The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY. JULY It, 1«34 MfiBflfft Court Held Hunter (.Continued Frotu On«> tion in tii« penitentiary for crim* | do not set the job done,** 1 "Surveys show that 80 per cent Makes Bond Ittjof the first oir«nd€ir« ar* from under-prlviles«d homes.** h« said. "The ucder-privllejted or xieclected child ixi Texas is * distinct responsibility to the state." Z-teutenamt Governor £d£-trf Witt said "five out of ten" voter*** Murder Case; Other Cases Settled ANTLERS. Okla. — Bond for John W. Gillreath. Snow faraier. wko -oras held to the district court •without bail following a preliminary hearing before Justice 31. A. Brock Monday, was set at f S.OOO by District Judge George T. Ar- »«tt of Idabel. at the close of a HOW BLACK MILLS BALLOON BOWL APPEARS AT NIGHT had not made up their minds lor whom they will vote^ ** but "nine of ten know definitely there are two or three candidates they would hate to see elected," He. told his audience that most habeas corpus hearing. Gillreath. I people ^name Edgar Witt among charged with murder, made bond [ the leading three or four eandi- late Tuesday and was released j dates for governor: almost every- frotn custody of the sheriff- i body, including nay opponents and Mrs. Hazel Black, widow of Paul j tneir strongest, most loyal sup- Black. who fell to his death while porters, have to agree that for me •working on the Sulphur Canyon t to get into the second primary bridge last summer on U. S. High- ! ni«ans my nomination in August-*' •way' '••271. received judgment for! Senator Clint C. Small^ address- damages in the sum of $5.730 a Corsicana crowd, criticized the gainst the Altnaan-Rodgers Construction company, contractors. Kloyd Kuykeadall and Barney • Clendening, charged with robbery j with firearms, were sentenced to five years each at hard labor in plans by some candidates as a{ cure-all for g:o v eraniental ills. Be j iad been conservatively es- by son>e that It -would add 53.000,000 to the cost of gov- aew facsled ideas PERSONALS J. F. South is quite ill at his home on South Thirtieth street. Mr*. Allen visit. *"• *!«OTH AMVTVERSAMY CELEBRATED HEME ( Mrs. Tommy Hoit of Honey Grove is at the Sanitarium o£ Paris i ; for treatment. I X>r. EL M. Stark, -a-bo is in at tfee- ], I St. Joseph's hospital. is reported f ' to be resting -welL ,. [ M. V. Barberousse of Aat- j ***• ei»fcti«l_ Mrtlwl** «u_fcr«r- lers, Okla.. is a patient at the Sani- | sary of tlie Rev. R. A. G*y. retired tariuaa of Paris. > Presbyteriaa minister, ira* ? 2>rai€d TVedziesday aJSsraooaa _t£ ils ~ i residence. 33-1 East Sherm-m street Mrs. B. X>. Walker, formerly of i 412 South Eleventh street, has moved to 3S1 East Polk street. eminent Tht» tmustnt -ptcttir* »howm how the Rtack Hilt* bowl near Rapid City. S. O^ wilt app«ar at night as th« huge' balloon of 'the projected «trato*pher* flight i» Inflated for Ji* trip io the cloud*. The natural aowl is frina«d with blf lamp* in preparation for the takeoff. (Associated Pres* Photo) , Miss Gladys McDonald of « j ^Sw..^ • Br ^ dstr ^t of ^^^^ w , __ ««*„««-,—* TO » j.North Fourteenth street is recov- j "«**«« is at th« ^aiutariuxn of j his wifft ^^ ^^ Prof T _ -^ G _^ ' after a major operation. j fans as a patient. -. ^ ^ number of old friend* paucti- • cipatingr. He received gifts of Cow- Br. J. Jt. Bailey of ^Austin and i e rs and other presents, as birtb- Bailey Jr_ of f ort Worth J <5ay remembrances. He li*s i>e«o in •If 6 ., h .f re for a visit *' ilh Dr - i i» health since as attack *&oa*; * — * Bailey's sister, ilr». Ha! Dailey, [ year 3 ^ o _ I Miss Alvena Rhodes, of Brooks-; 3 * 1 ' r * ailfe ^' | Mr. and Mrs. Gay celebrated I ton route 2. is at t&e t-araar boss- j their fiftieth wedding ia! for treatment. Dr - an<J Mrs - T - E- Hunt c.r.d son, ] OQ June s iS32 _ | Harold, have returned from Hills- j game frieads ati<sndins . th^t c«ie- Mrs. C. J- Faster underwent » ! SJf*J. * Jl^-.f 1 : CT^ , accended f oration. Those present Wedne*- « maior operation at the Si. Joseph's * ?Jf C*«ra! TexasMedical assona- } were tfee Rev ^ ilrs . j. y. hospital - Thursday morning } 't 0 * T*^ " . Thoraas . ^ u f ' Jr - j er, the Rev. a«d Mr*. W. A. f remained there IOT a visit with re- J . . ^ •„ - - ^ - « .» lat'ves. i patnck of \VrjiteTvn?rht7 Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sisto has gone to j " • Mrs. Walter Scarborough of Bon- Ne\v York City for a months visit j --, v -. _-vjp.f J i fearei - tiie H«v_ and Mrs. A. EL relatives and friends, jliree IXOVel tFltercd I Welch of Ladoaia: Mmes. K^l* S By National Maeazine I Fleminsr * Ira Ki^satricfc and Dr. and Mrs. Harry McCuistion the state penitentiary at McAles- s were embraced. He asked who ter. The two men were arrested at \ would put up the additional rev- Wewoka by county authorities and ! enue tliat would be necessary to retnmed to Antlers. They entered j nicer the cost, pleas of £Tii!ty ' Ed^vard EL Russell, at San As- j Other non-jury cases disposed j se!o ' ^ about ^J^^* ^ | of by Judge Amett were: Ida Mae 1 ' , ?" ; Oi-isi.^ •POU- vs Jake Piily. divorce Jndg- i c ^ scd ^ c ° lOT * b «f a ^e lfc «*« meat for the plaintiff; !_. R. Man- | th& POP«^r thing to do as a. poll- , niajr vs R. M, Moore. Order to res- | "^ 1; . . T -, . j tore old instruments or papers; I T^ 6 politician who has .ong; ttrs. W. B. Leslie VB XV. E. John- | b " n *'***«»* ?h ^ «>!<>« o f a P ro ~ j .on, Judsmeut for the plaintiff; Wbicionist acd has been influenc- JL. H. AJcard vs Sam Crazier, order ! ed £o compromise his views in or-] 0,-uieting title; State Taken under a on a plea of guilty. Walter £1- I cler to meet xv-ith -what he thought i {Continued fas« Os«> tbe town of Ketchum. The twuiJc president joined in the cliase which resulted, in his death. Those in the posse trailing ttoe robbers were the two Gregorys. Oscar Blacfclord, a farmer who works for the elder Gregory, and art officer •whosie tiame was not learned and who -was picked np by the party as th«y passed Bernicc. in Delaware cooaty- The posse came upon the bandit car after it halted, not i^ecojmizins; its occupants, and .when the robbers saw the armed, men approaching they started tb/ft liott- Taken under advisement, up- j was P<>P^*r demand, never was j •••---'. .- j at heart a. real prohibitionist." ' Russell said, C. C. McDonald continued to base hs bid for favor on his platform planks proposing old age f pensions, unemployment insur-1 a.nce, home ownership and repeal j of the X>ean law. i Se pointed out that federal] {loans are available for half the j | cost of homesteads and proposed 1 that the state advance the bal-j ] anee, the recipient to pay five per i •cent interest. | and the bank president and robbers fell. An ambnl- was called from Grove and officers bcpan efforts to idkintify the dead onilaxvs. Aboot $SOO taken in the rob- berr was recovered from the robbers' car and bodies. Tbe outlaw* »ad stopped to change licence plat-es- when the possemcn approached. Mystery CContiaxied FY^rs P On-> Xorth X*allas, At that tiise. her r sai<5. she nras complaining a pain in her stomach. "Where -went when, she 3eft nSrn. King not say. -Jack Ste^'art, frorrj whoni Mrs. .Stewart had been separated about '& year, is in rhe Texas penitentiary, serrtaj? sentences for box car lary, grarid larceny and 'srtth intftnt to ranrder. Stewart escape.? Nov. 5, 1533. from the Greenville jail, -where he was held for 5nve5ti.«:atj07j in a tb*ft case. Nov. "3 he and cotn- also allesrcd member? o* Das-o S>ea>', shot it otst Houston officers. Two police-were wounded at this r!me the gunmer, were capiur*d. . 13 all thr<ee escaped from X>ecatur, VTis^ county jail. they had been placed on bench wjtrrantjr Th«»y were captured later by Fort. Worth police. wen', ro the penJtentlary the th« TTCGHKS for governor of in Bon ham an<J Honey hursday afternoon . Legtd Notice COCRT HOU^JC. PARIS oj th* cU*Hc<i5»Ti • — Cyrtw W lit San Antonio if. TT.« GUNTER All Slodcrn i:aicrin« VacilUle? Cool Open Air Roof Garden WHKHK FAMOUS BANDS • PA I" I, >J«->U KJCX. Russell (Continued from Pass One) F. Brown Post Xo. 30 American 1 and of the local post of the j United Spanish Americas War! Veterans. [ Mr. Russell .. farmed near Paris j until he enlisted in the army dur- ] ing the Spanish American War. i After his discharge from the army | he was employed in the postoflice | here-' ; Following- the ciose o* the 'World { War, Mr. Russell engaged ii» the' grocery business in the northeast i part of the city, first associated ; with Georsr^ A. IJeWeese in the : firm of 2>eWeese and RtisseH, asjcf"; later with his son Jack R-assell in [ thft firm oS Russell and Son. He j continued the bi_siness of R'usseli \ and Son until his election as coun- { t>~ commissioner in 1SS2. j Mr. Russell is a member of the { Christian church and was a mem- I ber of the Paris Rotary club while j in the grocery business. Mr. Rus- ; 5-elI's recommendation vs-as -doubt- i less due :o his high rating given i by the Board of C;vil Service Kx- j amiziers as well as to his popul- j arity ajid high ciiarac^er as a cit- ; tzen of Paris. j In connectJon with the necorrs- i mendatiors. tbe> ruling under which ; appQintm«ints ars inare wa^ pc:nt- '; ^a out by Conyrestsman Patmau. • The raiirtg s-tx*p: { Under jbe civil «??rvice law, pos- ' ilions which srt> filled through ''• nomination by the president for'' confirmation by the senate are not ' ir.c'ucod in :he competitive cla^si- i 'std ser\-;ce. Positions of post- ' mast«-r s.t tirst. second, and third • class post-offices are filied in this i manner. .For such positions, how- ! ever. ejcajn:aa.Uor.s are h?M by th? • civil service com mis;*ion. at the re- • quest of the postmaster genera.1. ; und«r an executive crder issued |. July I*. IS33. which provides as! follow*: i "When a vaca_acy exists or occurs > in the position o* postmaster at; _LR office of the Tirst, second or i third clauss, the postm.szer svner&l i nsay saferrai* to tft* president for ; renominatJon the narr-e cf the - jsostmaster whos5 term has exptr- i *<J or is about to expire, or th*i j name of «ome quail'ficd person j wSthln the competitive cij_*»i':iei_ ; civil service. If no such person I is nominaj*»<I the postrnastcr yea- | era! sha.13 certify the fact to th« 1 civil service commission whiclj ' shail forthwith hold an open corn-] vctuivts exftzn;nation to test the; of th<* above-mfr.ijoned cij_*sesf to] fin such vacancy. \Vh«n such ?x- I atninatioa has b*«n held ar-d the i papers submitird therewith have J be*R rated, th* commission sKaii ; fi:rn_5h .-; certificate of rsot Ics^ | than threti eUyiblss, if the same | can be obtained, io the Postmaster ' ;>r evident th* ^»a.n>- of on* of the highest three for Apr-tXRJ.merst to fill .«uch vacancy: Pr^vivJ^d, That the postmaster general may re^ec: th.» n:4nT* rtf any person or persons *o rertjficd if he *hal! find thai >tK-h person or persons is cUsquaU- fie<! 7 in which even:, the «*:c! coro- le the c«*r;ific*te of three names: Pro- \*5<!«fd. That no person who? has passed his sSxty-s;x;h btnhdaj- at the dat» for clo«« of receipt of ap- shrnU be permitted !o take the »»me: Artrt provided further. That RM person shall b« examined for postsr.Aster who has not actu^Hy resKieJ within th* delivery of the office for which application is made for 1 y**r next precetStng tiuch <1ate: An<l prtJ^'Sded further. That at the *xpfratk«n of the term of any postmaster, or anticipating »uch «xpir«m-on. or »ipon the death, r««Sj;nfttion or romovni of any po*t- ma»t«r, ii»« po*tmiu»t*r greneml may. in hh» ajsuretion. r*-4ti«st. th* «*r\'ic* comtntowttm to hold *n Death <Conticued rrona Page Oac) ine peculiar and I followed him. "2fea-r ray home in Cottage Grove, suddenly he stopped his car and raced into the woods. I called officer^ who caaoe t*=zt and took possession of the car." J>etectives said Myers evidently had^ no means of trans- poration now and expressed confidence they would fiud him within a few hoars. XORilAX. Okla.. <5*).—Dissatisfied -with the story or ilrs. Haze! B r o TV n. 3 9-year-old fraternity house cook at the University of Oklahoma. County Attorney Paul Updesraff said Thursday he would demand a nev.- statement from her concerning the sudden death of 20-year-old Marian Mills, campus beauty queen. Miss ilills died Tuesday afternoon in Mrs. Brown's duplex apartment, and The cook, held as a material tvitness, nia.iata.ined the girl took frequent doses of a qtiack remedy in an attempt to prevent motherhood. "I don't believe no-w that death •was caused by this medicine." said Updegraff. "There's a lot happened out there at Brownie's house we haven't learned." Xo trace" had. been found o£ Xeai Myers, 21-year-old jnnior in. pharmacy at the university, -who vanished, from ilrs. Brown's duplex after summoning: tr.e physician who found Miss Mills -dead. Besides seeking Myers, Updegraff sai<i h* ^.-ouid ask Bernard JOoud, Shrevi&pori. l_a.. student who easie here for Miss Mills' funeral, about their former en- Stauble of Sherman, Mrs. J- "W! Goree and her naother, Mrs. Sallie are ; Gowdey. Dr. and Mrs. I>, F. Ker- this i bow. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Fiekens F. P. West- She*» Miss Atlanta "He can tell me •nrb.^t'her the en- Sasenient wrxs broken off sonie time agx), as reported, and perhaps can relate something about the g-iri's s:ai« of min<3 that •«"» don't know," said Updesra". "He visited her at her hois-e July 3 and stayed three days." The county attorney also said ihat physicians ivco per'orme<j an autopsy on the body of Miss Mills. datijrhier of a university- pro'essor. reported that vital organs appeared upon saperi'ieial examination to be noraial. A complete report will be mad* Saturday or Monday. "Tisis _£ a starting point in be- licvinsr that the Quack remedy was not the direct c^use of d.€ath.." UpaesrrafC declared, "for it would have so disturbed the organs that probably the supTiicial exa.n.iina- tio:; would iiio-A-ed it. "There was a bottle of ammonia. -Htid a bottle oi an extemaiiy used medicine, both lying: open on the dresser ;-i thit room where the girl's bcsiy was found, Mrs. Brown admitted that she moved them to the kiichen Imniediately after she ca..n:* home and learned the S~Jr! was dead, but can give no explanation for the act." Updegrraff also said that the story cf Mrs, Brown's !$-year-o!<2 son. Richard. indicated "Miss Mills was in n<*ed of a doctor ever, when Mrs. Bro^vr; tvs« leaving; tbc house" on Tuesday, "although she has told ;:a iho srirl still WJLS on her feet when she left." :?£x frai-«?rn.:ty ni?n were s-elected as j»a.IiJiearers at Thursday's funeral serv!o<-s. conducted at St, John's Episcopal church with the Kfv. Mart-;* Lindloff irs charge. WILD PARTY I.OS ANGKL.KS. i^.T—More d»- tiiiis of a. "xvfKi p*rty" that a wit- extra's Aj^ar'nient vrere anticipated Thursday in the trSat of Dave Al'.on s*,nd Oloria Marsh. Mrs. Pfarl Owing-H. a state witness. f;iwj erosw examination concern- in): hor storj- that sne entered the ar-'srtrn^rs* of Miss. June Del^'r.g. m«.'\ie ^vti'ii. and found Miss I>e- L»':n;. MiKS Mnrsh an<l Allen hold- Snc wha; w:i# *le«K s ribtrd as a "wild ;>a:-ty " CONO1TIOX ' ? - v ni r<>r ^ m * tlme at th " a * riurr> of raria was reported hAn.sed Thursday afterr.oors. t Continued From Pase Oae> without restraint by any law determine its own membership, we are not required at this time to affirm or to deny." Tiie adoption of the resolution by the parry in convention follow- I ed immediately after the Xixon vs. Condon decision,, •'The Court of Civil Appeals at ; of Sioux City. Iowa are Here: visit- ? He aders of Cosmopolitan 5 ins: Dr.. McCuistion's parents. Mr. « land Mrs. Kd. H. McCufstion. j beins offered a bargain I • _ j month, according: to C. P. John- i and Mrs. ; Mr a«d M-TS. O. S. Shetton and ^soc, local magazine distributor ' ! a copy of RAYBURN SPEAKS AT August issue of Cosmopolitan I ROCKWALL THURSOAY : iil.ilW.-iai ^-y* *«-»•.-— J k { j at a. news stand will receive a. free • t AT—. T> A T*«*.* T>^».>i-a m -aD-;->» >>_!-• '• copy of a g~reai sliort novel >»•»-•' a. r>elmar, considers i his campaigrn Thursday i daughter. Martha Bel!. Are- feere | Every person who buv {for a visit with .Mrs. L E. Van- ^ landingham. | at a. news stand will ree-ive a. fre- • ... -. Robert Parh,m wlti' fc«r i copy 01 a zrest short novel bv' BONHAM _ Hon. Sam Kay-. «„ j ^M-^ »»_ 3-n .-»«.-; | %-U- D.l»r. -m« Ea d of *.\°£2 r £%£% a £iS££Z l £ ^ - Jr., nas returned from a tftnre . W orid." Mr, Johnson weeks visit in I>aUas. 5 | -his tiie most generous offer ever \ --<-«-- one of the trnro Mrs. James GUI and datssrfcters. \ = aade ac Iocal newsstands. Kva. Joyce and Fay Iris, of Wa*a- | novel is appearing in book form. \ o? hachie. are visiting- Mrs. A JU j for the first time. ' s ^. __ : cotrnties added to ills district, the j r*£* < ~" other beln^ Katifzna,n. A miTnber Fannin present. riesds will o« t Miss Hdith Biard retimed [ i Tfcursdav from I>a.!las and -T^Taco ; San Antonio by a two to one de- j w ij ere s he has been visiting rela- i cision upheld the validity of the i tives and friends- | resolution. Certified questions to; " \ the Supreme Court of Texas were I ^^rs- *~ A - Balentine and little j .- . - a 3 , . '• daiz-rnfr Bettv of San Ansrelo are : cismissed on tne sr^nd that tnere | visi ^ n ^ here _ ^^ Balentine was ! was an absence of necessary part- j f ormer i y Miss Mattle Ella Wood- j i-ss to the suit," Ailred sa:a. i : "•I think in Is opinion of the Court' Mrs. S. tT. Parsons of Sulphur. | of Civil Apoeals was correct. And ; Ok!a_, is visiting: H. T- Parsons and | I Mmes. J. C. McCormick and Clar- \ ence Sperry. ; uorj officials ihroughotit the j The Derno- ys been state should follow it. cranic party has al^ Mrs. Horace C. Blades with her i | white man's party in Tezas and the \ SOn Duncan has returned to Beatr- ! % ... . .. i rr»nr>ii a^* aT ~ v's^t^^sr her mother. I ife attornex- seserai s deoartmsnt will • • I ~ 0i - < - ~--" "T —- * i •?, i . ' ; ilrs. "vT. P. Duncart. i do everything in its power to keep _ i~ such. ; Mrs. Tom Holley and two chil- | "Practically ever;-- courr cecision - of Hunsre are here for a few j recognizes the inherent r-g-hz of poiitical party ;o deierniine the ; ~ days visit with Mrs. Clyde Antoine. Mrs. Kolley "was formerly Miss nenibership. Cer- j helma McDaniels of Paris. the Miss Olive Orr. 18, v\ras crewned "Miss Atlanta of 1934" in a beauty contest «t that Georgia c«ty. She is shewn with the cap—and 9 check—which went with her victory- over a iarce field of entrants. (Associated Press Photo"* BOMEJQ^GS FLOUT DOLLFUSS EDICT i content 01 its •~ Tvhei t^ & r-artv st>oke • Miss Virsinia Jeffus. daughter • .,,-„ ;_,. T - 0 ^..._,-;^ T , 5J . ^. : of Mr. and Mrs, TV." K_ Jeffus. tin- i "~" ' —•-"—'--' -- ••* , <5ertt . er ._ a ton=il operation TTed- 1 voice of the party itself. I j -,» s <3 ay a nd is reported to be do- | think this resolution, of the state j ing- nicely, | convention •srss valid and. stand '' ! ready to defend it should l~ be at- ' Miss Mary M'arrd Bills of riusro. • tacked." ; Okla., -iec-e of Mrs. Kd TTelc"h here, j Attorney Genera! All red was In i tinderwent an emergency operation i Dallas a short time conferrins: with | for appendicitis at the Sanitarium ; ose of his assistants with refer-) of Paris. i ence to- the opinion handed cown. | ! Xie "will leave laze in the day for • A. 3T. E^srer lias returned fTom ? Greenville, where he plans to speak | a. visit with, his mother in Sarris- : ThGrsday nigrhi in behalf of his ] burg. Pa. Ke was accompanied ; candidacy for jrovemar, no-rne by Ills nephew and wife-; Fire Injured By Hoars After Statement Fe-iv TIKXN'A. 6?t — T Two new bomb- ins outracfes were reported in Austria Thursday osly a few hours after Chancellor DoIIfuss had. an- r«etinced a sew'Or cc.m- pa:gn •with the death penalty for possession of e-xnlosives. fjve 1 persons, four of them tourists, Tv^are injured at Sal^ourrr vrhen a bomb destroyed the auto- Tnobile of a member of the Doll- fcss • Fatherland Front" organira- t:or.. Anotber bo nib shattered many windows and slightly damace-d a priest's ho-se at Buersc. in western Funeral Thtirsday for Joe Bauh of Minter Joe ld. d Ba^srh of Minter. 5? years eij s.t L»a.n^ar hospital about midnisrht Wednesday, and the fur:- era.1 was sez for 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon at th<? cemetery on the Golf clnb road,, inrernient being made there. \V. A. NOBT.F.S l~Xr>rPKOVEl> ^Vord from Sulphur. Okla.. on Thursday tva< :hnt the- coi:di:: •:-. of \V. A. Xobles, taken seriously 111 whste there. \v,^LE uniniproved, K:* son. Roy Nobles of. Paris is wiih inclustry HE1S COMP/W/ Genuine Gloverized DRY CLEANING At the price of ordinary cteanmy . . . McnN Suits and Ladies' Drcsacs Cleaned and Pressed THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE 19OJ* Super Values Buy Friday and Saturday AND SAVE! EYELET EMBROIDERY BATISTE Beautiful colors of brown, copen, pink, Ii°:hi blue, red and blue and \vhiie. "v^alues to Si.25 a yard. Hurry and tike ajvamnee of this lo%v Drice. Organdies, Voiles and Tissues patterns in e. bis: selection of mid- suitimer patterns- Batistes and Organdies Hundreds cf ysrcs for your selection at only i 7c yard. 17c Good Weight Cannon Towels While 40 dozen last! Sire !7 by 50. cood u-els'ht. A real *5c value .... /^t be here earlv and buv all vou \v.ihi! 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