Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 1
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MICROFILM SEKViO'b «t P.O. BOX 0066 DALLAS, TiiXAS Here's to woman! Would thai we could fall Into fief arms without falling Into lief hands. It was Ambrose Blcrce "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" VOL, 37 NO. 31 NEA, McNaught Features UP! Leased Wires CLOVIS, NEVV MEV1CO, T11UKSDAV, MA* 6, 1965 DAILY OR SUNDAI lie 4 today DOMINGO (UPI) —[heart of the rebel area. The I the Leatherneck to he stilli Mr. and Mrs. John D. McGuan, —. Marines were killed j rebels opened fire and the Ma-lalive. Ho was dead when he ar- Farwell, Tex., Is among the when they were caughtjrines took cover in the show-:rived at the hotel near a Ma- achinegun fire in the | room of an automobile dealer, fine headquarters. rebel-held zone of Santo Do-i A wild firefight followed dur- Word quickly spread through iningo. One other Marine and jinu which the two Leathernecks 'ho hotel that the Marine had two American correspondents!were killed and one wounded -ieen dumped on the doorstep were wounded. The body of one of the Ma- of the hotel by the rebels as a A Marine jeep pulling a pan-jrines was taken to the Kmbaia- demonstration of the terror tac- el truck apparently made a'dor Hotel by Canadian tele- wrong turn and drove into 30th: phone company employe F.d FORT BRAGG. N.C. — Army of March Street right in the ward Lynch who had thought Pvt. Harry M. IMcGunn, son of Two More Marine paratroopers from the 82d Airborne Division who have been dispatched to the Dominican Republic to aid In protecting lives of Americans and other foreign nationals. McGuan, who Is regularly stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., as n radio operator, landed at San Isidro Air Base, near San- to Domingo, to reinforce other American military personnel already In the country. The 19-year-old soldier entered the Army In July 1964 and completed basic training at Fort Polk, La. He was graduated from Farwell High School in J963 and attended Texas Technological College, Lubbock. tics they had threatened to use agaibst the American military forces here. | TI e two American correspond- lents in the rebel section today wen Al Burt, Latin editor of the Miami Herald and the Herald chieJ photographer, Doug Kennedy!. They were flown to the U.S. aircraft carrier boxer T n ^ CAPE KF,\ T NT:DY <UPI> — A an orbit ranaimz from ]0f! to staae Titan-3A "switch engine" rock- 1'25 miles bi^h and then shot | !( ,urs ] ; ,t,. r ft carrying two satellite* rared into an ei;e-shaped orbit ex- into one orbit and then /ippe-l peeled to reach about 1.72") into another today in a record miles above earth series of space acrobatic*- i mi: for two more path chanre< The sleek Air Force booster keyed to America's s<>Mn-r-i'i space program, first soared irti coming nearly Its next with the orbital switch was for mirl - aflermmn fourth firing; of the I 1 ,;: I Sheppard, Attorney To Confer ci.f:vf-:i..\\T) rupii - Or S.'tm Sheppard planned to Mippt tof'.iv with hi-. at!i' r r" N -. Lee- H.'iiley to di<fi:ss a fe<h r- court order sending him back the ')>•;<> Peni'r'ri'i.irv to f'ir) i" 1 Sfrvinc a life term f«r wi:'.-. three feat. Such space maneuverability • It's throuii'i the cat*-." said is ncce!;sai '. v for military mis- ;;,-,._, (|(, n ",!(,•<..nh p,! e v- ; ' (>ns su KScsted for the Titan-3 m.-i.w. referring to tho precise :arnl '. v of rockets, such as satel- -pcefi it nee,led to reach orbit, iite interception, reconnaissnace The Tit.m s 7.000-pound third nnd space station supply runs. performer of the final i Titan ; 3A test flight was the m booster's versatile third stage, ^^ l^i^ F^^'Wr^kQ sometimes called a space 4P^nk m& mtf • \J W \+& switch engine unit tiien niov?d i perform \l< next Senate pproves More Viet }• V.ASUINCTON 'Ul'li - T Senate vl.i\e President John an <:ver« helnitni.'. vote of c<>: Mi'iice to<!av in approvir;^ h S7(K- ir.iiiir.n Vu I Virn mu;;ev i|:;»st i',;;t then- v. a- soini' cni parties •'- |..r '•nta! switch engine because of its course switching ability. It was .required to start and stop an unprecedented four times in the harsh void of space. 1 The black and white rocket who said making its fourth and toughest bill should fluht, roared into life at 11 a "blank a in. EOT and eased smoothly with a land in:,, the partly cloudy sky. •••r co-limit- I: arched over the Atlantic ,:> ;n S..i;!tli- and be.^an its 11-minute climb toward orbit leaving a white vapor trail in its wake. where their condition was reported as satisfactory. Burt suffered a bullet wound In the buttock. Today's fight broke out despite the conclusion Wednesday of a "firm truce" by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the OAS' unprecedented decision to send an inter - American * * peacekeeping force to police the Doffltldfltuf, Republic. Death of the two Mai brought to 10 the number..-. Americans killed since tije troops began tending late week. In addition at le servicemen have wounded. The dead Inclultd four paratroopers, five Marines and a sailor. S 'Peace Force' d In Dominican WASHINGTON (UPI) - The air force or national police Commanders of units to be Organization of American | troops for the new force. made available to the fojK'e States (OAS) voted early today| to send an inter-Amarican | peacekeeping force to police! the Dominican Republic. Re-! U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth will be asked to work qut among themselves and with the cruiting was expected to' begin i S e ^-thirds majority needed, immediately. He indicated that the inter- immediately. The hemispheric voted 14 to 55, with one nation (Venezuela) abstaining, to approve a U.S.-sponsored resolu- 'l.'.e U ^ fith Orr.i:' r^jr; '><•' f.f Ap;„.;,!, ;,' (" ir>r;:r, .'. -, ' '•'' ;isid«- V\'-,!:M"<<i.iv an order <>', "' I'.c 1 S lMstr,< t i'c;irt at J>;iv. ; -' t"n that granted Sheppant freed *m las', \f«nr on grounds bis Hanks: r !• V L. Mr- The Se:;ate NCUYFN VAN TTTTFTT tion callin g on member govern- r»uui i.,r« >m> miL,u ments to provide army, navy, Saigon Government OK'd Military Council Bows To Civilians followed the post- 1 SAIGON (UPI) - South Viet Base. It was considered certain pom-men! Wednesday night of a Xam's powerful Armed Forces to win the endorsement of U.S. . <»» • 11 'i -• 1 .'* t ^t> m r^l t/\ c on rl n r*rc*i_ f* ;i *__!_. *• ti . • _*•*•• t « • said he was "gratified" | SJ5 rSSIin vnto u/hinh ,„„„ „„„„*,..! OAS committee measures necessary to estab lish the unified command. Participating nations wer • urged to make their contribt:- || tions to the force according to a "progressive equalization" scale, that is, each would send troops according to their size force (< ••• i :i h'linistratinn. ) ••. i: ron«'i!'.jt;nnal \u>iat<'i } publicity. t'. 1 pr had '-tiul newspa in !."!*•> r-)iirt'<t nil; f.«-m<-r osteop.v I>e< i mher, lit victory was somewhat "d. however, bv thf state- of some lawmakers who •<1 that t!if", \vere not vr>t- blrtnf c!vck for ar: a!'" 1 :' ! w .•' in Vic! \.i!'- '('• •.-•. .- !a;l'j; r of 3 f.i'jr- •'e ivra! officials ha\-e i- hank was milked ! a ke'.i.-ers or con attempt to send a Proj- Council today formally dis- officials here. •vt 1'ire spacecratt on a high- solved itself in a resounding M>e-d plunge into earth's at- vote of confidence in the Saigon , - mo-ihere. The delay was government. On the militarv spokesman In ground smai American fighting a U.S.) disclosed three! servicemen blamed on cloudy skies that, front, 50 U.S. AU Force jets, An ™ n . servicemen were resolution Bunker told tihe,deB Walter Reed ***** M < b.ocked camera coverage of the scored a "spectar-Wterly success-! wou « ded , m tw ° separate inci- gates p res j dent j 0 h n snn hac |Center - Both his Ie gs have nerv rcenlrv over the South Ai-'fni" rofr» ort.,in\^ r,,^^.,^i,.t;«ent^ Wednesday. Two "were :_._, *... ...... u n . ! amoutated over the South At-' ful" 'raid "againM. Communist! I North Viet Nam. i American force might become a permanent part of the OAS peacekeeping machinery. But it appeared that any such action would need far more support than it now has. Chile Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru voted against the peace force resolution, and Mexico indicated it would not be able to contribute troops to the force. Mexico's ambassador said he did not believe his government would be able to spare the troops. On the other side of the picture, tiny Costa Rica, which lave an ar- offered to its 3.5500-man national police force at the disposal of the WASHINGTON (UPI) _ Ma- OAS> r ine Lance Cpl. Russell Rowe During the long debate on the It5 rit !^ on ^ on ^g been * * * Marine Loses Both Legs 5 -.1 !' in i * Mar * * \ i. t.'lC W !'' t!- re'. 11 may '•n'.iarv Ma 1 . de Defense Rests In KKK Trial hast the 1 The Armed Forces Council killing 15 Viet Cong. The other ; voted to disband in an empha- was an Air Force mechanic hit tic endorsement of the civilian by $ Red sharpshooter while government of Prime Minisler flying a defoliation mission 120 Phan Huy Quat. mile$ southwest of Saigon. j riPt P rH dete ™ ined « nri aijana - Q ° P ° bce 11 the fight has gone out of said his mother, Mrs. its Dorothy Harkness of Zion, 111. It was different last week when he went into Santo Domingo. He wrote his mother: to t; U S )!<•• h.n bond .(• it<> court's ruliru: .''* appea! <,f t!:,. 1, court order. ep:>.i: ! and hU . !'•• former Ariar 'i!.i!:-;s. lcarr.<-d of •Ti (fiiin ISaiii'V, H ''"' •.:-.- V,r:i:.- .'..,-, F , im- Teh- s '"-'-" '• v':-:;'-.' ?!)<-• ,!e. '• '' : u -" ' ' •:••• •' " ' : MO tc!.. • '• • " : .-•-•'..:' .• • .',, • .. •. ' , II \YNTVILLK, Ala. (tTI) —The defense rested its case today in the (rial of a young Ku K 1 u \ Klaimnan accused of the nij,'htridfr slayin<; of a Moinau civil rights worker after less than an hour of testi- lllillU. miirdei -. K:., Standing in front of the prime minister's office, council Secretary-General Maj. Gen. Nguyen v , vs .Van Thieu read a proclamation '" l> ! dissolving the body, which con- A- New Orleans, the U.S. 5th • sists of about 20 Generals and, •;rni!:a; contempt proceedings colonels. j .'../;•: M!.s-.ix>ippi c,ov. Paul, Meanwhile, a U.S. military '':in-"!i and former Gov. Ross 'spokesman in Saigon announced .-,:,;,,- jthat 50 U.S. Air Force jet fight-' No Action Taken 'I'm in the first assault The U.S. resolution provides that the OAS will be in com- „ M10 lirsi assauit plete control of the peacekeep- < wave. There's really nothing to ing force, which will be di-1 worry about. The rebels are reeled by a unified command very unorganized and ten to with power to determine when j one it won't last long I feel it is no lonser needed in the ! proud to be a Marine, protect Dominican Republic. T!ie ier-bombers this afternoon in another split struck a "major ammunition' twl to let a civil dump" at Phu Van, 125 miles iH^mcnt against south of the North Vietnamese stand, but ruled no capital of Hanoi ' an,-.,,ns be imposed sr Tli.-v vM' after h:s re The the JNews. At a Clance_] The Mate t.xjk o:'!v < t:;e Dominican China Ra P s Russ Move On Rally UNITED NATIONS (UPI) le Security Council today shunned the Soviet request for House Panel Wanfs Printing, Travel Cut WASHINGTON (ITI) — Ttv HOMSP A;-j.rr)pria- tinns Committiv tud.iv <-all'-i| f..r shaj-p n-ductinn^ in povcrnment travel aiuj pi inline. But it put up ;i(l.i:'i.»!i- a! billions to stMul rrn-n to the nn"x>n »rv\ mon» mil'.Mivs to kt^'p filing fiflpral pa[»>r. The- comrnittiv appj-ovt-i a SM hiliinn niom-y hill t.-> finance next sear's ;ic!iviti«-s of the so-called indepn'iiilcnt agencies of uowrnnieni These include tht» National Aeronautic*, ami Spare Adniinistra- tion, which ho(k»s to net to the tw*>r\ in this di-rade, anl the National Arrhiv««s, which i< struut'lif'tr to k«vp its hi'.'id aU)v»» the (Xin'ir-.uin.; [i'i;.er\M-! k li-«'ii Dirksen: No Neod To Curtail Debate \v.-\xni\(iTO\ d ri) — S.-H-C- i:,.!'!».:,, -..r. ].,-•<•]or Fverett M hirkM-n w.\ to,«-,>, he ci-nLi w ii'i!,- .-,: parent iv.tson to imtike the St'natr-'-; ^a-j; nil.- ai'ii.'-.t debate on the voting ri:'ht< hi!!. l''irk-;cn n.,t,-<l th -.r \L»- iny was under way on amen-)mei!K to the lull nrvi sa'ii he ho[»'(l tho measiiie would c«me t.. a tin t! vote hv the end of next wcvk. Pas^aire i« virinaMv certair) Health Warnlnq Of Cioarettes OK'd WASHINfiTON (TPI) — The Sen •«.. ("..-PV..-.-O rommittw approved T>nn-sda\ leri^Viti'i'i u-hu-h uor.ld rr<)iiire a health ha/nni wnrnir 1 • OM ci/:it''t».' p->rk-r-.-s It piepnnho!>-'d for at I^RS- thre.- ve.-jr« a sinii'-u- u -n InR on cigarette arivertMne Kiivil' action i-in 1 -- aft,-.- rh,. committw decided on a sectj,,,, whi.-h \\o-l,) h.-. M f : ,r !hn>*> yoars anv state or fedenl order to j.l.-ic-- a h'.-al?h warning ha/aivi on riearetie ad\vrti>!in,'. Arqentinan Mobs Riot Against U.S. RrEKOK A1RF>» (ITI) — Police hatt!,,i an ami- Arnerican rnoh with chihs, tear ga^ an;i die h<>s,x \Ve.l- nesday nieht while I'.S. spocial envoy Averell H;.n;inan was explaining the I'.S. actions in Santo Domingo to Argentine government offirials. The rioting, worst out- Break in Argentina In years. rape<l for throe hours ho- loi e police gained control. A numher of persons ix)lice- men as well as rioters, were in iuml. FttJid* To Replace Cutters Approved W.iSHWGTON (ITI)-The Hrni^ todav appmved a 3>»i_ million mjiKvst for replacement of 17 Coast Cirji.j cutters being sent to \'iet Nam But members expressed ama/ement that the Navy did not have such vessels"on hand. President Johnson ordered the cutler to Viet Nam j^ a .11. • <0 ninail r ° m 'niini4t iivfiltration along the South \ jetnanicsie coast line. Score Direct Hits spokesman called ____^__^^^^^^^ raid "spectacularly successful" an immediate vote on its de- 1k A Jf ff* A «^»I • >• •% 1 Direct hits were made on four manc l for immediate withdrawal ^T Ej\TMElC "' u ^rRround ammunition bunk- of U.S. troops from the Domini- i^"»J~J ers and four other bunkers can Republic were damaged lie said cloud-; of "towering black smoke' ^° action was expected until Chlna said today were seen bv pilots the council sees the effect of crac * ced ^ own w^v, ,,, fil , a,, P . m . T, 0 ^m is ussr^ ";k?^rr, 0 i MdA T,rs I^'P*'™^ by d um pm s »0 ,„„., ,„ , n ^ nu . ncan " l^^, ^ \^^ m * M ™ I a:r today and Friday !hi- iifti'inonn. A little Fi.d.iv, 4:'-:a. Windy cooler TOKYO I). M-;r- KB i , . - rt . »••-•••••-• M T uuiiii'iii^, uu tuns MI nntrr- low at 5 a.m. 50 de- bombs on them during the 455- area minute raid. All of the planes The New China returned safely to their bases ln today's debate, Nationalist salc j the incident and encountered no CommunUl Cmfl 'l sai d it would be a mock- \ pr u 3 i t saitl anti-aircraft fire. ^ r >' Of self-determination to or- Vietnamese students nno The decision of the Armed de r U.S. troops out of the Do- them a girl were le'riouSv Forces Council to disband was minion Republic and leave the jured then the RiS* taken Wednesday at a council People at the mercy of Commu- --savaeelv sunnr« rf ' t h meeting at Tan Son Nhut Air imt Conspirators exploiting the demonstration revolution ihere, "Whether th*> r c . i The Soviet Uni on Wednesday allow be urd'v^ * " 1S rejected a Chinese t'ommunist allowuble undei the existing protest against the expulsion of and agreements be- four students from Moscow fol- mg my country. I am only upset to a certain extent because I know that if I did get hurt, people who love me such as you would feel the pain." • In the dark hours before dawn last Friday, the 20-year- old Rowe was defending" a mound of earth in the revite.' torn Caribbean island. A sniper shot him in the leg, kneeling him to the ground. • ; Despite the wound, | bounced up and fired his — Communist into the darkness. The sniper Soviet police fired again, hitting Rowe in the on an anti- oilier leg A third sniper bullet m Leningrad ripped into his back, stopping. •'orlh in his stomach. and \! M.: v .. • K ,,:;v. .is 'Blue Ribbon' Panel To Visit Ft. Bayard Hours later, Rowe was death in Ramey Air Force Hospital in Puerto Rico. on Force doctors aputated the badly damaged right dt in- Rowe was n ° w 'n to Andrewi Air Force Base, Md., and taken to Walter Reed in Wa$h~ inston His mother and his 18- year-old fiancee were there to meet him. , Au m Oh - Mom ' a wooden I'll get along on he told his oscow o- me American states only lowing anti-American rioting at rnotnei ' " ni h"P around on oner " VXVAUD ,„«, :tne American ' states can de- the tiarted'S U.S. Embassy in Moscow 1( "' " He was iKD i UPI i— A ''blue 1 13 VA hospitals slated for clos- t(J M t|he council as it started its the Soviets committee of Congress-; ing June 30 along with some VA f °urtl|i day of debate on the Do- that action )ctoij and Veterans Ad-. regional offir>*>s unininan pride in good spirita, men, doctoii and Veterans Ad- > regional offices. ministration officials mav find only about half of Vt'ernn'v Hospital's beds occu- ininiqan crisis Ft Bayard Hos P ital Director Dr. Carroll KO^., „..„.. Womack said Wednesday only The Presidential Committee, • nounced the impending visit. ;i;jrin-'l in April were charged; Late last month, the hospital with investigating conditions at »as toured by U.S. Sen Joseph „__ ,„ uoatoya,' U.S. aring n Monday, the doctorf removed his left leg. According to NC.NA. the hith- 1 B ut it wasn ' t until erio unreported incident oc- :w £? the> W ere front of the university prepared to go to the.Leningrad textile "Since then, he has been ftftj 1 * institute to meet and march to m £ at the ceiling," bis mother rallies in three locations. (said. Olin Teague, D-Tex Womack said the committee _ Eight Amendments To The St;itf C'..n.«.titution Go To The Voters In September. Page J. SENIOR CITIZEN'S — The Huge Increase In 'Sen- lor Cm/cns 1 Poses Many Probleniii, Both For The A*. m« And For Those Who Care For Them Page 5 ** MOSCOW (UPIi _ The Com- Pravda of in Members of the presidential committee are Sen. Milton Young RN.D.; Dr Dana W Uomu|;can Hepublic. Driven Fire Claims Nebraska National Forest Mm lu Srrvic«> Uie IMaU- HALSEY, Neb. (UPI)-Help ! which had claimed «*, was rushed from three states j of pine trees and 4 QQQ today to fight a wind - 4riv«i! raagetoad. lie fire which has roared OVAT 1C., i a ( OUJII S < ruiouur l»«-uib^ K Jlloj 14j Jjj . 3 10 4 16 ss?/r ti 6 M K "Gepuine 'the screen of r ,. _ „ —_.. M ..^ wm» 0.ViV?fi AH 11149 Uj American troops are preparing maa-seeded forest a m . JJf ^.-» of the charnpions j Nebraska Gov. Frank B. Mcr- stitutionaJ govern- ' rison oallpH f h» tiro in tv,^. M« Biakley. and Col. te being broui&t

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