The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 4, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
Page 2
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JAMfl 1 MAMMA ............. fUtUMIR THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ** Mm* R-portw **e*<e***<<i*i t •MM* I. f i«**to*t ........... ••tlMMt Mont" WEDNESDAY ON TV Q Ttet Mw« Mat oat nawiMati n tUter party MI •no«*h to *•-*• to m ttiaiiaii «< tte pan* n» t W, *Ut ftate* frawafeaal JJMJI.MM W BIB U *•**•» IWUOQV* out, *MM CHAKKKL KPFC-TV KUBT-TV m tat* L*H*»Bf»« '*»>* MM** •MM M*. wn mena* kf Tk» «*MMM em*. •»»» <f TIM* MUI x»»ja»i> minium, TMM **•*• < *, •••n.r. tut, M MBtiMI.Mw •*•». He* ret«» •»» naiiii. ail <t*H M*rrtan«ai ,eiw*> * K.I.I., *MMM a* M*M<-laM •a*** nan* n. MM. *t a. rr**** TMM, HM am... «•» aw EDITORIAL Division of precinct due Ka*r«l r*cr**entallofi la • a*«M*l!r tor maintaining pop«. ttt control over imwntmMit pollry. Therefore the dtepwte over TctaC romreialonel dlMrMtoteeraUrieejueattonof good Some of the **m* proM»«a thai ted to thte eoftdtet ateo •«let In a iH«allon rioter to home. Take* look at Ik* poll tea Hat breakdown thai appeared te Tto Fact* laat week. Mote the apread between the voting pnettcl na«i Alvtn Preetoet J, 1,801, Liverpool Preflnrt «, I4t. equality rif voter alreftfjh In vettegpreclfiet* haa never been a l»r»l requirement, nor a polMlcal obkwtlv*. I* the mon dlalant paat. when iranaporlallon waa a mon Important tee. lor In votlnt than II I* now, mor* attention waa gin* to «*<>f raphlcaJ dletrtbtrtl-m than to population batonee. Thli r**«ttod In waat* and eongeetkm In modtn time*. A few ymra bark (hi* via th* iltuatlon Tiny sandy Point, which might miul.r SO votca In a (merit eterllon. waa pro* vlde-l with a full pan*! of election fudge* and • voting ma. rhlne; while In Anflelnn, Iher* waa ellll a line at retching around an entire block when th* poll* cloud. commUilnmri Court ha* gnally Improved thla attuallon In year*. A number of the very amall voting precinct* have been eonanlldated. frmalderellnil nf rtlatanra unrtarttajirl •My prelude* much more atwh grouping. At ih. urn. iim*. tto uawteWy toa*a al rreeport, Lato Jaeki«>o and Angtelon ham been divided Into more convMtenl on** for Ih* voter, Th* improvement ha* been ao marked thai tt te hard to a*« why ao rumheraom* a voting pnetoet a* Alvln haa remained undivided. Thte te mon than a matter of convenience. |l u •l*o a matter of rtpnawataHon. Each voting praclnet te np. reawwted by Ite atected chairman on Ite poliUcai parly •wcutln committee*. Th* rommltteeman from Alvln repreaenteHtlmeaaamaay voter* aa Ih* eommUteaman from Liverpool. But each baa • uncle vtit* on matter* that atrongly inflame* party policy, often th* nalatanee to dlvtetoa come* through Ite know. l»dg* by tead*r* of a pnetoet that ttoy held a pneartoua majority over another faction, Dlvtelon into two pnetocte would mean • very likely control by the oppoalng faction over no* erf Ih* pnclncte. nut nuch a balance te th* very balance of political power thai Is Intended In tto principle of equal iwpnaeatatton. Comrnlatlonen CouH te chargedwtlh*nmlnlngovergrown preclnrta each July and Auguat of a g*nenl *leclion year. No change te mandatory unteaa a voUng rinmTfjrl Ikowaj over J.OOO volM In Ito teat eM> election, ••*» - * * fl«**v*r, public Interval rutghl b* a* hug* precinct, Al Ito aam* lime. UM«M Lake Jackaon'precinct ft], and Cltttepreclnet la. Both are* approaching the point where two might b* more helpful to the vour than on*. THE WORfty CLINIC Extra job can aid budget and be fun HoMlte i • «n ambition mother with a gnat deal of talent, but abe need* moo• >. .So ah* wooden how ah* can earn * few estra dot. ten at horn*, for ah* hua dammar not yet of achool tge, plua two who are In •chowl each day. Even If you dont need caah. that M Hern la a lot of fun for the entire family. ROLLIh4G WEDNESDAY ArTMNOON IMi •**•.!*" *» W «i. *iA«". That W4>, feat without VMM, loo , IN IMMWVON DOlitteal Mate*, or foals. IN taw ratnated from «r Mar H might tort Ttet tte worM te aow nduwd to two gnat powen. which oo*M g»o« te iiaTuMd to one. Ttet oa* had tetter to Uaete •am. That M OM M» toy a frtoBd. Tto mon w* do for other ••"OM, tt* mon ttey haw ua. Let M do baa, and find oat who our fr ItMi an. TiiltiwMier; want Bond •tent «terw» Dnmi Mew* OHM: Oerw Ray. MahaO* Jittee* Make Been f* Mdy with Denny Thnmw tarty **•*' "Safari" I) MioelHrw Cerroll. Dou(. in ralrbank. Jr OlfJ MM iifirl twrtn lo iniuw baron*! iMlouily whom thrt mirkca 4:M8lC.'kT7^ HI. m«d., If.-*) THURSDAY MOHNING ' l tor Mo ytan aad tnat, ttewat aouallty te (tead atead. But te win aat apwd UM proea.* by fatetteg oa ptetot UBM aadfewiag hte owathlld teto a elaM w^rTth. rS-xr- •^ oaaaot paa. tte aeadaiate teate, TUa la mtraly grafting th. fatter'* *IM of HUttrwy otto tte MB. oin tte^M to eateh ^ m ihta demand That Ite war OB poverty te a fate. Chrtat atldi "Tte poor »*?**••**" »«* »•*" I «U tote Ml. word foVwu ^ JSI ^J^^JH^ to ** Am-man bom. u for di.. olpUM, aad Ite wont thiat a fatter eaa aayla'-MykM te«t going to ten H M datntilt u t*t.»t»*v£tm. J incnaalng |Ma1im.Bl for npMted .rror,. TWaton That CoacTMa haa dona do aothtef teaauM a tT^ Moaaaary. Thte te anattoma to a * °* flfcudrt " worth worth , a, M tt Itom •nrywton. aad ' " 1 tww •» «* or Jordan flrw a wild •tot, w. tan to to flrat oa tte •oaaa jj|%»vy IMIew: Minim* Vandiver, hmtm 4 11 a KMrttl CrakkwM! KM* •nd cirtnoni with KHIrik 4:10 a MKkey Me*.* Ctek • oo a CM**f! QBDO • Bier*, li Two mm are irippttf ibnve i itMmlnf link of nitric KM a Cheekleheadat Slap. iTkk Tim Nolan. Bill CaMrr. Bob Byrnn nirrilr J:l» a <*"• Chaailtr! "-""' S:M a vTyaU Ur»: -Bounty Kill. er.** Eat? dtputliw N tang of Inactive outlaw* and cattle ruMlen to track down a ruth. K -dry futctwr" Newit Waller Cronklte Whan New? Newt! Crwl Hunllty and Id Brlnklty •:eO a Newvt Ray Conaway: weather, Tom Evini; iporli. Guy 8avi(. a "ewii Nick G.arhart: weather, Sid Uiher a Oeaeral Blelei une ewai Larry Rnco, Torn li; iporU. Din Lovi I Newii Ron Cothrtn crlPM le the Newi: TV _ world hndllnei artewireeli lot Kefir: weather, John Wlnlnaer t:M a AdveMam of Otale aad Raiineti "An OM rrlend ol JurWi." Dave Invltei an oM beau of h« wife to dinner and then flndi h. muit work lite at the offlc* with the new MC. JK Thr«htr. H ComplM* pK. torlal nnrd of th* itaith for take control of °Ui* "shl'Sh Ranch and plot to Mir up an Indian war •:4» • OMfanaui Unlvmlly ol Houilon cimpui newi *iri •B*B«I «*0*ni WalUr Brm. Hiuh Down, 10:10 0 OklMt to Dkk Clnk hoak S n* thew IJ P*uuj Otadni Cara wl TII com*d> 11:00 « **>*n K*»« Jack N.n U (am* ihew Un*fUf*i Drama jr*w Ptftl lmpr*iil.a: THE WORLD TODAY . . .. II;JJ B Nmi Roont Trout lt:>0 B raikw Kamn Malt Robert ouni comtdy 9 Btarth f*r T.o Drama •9 rolllltil gthmwt TclKOune B Truth or Caaiiouum USEED Bob Barker imceii • tl:49frrj«WmtUtMiDnina 1 1 *M |y Prawv AFTERNOON IINW m Te«M*N* Int. r*rdi Mu. dc and comedy There's little to forecast a dramatic 1964 campaign Ttet all atetea atoukt tan tewa againat carrying wtapoM. ooteoatod or uncoooaaW, ouUJd, ih, homa/^ ' " u ~ • U i? w "* Ughil * I * J- P»OBMUJIOB la tte world. That BOB nctarten prayar «touM ba parmlttoji in aeboote. •* - Bwinaer.- P»po and Ml HoUtrum iquibblc on Ihrtr nlvenary ind deicend on Kaly 'J2 £«!>roninii idvlce " i the camenu Allm • Bat Maalimat den* Barry WMUKYI 12:15 a Wenuui'a Paiet Newi of In. lereit to local women ll:»0 a **• Mdaea'e Bewet lemll I Aa Ike WMMTWMI Drami Row*. 1:00 » SwvrlM r*riyi Urry """• • mttile and Pteue: Red . ." An adaption of th. book "JrtrKhnwn, De.lre. Good en and fue>U Paiiw*rd! Allen Ludden 13S • P K«*U • L anow Make a Dealr Game Nrn ll> OKORQE W. CRAKE, Ph. 0.. M. D. CASE S-40J: Roaall* II., *g*d ID, haa • daughter la college. "Or. Cran»." ihr, Uefin. "what can a houaewlf. do al home to.amaomeeirtramon. ey? "Since we have, three chll- dren, the oldeit balng te col- teg*, our budg*t ta Used In Ito breaking point. "So I'd like la bg able to earn a mile eMra money, tiul I mu*i du U al home tor our daughter te only 4." I'lN MOHEV I'HOJKCTS Many wtv»* an In the aam* twal with Hoaalte, ao o»»a along the augteallAM Ihalfot- tow, (I) Develop a clientele. If you mother* canl teave your own bam**, then tevii* your cllema to bring their youaffter onr to your hotu*. for many mother* need to go downtown ahopplng, y.t tavenl a cc«fpeteel penrw to tend th* baby. That la •apaiiaBy true dor- lag Ik* daytime, br the uaual teenag* hlgft cchool taby.alt. tor la Me* at ecbooi. So you caa oltea bultd up a very *>od daytime taby-aii. ter toateeaa, aa well aataad- (I) Eatabllah a parl^m* horn* Irptaf or bookkeeplne acrvtet. TUa la *ap*clallyna*dadby many nelftbornoud merenant* and protaaalonal men who dont require a full-Mm* a*M>- rctary or bookkeeper. If you ha** bad «om* Dual. «••• Colltt* training or tan pnvtoualy workad In a baal- n*aa offlre, lh*n you may eapltolla* on that latent •«** In your own noro*. Some nrma alao prefer to have thalr direct mall cam. paltM don* by panoaal lyp. Int. to avoid th* "bro*d*td«" irximatlon of an addnaao. iraphKl *nvalop*. So aome women do horn* typiaf foradvtttlaiBf malllac. n*m»mbar, too. that you can buy a fairly aood «a*d typewriter tor »9 to tw, u you know of aom, office which te turnUj in Ita old machln*» on MW typewriter.. (D tncac* In prlt* con. teatlnc. Thte may offer an uncertain financial Income, but million* of dollar* par year are dAa. irlbuted aa conteal pniea. Many of thaa* •wardadoaot nquin anytMnt of you but your Ram* and addrvaa. Olten dam.nd thai younn. tab a rlmlaf couplet or lim*r- l«k. And eom* rvOjUwl >uu to wrlto a W.word tetter on why you Uk* 4 cartato brand of aoap or otter lyp* of mar- By JAIIEB MARLOW WAmiHGTON (AP) - Thla r teekUHj,l __ __.jia of ^ tnree of tto put tour •lecttea* tto laauea andprob- toma which gave tto votora paadonate ooncern aaem mated ao far thte year. For UMteaoa: war. Com* muatet •ggreaalona, McCar- thjrlim, worry about Internal •ecurlly, ttoqueatloaof teklac a new dinette* Into a aaw era, aad mon heat about aad by tto caadldatoa than taa been atowa yet to IBM. SUM* Preahtent Jotoaontaa tto laald* traek tor tto Demo, orate* nomination, there'a no eieltemeol about ttelr eon- nattoa a*« cummer. Thte could change If ta pulte aome boaan, but tton'a nothtef like that IB alght. AHhoufh the Republican* aomtaattoa te wide opaa, tto two men worktag for It hard, eat appareatly tanat bum major flreai Haw Yort'a Qov. Nalaoa A. Roekefelter aad Arlaona'B a*a. Barry Cold. altnonth they do a lot of latt- former vtoa Pnildant . tntbV aad Patta. wnr. watiaai w. Tte two who may tan Ito rat ehauer tor ttopruedont on* admit tteyneaadlflatet. tt NUon la tte man, tto Itttte element of myatory which give* a campaign seat before tt atarte wont apply. He laid down hte campaign maanara aad method* in 1 WO. Scnnton, tor a man tolng meottoned, atowa a atrange iBdtfMnwM. Laat month to •aid a oondldato for pnakteat to te affaeUn mutt to "real •tlmd about tto teauac." He aaya te la act atlmd up ejKMthoow. tt waaat lite thte In what tormer .PruaMaot Harry 8. Tramaa might now eoaaldar tto toad old day* of IMS wtoa topn«U«aUy*nryooe'a •urprln, but not hte, to beat Now York'a Oov. Ttomaa E. oewuy. tt that year tte country'* Jtttara aJbout tte Communlat- te^onnmeat lane waa only part of tte national anxiety. Earlier Truman ted Mocked tte Commantet pnaaun oa Greece) and Turkey. Bat to twMtaaalon climbed lite a ttertbomotar in a totter roomt Ite Communlate ted •Tabbed CnBhoatovakla juat toton tte campaign togan und during tto campaign Truman waa trying to amaah tto aggraatIn Sovtet btoekada of Berlin with an airlift. Enn thai «aa oatr part ot tto votera' ooaaam.'Ttoy tad to aa* ttomMlna: Waa thte to to tto and of an *ra that togan 16 natwitefora wtth RoonnH? Waa It Uma tor a chaaga? Tto votera daetdad no. Ttoir mood waa far diftor- •nt te l«a whan can. Dwlgbt D. Eteawtewar toatAdlal K. Ttat Ite daath paaatty to 1:10 A Day ta Centi Courtroom drama R AM UaktottefB H*>ie rlyi Gunt celebrltlei and Mhool children Srte Ttatj moatofatt, wa »aad a laadar M HM laraalltM oaea *" CMi * r| " "» «•"» ••««•» nariad BMdad Unoote ono tondnd yatra ago. A bit maa. What do i batten? 1 tolten IB thaaw thinga. TT •9 Letetla TMH, Drama 2dS Q Nemi Doutlu BdwirdJ **> O Qu.ei f* r a t>»yi J M |, Bailey emcea DAILY CROSSWORD UWaatea aaa a.Wa»da-1n»r n. Portion 4. Greek at tetter a light 11. Ma* of typo U.Natf dtemrtan 13. natter* u Brionglng to Uw ante IS Body of wmler 1C, Half em IT Old weight for wool II Btem » About 14 Awry; dial. M-Capabtoof rowing M.atalkaef n *»*ai take very Mag to get tte aewa ecattontf abnad ihei you an awibthto tor taby^tott* tor you aaatote. •tea* trteada or put a aatto* te tte amnaviai or a can a* tte buttette bwwd at yea* Thoueanda of people an avw coateai fan*, tor Ibte tea vary allaudatlng hobby IB which all Ite amUy can tola. Vau dent need to tan a uottet* adatatto*. eltter, tor •wa prteM elltor an altotlod o* a otaan btate or tor tto tawt MM* la tte UmertokteM Ite) iwu lutmH or yew BO. word atooen tetter. And U your aalldn* ateo wteh to ewa m«n apeadtag , ttea a*«d tor a* took. IhrwVUAg K>. Give over 31 Safe « H*nde«e M. Amencajt Indian 37 Affirmative votr nver 41 Haughty 4J Aloft 49 Cen Am Umbtr tr» 4*,*hw>IUig atar «T. Tenth Cnatdent •fU* Stevatwon, govenor^of min- ola. By ttea tte oceaiiy waa ton apart onr IMdirthytem, commuatera to tbttieoantry, and tte war atmte*tliomman- tem te xana. ,-] StevMBoa gava Vte Mm* palgn dignity and tetelteetual acuity far abon moat earn- palgu ta htetory. Ba teld In- tonal. But by tten tto voter a nally wanted a change and etoee tto MM artleulato Bteenhower. wton Btetanao* rM agalnat Blcentowur I* tt» to never tad achaaoa. By tten. under Eteentowar, tte ooaXry had re^aptundHaaaBltyandato. WUty. Both Mecarthytem and tt* KonaB war wen onr. Tte dual bttwMB Mxon and aan. Joto r. K**JWdy can tte 1WO eampaitaBpto*, particularly tte MuTiatoa debate*. tBtonat VMldfh. *o high tte voten wan aimoat •VMlly dlvhtedtolwaM Item, M KiBMdy'a talrlta* win •hxy-wd. BatnothterUteanyofttoM eampaicM ta tedgttfor IH4, j& _„" Ho! Boyle's People Women's shoe size grows with status •:*> a 04* .*•• Dvkei The bl. * JKT* "i"?"* honeymoon of Rob end Laura Petri. li re. created u Rob nminlica •bout It for the benelll of hu ca.wprken. Sally Rogen and Buddy Sorrell EdieefNItlii, Drama Y*a D.iH aayt Kennedy hotta 1:00 • Jus OMali "Art Farnwr.' Ralph J. Oleanoo, hot • CkuniM! Afnei Uonheid and JameaXari (u«t ttar. Brlk U*nl Item aehelar and .pin. hoela Newa pn. tier praftaor are broufhl to. their mutuilloo.!!. •Mher by thei SfiSR ***" columntet night nenr knowtt te didn't open hte mall: America' te on a gnat cultural Uckvaton than nine mil. lion of our youncaton play a raualeal Inttrument. And n. etntly on a ta* IMW one looking at an opened took. Everybody te Intonated In what happens to woman, end one of tto thing* thai baa happened to tten alnc* 1MB te that ttalr anna* abo* atee taa Inenand from five to TUi You're Telling Me! % *'• WILLIAM atnr wet tooth Indnatrynu thte year to cat*. teato tta Mth annivaraary of tte candy, tar te America. SUM 1»M w* tan aatao thn* mmea candy tar*. Proaperttyaotet Me* ntall bualnaaM* an tolag ataritd' at tte rate of 170,000 a mr. Tte otter *U* of tte pte. tun: Atttaugli nan Anerl. can* lit* Meter on tte tog than ever baton, aome M nllUon of M dwell IB tanUlM with u aa*»Ml taaom* of te** Wew york city about 75 per cent of ttoae who neeln public aMtetane* an ahlldnn under IS or adulte who mnat can for tten, 10 per cent an' onr «S and 10 p«r cent an dteabtod. Folkton: A tomato* over your door will protect you from wltctoa. But If you nail it tten with tte curve upward taateed of Idowmnrd yourluck will to tad, not good. Speaking of cuperatltloni, ttey tttn tmconaeloualy ta. Ouance many of our choice*. Tte Hotel Bdteon ten, tor •ample, taa found that moat fuaate pnl^r odd-nuntand a rw»eeUmi Till of the Mandarin.- Dtem .and Viet I Make Been fer Daddri r with Danny Tnomaa I B Barly Bbewi "Bmm Girl." C4I). Betty Mutton, Macdonald Carey. Girl UVM In landful world all her own Mam •A Full Dr. Starke 4:10 3:00 Mickey Conawiy; S ^LeSw 8 * 1 ft0 "* ! *" lnw ' Newit Larry Rum; wnth. er, Chrti Chandler, iporti, Dan Lov* 10:11 IB lale MMWI "OulrWm." PM). Joel McCrea, Arlene Dahj. Barry Sullivan. Three Confederate loldlem Join wac. train ta Suit* re, which b million In fold to ^ B Ckrle Ckudler, Cowhand IfcM a Ckaiknulii -Uu«h Till I BV" TV penmallty solu help of Checkmate when he £ threatened tar hoodlum who marthar,' gart'te wTeauK a Newai Waller Oroakhe 8 WkaTa NewT B Newat Chat lluntley and*. David Brlnktay ^ «« a Newai Ray Conawiy; Wwlher.Toa ~ Guy Savon «ra«4Katter*a day —aom* Ow ««oUbU "Woawaiura ow ptndlM to always totad at ttelr feat) ttoM «to wtibto Ite teaadMtOB of ood yean ***-•*»• fw potwda mon fruit amtHHy IMA «• ann«* American* Ic4ay, **8arwn« to tte D*paM»av4 of Ajgtteulture. Onah and wt - alff«y tlurttght of Orampa M a My meat and. *talr ten. Htatory teuoa: Can you Mm* tte only U.S. praahtaot who WM awoninboUbybia «Mter and a lormw praai. daitt? it* «aa Calvla CoUldct, Rla fatter, a juatlca of tte l**M. flnt admlBlatend tte oath to Us «BM ba «M. oaadod to Ite offle* alter War. nw a Hardlac'a dtath. After Ut Mite***** atoettoa la 104, CMtf JtMtte* wailam Howard Taft awon CooUdfi to ate daty. ^^ TteM wteiMnarabowtte dm* win 0*4 tatteaaar te a Try and Stop Ma §y UNNITT CMP — Han about TVDMia. ttey Bow ( * M * ta 1 * > <"4 IM *""• MW lite toaunaca a*U*la*L *fco*rtf • MOden Itt, Pa*. talf tte w. & w4tt*MUar "••»«••»tteupeontof*up. workC 2£ vtSJSK %S«*£*™'*<** a * ^J**»?iMlSi!Sr 2U I S2£L "• -- •"»«te, M My MI My •*>•.. dona, wK oatta," *»*f rtedy atoa," te

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