Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1953 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1953
Page 28
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THURSDAY, APRIL II, 1933 ALTON EVENING TRLRGRAPH PAOR Good Goulash Goulash, Pressure Style*, Snap Beans, Stewed Pink Rhubarb, Steamed Rice, Bread and Butter, Beverage. (Recipe for Starred Dfah Follows) Goulash, Pressure Style Ingredients: 2 pounds boneless round beef (l',4 Inches thick), >/4 cup flour, 3 tablespoons fat, 1 pound small white onions (cut in thin strips), 2 teaspoons salt, 1 tablespoon paprika, 1 tablespoon cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon caraway seeds, 1 teaspoon crushed dry marjoram, 2 bay leaves, 1 parsley spray, ^ cut bouillon. Method: Remove all fat from beef. Cut beef into Itt inch cubes; coat with flour. Heat fat in 4-quart pressure saucepan. Brown one* half of the meat in one-half of the hot fat; remove meat; brown remaining meat in remaining fat. Return first batch of meat to pressure saucepan. Mix in onions, salt, paprika, cinegar, caraway, marjoram, bay leaves and parsley. Add bouillon, Close pressure saucepan at once; cook at 15 pounds pressure for 20 minutes. Let pressure go down normally; open and re- riiove bay leaves and parsley. Makes 5 seWings. Baked Peach Pudding Uses Cubes of Cake 3 cups cake cubes, ^ inch 1 cup peach slices 1 package vanilla pudding 1 pint peach juice plus milk to fill measure 2 tablespoons corn sirup 2 egg whites, stiffly beaten 1 tablespoon chooped walnuts Place half of cake cubes in the bottom of a PA quart casserole. Pour peaches over cake and cover with rest of cake cubes. Prepare vanilla pudding according to directions on package, using peach juice as liquid. Pour pudding over cake and peaches in casserole. Beat sirup into stiffly beaten egg whites. Spread meringue over pudding and sprinkle with nuts. Bake in a slow over (325 degrees F.) for fifteen minutes, or until brown. Yield: 8 servings. Apricots Perform Well In Pound Cake Dish can peeled apricot halves or 1'i cups apricot pulp 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin 1 tablespoon apricot juice or cold water 1 egg 1-3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla , \' s cup heavy cream, whipped 1 layer pound cake, 1 inch thick Drain apricot juice from apricot halves. Mash apricots to a fHi with a fork then, heat in saucepan. Soflftn gelatin in apricot juice, then dissolve in hot apricots. Cool apricot mixture. Beat egg until foamy, add sugar and vanilla and beat again. Whip cream and combine with egg mixture. Cut pound cake to fit bottom of a deep refrigerator tray. Spread apricot mixture over cake, cover with whipped cream mixture. Freeze in refrigerator tray, using coldest control, until firm. Slice into 6 portions when serving. Yield: 6 servings. "World's Roof' Tibet has an average ele%'atlon of 16,000 feet above sea level and often is called "the roof of the world." Even the valleys of this mountain - enclosed tableland lie higher than the mountains of most countries. Good Food Buy s More Plentiful With Vegetables By The Amtrototed Good buys in the nation's food stores this week were more plentiful among vegetables than meats. For the most part, meat prices held about the same as a week ago. Vegetable counters were crammed with good quality produce, often at attractive prices. Outstanding values reported by stores In many sections of the country included cabbage, carrots, celery, lettuce, onions and potatoes. Spinach was added to the list of good buys, and many stores featured fresh sweet corn. Asparagus, mentioned frequently by stores in recent weeks as a good buy, crept up a bit in price this week. Beans and beets also edged higher. It wag difficult to detect lower price trends among meats. Rather, it was largely a matter of particular items being chosen by different stores and chains as week-end features. Sirloin steak and rib roast, long available at bargain prices, remained the same in most stores, but in some were up two to four cents a pound. Pork chops and leg of lamb were mostly unchanged in price. Frying chickens were down four to eight cents a pound in some stores and up two to six cents in others. Butter prices were about the same, but the cost of a dozen eggs moved up as much as four cents in some cities. Wholesale men said eggs were higher in the Midwest because many are being purchased for storage by packers and the armed forces. The fruit department was bare of special bargains. Reflecting a drop in green coffee prices, wholesale quotations went down about Hi cents a pound. Lower retail prices were expected shortly by men in the industry., Strawberry Meringue Puffs Are Delicious 6 sponge cake shells 1 egg white % cup granulated sugar U teaspoon vanilla extract 1 pint vanilla or strawberry ice cream 1 cup crushed strawberries Beat egg v«hites until quite stiff, but not dry. Add sugar and vanilla gradually, continuing to beat until very stiff. Spread meringue around the sides of'each sponge cake shell. Place on a cookie sheet and bake in a hot oven (450 degrees F.) for five minutes. Fill center of each puff with a scoop of ice cream. Top each serving with crushed strawberries. , Frozen or sweetened fresh berries may be used. Yield: 6 Strawberry Meringue Puffs. Gingerbread Banana Shortcake Is Good 1 gingerbread square. 9 inches 1 cup sliced bananas. '2 'cup heavy cream, whipped; V 2 teaspoon vanil la extract, 1 teaspoon confectjpn er's sugar. Cut gingerbread into 9 square servings. Combine whipped cream vanilla and confectioner's sugar Top each serving with bananas and whipped cream. Yield: 9 gingerbread - banana shortcakes. DIETSCHYS MARKET 500 RIDGE Free Delivery PHONES 3-6624—3-6625 CHUCK POT ROAST . C ,T S IA 45e FRESH GROUND BEEF I • LOOSE PORK SAUSAGE Lb. 39c CUBE STEAKS TENDER, JUICY 1 4 or 5 to Lb 79c FORK STEAKS, Lean 55c VEAL LOIN OUTLETS ./. Lb. BABY BEEF LIVER Lb. 69c LEAN GROUND CH!JCI Li: • - Lp BONELESS CO* STEW BEEF Lb. W5FU ROLL FORK SAUSAGE ...Lb. Roll 39c PORK BUTT ROAST Small Lean lb. SKINNED JACK SALMON •<*• 29c BONELESS ROLLED BEEF RIB ROAST, lb. LARGE JUICY FRANKS Lb. 65c 40* WG EYE 70|» •WO SWISS CHEESE...Lb. 196 LITER'S KING'S-X KB* BACON Lb. WC HAM SHANKS, S to 0 Lb. Piece*., lb. FRESH EPOS. SUGAR, Pira GUI CREAMED Lb. COTTAGE CHEESE.. CORNED~BEEF LOAF ............Lb. Direct From the Country, Ungraded Doz. 10 u... 950 A.O. FLOUR A.O. OORN, Yellow . . ffijSf 2 . 6K38o .33e BLACK EYE PEAS GRAPE JELLY- 21 1 SAUCE ftroolw'~~~ * Putter Bean*.. m can* 29e 37fl APPLES, Ddldou or Wlnupt 2 «• 25e SEGMENTS... * can* POTATOES. Wtthid ASPARAGUS , &.> lOu. I Uk I OAI4F. • ter«» |A A PABKO7«.... * teta. Iwlf pgy^H HA TOUATQES box Hi i OBOWli 1 buaehe* I8l| 2buwfc*ilDfl ,1" IU. Firm fain. Cot Kfofir rim r mn, Cut op, FRYEft Swift Large. By Norwood. Sliced BACON . OfG&scd Skin OTI _ pick Tender Fillets .•.DI1UV1. f- »I»*J»K» POLLOCK Lb. 10' lb. Mi. If ROGER-CUT TENDERAY. ALL EXCESS WAST E AND FAT REMOVED Choice center cut — chine bone trimmed to give you more tender meat for your money. Kroger-Cut Tenderay Freshly Ground Everyday ROUND STEAK GREATEST SILVER OFFER EVER MADE BY KROGER! lb. GROUND BEEF •mi I data) mt folder showing O MQVDKTtO fewws HOT-DATED .SPOTLIGHT Buy it in the bean . grind it fresh . . ami enjoy Spotlight. Mb, Bag , 81* USE ORDER BLANKS ON BACK OF NEW COFFEE BAGS SPECIAL! THIS WEEK ONLY! KROGER VACUUM PACK VVI I kk ••• (Limit 12 Lbs. to Customer) 2 Ibs. $1.69 Lib, Can LIBBY'S DICED BEETS....... 10 FINE QUALITY. WHITE CREAM STYLE CORN .... 8 17-01, Cans $100 riRE. CORN FINE QUALITY. YELLOW. VACUUM PACKED WHOLE KERNEL • • • • • • • • • WINTERGARDEN FRESH FROZEN STRAWBERRIES...... CAMPBELL'S. THE SOUP MOST FOLKS LIKE BEST TOMATO SOUP .3 KROGER. EXTRA THIN! EXTRA CRISP! 11-01, Cans 8-01, Can Cans iKAlKtKo Mb. Pkg, 1C KROGER FROZEN ORANGE JUICE Delicious Flavor Ca°ns Kroger. Super-soft Enriched BREAD.. Kroger Miniature DONUTS Large 20-01. Loaf Ooz. Fresh. Large, Sweet from the Fields off Cuba. Buy Now for Canning and Freezing PINEAPPLE EACH 39 C CASE Northern. U. S. No. 1. Reds. Fine all-purpose POTATOES ... Vent 1 .49 Florida Valencia. K»tra nvvt-et, juicy. l-re»b — dreen — California ORANGES .. tt 59 I ASPARAGUS SUPER SUDS Pkg. Giant FAB Largi Here's that c a s c e of Spring you it hungry tor . i with a cdscy ung Dice »nd serve, or «dd CO jalld of oranges, bananas and niarbhnuilov.s. (,ook 10 Kroger for che niuist Kid Im he it AJAX CLEANSER QuU'k-(a«nung »ction_i 2 14-ei. Cant Palmolivc Soap Ouhmirt Bouqud SOAP Casbmiri SOAP Batk Dm ORY8TAL WHITE SOAP 3 ft? 21' PETER PAN BEAUTY SOAP 3 •». 24' IVORY SOAP 3 ££23 3KS24' PALMOUVE SOAP I

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