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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 7, 1948
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Today's News Today 1 NEA FEATURE SERVICE ! A. P. LJEASED WIRE AXD FEATURES i Weather Forecast Partly cloudy and cooler tonight. Thursday mostly sunny and cool v.-ith low humidity. VOL. LXV.--NO. 223. Press Kua Today ' Xews -- 7.125 1 Post -- S.625 ! Tot-u 157 Totai -- 15 -' 5 FREDERICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY, JULY 7. 1948. TWELVE PAGES T PRICE--THREE CENTS Ice Cream Vendor Is Fined S5 Magistrate Refuses To Rule Pasteurization Unit Not Necessary; Defendant To Comply Big Bass Bite; Bagged By Boys f Soviets Have Motion For X 2-Year Plan New Trial For Berlin Overruled Slain Magistrate Alton Y. Bennett declined today to rule that a pasteur- j iiaiioii unit is not necessary i n . connection with the preparation of · 4ce cream products at a carnival Vendor's stand. ~I"jn not going to say it isn't necessary for the health of the people." the magistrate declared at the conclusion of a Peoples : Court hearing which resulted in a fine of S5 and costs being imposed on Lyrnan P. Truesdale. a county carnival ice cream stand operator. Truesdale had testified that the law was "impossible" -- that it Ai'ould require a portable pasteurization unit of such size as to take two trucks to transport the equipment. He said he had been in the busi- " ness 20 years and had never' "bumped" into such a Jaw. There · are thousands of stands at Atlantic City and elsewhere w ica have no · such units, he declared. The ordinance under which the charge was preferred was adopted by the County Commissioners at the request of the County Health f epartment. The magistrate said evidently was promulgated after i serious study and whether or not it was reasonable, he was not e °H?he 0 la^"is arbitrary and works iEll'RoUte Hoilie RttllSOm EvCIlt MoVCS MaV Be a hardship on persons without be- i . J ing necessary, it shouldn't be in the j rules, he added. HL said he under- ' stood that local ice cream manufac- i turers have to abide by certain , Photo by Frank Keefcr Fishermen have been stymied since the opening of the bass season by muddy streams but local boys haven't had any trouble, thanks to Culler Lake. Here are some of the bass "that came out of the lake on opening day. Left to right, standing, exhibiting their catches, are Kenneth Cramer. Eugene Sanders. Austin Pearre. Jr.. Howard Fink. Jr.. Jack Lydard, Charles Hahn. Richard Brandenburg. Louis Hammond. Kneeling! Russell Tyeryar and Merhl Schultz. who has the biggest of them all. a 20 ^i inch beauty. : , ~ i | ' ! Two Bodies Are Repeat Early Fear Drastic Men From Local Area Here Friday Lost Lives Overseas p articipants have been named f . . ! Remains of two men from this' - f or the second annual re-enactment | of su^h ice cream ; area who j ost their ,. . Italv i of ** pageant "Fighung For j Time ' to be presented this Friday! necessary because of j during Wor]d ?· ^ ect °r Baiter | If^rd the AnnTtra^ort. Carroll ! v «sary of the General Jubal Early .ified. In this case, it victorv the Departmen- of the ransom demand and the Battle of lt . out ·Truesdale carried Armv'annraimw? *v*=,v " th * Monocacy. The Confederate ,,, Announced today. Jmior Chamber and residents in sterilized milk cans his stand, where the water was mixed with a milk concentrate and j other items to produce the ice r - - ,. cream, anl Inspector BrucI j H^wT're^e?TM ' y nruchery preferred the - charge, i R ou t i s l d e s o n States Ationey Edwin F. Nikirk Remains o- a 8* ppeared for the State. ' Kemalns °- 4 - 342 It was stated had msae arrangement: a portable pasteurizatioa would continue in business at the i i n Italv . ^^ A - e re "65'from In the portrayal of the Barbara j ma f tr ?" ', Maryland. : Fritchie incident. Mrs. Howard ' B .^S aria other interested persons. They are i Jerome Offutt J, William Brosius, ' Bernard Offutt. John Offutt. Rich- Americans ' * rd L - Shoemaker. W. Cash Smith, ! Earl Geisbert. Paul Geisbert, Han- ; Will Be Tied To j Red Occupation ; Zone: U. S. Warned ! About Planes Berlin. July 7 .-?· -- The Commusj- ists announced today a two-year plan to tie Berlin economically io the Soviet occupation zone of Germany. They warned Berliners, not to pin Jheir hopes for the future on the western air bridge over the Soviet blockade. The Communihts a$M announced they are drawing up a constitution ' for a German republic -- their an- s.wer to the projected Western Germany constitutional assembly. At the same time the U. S. Aii Force attacked the growing fuel shortage in blockaded Western Berlin. which in IS days has cut factory operations 40 per cent. The first "flying coalman" winged into Berlin shortly after noon with 110 bags of coal. Th-? Americans began the operation in the face of a veiled Russian warning on the safety of their air bridge planes. The Communist-dominated Socialist Unity Party SED announc- '· ed in the Soviet sector: i "Staiting from the fact that Berj lin lies in the eastern zone and j is tied very closely to its economy. i the Berlin unit of the SED has ! worked out a two-year plan aimed | at systematically incorporating Berlin's economy into that of the eastern zone." The Americans arranged to send 25 C-54s with sacks of coal from Frankfurt to the western sectors of Berlin this afternoon. Each plane can handle seven tons of cargo. Heretofore the planes con- i centratcd on building up food sup- j plies. Western Berlin, meanwhile. I further curbed street cars as a Washington, July 7 uP; _ The | fuel conservation measure. wave of nationalist feeling sweep- j Tn e scope of the air lift is indi- ing Eastern Europe has spurred a i caled . b - v ^- S. Air Force figures flood of rumors about possible dras- · on the 18 hours from 4 p. m. yester- tic moves by the Russians to tight- : da " to *0 a - m - today, when 115 en their hold over the satellite i flights brought 610 tons of food countries. - j into the city. These rumors include uncon- ! After a night of good weather. firmed reports of Soviet troop j heavy rains once again compli- Made By Reds Washington Hears Unconfirmed Reports Of Troop Movements Judge Woodward Files Memorandum And Opinion In Condemnation Case Chief Judge Charier W. Woodward, in a memorandum opinion and order. fi!ed in Circuit Court today, overruled a motion for a new trial ::i the condemnation suit of the Potomac Eiiioii Company aga:!ist Mr and Mrs Gerrst Peters, owners of a farm northvie»: of the city limits. A jury recently awarded the owners S3 000 for a ;ight of way over the farm for a new power Sine which the utility is constructing from Williamsport into the Frederick area. The owners appealed the award. Reviewing the contention of the owner-, that sc:r.o witnesses had not been permitted to testify regaiding certain information relating to the farm. Judge Woodward said"la the Court's opinion a witne.s should know more than just the value of the land if he is to express an opinion as to the damage suspended wires will do to a farm. These witnesses did not have the slightest information, first-hand or hearsay, as to what the damage from an actual standpoint or from an aesthetic viewpoint, would be to this farm by suspended electric- wires. "An easement over about four acres has been condemned. The jury went upon the property and from the evidence in the case it appears the amount awarded the owners of SI 000 is fair and just compensation." W. Clinton McSherry represented the Potomac Edison Company. Parsons Nexvman and Holden S. Felton were attorney:, for the owners. Baltimore--The fatal and appai- oi:!ly umnotivatcd stabbing of 11- ycar-old Marsha Brill . above* ha.s 5 Sed to the most inteiiiive manim::; in Baltimore history. ^Associated Press photo' The Nation Today By JAMES M.\RI,O\V Washington. July 7 .-V--Mama, take a gander at Mother Goose. Johnny wakes up »crca:ning. his head full of bloody murder from crime on the radio or in his comic books. But. mama, do you think, maybe. : you gave him his first taste of cruelly by sing-songing him nurs- ; ery rhymes from Mother Goose? · Radio crime programs and crime comic books have been accused of _ giving children nightmares a tous notions. movements in Romania and Bui- i the job. One plane limped i carnival grounds. Reginald Snoxvden. colored, New | " Next of kin have been notined · Chapline Kelly will again take the ; ffa) to P ut th r Red arm : back \ nio ria toward the Yugoslav border. ! l n on a single motor, but no other also disclose a rival in-Europe i incidents were--reported either by J old speculation that Russia j British or American flyers, may try i.a to annex Romania and \ The warning on the planes' safety ! ] as Soviet republics and i came in a dispatch of the Soviet 3Uarket. charged with disturbing : and will be informed after a-rival '· P art ' licensed news agency ADN. report- the peace, was Sned S7.50 and costs. ' of the remains at the regional di*State Trooper Arthur Rudy made j tribution centers of tne°American the arrest. j Graves Registration Service. Paul Himes. Jr.. this city, -was ; Pfc. Jenkins was killed in found guilty of non-support of : lion in Italy Februarv 29. 1944. He ' tre!I and ilrs. Thelma L. Morgan children and ordered to pay was 19 at "the time" of his death , and JIrs - William H. Kemp, a week toward their support. | and had served in the North Afri- . Authentic hairstyiings for the orincipal character, j Czechoslovakia, from which it within £ a June 30 American request Johnsei will reoeat ' drew at the end of the war. i for a change in procedure at their ' About the most that can be said ! Berlin air safety center. The Rus- Mrs. R. Lee Johns her role as the nurse and new , , ladies added to the group include i* or *h e rumors at the moment is sians replied, the agency said, that ~ ~ ' - - - Americans are violating four-pow- er rules for air traffic control and warned that U. S. authorities must ac _ - Mrs. Percy L. Carter as Mrs. Quan- th at they are receiving careful ,, : f^«u --,3 IT-- TT-..I-- T ^ r study at the State Department and National Defense establishment. Delegation Is Feuding ~ California Demands That Roosevelt Resign Oakland. Calif.. July 7 /p/--California's f feuding Democratic convention delegates traveled eastward today with one influential member declaring he would carry into a Philadelphia caucus his demand that Delegate James Roosevelt quit. Delegate Patrick W. McDonough said the late President's son had "dishonored" the California delegation by renouncing* a pledge to support President Truman. Roose- used brass-knuckles on the comic books. Wertham. senior psychiatrist of New York City's Department of Hospitals, said in that article: "Comic books are the greatest book publishing success in history and the greatest mass influence on children . . . . "My own clinical studies have convinced me that comic books represent systematic poisoning of the well ot childhoo : Many children themselves guilty about reading them. '·The comic book publishers seduce the children and mislead the parents." On July 2. about a month after Wertham's attack, a group of comic book publishers agreed not to publish any comics which feature sexiness or sadistic torture, glorify crime or foster religious or racial prejudice. Only 14 comic book publishers agreed to this. They publish only 15.000.000 of the 50.000.000 to 60.000.000 comic books sold monthly But now the Saturday Review'of Literature strikes, from a different angle, at the old. unthinking habit ! Anti-Truman ! Group Still I Harasses Ike Insist On General Becoming Candidate j In Spite Of His · Declination Philadelphia. July 7 ;?_The drooping balloon of the Eisenhower boons hurts low today o\-er the forthcoming Democratic national convention President Truman's representatives--highly encouraged by the General's cou-dn"t-:ake-it statement --scurried back to Washington for , fresh strategy orders. The expectation was that they I would conic back to Philadelphia ' primed to put out the xvord on Mr. Tcuman'.s. choice for second place on the ticket--a selection he has delayed uhile he awaited the latest word from the wartime European commander. Alihci'uh Deirocrals in such widely separated areas as California and Nov.- Jersey declined to take Eisenhower's "no** as final, the feeling in this convention city was that it is all over but the shouting. The shouting max* center on various ineffectual efforts to draft Eisenhower and to put Justice Wil. lia:» O Douglas in as a substitute. . But party members who arrived · early for next week's meeting of the faithful said that only his own ( action can prevent Mr. Truman j from walking off with the nomsna- i There was no giving up in the draft-Eisenhower ranks--at least publicly. Despite the gaping hole their 1 principal had torn in the draft j movement, highly placed Dcmo- j crats continued to speculate about ! the possibility that the man who ! KSVS he isn't available couldn't turn \ down on actual nomination. | James Roosevelt. California stale ! chairman, renewed his call for « ! Saturday meeting here to pick a ' candidate to oppose Mr Truman. Roosevelt, a son of the late President and one who has not always seen eye to eye with his father's successor, said the partv ought to , go ahead and nominate Eisenhower i as a "national candidate." j Frank Hague. New Jersey satrap. ; called on Mr Truman to take the J convention platform and nominate 1 the General--a circumstance thai j those supporting Mr. Truman said was about the farthest possible from the President's thinking. cob M. Arvey. Chicago lender, said if the party goes ! ahead and nominates the General. · he couldn't refuse to run. But i Arvey. like a lot of others, couldn't The prex-ailing opinion among i take "full responsibility for the . He was released on S500 personal . can area and in Italy. The family Civil War period are being done j Washington officials seems to be. j safety of American planes." bond. Wilbur F. Sheffield. Jr.. was i last heard from him" when he was fa " members of the Frederick Hair- | however, that while the Russians -- his attorney. · a hospital Harry F. Rhoderick. Union · Jenkins en Bridge, forfeited So on a charge J1943. and rece: of failing to stop at a through ; * n £ at Camp Robinson. Ark., be highway, preferred by Trooper j fore going overseas. _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Chamber of Commerce. local banks j without resorting to the open use of " * Clyde Tucker. . Pfc. Lewis v.-as killed in action I In Italy on January 31 of the same j year. He had been in Italy for | several months and was inducted | into the Army less than a year be: fore his death. Prior to :nduc- New President Of yioocl Assumes Duties Dr. Andrew Gehr Truxal arrived tlon ' he u " orksd a - the Fairchild at Hood College on Tuesday where i g 13 "* m Hagerstown. he has assumed his duties as presi- ,-. - i T» -».- dent. _ onmswick Boy INamed Dr. and Mrs. Truxal and daugh- T« "R ,·»,-=·' ter Norabel came to Frederick from 1' and city officials. DeweyWill Invade South To Speak In Maryland And North Carolina Pawling. N. y strong Go y ; j borders Civ - *~ military power, i But this situation could change I instantly. A Yugoslav move against i Albania, for instance, would give | the Russians a perfect excuse for coming to the "defense" of an ally. Belgrade has been tossing out warnings to Albania since that country sided with the Cominform i in the celebrated Yugoslav dispute. | Early today a Tass dispatch from i Tirana said Albania is taking measures" to guard her with Yugoslavia and Fail- To Good ! Greece against '"hostile elements." College Park. July 7 I.-PI--Crops in most parts of Maryland are rated only as "fair to good." with farmers still counting the toll of recent rains, disease, and insect pests. Here is the report by sections, as prepared by the University of Maryland Extension Service in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Baltimore Weather Bureau for the week ended Monday: . instead. McDonough. Oakland manufacturer and member cf the party's state central committee, released this telegram to Roosevelt before the delegates left last night for Philadelphia: "In view of the fact that you have dishonored the California delegation, according to the newspapers, by publicly renouncing your sworn affidavit to the Democratic voters of California to support President Truman. I ask that you resign from the delegation so that confidence may be restored in the integrity of the California delc- of violence.-crime, cruelty and , ^rticToaTe^i'n"a"partisan political mean tales. , .,.. Norman Cousins, editor of the j "^^ $ Petcrs . state cha irmin. Review, m the June 26 .ssue opens , ^ Georgia's 2B votes will go to up on parents who. even though Elscnhower . if his namc forma ii v ·nnocciuly. have been trying to ,-, on - cr , d {f thc convention . ' blcodv ^0! ~ m \ PT fr ° m Mother Bo " nl1 T " Eisenhower 'The delegates signed pre-election statements pledging support of President Truman before they were chosen at last month's prf- G. Fred Switzer. Virginia state ,, .. , , , chairman, said his state's 26 votes He hs.s some of the goings-on in must co to Eisenhower because the --"" Goose: . . . cracked sku Is. ^^s state convention alreadv ...... ^''" each other, bird - hac d ; rPcted t h a t aci!on ; ';'," gS ' , thr .? v '' ing kittens down , So , |ke the rabber el hant v.ells stealing, cheating, lytng. j which ha{5 its uos and dmvns ovcr E H J!","?· tn ": se \ erins ' of : the entrance of a headquarters "'L d: . a j: d 1 clplcss «"«««»*; house- , ho{c] here at ihe rccent Re p ublican .mpropcr lelationships . conv ention. the Eisenhower boom the sexes, and other af- · currcnt , y tvas on it , knees -- av ,ait- Rp , f, f h u m a« Decency. , ;,,,, a new nlsh of i n n a t j n K air . Recenllv he says, he p.cked up j Pres id e nt Truman's friends · But there was no mention of any ! |^ UT. Truxal, who last winter was i high school students attending the i v framed to succeeed Dr. Henry I. ; second annual Boys' Sta^e seT-ion= I , T" Stahr. \v-as formerly professor of ; here. * ~ l ° ra vo ' es The 10-day program is sponsored ! by the American Legion to Instruct i in citizenship and political pro- wii * i cedure. can- ; actual border clash, ion to j The view that Russia Counties v.-est Bay--Corn fair to of Chesapeake good. Stage of will re- i - growth variable because of inter- j sociology and head of the department cf sociology at Dartmouth ! ] College in Xew Hampshire. . from any outright militarv Carolina,, which has 13 elec- j mO ve also is expressed by officials ^ "otes. | nere i n discussing the B'erlin sit- ine time and place of the address ! uation. rupted planting but growing well. Wheat conditions reported fair to sood with harvesting under way. Quality of wheat harvested poor in . I , T _ . 4 have n ot heen set. but it probably j There the Soviets have run head- | ir ' an ' P' aces - ^n * re ° er 1CK county " long into a stone wall of opposition se * ere in ^ ur % l ° wneat was repo.i- - in mid-autumn in one of the state's largest cities. He cam- from the %"estern powers. Diplo- Fourth Of Soft Coal As the mayors of Legion City ' paigned for delegates in the state'' mats said today that any doubt re- i and Key City prepared to make before the Republican convention. I maining in the Kremlin about the i ed from fly damage and scab infestation. Barley generally good but caused some damage in Roosevelt v.-as not available for comment before he entrained from Los Angeles last night. Southern California delegates will join the northern Californians v.-hen their two trains are merged at Ogdcn. Utah, tonight. But McDonough remarked: "We"!! be on the same tr ! ain ' i .' ' J ?. ut irave!ir -g in different directions! | bloom and in good condition. Early rospects fair v.-ith picking y varieties under -way. Apples peaches sizing r.icely. Peach good. Alfalfa sood and crop growing well. jnerc:al stines as d.ggers stopped k :n sympathy. Over the nation, nearly one-fourth of the 400.000 soft coal miners were away from their jobs. :s a rederalist. The council of Leg:or. C:".;.- ;r.- cluces "William Cornelius. Brunswick. Number Of Arrests a in the Reported Bv Police of several , DEEDS RECORDED Deeds were recorded clerk's ofSce for the sale properties. Mr. and Mrs. Williain I A number of arrests were listed S. Eagle have sold to Mr. and Mrs. | overnight fay city police. They J. Frank Sspp a property along ] were, wi the State road between Petersville York, and Knoxvilie. consideration being around S12.000. according to revenue stamps. Mrs. Esther K. Connolly, of Washington, has sold to Sir. and Mrs. Robert A. Kiefer a of about two and a half 300-acre farm here, also plans to end to the Soviet faiockade and deliver a campaign speech in the ! emphasized the right which 'he. border state of ^!aryiand this fall.! three western nations claim to con- He spoke in the state in the course ', tinue their occupation of Berhn. of his IS44 campaign for the presi- ' and again last month in FIGHTING REPORTED quest of convention delegates. Cairo. July 7 H--Heavy .lev.--j The date and locale of the Iary- ' sh -Arab fightinsj raged alon^ the land engagement have not been ~' a:rl Tel Aviv-Haifa highway last · . Sxed. Of U. S. Gifts Whitley Bay. Eng.. July 7 Foreign Secretary Ernest Montgomery To Hire Fifty More Teachers Rockville. July 7 3,--Dr Edwin R. Broome. Montgomery county superintendent of schools, says thc Board of Education will be able to hire 50 more teachers and continue ail school services despite its budget cut. The school board ha.- reauested S3.429.969 th:s year but the county commissioners approved S2.8I8.- -J02. The breakdov.n jn schoo: funds approved by ;he corr.m:ss:oner?: Instructional serv;cc. S2.007.435: operation. S365.000: transportation. SI43.000. maintenance. S142.934: general contro!. Slj2.083 - auxiliary sgencses. :r.ciud:r,2 nursery schools. S25.000. and Sxed charges. S22.900. acres and improvements along the southeast side of Rowland road at Blue Ridge Summit near the Blue Ridge Summit station on the Western Maryland Railroad, cor.sidera- ] tion being around S12.000. - extension, but added he ^ as h o p e - i . H ing the peace. S5 posted: James mandcr . announced today.' On the heels of numerous reports heid ( t h a t civilian visitors are abusing ; privileges afforded them by the TWO KltXEH Batavia. N. Y.. July 7 --Two passengers on a Greyhound bus were killed last night when it skid- into a power pole along Route jied ~ overturned Irarce and burned to its Branson, colored, Xonh street, disturbing the peace. under So and costs. _ _ j Charles D. Whiting, colored. West i p OS t commande'rTthe only alterna- j Sixth street, disturbing the peace, i tive may be to close down the · .$.= posted: Charles Grimes, colored.! camp to outsiders. :t was explained. Klincharfs alley, disturbing t h e , Camp Ritchie, perhaps one of roacc, held under S5 and costs: . the most lavishly-equipped Army G'.orge "Four-Cent" Chase, colored, j posts open to the public in the Froderick, loitering, held under S25 j country, was made available to and costs. Sgts. Swomley and Phe-1 civilians for recreational purposes bus. Officers Twentey. Boone and j shortly after the end of World I Shook made the arrests- Var II. a s. he .he Workers today are said. austerity because we are determined io hand lu * over to our children a free, inde- _ pendent and up-to-date nation " SIGN "SATCHEL" PAIGE j Parliament approved la?t night Cleveland. July 7 "P--The Clcx-c- ! the accord with the U. S. under land Indians today announced t h e ! which Britain will get about ST.- signing of LcRoy "Satchel Paige. 1200.000.000 during the first year. 39-year-oid pitcher recognized as ] France also approved a similar one of thc "greats'" in Negro base- agreement by which she will get ball. Tribe Manager Lou Boudreau S375.000.000. did not disclose whether he intend- London newspapers hailed aced to use the hurler in relief or ceptance of the Marshall Plan gen- starting roles, but .said he \\onid be | orally a« the turning point in thc in uniform tonight, I British struccle for solvencv. ·Northerly Wind-; Ea*e Out Local Heat Wave Northerly wir.css brought reiicf from several das of excessive humidity early today and the Weather Bureau said temperatures would stay in the cool zone until Friday at the earliest The mercury dropped to 64 overnight and it seemed even cooler. The W. O said the temperature might go into the high fifties late tonight after a maximum of around 30 today. It was 93 yesterday for the second straight day before windy weather ushered in the change. Predicted thunderstorms failed to put in an appearance although there was a light shower Tuesday afternoon. a copy of Mother Goose at the home no secref of their o]a{; ^ at th «, of a friend who had just scared E.^howe- "s'atement ""' the nightlights out of his child by statement, chanting the story of the bough breaking and the baby falling. Cousins says: 'That started me to thinking and Standing Bv Truman reading. I borro-.ved Junior's copy j *" of Mother Goose and began to read ' Baltimore. July 7 VPi--Unaffected the rhymes rather than to chant | b " t "c draft-Eisenhower tide. Mary- them in supine and idiotic accept- ' an( 3' s delegation to the Democratic ance. national convention next week is "And once I got away from rote. ' standing solid in support of Presi- I discovered that here were no ' ^ ent Truman. sweet, innocuous ditties but a ser- Resnonsible party sources pre- ies of vicious, sadistic, gorv. venge- dicte 3 that when the session ooens full episodes camouflaged" as chil- in Philadelphia Monday, the Mary- dren's ditties through the simple ' an ders will stand by their pledge device of monosyllables and bing- to suuport the nomination of the song rhythm." ' President Needing some example? The old ! ^h e Pattern is in line with the woman who lived in a shoe and. - aloofness of Maryland's Democrats because »he didn't know what to do ! from the soJld south Many south- ·vith aii her children. whioped ' e r n leaders have been among the them before sending them ofT to ' rsosi v o«d proponents of General bed " Owiaht Eisenhoxver as a afcs';iute Then there's :he sexton who ' f o r Truman. However. Governor oushed thc cow down the -.veil- the Lane of Maryland, although chairwoman who cut nfT the tai:= of th« man of Ihe Southern Governors" blind mice . . . there are "plentv of Conference, has refrained from sup- exsrr.ples. " port of the southern "revolt."* Mavbe some dav Cousin'; will do IJ naF 3lSO beerl re P crte ° th at a similar job on the fairy tales like James Roosevelt. California Demo- -ome of tho?e of Hani Chrisiipn . crat and son °' tlls a * e Fresl cent. Andersen and^ the Gloomv Griin:ii · " vired Lane an invitation to a stop- Br^!hcr " Truman caucus in Philadelphia Sat- There's no more brutal story in urda '- faut Lane Declined. 3;;er-»:ure than Andersen's ''The tale of a home- was made rich bv a witch, thanked, her by cuttting «:T hf head for no good reason, livrd like a bum. stole ^o^.c money, i A new effort to break through ii^o an afTair with a princess, mar- j thc 'weed barrier aid at last get ried her. ?nd bamncd oft her old ' thc major clay tennis courts of man and her v hole family with the city in Baker Park in shape wild dogs for play was being made today by There are no homely virtues in · city park forces. that story, although R can be argu- . The courts, due largely to wet ^d it teaches young neonle realism weather, haven't been in use all by showing you don't have to be , summer Play has been restricted sood to get what vou want. ' t o the so-called cement courts. ,, , Not only nas the weather been M \RKET B\CKS DOWN , too wet but the park forces have New York. July 7 --The | been plagued by an outbreak of =tock market si owl v backed doxvn ' weeds which have cropped up all fractions to around a point today, j over the tennis courts. The weeds Losses were well distributed and j were being pulled by hand today pven thf pooular rails and oils , but there was fear they would re- slinped into the minu? column. i turn. '..s Grow On City's Clav Tennis Courts INEWSPAPERif

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