The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 9, 1967 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1967
Page 30
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round WASHINGTON - There is an interesting contrast between the treatment of two committee chairmen in the House of Representatives - Adam Clayton Powell of Harlem and Wright Patman olTexarkana, Texas, both Democrats. Powell was stripped of his chairmanship and his committee powers after flagrant absenteeism, a series of high-living junkets abroad, the arrogant misuse of airplane credit cards, and other misbehavior. Rep. Patman, on the other hand, has a perfect attendance record, gets to work at 6 o'clock every morning, stays at his desk all day Saturday, is the senior member of Congress, having served 38 years, and is a loyal supporter of President Johnson. However, Patman has committed one grievous sin. He has investigated the big bankers and proposes to investigate further. As a result, five Democrats and all the Republicans on the House Banking and Currency Committee have ganged up against him. The Democrats include the spokesman for the bankers' lobby, Rep. Tom Ashley of Ohio, together with William Moorhead of Pittsburgh, Robert Stephens of Georgia, who comes from a banking family, Tom Gettys of South Caroline, and Tom Bevill of Alabama. As a result, despite Rep. Patman's long years of hard work and devotion to the cause of the common m?ji, it appears he will be treated pretty much as if he were Adam Clayton Powell. He will be stripped of his power to appoint staff members and undertake any important investigations of the big bankers. - o - -GARDENS OF EDEN - The Senate Juvenile Delinquency Subcommittee has made an interesting discovery regarding the theft of cars by teenagers. The reason mjjiy teenagers become car thieves is that they want to go to California or Florida. In 200 teenage stolen car cases, reported Dr. Martin Dosdick of Springfield College, Mass., half of the thieves looked upon the sun states as Gardens of Eden where they could find jobs, easy money and a better life. So they stole cars to get there. - o - - EAST-WEST TRADE - Secretary of State Rusk discussed East-West trade off the record last week with 500 of the nation's top business executives. He insisted there was nothing inconsistent about prosecuting the war against communist forces in Vietnam while making friendly overtures to communist nations in Europe. The best way to end the Vietnam war, Rusk argued, would be to improve relations with the Soviet bloc. He explained that Hanoi is caught between Peking's militant anti-Western policy and Moscow's peaceful coexistence policy. Increasing East-West trade would demonstrate that Moscow was right, perhaps persuade Hanoi to follow the same path. The more communist countries that can be attracted by trade to follow the coexistence line, Rusk contended, the more impressed North Vietnam would be with the value of coexistence. Rusk said he wasn't proposing a huge volume of East- West trade - all he wants to do is to soften the rigid U. S. attitude against doing business behind the Iron Curtain. Tariffs on communist goods, he said, are two or three times higher than on non-communist goods. Removing these barriers, he urged, would have a good psychological effect on the communist world and therefore would tend to shorten the Vietnam war. - o - -DODD'S BAD LUCK- Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota raised the lone voice inside the Senate Ethics Committee against public hearings into Sen. Dodd's finances. He wanted the evidence presented in secret behind closed doors. He was overruled, however, by the other five committee members. They argued that the Adam Clayton Powell and Bobby Baker cases would make the public suspicious of closed-door proceedings. The committee voted unanimously to deny Dodd's claim DREW PEARSON that the comnittee had no jurisdiction to investigate his finances. The irony is that after this column began reporting on his activities, it was Dodd himself who requested the investigation that he now is claiming the committee is unauthorized to conduct. Incidentally, Dodd picked a bad day to plead his case before the Ethics Comnr.ttee. Just one day before, a jury found Bobby Baker guilty of diverting campaign funds to his personal use without reporting the income on his tax returns. This is exactly what Dodd did, except he pocketed far more money than Bobby Baker. Dodd used his campaign funds to pay thousands of dollars of personal bills ranging from a $57 heater for his North Stonington, Conn., home to a gala wedding party for his daughter, Mirtha. - o- - TRICKY DICKY RIDES AGAIN- Leonard Hall, an adviser to Gov. George Roimey, has suggested privately that Richard Nixon could nama his spot in a Rom ley Cabinet if he would throw his support to Romney now for the Republican Presidental nomination next year. Hall even mantioned Nixon as possible Secretary of State. Nixon, however, seems to have other ideas. He's told friends that he's watching President Johnson's popularity polls and if LBJ is still low in '68, Nixon believes he can get the nomination himself. If Johnson's popularity is on the upgrade, however, Nixon will probably lean toward supporting Gov. Rom.ney — instead of running again and losing again himself. Meanwhile, however, Nixon has organized another "expense" fund to take care of his undercover campaigning for the nomination. In 1952 he got in trouble over the $18,000fund that businessmen contributed to pay his side ex- penses in the Senate. Now other businessman are donating to a new Nixon political fund. Insiders say they have agreed to put up between $35,000 and $50,000 a year to help Nixon get the nomination. - o - - SCORE FOR KHRUSHCHEV - The recent historic meeting between Pope Paul ami President Podgorny of the Soviet Union was the culm'nation of a plan w'aich Nlkita Khrushchev had hoped to carry out himself before he was ousted. When this writer talked to Khrushchev In 1963, he strongly Indicated his desire to go to Roma and have an audience with the late Pope John. He referred to Pope John in laudatory terms. Last week's meeting between Pope Paul and President Podgorny again Illustrates the increasing desire by Russia to build bridges with the West. - o - -DUTCH KENTUCKY COOPERATION- Should a Dutch company operating in Kentucky get a U. S. government loan in order to help Thursday, Feb. 9, 1966 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 a depressed area if it helps to depress the business of U. S. competitors in New York ? That is the question which Sens. Jack Javits and Bobby Kennedy and Rep. Joseph Resnick ofN'ewYork have been asked to investigate. The Dutch company is Mi-Vac International, Inc., of LaGrange, Ky., owned by Verolrm United Shipyards and Engineering Co. of the Netherlands, reported to be worth $400 million. M^-Vac received a loan nf $1,248,700 one year ago from 'lie Economic Developmont Administration, under the depressed area program. Mo-Vac turns out a deep vacuum metallizing product, used on decorative paper, auto finishings, etc., in competition with U. S. firms. The president of one ofthese firms, Joseph Crost of the Martin Cantine Co. of Saugertles, N. Y., has charged that this Is a "serious threat' to U. S. flrm.s. "This huge foreign corporation," he says, "is endeavoring to take over our metal- lizing business. Its U. S. subsidiary has enough capacity to to take care of the entire plastic film metallizing requirements of the United States and Is using a U. S. government loan to do so." VIOLIN In planning a farm sain, Arlo Dmi Schmidt. Reinbeck, found •in old violin in a rasf In (he nttlr. After Inspecting the instrument f.irffully an Inscription "Antoniut. Stra'livarius Cremon- enfis-Faclnlnii Anno 172:"' \vas disroverpil on the interior of the violin. Srhmi'H is having (ho authenticity of his fiiul rpvip\vpr| by specialists In Clii'-ago. f.-GENE NATIONS When Mrs. Lela Brown. Earlham, cplobratPd hnr iioth birthday thprp on Jan. 2R (hero wpre flvp epiiprations rpprpsontpd; Mrs. Brown's dnnchtrr, Sti'lla ; her cramMauglitpr, Dorothy Skinner ; her Ki'cat-Kraiidflauijli- ter. Margarot Uawson and her great-great -grandson. Robert Daw son. CITATION" The Monticello Post Office was cited recently for outstanding maintenuici; and cure of the postal facility. Postmaster Paul Bender was presented the Citation. C O M E IN TO OUT on a LIMB over your INCOME Con'utPtl by C Omple i a e- <1v<ton\ onH fa* language' BOTH I'll pay you to If! BLOCK FEDERAL f/o nil fHe war* nncf worry AND They'll dqu'f you' ta« quickly onrf nccurnffly, nncf o'fen lovr 1 you monfy o^trHes ^r youf OFFICE' ntarr\1 BIOCK LIFE . - GUARANTEE: Wt guarantee accurate prepare*ton o we rnafc • any e r 'ori that co>t you ar we will pay tn« penalty or inter*ft f very ta« re'u' n If y penalty or interest. MiR []J3 America'* Largest Tax Service with Over 1500 Offices 108 No. Moore - Algona, la. Weekdays 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. - Phone 295-7031 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY BtUIMEH PERJOrt ALITIES AND VIKING OIL CO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES • For KeneieUug, Medeniifef • For Farm k Home Building • Far Ready-Mixed Concrete COWAN CORP. Phone 295-3266 i "HOMEBUILDING IS OUR SPECIALTY 7 ' We'll Appreciate a Chance to Estimate Without Obligation on any Town or Farm Construction. TIETZ CONSTRUCTION CO. PHONE 295-5577 ALGONA, IOWA MOREA Liquid JPeocfs: FOR TOP GAIN IN LIVESTOCK Call Algona 295-3548 MOR » ORO MOREA FEEDS, Ino. So. of Algona on Hy. 169 JOHN B. ISEBRAND BUILDER - CONTRACTOR TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 928-2312 We Welcome A Chance To Give You An Estimate On Residential, Farm or Commercial Building No Obligation. CONTRACTING SINCE 1928 ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" East of Algona on Highway UP ERNIE WILLIAMS On Highway 18 just at the east edge of Algona, Farmers will find a complete John Deere Equipment Lineup. It may be just a bit early for thoughts of spring and the field work that goes with it, but it isn't too early for ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE to start anticipating your needs. We have a modern new building for office and display and general shop work, and a large adjacent lot where just about anything in the used farm equipment line can be found. Andy Anderson, genial manager of ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE, knows many of you by sight and first name, and would like to know more, as would Ernie himself. Farmers in this area have had over 23 years of continuous service from the ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE personnel and they treat you right. Our service department is available to anytime of the day and will do everything possible to give you prompt service. These winter months are a good time, also, to get any needed repair work done before the rush of spring field work hits. Each one of our customers at ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE is a V.I.P. (Very Important Person) and we consider it an honor to have you stop in anytime. Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment' I// East of Algona on Highway 18 So. Phillips St. Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The I'rrfciTfd I.. P. Gas BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phone 295-2841 Algona PAT *- ONIZf CARGILL INC. Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Get our bids on your grain beta* you tell. • Federal Licensed Storage Warehouse. Dale Kleingartner or Corwin C. Peer 419 S. Phillip* St. Ph. 29S-2>41 BENWIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm and Town 122 South .Heckart, Alqona Phone 295-2865 < (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) Your Banking Needs SAFE e CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK ALGONA'S HOME-OWNED BANK Moving , Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured - New, Modern Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone 295-2275 POST Moving & Storage Algona Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone 295-3501 1407 Commercial St. ••*»•••»•»»•••»»»»»••+•»•»•»»»»« ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT • Kuhlcr, Uheem & Crane Fixtures • Rheem Hot Water heater*. • Pruner Water Softeners. • Electric Sew- cr-Roolcr Service. PHONE 295-5240 IN ALGONA • Liu -A ire and American Standard Furnaces and Air Conditioning. • INSINKEUATOU Garbage Disposal Units

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