The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 7, 1975 · Page 12
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 12

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 12
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Page 12-THE HERALD, Prove, Utah, Monday, April 7, 1975 CANON TLb 35mm SLR CAMERA Jell Me Why Why Is Money Backed by Gold? NANCY By Ernie Bushmiller ByA.LEOKUM Wn The New Book of Knwoledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "TELL ME WHY!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of dupllcater questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner Is: BRENDA BANAGHANT 10, Brunswick, Ohio. Money is not a metal coin or a piece of printed paper. These are only symbols. But they do represent something real. Money is backed by large stores of precious metal that is held by the government that issues the money. The standard of measurement for the value of money that is widely used throughout the civilized world is gold and silver. They are scarce enough to retain their value, yet plentiful enough to meet the demands of the marketplace. In other words, the paper and coins that a government issued as "money" as accepted as having a certain value because there were supplies of gold and silver backing up that money. In 1821, Great Britain made monometalism (one metal) the basis of its monetary system. Gold was adopted as its official currency. By 1914 gold was the measuring stick for almost all the currencies of the world. By having one standard of value, countries were able to trade more easily with each other. Dollars from the United States, francs from France, and marks from Germany all had a set value in gold. This is known as the gold standard. By 1933 most countries had gone off the gold standard. But many currencies, including that of the 'United States, are still based on a set price of gold. And gold is still very important in international trade. Governments buy and sell gold bars known as bullion. Part of the gold is used to pay off international debts, and part of it is stored. The stored gold is called a "reserve." FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What is the reddest side of the apple? 2. What holds the sun up? 3. How can you spell "hard water" in three letters? ANSWERS 1. The outside, 2. Sun beams. 3. Ice. The average car in the United States travels about 10,000 miles each year and consumes more than 700 gallons of gasoline. WORD PUZZLE H A N P L 1 K £ Can you change the first word "Hand" to the last word "Like" in four moves? Change one letter in the word to make a new word with each move. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win the New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "RIDDLES, JOKES; TELL ME WHY!" Include Zip Code. Today's winner is: KARIN PETERSON, 11, Los Angeles, Calif. I NEVER THOUGHT PETE THE HOBO WOULD EVER GET MARRIED ME ^ NEITHER — BUT THERE THEY GO— -OFF ON THEIR HONEYMOON LI'L ABNER By Al Capp HOW I LADYLIKE > - yer HOW OUR MARY \ AN'SHE ME VAN NEVAH / LtTS ON WHEN HURTS \HER FEELIMS NOBODVS ) 15 HURT SHE? FEEUN5-/OHCKES POWN TH' TEARS - AN'OVULES A PITIFUL IT MAKES AMERICA WORTH 5TARVIN' INI.'.' BUGS BUNNY By Heimdahl & Stoffel I NEED BUSINESS AN TH' ONLY THINGS IN SIGHT ARE, -, , THOSE 'f ^^ TWO BUMS/ I SEE Yai &OTH SLEEPIM' ON PARK BENCHES ALL SUMMER...MOOCHIN' AT TH' SOUP KITCHEN SHORT RIBS By Frank Hill (ITS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE") ALL WE PO IS ADMIT ^ > r ^ SAUDI APABIA, KUWAIT, IRAQ ^ I -N AND ICAMID THE UNION, SENATOR POPKBARREU TELL us OF YOUR PLAN TO ENPTHE ENER6Y CRISIS TMERES PLENTY OF RXZ EyTRi, STARS, IN OLD 610EVAND A FEVV CAMELS IN THE SENATE R\RKING LOT. By Dick Cavalli WELL.THB ANIMAL BEHAVIOR PEOPLE ARE WRON©... . P005 CAN CLIMB TREES. MARY WORTH By Saunders & Ernst BEAMING OVER A SURPRISE SIFT FROM ROSE, 5ETH MADISON TURNS TO MARY- COULD YOU SHOW ME HOW TO TIE A WINDSOR KNOT; MRS, WORTH?-IVE LEARN8P.' IT'S REALLV QUITE SIMPLE, MR. MADISON/ V'KNOW, \ you'RE PRETTY O.EVER? STEVE ROPER & MIKE NOMAD KEEP THE SMALL ENP VERX SHORT- OVER WITH THE END ONEACHSIPE-" THEN AROUNP AND FOR THE TIE ANP THE LESSON, I'M TAKING >OU BOTH OUT TO FAT SOME NISHT.' ARE yOU FREE TOMORROW ROSE? I'LL ARRANGE TO BE/OTHER WISE THERE MKSHT BE SOSSIP ABOUT YOUTWO.SETH.' By Saunders & Overgard WHILE COLLECTING TRIBUTE FROM THE VILLAGE MERCHANTS, MIKE AW "ST£M" HAVE MADE A DISCOVERY- ^. YOU KNOW 5AYTHEWORDA FIREARMS ARE Q LV A ^ I'LL \ILLE5AL HERE BLAST THOSE PINKO \tmtl WE'R KID5 INTO THE NEXT/ IN A 6AM6 COUNTY./ ^12^ REFUSE. I BOU6HT AFTER I WAS) LET'5 HELD UP, /SEE THAT MfcC./X. RELIC/ IT$ 60 OLD VOULD BE./ BUT THE AND RLtfTX I /SAMS DON'T KNOW 4 DOUBT IF IT'LL \ THAT/ MAVBE I CAN EVEN SHOOT/yV-n/^. PULL OFF \A BLUFF/ rasT'L \s*~*a>ft *!4S^ By George Lemont ATTENTION, pueAse / OUR HOSPITAU SliPT SHOP IS NOW <SIVIN<5 AWAV FR^p (SOUP BARS AMP Hue^^rs WITH OV6R 6UT THAT'S THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansom AAAK5U P\ WILL wow AU.OF A-suoceM,oio N THE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks XXJ C&N CHANGE » irSNOTTDO LATE/ I'M STILL STRUT4S OUT A8OUT THAT DCEAM WHEN I TRIED X) PCHSON JILL OAOCSON'S FOOP.' fT HEALLV SHOOK ME. MOTHER f I DONT KNOW/ } THAT'S A BIG BUT, /WSWAV, ^X CHANGE THANKS FOP <T FCOMTHE SCE^PING UP /OLD BM2LENE THEAAONEV ' 4 >> RIGHT FOB OUR TRIP/ JC THECE." NOW PUT ON XXJB PANTS SUIT XVMD GO TO THE MEETING." ^ WHAT REDEYE By Gordon Bess SOM6.TMIN6 THAT WILL, siv& YOU A coMpLete CHAN6S FROM YOUR &VERYPAY ROUTINE FRANK AND ERNEST 4-7 By Bob Thaves MY PEOPLE YAWU. b D» NEA me TW fleg US Pi! O't to - ~} KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola ON ALL YOUR. HEIRS I PLEDGE THIS BLESSING: LOVE WILL BEFALL A HUNPREP-FOLP. HAPPINESS OF UNBOUNPEP MEASURE WILL )N A YEAR TURN DEATHLY- COLD! EXCUSE ME, ) I DO NOT KNOW BARONESS, < YOUR MOPERN BUT I JUST ) 5LANS, BUT I PON'T BUX J PERCEIVE ITS MEANING... PO NOT SAY "IT CANNOT BE"/ Rones grandmother "has just told Lefty of an evil queen who, generations placed a curse on her family.. PRISCILLA'S POP By At Vermeer TELEPWONE, > AT YOUR AGE EVERVBODV'S A SOPRANO' SHOULD I ALLEY OOP By Dave Graue ANY RECOIL TO \ WHAT ABOUT IT, THIS THING WHEN TENNILL? YOU'KH IT'S FIRED T / FAMILIAR WITH THE WEAPON/ IT'S STEADY A R OOP. 1 TELL ME ABOUT THE PORTABLE PDWET? SOURCE ,,,ALL YOU HAVE TO PO IS 1 SNAP THIS UMBILICAL INTO THE WEAPON ANP YOU'RE IN BUSINESS THIS 15 THE UNIT YOU MENTIONEP B IIll Br MA Me I U Rig U S P

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