The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 5, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1918
Page 10
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* . * * • ais or nuinr-rnin count n.i one w.„u. idrr this p'»n claHKlrlixl advertisers n tell In ntiviuice tho exact cost or iclr nil. Ncwi clnssined ads aro •( • CLASSIFIED AnVBUTlSlNO It ATI-. * • ONB CKNT A WOI1D KACH 1NHK11- • • THIN. Abbreviations and series of In " • Ulals or nuinr-rnls count as one word» Und ' • can . • their nil. New• taken by phone (or your nccomnvfla- • ton. and all bills or* due and payable • • thu day rollowlnK the dale of Inser• Hon. You win assist us material.y If • you pay thtvcolli-'Ctor promptly on pro- • • HtJitallon of statement. * A SI . 1) 83 , K s:i t; H 11 s:i I s .i n ?t it M T n \> s:l X S3 ....1 . . 1 t FOR SALB—MISCtLLANtOU*. J8GS Rlelnwsy & Son upright piano at n sacrifice. »;ir,o cable A Nelson piano at a bargain $2S5 . Klliurn piano If soiU at once at bargain. Hoc or call Orvlllo rJ. Hunt, piano liiner and salesman, 108 Sherman west, rhono 736. .19-tl AUCTION SALE. Snturrtny. Sept. 7. 1:30 p.m. at 26 Sherman street wiwt, furniture of all kinds: a sord rnl -1-yr-nr-olO tnllch cow; phone Mi'J. Au.itln Andrews, Auctioneer. 6-6t SKCONDI1 AND 'lies and tubes, all slses. We ouy old casings. Kor euai-Aiitaeci repair work ' see us. Mid-Slate Motor Tlrn Co., opposite Mlsourt Pacific depot* t-ti Hutchinson Typewriter Co. ItOYAI, TYl'KWKITEKS Margnlns In Unbuilt Machines. 807 Itarabnuiil,-Wiley Uldg. Phone 3080. 23-tl 2 STKAM BCULRlt. 1 Wo have a low pleasure boiler for steam i healing plant, will be sold at a very 1 low flguro. flee It ut News Office. • : ^."^~r;7T "i - *Ci«i n I KOU—Two pairs roll doors, 2 -lox WANT tO—MA LB MILP. s . e ( sln B l,:-doora, s-IOxd-S; one sash *".. ,„ , ..... ,.r ii,,t,.hlnson and door 2-10xS-S; nil ~% Inch thick, and Vicni'i'v \",r;,J ';' r i.r"paVc U for 1, examlna-:«rnnl, amount „r „,„ ,umber. V. U. Wol : n..,," r.'.r V-.sltson« ' IU . Meat liwmxt"™- ITIson isu -irds. «' c ''V, 1 !, ^i^T5rl«. liAil- '••''». SAUv—Set of -Teacher's Methods ru-l-OT. V." u .'.'._, "*„, fnrniers. «nd Management.- six books in set: well T A. tirudy bound; Jntiwt edition. Kor further Infor- 5-7 itevi'iun way Mall Clerks, tiov etc. call und Interview Mr. it Vli-lio Hotel. rYldliy. Sept. 0. noon until 9 p. in. wltliout fall motion Phone 74S-W. 4-8 3-6 FOR 8A1.E-Twelvo horse steam enBlno ono lfl lni:h ^isiliiKe culler. Inquire, J. Tl. Borders, Inmatt, K&nsas. Aug It Scpt5. \\-.\ STKI>—r.'Uhcp- and molb»w to buy their lmva»l suits on cr t, sm.ill {Mtnu-nt ilown, Iwlanee a W .-.-K. . Vouths l .mit piini-' suits fl » . w ; l ' 1 V Ll I' 1 - 1 " SALK—National Cash - Register, t'oniTiH 'M-,' t "u., 17 \- 1'.' V u IUIHH . .»-'*! [ stoves, dri'twora. single harness, beds, rnirs. other houseliold goods. 19 Twelfth west. / S-3t AuToMOBILt*. SECOND-HAND iiutoatiuon is Hit logical mruaei J -f second-hand automobile*. • i"rotp*«uv» huyirs should watch IBU column loi complete list of bnrtanu. . roil ... , , „. Ono rteo Truck Chasis, In fltst-claw condition; four practically new casing* and tubes. Altyunc wanting a truck chaais can save money by looking this up. Tnrce- qualtcr ton sue. K \V. UUiNNINO, 3 -tf Sterling, Kan. HADIATOJtS rrompt services on repair work. O. K. Auto luvdlator Co., 15 Scuth Wasnineton. I'ltune »30. « FOIl SAliB—First-class Fonl touilng car; call 610 Mast seventh or pnorre-^iHUJJ after 6 o'clock. 6-3t Foil BALiHJ—New Auto Tire tubesi so per ^mytltld Radiator bnop^Uj cent off. Muuth Walnut. WII.I.VS Six, who wheels, perfect- mechanical condition. W. 11. Hughes, 829 ICast Sheritun. -' 5-3t FOIt SAI.K-Fnrd touring; IVJ miles west on Fourth street. G. U Matttn. ' ' . 3-tf FOU SALE— 1917 Ford truck. HUUtliilton 1 otinury & Machine Works. lil-ti KOKD Touring car for quisk sale, 1360. Apply at Bill W. Oth. 31-tl rOlt SAUi- —1918 Ford tollring car. Phone 1785. 4-5 FOR SAljE—Ford touring car. Phone 68i -W. 2 -et ONB Saxon six, nearly new. 32UW 13th. ONB Saxon six, nearly new. 31-lf KOU SALE—Fords. MoVey Uvery. S tl M~OTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. Rltt SAbB—Good bicycle, cheap; 110 9th west. 4-» WAN'l'Kn-Mi!n to M: Bllli^, XI'- tl) US, d (rWti. I M U MIU!" $1 a w w fi-k ('onu-r Co in in i-it. IV-Hlinil. • iiif-ir w\v f;»tl i smalt pay nn''tit fit. Shoi's ii . t'li., 17 & V.* N 5-Gt \VANTI0T>—Tlirpo or four f.r-n-dass niatli tu-ry hdpeni or handy mox\ i 1"' opitrning drill |»rw8 and on freeing floor. Apply Kntcrpnae. ^"""J- wnili :it Muflun Salt «' bviss in ami frum j"b. l-luizh r On. ti construction i., •!».»(.* per hour; \Vitlitr«p^on «^ WANTKI. Sl.'-'lJt 1(1 and Two in.-n at A.T.& S.K. coal shovel fi»al: steady c-mplnynii-tit vnt'es n-all at slio'Jt. -'-IJl \\'.\NTT'ti—IOf-and hoy; "n ( . v Kiiiiiu to M ;1 H.KI 1 this winter. New.- o.fico, iu Is n«u I'oreinan tl S13KD UYK. Urclennod setil ryo for sale at the Kan* BOA Grain Co. $2.00 per bushel bulk. - 5J7 -l2t KOU SAL IS--.Strawberry plan L A , progrea- siv(? ftrrd superbs, everbearing;: JL per 100; 2300 .North Monroe; phone 3046W. 6-3L KOU S A LIS—Cheap, one pood work horse, also one thoruughbrod Duroc male hog; enquire 101 Onborno alreet. 3-5 ONE l(i-20 II. P. Titan tractor. New, never plowed an aero. Can savo you J200.yJ, 320 \V. 13th. 27-lf KO It SA LB I'llRA P—Com pi e t e for grocery store Including wagun. I'lirji)'- 17S5. flxturea delivery 4-D HuMtin Salt Cu. Ofii -.i'. ^tfiidy plant o worlt; - down KOU SALK-luight shoaU; three miles i north itt l-*oui'th on Lorraine; phono \~.- ( ply»N*-2. Colcmaji Bros, 3-tf TJl KOU SA LIS—One No. 16 Sirmllcy ensilage „. | cutter, pipe n tid distributor. C. B.*Du— " , i rand l'luntntlon. 22-eod-tt AV\vn;i )-Hiiv; tittjjidy position; must be; m I'.VI Hi. quality Otoeury, 121 Seventh Foil-SALE—«' JO «| slx-yeiir-ol<| hores. K. M- Ueachy. , miles south-west or . — Hutchinson. 4-10 WANT K.I i— -Hoy between Iti and IS. apply ; in pei-MJn. Modui aleain l-iumliy. j I'Oi; h.\LB - VeUow Canai*leH, male and :rochet of all kinds; No. Si Knst W \NTBI") — Married mail to work fiirni. tieo- M. Newlin, idione UI.Al.'KSMlTH- lcnutle; elilh. KOI! SALE— Flemish Giant nnd ltufus KM buck; b..lh god onea. 522 Second - 4-lit tlTH— flood all urouiul m:u> nl Ptm SAl.R—Mnngo peppers, Hk- 'ner 'lP. K. Stuhl. lOllinwiiod, Kuiis. .i -M, |-, 0IIk hUl for frost Gi c _ CuL t| i ,, phone 277iV 4-7 W \NT1'J1>- lieliverv boy who Is not Ifolng to utt.nd school. A. * A. I'ius I'f'l'. SALE—Tip Top Bread route .two , , —• I horses un.l witgon. C^ll 101 7th Y»'ANTKl>—Hoy over 10 yenri. old to leil'nt Sl-tr liiide. Anply at NeWii offlee. 4-i' ; *~ . . _.. J _- - ' • ; l'X)It SALE—Milch cow, S'A miles north \N'Ti:i>--.Mnrrliil mm for farm work., Lmabee mill. C. W. Christopher. -l-ti Write 1'. If U«'ll Llox llili. 3-31 ! —— : = | I'OU SALE—Two cheap horses. Frank W\NTI':Il—An expel lili .M -d grocery rlerk. i Ijownie. l'hune 1&-N-4. 4-at t'nil I 111 H West. i 1 — , — ; 1 KOn SALE—Seed rye, $L'.00 bushel d AYANTK"- flood bny for dairy work; K2I j llvcred. Phone y-X-C. Soulll Ma.lll. • WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Winn. ti. U a.nd oviM*. 'Alio desire w pre. pare for examination for positions as postufiice, i .ieparl :n..-m, Customs, ileve- llllc ITk-lkx. Malnn.s .Sleiioflapheis, Typists, els., call aril lr.tfr\ievv Mr. i'. A. Urudy. at Helm Hotel, 1'iklay, Sept. li, •wllhoiil fail, ncii uiinl !* p, in- Xl-TW ;i.", eailher utltomatli: rifle. Phone 3153. FOR SALE—Now Zealand 128 1st east. Winchester rabbits. 14- tr. KCllt SALE—(I;is ciifflne I Vi II. P.. Phono 33S0J. 5-3t WA,Vl'i;i>- I adlcs lo skirls, wnNls and all payment down, bi.lall Comer Commerce Co., iiu: Ibclr new fall on erc.iil. small 3¥e a week. i 19 N. Walnut. &-I11 AV A NT Eli—Two dlntni,' room trnla and one kitchen Rlrl at The ItorabaiiKli- Wll«v Tea llooni, Apply In person tte- twet'i ihe huurs uf 9 and 11 a. m. 2'.»-tf I'Olt KALB Eajil. -Ouk foliiiiiB bed, 503 Plrst — 4-U Pflll SALE—Good mule colt; 524 • East. Sixth 5-7 KOU SALE—<Jas helitur. Phone 1224. 4-4t l-'ort SALE- Itetl Durhaiu. mule; call 805. 3 -i. FOE SALE— -Sluvo silo. Call 10 N -12. . 30-tl , TO TBADK. WANTEI-i--I.iidles lo buy their full SP ! :», coats ami ilresie*. a small iiayna at down, balance t! ii Week. Comer Onn- "'11-.''.'-— ---— | POIt TllAME— 240 acres Improved, rive WANTEf—A ulii wlio wants a home and' miles southwest of .Jetrnore; 40 In elll- wag.'S' "i- middle atrial lady for Keneral I livalIon, balance pasture; ever lastiiiK hou'av.ork, no «ashm ( ;; 713 Slxtli East; I water; price !5,0O0; niorlsanc. S2.000. 1U113 jihone If, IC —P. tf-IUjlwo years; ICO acres seven nitlejs norlii- W A NT El l- -I'.xpei-leucul lady slenOBraph- ir, one will: flour mill or mltruad ex. iierviice prefened. Larabce I'iour Mill C.i-1,. 3-tt \V.-< N"l"El) A saleslady, wb. p. ri-'H-e in sclllna ii.iiiii n'.. I'ecues Wiluln Dry d.udu C lad ex; apply O-ll WAN'TEIi Vouui,' lady; apply at Wln- l-leail Ko.lak l-'ilpslllllb" e-lflee. 2:^ No. Waiii. 3-3' \VA NTI'.I <--..Middle need woman for house war km cuiury, uood wanes; call 1872.1. , 4- 2t: east of Montazuma. let broke; in-lco J3,GIH); ninrlKHEe. H .7U0; trade equity .fiir etear town properly or would take good ear and entry dllTerouee as second oiort- Kaae. 320 iicr.s mile and half north of Spearvllle: 40 pasture, balance fine wheat land; iniprovtu, price tan. per acre; $2,000 cash; balance half the wheat each year until paid al 7 per cent interest. 811 acres in f'rawlord enmity, Arkansas; 35 in cul- tiwilion besides 8 Ml fruit trees; imppived, fenced hoK-llght; price $2 ,w)0; luortBUKO $fcni; trade lor clear western o.uurt(-r. E. W. MUOKE, Spearvllle. Kans. eod.", 2t AVAN'l'i;ii uiil ui" woinau work, small family. Phone fo 2uS2 T It A1 1 E KOU WKSTBUX LA Nil. . Three lo'tisea on .\ East, close In; two four-room coltaKiti, miKiern exi-ept fur house- 1 naeu; one six-room i.'ollage .modern ex 2t ' eept furnace. These hu^es will rent for —' $2, r i.O0 per month by the year; are clear AN'ANTEIi tlirl lo as --l .-t with housework and In flue shape; owner prefers clear in simdl family; phone 2S13-.1. 3-11 , western land. Kor further information — — — see tndo i'owelMon, 3'J7 First Nati. litank \S'.\NTI-:l»- il'l'l al tive-rali l-'a-elory to Hide,. Phone 578. 3-G-t) opeiale bultou-hole maeiilne 3-tr . . . j WANTED TO TltAOE—Uoml Maxwell WANTED "(jlria oyer 10. Apply :n per-f louring ear for youtiK team, harness ' ion M-del Siea in I^iunUiy. 28-lt : and wagon. C. W. Eirc,!eslon, Soulll ^ . . ! Uulchtnson, 2 blocks west of Wells store. WANTED — Cook and iwo nialus ut Moih-' Also one pair of two year old-unpes; rue eill.^i II ispital. Sepl. iyl ;2il 2 year old jack and I head of Jennies. 2-u WAN'T!-;l 1- Ulrls for fountain work A. .v E^l'rrv 5 acre orchard. Some improvs- A. li'tiK Co. 4 .21 uienis. good location . Trade, — - — cows, heifers. l'Julajice terms . AddroNH WAN'i'i:!'— ivM'eii.ri'.Tj •.vallress. Hello L-81. cure News. 31-3-0 Hotel. 4 -U W.'. NT I ID -1 -TO fade Five room ltouso In I'urtridgo Appiy at Day Nursery, f - ieo ucrea western Uuid for Hutchinson 2-3: . property. —Ask MuNaghten. Phone 15. 26-tf. WAN I'ICIi-A t-irl ut lion Ton. 8-3t POSITION WANTED—MALB. W-\ .'• 'l'i:'>^ lo work for board and r"o:it and j;o to school. Phone 352U. £-3t FOIt TUA.DE- Colorado potato land for slock of groceries ur good auto. See Q. W. Alford; phone 1921 3 -U •,V,\.\TBII- I 'lliee ruoin: call ^-K- woi'h for boaid and TO TltADE— Eimlty In 4 roin house, 60 ft. loi. on West Ttli for vacunt property. Phone 1300. 30-tf LOST. 4-f »i-/t" - lle;weeo Mcl'llertaui and Hult'liin sou on Plum yti'eel road. FJsk Nobby tread tire. HIKO BJx;IH. Leave al ileni IJui.'.k Co.. Iteward. 4-0 ILOST—Man s brown coat In cant part of ' tveb; chec kpook on Fh'b't Sla'to ilank of .'iittffoiil In pocket; riuvarU; call 578. IvOST—Set of truck stakes, will pay for ti'iiiible. illll-Howurd Motor Co.. C-2t i76sT- _ A litflyn I'lutr v'th ruby net; please cull phono titt'J. rowufd. 4 -6 LO.ST-Tlundle ur b'.'diilbif ivilli imuif of ' Jvvtii U'>ijim Piwnu Bil}s_ _ a-3t jj0^T~-lt>^l 'AlnliUo pUpuy yi'ltjt yqllow rvnjufciaut; plmnv JSK. , $>A\ FOIt TltADE-LoWi 011 North Main and Hyde Park for residence. Coll 631 East Third. 2 -iit VVANTED—TO BENT, WANTED—To rent u six-room cottage; modern except furnace, with Karate and plneo for chickena; by Oct. 1. Phone 678. u-31 \VANTEn--To font, flve-l-ootu cottage, ,u:otleiu with or without furnace. AU- dre^B N-84 care News. 4.5 WiANTl'JD—live ur six room furnished or partly furnished house, must be modern. I'liono 876. 6-7 \VANTEJ> -Flvo or six' room houuo by family of two; no clllklreli; referencea; phono 1371!, 3 -ti FOH RENT—FURNISHED ROOM1. KOR KENT— Very desirable rooms with board; simile 01; en suite; 24 Bast Sixth; phone 37. TWO FUHN1SHED room In modern home, board It desired. Phone S92-W . 2-31 FOK MONT—Nicely furnished modern bed room, close In. Phone 169'J after 6 p.m. 4-tI ROOMS In first class modern house, board next door. Phone S97. 31-6t FURNISHED HOOM with Jirlvate bath modern house. Phone 3255. 2-tf l^OR RENT—One furnished front room, 126 West Ninth. Phone 347S. 4tt FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms; board of dc slTed; No. 9 Seventh East. 5-7 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms; inquire at 212 East Fifth. 4 -U MODERN—Rooms. Elms, 128 First East. LtOHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOR KENT—To students or business peo. pie, 3 nice furnished rooms for sleeping or light housekeeping; modern. Call 324 Sixth west. Phone 1S97-W. 2-3t FOR RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms; 11.5 Ninth East. 3-tf FOR RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 3J0 2nd west. ' 17-tf, TWO modern light housekeeping rooms. PhoneTlOL ••• o-2t FOR RENT—RESIDENCES. FOR RENT—Seven-room house, furnished and garage; modern" except furnace. Sidney Realty Co., 127V4 North Main, Phone 1S9. FOIt JIENT—Modern house, except fur nace; eight rooms and garage; 305 West Tenth; phone 313H-W. • 3-tf Fi'in RF:\T—Two and three room houses, 50G F East and 507 E East; phone 14tri or 1990W. • B-lt FOR RENT —Five room house, 1018 Eleventh east. _Otlo U. Webb phone tma-W FOR RENT—5 inquire at 21' room unfurnished house, A west. 5-11 l-tnt R.I2NT—Residence, $25.00 per month, phone G07W. 5-tf FOH RENT—To adults, nine-room-house, 42.2 B East. - 3-5t FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. "TFO STORE ROOMS FOR RENT No. 0^ahd 11 east Sherman for rent, can cohTblne 2-ruoms. Coe Thompson Imp. Co. 16-lf. FOR RENT—Two light housekeeping rooms, nicely furnished; 210 First West or I'hone3420-\V. 4-2t POU UENT—One or two unfurnished rooms, clOBe in, P, O. Box 147. 4-5 FOR RENT—Building suitable for subur ban grocery. 503 Uafit B. 19-tf FOR SALE OR TRADE. FOR SALE OR TRADE, • LAND BAHGAIN. 331 acres good wheat land of sale at SR> per acre under the market or would trade and lako In stock of merchandise In good location, located 3 mles north and 1 mllo west 01 spearvllle, Ford Co., Kans. Call or wrto owner G. 11. Johnson Spearvlllu .Kansas. 1 -tf. FOR SALE. .RENT or Trade—7-room house, No. 15 Twelfth west; newly painted, papered and revarnlshed; mod- «ru except furnace. See or phone Carl Nelson, 627 South Main. 9-tf FOR SALE OR TRADE—8-rOOm sctnl- iniKlern cottage, doublo garage blue grass lawn, shade tree 60 ft. front, will cunslder smaller properly and difference. Phone 1012, e-'f- FOR SALE OR TltADE—Three lota on Second avenue east uf Plum street for eipiiiy in house or for good auto. Ask McNaghtcH. Phone 15 1-tf FOR SALE—Or trade for oity property a good farm eleven miles north of city. Peterson llambaugh Ins, Co, 4-4t FOR SALE OH TRADE—For car. four loLs in the eleventh block on Eighth east; phone 570-W. . 2-0t FOR SALE OR TRADE— 8eve«-pa«senger car; call '1004W; 208 Ninth West. 6-7 FOB SALE—CITY PROPERTY. FOR SALE—Throe-room house and two tots, walking distance of Soda Ash, llox noard and Packing plant: »7&0.0u. i:an use Ford on part payment. Phone 3090. 406 East A. 3-4t 318 west 14th, St. new five room house, «300 cash, balance monthly, —Ask MoNaghten. Phone 15. 26-tf. FOR SALB—Two story six room residence. 208 mil West. E. T. Foote, phone 8(0. 28-tf FOR SAM':—0 Room modern house, nearly new, East Seventh. Telephone 1001. , 6-tI FOR SALE— i lots and 4 room houso. sou F west. 24-16t FINANCIAL momi ro mm on city homos. Long terms pa monthly pay nient plan. Farm loans. , THIS KINKLJB AQENCY. Phone 2065. State Exclmnge. Bank Dld^. DO YOU NEED J507 Private loans on furniture, piano, ou. Easy payiuonts. ) Sherman west, -l-U FAIUI LOANS t C1TV LOANS? WANTMl) TO 1I15NT— Five 10pm mod?™ -aolt JJ ,eNttgliteu| J.'i«t National Bid* 5 1-oom rftodorn Tiouse Eaiit 13th, large lot, screened' porch, al In good cdnrlitton, NUy terms. , 6 room modern btlhg»iow, full bMement Bast Ulh, good shade nt>6 gafttge, » ca«h, bnl time. < room modern, 1 "lory, bassrtuint Aha (ramice, 1th Bt., too cash, but. monthly. I room, modern, $S,650 on II th St. Ka?y tprmx, n« to nhow you this. II room modwti .large lot, good shade In rood condition, close to Main St., on 11th St.. It cash bai. time. »1.75tl; a (rood locnflon to room teachers. 8 room moderh >S,nO} east nth igood location to keep roomers 6 room modem cottage $2,000. 6 room, cottage JI.E61. »20o cash, bal. >15 month. 5 room modem pottage on 7th St- $1,800, easy terms . . 820 acre farm well Improved, close to. -Hutchinson, a bargain. A»k to see thin. 160 acre farm 2-mlies of city limits, price $16,050; the only quarter close In at this price. -iQood Improvements, ~ 160 acK«T.ear Little River $10,000; well Improved. Ask us about this. 160 acres near I^ingdon, ItnpmtM easy terms. Level land, 19,600. • 80 ncres 12 milea north of Hutchinson improved good stock rami, $1,600. - 40 aorrs. close In .smitl) house, $3, 000. 20 acres close In. unimproved. , . 10 a6re* northeast of Htuchlnson, Small house and bam, $S,000. Ask us Itbou FtTLLtNa 'UEAt .fr DEPT. Phone 133 Tttes-ThursT .J07 TA-W Bldg, @m® to Wmr To war and has Ml these iiropertifls fut* us tcfWelt: No. 200 Mist seventh street; seven-room, bath, furyace, gflratre and In froo<l commion; only $3,lH>o. • T • No. 704 North Poplar street; flve-rooni ami Imtb ;all ROCHI btg rooms and is prlct^t to at only $900. These two properties are renting for |*G per month. Figure It yourself. No. 324. four-room and No. 326. five-room, West First street; both grarage, both for }3,300, and all of these can be bought on payments tf you want them. B ^®^eiT(S FSQITIEEI 1 © Mies Wcsft @l? Cnfty N - « , 60 acrpfl grass, balance In cultivation; all good black soil; nice set j>f improvements, six-room house, good barn. Buy this for $26,000; nothing otiJoining at a price like this, .lust SO minutes drive ^rbm Hutchinson. B. G. Woodard, Realty Dept. J( - BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. BUSINESS OPPOHTUNITV—I nm going to war and must sell my Kansas City Star ocency; good opportunity to get in business for yourself; phone 2&83J, Mr. Murray. 4-U FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE. FOR —We have building locations ut all prices. We bulk! homos according to your own plans and sell them to you on payments like rent. The Klnkel Agency. Phoup 205&. Statu Exchange Bank Uldg. eiid 10-tf KOU SAX.E—320 acres Reno county block and grain farm; will sell farm or will sell farm and ail stock, teams and nnplfl- ments. Kor particulars see U. B. V »st. phone 731-J. r«if POULTRY. FOK BALE—Brown Leghorn hens iind other chickens; 500 feet of 6 foot poultry wire with posts and stringers. 406 A east. Phone 3093. FOR SALE—Pine Blnglo comb white leghorn hens; phone iMGOW. Thurs. and Sat. G-14 ^^JJOTICE- MISCELLANEOUS. C. II. JAilES, contractor and builder, Plans and specification furnished. Phone 39-F6. 9-tf. WANTED—MltCKLUANBOUS. siperisisiiiDpiBig Thono B71 -W. H. O. DuSIerHtt. m-0 WANTED—Sixty acres plowed and seeded to alfalfa. Immediately. John T. Chrlsman, 211 east First. Phone 30S9. 6-tf WANTED—To flcuro your plastering- and patchwork. {Stucco work a specialtty. Phone J. Lv Green, 35611. 20 -tit SIRL INSTRUCTOR IN RADIO SCHOOLI WAKTED—Clean, bright straw; will pay 14.00 per ton delivered to the Uulchlnson Bos. Ooard and Paper Co. is-tf WANTED—J1.S00 private money on new modem home, north parL Address M.M. ctu'c News. 3-5 WANTED—To contract your cement work, sidewalks a specially. Call tJ7. 7-tf. WANTI3D—Washings; work guaranteed. Phone 306S mornings or evenings. 2-3t WANTED—A good second-hand writer; telephone 52L type- 3-6 WANTED—Second hand furniture. Furniture Co. nauh WANTED—To buy, roll top oak de*k. Phone 17S5. 4-6 REPAIRING—Typewriter; call 1423. 3-7 3°Actre Trsicft, Deep, R5cHa soil, north part of city, one block from Adams St., Paving. $850 per acre. See owner, 529 W. 9th Miss Frieda Lemon. Som^'of the men who will flash messages by wireless in war service in the,future will owe their training to a girl. This is only another incl. dent which illustrates how far women have penetrated into the domain of man to do their share—and a very important share—in beating tho Hun. Miss Frieda Lemon is a girl mentioned. She has been made radio instructor of the United States army training detachments at Oauip Buell, Lexington, Ky. She graduated In a similar course and then enlisted. She is the daughter of wealthy parents, but rather than devote her time to society affairs"sho decided to aid in tho war. ' She will train men from Kentucky,. Tennessee, Indiana and tho middle western and southern states. The vory doslrable business room at No. 4 N. Main for. lease, inquire of fajpirwtffineiail C®. Masonio Temple. sauna Suitable for heating plant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable' Inquire at News office. 400 Acres, owned by noQ-rteldent, about ono-haif in cultivation, other half in gras- lotf land; within two mUos of Nlckorson; a good four-town house, 32x34 bam almost new; two grtvnerloa, wolto and windmills; this t« a dark sandy loam ideal alfalfa and stack rum,. Thto vast of land priced to sell; wW make easy terms or would consider same northeastern Colorado lajtut or will carry baclrat i far cent. 607 R.,W, Paid, Pttone When tho history of -Washington society Ls written Helen Cannon will occupy a prominent and brilliant place therein. The Quaker wife of tho former speaker died many years ago, and with her first days of young womanhood Helen undertook tho responsibility of her father's home in. Washington. Until that time—for Mr, Cannon had been in Congress forty- two years—he.Jived about tho hotels, When his daughter was out of school aud ready to come to Washington she > became bis companion and best * friend. Mor than that she Interested herself in legislation, studied politics and the issues of th day, with a keenness of understanding that made her advice und counsel worth Becking. I Like her father, Miss Cannon has a genius for friendships and has sus- j tallied a conspicuous uociul prestige I without the least predilection for what U commonly KBown as society. "The system of public school education In the United States can under ! take no greater work at 'tho present ' time than' teaching patriotism to the children of the nation," says Mrs. Mary 0, 0. Bradford, state superin tendent of public instruction In Colorado and retiring president of .the National Security League 'The public school should be the laboratory of good citizenship, and its supremo function in this hour of stress and trial should tie the training of the ohildren jn community and national Berice." f Mrs. Br&ford, with other leading educators ot the country, headed by Pr. Philander P, Claxton, V. S, commissioner of education, is actively participating In the National Security League 's great campaign of Patriotism through education, which ls aimed at the object stated by her. ' Greater Yet. An English lord who had Just arrived from England was talking to an American Boy Scout. •- "My grandfather," he said, •'was a very great man. Ono day Queen Victoria, touched his shoulder with a sword, and made him.a lord.' "Aw, that 's nuthtuV the Boy Scout replied. "One day Rod Wing, an Indian, touched 'my grandfather on the bead with a tomahawk, and, Mm an. M^g,' . , . LADIES' SHOES 60c 6 Week Clothing tor Men und Women ON CREDIT A small payment t\ n WntAt down, balance yl u IT Cud MEN'S SHOES socaWeek COMER COMMERCE CO.» 17-19 N. FRENCH IN GAINS They Go Forward In the Region ot Uulscard, Near Noyon. ARE THE GERMANS RETIRING? Ueglns to Look Like They Were Preparing to Get Out ol tile Way Again. • J$ (By the Associated Press.) With tho French Army in r'rance, Wednesday, Sept. 4.—(10 p. m.)— Guiscard, north ot Noyon, waB occupied by tho French this afternoon, following a general advance of from four to seven miles from Mont SU Simeon to the Oannl du Nord. French cavalry advanced this afternoon from Uaboeuf to tho region of Mondescourt on the Noyon-Cbauuy road and midway between tho two towns, while Maucourt, southeast of QulBcard, was occupied this evening. Officers taken prisoners In the wood between these points had ro- ceivod-orders to retreat to the region of Bethancourt, northwest from Chauny. German Retirement? There are indications that the Gcr- annns proposed retiring front this part of the line to the line Berlancourt- Hain-SancourL The speed ot tho French advance, hpwever, is deranging tho schedule tor retirement so much ,that possibly the' enemy will not find leisure to stop at Ham. ' The maneuver which forced the retirement of the enemy over the front ot Mont St. Simeon and the Canal du Nord began Tuesday morning with an attack upon n strong position fortified and protected by wire entanglements and machine gun nests. The attack was preceded by an artillery preparation of tour hours. The'infantry then wont fcrwftrd only to find that many centers of resistance had survived ..the shelving and the hardest kind of fighting ensued, the men often coming hand to hand. Broke Hun Line. Overcoming tho resistance of tho Germans foot by foot, General Humbert's men broke the lino and today forged ahead rapidly, the advance at three occasions being from four to seven miles in depth. Guiscard f.sll into their hands this afternoon. The first army meanwhile took Llbermont, Frenlches and Fretcy-le- Chateau, southwest ot Ham. General Mungin's men also mado further gains of tho Ailot'to, crossed the Veslo at several points and foroed a passage of the Aisne at the Bisa farm, between Veuizcl and Missy. Many prisoners were taken during these operations besides three "and four inch cannon and a great quantity of material. Jussy, La Fere and other towns behind the German lines are reported in flames tonight. <$> ^> ^ • SALT CREEK. <S>$-<8'<8><}>'*<3 , *4>$>*<*«'4>*^ The fine rain which fell Tuesday afternoon and night was surely appreciated by the farmers. The ground ls now in fine condition for the foil planting. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yaggy and sons spent Sunday in Nickerson tho guests of Mrs. Alexander. Mrs. Clifford Sparks and girlB had Mrs. Haryey Woods and children returned home tho last of tho week after a month's visit with relatives in Illinois. Mr.Tind Mrs. Ellis Sollenborger had for Sunday dinner guests, (Mr. and Mrs. J. Sollenberger and relatives from Illinois. • Mrs. Chas. Skelton and daughters spent last week visiting with relatives at St. John. Mr. and Mrs. Levitt Cooper and children and Mr, and Mrs. W. Stuart and sons, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Percy Stuart. Mr. Carl Stuart went to Camp Funston Sunday to visit John Crandall. Mrs. W. Stuart was hostess to the M. 13. Missionary Society Wednesday afternoon of last week. Twelve members were present. The meeting next month will bo at the homo of Mrs. A. Sumwalt. The Young People's Sunday Cehool Class of tho M. E. church bad a class {•picnic Monday afternoon and all reported a fine time. air. Ellis Sollenberger and Mr. V. Sllfor uro filling their silos this week. The fall term of school will begin Monday, September 9, with Miss Blanche Russell as teacher at the Central school. • •* « ELMER. * • - * <>^<>,$>,$><j><$.<S,4><$><S.<$.<£ ,<$.<$><$. Ed. Searcey Is plowing with his engine for John Moilurry, Ferule is having his silo tilled this •week. Everybody U rejoicing over the fine rain ot Tuesday. It -will make the plowing moro enjoyable for man and .beast, Bve» tne alfajfa will grow some moro, iAndy SwarrteU. is thrpugb threshing for this year, Mrs. W. W, Wells moved to Hutchinson IfiBt week, t Mir. and and *frs. Lemon Dowser had as dinner guests Saturday, Ur. and Mrs, Mori Albright wd son Bu- (ord 0(Wm% 9WI-, fWjL&h.ejr $m<\ ' 1 1L ' r GUARANTEED Vulcanizing Retreading Double Tire Work Five Years of Knowing How See us before throwing , away your old tires. PRICES REASONABLE The Wichita Double Tire' Co. 205B..Mairi 153 N. Emporia Hutchinson Wichltn, Kans. GroVor and Earl and their wives. Mrs. Bowser* auoorapnniod her nephew and nelco home Sunday to visit'her father John Tharp and other relatives. Mrs. Will Crow and daughter Vera, spent last week with Mrs. Grover Bowser. A nice crowd attended tho got acquainted social at Lincoln school last Friday evening. Cake was served by the ladles and tho school district served IB gallons of ice cre»m. ' Mrs. Hcesc and daughter Alfln, and Mrs. Myrtlo Bowser motored to Manhattan, Kans., to see Tott Reese. Ilo accompanied them home and Mr. and Mrs: Geo. Bowser and daughter Vlda, took lilm back to Manhattan Monday, Mrs. Cute llolloway visited Wednesday with her nelce, Mrs. Holmes Rlno- hart and Mr. Rinehart and children. Mrs. .J. P. Klein came homo Wednesday from Bush Center where she went to care for her Sister, Mrs, Kate Bauer who was seriously ill. She was able to sit up a portion of the day when she left her. <8> <S> <$> <5- * * 4> • • • * EAST LINCOLN. 4> •J- ... ' * <s> <$• $ • <$> •J. O. McNew and family, J. H. Mo- Now 'ant! wife, took supper Friday evening with Mrs. F. Y. Lewis. 'Miss Fern Strayor has i returned from a two weoks camping trip In Colorado. Mrs. W. W. Wells and family havo moved to Hutchinson. We will all miss them very much. "~". W. H. SteofleldK took dinner with J. II. MCNBWB Sunday. School has begun again..-' - Fern Strayor ls the teacher, Mr,.. George Cogswells had as Sunday dinner guests Fr. and Mrs. Deal ot Burrton, Mr. and Mre. Fred McMurry, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kobertson, "Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freomitn" and, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Cogswell. Donald Wells spent Tuesday night with Eugene Cllcktier, Mrs. Klein ls expected home today from Bush county where sho was caller] on account of tho illness ot her sister, Mrs. Kate Bowers. Mrs. Bowers Is Improving very nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Tow Downs called on Mr. and Mrs. Harry Englcr and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gibson Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Cogswell of Manhattan aro home for a short visit with Mr. Cogswell's father, Mr. Oeorgo Cogswell. , Mr. Boswell of South Hutchinson expects to moVe on the chicken farm soon. — Mr. and Mrs. A. Williams have ro- turnod from a visit in Kentucky, George Hottaway has returned from Kentucky. Miss Fay Cogswell leaves today for a visit in Davenport,-Iowa, and will attend the graduating exercises. We suro had a dandy rain Tuesday, It was jUBt what wo needed. DROCOURT-QUEANT \ LINE GIVES WAY] pu>l .lNe; t»».»««p(i(xwRT-oo|»(rsii(mri|. The Procourt-Queaut switch line, which is i^i reality a part ot the ta- ruous Hlndenpurg line, and which was believed to be impregnable, has given..—way before tho victorlotio British, who have captured i;ueant, southeast of Arras. • f at Fruit, Save Sugar. .Poaches, pears, plunw, grapes, apples, cantaloupes, oranges, bananas, and lemons at I, SMITHES Orocsry aud Market, rhone ieoo. 5-it OLD TOPS repajrefl. Top pept„ Rouo 8#lch Cft • , , ,- >•«

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