The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 6, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1948
Page 8
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*»* K«wv,.ta««rkk. Ml. T»c«br. «. IMS U. S. Checking OnRailTrouble Ends Her Life Carole Landis __ authorities disclosed test nsfht that they are trying to t»j» out if the Russian railway blockade of Berlin actually is the result of 'technical difficulties"-- tbe reason gives by the Soviets. Meanwhile, the Russians gave a broad hint that their 17-day block- ad* of Western Berlin is primarily to fore* new four-power discussions on Germany. Observers have said the food block actually is to make the Westers powers agree to four-way talks on the whole German question. The Soviet-licensed newspaper Nacht Express said the Western Shot, Two Held By Owner Of Tavern Glen Bumie. July 5 C*)--Police said tavern owner Walter Carrett( sou shot and wounded one man j Boyg » J AtMeadeOpens Fort Meade. July 5 Some , and held two others for police ; 150 high school juniors and seniors and "Boy« State" will be open'to famili** an* other vijitor* for tbe occasion. Near th« end of the ten-day project tbe boy« will elect two Maryland "senators." They will go to Flees To U. S. Zone Panama. Panama. July 5 JP)-Arnulfo Arias Madrid, who ap- Washington next month to meet j parently won tbe presidency of ( .... _ ,, , . w ^» ~ ,,--.--. , «. with representatives of other states. Panama six weeks ago on the Los Angeles, July 5 JPj--Beaut- today after more than $2.000 in from all sections of Marvland xath-! President Truman invited them to, basis of complete but unofficial re- eous Carole Landis, 29-year-old - » . . . . . . . . film actress, was found dead in her Pacific Palisades home today. Capt. j on t o a truck. of Detectives Emmet Jones said; covered. t merchandise and equipment was, j ered here today for the second an- i stolen from the tavern and loaded .nual "Boys State', an intensive and loot was re- visit the White House. The "this is definitely a suicide."' The detective said the actress, who recently sued to divorce her fourth husband, had been dead for several hours, possibly 12. when the body wa discovered by film actor Rex Harrison and a maid. He said she left a note written on both sides of a tingle sheet of paper. Capt. Jones said the note was The wounded man was identified as Thomas Blosse. 29. of Baltimore. Police said he suffered a gunshot wound in the thigh and they said several pellets struck him in the head. action-packed course in the rudi- 'nsents of /American citizenship. INMATES ATFKEH£'DEI They will get a taste of army life j along with it, for they are quartered in the barracks of headquarters Rus turns, appeared publicly today in the Canal Zone where he has taken refuge. That territory is under United States jurisdiction. Panama was under a state of apparently was victorious in the May 9 election, there was a question whether he actually would get the job. His eligibility to seek office was challenged on grounds that Panama's constitution bars anyone elected as president from running again until two terms have elapsed from the date he last held office. 'Arias, a 47-year-oid Nationalist leader, was forced out of the Presidency in a coup d'etat in 1941. ago as 1935. Last year. M percent of the 125 ca*es handled «?«·« were settled through mediation. The important cog in the Toledo plan is aa 18-meniber commission appointed by the mayor. It has representatives from ·· labor, management and the public, plus a full-time director. company at the 2101 Army Service m « bt awaiting return to Unit. The boys spent most of he day Roland Charles Weaver. 34, were in emergency because of political tbe Howard County jail Charged with burglary, police'signing up. drawing an issue of army bedding and learning the m- said, are Robert J Estep. 28. and David W. Estep, 23, both of Baltimore Blosse is under police guard at a Baltimore hospital \vhere his con- _ addressed to Miss Landis° mother. powers "·TBusT'again' take up the; ilrs - Clara Landis. and said :n part- dition is reported as satisfactory- coavercatioas on Germany v here " l ' m sorry to do such a thing " Carrettson told police he trapped they left them at PoisdarL" Investigating officers said a ,h e three men after he was aroused Making Investigation bottle vrhtch they believed contam- The Allies found this altitude ed sleeping tablets was found in hardly reconcilable with ihe Rus- Miss Land::-' bedroom The body sian statement that technical re- . was found :n a bathroom, huddled pairs on the Helmstedt railway Une in a corner, brought about the transport stop- - Suffered From Malaria * Frsends said Mi*s Landis h-»d ^ been offering irom a recurrent at- \\OIliail ITlCcI 1O J U l l l p t . Monday I clashes that cost three lives over Western' the week-end. State Hospital at Weston. W. Va.. i The government issued the deaf ter State Trooper B. C. Hammer- ' ciaration yesterday. It also sus- smith apprehended them along | pended constitutional guarantees' Route 40 near West Friendship ear- ' and summoned the National As- ' tricacies of an army chow line. '*' Sunday morning. They had es-[ sembly to begin a five-day emer- _ The formalities began tonight j caped from the West Virginia in- ' gency session starting Friday, with a welcome, an introduction to \ stitution on June 30 and told au- j The emergency was declared their schedule and their first lecture | thorities they had been hi Balti- j following a shooting incident be- , on how local. State and National' more and were returning to Weston ; tweea the Panama police and sup- governments work | when caught. | porters of Arias. Although Arias "· FAVOK "TOLEDO PLAN" Cumberland. July 5 iJP' Cumberland Junior Association of'' Commerce has suggested that i labor and business leaders adopt the "Toledo Plan"' for minimizing i labor troubles m Cumberland's j many industries. , Association members have been j explaining to workers, business-. men and civic clubs the plan j_ adopted in Toledo, O., as long i Mosses lack vascular tissue, hence rarely attain great siie. The vascular tissues provide a system of pipes or tubes for transport of water and food. DOLLAR DATS! Pol* Shirts . _.. J for *LM S1.4S Zipper Billfold* SL.M Window Shades 4 for 91.M 2Se Asklcts, Socks C for $!.»· 49e Rubber Pants J for 51.M Men's Union Suit* - »!-·· FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market--Ojxrn Evening! by noises in his tavern, located at nearby Point Pleasant. Among the items taken from the tavern, police said, was a television -et worth $500. page. American officials, however, said they had begun investigations to find out just what repairs--if any --are being mace on the Helmstedt line. They did not say what steps they are taking m this respect. Airmen of the Western Allies The program is sponsored by the American Legion posts and legion units :n all sections sent delegations. There were 28 boys from Western Maryland, sponsored by legion organizations at Cumberland. Frostburg. Oakland, Accident. Westernport, Barton and Lonacomng. tack of malarial fever which ihc incurred during a USO tour of overseas fronts during the war Detective Herbert W Britting- har-.i said Harr:Mn and M^s Landis" maid. Fannie May Bolden. discov- , f Qf ± r rom ^1 .^UlO the Landis home about noon and the maid told hitn she had knocked continued the aerial supply of be- ered the body _ Brm , ngnam sa j d leaguered Berlin, but bad v.-eather. Harrison re!atc d that he telephoned which got worse, hampered the American operation. The British reported, however, that t h e i r planes were streaming into Gatow Field at Berlin at a heavy rate. In Belgrade. Yugoslavia, there are indications that the public is behind Premier-Marshal Tito even though he is under fire by the Russian-blessed Commform C o m- munist International Information Bureau."* It was anounced that $50.000000 of a $70.000.000 national loan has been collected. Well-informed sources in Buch- Brunswick and vicinity, ten from Hagerstown. [24 from various eastern shore com- ' Tension mounted in certain Fred- munities, 22 from Washington. ' erick circles at the conclusion of. suburbs and Southern Maryland, the two-day Fourth of July holiday : ten from Ml. Rainier, six from and City Police had an attempted Laurel and 45 from Baltimore, suicide, a local couple battling in a i Tomorrow they will divide into. North Bentz street tavern and' political parties, after hearing a I "Hammy" Gill. Montevue. "over- I talk on the organization and func- j come by the heat and celebration lions of political parties by former' at Miss Landis' bedroom door but sp i r its":' all on their hands shortly Mayor Theodore R McKeldin of i had been unable to arouse her. Harrison said he went to Miss Landis' home about 3 p m . today and \\ith the maid discovered the body. before midnight. Monday. Baltimore. Pleading that she was "tired of They will hold party conventions , living". 31-year-old Leta M Scott, and draft platforms. Three munici- i Los Angeles, v. ho with her husband, pal governments will be formed. ] who save the name of William H with mayors and city councils to The actress recently filed suit for Collis. address Martinsburg. W. Va . 'pass legislation. The high spot comes later in the divorce from her fourth husband, have recently been working at a theatrical producer Horace Schmid-; North Market street hotel; tried to week when the boys elect a "gov- lapp ?.Iiss Landis was born at Fairchild. Wis.. and moved to San Diego i Place Residents of the neighborhood jump in front of an automobile on ernor" of Maryland. He will be in- South Market street and Clarke' augurated in ceremonies Sunday -.vhen she was a small child. She arest. Romania, said it is believed · was educated there and at San j put in frantic calls to State and City the Cominform met this weekend. Bernardino. California 'officers. Sergt. Dan Swomley ap- These sources said such a meeting. After graduating from high [prehended the woman after a probably would be helJ to talk school in 1936. she went to San!lengthy chase and jailed her for over the Yugoslav situation. Francisco, where she sang and (disturbing the peace. Her husband In Cairo, Count Folke Bernadot- danced with orchestras. was held in the City Hall lockup te. United Nations mediator, tried The actress then went to Holly- on a technical charge of "investiga- I wood, where she appeared in tion" pending identification at ; "Variety Show." "Blonde-: At Martinsburg. Work" and "Secret Command." and Mr - and JIrs - Jerry Hawkins. 18 s Don't ask a poll parrot to get a Jewish-Arab agreement to extend the Palestine truce which expires Friday. Bernadotte acted as it was reported in authoritative m a n v othcr fl , ms quarters thai both the Jews and ' Arabs have rejected his peace proposals to end Holy Land warfare The U. N. mediator appeared hopeful he could obtain an agreement to continue the truce. Observers said the outlook was not bright. Both sides apparently were preparing for renewed warfare. A Sunday meeting of the Arab League's political committee in Cairo was reported devoted to discussions of preparing for renewed war. and the Jews raised the draft age for Israel's army from 35 to 41. In London. Sir Stafford Cripps. Chancellor of t h e Exchequer, j urged the Housz of ~ program In Greece the Nationalist forces appeared stalled after four bitter attempts to storm the important heights of Kleptis. Far to the south the rebels were active, and attacked installations at Patrai. Greece's third largest city, m Peloponnesus .East Sixth street, posted $10 and Her real name was Frances S15 collateral respectively, after a Ridste. She was of Polish and Nor- . he a { ed argument in a local tavern wegian extraction She had ao- c ^ cd ^ clr J° int arr «t. also on a pearcd, in motion pictures for charge of peace disturbance, eleven years. ; i REVOLT IN PERU Lima. Peru. July 5 f.4 ) )--The government suspended constitutional BIDS FOR HOSPITAL Oakland. July 5 (JP--Bids are to be opened Wednesday on the pro- guarantees tonight in the wake of posed Garrett County Memorial |a revolt by the army garrison at Hospital on \vhich community 'Juliaca in Southeastern Peru. leaders have been working for almost two years They hope construction can start this summer. The hospital projected was instigated after a wealthy Oakland Commons to | ma " lcft SI-0.000 in his will for such an institution. A ·ion campaign joined by virtually ali civic grouos in the countv raised another SS1.679 About SI63.000 in Federal hospital asd funds has been earmarked for the Oakland project. «dopt the Marshal! Plan nm^m !*"* an institution. A subscrip- ANY ( OR S ROLL FILM 35c DEVELOPED Jt PRINTED 30 HOUR SERVICE ALLEN'S - s, BIKTHDAY PARTY GIVEEN Master Johnny Evler entertained at his home 217 West South street Wednesday afternoon June 30 a few of his httle friends observing i ambulance his sixth birthday. The table was decorated : day fashion with a centerpiece of a log cabin surrounded with soldiers and flags in honor of this occasion being on the Fourth of July. Games were piayed and prizes were awarded Many gifts ceived. Those present \\erc Cynthia Virts, Carol Ann Dorsey. .Mary and Sandy Mastrin! Shirley Stones;- fer. Barbara Kail. Johnnie Evler. Dickie Evler. V.- a \ne House Bcr- me Fogle. Ror,n:e Bergcr Galen d a g g e r . Mrs John Cline. Mrs Clifton Virts. Mrs. Norman Slorse- sifer. Mrs. G:!more House Mi«? Mary Jar.e Powell and Mrs John Evler. CHAIX REACTION Nysted. Denmark. July 5 '/P)--A tomcat chased a sparrow today in a Xjsted street. The commotion frightened a horse, which bolted and jumped up on the hood of an The horse frightened ' TO-DAY'S WIT and WISDOM i a woman riding in the ambulance birth- i v.-ith her sick husband. She fainted and could not be revived for t\\o hours. JO DIE IN BLAST Rome, July 5 .'·!"--The news ngency Ansa said tonight 10 per- re-' tons were killed and three \\ound- i ed today in a mysterious explosion on the island of Capraia The dispatch said three buildings were destroyed The blast occurred in a house in the center of the island s- only port Its cause !:a not occn determined. Ansa said Capraia is oft the mainland port of Lesnorn 16 LAPLANDERS DROWN ' Oslo. Norway. Ju!y 5 ,-p,--Sixteen Laplanders droi\ricd io.-»uy i ·nhen their bus plunged into the' Hana river in northern Xorxvav. i 'X ·*y. Will W« Learn? Nature tries so hard to teach us--the more we overeat, the harder she makes it for us to get close to the table. "\Ve are trying to teach the good people of this community to purchase their furniture from us. where their money goes further. 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Let m serve yon today! Loans up to 11,580 on your Signature -- Auto -- Furniture -- Comaker, Etc. L O W R A T E S fnmt» in tnttatf GENERAL ACCEPTANCE 344 NORTH MARKET ST FREDERICK MD A iViVO UNCMXG Reopening of Office and Sales Room Come in--visit--See the latest model Ranges, Water Heaters, Servel Refrigerators. 36' ORIOLE RANGE Installed with -Metered Service" *139 75 Jones "Metered Gas" Service 37 South Market Street JOSEPH C. F1NFROCK, Manager R. C. SIMMONS. Service Manager Phone 1620-R SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNT 15 Checks--$1.00 REGULAR CHECKING ACCOUNT Subject to analysis REGISTER CHECKS Up to $100.00--lOc charge COiAIPLETE BANKING FACILITIES At Western Maryland Trust Co, FREDERICK, MARYLAND MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. ITS REAL! ITS TRUE! ITS PERSONAL! 2 DAYS ' TOMORROW AKD THURS. TAKEN FROM THE S E C R E T CAPTURED FILM OF EVA BRAUN (HITLER'S SWEETHEART) BY PERMISSION OF THE U. 8. 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PLANT EXPANSION OFFERS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO GIRLS and WOMEN . SEEKING Y5AR 'ROUND EMPLOYMENT Experience preferred but not necessary. We'll teach you your job. READ THIS: Here are highlights of some of the many benefits and advantages offered to employees of the Frederick Tailoring: Company: 1--Five-day week. 2--Rest periods with pay, morning and afternoon. 3--Good starting rate: rapid wage advancement. 4--Vacation with pay. 5--Free hospitalization, surgical and life insurance protection. 6--Trained full time nurse and -modern hospital room on premises. ~--Ultra-modern rest rooms. S--Modern cafeteria (meals at cost). 9--Healthful working conditions; modern plant and equipment. 10--Music-while-you-work. Applicants apply in person during the following hours-Mon. thru Fri. -- 7:30 A. M. To 4:30 P. M. Saturday -- Between 9 A. M. and 11 A. M. Also Fri. Night Between 7 And 9 FREDERICK TAILORING COMPANY, Inc. 241 E. 4th Street MR. LOOS J- WARNER--Personnel Manajr-r SPAPFRnoClliV , , . · ·

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