The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY. JULY It. 19M PAHS MEWS. President To Hawaii Roosevelt Starts On Longest Run of Vacation Cruise Thursday BALBOA, C. Z-I (&) —President i Roosevelt began Thursday the] longest run of his vacation cruise j —one ever the Pacific to Hawaii, i i The cruiser Houston started the | 12-day trip 'which will take Mr. j Roosevelt the TartJjesi from nome * any president ha^ been since 1 "Woodrow XVilson « ent to Yer- ! Cheering lanes of native Pana- l inanians hailed the American chiel j executive "Wednesday night when i he was driven to the presidential 1 palace at Pana.-na. ivbere he was; the dinner guest of President j Arias. I "The canal serves all nations-in i reeds of peaceful commerce/' Mr. ! .Roosevelt said. "The United Slates \ is, therefore, a trustee for all the ! world in its peaceful maintenance. ] "In that trusteeship we have always had. and I am sure always . v.-ill have, the complete coopera- \ tion of the Republic of Panama."": Mr. Roosevelt arose early for a ,• motor trip through the old city ' DCjjPauama. before a luncheon aboard the Houston honoring Pres- i idem Arias. Change Date Of Roundup Announcement of a change in the date- for the candidates roundup : at CbJcola was made Thursday' by members of the prograin com- | Jttee. Originally scheduled for Sat- 1 urday night, the meeting at Chico- ' ta. will be held Saturday afternoon t JuJ)- 14. Citizens of The Chicotn. • conimtnsity have asked for the change- .in th-& date in order to attend a. ^t*eting in Paris Saturday night- *!^ajncii5atcy roundups "were Held =, Thursday jtfternoon and night, at j CJarrett's Bluff and Kmberson.« Meetings' w?J? be held at Milton j ar>d PationvHSe Friday afternoon [ and nfght. : Candidates and -uthers. attendiriir ; tbe roundtips report frood attendance at al? meetings t*tw> tveek. ? SUDDEN DEATH AT SAVOY WEDNESDAY BOXHAM. — TCord -rras received here of the swdd<-:n death of •Elrprn^tt >!fslugin. 22. Tx-hsch occurred .at his bonrio at Savoy. 12 miles •west ,of here, "V^'ednfestlay mora- vng. Tt is said he was apparently in the bf^-t of health, and *s<? "had bcf*rt TISTIIT:^ with friends the day before. K!s widfvc. his parent?. two ««>ter-j and a brother survive. WATER TAIVK FOR BEEF CATTLE DEEDED and l^a.sns.r Coxirsty Of T.he Tjauinr County n.*»Mef Board 5$ m sore need uf a \vater capacity 3£9 to 500 gallons, to us*in •watering cattle heirs;; pastured north of Pars? -while a^aJtinjr t*!«LU<srn*er before l><?in.j; canned at the Paris Ifff-f canning plant. Any person, willing to loan she relief board such a tank is a-=ked to com- Tn«:nleat45 with the chamber et commerce, -which orgajtsStation wilt transport th* ti»nk to thf paKTurt- McCRAW TO SPEAK TN PARIS JULY 2O of .tta(5;ii». car- for attorrsey grcn-era? of •«, ill r-penk in Paris Friday July 20. ;r«tea«5 of T pr. a^eordtnc: to fl t^T- <| Th-irsrvlav hy J. M. a.j» to thr- place arr.<! tlse ho.t:r f Friday, V TOHK". '^* ! — Th" i •naior voluntary TV»<V, c by the : :*• sndwstry ro 'Vl^-tr* up" <• if-mar^* (or prohibition of »a Broken Veins Varico*** I'lccry. Old Sf*rr-«. HITLER TAKES TIME OUT IN MOUNTAIN RETREAT 4 Cotton Mart \CampWillOpenFridayFor iStock Prices Rally Fails LamarCountyClub Women! Range Lower ______ >...__ ,„„.,. XETW ORUSANS. (3^— Cotton j opened fairly active- but easier | Thursday. Cables were much lower than dae and there tras more or Bluebonnet Lodge to Be Scene of Two Oav Encamp» . -vrr- •' i r» r» nieilt; jtAle JfcXtension VMttlCialS to I5e l*resent For Meeting ~ ^ a. m. ed 10 points do-wn .and later posi- j tions S to 9 points down. There t was a slight rally of 2 to 3 points E right alter the start on some short but prices soon eased off i 14 points under the previous close. | Better pnsspects for rain in Texas 1 helped the decline. i Cotton futures closed barely • steady at net declines of 13 to 20 ? points. In marked contrast to bloody scenes in Germany's "*econd revolution." this quiet retreat in th« Bavarian Alps is Chancellor Adolf Hitler's holiday home. After the most turbulent week of the nazi regime, Hitler ordered * political truce and set an example of outward calmness by retiring to this house near Berchtesgaden. At right is the «azi flag. /Associated Press Photo) - ~"~ The annual encampment of Lamar County "Women's Home Demonstration clubs wi!f be held at Bluebonnet lodge, the Girl Scout. lodge here Rriday and Saturday, j * 9 under the direction of Miss Beu-ll!:30 a., m. launch. 1:30 again. October dropping to 12.S2Jla.h Blacfcwell, home demonstra- j journment, and December to 12.97. or 13 to j tion agent. j iliss Helen Swift, district 1 agent, and Miss Minnie Eldridge. -' Fannin county demonstration j agent will be present Friday. I when the dress contest, an annual i feature, will be held for three i classes. About 50 -women from; Fannin county "wri!! also be guests, j ] Picnic lunches for dinner and I | t,upper Friday will be brought by; | those attending, and each club i • \vill bring ingredients fvr break- \ j fast and picnic lunch on Saturday, i i Most of the members -«-il5 spend | .Friday night at the camp^ the eve- 1 ning's di^^ersion being club stunts, j This is the program: j Friday: 10 a. m.' Camp called i to order; songs and greetings; an- j nouncenrsents; 10:45 a, m. Demon-1 I NEW TORK. (Jfy — A j stock market showed IJttl« «i*posi-- f tion to be up and doinjr : and prices, as a whole, Breakfast, i a moderately lower drift. Various traders seemed to b* somewhat skeptical of- the abiHty of the list to forge ahead at thw a. n . County council meeting:' time in view of the many trad* p. m. ad- .' a "d indusrria! questions irhicli ar« I pending. At the same 'tfnte.' there- Saturday: • ] Songs and games: ? a. m. Story j hoar, Mrs. T. D. Wells of Paris; \vas= no -widespread liquidation and Corn Holds Wheat Down Club Leaders Are Installed CHICAGO. <£*»—Acute weakness which showed Itself in the corn market at times Thursday acted ac a. wet blanket on enthusiasm of \vheat - buyers. September delivery of corn touched an extreme, low of 4 cents Heads Educators MARKETS At A Glance Courtesy F*i;iier aiiar Hoifti Oklahoma Nominee NEW TOKH COTTON Prev. Close High 13.1 15 IS 12,57 13.04 13,1'j ORLEANS COTTON Prev. Clos* HigH tx>-w 1*,!5 I-. 1 ,'; 1 CHICAGO GKAJLS pTfv. C!r«>e High ! CSos>e li.SC 13.04 Close I 12.55' stration ia the use of canned "Wednesday's close. *nd this products; 11:45, Preparation. of -.ended to upset buying operations j lunch; 12 o'clock. Lunch serre-f: in wheat. Apparent willingness of j 1:30 P- m. Co-operators' dress corn growers to accept currentj contest; 2:30 p. m. Demonstrators' prices formed an outstanding fea- [ dress contest. Class I; 3 p, m, ture. | Demonstrators, class II: 3 p- na. Corn closed heavy. 1 3-4 2 7-S 1 visiting and rest; ' under V/ednesday's finish. Septem- j 7:30 p. m. Visiting; her 5? 1-2 5-S, wheat unsettled. ) '. 3-S 1 3-3 advanced, September ne^sr S4 5-S 3-4 oats i i-S 1 ^ dovrn' : and provisions unchanged to 10 I cents off. Meeting- Wednesday nigrht at the Odd Fellows club north of Paris The Young Men's Luncheon C?ub held its installation of officers at a sta..?; dinner that also -,vas a fare- w»31 parry for LeKc'V Hader. the rctirsng- ''resident of the club. T^£ll>ert ^Vn'tteyi, ^ecretsrv^tre^i- surer. Director* ar>? Ernes* C'raf- JimTnie- Thompson and Dr. Court- the activity -was considerably low-- er than in the previous session. The Irregularity of commodities may have caused some hesitancy on the part of a few. operators- ^Vhite wheat at Chicago added more than a cent to Its TFednes- 'Jay's sharp ad^•ance. corn was re- j!0-tionar\-. At TVinnipesr "wheat. •1ror>P»<2 more than 2 cents a bush e-t on a slightly bearish govern- ry»ent crop report. Cotton -aras in s:.i!«p3y at a loss of around $1 a hji!c-- as v/eaiher conditions •appeajr- ed to have Irr, proved. Rubber and sPver were neutral factors. Soads wer<> quiet, and r^jildiy mixed. Ul ,S. jovernment securities eased under profit takjns. Five guests, ASfred Kibble. Alfred Kidd. Rosers Ooletnan. Clsrk Esies ano Dr. Claren?^ K. Oilmore p. m. Supper I attended ihe meeting Wc-lnesday p. t!3. Stunts- ' nisht. MAT NOT EXTRADITE PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD.•,-P>—v^ r he'her Robert Jones "rvill be extradited for a Texas raarder commit-ed, authorities claim, DT Arthur C- TC't'son. ivas made to depend Thursday on the fact that Texas -.vas not one of the United States when the British extradition irea'y ivr-s. signed. Dr. Henry Lester Smith, dean c the school of education at Indian university, is the new president c the National Education associ. tion. (Associated Press Photo) •OJIT! 4 per Lots Of Pepper Used In CanningLamarCounty Beef Rep. E. W. Marland (above) b 'carne the Democratic nominee ft r- governor of Oklahoma when Tor.i Angtin, backed by "Alfalfa BUi- Murray, withdrew from the dertK- cratic run-off primary. (Associate! Press Photo--from Harris ai: 3 Cattle Mart Is Inactive FORT WORTH. (5=} — <U. S. D. j A.i — Hogs 1,400, including 535 di- j rect; steady to 10" lower: top 4.50: j i good to choice 175 to 2SO pound < { truck hogs 4.30 to 4.40; good 145 j [to 170 pound 3.35 to 4.25.. f ew j I butcher pigs 2.00 to 2.25; packing j j soivs steady, 3.25 to 3.75. j j Catt?e 3.000 including 1.259 srov- \ ' ernrnent: calves SPO; slow; good \ fed cattle very scarce; strong ; j -sreight fed steers due sell 5.50 to i I 5.00; fe-w yearlings 5.00 do^rn; \ '• good fat co-ws up to 3.25: butch- j \ ers 1.S3 to 2.50: cutters and lo-?r ' letters Jnostly 75c to 1.15; stock- j | ^^ very dull; few good nea-ry | 1 caH-es 3-50 to 4.00: culls 1.09 to | j 1-50. j I Sheep * r OOO: mostly 25 loTrer; ; | f at lambs mostly 5.00 to 5.00; } ! strictly good lambs scarce: fat j | yearlings 3.75 to 4.50: fe-w aged; i TR-etfters 2,25". feeder yearllncs 3.00 j : to Sr25. feeder lainbs o.5?. {JPt. —Mrs. Inough j>epper to supply a. ece for' just about every resi- :• of I^arnar county is s0:n5 into ; ' ar« of beef a; -he Paris beef can- B- ^ >'rcrt. r>ow yperaiing: on a fuil- l?jn:-.; schedule of -4 hours do-i'y. At present ihre« barrel? of pepper are t>n hand for t-sc- in season- Visits Here SHREVBPORT, : D. B. Mosely. about. 35. her yocns I nephew and her niece -were killed, j and a. -womari said zo be Mrs. j Bro-^rn, aoout "0. was possibly' fa- i tally injured Trhen the automobile | Thnrsda.y 5n -which they -were RACER OX TR1A1> DOUGLAS, TSI-E OF MAX. C5 3 ) •Ivaye Don. the noted British sr motorist, -^-ent on trial "here for raanslaiishter. t^e proceeding [aftermath of a racinsr accident- ne atK>ut 375- r-cuncf, is c-^ Uut the s:x barrels vf salt that huve l>«*€« • purchased w;H run out before ihc end of the month, «i'^- t'o-dingr to the rate at which the «~ra.lions stari^d. It. is estimated :0 v'^j,rr** 1?^ '.?t ^sit, ^ i*; *-^ T*CQ^«Treti •-ach n>o«r.h. Th^ Kilt co«nes in barr*«!!t we-i'^irsg: 255 pounds* each. pt-jt salt arsd pepper rtrr b-it f^'o it the )->nii ad'. south on the Mansfield road on the pleaded nor ^jty. In a i outskirts of Shreveport -was strucfe pJ^e that of "a. romantic novel, the i by Texas an<3 Pacific passer^er] aisciple of spee<i faced trial In an \ train >:o. 2S. en route to ilarshall. | ancient building in T^-hicri the , Tr:; •>-, Thursdav. j Mans: T?arliameri; ir,eei=. /;:>.-: .-^ / — i \ / -t ~^s\/^it:-S NOT a hitch FIKE CHIEF WARNS ABOUT TR-VSH FIRES XV. McCIendon, -.•jticf ."zsuce of the Aiisiin court of civil 3pp< > a'« : . has annoonc- c-3 h:s enndsdacy fcr Th<? J>r-mo- i» T!OT>iinatie»n to th** associate jrsFtiff.ship rf the yupreme court of T' X M*!-. to sticc^e-i .Tu-dsre G resets- ^ord. who will not be a candidate for rf^lfctic-r-.. Judce McCIersdon Tvnji H P."? r-> •*-!.«sitor Thursday. Tn makinsr ^'-s srsnounrenifnt Judsre M'-',"endt>n stated that his record -.,-' f;ve yrars TiT^o 1 " The corrtmissioT! of spp<vn's and t»n years upon the court of civs! appeals, and the esTt- rnate of that record by those Quals- n«"f] TO ,np;->ra-se u. will constitute h:.« i-!a:rr-. and appeal to the <?l<?c- jorntc 'o'* t1-!«>:r support and pro- ttsnt c":>ss that now !, ,-»*»ti docs, hi:FT: i^d. Th? cVs : .f-f is .in Or. Buford Writes Of Texas Superiority nticht*ad nn-1 r.s ins* or other builrtirss thi* T "»Y. Butord of Mirstrr. -«-ho >ir!«- Bnferd. if making a :hr South At la nt so Mates, J. M. Cavsf-««>ss from Nor- 'A.. sa.ying; A Now You Can Get SUITS, DRESSES AND COATS Master Cleaned . and Pressed for Gather Them Up and Call 21 or 22 50 "Yo» m •.:•*• vl <> s;t;;s*!* s >:i wis bo :i*<'- tn T^\;<•<!. \%v <•''! ichty .Hn'3 '? • atet! *tst'' I h wowlrf not tra- )s*- who'** stat** H<- »dd» thftt. ord exp* 1 ^! to v iit other states to your own. All S s.t»c>\;ifj b*» satss- >cT i .«1a v?ry thor- r?'-t» worst ov-er- ve ever h-ard of. * Farl*, Teiras for " he and Mrs. B«* <tt New-port. Atlaat*. AIRKP, *^~A .pitch - f-.j battle ra.sfti on Thursday »^owt Fort Ballivlan. baoKborvfr of the Bolivian forrr« in thr C>>aco. -' ;Th Far!M?uay»n sv^urc 1 **. predict. ;ns the fort would soon fall. Both Paraguay and Bolivia set forth . claims of imp*dm«f victory. Both I combatants, too. told of fierce 1 fighting: »Jong a «0>TOHe front — i thf longest of any S«v>th American Biggest Bargain* Every Day In Hunt'* Big BASEMENT Shop Here Friday »jxi S*tirday WASH DRESSES Cool iwxJ S«m.n>ery. Real Valoes 47c BOYS WHITE PANTS Good Quality Dock, Bancains 49c LA S. 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