caI 'll one ;.o agitated, s .o ^hoi'l.inl, that, no clear aroount ran in pot fi'tiin any of them." "That's: so. There's .Miss Turner iovv--wanl to talk to her?" Zlzl ilJil. (inil Hohhins called the iurs<. to them. She was t.ii.lluni hut willing to •inswer ()uestloim. Khe luluililed aUi 'inpt to poison .Mr. liajnor, j t 111 Mild slle didn't lilean - '«• ltd! : hmi, only to nitiko hiurlll and Ihon ' V.toml::. to restore lilin to health i if hf would elve Iter a Inr^'i? wuin , or nioniy. Thin lio linil done, nntl j the iionds she had reeelved from j hon were, slm said, ennijiensatIon lor her past ills ut Ills hands. Hho had no fears for herself, tor thoutrb she had poisoned -Mr. Hay-i nor. his wile vvaa in no position to] i all In r to ticeouiH --hor was his, son, who had stolen the will. Miss Kiiynnr was no: a person who would j take definite steps and Miss Turner' felt, mire the law would not li.irin j her even In the event of an nceusa- 1 lion. i "Hut. look here." '/.Izl said, "ifj Mrs. Uaynor's tahlelfi that sho save j to hot- husband ia.?crefly wore harmless, what were they?" I "Al; op;no »~-tD counteract the effect of the morphine hu WUSJ tuk- I iRK." "Well why wasn 't the morplilne discovered at the autospy?" j "Hecansp the ntvophino nnd the j lnorphliie so coinfleraeted each oth- ! er thai all traces of both disappeared. Then they found only tho'ar- | senic." ; "And you put the lu'seuic. that ; you had left in a vase In Mrs. Itny- nor's room to ineriininatH hi*!'?" j Zlzl's hlitck eyes glared at the tran- \ ipiil nurse. ' ">'ot for that. I li'id thorn there ; to K.i'L th .eni out of my posF.ession, i and 1 thought they'd never be rils- I covered, I'd no idea the defectives would make mich a thorough. 1 .search." j "Miss Turner"— YAi.\ loolted j straight at her— "who do you think i fired Hint shot?" i Kva Turner looked puzzled, j "Honestly, 1 don't know." she 'said; "1 can't help thinking It was j Mrs. Raynor, yet it may have been ; Mr. Flnlay, as I've said nil ,'ilo'ny:." ! "Von didn't do It yourself?" asked Dobbins. Kva Turner stared fit hlui. "Gracious, no!" sha nuiri; "I 'm seared to dealh of n pistol—I wouldn't touch one. I don 't know i how- to handle firearms ut all." I Zizl looked at her curiously. AH i this mil:hi or might not he true. I "Besidos," Miss Turner went on, "I was lu Uio pantry tnlkltiK to the cook when the shpt rang out. Cook will tell yon (his. Then I rnn to tho door and turned on the lights." "And daw?" siild said 7M; "toll me nitnln." "And saw." Mis* Turner said, "and saw Mrs. iiaynor KOIIIK out nnil Mr. Klnley boldliiK the pistol. I? more neeiled to convict, either one*of those two—or both?" "Yes," Zizi said. " 1 have timed It. null I kmiw 11 must have taken y .in at. least a full minute lo K«t from the pantry to that door and to push Hie light button. In that minute much could hnve happened." "All riRht," said Eva Turner, "then you ouKht. to pet those two ofr witii a not proven verdict". There , is no piisiihln doubt, hut it It can't i l>? proved, then they can go free,! 1 suppose-" ' "Au you put II," Zi7,1 said, slowly, "H would seem that those two, at rtie cast and west doors, were the actors of the dniTiia, and yon two , at the north and south doors—you j and Mr. Kent—wero the nudlenco." i "Mr. Kent didn't come till three j or four minutes later." | "What, tlid you all do in the ! meantime?" j "1 don't know—iiothinc much, 1 ! think I found MISH Haynor nt my ; side and I think I grasped her, wo rather clung togelehr. Mr. Flnley continued to fitnre nt tho pistol—anil ho kept on ruhhlnp It 1 with his handkerchief; Mrs. Rayj nor didn't do anythlnir, just stood j I and stared— • ! | "You auld sho was KOIIIK out." | "She turned and came back, and ! stood In the doorway. Then Mr. j Kent came and ho flew to her | side." ! "Without-looking nt Mr. liny- | nor?" i "He didn't seem to—ad T recol- ' leet. He rushed to Mrs. Raynor, 1 and put Ills arm around her—tor , she looked as if she would faint." ] "You like Mrs. Raynor?" Zizi ! asked this'quite casually. "I don't know," JCva returned slowly. ""When 1 tirst enmo here I haled her. She was Raynor's wife— she had everything that he had long URO promised to me. You can ; imagine what a jilted girl feels to- I ward her successful rival. I came j prepared to hate her—hut I meant I no wrong to her. 1 came hero to get satisfaction of one sort or another out at Douglas Raynor. I wanted to mako him suffer as much as ho had made me suffer. I wanted money, hut I also wanted to make him suffer mentally and physically, both. I gave him the arsenic, in sufficient doses to scaro him and to make him 111— hut I didn't mean to kill him. I I want your honest opinion. Asltlo proposed to stop short of that, from tho facts of Booing Mrs. Ray- Well, then, when Mr. Flnley came, nor fleeing out of tho nun parlor I found I could hurt him by Bug- that night, asldo from any thought of evidence—you would ho surprised to loam that Mrs. Raynor was a criminal." "Very much surprised.- alio Is of tho martyr type. She suffered In iiUencp." "Shu clvca mo that Impression," Zizi said. "Xanc.y Raynor Is a woman who loves very few people. Sho adored her falher, she worships her mother—and she is passlonaleiv in luvo with Mr. Flnley. Sho Is friendly 'with MISH Mijttle, hut there is no .enl affection (herd." "Nobody could ho very fond of ihat old maid," Zinl said, in a tone >t pity rather than roproauh. "And it's her own fault—she's so prying and curious. Well, now, Miss Turner, here's another question. Do ••on think Mr. Flnley could have ommlttod that murder?" "Yes, I do," "I thought you were sure It was Mrs. Raynor who shot—" "l'vo told you again and ngaln 1 don't know which one It was! I've thought It over and over—I've pictured out the scene with both of them, and all I enn say Is—It was certainly one of them." "What ubout a man from outside?" "That man from outside Is all very well, it you can find him." Zlil had caught Bight of Pennington Wise walking down tho path and she ran after him. "Wlrero are you going?" she asked as sho caught up with him. "Down to tho Falls," he replied, palling her thin little hand as «h>) pushed H through his bent' arm. "It's Iriio," Wise said, "any Jury, would exotiBrnto Nancy- Raynor it she had shot her husband—'but 1 want to prove that she didn 't," "And that Mr. Flnley did?" (Continued In Our Next Issue) Women Uit Snuff. Copenhagen—'Have women taken to using souff?tlt Is qulto possible that those once classed as tho weaker sex have finally entered tho Inst domain of moro man. The enutt Industry announces that the output this year exceed by nearly 60 por cent the output of last year. fathor of medicine," In the fourth century H. C. Hydrotherapy, or the use of water for curative purposes, was employed by Hippocrates, "the RHEUMATISM AND NEURITIS' Dr PITTINGER'S wonderful South African Rheumatism and Neuritli Remedy now available to the people,., of this country. FREE trial treatment. ' Send your name and address at one*. t. R. PITTINOCR, M. D. tt« Cawmowwlth A » Bgitali, MN^ WHEN 1 FIRST CAME HERB 1 ! HATED TIER." I WRITE. FOR THIS Uric Acid posting that Mrs Raynor still carej f TlJ. m_ for Mr. Flnley. ISOlVClll "All In all I made Douglas Ray- . nor pretty miserable and I'm glad! 85 CWlt Bottle (32 Dout) FREE Just because you start the day worried at. 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Ho Rented his anger on his wife —but r couldn't help that. If she did shoot him—It was no moro than could be expected of a woman who had borno all su 'e, could boar. No one but myself knows what awful misery that man heaped on her head. If Nancy Raynor is accused —if she is tried, I will go on tho stand and testify to cruelty she received, to Ignominy and scorn that was heaped on her, and to brutality unspeakable that she endured, until no jury In the world would give any verdict but full and entire acquittal. Yet even with nil that, even though I pity her from my honrt, I can't say I like her. We are not congenial, she doesn't like ni(> —but my sense of Justice will make me witness tor her, if it ever comes to that." "Good for you, Misi Turner,' Zizi cried. "Now, will your sense of justice go so far as to answer a few questions?" , "Certainly." "Thon, knowing Mrs. Raynor fairly well, as you must, do you think she Is a woman Who would take her husband's life—no matter what, he had done to make her miserable?" "No, I do not. But- WAS BORN "You're going to esy we can't obligation. Only ona free bottle vouch for a desperate woman. But to same-person, nddresi or family. Back Weak and Painful Mrs. Miller Benefited by Taking Lydia E. Pinkham'c Vegetable Compound Eotan, Tex.—"I am writing to let you know how I have been benefited by taking your medicine. Aftct my second baby was born my back was weak nndhurt me continually, so 1 thought I'd try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ' as 1 had read so much about where it had helped so many women. I had been bothered with my back for over a year, and it would hurt me until I could not do my work, which is keeping bouse for three and cooking and washing dishes. I tell all my friends if they have any kind of female troubles to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. 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KELLOGG BROS. HESS FEED STORE 17 B West Phone 467 HUTCHINSON Hutchinson Is the logical market place tor merchant and for consumcf in Western Kansat, Northwestern Oklahoma and Eas-tern Colorado. Hutchinaon alone has the transportation facilities to economically servo the people of this section. Favored as It Is by railroads, by IntluEtry, by agriculture and hy finance, Hutchinson Is truly tti« metrooclls of this territory. INDUSTRIAL REVIEW A Center of Service Prograulva Industrie, In almoil all linet of bull- neu ara to be round In Hutchinson. Many of them are represented on this page. These Industries are largely responsible for the growth of this territory. The service which they afford seta a standard which outside organizations must equal. These industries make your Ufa moro pleasant, and they deserve vour support. Certified Public Accountant's Service Wilbur E. Swenson, C. P. A. Audita, Examinations, Systems Tho Sun flower State Accounting Co. One-half block North of Post, sfflce. Phone 908. 400 Hoke Bldg. Hutchinson, Kanans J. H- KltiG, Architect Residence Work a Specialty Whiteside Bldu., Hutchinson, Kansas, Corner 2nd and Main Phone 1937 MON-TRO Coffee Every Cup's Good to the Last Drop. You'll like it, and it's economical, too. 60 CUPS TO THE POUND Your Grocer Sells Mon-Tro THE GUYM0N-PETR0MERC.C0. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS INTRODUCING MR. B. P. BOZEMAN New City Representative of Kansas Central Indemnity Co. THE MALONE POSTER SERVICE Outdoor Advertising Home Theatre Building Phone 140 SALT CITY PRINTING CO. Will save you 10 to 20% PrlntlnQ. Phone 1914 Cor. Opposite Cpnventlon Hall RENO TYPEWRITER UXCHANGK All makes of typewriters. Exclusive ,-igcnts for the ROYAL & CORONA TYPEWRITERS. 405 N. Main—Phone 3639 M. C. FOY General Contractor 416 E. 13th St. Phone 2999W The Hutchinson Produce Co. UNDER SAME MANAGEMENT'26 YEARS WHOLESALE Fruits and Vegetables Fourth and Washington Phone 6J— (IN Try McArthur's White House Brand Hams, Bacon and Lard—Cleveland Style Ham Bologna— Milwaukee Style Frankfurters. The McArthur Packing Company Record Loadings Of Railroad Cars Week of October 18 "1 CAPPER ENGRAVING CO ARTISTS-ENGRAVERS ' DESIGNS ZINC ETCHINGS HALFTONES COLOR PLATES QUALITY-SERVICE HUTCHINSON OFFICE 11.NELSON BOLG. PHONE402 PLANTS AT WICHp -AANoTOPEKA. The Richards-Scheble Candy Co. Manufacturers of Fine Candles Fountain Supplies and Accessories CANDY The traffic: department of the Chamber of Commerce 13 In constant touch with the general business of the country ns Bhown by the car loadings. Such reports are received weekly by Traffic Manager Chas. Mlttendorf, and his file shows the car loadings for each week for six years past. These reports < show that the business conditions, while showing a falling off during the first eight months of the present year, have shown a steady Improvement and that for the week ending October 18th, tho loadings reached the highest ever recorded by the railroads. For that week a total of 1,102,338 cars were loaded. The highest record for any previous week was for that ending Sept. 29. 1923 when a total of 1,097,493 cars were loaded. Thus an Increase of 13,874 carloads Is shown over the highest record ever made heretofore. Another Interesting feature <• the fact that with this heavy load, lng there was very little ear shortage shown In »ny section of the country, and that against all of It, there was shown a total surplus ot cars available for loading amounting tp about 100,000, The total, movements of eoal however have been light during all of the late summer and fall months. The mild weather has bad a tendency to make the average householder forget that winter Is grada ally slipping np on us, and In case ot a sudden change with a long spell of snow and sloet it Is going to witness considerable hardship with many people who are neglecting putting In an adequate supply of coal for winter. The traffic department is therefore advising everyone to lay In their coal while tho opportunity for doing BO IS still thero. The great movement of all kinds of freight Is going to be a handicap to the railroads when bad weather does come and such commodities as coal, which are not rated as perishable and take low rates of freight are never given the expedited service that other and high revenue freight Is given. LARABEE'S BEST FLOUR It ALWAYS (ALL WAYS) Wpcrul- •hlQ. ^"Better broad with less effort." More bread with less Flour." sic your grocer—Ask for It by name. Lar&bee Flour Mill Corporation HUTCHINSON, KANSAS and $68,000,000 in the first week of October. Construction activity increased very considerably In October, according to F. "W. Dodge Corporation. Contracts last month In the 38 eastern states (which Include about seven-eighths of the total construction ot the country) amounted to $410,090,S00. The increase Is very largely accounted for by a number of, big public works and utilities' projects. In October there is usually a seasonal Increase over September. Last year this increase amounted to 24 per cent. Farm prosperity Is perhaps best reflected in the comparative value of grain crops. The 1924 corn crop representing 24 per cent of our agricultural crop value is worth 3 per cent more than the 1923 harvest. The money value of wheat which makes up 14 per cent of our agricultural output 1B 47 per cent greater than Inst year. The 6 per cent of our harvest represented by oats is worth 44 per cent more than a year ago, while barley, about 1 per cent of our_totaI output, is np 48 per cent In crop value. The farmer Is feeling better by several hundred million dollars. New building, which has enjoyed an unprecedented boom during the last three years, is runlng 4 per cent ahead of the first nine months ot last year, Bank clearings are again tending upward. While this : development Is seasonal to a certain extent, both-clearings In Ngw.Tork City and outside of that center are running.ahead of' last year. Goods are being bought and sold In reasonable volumes. HUTCHINSON BOARD OF TRADE DIRECTORY Paul Gano, President Ralph Russell, Treat. C. W. Colby, See'y. Gano Grain Co. Colllngwood-Moore Grain Co. The Grain Marketing Co. Ralph Russell Grain Co. Southwest Grain Co. The Security Elevator Co. A. G. McReynolda B. C. Christopher A Co. The Central Grain A Lab. Co. Hutchinson Grain Co. Goffe & Carkner Ino. 'The Consolidated Elevatore Midwest Grain Co. Geo. E. Gano & Co. CONSIGN VOUR GRAIN TO THE NEAREST DEALER "MADE IN HUTCHINSON" Bafore you buy aee the "Kelsey Stretch less Mattress." Hutchinson Mattress Co. Manufacturers The Jett & Wood Central Merc. Co. Phone M10 Hutchinson, Kansas Phone n INDUSTRIAL NOTES The Kverly Grain Co. has completed a new elevator at Garden City that is one of the best In that end of the state. It has a capacity of storing 36,000 bushels of grain, and also a big warehouse. All records for volume of traffic handled during month in its history were broken again In October hy tho Mlssonrl Pacific railroad, it Is announced, in the monthly statement. Examination of the weekly busl ncss statistics, compiled by the Department ot Commerce, show that building contracts are at the highest point since the first week In August. For, tho week ended October 25th they were, in money value, 104,967,000. This compares with (87,000,000 in the week before f 62,000,000 lu the week before that, Failures In number, per cent, and liabilities for September ran tho lowest since the same month In 1923. ' , . Goods are moving la treme\idous volume. For seven consecutive weeks freight car loadings haze exceeded a million a week. - A record of 1,112,345 revenue cars loaded during the week of October 25th stands as a,high mark for,all time. It exceeded by 10,009 cars the previous record made the. week of October ISth. Goods are moving and employment generally speaking Is good. If all ot this activity wero a bit moro profitable we should see Bome real prosperity. "We put the Snaps In Snapshots" Winstead Photo & Finishing Co. Curtis C. Adamson COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Quality Kodak Finishing lor the Trade. Phone 458 Hutchinson, Kansas - A GROWING CONCERN Serving In the neighborhood of 100 Kansas towns, the United Power and Light Corp. Is one of tho fastest growing organizations of Its kind In this section ot the country. JuBt recently the Sallna Fewer and Light Corp. of Sallna, and the United Water, Gas & Electric Co. ot Hutchinson were absorbed by this company. United Power and Light Corp. United Water, Gaa * , Electrlo Co. Hotel Stamey FIREPROOF RatsSI 11.50, 12.00, Si .BO, M.0O A Home Hotel Operated by Home People. Business profits present a mixed picture. Railroad earnings, both gross and net, are running below last year. Gross earning* per mile total $16,322, ns compared with 117,776 for the same period during 1923. Net earnings of $3600 per mile so far litis year are somewhat bejtpw the »38GS of last year, • Industrial' dividend payments-meanwhile Bhotf an Increase and total $417,220,300 for the first nine months as compared with $402,015,500 for the first three quarters of 1923. Volume considered, however, profits this year are not as good as last. India's imports from the United States during 1923-24 amounted to 127,930,000 rupees, as compared with only 47,904,000 rupees for the pre-war year of 1913-14. MANN-AND'COMPANY • ARCHITECT./ • Hutemneon, Kansas Office 722.721 R.W Bldg. Phone 21St THE HUTCHINSON HIHK & If UK CO. Cash buyers of HIDES—FURS—WOOL Consignments a Specialty. Correspondence solicited. 625 So, Main, Hutchinson, Kse. THE STAMEY -MACKEY CONSTRUCTION CO Paving and Road Contractors HUTCHINSON. KANSAS Kansas Gas and Electric Company "AT YOUR SERVICE" HUTCHINSON, KANSAS In answering advertisements, please mention The News-Herald. In Answering I Advertise- i ments Please Mention The News-Herald

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